Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 12, 1973 · Page 27
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 27

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 12, 1973
Page 27
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Gdlesburg Register-Mail, Galesburg,HI. Thursday, July 12, 1973 17 Market Reports Today Mtretntilt txefiangt CHICAGO (UPI) - Futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange today: High Low Ctose Prev. Live Beef Cattle Aug Oct Dec Feb Apr Jun Aug Live Jly Aug Oct Dec Feb Apr Jun Jly Aug 50.65 50.20 50.35 49.90 50.80 50 .25 50.55 50.35 40.77 50 .30 50 .6$ 50.25 50 .90 50.45 50.60 50.30 50.30 49.77 50.05 47.62 50.20 49.75 50.05 49.52 49.65 49.25 49.42 48.90 Hogs 46.50 45.90 46.20 45.47 47.80 47.00 47.70 47.05 48.15 47.52 47.80 47.27 48.45 47.80 47.85 47.60 48.40 47.60 47.80 47.70 46.40 45.56 45.90 45.45 46.45 45.70 45.80 45.55 45.75 45.00 45.00 44.50 44.50 43.75 44.22 43.35 Frozen Pork Bellies Jly Aug Feb Mar May jly 58.20 58.20 58 .20 58.20 58.20 58 .20 70.47 69.55 70.20 6».37 69.80 69.00 69.25 66 .87 68.80 68.05 68.27 68.20 67.40 67.00 67.15 66.87 Market! at a Glanc* By United Press International Stocks mixed in fairly active trading. Bonds slightly lower. U.S. government bonds slightly lower in quiet trading. American stocks mixed in fairly active trading. Cotton futures mixed. Chicago grain futures higher. Cattle volume insufficient to establish a market. Irtdianipdtii Livtittek INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) Livestock: Hogs 2,500; under 250 lb 25 to mostly 50 higher, heavier 501.00 higher; No 1-2 266435 lb 43.25-43.50; No 1-3 200-250 lb 42 .75 -43.25; No 2-3 240-270 lb 42 .25-42 .75; No 24 276-260 lb 41.0042.25; No 3-4 290450 lb 40.0041.00. Cattle and calves 200; not enough steers and heifers to test prices; part load choice steers 47.00; 2 loads good and choice 46.50. Sheep 100; lambs about steady; choice and prime spring 37.50-38.00; lot mostly good 36.00. any Motorists Driving Without Proper Coverage Treasury Accounts WASHINGTON (UPI) Treasury accounts for the fiscal year through July 9: Compared to a year ago: Withdrawals $3,734,465^02.79 Deposits 5,720,411,371.04 Cash balance 8,951,306,459.46 Public debt 455,462,744,815.30 QUALITY PRECAST CONCRETE Manufactured in Galesburg Do It Yourself Ready-Made Sidewalks 2'x3' Sidewalk Sections. 2' and 3' Sidewalk Corners. V Sidewalk Trim Blocks Specially Designed Surfaces. GALESBURG CONCERTE MATERIAL (0. 1050 Monmouth Blvd. Ph. 343-3181 Chicago Product CHICAGO (UPI)-Cheese: Processed loaf 70.25-79.25; single daisies 78-82; Swiss blocks 80-100 lb Grade A 89-92.50, B 87-90.50. CHICAGO (UPI) - Midwest eggs: Strong; prices unchanged to up 2; extra large 66 up 2; large 63 up 2; medium 54 unch; pullets 46 unch; standard 53 up 2; checks 41 unch. By LEROY H>PE UPI Business Writer NEW YORK (UPI) - Scat- terra inonliauon tncuoates mat several mililon American mo torists, particularly young people, drive without adequate insurance or no insurance. Business Today Dow Jones Averages NEW YORK (UPI) - Dow Jones 1 p.m. CDT stock avcragss: Since inflation has driven average jury awards in auto accident cases up to a range of 130.000 to $50,000, this is a serious problem, insurance experts agree. The growing trend toward state no-fault insurance laws also may aggravate the matter. Some motorists may careless' ly assume that nolault laws will protect them and fail to buy enough supplementary liability insurance or even collision insurance to pay for damage to their own cars. There is a surprising lack of information on a national scale about the problem. Neither the Insurance Information Institute, which represents many insurance companies, nor the American Automobile Association, which keeps an eye on nearly every aspect of motoring, has any meaningful national statistical information about the matttr. Extra Insurance Cheap However, both acknowledged that the problem exists. Insurance agents are more specific. "There's no question that many drivers are grossly underinsured, particularly youngster*, considering presently inflated cost of hospital care and automobile repairs," said Arthur Milton, a New York general agent. "the tragedy of it;" Milton said, "is that it is totally unnecessary. Liability insurance rates naturally are based on the insurance company 's most numerous and most costly perils, claims under $25,000. So, in a state like New York, the premium for the minimum legally required policy coma a moniy called "5-10-25" with $25,000 limit, may be $400 year for a male driver under 25 years old. But for as little as $15 or $20 more, the young motorist can buy liability protection up to a maximum of $300,000." No Sales Pressure Milton said too many agents don't try hard enough to sell the additional coverage and the younger drivers, being hard pressed to raise the $400 basic premium, don't ask about the .additional coverage. It just doesn't occur to the young motorist that he may be responsible lor a wreck with such a huge price in injury costs. The state motor vehicle bureaus are the best sources of information about people who drive without any insurance. Of course not all states require insurance to get a registration card but mast penalize the uninsured driver by charging him a higher registration fee. In New Jersey, the registration fee for a moderate sized car is $25 if the motorist has a certain level of insurance. Otherwise it is $75, with the extra $50 going into state insurance funds. John McHale of the New York State Motor Vehicle Bureau said 80,102 drivers were arrested in Now York state in 1972 for not having the legally required insurance. Of these 69,494 were arrested after being involved in accidents. Legal Notice LEGAL NOTICE The R.O.V.A. Board of Education of District 208 is asking for bids for a Package Insurance Plan for all coverage for the school district. Specifications and instructions for agents may be picked up at the Administration Office between 8 A.M. and 4:30 P.M., Monday through Friday. Bids will be due by noon August 13, 1973 at the R.O.V.A Superintendent's Office in Oneida, Illinois. The Board reserves the right to accept or reject any or all. Meta K. Olson, Secretary R.O.V.A. Board of Education 7/12 Dollar Takes Sudden Plunge LONDON (UPI) - The dollar took a sudden nose dive on world money markets today, reversing steady gains made over the previous three days. The unpredictable currency tumbled .89 per cent in value in Amsterdam and slipped back in Paris, Zurich, Frankfurt and Tokyo. It held steady in London and gained slightly in Hong Kong. On the big London bullion market, the price of gold jumped as the dollar sank— the usual pattern. The metal went IT up $1.75 to $120.50 an ounce dropping because there was*no solid evidence government den- tral banks were intervening; to prop it up. ; "The Americans are trying to talk the dollar up rather than pull it up," said a bank official in Paris. "There isV no confirmation the Americans are doing anything," said another French banker. POW Declared Unfit for Dut)?: CAMP PENDLETON, iXalif. (UPI) — A Navy hospital"board Boat Owner Out of Luck SANTA BARBARA, Calif. (UPI) - The 38-foot cabin cruiser Marlin II was towed into the harbor Monday by the Coast Guard after it became disabled at sea. The owner, William Plink of Salinas, put to sea again Wednesday with two passengers. | from Wednesday's closing price recommended Wednesday that READ THE WANT ADS! of $118.75. Gold gained $1.50 an ounce in Zurich. Dealers said the dollar was Fortin Named U. S. Ambassador' SANTIAGO, Chile (UPI) Foreign' Ministry sources said today that President Salvador Allende has nominated Carlos Fortin, a 32-year-old Harvard graduate, as Chile's new ambassador to the United States. Marine Lt. Col. Edison,.W. Miller, one of two officers facing charges brought by another cx-POW, shou^f be discharged on medical grounds. The board said Miller; the highest ranking Marine^ captured by the North Vietnamese, is medically unfit for KV duty because of injuries sustained during five years as a prisoner. Rear Adm. James B. ."Stockdale, the highest ranking Navy POW, lias brought charges; of mutiny and aiding the enemy against Miller. • - > 30 indus 20 trans 15 utils 65 stocks 903.97 off 4.22 164.65 up 0.54 102.06 off 0.22 276.54 off 0.70 Hoffa Seeking Court Relief DETROIT (UPI) - James R.-Sep Hoffa said Wednesday he hopes' to recapture the international presidency of the Teamsters Union, which he relinquished after he was jailed for mail fraud and jury tampering. In order to do this, the 60- year-old former Teamster chief must first free himself from restrictions of the 1971 presidential commutation of his 13- year prison sentence. He had served 58 months. He said he plans to seek court relief in September, ! "Yes, no question about it," Hoffa said on a radio show when asked about leading the Teamsters again. Grain Futures CHICAGO (UPI) - Grain range: High Low Close Prev. Wheat Jly Sep Dec Mar May Corn Jly 283 276% 281 273 278y 8 271 273YZ 268% 277% 289 278% 269 273 % 263 272 272 266 267% 268% 263% 234 228 219 212 212% 202 215 204 Dec Mar May Oats (old) Jly 94 Oats (new) Jly 96% 94% 94 Sep 101% 97 96 Dec 106% 102% 103% Mar 109 106 107 May 109 ] / 4 105 107 Soybeans 233 224 214 209 203% 203% 206% 205% 215 204% 206% 205% 94 93% 93% 96% 104% 106 107 Jly Aug Sep 790 780 709 635 630 629 626% 730 750 641, 605 600 593 595 787 750 780 740 680 670 635 596 630 590 629 539 626% 587 LARGE ANTIQUE AUCTION I will sell the following property at Auction, including many good Antique and Collector Items that have been handed down from 5 generations, at residence located at the Northeast edge of Maquon, III. SATURDAY, JULY 14, 1973 AT 9 A.M. ANTIQUE FURNITURE & HOUSEHOLD ITEMS Ant. Walnut Secretary; Old Diopleaf Secretary; Walnut Base Cupboard; Oek Glass Dopr China Cabinet; Ant, Love Seat; OJo Palace Organ; Walnut Organ Stool; Iron Base Organ • Stool; Ant. Dresser with Mirror & part Marble Top; Large Walnut Dresser with Mirror; Commode with Marble Top & Back; Oak Commode with Towel Bar; Other Commodes; Marble Top Stand Table; Other Old Stand Tables; Oak Bound Table with extra Leaves; Walnut Drop- leaf Kitchen Table; Old Vwtrola with several Records; Single .Jenny Lind Bed; 2 Old Walnut High Back Beds & Springs; Wheeler & Wilson 1851 Treadle Sewing Machine; Large Ant. Mirror & Frame; Old Trunks & Suitcases; Old High Chair &• Straight Chair; Ant. Framed Picture of The First Beading Of The Emancipation Proclamation Before The Cabinet, from the original painting at the White House in 1W4, Engraved by A, H. RJtoihe; Many large & small Ant. Pictures & Frames in very good condition; Cone with the Wind Lamp; Other Kerosene Lamps; Ceiling 3 Bracket Lamp Fixture; Other Ceiling Lamp Fixtures; Lamp Fixtures, Shades & Globes; Several Glass Prisms; Large Moon & Star Berry Bowl; Etched Glass 5 piece Wine Server; Set of 12 Damatine Bone Dishes; 6 China Butter Patty Dishes, Vinegar Cruet; Other Glass & China Bowls, Dishes, Sugar & Creamers; Castor Set; Pewter Items; Vases; Sou- venier Glass Bell ofl803 Worlds Fair; Napkin Holders; Pineapple Butter Mold; Granite Cup; Folding Cup; Figurines; 1876 Seth Thomas Strike Calendar Clock; Other Clocks, ANTIQUE & COLLECTOR ITEMS Large Copper Apple Butter Kettle; 2 Copper Buckets; 2 Cppper Boilers; Wash Boards; Coal Buckets; Old Present Metal Cracker Box; Old Oliver Typewriter; Maquon State Bank Coin Bank; Maquon First National Coin Bank; Old Maquon State Bank Signs; Cream Cans; Old Battery Muscle Vibrator; Set of Shaft Strap Sleigh Bells; 12 Wood Duck Decoys; 1870 Knox Co. Atlas Map; 1863 Mitchells New General Atlas; 189D Crams American Railway System Atlas; Numerous other Old Books; Old Albums, many Old Post Cards, Stamps; Advertising Cards; Old Newspapers; Maps; School Slates, Books & Tablets; Iron Skillets; Old Tool Box; 50 lb. Scale Wgt.; Draw Knives; Wood Levels; Wood Handled Augers; Sevaral Old Wrenches; Hand Grinder; Old Com Planter Plates; 2 Old Hand Water Pumps; Wood Keg; Carbide Lantern; Metal Flower Rack; Old House Shutters; Old Child's Sled; Fluter Iron; Other Irons; 1914 License Plates; Wash Boards; Glass Churn; Milk Bottles; Old Toaster; Doll; Purses; Old Watches & Jewelry; Fruit Jars; Stone Jars & Jugs; Tin Items; Carpet Beaters; Bottles; Old Glass Nursing Bottle; Old Tea Kettle; Bottle Capper; Straight Razors; Razor Strap; Shaving Mirror; Cigar Holder; Glass & Clay Marbles; Old Buttons; Hat Pins; Comb Box; Old Check Writer; Floor Vamisher; Bissell Carpet Sweeper; Corn Popper; 2 Lap Robes; Jar <|Jnier; Hook Rug Frame & Needle; Old Scales; Ant. Bath Tub; Old Wicker Picnic Basket; Cherry Fitter; Stegfe Pounder; Wood Tamper; Potato Masher; Kraut Cutter; Old Buster Brown Camera; Large V»peetry: Old Quilt Pieces; Several Handmade Items; Bed Spreads; Hem stitehed Linen Table Cloth*; Derby Hat; Old Eye Glasses; Child's Play Toy Utensils; Old Metal Paper Holders; Letter (teener. Old Knives; Pencil Sharpner; Ant, PEARL FINGER CHATELAINE. Other Items. *^ HOUSEHOLD & MISC, ITEMS Philco T.V.; R.C.A. Console Radio & Record Flayer Attach,; Motorola Table Model Radio; Royal Typewriter; New Universal Waffle Iron; Remington Blec. Razor; Roll-a-w»y Beg with Head Board, like new; Lawn Chairs; porch Swing; Eclipse 21 in. Reel Type Mower; Pipe, Vises; Pipe Wrenches; Pipe Pump Holder; Pipe Thmoer; pipe Cutter; v Belts; Nails, Bolts, Nuts, Screw Jack; Hyd. Jack; Craftsman Thread & Die Set »/* to Barb Wire Stretchers; Sews; Axes; Spades & Shovels; Braces & Bits; Tarp; Wheel Barrow; Log Chains: 2 Sets ©/ Gate Irons; Eave Trough Spouting; Ropes: New Hand Sprayer; Fishing Equipment; Small Hand & Garden Tools; Cement Mixer with Blec. Motor; 2 Roof Ventilators; Lavatory; Hon*y Scales; Bat Supplies. ANTIQUE GUNS & OTHERS Old Galcher Muzzle Loading Rifle, with Bullet Mold, in good condition; Remington 1800*41 Pepperbox i Barrel Revolver; 014 Stevens Single Shot Lever Action Octagon Barrel 85 Cal. Rifle; Colt 32 cal, Automatic Revolver; Marlin 28 cal. Pump Rifle; Good Remington Model U Automatic 12 Gauge Shotgun with Rib Barrel & Full Choke, These guns are all in gopd condition, Old Gun Case, Shells & Gun Equipment. AUCTIONEER'S NOTE: This is a large salp with a variety of many unusual Antique and Collector Items that have been in the Family for years. TERMS — CASH- No property to be removed until paid for No property will be shown before sale day, so come early and register for Buyer* Number Not Responsible For Accidents — Lunch by Maquon United Methodist Church MINNIE KUGGINS, Owner Auctioneers: CARL STECK, Maquon, 111., 875-3576: JIM FOLGER, WiUiamsfield, 111., 179 -2173 Clerk: LAWRENCE COOK — Cashier: CARLINE JOHNSON \1 B.EGoodrich V m ALL SIZES ONE LOW PRICE FULLY GUARANTEED RETREADS mil • Built On Sound Tire Bodies • Fulfy Inspected • Good Mileage, Dependable Wear At Low, Low Prices BLACKWALLS plus $.45 Tread tax and Retreadable Carcass WHITEWALLS $1.50 EXTRA RETREAD GUARANTEE Any passengur rctrgid, tiro when used in a normal pjssonger car service, Is guaranteed throughout th» life pf tlio o/iginal tread against failure due to defective workmtnshlp end materials, end against failure caused by mad hazard 1 :, which In our opinion, render Hie lire unserviceable. This guarantee docs not apply to retreads with repairable punctures, tires Irregularly worn, tires damaged by running flat, tiro, wrecks, collisions, chain cuts or obstructions on the automobile, nor does it apply to tires when used on vehicles other than a passenger automobile or a passenger automobile being used for commercial puiposes. Any qualified retread which fails due to an adjustable condition and Is presented to a BFQ store, or aulhori/ed dealer, for replacement, by its owner, shall ho idjufted promptly and in the same manner as a new tire, accoiding to tread wear and computed on current exchange price for the same sue and type passenger tire retread. If we should sell out of your size, we'll give you a "Raincqeck" assuring future delivery at the advertised price, VCHOTWOR SIZE CHECK OUR LOW PRICE 1973 "NEW CAR" TIRE ^ 4-Ply Polyester Cord Tire OUR A MOST S POPULAR • SIZE CUSTOM MIUR LONG BlACKWAUr, SUlSi F/814. 078-U. F7S-15, GrB -IA plul F*l. It, I" M 12-37 IQ I? U) per bit ,ai liitfl. WKirc £IDlW»lLS S3.00 M0RCUCH ALL SIZES ONSALE BELTED WHITEWALLS ALL $ SIZES SIL.VERTOWN BELTED G7J-15 0;jM4 r/g 14 178-15 E78-14 C/814 B/6-H Plus Fed. U, tax of J2.00 to J2.73 per tire and trjde. }?00 LESS TOR BtACKWAUS 4 WAYS TO CHARGE [ REVOLVING CHARGE ) ( AMERICAN EXPRESS ] f MASTER CHARGE I [ BANKAMERICARO Offers IS shown at B.F.Goodrich Stores; competitively priced at B.F.Goodrich Dealers. Quint's Tire Service 642 E. MAIN ST. Phone 343-1141 1 BEGoodrich f Americas Premier Radial Tire Maker If you want Goodrich, you 'll just have to remember Goodrich. V

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