Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 6, 1947 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 6, 1947
Page 5
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t Bristol terrace Residents Drop Secession Plans T of ' Bristol Terrace ,vlthln thft WAtcrbury town Una \v-hj wanted to secede to Naufr» tuck hiwo apparently changed their minds. A petition submitted some time nco by ii delegation of Bristol Terrace residenl» n,ikin# Borough 03- jistnncc in « move to break away from W-iterbiiry and become ,-!_ port of Naufracuck has been with-! drnu-n. Formal withdrawal was jrmdo Tuesday night n few minutes before the mcrtlnfc of the Board of Warden «nd Burgcs-scs was nd- joiirned. It w-js reported that William Woermci'. one of the Original slgn- ci'H. had withdrawn his name from the petition a few days ago and Tuesday nttornoon word was received In crucial circl«s that the petition would be officially ivith -a the meeting n the petition was first hefore the board, the Slprn- nri were Instructed to brine; in m.ipM of ' ne various utilities such ,vf scwei'N, ll^htin^r, etc., which wore presently serving them. This was not tlonn, it was reported. Plans for presenting a bill to thn Assembly a.sklnj; the rljrht to become p»rt of Naupratuck will bo dropped It was st-.«ld. Proponent.-! of the secession plan had originally expressed dissatisfaction with the services they received from the City 'of Waterbury. f\ '''-ft"' • '• • A • "'^i'- 5 ^ -|- '•.•'" On The Air Today Marine League Meets Tonight The N.'iugatuck Valley Detachment. Marine Corps IicHguc, will moot tociifht jit ,S o'clock In Odd Fcllow.H Hall, Maple street, It Is iinnnuncccl by Commandant Wll- lium J. Bonson. Important bUHincys matters will be discussed and nil members arc urged to attend. Motor vehicles Forced ahead of hwsr-drawn rljjs in point of fnc- toi-v production for the first time in 1018. Act promptly. Mother, to help relieve muscular soreness or tightness, congestion and irritation in upper breathing passages, fitj of coughing—due to :olds. Rub on Vick3 VapoKub ... it PENETRATES to upper bronchial tubes with i:s special medicinal vapors, STIMULATES chest and back wrfoccs like a warming poultice. Often by morning most of the •nisery of the cold is gone [Remember— INLY VAPORUB Gives You thisspe- :ial double action. It'3 time-tested, lomc-provcd,.. the best-known home •cmedy forrclicv- & A* ^* ^^ 4* '.rig miseries of mv | ^^ |^ «9 rhiklrcn's cold", w^ VAPORUV Weather In which you tun't tiling nut clotllPH you've witslicd dnt-Hri't Imtfior tin, /Ml rlnthrs .sijiit hdri- iiro doiiu In- ilnors In ii liKidl'-to-nrdcr utmox- [ilirrc that unsure* iidorlrsnly trim liiundry, Ami, of course, MlviT.v It dupcndahli' In ruin r slilnc, slrrt or snow. AMERICAN LPUNDRYCO. P«ONM-4l06-t>OCOTTA6f PI WATR—Naujsatuck N«w»; Music WJZ—TcnncBuco Jed WWCO-WOR—Tom Mix 6:00 p. m. WBRV—E. Christy Erk WATR—News, Sports and Music Other Stations—Nowa 0:15 p. m. WBHY-WCBS-In My Opinion WNEC—Myron C. Taylor WATR—Music of the Day WJZ—Ethel and Albert WOR—Bob Elson WVVCO—Sports Time 6:30 p. m. WBRY—John A, Cluncy WCBS—Rod Barber • WTIC-Coto Gloo Club WATR—Phil Von Tobcl; Stock Rc- porta WJZ—Allen Proscott WOR—News; Vandcvcntcr WWCO—Quiz WNBC—Serenade to America 0:45 p. m. • WBRY-WCBS—Bob Trout, News WTIC-WNBC—Lowell Thomas WATR—Pleasure and Profit WJZ—The Fitzgerald* WWCO—Novtxtimc WOR—Connie Desmond 7:00 p. m. WBRY—Industries of Waterbury Music WCBS—Mystery of the -Week WTIC-WNBC—Supper Club WATR-WJZ—Headline Edition WWCO-WOR—Fulton Lewis, Jr. 7:15 p. m. WWCO—V. Lopez Orch. WBRY—Sing-In' Bill WATR—Rhythm Adventures WCBS—Jack Smith Show WTIC-WNBC—News WJZ— Elmor Davis WOR—Answer Man 7:30 p. ni. WBRY—Public Hcarinc WCBS—Mr. Keen WTIC—Barry Wood Show WNBC—Grand Marquee WATR-WJZ—Prof. Quiz WOR—Arthur Hale, News WWCO—Voice of the Army 7:15 p. m. WOR—Inside of Sports WTIC—Symphony of Melody 8:00 p. m. WBRY-WCBS—Suspense WTIC-WNBC—Aldrich Family WATR-WJZ—Lum 'n' Atmer WWCO-WOR—Sound Off 8:15 p. m. WATR-WJZ—Monitor Newa 8:30 |v m. \VBRY-WCBS-F-B-I Program; News WTIC-WNBC—-Burns and Allen WATR-WJZ—Town Meeting WWCO-WOR—Count of Monte Crlsto 0:00 |>. in. WBRY-WCBS—Dick Haymcs j WTT.C-WNBC— Music Hall WOR—Gabriel Hoattcr WVVCO—Golden Page's of Melody 0:15 p. m. WOR—Real Stories 0:30 p. in. WBRY-WCBS—Crime Photographer WTIC-WNBC—Lincoln Day Dinner W3K— Echoes of New York WOR—Treasure Hour of Song WATR—Those Sensational Years 10:00 p. m. WBRY-WCBS—Readers Digest WTIC-WNBC—Abbott & Costollo WOR—Crime Club WATR—Brian McMahon WJZ—Security Workshop WWCO—Family Theater 10:15 p. m. WATR—Treasury-Salute 10:.SO p. m, WERY-WCBS—That's Finncgan WTIC-WNBC—Eddie Cantor WATR—Fantasy in Melody WJZ—Bob Elson WWCO—Music You Want WOR—Symphonette 10:45 p. m. WATR-WJZ—Eurl Godwin 11:00 p. m. I ALL Stations—News 11:15 n. m. WBRY—Ken Thompson Serenade WCBS—Joseph C. Harsch WATR-WJZ—Joe Hascl WWCO—Anthony's Orch. of WORj^Nowa; Finance Reports ' - - ' - :30 p. m. ~11:30 p. m. WERY-WCBS—Julllnrd School ' • . Music WTIC-WNBC—Story of Music WWCO—Colem'an Orch./ WATR-WJZ-M3ems; Stwietcr Orch WOR—WeathDl';.-Frcf»: Truman : : 12:00 ALL Stations—News Cost Accountants Plan Study Forum Jo>.in-J. WHnn; control managei of ,'the. United States Ru-b-ber Foot- vy'jar plant, presided over .a.'meeting .Tuesday night of the officers anrt members of the Waterbury chapter-of the National Association of Cost Accountants held in Dlorio's restaurant, Waterbury. Dinner was serve dat 6 p. m, and was followed ' by a business meeting that adjourned at 10:30. . Mr. Wrlnn was elected president of the chapter last month, Walter O. Carlson of the Bristol Brass Corporation waa appointed vice- president of last night's meeting to fill that vacancy left by Mr, Wrlnn. In addition to the regular business discussion last night the chapter members decided to hold a roup study forum Feb. 25 at the Hotel, Elton, Wacerbury at which time they will discuss ..phases of manufacturing account with special emphasis on developing- basic cost information . on material and abor. Maurice E. Peloubet, of the New York, fti-rh of PoRson and Poloubet "•PA, will'address 'members of the chapter at /the -next regular meet- ng scheduled, for Tuesday, Feb. 11 at the liotel Elton. Mr. Peloubet's .subject.-will be "Public Function* of the Public Accountant." Rosko Assails Governor's Sap Tax Proposal R6p. Joseph V. Rosko, (D) patuclt, saying- that "such-, ( as proposed by the governor'would .be too much for the average work- Ing man to afford" attacked" Tue*!day night Go'v. James t. • McCon- augh's plan for a sales tax which was a -part of the budget 'message announced Tuesday. Rep, Rosko; labeled It a . "soak-the-poor" tax, j Rep. Rosko said the. propbsejH sales tax would bo too heavy a burf- ;len Tor the avcrajrc man 'ati'tHie! time. He added, however,-that, "he did favor a state Income tax'0^1 those whose salaries werb '-fnorc than 55,000 annually, ' , ,. ; The representative pointed) r -oujt that in Washington efforts, are bang made to lower taxes 'for'.'thje- lower income- bracket,' Hol.sald hat "with federal taxes being lovt- ired, the average man of Connectl- 'U ; t will be no better off^lf..!^^^ o pay increased taxes here in trio tate." He said that if ; that should appcn "the idea of lowering- taxcn intionally would be no- more ,thari bad joke," -• : -. / LOW PRICES! SUPER-RIGHT-ESPECIALLY SELECTED FROM FINE QUALITY M-k CORN-FED STEER IEEFI OTFAI/O AP oTEAKo 65 Choice of: PORTERHOUSE, SIRLOIN, CUBEorBOTTOM ROUND A, "walking machine" tests the vjcarliur qiinlj.tics of shoes in the bureau of standards. S. FOREIGN SERVICE ,, ;. The University of Connecticut is oing to prepare students for Jobs foreisn service, • . • h£ University announces ^establishment of a now department of government and international 'rola- lions. The department will bo headed by Dr. Georsre E. McRe'yri'oltjB— who is, the author of books and articles on Japan. LIQUOR STOHES •• Shop At A&P For Choice Wines And Liquors PORK LOINS CHUCK ROAST LAMB FORES BRISKET RIB ROAST BACON L 2c h) 6c FRESH WHOLE' OR. EITHER END; .Heavy Steer Pol Roast 1 ''IB- Bonsd & Rolled II Desiied FANCY HEAVY STEER CORNED BEE.F HEAVY CORN FED STEER BEEF SUNNYFIELD SLICED SUGAR CURED . LB BLAKESLEE'S Z«4 "AUTOMATIC" DAILY " DEDUCTION " SALE February Daily deductions will be made from 31.00 to $15.00 on each garment until sold \Vr. Imvr luki-ii rvi-.ry Kiir Cunt from our entire Ntuuk iirul rc- ilniTi'l 1 ho 111 (i> n low prlfc. Thin 'pliui unique in the fur Is to roilueo tin: <:iwt of each Kiirinont $l,(Hk lo $15.00 every tiny niilll tin; Silo ond.« MARCH 1st. Conic In and shop uround. ALL PRICES INCLUDE TAX Budget If Desired — Use Our Lay-Away Plan • MO UK CI.OSKIJ MONDAYS • KNtubllHhcd 1839 99 NORTH MAIN STREET, WATERBURY LYNNBROOK 86. 5TH Q PROOF'BOT O CASE OF 12 BOTTLES $37.50 • WHISKIES-IN THIS PRODUCT' . 'ARE 6 YEARS OLD.' '" Imperial M'Loughlin Four Aces 5TH SOT 3.39 86 proof 86' 5TM A AC proof SOT O.49 86 STH« yjC proof BOT O.tO Lansdowne Seagram *£ Hunter ™ P < Four Roses 86 proof 5TH n Qf BOTWiOv 5TH BOT. 3.90 4.22 HIRAM WALKER DRY MARTINI 3.40 66 5TH PROOF BOT CASE OF 12 BOTTLES $36.70 BKMINGTON ulid SCJIICK" ' ELKCTKIC SHAVKRS SCH1CK SHAVERSKTS G. K. Table Model Radios Portable Electric Record Players G. K. Klectric 'Mantle Clocks Electric Irons HAWLEY HARDWARE 102 CHURCH STRKET • ' LIQUOR PERMIT Notice of Application Thin Is to Kivo notice .that 1, Madeline Glrulis, of 84 Gnlpin St., NaURHtuck. hfive appllca- Mon dated J;in. 19>17 wilh the Liquor Control Commiblson ' for a full liquor packacre K'toro permit for the sale of,alcoholic liquor on t.hc premises, 93 Highland Avo.. Naugatuch. The business Is owned by John H. Girulls of 84 Galpln street, Naugatuck. and will be conducted by Madeline Girulis of 34 Gnlpin street, Naugatuck, as permittee. MADELINE GIRULISDated: Jan. 28. 19-I7. ROBIN HOOD 90 5THA' 7Q PROO- BOT ^mm I V Exclusively AI A&P Liquor Stores Gladstone as p^f IOT 2.98 Gold Medal „?£, t£2.99 Dixie Belle ^ K j.09 Hiram Walker^, BO 3.12 Gilbey 9 OP roof Milsbire Kinsey Gordon Seagram GTH BO - 90 proof 94.4 proof 3.15 BOT 3.19 94.4 BOI 3.59 NOTICE A hearing on the application of The Thompson Motor Corporation to conduct a gasoline station, rc- r, Mscd and now car business at northwest corner of Chrlstcnsen Strec-t and Riverside Drive ,\vill be held at tho Boroug-h Clerk's of- ice, -Town Hall, Naugatuck, Connecticut, on Thursday, February 20, 1947. at 11 A. M. LEO J. BROPHY, Feb. 5-G-7. Warden, SHOP AT THE A&P LIQ'UOR "STORE NEAREST YOU- . / 175 Church St. Naugatuck f CONN, NOTICE' \ . The Board of Tax Review of the Town of Beacon; Falls will be session in the Town Hull ut said Beacon Falls on . ••; Saturday, February 1, 1017, from 9;00 a. m, to 5:00 p, m. : ':• i .' Saturday. February 8, 3947, Irani 9:00 a. m. to 12:00 Noon, . f - Thursday, February 13, 1947,;_frorn. 7:00 p. m. to 9:00 p. m. ' „ . Wednesday, - Kcbruary . 19, 1947, from 7:00 p, m. "to D:00 p. m. To heat- and take action on the doinRS of the Board of Tax Asses- sol's and to transact any other business proper to come before said Board: said Board to adjourn to a d/iy not later than the last business day of February 1917. Dated at Beacon Falls, Connecticut, this tenth day of January J.947. Signed; . • SHERMAN D. STOCKER ' HARRY A. SPARKS JOSEPH C3APLICKI • " Board of Tax Review. 1 Registrars of,Voters SUPERMARKETS HADDOCK rRQSH CAUGHT STEAK COD • VRtSH SLICED COD FILLETS •'18-29* FANOT SKINLtiS POLLOCK FILLETS ' 1.17V- 1-REiH- CUT TEA BAILS NECTAR BRAND «c A fte -OF 10068* 2 D0 z 49 CUeese 2Lo CVveddaj Botdcn' Cheese o- luvn To FLA. ORANGES tSstS STRAWBERRIES ^ PINFAPPI CC FR ESH-FIRSTOFTHESEASON ' Af| c • IHCHrrLCD EXTRA LARGE -EACH(t5f WESTERN PEARS ^ 2 Les 29' NEW CABBAGE sotiD S ?™HEADs 2LBs9 § DOZOtf ' 39' 43' 25' TEMPLE ORANGES DRIED PRUNES DRIED APRICOTS . . OLD HUNDRED ICE CREAM • PIMI BJJ1IRVCOTCH PKO BIRDSEYEPEAS SPINACH ^ 'p' K ^l9 e EVAP. MILK 12 01 PKG ^IIT/V%DM B "". > S- 10 OZ f \.UI t-UKN EYL PKG . HOUSE Tomato L«i" Ritz Crackers IA i-i CANS » N s IONA BRAND : • NO. 2 CANS 25 C 29 C NEC .U L G 8 20 e MAYONNAISE CAIN'S ylOc 16 Qi J/>S *99 GRAPEFRUIT SECTIONS SPAGHETTI SS? 2 DC-AUC ANN PAGE - PLAIN - with A W-'OZ' IS t A NO TOM. SAUCE -o. VEGETARIAN Z CANS ChowMein Vtf^tS 35 C Peanut Crunch Cblc,ken' f te? E ' 1J VR z 39 c Lynden Ravioli 2 17' Kirkman's ,,,2 Babbitt's Lye Babo ' Soapine L 11 SOAPI'LAKES HOLSUM 1- LB JAR Spag.' Boscul Tea Bags 29 C PKCS 29 e Kirkman's Kirkman's »o s r^ 'DINNER v.nlco Maid 'Ho'o»e CAM OO Kirkman'c Kirkman's • '...- "WHEN AVAILABLE" 35 C 36 e 36 C 25 e . 9 e Tatonuts 19 G ORANGE— GRAPEFRUIT-BLENDED N02 J IIIPC O UlbtJ BEECH-NUT BABY FOODS CHOPPED STRAINED JARS 25°. CRISCO VEGETABLE SHOR7ENWG-; ONE LB 4Oc 3 4 AR **O IBS | .ZO 3 LBS ••WHiN AVAII.ABLC" SWEETHEART SOAP 10* BATH SIZE REG CAKE I7c GAKE '-WHIN ^VML»BLL IVORY SOAP KIND TO EVERVTHING 10' MEDIUM CAKE "WHEN AVAILAOLE- OXYDOL WASHES WHITE LARGE PKG "WHtN AVAILAHI t PALMOLIVE SOAP 10 e "V.'HtN AVAILABLt OAK" THE GREAT ATLANTIC & PACIFIC TEA CO. All prices tu!ij«ci la inarktl ch«n^*>, W* rt»trvt th» right to limit quantitit*. Price* rrtectiv« for thli

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