Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 6, 1947 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 6, 1947
Page 2
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PAGE 8—NAUGATUCK NEWS (CONN.). THURSDAY, FEB. 6, 1947^ DREW PEARSON . OH ^. ^ .... .. .... e WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: U. S. Ambassador To England Will Be Second John Hay; Max Gardner Will Bring Real Americanism To British Court; be Seversky Gets Belated Recognition •\V:ishiiii*t<>ii— Tmlny, ox-Oovornor 0. Mnx Gnvdnor ,,r North C'Jii-olina sails 'for liis now post us Amoricnn am| (! iss;i<lor to the Court of St.. .James. Ambassador Gardner | n ,!mir a lot. ol' varied and difficult things in his life, !•,'•„„, hot-iiii; corn to running the United States Treasury, hut tliis is "the I'ii'st time lie lias tried his hand at diplomacy. - _, 'ft is not, lui\\-over, the first time Ire hns visited England. 4-2 years a,yo. Max landed in England under snnn-u-hat. rlifforent eirciinistances. He had crossed on a ,...,!( Ir boat as "nursemaid" to f)00 seasick steers. (Hispid friend. Boli K.-yiiolds, later senator from North Carolina, | m ,| recruited Max as n eattle hand and then bossed the job.) • .. ., ..... Arriving in London on the day the British wore holding- memorial .^rrvicp.i for the Into U. S. Ambassador .'If'hn Hfty, Gardner <h<illcd u linnMom cab and drove out to St. Km I'M Cathedral to attend the rrorcmony. Kn routfl tie got Into conversation with the cab driver who Inquired regarding the iclen- iity or John Hay. Ourdr.i'! mifTht explained I hat Hay was former secretary rt ... true mid formi-r umhasHUilor to <;n>;il ririUiin. Instead, he i-pplind: "H:iv irf th>! num who \vroti 1 T.itilc En-i-chfst'." l.tiiiflnK Arimiul Throntt Thfn tho future U. S. ambassador to Great Britain recited from memory John H-.iy's famous poem, ••I,ittlr- Brecche.1," the story of an Tnilltir.d younfrate-r who got lost In n nnfiwrtfovm when his team stam- [H'dftl and \v;is llrailly found asleep ;n :i haymow. The stanxa con- "How dill hi' KOt thai 1 ? Ancels llr could never huvc walked in that storm: They jest, scooped clown and toted him 'I'd whin- it wa.4 MSI fc and wurin. And f thinl< that saving «• littlo child, And fotnhintf him to his own, 7s Ji. i.Uunc'tl si^'ht bolter hu^iness 'l'h:m lo-ifinK around the throne." Mttli! did the 23-yrar-old Gardner dream. j>s hn recited "Littlo UrniThi's" to trwi.t London hansom driver, tnnt -12 yenrj later ho was to b'e selected, as he now describes It, to "loaf around the throne." The fact that Ambassador Gardner ho-i the jicnse. of humor to tell this story on.hima'cU, however, indicate* that he 'will come close to Hay at the What's Doing First 1947 Oldsmobile Bought By Veteran A calendar o! events ten today, tomorrow and •very day Tonight _ , Basketball, Chuck'* Service Ftv» against St. Francis Ramu and Many ..MorllfelAha aK&Jhsl, .HarU- ware kwlcks •»! Columbjjii.. Hall.,, V. F. W, Ladies' auxiliary card party. . Red Cross display committee meeting in chapter house at 7:30 p. m., C. Arthur ,Faj;er, chairman. F«b. 7 •Senior House League basketball games at Y.. M, C. A. Women's auxiliary of Marino 'Corps meeting, D. A. R. meeting, . :... Pond Hill Community club meeting. Feb. 8 Ojeda Council Valentin* UaniSe. Ladles' .auxiliary of Mohtannri- Rado -poat Valentine dance. Side Community Club Valentine dance. Ladies' auxiliary of Montanarl- Rodo post Valentine dance. Feb. 9 Basketball, Purple KnightB vs. New York Brooklyn Colored Giants at Y. M. C. A, Feb. 10 Garden department 'of Nauga- t'uck Woman's club meeting. Feb. 12 Salem. Lutheran church anniversary celebration. contested credentials on the table for .» period of 60 days. This backstage arrangement had been worked out .by GOP and Democratic . .leaders after Bilbo told Dixie colleagues he W.BB "flat broke and in desperate need of hoflpitatiizatlon." Both sides acK cepted the compromise in order to break a filibuster at the very open- Ing of the 80th Congress. Bilbo's 6 days "on the table" expires March 5 and he i* slated to appear In the Senate March 6 to take his oath and seat, something GOP find it expedient to postpone for at least another 30 jobb. When the luxury liner! d n y s . America docks with_ him Sell Robert A. Taft, Chairman of being another John Court of St. James. ... Born in thc same general backbone part of thc nation as John Hay, Ambassad9r . Gardner probably would prefer to sit on his front porch at Shelby, N. C, in the old rocking chair given him by tlie Negroes of the town 35 years ago whtn they contributed 20 cents uach to buy him a wedding present. Or he would prefer working on his farm or supervising the .school he has endowed in western North Carolina. Max Gardner, however, will do a SS .W3.5II TO $3,100 Kvrlimlvrly ill— PIERPONT'S l(,'i:l-n>n'il .IrwrliTH, Amrrl SuHrty I.VI II.XNK MTKKHT aboard, the white-spatted British diplomats who meet him will know the first time he touched the .soil of England was from a cattle bout. And when he talks to Prime Ministers and potentates on Anglo-American problems, they won't kno>r that 'his j'avorite lecture topic at the University of North Carolina was on the science of picking fertilizer for corn and tobacco. They won't know this. But Max won't hesitate to tell them. For the new Ambassador Is proud of 1ii.i background. And while ho already has received 2,600 applications from American society matrons asking that their daughters be presented ut the Court of St. James, it is a 100-to-l bet that Max will get a lot more fun entertaining- old friend's from North "loafing around the the Senate Committee on Labor arid Public Welfare, has calculated that at just the time Bilbo is due to appear, the Senate will be debating major labor legiBlation IHIIII Coast Guard Academy Announces Test For Applicants Now York —The United Stntc« Coast Guard Academy at Now London, Conn,, Is accepting applicants i for the 1M7 entrance examination, ! Adm. Joseph P. Farley, Guard commandant announced today. Applicant* between 17 and 22 yearn of age. Physical requirements include 20-20 vision and a minimum height of five foot six inches. High Bchool scholastic requirements Include two years of algebra one year of, plane geometry, three years of English and one years of physics. For the first time, trigonometry will not be required. Applications for the examinations will be accepted until March 3>. The' tests will be held' lit*'*? and 8 in key cltlei • thro the U. -S. to be announced , Tho** who ilU»Hry will ti.. ConjjtreRalonal appointment for iH'» coptartce tu the iLcaoMhy, tto tig" mnndant unld. • ^^" After four'•years 'of training, cadelx arc gruluftt«d a Bachelor of Science dafr*- engineering and commlralon«d a United States Cowl Guard sign. • ... . jowph Kiajwki. dibbled war veteran, I.UVK the flr«t 1W7 OldMnohlle delivered In *• Fn-e right of Free Motors, Inc.; hAnds th« keys of the 1!M7 Hcdan to the ex-soldier who bought the car on. u priority arranged hy the Service for Vetcruim center. Totally Disabled Vet Buys First 1947 Oldsmohile A disabled war v.etown, P. Krajeslci, 24 School Union City, is the proud owner of the first 1947 Oldsmohiln cur delivered in Naupatuck. HP purchased the car from Free Motors, Inc., through the Veterans Admin- Josep'h street, secured a priority Delivery took 00 istratlon who for the sale. days. The car has dual controls for drivinf?. Besides the regular controls it is fitted for a person paralyzed from the waist down. Some of thn modifications are a largo sized foot brake ' and extra throttle on the daaWboiard. Mr. Krajcski Is 100 percent dlri- ablcd ns a result of a stomach wound received while fighting as rifleman in Germany, May f., 194r>, grcseman can pul his thought this lot was reserved for members of Congress." Carolina than throne." Righting an Old Wrong Secretary of War Patterson a long memory when it comes to I "Sure it is. Congressman." re- mUitakcs— especially If he makes plied the guard, "but it's different them him-sclf. When Patterson this year. Most of the Democrats makes a mistake, he will do his best to rectify It. Probibly it was DUU UK intijwi i**Mw» _,, o ._-~ ... ~ -- - whichThe very much wants the Sen- j just a few hours before the war ate to pass prior to March 31—the date on which John L, Lewis' strike "truce" expires. The last thing Taft wants at this time is a Bilbo filibuster. Therefore, Sen. Alben Berkley will ask and 'obtain unanimous consent to carry Bilbo on the payroll for another 30 days on the ground that another month is neecusary for Bilbo's recuperation. Two-atr Republican* Representative Ewing Thomason, Democrat of Texas, drove Into the Congressional parkins lot last week, spent about five minutes looking.for a. place,.to park his car. Finally, he asked a guard: "Isn't there some place a Concar? I STILL AVAILABLE!! A Unified number of Cuthollo and J'rotrNtnnt ri'llfrloim colon- iliir.x. rii'ine tvlvphone If you dusiru on)'. BUCKMILLER Funeral Home 21! PARK PLACE 43M a lucky thing for GI's that Patterson pulled a boner about Army discharges in a press conference on Guam. For, having made an error, Patterson did his best to make it up to the GI's and the. special board to revamp the caste system was one result. Earlier, the Army made a bad mistake on long-range pursuit plunes. Major de Seversky, the hard-hitting ex-Russian flier, had begged and implored the Air Corps to build long-range fighter planer, also urged armor plate for bombers. In return he got a slap - , ., | in the face from General Hap ?CO _ Naval Reserv.sU fmjn^New | Arnold, then chief of the Air I Corps, Later, Pearl Harbor caught us with no long-range lighters and with only a start toward putting used to have a car, but this year the Republicans all seem to have two cars—and they're all in this free parking lot." FITZGERALD FUNERAL HOME 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 armor plate on bombers. The mis- rnko not only delayed the war, but lives, Secretary Patterson was hot responsible for that mlatake, but realizing It had been made, he set out to rectify it. Toward the end of th* war 'he 'called in Major do Seversky. asked him to undertake (Copyright, 1947, by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) Platts Mills Sailor Aboard Battleship Now Making Cruise Yeoman Third Class Horace G. Baker of Plat'ts Mills was among York, New Jersey and Connecticut who departed New York on February 3rd aboard the U.S.S. Wisconsin which will return on the 15th. The ship left from Bayonne, N. J., and will call .at Panama where all personnel will be given an opportunity to make shore lib- 'erty. Gunnery, practice will b'e undertaken off 'the U. S. Naval Base at Guantanumo Bay, Cuba, before 'the Wisconsin returns to New York. This is the gecond such cruise that the battleship has made this un till-battle-front study of U. S. ! year and the first of several out air .services. ' ] of the Por't of New York. The next And to further atone for t'he'V 1 '"' 80 ln thc series will be from C.H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 kickinK around given to de Scver- | sky, Patterson today Is giving him the Medal of Merit for "exception- nil v meritorious performance of outstanding service to the United States." FLOWERS Fur All Occasions FLOWKBS TKI/EGKAFJIKD EVERYWHERE MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP 1M BUBBEX AVEITOB T«Uphon* BttS •March 3 to 15. Naval Reservists who desire to mak'e one 'of these cruiseo are urged .to contact the Naval Reserve Director at 90 Church Street. Members of Organized . Reserve Units should Note — Speaking of rectifying- i make application through 'their mistakes. Air Force officers this week take exception to a recent statement in this column that the Air Forces aren't enthusiastic over their .sub-Cabinet rank in the pn> poscd Army-Navy merger. They state that, on the contrary, they are delighted to accept this arrangement. The column is glad to mnke this correction. Bilbo'* Next Move Senator-elect Theodore G. Bilbo, of Mississippi, now drawing: his monthly salary of $1,250 while rendering no service to the Nation, Is sure to get an additional 3D days in which to recuperate—at the e*- pon»o of the taxpayer, of course. On January 4, the Senate, by unanimous consent, laid Bilbo's LADIES' FLANNEL NIGHTGOWNS Reg. Size — $2.39 X-Siz* — $2 69 14 SPRING 8TKKET »•* units. The Wisconsin is the.newest of the Navy's Iowa class battleships and carries nine 10-inch guns and ended. Tl ie ex-soldier was paralyzed from the waist down, for six mon'ths following the injury. At the present time the veteran has to travel to the Newington Veterans hospital every several week^ for treatment. The veteran served nearly flvo years in tho army and was in North Africa, Sicily, Italy. France and Germany \yith the, 4!>l:h Division. During his years with, the infantry division, Mr. did duty fls an anti-aircraft soldier, field artillery rrmh and rifleman. Thc Service for Veterans center of Naugatuck helped Mr. Krajeski obtiin i priority for the car which he bought. Red Cross Names 15 Chairmen For Industrial Drive Fifteen chalrin'en. representing that number'o'f industrial organizu- llons in NiLUguUick, have been appointed t.b supervise th'e annunl Reel Cross Drive which will officially get underway in their respective plants next mofvlh, 1'r. wiis announced this morning by Rudolph H. Swanson of the U. S. Rubber Co., general chairman of the Industrial Division. Accepting the chairmanships were Howard H. Bristol of the Bristol Co., Frank E. Bronson of the Homer D. Bronson Co.. C. E, Butterfield of T. F. Butterfield, Inc., George J. Bchrend't of the Eastern Malleable Iron Co,, Ebba Mbrehtz'son and Florence Pfcter- Bon as co-cha'irmen of the For- matlc Co., Alonzo Davis, Jr. of Uie Hy-Lite Plating Co., Edward J. \Vorthlngton of, the Lewis Engineering Co., Dorothy Ziems of the W. J. Megin Co. Harold T. Mc- DermoU of the Nauga.tuck Glass Co. Ida M. Hotchkiss of the Naugatuck .Mfg. Co., John of Peter Paul, Inc., Frank E. Jones of the Riiidon Mfg. Co., Theodore Russell of the J. M. Russcil Mfg. Co., Edward T. McGrath of the Footwear Division of the U. S. Rubber Co., find Dr. Er F. rScout- ten of the Chemical and Synthe-lic Divisions of the U. S. Rubber Co. FOR COUGHS DUI TO COLDS AWAY? GET YOUB LUGGRGE At FISHER'S 111 South Main St, Watcrbury Complete Line of CARMOTE PAINTS for interior and exterior use» NATIONAL PRESSURE COOKERS Union City Hardware 384 N. MAIN ST. Union City M. Ratklowlch, Prop. W. J. Stoko», TRY NKWS WANT APS 20 dunl purpose five-inch (funs--in twin mounts. She was commis- ed on April 16. 19'H, and participated in numerous Pacific nations in the closing year of 'the war, including the shore bombardments of 'the Japanese muiniand. The rough Turkish towel originally was used as a ceremonial towel or head kerchief by only distinguished guests and the nobility, a Chicago Art Institute official reports. FUR SALE NOW . UNDERWAY Blakelleeb 09 N. MAIN STREET Waterbury TeL 8-2727 WE'RE ALTERING OCR STORE Watch Us Grow! CORNER CANTEEN 392 No. Main Street "bom" Tellerlco, Prop, LARGE METAL WASTE BASKETS — S8C TRIMZ WALL PAPER READY FASTED BORDERS KEMTONE GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE 178 MAPLE STREET (Across from City Bakery) Free Delivery Telephone S044 ! THB SHEIL SHOP PLASTIC BAGS Vl/lth Strap, In black' only. Will not crack.i $5.00 plus tox JERSEY DRESSES ». $12.95 Coforful Prints. Sizefc 14 to 20 THE SHEIL SHOP 19 Leavenworth St. Waterbury SHOP ROSENBLATT'S In February! CONTINUING OUR FESTIVAL OF VALUES CLEARANCESALE IN OUR SHOE DEPT, • FAMOUS BRANDS AT CLEARANCE PRICES I SUNDIAL « AMERICAN GENTLEMAN » TOURIST I AMERICAN BOY « MILLOVEDICS « PETER PIPER m POLLY PRESTON, ETC. MEN'S SHOES Moccasin Styles Wine Toes Many New Styles In Plain anil Designed Toe Cups— Narrow and Wl'de Lusts SALE— $595 $795 to • Values to $10.95 . BOYS'SHOES You Will Find Just the Hind He Will Need In 'Our Wide Assortments 9 Built for Fit and Wear t Styled Right $245 $595 SIzM to 6 JUST ARRIVED! ! MEN'S WHITE SHIRTS $345 Women's NOVELTY SHOES 0 In the Newest Styles 0 All Heels 0 For Sport and Dress Wear SALE— $395^8495 0 SEE OUR ODDS and ENDS 9 descents at SALE— $1.00 $1.50 $2.00 GIRLS' SHOES £ For Sport and Dress Wear SALE— $200 to $495 INFANTS' SHOES 0 Left Us Fit Your Child's Feet to Scientifically Constructed Shoes SALE— $285 to $395 One Group to Go At Sale — $1.00 FINAL CLEARANCE ON OUR ENTIRE WINTER STOCK of READY-TO-WEAR FOR MEN, WOMEN and CHILDREN SAVE UP TO 50% Buy Now For Present and Future Needs SHOP AND SAVE AT 85 Maple Street Tel.3742 Newcastle dinnaxe I* cttiMd by a. virus which may attack both UM recpiratory syBtem and tht ctn. ti-a) nervous system of chlel»»yi and olhei- birds. • - •. m , • ---" - - -» - rf~f rtfj-jrt»»»jE4^gJL a ^ M. Barry Keegan FAMILY PORTRAITS I 108 Bank St ' WaUHbwy Jonat Morgan Bldg. ft*. 4-OM ; PANTS CHOOSE FROM 1200 PAIR PURE WOOL GABARDINE COVERTS • TWEEDS FLANNELS • WORSTEDS for WORK or DRESS SO.95 $10.95 2 12 Men's White Shirts $3.45 Men's Pajamas Flannel $3-45 Htrft* Broadcloth Pajamas $4-45 and $4- 95 162 CHURCH STREET Naugatuck, Conn.

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