Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 17, 1963 · Page 24
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 24

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 17, 1963
Page 24
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24 Galesburg Register-Moil, Golesbura, III, Thursdoy, Oct. 17, 1963 Market Reports Today New York Stocks NEW YORK (UPI) - Stock market midday prices: Admiral 25% Iowa P&L Aldens 22% Johns-Man 48% Allegh Lud 41%Kcnnccott 78 'A Al!d Chem 52 7 /aKresgc 27% Alld Strs 53% Kroger 20% Lib McN 1514 Lockhd 34% Mar Oil 55 V4 Mayfag 30% Min Hnywl 120 Minn Min fi3% Monsanto 56% Mont Ward 38M Morrcll 24 V* Allis Chal 17'A Alum Ltd 27% Alcoa 7C /4 Am Air 20% ABC Pmt 32 Am Can 45 l £ Am Cyan 50 Am M&F 18% Am Mtrs 22 Am T&T 130% Nat Bis 55% Am Tob 28V8 Nat Can 15% Anaconda SOVfe Armour 30% Atchison 20V4 Avco 22MJ Bendix 51% Beth Stl 33% Boeing 33% Borden 65% Borg War 40 Case lOVi Catplr 44 Celanese 54% Celotex 27% Nat Dairy 65V4 Nat Gyps 47% Nat Ld 74% NYC 21% No Amn 48% Nor Pac 46% Nor St Pwr 34 n /. Olin Math 42% Outbd M 14% Pac Tel 32% Penney 44% Penn RR 19% Pepsi Cola 54 7 /s Cent Soya 27% Phil Pet 52% C&NW 20% Piper Air 34% Pure Oil 42V* Qua Oats 66% Chi RI 26% Chrysler 96% Cities Svc 65% RCA 83% Coca Cola 104 Rep Stl 43% Colum Gas 29%Revlon 44% Comm Ed 50V4 Rexall 37 7 / 8 Cons Ed 86% Reyn Tob 40 7 /s Cont Can 45% Safeway 61% Cont Oil 61% Schenley 22 7 /s Deere 65% Sears 99% Douglas 22% Shell Oil 44% Dow Chem 59%Simmons 45% Du Pont 245V4 SHL 23% Eastman 112% Sinclair 45% El Auto Li 25%So Pac 34% Erie 3% Sperry 18 Firestone 38% Sq D 45% Flintkt 20% Std Bds 74% Ford Mtrs 53% SO Cal 64% Fruehauf 28% SO Ind 63% Gen Dyna 24% SO NJ 70% Gen El 80% STH 5 Gen Fds 86% SO Ohio 68 Gen Mtrs 80 Gen Tel 27% Goodrich 54% Stude 7% Swift 38% Texaco 68% Goodyear 41% Texas Inst 88% Grant WT 25% Un Carb 108% Gt Nor 53% Un El 27% Greyhound 47% Un Pac 39% Gulf Oil 49% Unt Air L 37% Homestake 47%Utd Corp 8% Hupp 8 Utd Fruit 22 HI Cent 52% Utd Gas 37% III Pwr 38% US Gyps 86% Inland Stl 43% US Rub 48% IBM 493 US Stl 57% Int Harv 60 West Un 33% Int Nick 61% Wstghs El 40% Int Paper 35% Woolworth 74% Int T&T 49% Yng S&T 127% Gsletburg Hog Market Galesburg Order Buyers C. B. & Q. Stockyards Market steady. Bulk of eastern shipping hogs, $15.25-$15.50. Top, $15.75. Quotations: 200-230 $15.00-$15.75 230-260 .$14.65-$15.65 260-300 $14.25-$15.15 Sows: 300-500 $12.50-$14.25 Bushnell Livestock Market is steady. Top, $15.75; mixed 100-240 pounds, $15.25$15.50; 240-300, $14.50-$15.25; sows steady, bulking at $12.75$14.50; cattle steady to weak; lambs, steady. Tomorrow'? Estimates CHICAGO (AP) - (USDA) Official estimated livestock receipts for Friday are 6,000 cattle, 6,000 hogs and 300 sheep. Interior Hog Prices SPRINGFIELD, 111. (AP) (USDA) — Interior Illinois hog prices (State-Federal); Receipts 28,000; butchers mostly steady; 1-3 190-240 lb butchers 15.00-15.50; 1-2 200-230 lbs 15.5015.75; 1-3 240-270 lbs 14.50-15.00; 1-3 280-350 sows 13.75-14.50; 1-3 350-400 lbs 12.75-13.75 ; 2-3 400500 lbs 12.00-12.75; 2-3 500-600 lbs 11.00-12.00. Chicago Livestock CHICAGO (AP)-(USDA) Hogs 5,500; butchers steady to 25 higher; mostly 1-2 200-225 lb butchers 16.25-16.50; mixed 1-3 180-230 lbs 15.75-16.25; 230-260 lbs 15.50-15.75; a load 2-3 around 270 lbs 15.40; mixed 1-3 350-400 lb sows 14.00-14.50; 400-500 lbs 13.50-14.00; 2-3 500-650 lbs 13.0013.75. Cattle 500; calves none; not enough steers or heifers for trend; load low choice around 1,050 lb slaughter steers 23.50; utility and commercial cows 14.00-15.50. Sheep 400; lambs and ewes steady; few lots choice and prime 90-105 lb wooled slaughter lambs 19.50; good and choice 80-100 lbs 18.00-19.00; cull to good wooled slaughter ewes 4.00-6.00. Alphans Discuss Proposed Sewer District Plan ALPHA — A special meeting was held Monday night at the fire station to discuss the possibility of a sanitary sewer district. Committees from the Lions Club, Chamber of Commerce and the American Legion were present for the discussion of trying to bring up the question of this sewer system for the village. The White Philips Bonding Co. of Davenport was represented at the meeting. In August 1962, the proposal was voted on and rejected by a vote of 148 to 99. Another meeting is scheduled for next Monday night for further discussion pertaining to the project. Mayor Gene Collingwood was in charge of the meeting. Peoria Livestock PEORIA, 111. (AP)-(USDA) —Hogs 3,300; Weak to 25 lower, closed steady; 1-2 195-235 lb butchers 15.75-16.00; 75 head 1-2 200-215 lbs 16.25; mixed 1-3 190260 lbs 15.25-15.75; few 2-3 260290 lbs 15.00-15.25; 1-3 300-370 lb sows 14.00-14.75; 1-3 370-475 lbs 13.50-14.00;. 2-3 475-650 lbs 12.7513.50. Cattle 100; no price trend; choice 900-1,200 lb steers 23.5024.00; high choice 1,050 lbs 24.50; mixed good and choice 850-950 lb slaughter heifers 22.50-23.00; good 20.75-21.75; calves 10; no price trend; good and choice 16.00-17.00; good and choice 275-300 lb calves 22.0026.00. Sheep 20; no price trend; good and choice 85-100 lb lambs 16.00-16.75; choice and prime 105 lbs at 18.00. Galesburg Grain Market Consumers Grain & Supply Co. 1 P. M. Corn $1.07 Oats 62c Soybeans -$2.48 Grain Futures CHICAGO (AP)-Losses were broad and general in the grain futures market today on the Board of Trade. Setbacks ran to a cent a bushel or more on nearly all commodities with soybeans down more than 3 cents in spots. New crop wheat slipped almost 2 cents during the first several minutes. Brokers said the market generally appeared to have lost a good deal of the bullish support which had characterized much of the trading earlier this week. Liquidation was apparent in all pits with commercial buying rather slow. Wheat was unchanged to 1% cents a bushel lower, December $2.13%; corn % to 1 cent lower, December $1.17%; oats % to % cents lower, December 70 cents; rye % to 1% lower, December $1.49%; soybeans 2% to 3 cents lower, November $2.70 %. Chicaqo Cash Grains CHICAGO (AP) - No wheat or oats sales. Corn No 2 yellow 1.22; No 3 yellow 1.17-18; No 4 yellow 1.13-15; No 5 yellow 1.0714%; sample grade yellow 1.03%. Soybeans No 1 yellow 2.70%; No 2 yellow 2.70%-71%. Soybean oil 9b. Final Grain Review CHICAGO (AP) — Old crop wheat futures rallied again today after midsession and posted small gains in the early afternoon on the Board of Trade, but all other contracts continued weak. Soybeans had recovered some of their losses but still were more than three cents below previous closes in mixed transactions. Pressure there was ascribed to reports that Communist China had shipped some supplies to Europe. Exporters were fairly good buyers of wheat. Carlot receipts were estimated at: wheat 2 cars, corn 130, oats none, rye none, barley 7, soybeans 115. Wheat finished %-2% cents a bushel lower, December $2.13%%; corn l%-2 cents lower, December $1.16%-%; oats %-% lower, December 69% cents; rye %-l% lower, December $1.49%; soybeans 3-4 cents lower, November $2.70%-%. Emanuel Lasker of Germany held the world's chess championship for 27 years between 1894 and 1921. Chicago Grain Range NOW OPEN — THE EVERGREENS 1188 W. Main St., Galesburg, 111. A State Licensed (heller care home tor ambulatory men and women. Reasonable rates, good care, well balanced meals. For appointment phone 342-3241. Mrs. Grace E. Zugg, operator. FOR SALE Heater, roal. Good laundry .slove 2 rolls low while fence, NEW Good tricycle, TV table, lawn rhairs, garden tools, water neater. Other odds and ends. 1278 S. Chambers Courtyard Sale KnoxvlUe Square SAT., OCT. 19 Misc. Bake Goods — Coifee KNOXVILLE SH. WOMAN'S CLUB Rain Date — October 26 Violet Chapter No. 235, O.E.S. Sponsoring Rummage Sale SATURDAY, OCTOBER 19 74 South Seminary Open 8 a.m. FRESH FISH FRIDAY 131 SO. ACADEMY FOR SALE 15 Open Hampshire GUIs. Priced According to the Market. EUGENE CARLSON Gilson, III. 289.7424 MIXED HAY WANTED Call or see—BUI Bowen. care CBtcO STOCKYARDS Galesburg, (U.—Tel. 343-S813 Wertheimer Cattle Co.. Inc.— BOOKKEEPER - ACCOU NTANT UNUSUAL OPPORTUNITY AMBITIOUS MAN WHO WANTS HIS OWN BOOKKEEPING & TAX SERVICE BUSINESS AND EARN UP TO $10,000.00 A YEAR. We have developed and perfected a NEW modern HI-SPEED system for BOOKKEEPING & TAX SERVICE work ... By using this NU-METHOD system Ihe work can be done 50% faster and with greater accuracy. VOU CAN START ON A PART-TIME BASIS FROM YOUR HOME (If you quality). WRITE BOX m. c-o REGISTER-MAIL Farm For Sale 250 ACRES (More or Less) One of those good farms, with Muscatine Soil. Well located on blacktop road in Knox County. All crop land. 2 sets of buildings including 2—<1 bedroom modern homes. Well limed and nhosphat- ed. Hog tight fence. For Appointment to See Call or Write RUSSELL GRIFFITH REALTOR R.R. No. 3—Galesburg, 111. Phone 342-91S2 or 343-5725 CHICAGO (API- High Low Wheat Dec Prev. Close close Mar May Jul Sep Corn Dec Mar May Jul Sep Oats Dec Mar May Jul Rye Dec Mar May Jul 2.13% 2.12V4 2.13'/ 8 2.13V4 2.14% 2.12% 2.13% 2.14 2.09% 2.10^ 1.72% 1.75 2.10V2 2.09 1.741 /4 1.72% 1.75% 1.74 1.74% 1.76% 1.17% l.W /4 1.16% 1.18 1.21% 1.20 1.20 1.22 1.23% 1.21% 1.22% 1.23 7 /s 1.24% 1.23% 1.23% 1.25% 1.22 1.21 1.21 1.22% .70% .72% .72% .66% .69% .71% .71% .66% .69% .72% .71% .66% .70% .72% .72% .66% 1.50% 1.48% 1.49% 1.51 1.53% 1.51% 1.53 1.54 1.53% 1.50% 1.52% 1.53% 1.45 1.44 1.45 1.45% Soybeans Nov 2.73 2.67% 2.70% 2.73% Jan 2.76% 2.71% 2.74% 2.77% Mar 2.78% 2.74% 2.77V4 2.81 May 2.83% 2.77% 2.81 2.83% Jul 2.83% 2.78Vz 2.82% 2.85% Aug 2.80% 2.75 2.77% 2.81% Chicago Produce CHICAGO (UPI)-Produce: Live poultry: Too few receipts to report prices. Cheese: Processed loaf 39%44; brick 40-45; Muenster 40-45; Swiss Grade A 52-55; B 50-54. Butter: Steady. 93 score 57%; 92 score 57%; 90 score 56%; 89 score 55%. Eggs: Easy. White large extras 37; mixed large extras 36%; mediums 29%; standards 33%. Dow Jones Averages NEW YORK (UPI) - Dow Jones 1 p.m. CDT averages: 30 indus 752.27 up 3.82 20 rails 172.07 up 1.66 15 utils 138.87 off 0.12 65 stocks 263.70 up 1.32 Eggs and Poultry Knoxville Road, Galesburg Red Rowe, Hatchery Large clean Eggs _ 22c Under grade Eggs 16c Leghorn Hens 3c Heavy Hens 7c Ad Correction Frigidaire Washer & Dryer. Prices good for the Next 4 Days JOHNSON'S APPLIANCE Main & Cherry PHONE 343-9317 Consignment SALE SATURDAY, OCT. 19, 1963 STARTING at 10:30 A.M. Located at farm S miles west of Alexis, 2 miles north. This will be a large sale including Antiques, furniture, automobile, 2 wheel trailers, tools, dishes and hundreds of miscellaneous articles. Lunch — Norwood U.P.W. LOUIS SIMPSON, Auctioneer Alexis. Illinois Ph. 482-3266 TERMITES I FHA Time Payment ) Free Inspection HANSEN LUMBER CO. 342-5185 PUBLIC AUCTION of Shop Tools and Antiques 686 WEST BERRIEN ST., GALESBURG SATURDAY, OCTOBER 19th 1:30 P.M. SHARP Due to the death of my husband I will sell tools and antiques as follows: Big drill press on stand complete with motor; big air compressor; S inch bench saw; "Craftsman," plainer; pipe vise; pipe cutter: 2 pipe threaders and dies; paint gun; "Eclipse" bench grinder, like new with double grinding disk; wood plaines; hammers; wood and .steel bits; pipe wrenches; tool chest; garage creeper; hand and elect, reel type mowers; can hook; well auger; hack saw; hand saws; levels; bars; chisels; punches; lathe; axe; 9x12 rug; misc. tools. ANTIQUES — Butter tester; "coats." spool chest; mahogany love .seat and rocker; pie cupboard; picture frames; tea leaf china consisting of covered bulier dish, big platter and 5 plates; covered tureen; kcro. lanterns; kero. lamp; vasoline glass server; copper boilers; round oak table; sad iron and holder; youth chair; fruit spoon; rose pattern china commode; books; umbrella lamp; eight, bell shaped Sweedish sleigh bells on strap; 30 small round sleigh bells on strap; small, gum glass showcase; walnut dry sink; walnut center table; clock; double barrel muzzel loading shotgun in excellent condition; big powder horn hand carved by "Joanna Hewitt" dated 1880; 1 pr. of copper powder & shot horns; horn full of shot; big varnished gun rack tor six guns with cabins at top and storage space at base; old wooden plaines; Articles too numerous to mention. CONSIGNED — A good 14 ft. Run-a-bout Boat and Trailer. MRS. J. D. INNESS, Owner Cecil R. Moore, Auctioneer. Ph. 343-3973. George Bealer, Clerk. TERMS: CASH. Not Responsible for Accidents. Always call "Moores" for a well planned auction. Remember, the more I can get for you ihe more I get for myself. Transportation Departures effective April tft ALL SCHEDULE* DAYLIGHT SAVINO TIME Burling fori, Easthound 8 Fast Mail -„ 305 a. m. 30 AkSarBen .-.5:55 a. m. 10 Denver Zephyr -..—7:52 a m. 2 Local 8:50 a. m. 18 California Zephyr ...12:31 p. m. 12 Nebraska Zephyr .„..7«5 p. m. . Burlington, Westbound 3 to Omaha, Lincoln ...1:48 a. m. 55 to Kansas City 1:55 a. m. 7 to Denver .... ...3:55 a. m. 35 to Kansas City 3 •00 p. m. 11 to Omaha, Lincoln ...3:10 p. m. 17 to California .— 6:32 p. m. 1 to Denver 8:22 p. m. Santa P«, tirstbound 20 Chief 4:40 a. m. 16 Texas Chief ±6:40 a. m. 18 Super Chief- El Capitan* ! 11.10 a. m. 2 S.F. Chief „ 11:45 a. m. 124 Grand Canyon 2:20 p. m. 12 Chicagoan 5:50 p. m. Santa re. Westbound 9 K. C. Chief 2:35 a. m. 19 Chief ..12:55 p. m. 123 Grand Canyon 3:20 p. m. 1 S. F. Chief* 7:05 p. m. 15 Texas Chief 9:55 p. m. 17 Super Chief- El Capitan* 10:25 p. m. *—Flagstop Ozark, Northbound Flight 140 to Chicago* 9:06 a. m. 906 to Chicago** . 4:45 p. m. 690 to Chicago*** 6:39 p. m. Ozark, Southbound 141 to St. Louis** 8:59 a. m. 691 to St. Louis*** 8:44 p. m. *—Except Sunday **—Except Saturday ***—Saturday only BUS SCHEDULES Westbound To West Coast .. 6:30 a. m. To West Coast 1:20 p. m. To West Coast 9:45 p. m. Eaiibound To East Coast 11:55 p. m. To East Coast . . 8:00 p. m. To Peoria 1:20 p. m. To Peoria 8:25 p. m. Southbound To St. Louis 10 00 a. m. Northbound To Davenport 9:20 p m, The American Bowling Congress has recorded some 8,000 perfect 300-games in sanctioned competition. READ THE CLASSIFIEDS! 60c FRESH EACH FRIDAY SWEET CIDER a gal. in your jug APPLES $1.00 and up SWANSON'S ORCHARD 4 miles North of Yates City CLOSED ON SUNDAYS Wall Street NEW YORK (AP)-The stock market charged into new high* er ground late this afternoon as trading soared. Volume for the day was estimated at 6 .8 million shares compared with 5.6 million Wednesday. In the first hour, 1.88 million shares were traded, highest since 2.12 million changed hands Oct. 19, 1937. Gains of key issues ranged from a fraction to a point or two. Some specialty stocks made wide moves. The momentum, generated Wednesday when the Dow Jones average of 30 industrials reached a new peak, carried through. Enthusiasm of investors was kindled by a spate of higher third-quarter earnings and the seventh consecutive monthly increase in personal incomes. Chrysler, General Motors, RCA and Xerox attained 1963 highs. The market quited down about midday and then picked up speed. Minneapolis-Honeywell, which reported higher earnings, spurted 8 points. Youngstown Sheet advanced more than 2 points and Chrysler was ahead, by 1. IBM was up 5 and Xerox about 3. RCA added 2 points and gains of a point or so were made by Goodyear, General Dynamics, Raytheon, American Smelting and Du Pont. Prices on the American Stock Exchange were irregularly higher In active trading. Government bonds were slightly higher and corporates were mostly unchanged. COMPLETE TREE REMOVAL Fully Insured — Fm Estimates POWER STUMP REMOVAL OLSON'S TREE SERVICE Call Collect — Trojan 1-2103 Gilson, 111. Galssburg, 111. — 342-8234 Backyard & Rummcge Sales, etc. Must to (n our office 12 neon day before ad runs. Call 342-5161 Display Advertising Dept. Galesburg Register-Mail DISPERSION SALE REGISTERED ANGUS CATTLE We will hold a complete dispersion sale of our purebred cattle and hogs, at the farm, located on good gravel road 3 miles north of Ipava to top of Bernadotte hill, then 3 miles east, or 8 miles south of Smithfield and 3 miles east, on— SATURDAY, OCTOBER 19 STARTING AT 1:00 P.M. 70 HEAD OF CATTLE 31 head cows, all registered, ranging in age from 2 to 13 years; 18 head heifer calves, all eligible to register; 20 steer calves, many of which are suitable for club work. BULL: Pride of Prairie Hope 9-18-58. Sire. Homeplace Eileen- mere. Dam. Prairie Hope Barbara Elsa. This is an outstanding herd of cattle. Families include, Bradolier, Erica, Elba Elsie, Burgess, Burgess Blackcap, and Maid of Bummer. Cattle selling in pasture flesh, health and condition will be the best. 100 HEAD OF HOGS 90 head Hampshire and Poland cross feeder shoals, weigh 70-125 pounds; 10 Hampshire and Poland sows, bred; purebred Poland China boar. All hogs double vaccinated for Cholera and Erysipelas. EQUIPMENT Two double hog houses; two creep feeders; one self feeder; two water tanks; two fence chargers. TERMS: CASH. Not Responsible For Accidents. ORAL RENEAU and HOWARD WHITEHEAD—Owners LOWELL BUCK, Auctioneer. SAM EDWARDS, Clerk. EXECUTOR'S PUBLIC SALE 5 miles north of Willlamsfleld, 111., on Route 180 to the Center Prairie Church, then U mile west, or 6 miles southeast of Victoria on Rt. 1(0, and Vi mile west, on SATURDAY, OCT. 19, 1963 AT 11:30 O'CLOCK SHARP. CAR — 19S1 FORD (Starllner) 2-door with straight stick, 6-cylinder, white-walls, radio, spotlight, clear plastic seat covers, 15,000 actual miles; also one old Plymouth, junk. MACHINERY, ETC. Massey Harris 101 Jr. tractor; Massey Harris 44 tractor, wide front, extra good rubbe r andhydraulic loader for same; 4-sec. 24 harrow, good; John Deere 11-ft. wheel disk; endgate seeder; Massey Harris 3-14 plow on rubber; Oliver 2-14 plow; Dunham 10-ft. cultimulch- er; New Idea 1-row picker; 2 rubber tire gears with straight boxes; 4-wheel manure spreader on steel; John Deere 200 planter on rubber; New Idea side rake on steel; Massey Harris 2-row cultivator; Ward's Grain Buster hammermill; Massey Harris 7-ft. mower; New Idea 40- ft. corn elevator and overhead hoist; speed jack; 3 h.p. electric motor; good hay rack; hand corn sheller; weed mower without motor; 300-gal. gas tank and stand; 30-gals. new motor oil; 2 feed bunks; gas tank heater, like new; pump jack with electric motor; 50-ft. plastic pipe; 100-ft. iron pipe; air compressor; 3 ,\ h.p. electric motor; 2 good electric fence chargers; 2 good Heathousers for Massey tractors; good vise; 2 good window fans; good 14x16 building; 3 3-stall hog sheds; 100 electric fence posts; stock tank with hog waterer; 70-gallon hog waterer; a good dog house; several pieces 2x4, 12-ft. long and some 1x12 12-ft. long; 36 sheets corrugated roofing; several gates; old iron. IHC No. 3-S electric cream separator, like new; good power lawn mower, 20-inch cut; new storm door, 36x80 inches; 2 sheets 'A-in. plywood; Dunlap lathe with electric motor; bench grinder and motor; set socket wrenches; Craftsman table saw, good, good Power King jig saw; small tap and die set; Great Lake Imperial rod and reel. HOGS — 37 HAMPSHIRE FEEDER SHOATS—Vaccinated Both Ways. POULTRY — 22 GEESE AND A FEW CHICKENS Frigidaire electric range; Frigidaire electric refrigerator; good kitchen cabinet; kitchen table and 4 chairs: Speed Queen washer, wringer type; 2-burner gas plate; copper boiler; battery set radio; good dining room suite; Motorola Stereo Hi-Fi, nearly new: 9x12 rug and pad; 2-piece overstuffed suite; 1959 Motorola 21-inch TV on swivel stand, extra good; guitar; wardrobe; 2 stands; Eureka electric sweeper, good; 2 good bedroom suites; extra good incubator, 600 size; car radio; good telephone bench; lots of good quart fruit jars; Singer treadle-type sewing machine; dishes, cooking utensils, and other items too 'numerous to mention. Also hanging kerosene lamp, electrified, with shade and in perfect condition; 2 kerosene lamps, electrified. TERMS: CASH. Not Responsible lot Accidents. Lunch by Prairie Center WSCS. HENRY THCESFELD EXECUTOR OF THE WILL OF GEORGE H. THEESFELD. DECEASED Auctioneers: LEWIS G. MARKS and MICHAEL E. MARKS. Clerk*: WALT LINDAHL and CARROLL MARKS. Afloxneys: Stuart, Neagle tc West. John Stout of Anchorage, Alaska, bowled in 14 leagues during the 1959-60 bowling season. READ THE CLASSIFIEDS! Dial 343-1771 — 343-M23 Before Neon, After 7:30 p.m. WINDOWS WASHED EAVES (LEANED BOOK ABINGDON FEEDS NOW FARMERS (his Is money In your pocket. NO GIMMICKS or PRIZES, JUST DISCOUNTS FOR TOP QUALITY FEED at REAL SAVINGS ABINGDON MILLING CO. Phone 89 Abingdon, III. Markets «t i Ofanee By United Press International Stocks higher in Active trad* ing. Bonds irregular. U.S. government bonds easier in quiet trading. American stocks irregular. Midwest stocks higher, Cotton futures firm, Grains in Chicago: Wheat, corn, oats, rye and soybeans lower. Hogs steady to 25 higher, top 16.50; cattle too few to test trend, top 23.00; sheep steady, top 19.50; dressed beef 50 low* er, top 42.00; dressed pork loins steady, top 48.50. READ THE CLASSIFIEDS!" APPLIANCE SPECIALS New EASY If QAM SPIN WASHERS I tJT op NEW MAYTAG Model llJLAM A -200 I Q7Exch, One -12 ft. Upright FREEZER Slightly damaged in shipping $l49»s 10—Used (working) $ TV SETS 10 up New Refrigerators GENE'S TV & APPLIANCES 18 Public Sq. AUCTION TOOLS AND FURNITURE 1393 GRAND AVENUE Saturday, October 19 - 1:30 P.M. As we have sold our home and moving out of the state we will sell our five rooms of furniture as follows: Rose frieze hide-a-bed, mahogany secretary, club chair, swivel platform rocker. Early American chair with maple trim, reclining chair with vibrator attachment, platform rocker, walnut kneehole desk, magazine rack, mantle chime clock, copper lined humidor, Singer drop head sewing machine, chrome smoker, chair and ottoman, coffee table, room divider, combination radio and 3 speed record player, hassock, chat bench, Motorola 21" console Television set, mirrors, pictures, pin up lamps, card table, dining table, Antique chost of drawers, Mr. and Mrs. dresser, chest of drawers, 2 twin size hollywood beds, blond bookcase bed complete with spring and innerspring mattress, bed, metal wardrobe, 2 hampers, some bedding and linens, 5 piece yellow chrome dinette set, porcelain cabinet base, single door utility cabinet, white porcelain Maytag washing machine, cannister set with matching bread box, like new deluxe medicine cabinet with flourescent lights on the side, portable air conditioner. Tools etc.: 8" table saw on stand with 'i h.p. motor, 7" portable Mall saw with metal carrying case, electric sender, large bench vise, heavy duty drop cord, 16 foot ladder, step ladders, new log chain, telescoping jack post, battery charger, nail and bolt caddy, coleman oil burner, lots of good hand tools, garden and yard tools, 2 hand mowers, awning strips, garden hose, yard chairs, lard press, garbage can, fruit jars and tubs, and many other miscellaneous items too numerous to mention. OWNERS: MR. AND MRS. ARTHUR SKRAMSTEAP Corbin's Auction Service — Phone 343-9033 Cook fc C. Steck, Auctioneers Fredrick Erlckson, Clerk Be sure and attend this Auction of exceptionally clean furniture and furnishings as this sale will be held rain or shine. ALBIA ANNUAL SPECIAL FALL CATTLE SALES 6,000 Feeder Calves Monday, October 21 — 1500 Hereford and Shorthorn Calves Tuesday, October 22—2500 Angus Calves Wednesday, October 23— 2000 Angus Calves All Special Sales Start Promptly at 11 A.M. Central Standard Time. • First 2500 Angus Calves we have listed will be sold Tuesday. • All calves fresh from the farm on day of sale. Feature Consignments of Reputation Calves Roy Griffin & Sons — 180 Angus Calves, 400 lbs. Judd Family — 205 Angus Calves, 400 to 450 lbs. Elmer Grismore — 185 Fancy Hereford Calves, 375 to 425 lbs. H. H. Hart — 31 Hereford Calves, 4-H prospects. John Knowles — 25 Angus Calves, last year 's sale toppers. Baker & Davis — 60 Augus Calves, 400 lbs. Walter Bailey — 35 Angus Calves, 400 lbs. Kaldenberg & White — 42 Angus Calves, 425 to 450 lbs. Keith Phillips & Son — 60 Angus Calves, 400 to 450 lbs. Clifford Davis — 40 Hereford Calves, 400 to 450 lbs. Vernice Visser — 25 Hereford Calves, 450 lbs. Clark Thomas — 45 Angus Calves, 350 to 400 lbs. Maurice Scieszinski — 55 Angus Calves, 400 lbs. Bob Heffron — 20 Angus Calves, 4-H prospects. 20 TO 50 CALVES FROM THE FOLLOWING: Jim Cleary, Wilbert Hoover, Joe Lewis, Vincent O'Brien, Jim Mahoney, Roy Rinehart, Harry Phillips, Frank Heckman, Bill Knowles and Sons, John Tursic, Harold Repp, Clark Ryan, Joseph P. Judge, Joseph M. Judge, Dallas Faber, A. Decet, Golden Stocker. FREE REGISTERED ANGUS HEIFER CALF - From the Peterson Angus Farms in Albia. To be given to a lucky 4-H or FFA member. Register with Albia merchants or Albia Sales Company during Albia Feeder Calf Days. —Sponsored by Albia Chamber of Commerce— SPECIAL SALES Wednesday, Oct. 30— Special Sale of Angus and Hereford Yearling Steers and Heifers, 11 A.M. Saturday, Nov, 30— Special Thanksgiving Cattle Sale, 11 A.M. Every Saturday—Regular Big Livestock Auction Selling Cattle, Hogs and Sheep, 10:30 A.M. We are bonded and operate under supervision of the U.S. Gov't Our Cafe Will Be Open to Serve Meals WILBUR COLBY, AUCTIONEER MRS. C. H. PETERSON DON PETERSON Phone 932-2565 Phone 932-5*2* JOHN PETERSON PAUL MOREHEAD Moravia 723439* Phone 932-2327 SALES PAVILION OFFICE PHONE 932-512* ALBIA SALES COMPANY THREE MILES NORTH OF SQUARE ON HIGHWAY •*, ALBIA, IOWA Southern Iowa's Largest Livestock Auction

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