Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 12, 1973 · Page 26
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 26

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 12, 1973
Page 26
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Galesb ster-Moil, Galesbur ' T Mark 0 • *» £ CHICAGO STOCKYARDS .r.,„ ATKINSON MARKET Vmm: 1,700. Stitcher Trend: 25-S0e high' Nd. 14: 200-225 |43.50-$43.95 No. 2-4: 1W-240 .,..,.,..$43.25443.75 240-270 ....,....$42.25^43.50 280-300 $40.75-$42.O0 Sow Trend: 25-50C higher. 300-500 $38.25-$40.50 New York Stacks NEW YORK (UPI) GALESBURG GRAIN MARKET Consumer Grain & Supply Co. Market may either go up or down by 1:30 p.m. when final bid markpt miriHav I>rirp<?' arrives, li :30 o'clock bid. mantel miaaay prices. No. 2 Corn (old) $2.11 New Corn $1.83 No. 2 Oats (new) .77 No. 1 Beans (new) ....$5.83 No. 2 Wheat (new) ....$2.55 Stock Admiral 10 Inland Stl 2m AlldChem 34V* IBM 318 Live GALESBURG ORDER BUYERS Btirlington Northern Stockyards Quotations: No. 1-2: "200-230 $41.50-$41.75 No. 1-3: '200-230 $41.50-$51.75 m. 1-3: 230-260 $40.50-$41.50 No. 2-3: 260-300 $38.75-$40.50 Packing Sows: $35.25-$36.75 • • ANNUAL TAX LEVY ORDINANCE OF THE ELBA- SALEM FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT, AN ILLINOIS MUNICIPAL CORPORATION, KNOX COUNTY, ILLINOIS BE IT ORDAINED BY THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE ELBA-SALEM PROTECTION DIS, T, AN ILLINOIS MUNICIPAL CORPORATION: J5ECTION ONE. That there be? arid is hereby levied on all taxable property within the corporate limits of the Elba-Salem Fire Protection DJstrict, subject to taxation for the fiscal year beginning -*?uh 1, 1973 and ending May "31, 1974, (the total sum of 3C#enty-six Thousand Dol- tos ($26,000.00) for the following specific purposes and the respective sums as J^Dows, to-wit: construction ?of new fire $15,000.00 : l>For fire fighting equipment, including payment on new truck 5,000.00 3.^ For heating fuel for fire station . 150.00 IFor salaries !t o( trustees 375.00 *5/ For insurance on I equipment, public liability, work- ZZ men's compensation, ^trustees' bonds --'and on firemen _ 1,500.00 t&For firemen services 1,400.00 ft For repairs, gas > and oil for truck 1,500.00 %\ For legal services 250.00 9. For telephone 250.00 WOT. *\: services II 10. For radio services and repairs ._. 11. For contingent general expenses 275.00 Total $26,000.00 SECTION TWO. That each of said sums and the aggregate thereof are deemed necessary by the Board of Trustees of said Fire Protection District to defray the necessarv expenses and liabilities of said Fire Protection District for the fiscal year beginning June 1, 1973 and ending May 31, 1974. SECTION THREE. That the Secretary of the Board of Trustees of this Fire Protection District is hereby directed to file a certified copy of this Ordinance with the County Clerk of Knox County, Illinois, as required by law. SECTION FOUR. That this Ordinance shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage, approval, and publication as by statute provided. PASSED and approved this 9th day of July, 1973. THOMAS L. TERRY J. R. McKEIGHAN LEWIS SPRECHER Trustees of Elba-Salem Fire Protection District ATTEST: LEWIS SPRECHER Secretary I hereby certify that the foregoing is a true copy of the Annual Tax Levy Ordi dinance of said Fire Protection District for the fiscal year beginning June 1, 1973 and ending May 31, 1974; that said Ordinance was duly passed at a meeting of said Board of Trustees held on July 9,1973 and now remains on file in my office. LEWIS SPRECHER Secretary of Elba-Salem Fire Protection District READ THE WANT ADS! Ptorli Livtstoi PEORIA, III. (UPI) stock: Cattle 100; all classes steady on small receipts; 1 load high good and mostly choice steers 46.75. Hogs 3,300; fully steady to mostly 25, instances 50, higher; No 1-2 200-240 lb 43.25-43.50, 30 200-250 lb head 43.75; No 1-3 42.7543.25; No 2-3 42.00-42.75, 270-290 lb 290-310 lb 40.00-41.00; 355 lb 39.50-40.00. 2504270 lb 41.0(M2.00, No 2-4 300- Joliet Livestock JOLIET, 111. (UPI) stock: Live- Alld Strs 23% Int Harv W* Allis Chal 8 7 /s Int Nick 30% Alcoa 57% Int Paper 35 Am Air 11% Int T&T 32% Am Can 31% Iowa P&L 22% Am Cyan 2AVz Johns-Mn 22Vz AmElPwr 26% Kennecott 27% Am Mtrs 8 Kresge 35% Am T&T 51% Kroger 16% Anaconda 20% Lib McN 5% Ashl Oil 26ft Litton W* Atl Rich 87 7 /a Lockhd 6% Avco 9% Mar Oil 29V4 Bea Fds 217s Maytag 29 7 /s Beth Stl 27% Minn Min 82% Boeing 18% Mobil Oil 63% Borden 22% Monsanto 53 7 /s Cap C Bdg 45 Nat Bis 43tt Catplr 59% Olin Corp 13% Celanese 32% Outbd M 34 Cen II Lt 22% Owens-Ill 30% Cen Tel 24% Penn Cen 1% Cessna 20% Penney 75% Chrysler 26% Pepsi Cola 80% Cities Svc 46% Pfizer 48 Cattle 25, insufficient volume to establish market. Coca-Cola Hogs 500; 25-50 higher; No 1-2 Colum Gas 28%Procter G 106% 190-230 lb 43.25-43.50; No 1-3 Comm 220-255 lb 4tf.00-43.25. Comsat 47% RCA 24% Cons Ed 23 Rep Stl 23 7 / Coht Can 24% Revlon 60% St. Louli Livtfttdtk ST. LOUIS (UPI)-Livestock: Hogs 5,000 fully steady to 25 higher; No 1-3 200-240 lb 43.0043.25, 240-260 lb 42.50-43.00. Cattle 1,000; slaughter steers and heifers too limited to ChfcifS Oram Riftf* CHICAGO (UPI) Wheat, corn and soybeans were substantially higher at noon today on the Board of Trade. prices; 61.00. Sheep 50. choice vealers 00- ST. LOUIS (UPI) - Missouri produce: Eggs consumer Grade A large 50-60, medium 43-54, small 3042; B large 45-56. Hens ice-packed broiler-fryers 42.65-45. I St. Louis produce: Eggs wholesale Grade A large 38-40, standard 30-35, medium 30-35, unclassified 16-20. RUMMAGE SALE N. SEMINARY ST. 1st house north ori east side of road passed Research Hospital. FRIDAY, JULY 13 SATURDAY, JULY 14 9 A.M. lo DARK Little Bit of Everything Friday estimated receipts: 700 cattle, 700 hogs. Interior Hog Prices SPRINGFIELD (UPI) terior hogs: 16,000; steady to 25 1 No 1-2 200-230 lb 42.25-42. 1-3 200-240 lb 41.75-42.25; 240-260 lb 41.00-41.75. In- READ THE WANT ADS! YARD SALE 350 Pine FRIDAY, JULY 13 9 AM - 4:30 PM Lots of children's clothes misc. items. YARD SALE 844 S. KELLOGG Thurt. — 4 p.m. - Dark Friday — 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Mens, womens & childrens clothing, books, shoes, nic-nacs, Avon bottles, misc. Rain or Shine Cont Oil 31 Safeway 31% CPC Intl 29 St. Regis 37% Dana SanFelnd 25 7 /a Deere 40% Sears 97 Du Pont 168% Shell Oil 52% Eastman 137% Simmons 19% Exxon 94% So Pac 31% Falstaff 3% Sperry 43% Firestone 19% Std Bds 49 Ford Mtrs 55% SO Ind 87 Fruehauf 25% Stvns JP 25% Gen Dyna 17% Stude 36 Gen El 59% Texaco 33 Gen Fds 26% Tex Inst 92 Gen Mtrs 66% Un Carb 37 Gen Tel 29% Un Ei 16% Gen Tire 19% US Gyps 22% Goodrich 21 US Stl 30V4 Goodyear 24 West Un 22% Greyhnd 14% Wstghs 36% 111 Cent 19 Weyerh 64% 111 Pwr 26% Woolwrth 21% GARAGE SALE 440 E. Fifth Friday, July 13 Clothes for all, 2 table radios with attached record players, 5 piece chrome dinette set, nic- nacs, marvel the mustang. YARD SALE 673 PINE Friday, July 13 — Sal., July 14 9 AM - ? 2 alum, storm windows, chil­ drens & adults clothing, nic- nacs, dishes & pans, toaster, much misc., curtains, rugs & bedspreads. 3 FAMILY BACKYARD SALE 1418 MAPLE AVE. FrI. and Sat. — 8-7 Lots of baby clothes, little girls clothes, boys, mens, women's, sizes up to 20, a little bit of everything, also some primitives. YARD SALE Friday and Saturday JULY 13-14 — 9-5 1782 Willard Lots of clothes, infants, chil drens, worn ens, maternity. BACKYARD SALE 413 Day FRIDAY, JULY 13 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. Bicycle, Avon bottles, clothes, books & misc. . Rain Date Sat., July 14 GARAGE SALE 1157 W. LOSEY ST. FRI. 4-9 — SAT. 9-5 Water softener, boys 24" bike, lawn mower, window fan, exhaust fan, picket fence & posts, toys, furniture, clothes, Avon, dishes, silverware, lots of misc. YOU NAME THE PRICE 2 FAMILY BACKYARD SALE Friday, July 13 — 9 a.m.-3 p.m. 1338 RUSSELL AVENUE Ladies, men and children's clothing — dishes, games, books, toys, Avon bottles, knick knacks, curtains, double bed frame (metal) and much more. Many things like new. All priced to sell. i Backyard Sole 1042 N. CEDAR GARAGE SALE 1560 Beecher Ave. FRIDAY - 9 A.M .-5 P.M. 15 comb, storms & screens, awnings, bicycles, playpen, buggy, school desk, linens, toys, misc. items. THURS. FRIDAY - -10-5 10 to ? ? Old buffet & chairs, silver pieces, clothes & misc. BACKYARD SALE 9-5 Saturday Clothes, men's, women's baby's, hl-chah, car seat other items. and and 1150 N. Cherry Garage Sale 145 Circle Drive Friday and Saturday July 13-14 — 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Dinnette table and 4 chairs, 2 end tables, high chair, folding picnic table, floor lamps, books, clothing and misc. items. 4 FAMILY GARAGE SALE Rain or Shine Last Yellow House on S. MARKET ST. KNOXVILLE, ILL. FRI., JULY 13 — 9 a.m.-6 p.: Chord organ, child size kitch- e n, tr ic y c le, c hild s tab'l e & chairs, baby bed, baby walker, riding lawn mower, vacuum sweeper, camping stove, air mattresses, mens, womens (inc. Jr. sizes) baby & childrens school clothing, candle compotes , nic n ac s, d ishes, e t c., misc. toys & games. GARAGE SALE 1519 RUSSELL AVE. Frl. & Sat. 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Womens & childrens clothing, lots, of baby & household items, 2 lawn mowers, 2 rocking chairs, rugs & books. Family GARAGE SALE 950 LAWRENCE AVENUE FRIDAY and SATURDAY P.M. YARD SALE 121 SPARTA ST. WATAGA, ILL SATURDAY, JULY 14 8 AM - ? Childrens & mens clothing, household articles. BIG 4 FAMILY GARAGE SALE 935 PINE ST. Friday All Day and Evening Saturday All Day Typewriter, deep freeze, antique chairs, cedar chest, chrome table & chairs, Depression glass, extra nice clothing, boys 10 speed bicycle. Everything Priced to Sell YARD SALE 1262 N. BROAD (Y2 block North of Swedoughs) THUR, — 4 - 9 p.m. FRIDAY — 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. 2 sets of golf clubs & carts, steel row boat & oars, Swedish skii's & shoes, Sen win n mans bike, RCA TV-B&W, 4—14 & 15" tires on rims, good lg. asst. ai clean adul » 1J hing. Cir rier & Ives prints, glassware & much more misc. — Save This Ad — Men's Clothing—all sizes;'Women's Clothes—size ,8-56, including many new teen-age clothes, dresses, slips, gowns, slacks and slack suits, blouses, shorts, etc.; Children' & baby clothes for both boys and girls; Curtains & drapes—new pillow cases; 2 Matched sets of bedspreads and drapes; Lots of shoes—many new pairs; Jewelry; Materials, buttons, patterns, trim; Many wigs—all colors; Books; Cooking utensils, dishes, electrical appliances, orange plastic chair; Girl's shoe roller skates, like new; Turntable, microphone; Iron Fence, red-top posts; Desk; 9 Gallons paint. Many other miscellaneous items. BACKYARD SALES Garage, Patio, Driveway, Basement, Front Room, Private Household Sales and all other sales of this type must be in our office by noon the day before ad is to be published. GALESBURG REGISTER-MAIL DISPLAY ADV. Phone 343-7181 mans bag. sports GARAGE SALE 2181 BRIDGE AVE. Friday, 1 p.m. - 7 p.m. Saturday, 8 a.m.-All Day World books, window fan, portable typewriter, golf clubs, elec. guitar, antique glassware, books, records, young clothes, sleeping elec. transformer, equip., misc., GUNS: Guns will not be sold before 5 P.M. Friday, Winchester Mod. 12-20 GA, ribbed barrel, Colt SAA 33 Spec. Antique hand guns including one cased set, enfield Rifles, Stevens Favorite Rifle, old powder Flasks. Am interested in buying old guns also. NOTICE Applications APPRENTICE ELECTRICIANS Will Be Accepted July Apply At 687 Lincoln Galesbgrg, Electricians i Prices at Noon 1 Wheat 2.8.1 up 10 Sep 2.77 up 6% Dee 2.76 up 8% Corn fa Jly 2.33 up 9 Sep 2.17 up 8 Dec 2.06 up 4% Soybeans fa Jiy 7.80 up 30 Aug 7.80 Up 40 Sep 6.93 Up 23 Nov 6.30 L up 35 Painting Cd«tf»et©rt free Estimates Reference •hone 3424096 FOR SALE 7 ROOM HOME 3 or 4 bedrooms or 2 &pts„ modern kitchen* dining room, living room, 2 modern baths all well decorated, alum, storm sashes and siding, 2 enclosed porches, nice lot, Located Southeast, close to schools. * _ AVAILABLE SEPT. 1 PRICED UPPER TEENS Writ* Bex 925 % Oalesburg RefUter-Mall MRS. LANE Palm Rtadtr and Advisor 189 N. HENDERSON ST, (Next lo SMStedft lUallr) 9 a.m. to 9 p. If you have any problems MRS. LANE can help you! All readings confidential. For appointments Call 342-6639 Welch lor sign FOR SALE STATION WAGON 1971 Loaded, Like Mew Chop Phont 3424)330 Urgent Need For Clean Pressed Summer Clothing ioys and girU shorts, tops, slacks, all sizes. Misses dresses, tops, shorts, pant suits, perma-press, polyester, cotton. Drapes, bedspreads, rugs & misc. , ^ „ We Buy and Sell Paper Back Books This-N-That Shop 1197 W. MAIN ST. Phone 342-5996 Production Workers Needed Equal Opportunity Employer Good Working Conditions Good Woge Rata Paid Vacations and Holidays Paid Insurance Apply At 801 No. MAIN ST. ABINGDON, ILL. Clearance Sale Summer Wearing Apparel MITCHELLS Rt. 34 Oneida, III. 9 A.M. -5:30 P.M. MON. • SAT. FREE Parking Lot PUBLIC UCTI0N A & J LUMBER AND BUILDERS CLOSING BUSINESS SATURDAY, JULY 1973 10 A.M. 114 VOSS ST. PEORIA HEIGHTS, ILL CONST. EQUIP. - BLDG. MATERIAL -HARDWARE Chev. 1965 1 ton stake bed truck, husky material hoist (100 Ft. boom), Tenant 1959 city street sweeper model 100 (new cost App. $20,000), streamliner 42 Inch blue print copier, Royal electric typewriter, 5 gal. vacuum cleaner, Stanley lock mortlser, steel punches, conveyor, 10" portable saw, brick carriers, block and tackle, nail scale, baning machine, solamanders, water coolers, electric motors, nail bins, shoring jacks, cash drawer, concrete vibrators, cement finisher, motor and pump, column clamps, form clamps, electric service boxes, drill attachments and more. (NEW BUILDING MATERIALS) Short stock of the following: roof decking, broken sash stock, metal mesh, glass, screening, flooring, wrought iron, alum, siding, rafter vents, tool crib, 2 kelly dock levelers, field tile, concrete sealers, pipe and conduit, flexible drain tile, school board slate, alum, windows, alum, doors, garage doors, fencing, trim, paint, nails, nuts and bolts, hardware, and many more items* CONDUCTED BY Bohart Auction Sales PEORIA, ILL 691-0482 PUBLIC As I have bad to move to a Nursing Home I will sell the following Personal Property at the house located 2 blocks South of the Ford Garage on Rte. 97 and 1 block East i Maquon,, Illinois oi SUNDAY. JULY 1973 AT 1:00 P.M ANTIQUES Round oak table with extra leaf; small oak sideboard with mirror; oak drop front desk and bookcase comb, with brass pulls and mirror; 1 other oak drop front desk and bookcase comb, with mirror; 2 oak library tables; small oak kitchen cupboard; small square oak table; very old glass door kitchen cupboard; old kitchen cabinet with flour bins and glass doors; commode with towel bar; old walnut dresser with mirror and porcelain castors; ice cream parlor stool; very old and unusual dresser with drop pulls; spring seat; 2 dinner bells; 4 wood wagon wheels; wood hand corn sheller; small students table with glass top and old map; very old high chair (needs repair); pictures and frames; very old wicker rocker; 3 oak rockers; 2 other antique rockers; very old stool; wood double bed; antique trunk; very old Singer treadle sewing machine patd. 1879—9 oak straight chairs; old cracker box; some old post cards and some old envelopes with stamps as old as 1910; Buffalo pottery platter; 1 piece of blue depression glass; set of green depression glass salt and pepper shakers; antique scale; some old silverware; old match box; several old calendars; buck saw; glass kerosene lamp base; set of fireplace tongs; some old books; small Maytag oil can; coal bucket; exhaust pipe and muffler for old Maytag engine; 10 gal. stone jar; small Waterbury coo-coo clock; old linen horse blanket; wash board; other items. HOUSEHOLD AND MISC. ITEMS Atlanta 65,000 BTU gas heater with thermostat and blower (only Used 1 winter); 2 metal single beds; Coldspot 8 ft. chest type deep freeze; Westinghouse refrigerator; davenport makes into bed; oak dresser; new Cottage treadle sewing machine; good 30" x 64" alum, storm door; home made topper for Ford Fleetline pickup truck; other articles. CAR: 1965 Ford Ranch Wagon, runs good. MARGARET LIKES, O vner Auctioneer—JIM FGLGEH, WillUmstfeld, 111.—Ph. 879-2373 C lev ks—LE ST EH JOHNSON And LAWRENCE COOK TERMS—CASH Not ftetpoaslbl* for Accident* FOR SALI » ly Own«f room, 4 bedrm., 2 full baths FAMILY HOME on large lot in Willard School District. _ Low 20's For Appolntmtni Call 3424064 PUBLIC AUCTION Aledo Wells Cofe in Monday, July 23 •• 10 a.m. As a going business approximately £30 seating capacity Adequately equipped and stocked. You enn open sale day. Has Been in business 25 years. Located in 1he Merchants Hotel. You can get a very favorable long time lease. Good late model equipment plus 1968 Ford Country Sedan station wagon. Sells as 1 unit. A money BOULTINGHOUSE AUCTION CO. Bad Henderson, Auctioneer - • • Phone 309/582*5136 m DON'T LET A GASOLINE Iff SHORTAGE SPOIL 0ff vrr YOUR VACATION FUN! Instead install a new Central Air Conditioning System In your home ... wo aro offering our now low rate. Call us for a Free Estimate. Financing Available. 4 TH0M PLUMBING A HEATING COMPANY 2262 GRAND AVE. Phone 343-1101 i _ Consignment Auction Sunody p.m BLEDSOE'S AUCTION HOUSE 560 SO. CHAMBERS p SOME ANTIQUES Hand palnUd plates, pressed glass; and other Antiques dishes, 43" Round oak pedestal table- with solid top and two extra loaves (perfect condition), 6 old straight back kitchen chairs that match, ornate with cane bottoms, Carem board, 3 oak rockers, White milk glass, Rayo kerosene lamp, 2 sewing machines, 1 old radio, 2 copper boilers, 2 old lanterns, several old jugs and jars, lots of old Bottles of all types and sizes, also Whiskey decanters, set of practical Railroading books, several odd ornate kitchen chairs, insulators, 2 piece mohair liv. rm. suite (small). HOUSEHOLD ARTICLES Rose Hid abed, Humidifier not very old, occ. table, buffet, lawn furniture, metal typewriter table, several stone jars, picnic table, several tires, 2-wheel hand cart, 1 pellet gun,- 38" White eye level Kenmore gas range, 4-pc. blond bedroom suite complete, tape recorder, Hotpoint refrigerator, copying machine, 2 matching walnut twin beds complete, 3-pc. walnut bedroom suite complete, set of papering tools, tools, and lots more misc. merchandise too numerous to mention. COFFEY BROS., Auctioneers — Phone 343-8365 ROBT. STEWART—Clork Public Auction Sole of 5 Room Home ond Furniture on SATURDAY, JULY 14, 1973 COMMENCING AT 1:00 O'CLOCK P.M. (D.S.T.) LOCATED AT THE NORTH END OF MAIN STREET IN THE VILLAGE OF STRONGHURST, ILLINOIS Due to my age and health, I'm unable to keep up my home so I'll sell everything to the highest bidder, consisting of: HOME— Consisting of 5 rooms and closed in front porch which can be used as another room. The home is of wood structure and can be made into a very comfortable home with just a little work. It is in one of the finest locations in the village, and would make a suitable home for a retired couple or man and wife with small family. There are utility sheds in the back of the lot for storage use. If you are thinking of moving to a home of your own or would like to invest some idle money, don't miss this*sale as it sells to the highest bidder without reserve. If you would like to inspect this home you can do so by contacting the Power of Attorney or the Auctioneers — Jack Bishop, Ph. 867-6991, Oquawka or see Harold Anders, Stronghurst and they will be glad to show it to you. TERMS— On Real Estate are 25% day of sale, balance in 2 weeks when deed is furnished. FURNITURE and ANTIQUES FURNITURE AND ANTIQUES — Very nice G.E. electric range perfect in all ways; 13 cubic ft. Admiral refrigerator with freezer across top; 2 platform rockers; lots of pots and pans, lots of assorted linens; lots of assorted bedding; electric toaster; elect, grill broiler; lots of assorted dishes; electric coffee pot; 9x15 wool rug; bed daveno; overstuffed occasional chairs; yard tools; some pieces of lumber; paper hanger table; table lamps; floor lamps; lots of throw rugs; 17 inch TV, works good; front room desk, straight chairs; DUo Therm space heater; 375 gal. oil tank; RCA radio and record player; assortment of curtains; assortment of drapes; 9x12 wool rug; and other pieces not listed. ANTIQUE FURNITURE — 1 marble top dresser, walnut, nice; 1 marble top walnut dresser with tear drop pulls; 1 marble top, 3- drawer chest with tear drop pulls, real nice, marble cracked on top but chest real nice; iron floor lamp; several small antique walnut tables; some walnut bed stands; drop leaf table; 4 oak chairs; 2 press back chairs; large walnut dresser chest, real nice; lots of knick-knacks; old pie cupboard; 3 A walnut spool bed, complete and lots of other pieces I've used over the years in my home. TERMS—CASH Not Responsible for Accidents MRS. BESSIE M. LONG, Owner Stronghurst, Illinois HAROLD J. ANDERS—Power of Attorney Auctioneers: JACK BISHOP, Oquawka, Illinois, Phone 867-6991 DWAIN BISHOP. Gladstone, Illinois, Phone 627-2521 EDWARD BISHOP, Biggsville, Illinois, Phone 627-2128 Clerk & Cashier: BARRON & COOPER Estate EDWIN ANDERSON ESTATE ALTONA, ILLINOIS . 1973 Sunday, To help settle the estate of the late Edwin Anderson, a Public Auction of his Personal Antique Collection of furniture pieces and outstanding glassware, dishes and Antique collectables will be held at the Community Hall in Cambridge, III. 5 Glass Front China Closets (1-Double Door Closet, 1 Square Front Closet, 2 Flat Glass Door Closets, 1 Round Glass Closet); Walnut Lamp Table with Porcelain Casters; Small Oak Secretary; Wall Telephones; Walnut Commode; Brass Bed (Round Tube); Round Oak Table with Leaves; Oak Single Seat Hall Tree with Mirror & Brass Hangers; Walnut Dresser with Acorn Drawer Pulls & Mirror; Edison Victrola with Old Thick Records; Queen Ann Style Vanity with Oval Mirror; Cedar Chest; Mantel Clock; Cuckoo Clock; Walnut Lamp Table; Tiffany Style Lamp; Gone with the Wind Lamp- Old Ornate Floor & Hanging Knick Knack Shelves; Crystal Wine Set with Floral Decor; Photo Albums; Plaster Statuettes; Bisque Piano Babies, (excellent condition); Penny Dolls; Bisque & China Figurines; Shaving Mugs; Scuttle Mugs; Mustache Cups & Saucers; Salt Dips; China Collector's Cups & Saucers;- Souvenir Spoons; Rockford Silver Plate Coffee Set, 3 pes.; Iron Stone Rolling Pin Souvenir; End of the Day Vases; Portrait Vase in R.S. Prussia; French Limoges Nut Dish; Hand Painted Portrait Vases; China Vases; MZ Austria Berry Set & Plates; Hand Painted Nut Sets; Satsuma & Marigha Vases; Water Cooler with Mercury Glass Liner; Hand painted China; China Slippers; Large Sugar Bowls; Lefse Rolling Pin; 5 in. Plateau; Paper Weight; Nippon Han4 Painted Bowls, Plates & Baskets; Bisket Jar with German Silver TOD- Jack & Jill Milk Pitcher; Flow Blue Portrait Plate; Cut Glass Water Sets; Nappy Dishes; Baskets; Bowls; Swedish Crystal Vases; Majolica Fish Picture (also bowl & vases); RS German Plates & Creamers, etc.; Souvenir Flash Ruby Creamer & Sugar of Bishop Hill- Flash Ruby Wine Glasses from Galva; Flash Ruby Cup from Wyoming* China & Pressed Glass Butter Dishes; Opalescent Pattern Glass- Opline Glass; Stretch Glass; Oriental, Satan Glass Vases; Bristol Glass Vases; Milk Glass; Bavarian, Austrian, Germany Carnival Glass; Gooffess Glass; Lots of Pressed & Patterned Glass Bowls; Celery Vases; Butter Dishes; Baskets; Other Vases; Tumblers, large & small; Fruits & Berry Sets; Several Hand Painted Choc? Set! (signed); Haviland Signed Plates (beautiful); Hand Painted Plates (several signed with floral, fruit, animal designs); lue Diamond Quilted Miniature Lamp; Lustered Glass Cracker _ir- Satin Glass Vase (white); Wine Set, Clear Glass & Enameled Daisies & Gold; Calendar Plates; U .S. Grant Memorial Plate; World's Fair Plate, St. Louis 1904. AUCTIONEER'S COMMENTS: This sale is one of the most fantastic display of old antique collectables that's ever been put up for public auction in Western Illinois in many, many years. The items are extremely beautiful and in excellent condition. The Estate dates back some 75 to 100 yrs. TERMS: CASH Not Responsible For Accidents — Number System Will Be Used — Auctioneer: STENZEL'S AUCTION SERVICE Al Sienzel, 526-8690— Russ Anderson, 522-5897— Elmer Sienzel Execuior: ARTHUR ANDERSON, AUona, 111., Ph. 927-3822 Atiornev: TELLEEN, TELLEEN fc BRAENDLE

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