Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 18, 1963 · Page 5
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 5

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 18, 1963
Page 5
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Providence Holds Umbrella Over Host to Two Neighbors By CARROLL ARIMONt) CHICAGO (AP)-Some theologians hold that good works performed in this life are rewarded In the hereafter. My friend, John Mcfirlde, says It is not necessary to wait that long. One Sunday morning John's wife, Mary, observed, "It Is such a nice, pleasant day. Why don't we take those two ladies down the block for a ride In the country?" "Why?" asked John. He would have liked to spend this Sunday like the one before, curled up with a big, fat Sunday newspaper and a quota of one highball per section. "Because it would be a nice thing to do," Mary replied. John acknowledged he had no argument to match that so he telephoned the two ladies. They would be delighted to go. For hours they roamed over winding, hilly blacktop roads of southern Wisconsin. One of the HOLLAND BULBS TIME TO PLANT TULIPS—CROCUS HYACINTHS DAFFODILS Plant While Weather Permits with Soil Moisture Present Open 8 'til 5:30 daily except 'til 9 p.m. on Friday fC: V RAL5T0N-HANNA FARM & GARDEN CENTER 1153 Grand Ave. 343-9266 Just One Block From Main St. ladles observed that it would stay pleasant all day because all the cows were standing up. Mary said she was getting hungry. "Instead of turning back for home," Mary proposed, "wouldn 't it be fun to go someplace for dinner? Bradford's is just a few miles down the road." "That would be nice, indeed," the two ladles agreed. John Just nodded. He remembered he left home with exactly $1S. Bradford's was one of those places described in the tour books with "Dinners from $495." No one ever orders the $4.95 dinner. He could, he figured, hold the bill down by ordering only coffee. But how could he signal Mary to keep her from suggesting that the ladies start off with a glass of sherry? Would Mr. Bradford remember him from their last visit? Would Mr. Bradford accept a check? John's brow moistened as the party studied the menus. One of the ladies settled on broiled lamb chops (2) at $6.50. Her friend said that sounded good to her, too. Mary said she preferred the roast prime rib of beef with Yorkshire pudding at $7.25. John, reasoning it would be senseless to go to jail hungry, took the same. While they waited for the busboy to bring butter and water, Mr. Bradford entered the dining room. He paused at the McBride table and stood behind John. John wondered if he was one of those sharp businessmen who can see right through a deadbeat. Mr. Bradford bent down and picked something off the floor. "Young man," he addressed John, "you should be more careful with your money." Mr. Bradford laid on the table a $20 bill, obviously dropped by a previous diner. "Girls," John proposed as Mr. DR. I. ERNSTEIN OPTOMETRIST CONTACT LENSES EYES EXAMINED LIVING SOUND HEARING AIDS GALESBURG OPTICAL CO. 331 S. Main Heuri: t A.M. to S PM. rrldayt: • AJC. to 3:30 VM. Wednesday'! Til Moon 343-3317 or 341-3017 Wataga Groups Fix Projects WATAGA—Three events of In* terest are scheduled in Wataga in the next few weeks. The Wataga Fire Department will sponsor a Halloween dance Nov. 1 at the Wataga Town Mall. Music will be furnished by the Van Bell Trio. Proceeds will go to the Firemen's Community Park of Wataga. A dance will be held at the Wataga Town Hall Oct. 28. Music will be furnished by the Corals and proceeds will go to the Connie Mack ball team of Wataga. James Marshall, commander of the American Legion, Wataga, announced today that there will be a stag fish fry Nov. 1 at the Legion Hall of Wataga. Wataga Briefs Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Lucas and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bewley were hosts at a wiener roast Saturday at Wataga. Other guests present were Mr. and Mrs. Ed Stickle and family, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Wynkoop and family, Irving Fairow, Mr. and Mrs. Pat Tully, Mrs. Mary Steele, Mike Steele, Charles Lytle and family, Mr. and Mrs. Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Westfall and family and Mr. and Mrs. Russell Olson and family. Irving Fairow of Kansas City, Kan., has been a guest of his son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Wynkoop and of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Strom. Fairow plans to spend some time with his son and daughter- in-law, Mr. and Mrs. John Fairow of Galesburg and another son and family, Mr. and Mrs. Loren Fairow of Davenport. Club Entertained at DeLong Residence DeLONG — KYN Club members were entertained Wednesday in the home of Mrs. Sidney Smith. Game prizes were won by Mrs. Robert Bailey, Mrs. John Rose, Mrs. Leita Bonney and Mrs. Arthur Howerter. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Clegg and sons Donald and John have returned from a trip to Memphis, Tenn. The DeLong 4-H Club will meet Oct. 26 in the home of Vicki Howerter. Galesburg Reoister-MoiI, Golesburg, Friday, Oct 18/1963' 5 Bradford moved to the next table, "would any of you care to start off with a Manhattan or a martini?" WICKES DISTRIBUTION CENTER Plumbing - Heating - Electric - Lumber - Building Supplies LUMBER Ph. 342-6106 4 Miles South of Galesburg on Route 41 Hours Mon. through Fri 7:30 5:30 Sat. 7.30 3 00 PLUMBING Ph 343-5018 ASPHALT SHINGLES 235-Lb. Tuftobs ... Per Sq. $6.51 235-Lb. Seoldons --Per Sq. $7.56 250-Lb. Sof-T-Loks, Per Sq. $7.92 ALUMINUM ROOFING Reynolds Embossed .019 Thick 51" Wide—Lays 48" Wide 7' Length $3.62 10' Length $5.17 8' Length $4.13 12 # Length $6.20 EXTERIOR FIR PLYWOOD VA" AC—4' X 8' Sheets $3.04 W AC—4'x8' Sheets $3.76 i/ a " AC—4'x8' Sheets $5.28 3/ 4 " AC—4'x8' Sheets $7.28 ORNAMENTAL Iron Porch Railings 48" Roiling Section eo. $3.50 72" Roiling Section eo. $5.25 36" Newell Post eo. $1.00 Newell Post Flange eo. 55c Fittings Pkg. 45c MEDICINE CABINETS SWINGING POOR No Lites, $E25 Rough Opening 14"x 18" «# SWINGING DOOR With Side Fluorescent Lites, $1*950 Rough Opening 14" X 20'/ B" ___ 1/ HIDING DOORS With Top Fluorescent, $^A ?5 Rough Opening 24Vi"xl7W— dbU SUDING DOORS With Top Fluorescent Lite, $<)C 9 $ Rough Opening 30"x20" 4m9 COUNTER TOPS "Homewood" Preformed, Plastic Laminate Tops Ready To Install On Your $«J JL W Cabinets Per lin. Ft. «#«Oo# 4' thru 12' Lengths in Stock. Also Mitored Tops for "I" Shaped Kitchens "RAILITE" COUNTER TOP LAMINATE Several Colors—30" by 8' and 10' Lengths Per Sq. Ft. 40c CABINET HARDWARE V%" Insert'Chrome Hges. -Pr. 25c Chrome Polls eo. 20c Antique Copper Hinges —pr. 35c Antique Copper Pulls eo. 15c K.V. No. 1175 Single Drawer Guide _—75c K.V. No. 1300 Dole. Drawer Guide $2.15 3 TRACK Alum, Combinations NOW IN STOCK Only $ 12.50 WATER PUMPS 3CM10O-1/3 HP. Convertible Jet- Mounted on %JL Qlf 12 Gal. Tank OO 5CM130 -/2 HP. Convertible Jet- Mounted on $Q JjAQ 30 Gal. Tank QH 5CJAUTPG -/2 HP. Convertible Jet- Top Mounted on $Q #fctO 42 Gal. Tank _ - OT 3CM10^-1/3 HP. *52*° Pump Only , SCJAIG -/2 HP. Pump Only _ i> 57" OUR ANCESTORS fa m 1, 'MMtdtarV I - • lO'lt »lWVrHH,ht.tM.t.«.US. fat. W, "Well, this is California, Luke • •. be careful not to pick any of the oranges!" Califprnian Honored at Alexis Tea ALEXIS - Mrs. Edith Deuth entertained 22 women at a tea Oct. 10 in honor of Mrs. David Brigham, who is visiting here from Duarte, Calif. Mrs. Ray Lawrence presided at tea table centered with white chrysanthemums. The late David Brigham was a pastor of Alexis Presbyterian Church. Alexis Briefs Mrs. Theodore McKnight and her mother, Mrs. Frank Hill spent several days last week with their father and husband, Frank Hill, who submitted to emergency surgery at Veterans Hospital, Iowa City, Oct. 9. Mrs. Jessie Kehr of Oneida and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Kehr spent Sunday with their mother, Mrs. Ola Kehr at a nursing home in Beardstown. Mrs. Jessie Kehr of Oneida, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Miller of Woodhull and Jack Miller of Rock Island returned to their homes after being called here by death of their uncle, William Welsh. Mr. and Mrs. James Patterson of Dixon spent Friday in Alexis and attended the Welsh funeral. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Clark of Skokie spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Burns. Mrs. Lulu M. Welsh and sons Robert and Mr. and Mrs. James Welsh returned to their home Saturday in Independence, Mo., after being called here by death of their uncle, William Welsh. Mr. and Mrs. James Lawrence and Dennis McCrery went to Chicago Saturday to spend the weekend with Miss Linda Lawrence, who is in nurse's training at Presbyterian - St. Luke's Hospital. Mrs. Harry Shaw of Denver, Colo., has returned to her home after, visiting relatives and friends "in Alexis and Monmouth the past 10 days. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Barnes of Knoxville, Iowa, and Mrs. Max Lindberg of Davenport and Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Howard, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Howard, Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Bruner, Mrs. Dave Lindberg, Mrs. Emma Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Johnson, Tom Barnes of Galesburg spent Friday in Alexis and attended the funeral for William Welsh. Miss Judy Lee, R.N., who had been employed in California the past six months returned home Saturday. Kenneth Patterson, A. W. Howard and Lawrence Moore returned home Sunday night from a weekend fishing trip to Wisconsin. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Houser and Mr. and Mrs. John K. Elder left Friday to spend a weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cherry at Momence. The Cherrys are former residents of Alexis. Mrs. M. T. (Bud) Brown of Alexis was taken by ambulance to Cottage Hospital Friday after being injured in a automobile accident on blacktop road south of Alexis. Mrs. Edith Deuth, Mrs. Ray Lawrence and Mrs. Bess Newcomer left Saturday to spend the weekend with the Fred House family at Newman. Until this year the Dodgers have played only four Ameri can League rivals in 10 World Series. They met the Yankees seven times, the White Sox, In dians and Red Sox once. READ THE WANT ADS! JOE'S SUPER LIQUORS 2300 GRAND 334-9569 FALSTAFF # BUSCH STAG • MEISTERBRAU BLUE RIBBON $319 f..24 j 12-oz. ^ Brls. GLENMORE VODKA »2"- MATTINGLY A MOORE BARCLAY'S GIN *3" 5.K *2" •* ECHO SPRINGS 4 QTS. BEER $]00 BUDWEISER BLUE RIBBON $189,12 | 12-oz. Cons DREWRYS CARABANA RUM $186 12 *| 12-0*. *2" •* FOOD DEPARTMENT FISH • SHRIMP • STEAKS • FILETS CHICKEN OR SPAGHETTI 77« Fttssin' and Feudin' (Continued from page 4) however, there ire Republicans who want to get Democrats for campaign reasons, and there are Democrats who want to get each other. The "dump Lyndon Johnson" faction of the Demo* cratic Party has naturally seized to substitute North Carolina's Governor Terry Sanford for the Vice Presidential nomi* nation slot in 1964. Here the play leads to anyone who can hope to draw At* torney General Kennedy into the act. Bobby Kennedy has never learned to love Lyndon Johnson. Early in September the Hearst White House correspondent, Marianne Means, filed a story from Washington about "a top echelon feud smouldering in the capital." She remarked that "so far Vice President Johnson and Attorney General Kennedy have not drawn on each other in public, but behind the scenes close acquaintances of both are concerned about their hardly contained distaste for each other." The feud, according to Miss Means dates back to the 1960 pre-convention campaign, when Johnson was busy calling attention to Papa Joseph Kennedy's 1940 opposition to U.S. entry into the European War. NOBODY in any responsible position has accused Bobby Kennedy of prodding the FBI to exert energies beyond the call of duty in investigating the affairs of Bobby Baker. Nobody has accused him of trying to overrule his brother on 1964 policies. But the point is that people who want to "get" Lyndon Johnson by agitating the Baker issue have been reporting conversations with FBI men who have supposedly been predicting that the investigations of Baker will have "wide political ramifications." The FBI naturally denies that any FBI man has said anything to anyone. But rumor, in a pre-election year, often does duty for reality —and if enough animosity can be stirred up against the re- nomination of Lyndon Johnson for Vice President by spreading rumor, the rumor will be spread. From the Democratic point oi view, the danger in the "get Johnson" maneuvers is that It makes for feuds that could disrupt the 1964 campaign. Bobby Baker and Lyndon Johnson have many Congressional friends who will be running in 1964 — and if Lyndon is not on the ticket it could be depressing to Democratic energies. On the other hand, it could be even more depressing if Lyndon can't show that he has what it takes to carry Texas. Copyright 1963. Edgar (Sam) Rice hit 192 singles for the 1925 Washington Senators. Michigan State has two broth, er combinations active in the spartan sports program. Football has Dick and Jim Proebetle of Canton, Ohio and cross-country has Ray and Russ Pletcher of Ashtabula, Ohio. OaMtWV ( ) f I HI /I MO N T I- I ^itvuticffi >Wcam BATH MAT New Elegance for Bath! • Non-skid •Handwash Quilted foam floor mat in beautiful decorator colors. Easy to wash* quickly air-dries. Soft, safe footing. Oval 17x 28" size. Real value. BLACK Brothers MAIN and SEMINARY 342-0174 THE MOST FAMOUS CANNON BEDDING ENSEMBLE IN THE WORLD \<Qy|/ PIECE COMPLETE PELUXE FAMOUS if /CANNON BEDDING ENSEMBLE RMRSI8LE 2-TONt COMFQRTlIt Complete Ensemble Only... 29" You Cat 25 Pel. NO MONEY DOWN $1 WEEKLY Use Our Convenient Drive Up Window HEART S Jewelers 316 E. MAIN WE OIVI S4H GIIIN STAMPS

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