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Sedalia, Missouri
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Reds Must 60,000 Lakes Aid Defense Of Little Northern Country JOHNSON internctional David Golia'lftall'unfoWs a': the fear- htUe in this of tho defiance of Soviet might may lie grinned: meeting at which Stalin outlined his terms, then soldiers can you send against replied stolid Finn Psasikivi. can send two hundred thousand the first will give each of our two grunted already God has given us sixty thousand With their backs to those million dour Northmen and rhe Sedalia Democrat and Capital, Sunday Morning, Decern her 3, 1939 uddle Jumpe To Invade Finland Page Nine I women stand to defend their machine guns could stop homes built by in all' the shores save courage. abattised with the dense for- Though Napoleon that of 70 per cent of the all military obstacles the most se- And nearly 20 per cent rious were a de.sert, a mountain tundra, a white hell of snow- range, and a river, he should marshy plains virtually added: Neither to armies save when rather dilatory floods winter. The Masnor ubiquitous ter Strategist has been kind to mountains equal Finland's natural defenses. The Russians must attack where; Bristles With Trouble they claim Finnish artillery has! Finland bristles with trouble for shelled south- an invader.

Her 60,000 lakes form ern border at Lake Ladoga. There i nearly 15 per cent of her area, an are railroads and highways there filhr slightly fewer lakes; but there i fighting around them like thread- too, is what Finland optimistically ,11 w' fu afford terms her Maginct line of fortifi- uncounted thousands of narrow cations which Ru.ssia now suggests causeways where a few gnm Finns surrender. Russia might at- Johnson Sees Soviet Eager For Foothold In Norway sufficiently to be taken Pete Abbott, 217 East Morgan, to his home, 506 North Washing- was admitted for medicai treat- ton avenue I Ellen Crawford, wh, J. P. Moffett, who has been re- underwent a minor operation, i ceivmg medical treatment, has getting along satisfactorily.

words the interlaced lakes and forests that defense against Russian invasion. tack these fortifications not alone'and presently sweeping up the frontally but in the flank from mines. the Gulf of Finland, counting on. Poor Artillery Equipment brushing aside two coast Against land attack Finland has aefense ships and five submarines (1) her courage and (2) perhaps are best and 500,000 men (mostly militia ill-equipped as to heavy artillery). First line airplanes may total a hundred against five to ten thousand.

Airplanes cannot Amusing Items From Around Missouri Want Ad Results; Sedalian Swallows Bur Accidentally BY ED MILLS COLUMBIA, Dec. How this for want add results? Dr. C. M. Sneed lost a sow advertised the fact in the Columbia Tribune got the sow back with a litter of nine pigs bomb lakes or, effectively, forests they can bomb railroads and strategic centers.

They could reach Helsinki in 20 minutes from Bal- tiski or 40 from Kronstadt Quite possibly they could presently reduce Finnish resistance to guerilla warfare, but the lakes would still be fingers tripping the none too nimble feet of the Red transport. To conquer Finland would cost many a rouble and many a life. Soviet obvious desires are for a frontier protecting Leningrad from future attack by some ally or conqueror of Finland, and for island and land bases which would restore to Red Russia the complete domination of the Gulf of Finland that Czarist Russia enjoyed. Also Wants Petsamo What lights the shadows Is that Russia also wants Petsamo, port on the Arctic sea. Petsamo is outlet for nickel, of which Russia has none, and has i a big, ice-free harbor whence Murmansk could be seized and Russia invaded as British and American troops did in 1918.

Russia, if she is bent on an ef- fort to dominate the Scandinavian peninsula, must consider the possibility of war with Britain whom, most of the time since 1918, she has rated her deadliest enemy. If Russia were to obtain a foothold on the Norwegian coast, that would mean a quick outlet for Russian naval power (including nearly 200 submarines) into the Atlantic. Could Norway stand for that? Could Sweden? Cculd Britain? Even, perhaps, could unless she were very sure of Russia, who would then hold at her mercy supply of Swedish iron? The questions help to explain stand she believes, may not be quite alone. But those who know the Finns say they will fight, whether alone or with allies, if Russia forces them. They may again nego- quite possibly is all Russia really wants.

The final the Red Army or whether it wades into the Finnish help to unriddle the great riddle of inscrutable plans for the future of the U. S. S. R. and the world.

AUCTIONEER Real Eslata, Llveitock. and all personal properly. LAWSON CLINGAN 1421 So. Carr Phone 1299 SEDALIA. MO.

little daughter, Margret Ann and Miss Olive Kohler returned Sun- I day after having spent the Thanksgiving holidays with rela- lives in Centerview and VVarrens- burg. Miss Dallisrose Carver entertained a few friends Saturday evening at the home of her aunt, Mrs. Albert Ellis, in honor of Jimmy Nelson who is leaving soon for Eldon to make his home. Those present were: Katheryn Kanenbley, Lina Alice Maloney, Dick Chrisman, R. J.

Collins, Jimmie Nelson and Dallisrose Carver. E. L. Schroeder of Syracuse and Frasier McVean of Tipton made a business trip to Arkansas last week. Mrs.

A. J. Nelson was a Sedalia shopper Wednesday. Wildlifers Meeting Held 31. U.

Sends 3Ien To Conference At St. Paul the university representation also included graduate students Charles W. Schwartz, St. Louis; Carl H. Noren, St.

Louis; I. C. Adams, Columbia; Van T. Harris, Elkhart, Kenneth C. Rowe, Boonville; and Paul G.

Barnickol, Freeburg, and undergraduates Bill T. Crawford, lyioberly; William A. Brokaw, Van Buren and George Arthur, Joliet, Illinois. 'a? Greatest VALUES In radio history celebrating 10 straight years of Phileo leadership with a Celebration Sale to introdnce 1940 Anniversary Specials. New radio achievements new low prices special offers extra-liberal terms and trade-in allowances.

Come ewrtyt iuilt to rocolvo TELEVISION SOUND Wifhu Way I In case any Kansans want to, do anything about the recent re- port in this column that several I JT IIIO thousand acres of Buchanan coun- jty land are on the west side of iTPilVP I I ithe Missouri river better 'think twice turns out 4,000 I acres of Doniphan county, are on what is commonly considered the Missouri side Both those issues were settled a long time ago the river and the courts COLUMBIA, Dec. The University of Missouri had eleven representatives at the mid- License Issued west wildlife conference Friday and yesterday in St. Paul, Minn. Headed by Rudolf Bennitt, professor of zoology, and Werner O. Nagel, research associate in zoo- rie Miller, Windsor.

Arthur V. Hochen and Pauline Katherine Rodenbach, both of Florence. Lloyd Johnson, Leeton, and Ma- For Ambulance Service Ph. 8 COME TO FOR A BIG SUNDAY CHICKEN DINNER HERRICK'S 2nd and Ohio Phone 600 BhataDad! 'Saving money for college for it's insured against the money earns more a I- IIIIK nil SIIH II ICtllll Sedalia Savings and Loan Association 112 West 4tli Street Sedalia. Mo.

Phone 71 Most boys are proud of their sheepskin coats but none probably so much so as 10-year-old Matthew Baumli of near Maryville He fell under a truck, the wheels ran over his chest, gave his parents some uneasy moments, war they find War Veteran Site of Massacre Of Mormons Eludes DAR Search Efforts HAMILTON, Dec. Daughters of the Amercan Revolution would like to mark the grave of Thomas McBride, Caldwell only Revolutionary DEL MERITO IMPORTED PORT WINE Ruby Port, "Medium No. 120-Tawny MEL CARL'S TAVERN 211 So. Ohio St. Telephone 826 Thompson Cheviolet-Bnick Go.

The time is now Old Man Winter is just around the corner Winter and electrical check Lubrication Needs. cabin F.xtra Trade-in Allowance EXTRA EASY TERMS but doctors say the thickness of the coat saved him One strange accident leading to another, we report the case of Arthur Perkins, of Sedalia, who it. McBride fought for liberty under General George Washington and died fighting for his religion in the so-called Mormon war Tfaitsitotte iZ Cimice if 55 Caer Cottiy.iuuais ONLY AUTHORIZED PHILCO SERVICE IN TOWN 307 So. Ohio Telephone 206 Louis for hospital attention Syracuse Soup Sandwiches GHILI Chicken Hoi Tomcdes CASSING SON 212 So. Ohio swallowed a bur which he re- which rushed from Jefferson City to St.

Erases Landmark Passing of time, however, has eliminated trace of an abandoned well used as a sepulchre for McBride and 14 of his Mormon brethren slain October 31, 1838, by the Livingston county Gentile (non-Mormon) militia in what came to be called the massacre at Mill. Surviving Latter Day Saints abandoned the settlement after burying their dead in the dry well and joined their brethren in the Mormon capital city of Far West where a day later they entered the general surrender to the state militia. Pilgrimages Still Come Today a cornfield occupies the site of mill which once had consisted of a blacksmith shop, a mill and the dwellings of a few Mormon settlers. Latter Day Saints still make pilgrimages to the scene and some say they can point out the ap- (By Caroline Schroeder) A. J.

Nelson of Eldon, visited Thanksgiving Day with his family here. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Nelson and daughter, Martha Lou of Columbia visited in the Nelson home Thursday evening. Mr.

and Mrs. Hadley Stahl of California, and Mr. and Mrs. IM. A.

Collins and sons, spent I Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. R. J. I Ellis.

I Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mais and family had as their guests Thanksgiving the following: Miss I Marjorie Mais of Kansas City, I Mr. and Mrs. P.

W. Smith of Sweet Springs, Cecil Mais of Columbia, Mr. and Mrs. L. G.

Whitfield and children Harold Beverly and Dale of Smithton and proximate spot of the mass burial 1 jLmT from i Jimmy Nelson can identify the blacksmith shop Thursday evening until Saturday pieces of iron still found evening with friends near Bunce- field. The old well was Your Christmas Sonngs Club Checks Are Ready Per Yon! Thousands of Dollars To Be Distributed In Sedalia Monday, Dec. 4 TO THE MEMBERS OF OUR 1939 Savings Clnb Christmas Shoppers You will like our fine foods and service. Plan to make your shopping luncheon pause at The BothwcU Shoppers Luncheon up THE RENDEZVOUS Popular for its quality mixed hospitality and cheerful service I Hotel Bothwell AL TRACY. Mgr.

ton. Lewis Allee of Warrensburg spent the holdays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Allee and sons, Charles and Elmer. Mr.

and Mrs. Wm. Anderson and son. Lillian, of Sedalia, and T. L.

Maloney, visited Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. Lee Maloney and daughter. Dina Alice. Mr.

and Mrs. Albert Ellis entertained a number of relatives and friends at their home Sunday Those present were: Mr. parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.

J. Ellis, Mrs. mother, Mrs. Thixton. Mr.

and Mrs. M. A. Collins and two sons. Misses Dalisrose, Carver and Katheryn Self and Mr.

and Mrs. Hadley Stahl of California. Mo. Mr. and Mrs.

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