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The News Tribune from Tacoma, Washington • 8

The News Tribunei
Tacoma, Washington
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THE TACOMA NEWS TRIBUNE I1HKRTV "WIslM WMnw of Wasnn flap" HIVIKRA Ssnalnr WM Imllirrtrt" "Prums Along Ihs lloharkH 0 root Walla" "Tha Qhnal and Ihs llurat" "Killer MrCoy" "The Trraaurs nt aisrra Madra" CAPITOL Trsaaura of Surra Muirs" Tobaero Road" Qrapsa of Wroth" "Klllnr MrCoy" MIDWAY MOTOR "Rill I HR Prstly" Huge Park-In Theater Opens to Public Wed After wvrrnl year of nhnning use of ihne who wish to atti'nd and over a vrnr in nrtual con-1 hut do not wish to brine hri' car i si ruction one of the largest and This is located rompactlv in front Deep sea water preasurea eon-dense Ihe volume of the water an much that If all sea water were 1o expand to ita normal valume the ocean surface would he 90 to 100 feet higher thnn It is Amusement Guide Tl'KMItr MtPir "Hnmbl" 11 3:35 5:15 7:55 10:35 IIoum 1:30 4 045 0:35 HI IK "5wanipa Woman" 13:00 3: 15 VIO 7:50 10:30 Man" 1 4:10 6:50 9:35 Curtain" 12:20 3:38 0:53 10:00 "Arthur Takra Over" 3:37 5:43 3:57 cinntlnman" "Tmlh Avrnur Anarl" "A noublr Iifr" 1:05 4:05 7:10 10:15: Anniversary" 13:00 3:00 0:05 0:05 HIIMI "Outlaw's Pararilaa' Carroll'i akslrhhonk" "To thr Kmla of tho Eailh" of Thlcvri" "Sllvrr Clly Beams nl TMKXKWH "A Chump nl Oxford" 11:30 1:47 4:04 0:31 5:30 10:55 From Texas" 13:34 3:51 5:08 7:25 0:42 XKMilimillHINIII TACOMA Al'TO "Rlark Bart" 8'8KT "The Tressurt of Sierra Mad re" KAV Invisible Wsll" "Cnss Tlmherlant" (02X1X17 "Mark of Zorm" of ihe concession ind rest looms Completely fringing the itr-rileea which after full growth will tore shruh planted almost a 'ear ago at a post of five dollars each the represented the entire stock of this type shrub in the Pacific North-Theuerkauf who operate the west Housed inside Ihe huge 6li-Realarl in South Taeoma th Star- foot screen lower which i- huiit Ijite represents an over all invest- from high tenile siru'tural steel ment of h-lter than and stucco faced are storeroom Encompassing an area of over i fur supplies and a well appointed Ihree acres from 82nd to Slth apartment with two entrance way tunnels Directly east of the theater duertlv from South Tacoma wav proper are two acres of oi-fnr easv acees and exit for hun- oped playground lwhicnwill be im- Ploying SECOND WEEK TACOMA LITTLE THEATER (WBDNKSDAY THROUGH SATURDAY NIGHTS) Phase EARLY for IR 2411 (Res Office Hears: 1-1 Except Sunday aarf Holidays) Adults SI (plus tax) Stadsats 7i Carfeia 1:30 proved arid utilized for pamm who wish to relax before showtime Mr Nilsson and Mr The'ierkauf promise Tacoma shov-goer the finest in late released feamre film attractions from ihe woild's major dreds of cars the new enierlain-men! enterprise has been carefully engineered for the utmost pleasure and convenience for patrons Latest A "In Th- sneakers located at the top of each I ramp for easv placemen! in producers and will operate seven each car are of the finest and nR' throughout the JASON LEE AUDITORIUM 60S NO SPRAGUE NOVIKOFF BALLET Friday Eve JUNE llth 8:15 Ttekets: Almvig Music Co BR 1161 Studio: BR 1034 945 Broadway Revels" with music composed expressly by Ivan Novikoff for ihis beautiful ballet which he created Ballet Classique to music by Mozart and Chopin will please the balletomane Here faultless technique supple movements are in accord rhythmically with the music Tickets are on sale at Almvig Music Company at 945 Broadway latest design and finger tip con-trolled for volume as each patron "ill A desires Projection equipment aln 1 located in a reinforced coneete If In iltVar ha fen and steel operating booth throws resident manager the film image onto the 39 font by 54 font screen Directly in front of the operating honih and under eover of the sam roof is Waled the romnletelv equipped concession i room where natrons mav refresh 1 themselves with refreshing drinks eandv and other items This is said in he the largest of its kind in parents will he the lnvelv fairy the country Not vet rnmnleted ie ballet and 'Greter hut soon in he opened is the 80- to he presented at the Jason seat 'hunker" yne theate- for the Auditorium 602 No Sprague: konq- A sited ent evening sees a dream of long standing realized for the Nilsson and Theuerkauf families with the formal grand opening of the beautiful new Star-Lite Tark In theater at 83rd and South Tacoma way aerial view of which is pictured above Start of construction began over a year ago and the mammoth outdoor theater ono of the largest in the world representing better than xi10000 in actual construction costs makes its bow tomorrow evening at dark Area pirtnred rovers South Tacoma way from 80th through 90th south Photo by Richards Friday evening June 11 at 8:15 Participating will be over Vi Tacoma children Educational dren and grownups rolorful cos tumes and scenery will add much to the enchantment of the ballet JC The Entertainment Event of the Year an unuKiial artistic experience which will long be remembered The remainder of the program will include many interesting dances hv Tacoma gludenta Of particular interest will be the as well as entertaining for chil-iThe entire program is said to be 1PEMIIG Outstanding Screen Attractions at Tacoma's Suburban Theaters AV tit 47a Built to Withstand Any Stress or Strain '1 yv- 'r i Tomorrow Nite ATTEND THE GALA GRAND OPENING of One of America's Finest Theaters the STAR-LITE PARK-IN We Are Proud of the Major Part We Played In Its Construction Humphrey lagart Walter Hasten "Treassre of the Sierra Madre" Alin Certenn nad New "Golden Earrings" Ray MlllaaC Barbara Stanwyck Barry FihferalC Doa Casllt Vlrflala Christine "THE INVISIBLE WALL" Certenn aaC Naws "Tha Saaatar Wat InCiscraat" STRUCTURAL STEEL SCREEN FRAMEWORK New Miracle of Entertainment -v of the new Star-Lite Park-In Theater one of the largest in the world and the rugged all-steel frame Program Board Designed and Constructed 7 LANA TURNER Spencer Tracy Zachary Scoff la Sinclair Lewis' Novel J'h V' i hJ 83rd SOTACOMAWAY HI 1034 KIRKEBO General Contractor 1410 Mountain View PR 4200 Cartees and Naws Pate Smite Friday Saferday TYRONE POWER LINDA DARNELL OF ssd "BIG TOWN AFTER DARK" Open Rain or Clear 7 Nltes Weekly STAR IRON STEEL CO 435 East llth HA 918 Our Sincere Best Wishes for Success! 'i up? America's Finest Drive-In rfc GRAND OPENING PROGRAM WEDNESDAY xbn SATURDAY Was thara man bate enough le earn lha ligarish carassas Community 4 Tyrone Pawar Linda Paraall OF Haary IfanCa CtauCatte Colbert "Drams Along the Mohawk" af wild and fabulous lydiu a wemun bam te lovaf R8Y MARLENE MILUiND-DIETRICH a MI7CKEU IEISEN pLdMttM Theater I 133 A Pacific I NltlsaCI I Luisa Raiaar Paraaad Cravat GREAT Jamas Dana Jaunt Prlcn "THE GHOST AND THE GUEST" Our Sincere Best Wishes to the Star-Lite Park-In Theatre Cement Work By GEORGE MADSEN Cemeni Contractor 1620 North Steveni PR 3312 it Would You Wear a Pair of Golden Earrings to Win Marlene Dietrich's Gypsy Kiss? Dlr S9U8 McKinley aiR AIA 5933 Sincere Best Wishes for Success to Tacoma Sew of Star-Lite Park-ln Theater Mickay Raaaay Irlaa Daalavy McCoy' Cater Carteaa Carlas Mallaa TRAVIL NCWS KVENTS Proctor Hth 1octo PR 5491 Program Will la Praectod by the Meet Madera Equipment ismn VH Humykray laqart Walter Hasten Tim Halt "Treasuri of Sierra Madre" Mesicel Marry-Ga-RanS Nows trarrrymh Congratulations and Best Wishes For Success to NILSSON THEVERKAUF VENEERS AND PANELS BRoodwoy 3S3S 1121 Dock Street Hot Plus Second Big Hit CAUIOlin HEMINC xni JOHN A1SOTT A1AN NATtH ONdU KTEB STEWART A rma-lbomos Preduclioa IN CINKOICM Brinket Lamps and Machines RCA Sound and Speakers Modern Theater Supply Co Dlstribstari af RCA Theater Equipment In Weshlagten Oragan and Idahe Hampkray laqerf Walter Hasten "Treasure of Sierra Madre" News Carfaaa 2400 Third Avenue SEniea 0555 Seittli Pleasure Beyond the Imagination YOU WONT BELIEVE IT UNTIL YOU HAVE SEEN IT Individual Speakers in Each Car No Parking Problems No Baby Sitting Problems No Dress-Up Problems PRIVACY AND COMFORT leach la Yaur Car Wall-cfecked Saack lar far Yaar Convenience! Vongratnlallnna! STAR-LITE THEATER Infrodiirlng I lie I'lexollle hilRnN fee Tacoma Tech-Craft Plastics Inc BR 6335 2107 Center St 1 7 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 A Hearty Welcome To Monte Vista To Nilsson and Theuerkauf Star-Lite Park-In Theater Mr and Mrs Fane BELL Are Proud To have had a part In beautifying lha grounds of Tacoma's New Miracle in Fntnrlainmnnt tha STAR-UTEPurfrnTHEATER All Plant mS Planting fnr I hi ymmtlH Mlrprlui rc by aur laesrnpe nrlll All Nursery Mock IVd PrrMnally Krleetrd From Yhir Growing FIHdn! FIRTH NURSERY WED Orchestra Asphalt Paving Surrounding the New SterLlte Theater and Star-Lite Drlv-lnn Restaurant By Asphalt Paving Engineering Co HI 3162 Rain ar Sklaa Starts af Dark Dan Daryaa-Yvanna Da Carla FREDDIE MARTIN MONDAY JUNE 7TH CENTURY BALLROOM CRESCENT BALLROOM IStk and Fawcett Plus Marck af Tima Carfaaa aad Naws.

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