Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 5, 1947 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 5, 1947
Page 5
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Reports Filed With Borough Board By Department Heads NAUGATCCK NEWS (CONN.), WEDNESDAY, FEB. 5, 1MT—PAGE *- Building Inspector Andrew Bentley Shows Construction Worth $4,500 A totiil » r $22,flli2.80 In property taxe .i svi?iv paid duvlnjr the 'past month. iU'c;>r(lln(: to u report of Tux C i> 11 « c t a o r Patrick T' s u b m I t t c d and nc- ceptod l:mt flight nt n meeting of [He bonr'.l of warden und bui'KCNHuH, Upon n'conmiemliitlnn of tho tax collator S-I37.UI) in uncollect.ible taxt-" were placed on Oho suspense HiiildliiK Inspoctor Construction totalling $4,500 WPS imported durinK Amutiry by Bulld- l!iK 'n.-tp^ctoj- Andi-uw Humify, with th !•(.•>• permits bclnfc I tuned und JO inspections made. The ivport included: Carl G. puli'i'son. P;irk avuntic. house col- jjir, .V.,00u; Theodore Russell, Rub- her iivpmii', factory uddlllon, S3,- (,00; P' J. -Hi-och, Mtirjoi-ic ^P.'f!. Kiiniu'e addition, $COO. I'ollct? Forty-twci nm-l'Ulnnce trips were made dui'inK tho p-ist month ac- cordini; t'J a repoi'l of Police Chief John •!. Gormloy. Time lost by reKu' 1 "' putrolmon totals cl^ht cluys; sp; duty 599 .hours; .Mtorcn and oflic^M four.d open, five; " ' Twcnty-Unce arroitw were m«do incltidin),' '-- mun and one woman, with casos us follows: Breach of pence, thri'.:: intoxlcutlcin. oni;; non-.-mppi'i't. threo; r.btalnlni; mnni'.v n/idci 1 fnl.-ic pretenses, one; theft, iint-: violation motor vehicle l;iw, IS; viol.'iiion parking mtittir.i, iii'Vi'i!. Oispo.Jltion was as follows: ,N'o: (,'iiilty. five: rolled, three. sin-el Deimrtnient Siipi-rinti'ndcnt of Streets Hai'Okl Jlui'thii !-ejiorti;d total payroll of :hf .-itivct clrpurtmont for Jiinuni-y tm 5-l,risa.T. l <. with the Itemix.ud r«-1 por; ln'ins;: Snow removal, $733.0.'i; I surulJiDs' strcrtx, .$"00.fi9; .siinitaryj SI-WIT t:on.-i:nietinn, Mlllvlllo mv-1 nuc, $-A'-X.2?>: street repairs, J.'J.'r,;) (listrlliution tu'td for w.ilUn. $'U8.J8: i,tr"i-t siw'iis. $f.ifi.22; railings. SS.'IO; .-Ii't'ot cleaninfi. 5>55.S'I; Police department, $-19.'l'l; vacation, $-11,60; comppnsation, .$83.10. Fire M:ir.sli:il The ropnrt of Fire Marshal Mi-, chii"! l r . Shi-a' Mhowod ' thn lone-] rnents of Mrs. Thomas Jackson, 22 South M.iln street, have hoen inspected and recommendation made that oil drums be removed from hall-way basement. Changes -were suKgnsted to the A,. & p, store on Church street In tho entrance and outlet to facilitate better exits. Klru escapes h-.ivc been Installed bv James Donnelly on Hillside avenue property to provide safely for occupants of house. The work was done on Mr. Donnelly's own Initiative. Several fires have heen caused recently nt the Falcon Bakpry duo to a keltic of grease being unod for cooking purposes without proper nts, The condition has ' been checked and changes being mada to ulimlnale the hazard. Mrs. K, p. O'Brien has been noti- llect to build an Incinerator at 2&-30 South -Main street, and Mrs. George Eron.-ion notilled lo remove shed on l?ubbcr avenue property. Mrs. Diamond on Cliff struct notified to con- •"'•uct incinerator. ,Oil burner nt •IB Cherry street Inspected; Waterbury concern notilled to cor- rccl oil burner leak at -15 Locust stri>ot; correction ordered to fur- .-lae.. oil burner at 3G Carroll .street. Mr. Gn-on-bhtt ordered lo clean year of rubbish near 417 North Main street. Reports sent to state tire marshal on amount of damage nt (Ire on property of Walter Boncal on Falrchild street. SUCCKSS STOltY Bnston (UP)—Jimmy Succo for- mvr Pacific coast litrhtweisrht and welterweight boxer who wound up brake after making $100,000 in SCO professional I'lRhts, is now a Boston tuxicab driver. He retired from thu ring in 1920. WK'UK AI/fKKING ouu STOKI<: Wiitch Us Grow! CORNER CANTEEN :!»2 No. Muln Strc«t "Uom" Tollcrlco, I'rop. FUR SALE NOW UNDER WAY !W >'. MAIN 8'1'JIKKT Wutcrlmry Tel. 3-2727 NO OTHER COFFEE 6IVES YOU... an d IVo oilier coffee offers more flavor thiin A&P Cofl'ee . . . because A&P Cofl'ce ia sold in the whole, fresh bean... tlieti Custom Ground exuclly ripht Cor your own cofl'eepot wlien you buy. And there's a blend to suit your (note...mild, medium or strong. So it's easy to see why A&P Coffee is America's most popular coffee, by millions of pounds! YOUR 1 Yon needn't pay high prices to enjoy fine coffee! 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'I drawer Dresser <20"x.13"), Mirror, 5 drawer Chest '19"x33"x-ix"). 2 Twin Heavy Host Hi'ds and Niljr Table to match. SALE PltTCK $2«4.00 Full si/e Bedroom Suites available on special order. Approximately •! to fi wpekii di-livory. The Jlliistr.-iled- Is SiTilihiv To Sok'ction Yon' Find On S;il<: LIVING ROOM PIECES BOUDOIR CHAIRS Spring i'ilh'd seats. Petticoat ruffled. Choice of on- chanting floral prints. • SALE PI?ICE $1(1.00 up TABLE LAMPS Variety of China and Brass bases, complete with shades. AT SALE PRICES Sola Innerspring; construction, hair filled, muslin under-covered. Grey Tapcsl'ry with.a'.Rose flo>-- al design. .,.Snl(. Pfir-o. $298. 1—Dniicnn F?livfc Sofa Mahogany framed sofa in a floral Wine 'Tapestry cover. Sale Price $J8fi. G —Barrel Bncb Chairs Vnriuty of Tapestry covers. Sale Price $80.50 4—Pillow Back Oliairs Innei'springr construction, hair filled, muslin under-covered. Colorful tapestry. Sale Prioo $140. 2—Lomiyc Chairs Leatherette covered in Green or Maroon, Innerspring construction. Sale Price $79.50 4 COXVK.vrKNT WAYS TO PAY CASH, 30 or HO BAY ACCOUNT . . . No 'service charge, of course. BUDOKT PLAN ... A yo;ir lo ],fiy. Slight, .charge for this service. MISCELLANEOUS SPrJCJA LS:— FLOOR LAMPS —Bronze finish basts with .a wide variety of shades.. SALE PRICK $ir,.05 SIMAfONS MATTR.ESSISS —Twin or full Fixe. SALK PRlCli: $34.50 HOLLYWOOD BEDS—Box spring nnd innorspring mattrcs.*. Choice of designs. Bug; $00. " SALE PRTCK $74.50 2—CEDAR CHESTS —One bleached mahogMnv, ono maple, SALE PRICE $: : !i).50 1.—SOFA. BED—Iiiiitorsprmg coiistrnc- lion. Bedding compartmonf. ". . SALK .PRICE $45.00' 2—5-PC. CHI7OMIO DINETTE SETS P<.ivdairt Tahlo. (^hromo plated Chairs —gracofully curved lulndar steel logs on fables. SALE PRICE, $74.00 JUST G—KNEEHOLE DESKS .23'x44". Handsomely styled \vitlr 9 spa-' csioiis drawers. Mahogany veneers and gumwoocl. - SALE PBICE $49.75 • f .,N 91-99 WEST MAIN STREET CORPORATED Store Hours Tuesday Thru Saturday 9:00 A. M. to 5:45 P. M. WATERBURY

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