The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 3, 1956 · Page 27
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 27

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 3, 1956
Page 27
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» I - 1 •'.. ' • m • WHERE MORE PEOPLE DO MORIE BUYING AND SELLING! >6f Said FOR SALE — ALFALFA HAY, first, second and third cutting. Herman Becker, Irvihgton, phone 120-R, Algona. 51 tin FOR SALE—CASWELL PAPER trimmer, single edge 18 to 30", Write Box 69B, Algona, Iowa. ^ 1-2* FOR SALE — ?'CU. FT. FRIG- idaire refrigerator. Very good condition. See it at 407 E, Call St. after 6 o'clock, i, 1. FOR SALE — HAY, ALFALFA and brome. Also feed oats. Don Lickteig, ph. 769M2, Algona. tfn. SPINETS — 3 SPINETS, 2 ARE 1955 models at good reduced prices. Must be sold. Terms. Also two used % size in vicinity. Write Midwest Piano Co. Spencer, la. •1-2 FOR S A L fi DRESSED chickens. ®rlan Rutledge, ph. 901-J, Algona. i ' 1 FOR SALE — SMALL OIL stove, about 1 year old. Lyle Schipull, Irvington, phone 101-R Algona. v 52-1* CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS — For Holiday Enchantment, Oregon Kplly, painted pine cones, evergreen' boughs, and unusual Christinas creations by Helen. Decorator's Workshop, ^k mile North of For,t Dodge on Highway 169. ' 48 tfn FOR SALE All sizes. 7 BINOCULARS. x 50 coated lens. $29.95 plus tax. Diamond's Surplus. , 29tfn HEAVYWEIGHT TAHPS LIGHTWEIGHT PRICES If We Havon't Got It, or Can't Get It. It's Not Manufactured. DIAMOND'S SURPLUS 40tfn GRANULATED ZONQLlTE 1N- sulation Rock Wool Batts and granulated wool are available for your home. You too can insulate your home. See us. F. S. Norton & Son. 28wl9tfn FOR~SALE — LINCOLN ELEC- ahd Guttlfrg Torches. Welding trie welders, Victor Welding equipment ofy all kinds. Cook's Welders Supply, Algona, Iowa. 36-37tfn Wanted HELP WANTED — DAY DISH- washer and night waitress Chrome Cafe. 1-2 WANTED '— MARRIED FARM help, y,ear around work. Mod- We Are Now Buying JUNK PHONE 848 Cook's Scrap Iron & Metal 51-52-1-2-3 Farm As I am moving lo Arizona I will hold a complete closing out sale on the farm located 5 miles north, 1 mile east and Vi mile north of Swea Cily; or 1 mile west and li mile north of the Grant school on Wed., Jan. 11 Zumaqh Lunch Wagon on Grounds Sale Starts at 12.30 P.M. 114 Head Livestock 46 HEAD OF CATTLE 46 Guernsey heifer, springing, bred to white face bull. Guernsey cow with calf at side. Guernsey cow to freshen in spring. 22 head of steers and heife'rs ranging from 6 months to IV4 years old. 14 white face and black stock cows. 3 white face cows with calves at side- 1 choice white face 2-year-olcl bull. 68 HEAD OF HOGS 68 ern house. Hugh 647—Algona. Black. Ph. 1-2* SALESMAN Vv ANTED —•' Exclusive frarichised territory open in your locality now by old reliable manufacturer. You can start your own business without an investment. Your pay is far above average. Your future is unlimited. Repeat business for years to come. This is the highest quality farm line in the mid- west. 'Home nights. Must have a car. Experience not necessary. Write Sales Manager, 701 S. 42nd, Omaha, Nebraska. 52-1 Lost & found STRAYED SOUTH OF ALGONA —1 white Face red steer, 450 Ibs. Ralph Hauser, phone 50yJ, Algeria. 1* Card of Thanks WANTED — CHAIN SAWING. Horses to break. Horse shoeing and other odd jobs. Phone 1390 R2 or see J. G. Graham, Algona. 37tf livestock FOR SALE — GUERNSEY BULL —Calfhood vaccinated. Eligible for service. Bud Alk-j, Titonka. 1* FOR SALE — HEREFORD bulls, serviceable age. D. D. Dreyer, Fenton, Phone 402. 1-6* FOR SALE — ~~P. B. DUROC boars and gilts. Good meat type. -Sired by 3rd group boar Iowa State Sale. A. H. Streeter, 13 mi. S. 3 E. Wesley. AHf FOR SALE — TWO HOLSTEIN milk cows. , To freshen in March. 1 S. E. of Titonka. Bruno Bruns, Jr. 1-2* ADVERTISING in the Algona Upper Des Moines reaches more families in Kossuth county than CARD OF THANKS We wish to thank all our friends and relatives for the many cards, letters, flowers, food and re* membrahces at the time of our bereavement. We appreciated your kindnesses more than,words can express. Colleen Barry and family, Mr and Mrs W. A. Barry and Mr and Mrs R. C. Berrie and family. • 1* H CARD OP THANKS I wish to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation for the many prayers, cards and gifts which I received during my stay at St. Ann's hospital and also for the many kindnesses I received after returning home. Mrs J. N. Thul. ' 1* CARD OF THANKS We wish to express our heart felt thanks to all of our friends for their expressions of sympathy memorial gifts and help during our recent sorrow. Mr and Mrs slie Johnson, David, Mark and Sue Ann, Lone Rock 1 State of Iowa ' : ' ; ss. In District Court Kossuth County ..No. 7020 Novmeber term. 1955 TO AI,L WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED. That an instrument of writing purporting to be the. last Will and Testament ot Emille Pergande. Deceased, dated December 5, 1934, having been this day filed, opened and read, Monday, the 16tli day of January, 1956. Is fixed for hearing proof of same at the Court House in Algona. Iowa, before the District Court of said County, or The Cletk of said Court; and at ten o'clock A.M., of the day above mentioned all persons interested are hereby noil tied and required to appear, and show cause, if any they have,-vrhy Instrument should not he probaetd and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said deceased* Dated at Algona, Iowa, December "fi inc:: Central Motors, repairs 3.85 Hilton's Service, supp. .-28.08 Hutzell's, Supplies 14.6) Reay-Mlx. supplies 17.81 Struectter's Service, gas 7.07 Swart7."iHdwe., supplies 3.44 Miller' LumheY, mdse. — 117.40 Ralph Undhorst, damages lot storm Sewer .._— 5,960.00 H. J. Cowan, mdsc. 231.21 James Egli. salary __14f>.3S Fred' Gronbach, salary 123.59 Iowa State Bank, tax 20.50 Standard Oil Co., oil .- — 73.50 Sinclair Refining Co., fuel 124.07 Arnold Motor Supply, torch 12.00 R. J. Funk, repairs 6.31 Hall-Strahom, supplies 7.4!) Don Hutchins. mdse. — 20.00 Moe's Skflly Service, supp. 1.05 Tuesday, January 3, 1956 Algona (la.) Upp«r De* Mo!n*»-5 F. S. Norton 3c Son. m< Pratt Electric, repairs upp. dse. 52.08 2.00 Alma Pearson Clerk of the District Court Linnnn & Lvnch. Attorneys Algona, Iowa (Published Jan. 4, 1955, In The Algona down) Upper DCS Moines) State of Iowa ss. In District Court Kossuth County No. 7021 November Term. 1955 TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED. That .-in instrument of writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of William A. Barry, Jr., Deceased, dated May 28. 1!)51, having been this day filed, opened and read. Monday the I6lh day of January, 1056, is fixed for hearing proof of same at the Court House in Algona, Iowa, before the District Court of said County, or the Clerk of said Court', and at ten o'clock A.M. of the day above mentioned all persons interested are hereby notified and required to appear, and show cause, if any they have, why instrument should not. be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said deceased. Dated at Algona, Iowa, December •31. 1955. Alma Pearson Clerk of the District Court McMahon & Cassel. Attorneys Algona, Iowa (Published Jan. 4. 1955, in The Al- Rona (Iowa) Upper Des Moines) State of Iowa ss. In District Court Kossulh County No. 7010 November Term. 1055 TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: -• YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED, That an instrument of writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of .E. B. McCorklc, Deceased, dated September 3. 1051, having been this day filed, opened and read. Monday the 16th day of January. 1056. is fixed for hearing proof of same at the Court House in Algona. Iowa, before the District Court of paid County, or the "l"rk of said Court: and at ten o'clock A.M.. of the day above mentioned all persons interested ere hereby notified and required to appear, aAd show cause, if any they have, why instrument should, not be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said deceased. Dated at Algona, Iowa, December 28. 1955. Alma Pearson Clerk of the District Court H. W. Mll!?r. Attorney AlPona, Iowa (Published Jan. 4. 1955, in The Algona (Iowa) Upper Des Moines) - Council Minutes AlHPdHT FUMD Cresco Union Electric, elec. 25.01 Hall-StrahOrn, supp — 7.20 L. S. Muckey. repairs ... 3.00 Pfatt Electric, repairs 15.09 Municipal Utilities, watrr _ AM ' Parking Meter fund Ernest Hutchison, salary 245.91 Klopp Eng, Inc., repairs. .--- 3.35 Raymond Kfebs. expenses 27.35 Traf-O-Teria System, supplies.. -1.39 Debl Service Fund town State Bank, bonds & int. 15,081.BO Meeting adjourned to Dec. 20, 1955 at 7:30 p.m., „ Byron P. Richardson, Mayor Attest: Ivy'D. Scuffham, City Clerk Start Work On T-B Case Finding Joyce Hayden, R. N., county public health nurse, will begin work on the annual contact case- finding program, according to information received by Mr C. B. Murtagh, president of the Kossuth County Tuberculosis and Health Association. The search for possible but as yet unknown cases of tuberculosis in the corrtrnunity will be directed by the physicians and assisted by Joyce Hayden, R. N., public health nurse. Her job will be to work with, family physicians to locate persona who have been in contact, with others who have known tuberculosis. Hence the title of; the case-finding program: "Contact." The nurse will call in the homes of the persons who have been exposed to tuberculosis. She will arrange- appointments for all, persons whose skin shows a positive reaction. This 'does not necessarily mean that tuberculosis is present. The physician may refer persons for other ches't conditions. Information gather-, ed by the nurse will be strictly confidential. John Kenefick, president of the Kossuth County Medical Society, has indicated the profession's approval of the survey. Cost of the survey is borne by the local tuberculosis association and the Division of Tuberculosis of the State I%partment of Health. Christmas Seal funds help defray part of the expense of the survey. BEAVER Near Marengo, Danny Patterson and Richard Hinkle recently trapped a 50 pound beaver. It was,lho fourth beaver caught this season by the two-grade- school youths. IF IT'S -NEWS — WE WANT IT 14 Yorkshire gilts bred to Yorkshire boar to farrow in April. 4 Hampshire gilts bred to Yorkshire boar to farrow in April. 50 Yorkshire fall pigs. FULL LW. OF 1946 WC Allis C!;alr.:ers tractor with WD cult. 10-20 McD tractor on rubber, ^1945 Ford tractor complete with stepped up transmission, xult., plow, mower and dirt scoop. Woods combine. Roderick lean 15 ft. tractor disc. McDeering 3-14" tractor plow with slat mold boards. John Deere 3'14" tractor plow on rubber. Bennet stock cutter. David Bradley rubber tired 4-bar side delivery rake. 2-row Sears rotary hoe- McD No. 200 rubber tired manure spreader like new. Case wire type baler. 42 ft. wide type little Giant grain elevator with hoist and speed jack. Case 2-row tractor planter with fertilizer. Dcwid Bradley hammer mill with traveling feed table. Rubber tired wagon with steel flare box. Rubber tired wagon with flat bed 1 year old. Steel wheel wagon with box. Case spring tooth harrow. 4 section flexible drag. McD endgate seeder. Deering 8 ft. binder-windrower. 2 wheel trailer. MISCELLANEOUS - 300 gal. gas barrel on stand. 3 all-steel hog feeders. 10 x 28 tractor chains. 60 ,ft. endless hammermill belt. Steel chicken ne,*^. Steel tank with built-in hog waterer. Oil burning tank heater. Electric fencer. Power lawn mower. Electric brooder stove. Bicycle. 6 heat lamps. BUILDINGS AND FEED - Two 4-pen hog houses. 10 x 12 brooder house- 600 bushel oats—350 bushel are Nemaha oats out of certified seed. About 300 bales of alfalfa hay-wire tied. 6x10x40 silage in pit. POULTRY — 400 DeKalb Hybrid pullets, vaccinated, laying 60°°. HOUSEHOLD GOODS — Light finish desk. Singer sewing machine. Zenith gas stove. IH refrigerator 8.5 cu. ft. Studio couch. Blond book 2 occasional chairs. Oil burner. Bunk beds. Wardrobe chest- Console radio phonograph. Table and chairs. Apex washing machine less than 3 years old. 2 chests of drawers. Dressing table. 2 wool rugs. THE ^^•M ' ^H ^^HM^M ^^^Hl •• .-•' ^BLj*.,-...^-..,,--,j,,.«U. f - -«.-••.,—,..; F,B "WWt*,..3..' ....... • .f .^, . -- Jewel lea Lo \vili train one man immediately for its permanent sales staff. We furnish car — pay necessary operating expenses. Quality merchandise. Exclusive territory. Regular trading customers. Above average earnings with excellent opportunity for advancement. Retirement plan, life, medical and hospital insurance- Paid vacations. If you are interested in getting into the above $5,000 bracket, come and see Mr. O. E. Nunes at the Hotel Algona, Thursday afternoon, January 5, from 3:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. 6:30 P.M. to 9:30 P.M. — *or Friday morning from 9:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. ELMER FREIDEL CLOSING-OUT FARM AUCTION Since the farm has been sold, I will hold a public auction on the farm located 2 miles west and 3'/2 miles south of Algona Highway junction 169 and 18, or 2nd place south of county farm. 9 Sale to Start at 1:00 P.M. TERMS — Cash or make arrangements with your banker. No property to be removed from premises until settled for. Not responsible for accidents during this sale. Chester Farrington, «••« FARM MACHINERY IHC 1950 MD with lights, starter, 12x38 tires, wheel weights, chains. Heat Houser, in A-l condition; No. 448 4-row IHC Cultivat9r: 1939 F-30 Tractor with good tires; 1951 3-16" Plow, on rubber, slat bcliqms, A-l cond.; 1951 15-fl. John Deere Disc, 18" blades, steel boxings; 1954 IHC Tractor springtooth; 1951 25-V IHC Tractor mower, 7-ft.; 1951 IHC 4-row Corn Planter, 160 rods of new wire, A-l condition; 1952 IHC Side Delivery Rake; 1953 Curved Arm Stan Hoist Loader; 1951 IHC 5-seciion Draq with steel draw bar; IHC Endgale Seeder, A-l condition; IHC Manure Spreader. BUILDINGS — 4—12'xl6' combination Hog or Brooder Houses. 2 are two yrs. old and 2 are three yrs. old. These are as, good as new. 90 HAMPSHIRE FALL PIGS—-Average 40-50 Lbs. 2 COWS — 2 Guernsey Cows, both coming with second calf, one lo freshen in May and one by sale date. 3.100 BALES OF HAY—2,000 Bales Brorne and Alfalfa Hay and 1,100 Bales of Clover. All in barn. MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS — IHC 3S Self Washer Cream Separator, iisad iwo months; Gas Chicken Brooder, 800 size, 2 years old; Two infra-red Chicken Brooders, Electric, used 2 weeks, 500 size; One rubber-tired wagon with combination flat rack and grain box, built with 2" lumber. 2'x8'xl4'; 2—Rubber-t'red running gears with wood flare boxes—1 nearly new rubber tired gear with aluminum flare box, new; 2—300 aal. Gas Barrels, hose and stand; 4 Feed Bunks, 3x16, built out of 2" lumber, good as new. AUCTIONEERS' NOTE — No small items to be sold, only the larger ones listed here. Be sure to be on time as the auction will start with the machinery, which is in the best of condition. All has been in shed. TERMS: Cash, no properly lo be removed until settled for. Not Responsible lor accidents. The City Council met In ncljournod session Dec. 15. 1055 at 7:30 prifi. with the Mayor and nil Councilman present except Cook and Parsons. A City liability insurance policy \"nli the Indemnity Insurance Co. o£ North America, Philadelphia. Pa., was renewed for the year 1056. The resignation of Lewis K. Ferguson, as a member of the Board of Adjustment, was accepted. Builders permits were granted to Otto Westling, Lorrain Braun, Eppo Bulten and NW Bell Telephone Co. A Resolution adopted by the Algona Municipal Utilities requesting the transfer of $35,643.44 from the Light and Water Funds to the Street Fund, was read. A Resolution was adopted by the Council requesting the approval of the State Comptroller for said transfer. The following claims were allowed. General Government Fund Nancy Sands, salary 85.54 L. K. Ferguspn. salary . 16.77 Iowa State Bank, tax 36.00 Algona Floor Serv.. mdse 35.20 Koch Brothers, supplies — 21.20 Matt Parro1t & Sons, supplies.- 6.51 Advance Publ. Co., legals ...... 26.77 John R. Carroll, services - 963.21 j. Street Fund -Uess Lashbrook. salary - 137.68 ''Albert Perpnnde, salary 131.10 JGlcnn Burtis, salary 122.73 '•Richard Frambach, salary 97.24 ;Raym6nd Metzen, Jr., salary ... U2.2-! •lack Meirs. salary 100.5C 'Donald Frew, salary 112.50 .- nu<-'h M-ankl. salary 129.28 'John Bahr, labor 29.40 vicior J-Tideies, labor 17.4! L. K. Ferguson, salary 133.29 Iowa State Ban!:, tax 73.00 Lee M. Hatcher, labor 38.25 Glenn H. Miller, prints 36.59 .Collins, Thompson & Willis, ' eiig. ---,. 3,600.00 East End Foundry, mdse. 48.00 Algona Electric, install flasher 161.25 H. J. Cowan, mdse. 668.77 L. S. Muckey, supp. -- 1.10 Ready-Mix, concrete 361.01 Swartz Hdwe.. supp. _ - 2.71 Lyle Signs, Inc.. signs - 27.54 Michael Todd & Co., mdse. 89.96 Herman M. Brown Co., repairs 4.72 C-ibbs-Cook Equip. Co., repairs 3.00 Fort Dodge Limestftne Co., mdse. 3.15 W. C. Brown Supply, mdse. ..-118.00 Continental Oil Co., gas _123.20 Skqlly Oil Co., oil 23.70 Algona Imple. Co.. repairs 14.4S Algona Welding Wks.. repairs — 7.60 Greenberg Auto Supply, supp.-- 82.47 Hilton's Service, mdse. 15.20 Hovey Imple. Co., mdse .112.87 Kent'Motor Co., repairs 36.83 Kossuth Oil Co.. oil - 52.52 F. S. Norton &. Son, mdse. 31.19 Percival Motors, repairs .247.07 Peters' Texaco, mdse. 80.10 Ernie Williams, repairs' 3.25 Public Safety Fund Albert Bockelman, salary .288.93 Raymond Krebs, salary 250.30 A.-"C. Weishaar. salary 182.63 Richard Grocn. salary -- - 25084 Peter Jorgenson. salary 65.00 Albert Olson, labor ...... 35.23 James Stfbbins, labor 35.2cl Jacob Goddcn, labor Robert Steven, labor Henry Stebrit/, labor town' Stall' Bank, lax W. W. Sullivan. P.M.. rndse. Kent Motor Co.. repairs . .. Streucker'.s Service, gas Cily Clerk, adv. cash .... . Ira' Kohl, salary Algona Fire Co.. service Stoufl'er Fnv F.quip., supp. Hall-Strahorn. supp. Hilton's Service, gus Sanitation Fund Harry Ward, salary .... ...- ReukuB Hi-lmers. labor Reiner Hehniii-s. labor George \Vei«. Jr.. labor James Smith, labor Lee M. Hatcher, hauling Countv Treasurer, taxes . . City Clerk, adv. cash Mason City Bluenrinl. suup Delta Chemical Co.. supplies 35.28 35.28 20.82 122.20 301.1)2 . 16.21 3.15 . 2.04 20 0(1 .258 00 . 2 TOO .' 1.60 5.92 . 98 28 . 18.M . 3.78 . 17.15 . !)80 24.00 260.61 10.81) . 17.75 35.61 Quinn & Clark, Auctioneers Swea City State Bank, Clerk ELMER FREIDEL MOBILE HOMES TRADE NOW! Why not live in warmth! Get one of ours — They're warm! KING'S KOURT Trailer Sales Webster City, Iowa Phone 1261 14 tfn Yungeberg & Quinn, Auctioneers. Iowa State Bank. Clerk. FARMS FOR SAIF; or WANTED Loans — Free Inspection Farm Management EMMETT KNARY Phone 2291 — LuVerne. la. SWARTZ Algona HARDWARE Be Sure To Register A* Our Store For Free Hams '/2 PRICE-PAINTS '/2 Price on all discontinued colors of BPS Interior Paints- Gallons & Quarts Hoover Cleaner Specials! 39.95 79.95 Quaker Oil Burners 169.95 Quaker Gas Room Heater 150.00 Quaker Oil Burner 109.95 Delta Table Saw 38.50 $79.95 Value HOLIDAY TANK HEATER Only 2 Left, Now at each $104.95 Value LARK UPRIGHT With Cleaning Tools Fully Automatic. A $249.95 value, 1 only, with trade-in New with automatic controls, $198.50 value, 1 only | Brand new, only one left A $139.95 Value, special at Only one new saw left. A $44.50 Value Electric Jig Saw One only, a new saw Value $24.50 Boy's Bicycle 16.50 Used, but in very good condition - 9.00 10% DISCOUNT on bath scales, electric mixers, toasters, flat irons, waffle irons and blenders. ONE ONLY - NEW HOT POINT AUTOMATIC WASHER $90 For Your Old Washer IN ANY CONDITION AS TRADE-IN ON THIS $329.95 WASHER. 2 ONLY - NEW HOT POINT Refrigerators $75 For Your Old One IN ANY CONDITION AS TRADE-IN ON A S399.95 HOT POINT REFRIG. USED ELEC. RANGE Very good Hot Point, lighted pushbutton, 6 yrs. old 550.00 USED GAS RANGE Very good Magic Chef, only 3 years old --- S50.00 SWARTZ ALGONA HARDWARE Free Hants Given Away By These Algona Merchants Over the next ten days —January 5 through January 16 — wenty Free Hams will be given away! Two big Hams awarded every evening — two each day. Register your name in any or all of these store* — no purchase necessary. Names of previous day's winners announced in each store every morning. You can register during all of the ten days — every day if you wish — and all of the ten days and in any or all of these stores! • Algona Impl. Co. • Bjustrom Furniture Co. • Brandt Buick • Bradley Bros. • Coast-To-Coast Store • Consumers Super Mk. * • Diamond's Surplus • Elva & Jessies's • Foster Furniture • Fowlers • Graham's Dept. Store • Hub Clothiers • Harrison's • Hood's Super Valu • Kossuth Motor Co. • Kohlhaas Hardware • Langmack's Ben Franklin • J. C. Penney Co. • Richardson's Furniture • Rusk Drug & Jewelry • S & L Store • Shilts Shoe Store • Swartz Algona Hdwe, • Wiltgen Jewelers % lenders - And Be Sure To Look For The BARGAINS, Too i

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