Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 6, 1947 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 6, 1947
Page 4
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frAOE 4—NACOATUCK NEWS <CONN.). THURSDAY. TEB. .6. 11*7 Published Kv«ry Evening (Except Bundmy) by THK NAUOATOCK NEWS CORPORATION ^NAUQATUCK. CONN. HUDOLPH M. HENN1CK. Pr««ldBnt_ang_Fuoll»h«f Telephone* nil and »M»—All DeoartnienU Catered M Mcond ol*u matter »t the poet offic* In N»u»»tuck, Conn. HUBBCRIFT10N RATES Payable In Advance I month 11.00 1 T««r Member: Tbe Am»rx»n Newspaper publl»her« AMU Th. N. E. Dally Newspaper Pub. AMn Th« noon. Newspaper PubUhera AMP THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 6, 1D47 Stake In Korea Ancient, cultural Korea is divided by two occupying force*, tin- Kiissimis^Mt the north,'Amuricmi* in tliu south. Sho wants her freedom. It was promised at the Cairo Conference' ami at Yiihii. Until the Japanese surrender in 3940, Korea liad been an unwilling and exploited pt»rt of thut Km pi re -since 1910. Russia, despite her short participation in the Pacific war, moved immediately into Korea. Likewise this country's forces, Both were to "disarm the Japanese". Both were welcomed as liberators by Koreans. Wide dissatisfactions developed.^American forces were not trained for Korean (H:cnp«iicy. did not know the lanjrmitfe Complaints ernpasix.ed (lie fact that the Soviets were appropriating lo ° mu( ' 1 ' land and resources, particularly food. Nearly a million Koreans fled to the U. S. area. Crop failures aggravated the situation everywhere, as did accusations uf both Japanese collaboration activities and tin; tyranical influence of Communists. The American commander. Lieut. (!en, John K. Hod^", called an interim legislative advisoiy council meeting last December that was not too successful but seems a beginning of progress. Tn the meantime American forces arc not goinirto withdraw, as Knssia pateiH- ly hoped. The United States is commiUed to remain until Koreans have the rij*1it kind of democratic free -overnment. Korea, heretofore a vaguely distant country to Americans, will figure more and more in 1047's news and diplomatic reports. Thus are the frontiers of the once isolated United Slates pushed across the , French Greetings The French phrase "Bon jour"— "Good day"—is a better salutation than those generally used in this country. Here a common greeting is: "How are yon 1 .'" And of course the ^reeter doesn't put it as a question, doesn't want an answer at all. IT the greeted one stopped and told him exactly how he was the grccler would be surprised—and bored. So a person usually replies "Fine", even if his wife didn't get breakfast in lime for the bus anil he was up all nigbt lie- cause the baby had the croup. "How do yon do?" isn't much better, though it has come to be less of queiy and no answer seems implied. Why not take a tip from the French and address casual acquaintances passed on Hie street or met in the market place, with "Good morning" or "Good afternoon" or "Good evening", as suits the time of day. That's what is meant, literally, for few indeed are' those who are interested in the details of how yon are - in sou.l-or body, or how you do, •. But don't say "Good-night" as the Canadians are apt to do. at six-thirty in the evening. That makes (Tie gree.ted one think the greeter wants him put out of circulation, .lie looks at his watch in startled surprise, wondering if it really is ten-thirty and he ought to lie tucking himself in! Georgia To Minnesota A Minnesotii legislator has introduced n bill to let IS-year-olds' vote. This idea goes back to ex-Gov. Kills A mail of Georgia, who vastly improved his state government. .It is sin prising that Georgia's example has not been followed earlier, .lust now. however, the American political climate is not favorable to drastic changes, Will Minnesota lawmakers tell their youths that drafting them to fight was perfectly proper, but that they cannot be trusted with the ballot:' Do You Remember? One Year Ago Wni'don Leo J. Brophy dalled .a apcclul mooting of'the borough board. . •'•••• - •• . •• o—O—o : Fire Marshal Michael F. Shea ordered bus driver* not to leave motors running while their buses were unattended. Army juid Xwvy, \v« obsurvc, are U> "unify Hum- t'orcus", but will supanitu cliiot's "jusst in case." It's mi oltl American custom to keep two strings to your bow. t* . .rr'kr f Coast-To-Coast [ ••» Ult fi BHOADWAY MOHTS Wlncheilolirltle*: ' Elliott 20 Years'Ago , Edward DobiinR returned to New'Haven after n weekend with relatives in the borough. o—O—o Louis Clcary of Hartford visited his parents, Mr. und Mrs. Robert Clcnry of Bradley street. o—O—o 30 Years Ago A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Vaughan of Hillside avenue. o—O—o Brer A.' and Albertana Johnspn sold their 10- aere farm. ^V. llll<lLVIULfA »M»-T • • *-,"" ~ ; . ~ Roosov'elts taking on'all comers In the Stork cub room, aibout their, trip to. 'Stalinvllle. ....Morton. Downey getting plumper. ,. .Mra. Bert Lahr looking .gayer, .younger and 3D alive—since her .groom (after a long Interval) landed .in a Broadway .hit ("Burlesquo".). . .Bunty Pendleton, the hot jazzinger, a click on the East.Side Abbott & Costello in the St. Moritz foyer. They were offered $28,000 per wk). lo 'open at the Colonial Inn, but "were in no mood" to accept it last ni-ght. .'. .June Havoc, the attract- ress, embelljsning Haub.en's. .General D. -Sarnoff, one of the radio industry's top ads, discufls;mj world affairs with Broadwuy>-,-. .popular Leo Lindy. .--Ellis -Arnall, ' who makes Herman look, like a Tal- midget. Around The Clock Accusations flung around at the- recent board of warden and burgesses meeting did not dignify the session, and what's worse is the bragging following the meeting that certain ungentlemanly remarks had been made. Due. sure way of clearing the court room "during board sessions is for the board members to start perusing maps spectators stream from the room when the study starts. yourself braggin'!'.'.-... .In Alfredoa: "What's thin country needs is a political party tnat loves the. Am- drlcah peoplo more than the American dollar?. ;. .At the No. 1 Bar: "How docs that guy do his stuff .^ Why, on-a swipewriler, you dope!" ....At the Iceland Bar: ".Believe it By Local Resident Albert Y.ankus, Nausatuck, brought a $500 «uft .in"Waterbury Common Pleas Court Tuesday I against Spencer Grain, Company, Inc. .Wattrbury, The basis for the wult is an .automobile-truck ,. collision Feb. 5, 1946 on Route 69, Prospect. , • . ' Mr. YankuH claims W« oar was damaged to. the extent of $253.77 when it was struck by a truck 'owned -by the defcndent company and peroted by Clark Kennersn ,an _. _ —~i— '. J ~ '-o~~i^ n - the cost of rc- /.? -^.Vi-V.-vv.. 1 /.: >* •fS~r""' r *- r J* • •***"•*-*••'• Health Talks Hj- HliltMAN ltlJNlHi.SI.QN, M. II. Help For Failure Of Heart I'vcry doctor UOOWH lhn j wcn.s'- 1 of.,dooiii which h«:i.rl fallun! brlnss wit;!. It. Tlio whole- fii.mlly l« af- (cclcd .-tild an almoxphcre of hirlu- ICiwncKK and fe:ir uorvudoH thn houwohold. 'I'he pulicnl IK th<? mout'npprfrhvnslve of all, and IB In .....At the Iceland Bar: "ceve an cmploy ' c or not;'but that Loomis jerk was a th(j p)a | nt | ff C | a ims-hls auto- juat standlne there in his ware icet mob , 1( , depl .,, C i&i K (i in value and waiting for a trollop! depreciati that he lost its use. According to the , laint the • . .. According to. the complaint the Broadway Confetti: Mar u y n ]a|ntjff wag attempting to pass the ••iiviv»ll haa flnallv EOtten around , ...u:»v. t^nb o ohni-r, \nft an<\ Maxwell has finally gotten which toQk a gharp , cft an(] uatu-vwun nw*a ii.*u.-j o ( tj'ucK wnicn LOOK -a antirp idi. tiuu to Freddy DeCordoTa, .Winnie sll . uck the car. forcing it off the 1-1 ii,,,... n«H T?nnHv Hearst 8tay- Gardiner. and .Randy Hearat stayed • up until almost half past nine last night langnkig themselves hoarse at the smellebrltios... .One of the richest men in aviatio'n id .having income tax difficulties. .Oh, Now Looka Here! Dept.: A show. - gel at the Vanity Fair calls her-1 jt-elf June July. Anything to get in' to a Column....A toy maker will roid. Sallies in Our Allny They nay It happened the other bedtime over at. an actress' apartment; .She was relating to ; her six-year-old the .story of the Bees .-.and the- Flowei-K ...The tot listened patiently until mother got to the dull punchlinei- and then disdainfully critiqued: "Oh, Mother, the way you tell it— you sure kill all the fun"... At Cafe Madison, a movie actress was complaining about New Yorkers sleeping late..... "In ' Holy.wood," she tucscd, "wc"ali % cii. : i. up"wil.h the sun." .. "and," rocklod a local, 'sneak homo." MODERN ETIQUETTE Q. Should a widow have her 1 .manufacture "Martha" Raye doll- card* engraved with her late hus- l-anks When the mouth opens to (.band's name or her maiden name, receive 'the coin, a squeaky voice A. Her late husband's name, replies' "Thank you very large!".. I Q. Is it-permisslble to ask a per- After 6 months Wm, Schiller son to remove his .or her hat, when (president of the Folka Dot Guild) in a theater or other public path- picked Gink Tcdd (a Cedar Rapids ;.erinfr, _and the hat obstructs ones Girl Friday) to inherit the crown/view? of Chili Williams, hi,* former ( A. Yes, and if the offender docs "trademark " Eyewitnesses say La not comply, quietly call an usher. Tocid does more for polka dots than | «. Is !'. customary to send en- polka dots did for Chili Wms. ' -..—««.. ,~ .h n )„.„!„ Memos of n Mldnlghtcr: Mine, | Madeleine dc Markoff (once lady- gagemont presents to the bride? A. One Is not obligated to do so, Memo* for 11 Columnist (to check'but it is..sometimes done. if they are as good u./. their press agents allege): Patricia Briffht's lampoons at the No. 1 Bar. .Carol Ly'nhe's balletricks at the Iridlum Some months ago we reported a Union City woman had called borough officials regarding a dog biting off the tail of her cow. It wasn't a fictional incident for the woman sent a communication to the beard at its recent meeting requesting action be taken regarding the matter. Dog Warden Hanley investigated the case when first reported, but was unable, to locate Exhibit A, the portion of cow's tail missing. The issue will be referred to the state commissioner, Kudoph Lunncrs «>r' Cherry street was honored Tuesday nijyht hy XaugHtuck Lodge of Elks when members of the lod.n'u visited his homo to^ present him an honorary life membership, . . . Reports are cnn'ont that Jiidg-e Martin I...-Gallic may retain his position on the borough court bench, in spite of full Republican control. . . . Prosecutor Thomas Ncary, who is beinj;' uiged to take the judgeship, is said to prefer retention of his present po*t. The biggest of all birds is the ostrich. •They often stand eight feet high. However, according to the Richards Topical Encylopedia, it was only about four centuries ago that the ostrich had to take second place in size. In those days there were moa birds in New Zealand which stood as much as twelve feet in height. It would be very difficult to catch an ostrich alive because of their great speed were it not for the fact that they never run in a straight line, always in a circle. Thus an expert hunter on a good horse can head the bird off and lasso him. 'K'uss Weaving is another whose sale* talk proved notably effective in moving tickets for the recent March of Dimes basketball benefit. Huss sold tickets to Frank Scluil/.. .Joe Angelillo, Ruth Weaving. Florence Gnniioud, Betty Edmonds", Joseph Finke, Bobby Olson, Joseph Mon- anaii, Mrs. Edward Xolde, Babe Sweeney, and his father, tfnssell A, Weaving. Lois Smith supervisor of publicity, for the Juniorettes, whose favorite hobby is walking, is trying to sell some of the girls in her club the idea that a regular daily hike is one of the more effective aids to health and beauty. She has Myrtle Harding almost convinced. Jeanne Hackett. was observed in earnest discussion with a Waterbury high school teacher immediately after the Leavenworth- Naugatuck game. Xot previously acknowledged were two gifts contributed to the March of Dimes auction just before it opened Tuesday night. . . . fcillie Oldakowski sent in a bottle of sloe gin and J & K Liquors Store contributed a bottle of champagne. . .-. Ken Kapieff did a magnificent job as auctioneer. . . . The News wishes to extend its thanks, publicly, to all who assisted in making the auction a success. Room ..Dinah Snore-i version of A.*,..u*...—* — • - th'e "Anniversary £ong*'... .Aj*tic in-waiting to the Empress Marie" cf i,^ ms ' Apollo recording o£ "Call the Russia) now works for. an ex-six-1 Police". . .Eddy Howard's Majes- dny-bike rider. He is D'Amico of | tic record, "I Want to Thank Your Fifth Ave., hair stylist. . .-Lutf. G'wich Villages Inn...P<ico Reyes' Spanish heel-and-toe magic at Ha vana-Mi-id'rid. . Dorothy CUaire, the new thrush, at the Strand. "The L:it(> Watch: Th« Billboard lists 24 radio programs which cost sponsors a total of 52,500,000 (in free gifts to contestants) in 1946. Only one of the 2-1 shows is in Prof. Hooper's-. Inner Circle ol Fi r.3 t Fifteen'. Arlene Evans (heiress to.glue millions)-!* stuck on. Tom Elwell. whose kid sister just mergod-with Hunt Strombers:. Jr., the producer Shop Fields reopens Glen Island Casino on May 15. .. Cugat's next role (without his orchestra) will be in "Main Voy- SSong" (a B'way casualty) is making coin in Chi. . .x .Dorothy Mc- Guirc cancelled her planned I'ecep- tion (for the long-leggod Bird) and ioon resumes in Movietown... .National Heart Week surts on the Oth. It will be dedicated to reminding Americans "If You Don't Worry About Your Heart, Your Heart Won't Worry About You". ... Wm. Powell, Jr. (son of the actor), will 'many radio •" actress Ircno Booth ...St. Valentine's Day Is when the 'Dr. Frank Nolans expect to .bo .three. He once was wed to •.Mary Astor... . Paul Small. ex- groom of ex-champ' Jack Demr- ,<ey's ex-wife, Estellc Taylor, will he married (this Sabbath) co Lillian Senary. They met when she swanky midtown ,._ „ . .The editors of This Wetk, learning that an author s=ld them a theme used by D. .unyon, are sending the Runyon ciecorjted his Booking -oflloes Fund a check paid the-lifter.' in the sami: sum HOUSEHOLD SCRAPBOOK Buttle Clcanlnu .._ _ .. Mix some soapy ,w-3tcr and. coffee roiks". .. .The new aim, "Smash unds loeet her and-pour into the .Up": .HHarrington and Kyers at _, oi , cd „,. d i sco iorcd glass water t bottle. Allow to stand for an hour or so, and then shake vigorously 'at intervals. Finally , w.ish. and rinse with clear hot water. The results are very satisfactory. The Food Chopper When using the food chopper spread a newspaper under the table whore the chopper is screwed, Jf this, is done all-the spilled pieces can be picked up at onco. The Carput Sweeper • Try using' a wire hair-brush tor taking out bhc hairr, and threads from the brash of a carpet sweeper. Ho mu.'it usually .sit u|> because ho Islinable to breathe lying down. Me iJ.antK us if lie had Jiint 1'lninhoil ,-i stiff run: the veins In his m.-cli nre Olsiendoil: hl.i heart beat* with a ritclng" but Irregular rhythm. Other H.vmptoms arc .swelllnK ol Ihe I'oct and less, whcexinK : sometlmfs. a noisy sort of breath- Ing dun to rales (hurls), which occur because of a. collection of fluid In the air passages In Hie lu This Is Ihe condition which result: when the heart becomes no iiReO or overworked that it canno licup U P '"' 1C circulation of th' blood. May Clinic Siidilonly It !H known as cardiac deconi ,011 sail on jlnd M may come on sud Jonly. If It docs, tho situation i ,,.lons, but there in much that th experienced doctor can do 10 hoi lie patient. 10 renuw his confi lonco anO to allay ihu fears of hi family. According to T5r. Arnold S. An ;orson or Flprida .siifh a paticn shoiilrl bo sent imm'-diaU'ly to lO.spltal. If possible. It Is also wel ,o slvn an iiijection of morphine which will rest the heart unO pro dnco sleep. In most u:ises. the Ki v ' K of oxyKOH is also helpful. Th u^ which has lioow found mos ;C'ful in thc.'ic ca.s<»s of heart fail n i :j rlitritali.--. This projiaratio ilow.s and slrciixthons Ihe heart Ti-pntinent I>c|>cii<ls fir Bourse, the nxstot treatment •II] i!op"ml upon the exact comJi- Li.m iiresent. H' there is a sroa.1 leal of fluid in I ho |UII«M. If ^hc ^odd pressure is excessivjly high, I ihn liver Is swollen and there JK ^jcno'ss of iho Nkin. called cya- losi.s, dui: to a laclt of oxysen fiiiirln. 10 lho tisMios, sOrnetim"s riyval nf V,luod from a , vein i^li 1 . be helpful. ..\,"i"r th<^ patient, has had a Koo.'l ^lu's sliwp. Momctime^ p<:rlain u^:-- containing mercury are ,v<-n. lo^ethor with ammonium r"hl<.iridf '.o stimulate tho action >jf ilic' liidiK-ys and to eliminate excess fluid from the tissiH'S. Of ."im-sc. the digitalis must In; carefully ^ivon under the doctor's ilin-f.lioii sn Ihat Uic il-w can h<: age." ser. He will play the ship's pur- All tnc moom-pitcher crit- ,'cs( except one) -were dopes. They 1. W'hat ,is all praised or criticized the "singing name for the Look And Learn Slate APPOINTED Senator Alfred F. Weclislcr of Hartford has been appointed Mldtown Vignette:-The scene In Hanson's drug store atSTtlV and 51st . :T-he time: Premiere '.'night at the new Vanity Fair ...The group in Hanson's wore discussing it. ... . "I hear," .said one, "that Gertie Niesen. the star there, is getting $7,000 per week"....A man sipping his hot Java at the counter inquired: "When does the show start?". .. "In about 20 minutes," ho was told ."I think I'll catch U," .;jid the fellow, as he. departed. Later, ho .returned to Hanson's... ."How was it?" someone inquired "That Nieaen girl is' swell. Just as good as when I paid her $75 a week at the original Vanity Fair on 51st Street between 6th and 7th," said Bcji Clinton, who i once owned night clubs and is now i driving a-newspaper truck. , .The Small-Time:: Graclo FlcldV , alleged gag about the Jew who meets a Mother Superior and later tells friends: "1 met the Mother Shapiro!" .. Now, that's what this -•" •*•- .lol'm means—no matter how 58 the farthest north the plant editorialists distort the' i.isuc. That | f ° un °vulgar dialect joke -holds up tho | ~ Jfiw a,s an ignoramus and gets a cheap tough by ridiculing Citholic nuns. . .Maury Amsterdam (after lour weeks)-not treing renewed by ABC-..The shrieking imic (fcmmc) n'n the Vaughn Monroe program last Saturday We didn't get her name—which is her good break. Awful, simply fiAvful, the more popular respirator invented of idu Lupino" In "The Man I by Professor Philip Drinker of Love" flicker,- but- only A. Cook j Harvard University? knew it wasn't Ida's voice, but Peg | 2. By what more popular iv.ime La Centra's, which was dubbed in.'is the famed picture entitled "Ar- This picture, by the way, present^ rangcmeiU.. in Gray and jBlack" most of. the songs Helen .Morgan ' ' ma'de popular but isn't her life saga. No celluloid could handle it . Faith Baldwin, top escalation pul- ier for Hearst mags, greeted Geo. 3. Kaufman last nigOU-in the Cub. "Now wh'at are you doing up this late," he asked, "when you-must OH at your typewriter In the morning?".-. ': :"This' is my first time in a night club," she reported, "since it is legal"! .. .It's'a. boy for Clifford Odets on t::cj coast. known? •3. Who succeuded Mtees as leader of the children of Israel? •I. What is meant by books 01 other works being "in public do- Snmul.s in the Night: At the Stork: "Now that we've seen your sablc.s and jewels, may we sec your manners?". .. .At Lindy's: "Be it over so humdrum, there's no rut like your own" .At Kuoy's: "It's so noisy in here you can't hear ".S\voet aro tlic uses of adversity" for people, who have the'good sense to use them. the 01 jnarttora nas oeen appointed i"« »»j-uin4n uumut, >.u.^w* national deputy judge advocate of, of the U. S. Postofficc Departmc the Jewish War Veterans of th' lii;ts IS Wyoming post offices win United Stains. The aaDointrrmnt took native wild .inimals for tin United States, The appointment was made by National Comjivandcr Milton H. Hichman. Richman was defeated by Wcchslcr in the senatorial race last fall. Palmetto trees in Jefferson county, Alabama, are believed to be is FOX CLEANERS H CHURCH ST. T12I-. 5471 Work Called For and Delhi-red FRED'S HI-WAY GRILLE 001 South Main St. Regular Dully Dinner SOe up A La Carte : Menu Spaghetti To Take Out Banquet Room, Cocktail Lounge Full Liquor License Ollies Radiator Shop 18 PROSPECT ST. TKL. 5041 Union City • Auto Radiators .Repaired, Cleaned and Re-Cored Work Called For and Delivered ALt WOBK GUARANTEED Ollta Le Due, Prop. OHAPEL ELECTRIC COMPANY IN NEW QUARTERS AT 28 CHURCH STREET Tel. 2210 — RADIOS — — PHONOGRAPHS — Radio • Phono*Combinations RADIO REPAIR SERVICE VERPLEX SHADES COc to $!).!>5 STMSIK'S / (0 (Tenter St. Watarftury, Cona i Shop Here And Save! • CRIBS •CARRIAGES • HIGH CHAIRS i ROCKERS _ PLAY YARDS •TAYLOR TOTS MoKt Complete l.lnc of Juvenile Furniture In tlin City BENSON'S KIDDIE SHOP ISO SOUTH MAIN ST. Waterbury THE EYEGLASS SHOP C.H.Tomlinson the meaning; "Manana main"? What is Spanish word ANSSWKBSS 1. Iron lung. 2. "Whistler's Mother." 3. Joshua. 4. They nre not protected copyright. Tomorrow. of the by The Wyomin Zoning' catalogue ve wild .inimals official names. rtmont ich for their Venetian Blinds In HUM*. B I>a^ M(rvlf» LEBON'S t7« No. M»ln gt. Trl. S-7221 Watrrbuir Bill's Danbury Hatter BT SOUTH MAIN ST. Win. Mariano, Prop. Men's Hats Cleaned, Blocked Factory Methods NEW HATS FOR SALE Huts Made to Order .lust Received A Shipment Of Modern Radiators Enough for 10 Seven Room Houses Firse Come - First Served The Waterbury Heating Co. Leaders In Home HeatliiR 34-30 Spring St.. Phono 4-6478 Waterbury furnaces Cleaned and Repaired . .' . Chimneys Cleaned FOR RENT Our New CLARK FLOOR WAXING MACHINE NAUGATUCK HARDWARE NEABY BCOJJINO TEL. 5218 Aak Your Red Croft Qucfttlon* and Aniwen Q. In there any charge for the course of Instruction* In the llo*w Nuntltift- cour»e? A. There is no charge for In- airuction in any of the courses offered by the American Red Cro«». dapondlnK on HIP ))a . lient'M condition. Obviously, the patient must be !<C]>t at rexi | n bed until the condition of ihi; hcurl lni|»roves and is attain :il,io to support the circulation. Remember, heart f.-illurc is a! , cmcTKency which call* for prompt trcaf.n'ent by thn ductor. Uut n. - K u.n emergency v.'hlch can often be avoided altogether by o<>n«ulUru: Die doctor before things reach .sue!) an aeut«: .slane. li tlx.-w.- cniicw tile doctor .tc-lln thy patient how to live without l>ullln» undue Nira.l.n on Ills dam- ;IKOO hc'.'iri, :m<l Lhu.s prevent a breakdown. Stainless Steel KNIFE & FORK SET 0 Knives — G Forks with Ivory Mastic Handles — In Gift Box $395 S CHNEERC CRIDIT JEvmtRt^ IA2 South Molr CLOSING OUT! Children's ROCKING CHAIRS 3>1.«7O UP JUVENILE FURNITURE BEACON KIDDIE CENTER 73 CRANI> STREET i Waicrlii'ty LEARN PHOTOGRAPHY Sixteen Week Course In Modern Photography CLASSES NOW FORMING WRITE TODAY for INFORMATION CONCERNING CI-ASSES Certified By Connecticut Stal* Bo;ird of Education THE COLONIAL ACADEMY OF PHOTOGRAPHY Box 327 — LITCHFIEIJJ. CONN. — Tel. 1947 Marks Our 104th Year of Successful Rubber Footwear Manufacturing With This Record of Achievement Behind Us . We Look Forward to Future Security and Prosperity For Our Company, Our Employees and the Community . UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. "Serving Through Science" Naugatuck Footwear Plant Naugatuck C° nn You Always Save at The J-KI! RYE OR BOURBON WHISKEY 100 Proof, Bottled in Bond x §A Oft 5 Years Old ......... .............. ,««————•—— ^— ———— MOUNT VERNON WHISKEY ........... 53.50 PAUL JONES WHISKEY ................ $ 3 - 39 CARSTAIRS WHITE SEAL WHISKEY .$3.45 ^— — — — — — ^— — """^ I CANADIAN WHISKEY, ' $K 17 SEAGRAM'S V. 0. ' CALIFORNIA WINES, .qt IMPORTED GIN, fifth ROCK 'N RYE, 70' Proof, pint VERMOUTH, Sweet or Dry, Regular 51.35 LIQUORS - WINES CUT RATE |396 North Main St. Union City, Conn. FREE DELIVERY ANYWHERE IN NAUGATCC* Telephone 4970

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