Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 16, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 16, 1896
Page 3
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Will Not PeitSrmMiraclcs But It Will £ure. ' i«. i f" * t .•; ..-. . ; REPUBLICAN CLUBS. National Convention at Milwaukee This Month. D R. MILES' RESTORATIVE NERVINE euros nervous prostratlou. Not miraculously, but scientifically, by first removing tho germs, of disease, and then •applying healthy nerve food, Increasing the appotlto, helping digestion and strengthening the entire system. Desperate discs require prolonged treatment us shown by that of Mrs. M, B. Rood, of Delta, Iowa, Tho writes: "As the result of a lightning stroke, the physlciani said 2 bad a light strut™ of paralysis, my limbs would all draw up, I would have tbrob'blngs in my chost that socmed unendurable. For three months I could not sleep and for three weeks did not close my eyes, I prayed for sleep, and felt that If relief did; riot come I would bo dead or insane.' I tooic Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine and tho second night slept two boars and from that time on my health Improved; slowly -at first, but steadily and •orcly. I took in all 40 bottles, and I cannot express how grateful I am, for I am now perfectly well, and have taken, no medicine for over four months." Dr. Miles' Nervine liiold by druggists on guarantee that first bottle benefits or money refunded: Boole on heart and nerves free. Dr. Miles Medical Co.. Elkhart, Ind. Dr. Miles' Nervine Restores Health...... THE Munson Typewriter Is a QoodjMachinc. ' 1 high itandard of excellence. Manj turn of the "Munson" eonildet It THE .BEST. You wlH nnd It a valuable assistant in jour of- flee. Address lor particulars . THEMUN50N.TYPEWRITER CO . . MANtT^ACTUKEBS. 940-244 West lake St., Chicago, 111. To Rcpubllcaus: ' ... The Ninth annual convention 'oC the National League of Republican clubs will be held In the;pity of Milwaukee, WIs., on August 25, 20, 27, 1S9G. Assembling In the midst of a Presidential campaign, with candidates anil platform arousing the patriotism of voters, the enthusiasm of, .this great meeting will be unexcelled. The part.v. leaders will bo present nnd'eloquent speakers will 1111 the program. We invite the Republicans of Indiana, and those who wish to' afiillale' with us this year, as they , or their fathers did when patriotism once before demanded it In 1SGO, to join us upon this short summer trip, and. with the delightful change of.aliv socuro a new impulse toward prosperity. -Milwaukee is well known as a cool summer resort, and her citizens promise rare.treats to the visitors along the line of. special excursions upon,Luke Michigan, and to the Dells of i.'jo Wisconsin •river, ns well as many courtesies during tho convention, and a banquet ;it its close. The League will see to If that every Indiana Republican enjoys his trip and returns to Indiana with memories that cannot fade. The executive committee has designated the Hotel Pflster as the headquarters' for the Indiana delegation. The hotels of Milwaukee arc renowned for their excellence and reasonable rates. Fine accommodations can be secured at from $1.50 to ?3 per dny, The Central Traffic Association has made us a rate of one fare for tho round trip, and tickets can be secured at that rate upon oil roads In Indiana. The C. C. C. & I. (Big 4) has t>een chosen as the official route, rrtctets will be sold through to Milwaukee via. C. & N. W. R. R,, C..M. -&-St: »aul R. R. or by boat from Chicago at option of purchaser. Tickets will be good on all trains of the Big 4 on August 23 and 24tt good to return on all trains leaving Milwaukee August 29th. Any further Information desired as to tickets, trains .or hotels, will be cheerfully furnished by the Secretary of the League, at Room IT Journal Building, Indianapolis.' Yours for protection and sound money, A. M. HIGGINS, President. J. J. BIGGINS, Secretary. . A "MARRIAGE" OF BIG.,AMUSEMENTS. '' ' ; : •'•' The Great John Robinson and EranU- lln,Bros.'.Enormous Shows Combined is au^och.in the auuals of amuse- .^nents, the .like of which has never be-fore been known. About every decade or. so a uew king oC the tented world dawns upon the. people. Of the famous personalities associated with, the boyhoods of the men of the present . day,. "Old. John Robinson" as he was familiarly termed, has passed away but his gieat shows have pissed from father to son for three generations. P. T, .Barnum s but a memory,and Adam FprepauKU's name lias even ceased o be carted about the country, -except as a circus trade mark, riie face of the genial Sannmi, however, is made' to beam m the dead walls, SPRING NECKWEAR, SPRING OVERCOATS. Greatest Discovery or tie 19th Century. Dr. Teufue'i. NXWREKOT Medicated Air For the cure ol CaUurli, Afttkmit and all Pulmonary Diseases, It hu no equal lor Sick and Nervous Head- acne, 1,000,000 . people die annually from the abort named dlseaws. WOT Aifler and die, when Medicated Air Is guaranteed to cure jou. ••dlomted Air and Drag; Co:, • • • '•'• •_-,, i :! :'.- ' ' .rBlCtanond, Ind.,-U.;8.'4. ; It'll the bent remedy on earth for L* jvrjfp*.- It will give Immediate relief •M will effect a core where all otber MJMUe* fan. ', ....:;:..'. .. • f '.; . •old by B. F. Keetdlng. ; ",' WORDS OF COMFORT. "Words of Comfort," by Wesley Lee Walls of this city, Is a volume very tasteful and neat in typography and binding, and filled with Just such a compilation as the title suggests. Texts from the scriptures, uplifting In ton« and thought, with verses in parallel, or with the same meaning and interpretation, in connection. The author contributes several verses of his own, and the remainder are chosen with the nicety of a thoroughly conervsant reader of poets. The texts chosen cover n. wide field, and the book cannot fall to please all who read It with the purpose that urged on Its author. Mr. Walls Is a compositor, who has bee for some time employed at Wilson Humphreys'. The volume is the credl' able work of that well-known firm. although his body rests in the sepul- chor, and his executors have disposed of the Interest In the show, which was held by his estate. The public has felt that Barnum and Forepaugh's shows without Barnum and Forepaugh were but hollow pretenses, and 1C it ware not for the fact that the great John Robinson Shows have passed from father to. son, it would naturally have cast'around.for the coming of the new leaders' in' this timu-honored field of amusement. There Is a destiny that shapes all ends, and the men who-are to rule the' circus world for the coming span of years are at hand. The sun never moved with more certain tread from the givy of early dawn to the radiance of noon, than has been the progress of the Franklin Brothers during the brief past to the present season, where they nnd John Robinson, the grand-son of the originator of big tented amusements, now stand foremost In tented enterprises, either in this country or abroad. Four enterprising, honest and sterling men, all with futures full of promise, and each an accomplished gentle"man, as well as specially skilled In some branch of the circus .business. The "world's" press has been a unit In pronouncing the exhibition foremoit in metropolitanism, and tho best ever, seen. It is to pitch Its tents In Logansport Angst 18, and asks a Verdict. All big cities are on the route, and sooner or later, will be ready to welcome the new blood, enterprise and novelty that are wrapped up in Just such a stupendous exhibition as this Napoleonic quartet Is said to offer. JOS. G. GRACE WILL SELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY FOR LESSMONEY THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER IN LOQANSPORT. r^T^i 7 ^ ETE. Buy a Lougley Hat and be up to Date 426 Broadway P, S. If you want a Tailor Made Suit don't forget my line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing ALL RAIL ROUTE TO THE SEA. 'STATE LOGANSPORT, IND. ••:'.:•: '' OflPITflL • ffi2pO.OOO J. F. Johmon, Preildent. B. W. Ullory, Vic* Pre»ldent H. J. Beltbdnk. CMblw. DIRECTORS. 9. T. Johnion. B. W. Ullerr. J. T. Elliott. W.M. Elliott. W. H. Snldw. Bar u>d ••'! Government bond*. money »n p«noniU lecurltT Mid collater- •!•. iMue Bpeclal certificate* of deposit* >««r1nr t per cent Intereit when left one r**Ti f p«r cent, per annum whan depoi- Ittd'itx nonthi, • ' BOXM in B«fetr Depoilt Vaulta of thU tank tor the depoelt of deed*, laaurmnce •ellole*, mort(Mr«* «nd ether ralluablei, rented at from »B to |U r«r year. KROEOER & STRAIN, Undertakers &Embalmers. 610 BROADWAY. CHAS.L. WOLL, - UNDERTAKER •-• N*. 417 Marlcot Street. Can* attended to promptly, day ot it. « ' : - •• ntra] Union and Mutual telephone*. Office, No. U; Reildenee, No. UL CHICAGO MUSICAL COLLEGE Cinlnl MuiloiHtll, Ghloifb, Dr. t. Zligleld, Prei. Slit. Year bc(ln> lept.T, 1 S»O. lcdwl ttui Toremoit ItuUtuMnn of America. <• Unezooued facUltlei lor & thorough course in MUSIC and DRAM ATIC ART. CMfM* C«Ul«i MiU|*l>> »»ilf«l Ttrn* t Funn Hnl Tni« ApplloaUoDi fW the free and par wur £•» lecvtved to Aoiait wu. RESOLUTIONS..: : The Brotherhood Locomotive Firemen Win. D.'Robinson lodge, No. 53 ^ Be It resolved lu due honor and In memory to our Brother Johnnie Hcl ber.that these resolutions-be adoptee .and recorded oh the books of the prdc -nnd a copy given to the family of our •Brother. ' . Resolved, That since it has been the will of tho all-wise God to take from our .midst our loved companion and brother Johnnie .Helber, our order has lost a member whom we all loved aucl whom we all delighted to call brother, His hand has grasped 'purs In the warmth of life and friendship and.hls smiles, presence and counsel have aid ed us to persevere In the battle of life. His virtues -we will cherish and try to Imitate for. we know; he has done his wort woll'and his spirit called'to jolu the blessed lodge In Heaven. And to the sad and afflicted family we condole and sympathize with them In their great loss for we feel how the loss of .one of the human family can affect those who claim not sympathy from blood. For he who was dear : to you was also very'dear to us and Joined by sacred ties. And mny nts father, mother,'brother and sister feel and be assured that the sympathy of our Brotherhood is with you who shed the sad','tears of the loss and .bereavement of your beloved.son : and.brother and our-brother. -In honor-and respect to our late brother be it also ' ' Resolved, That the charter of our order : be draped in .mourning for thirty days. .'.,.,'•. . . ; . Respectfully submitted to lodge aud friends of deceased.by . . W. H. SMITH,: H. L. CHAPMAN, .G. .H.rPRESOOTT, 0. D. GODDARD,: > 1' .'-:.'•:' •• • .Commltttoe. 'Mr/Schrhltt'belhg- Invtb.e Eastern markets,.any new novelties fo.und.will be shipped Immediately by express.to the Golden Rule. ' There Is more.Catarrh In taJe . section. of- : the .country than .all other diseases, put together, and until the last few .years It ...was supposed to be incurable. For a great inanyiyeafs doctors .pronounced It a ilocnl: disease, : and- prescribed local: remedies,; :and by constantly '. falling to cure with local treatment, pronounced it Incurable, Science has proven catarrh to be a constitutional disease, and therefore requires constltvtlonnl treatment. Hall's 'Catarrh 'Cure, m:inur:;«tnr,ed by F.: .1. Cheney it Co/. Toledo; Ohio, is 'the! only . constitutional cure • o'u the> market; : It to takea Internally m- dosea from 10 drops to a teaspoonful. It acts directly on the blood and mucous 'surfaces of Ibe system'. .They offer one hundred dollars.for any, case it.falte to cure. Send for circulars and testimonials. Address . . F. X CHENEY'& CO., Toledo, O. Sold by Druggists, 75c. • To Atlantic City Without T~nsfer via Pennsj'lvanla Lines. By the opening of the. Delaware River Bridge the Pennsylvania Lines have become the only all ra>l route to Atlantic.Clty and the seashore.. Transfer of passengers and baggage at Philadelphia via Market street Ferry and Camden. Is avoided; as seashore trains of, Parlor Cars and Coaches depart from Broad street station, at which passengers form the west over the Pennsylvania . Route arrive In that , city. Thrcragli trains from Chicago, Indiana- polls, Columbus, Cincinnati!, Pittsburgh a.nd Interimeblate points on the Pennsylvania Lines make convenient connection with the seashore trains. For details apply tq nearest Pennsylvania Line Ticket Agent HALF RATES TO MILWAUKEE. On account of the.National convention of Republican League Clubs, August 23; 24 and 25, The North-Westerp (Chicago & Northwestern Railway) will sell excursion tlckete from Chicago to Milwaukee and return at rate of one fare for the round trip. For.tickets and' full information apply to ticket .agents .of connecting lines, or address'W. B. Knlskern, G. P. & T. A., Chicago, 111. . FEARS'INSANITT. Wabash." Plalndeater:, A...H,'. Bryan and Ross R. Mattls of Champaign, HL, were in the city .today. The geutle-. men are members of the City Council at Champaign and came here to-confer' with Messrs. : Murphy and Todd regarding their .large sewer contract in that .city.. ".'..'. , : ' ..• . • In conversation "with Dr, Murphy recently, Mr. Bryan, who, by the way, Is an attorney of considerable note, and a cousin of W, Jennings Bryan of Lincoln, Neb., said that -he .had always boon very proud of'the family name and record, but that since,his cousin W. J. .had become such, a .free silver crank he was fearful .lest there was a :race of insanity InUhe family. PLAN YOUR SUMMER ' OOTINO NOW—GO. TO PICTURESQDK MACKINAO VIA THB,COAST .... p . LINE. . •'. '; It only costs $13.50 from Detroit, ,$15.60 from Toledo, $18.00 from.Cleve- land for the round trip. Including meals and . berths. One thousands miles of lake ride on new modern steel steamers for the above rates. Se»d 2c for Illustrated pamphlet. Address A. A. SCHANTZ, G. P. A. " " . Detroit, Mich. Drawings of All Kinds Made by BYRON B. GORDON. Draughtsman & Patent Attorney. Spi-y Block. Logansport TO CLEANSE THE) SYSTEM Jffectnaliy yet gentiy, wb«.cdstlye or bilious, or when the blood, to Impure or; sluggish, to ;permanently overcome: habitual constipation; to awake the kid- 1 neye 'and liter to'a healthy activity, without ; Irritating : or 'weakening 'them; o. dispel headaches, colds,,or fevers, 1 use Syrup of ;Flga.,'. .';.'.. ..'.,.,.•' TAKE TOUR VACATION NOW. Gfo .to the picturesque Madctoao Island via the D. & ~C. (Coast Lime). It only costs $13:50 from.Detroit,.$15.50 from Toledo, $18:00. from Cleveland for the jspunfl trip, including -meals and bertha. Tickets .spoid 1 '.tog CO. days, bicycles carr rted free. One thousand miles of lake and- river rlditog on new modern steel stealmers for .the above rates. Send 2'c for Mltistraited pamphlets. Address, A. A..;Schantz, GK P. .A.,. Detroit. . The people appreciate Harrj Frank's acriflces .on' his"stock by selling It at ialf price rather than.selling It In ;bulk o th'e ; so-,called sharks ^at;same. price. Notice.—Shoe bargain'In open display. oxMthis ere at Otto's : - CONVENTION Of Yotmg' People's '• Christian Union, Omaha, Nrt>.; August 10 to.24,. 1896. For-this, occasion, ;tbe Wabash Railroad will sell tickets;, t roan all stations to Omaha,'Nebvancl return, .at .one ; fare- for the. round -.trip. .Tk-kefe on sale August 17 and 18 limited for return to and indudtng August 24 and 25. For fuU'particulars-Inquire of any Wabasb Ticket Agent '•'•"•' 'EXCURSION -TO MILWAUKEE; • : WIS., ; VIA PENNSYLVANIA LINES: 'August 23d and' 24th, excursion tickets 'to.-Mfflwaukee, 'WIs., wIU be sold rla •PeaasylvaBito' - Ltnis, <tar Republlcam League National C0nventlon; return ,e»upo(DB TnMa Saturday August 29th, '• .. G.;A; R AT ST. PAUL. Special.Rates Tla-PennsylvaEla Lines for National Encampment. August SOthi and-.Slst and Septembei 1st are the ; dai(:es upon which low rati round trip tickets to St. Paul w.lll bi soM" via Pennsylvania I^lnes, tbe elior route througli ChBcngo,... Tickets .will bi good returning until September 15th Incliielve,, and If deposited with the Joint agent at St-Paul on or before Sep tember IS, the return limit will be ex tended to Include September SOtli. The rates Xor this occasion, will be exceptionally low .via. Pennsylvania Lines, the only, system of railways over which .trains rum from Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and Indiana to Chi- ;cago Unton Station,, the natural gateway irora those States to the Northwoet Dally tralina frbim Pittsburgh,' bolum- bus,' Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Louisville make : coayeQlerit I connection at OUcflffo with St.'Paul trains.. Arrangements may be made by.G. A. R. 'poste or jparrteJ of friends to • travel; togetb er on'special trains oir special cars that, will : go tJurougb from starting point to the Encampment without change, If the numiber Justifies It. Information on the subject wfll be Cheerfully furnished by representatives of the Pennsylvania Lines.' Bluffton proposes to construct teen miles of sewers. SIX SIX. Special Train EXCURSIONS :." "' -TP- .•'; : .' Maxinkuckee Lake ; VIA THE VANDALIA LINE July ipth, 36th, and August and, pth, i6th, 23rd. Fare for the round trip (1.00. Train leaves Vandalla elation at 9:68 a m. WANTED H NOVELTY to take out a patent on. From $3000 to 13000 of. fered by a manufacturer for a good §»UlDg article. Address, • ••' '•• ••-•;"• ••. •' • • " IntoroaUoul Pilent ft Technical Bureau . . •Helchelt" Seuth B*nd, Ind. or at U01 MoDidnock, Bit, Chleaso,HU EXCUKSIONi TO , OMAHA, VIA. . PBNKSTLVANIA LINES. August ITtb amd 18th/ eicoiptoni ,tSck- • ete tq Otaolia wiH ! be soia ; vla> Pejainyl- •- iiai IAn«w ( .£<>r meotllng of Y. P.,0. U. of United Frcsbyjterifln; Chnrcli; return . cpupoas yaUd Augnst 25tli, Those .who enjoy a, day's outing •hpuld.not fall to take advantage of the erc'eedlngly .low, rate to -St, .Joseph via. 1 the yandalla.'LIne., . T:T,n leaTes.tl:* tatlon every Sui f 1 a. m, or the round t

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