The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 3, 1956 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 3, 1956
Page 11
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1":' , and usually S them lira - day; / w Jaiiti&r broken on the - best way to keep is tcr have a copy locked un draWelf. ;: Most .of us are h en, w,e resolve htlorjg -and when , pin r we g^t quite a ;i«,. the. region of the cons- rather u n p 1 e'a s a n t ' ' New 'Years re: solutions; have a pretty good chance of being broken is, no reason to keep from making them. The summing up of our faults .. and the recognition that we need to Change have : a therapy of their 'own. But if you tinker with the resolution' a little you can make 'em and break 'em quite painlessly. Jf you »use a negative , approach to the new year arid make the sqrt of resolutions I .have, you can easily keep as many as you Want to. But the real advantage to my new .system comes when you break ' a resolution • because yon can do this without .a 'Single twinge of conscience. In fact' the more yqu break, the better you feel. ; * « .* , I have hero a few samples of Grace's Negative Resolution System. You can make up your own as? you go along and it is also up to you to figure out youi 1 own method of breaking tnem. The first item is, I resolvu to stay away from church. I'll not go there more than once a month unless its to some social affair^ and when the preacher 'touches upon. one of my failings, 111 look the other way and think, "Ho means somebody else not me." Church aallendance might be habit • forming f ,mi from it I might get spiritual inspiration, a fresh start for a new . week and a sense of belonging to a congregation of people who are trying to live the right way. * * « . This year I am resolving to let my kitchen cupboards, closets imd dresser drawers stay messv Fibber. McGee got famous by letting things spew, out of his closet every time anyone opened the door and I might get some notoriety . that way, also. At least I'm sure my closets are fully as miscellaneous as Fibber's. ' .I resolve io extend my telephone conversations to at least thirty minutes. That way the ether party on our line will get io use the phone hardly at all. .'.'11 phone people up at quarter to twelve, both' at noon and in the evening, ask them what's new and I won't identify who's calling. When I have a busy day lined up, I'll get on the phone & waste simply hours. I'll never Jiang up when I'm through will the subject I've called abou), and I'll try to call you just when you're giving the baby a bath 01 shampooing your hair. « • « I'm going io get my column up to the. UUM laic every single Friday morning this year. That's real easy because I can always say the kids forgot to take "it or I couldn't 'think of a subject. I'm going to keep on misspelling words, talking about my relatives niul braijsing U'hen someone says something nice 'about me. I'm going tii leave at Jeasi one ingredient out of every recipe. When I hear of an item for Around Algona I'm going to send it in to the paper without ever chucking with the person it concerns. During 1956 I'm not going to keep up .with my mending. Fresh air is good fop Father's elbows when the sleeve;; of His work shirts wear out and the kids look charmingly casual when they have a big safely pin in their coats in lieu of a button. I'm not going to triko my make-up off when I go to bed, not going to pin-curl my hair between shampoos and I'm not going to clean myself up unless I'm going Io a big party. Above all, I'm going to keep Father away from that bath tub! . • • * This year I resolve to iallc more than I listen. Especially when there's a subject being discussed about which I know .'absolutely nothing. I'm going to interrupt very ruddy, fail to show my appreciation for favors, write DO letters and fail to compliment any job that is reasonably well done. I'm going to point out the shortcomings in my friends and overlook their good points. When the opportunity for cattyness conies, I'm going to say it riglV out loud instead of merely think it, • f • • In 1956 I'm going to fee the original Yev. girl. I'll nqt say No to any decent proposition if its a job for "Jim to do outside my home and hobby. It' anybody nii^ds any envelopes addressed in legible 'handwriting, any tiva- suiur's work done, campaigns for funds hfja'cled, bandages rolled or doorbells rung, Grace is youi girl, especially when the job calls foj> talent I do not possess. If nobody calls to solicit my aid, J'll volunteer, and to those people who have turned me down wJifff 4 Was out looking for workers, I vi'iJl tie insistaiit that 'they, let me help. •••• 1 .have- oodles of .time, ypu know-*-'' the housSe and kid s rill* themselves /and i tHj) only reason I hanker |o do more reading, writing, cooking and plain relaxing; is' to kill time. .-!•'•' ';» - • .*; •..'•* I aW .arcing lo,do a lot of worrying duririg the coming year. I m, going to fret and fume on all subjects from Atomic Bortibs to Zebras getting loose from the zoo. It will ;put lots of nice wrinkles "in my brow and more gray hairs jn my bangs. I'll really go all out with my worrying when it s over something that can t be helped or something that will never Tmppen. I might be able to develop an ulcer this Way or menage a pretty fair nervous areaktfown. ., Then I'll really, lave worrying material—lots of" nice doctor and hospital bills. • ' _ "*.' •», '« '• ,.', Other nasly trails on my nega- -ive New Year's resolution list are nagging Father, yelling at the cids, kicking at dogs, being mean o elderly ladies and impertinent to salespeople. I'm going o be extravagant with my fttpney, Wastefelft the kitchen Md it defiant fpfc it do» to . |f days old and for once I 'My| kept Several of my ,New .Yeak'i'fcsolu- tions. However 1 ,:' tMftf fieS 'quite a few I haVej jlreffd^w.broken, SUt -with my;V|if -••, ft|g8tive system the c^ash of each attd every resolve makes me' feel real good. I'm going; to, try ;to, -break more of .them.'"- > : ••-. ,'.,'• T'' ; ' : >' >"' ' )lh the jdhrtslftiaC Sail was 4 welconii; • "newscast^; -from the Gardiner Stillwe/is at Champaign, 111. MrsfjSjtillwell was Ruth Messenger -svho taught high school Ettiiish' here when we were in sclidBl.J.iThe message says thjit -, the redspa" their usual newscast , was omitted last yeai wds tHat Mcl ; StilLWell was 'jus! returning hom6 froKB months in a T.B. sanitarium^ I 'His health continues . to •-ijfe'f good ,. and hi^ X-raysjentirejy' laOj&fa'dtory. Ruth is 'still Writing •-.• "Stories 'N' iStuff", a children's program we pan hear on WOI and WSUI and work? .half-time at a radio station. The children are Timmy. almost , 13 and Susy, 10. Mrs Messenger, ;>'Jiuth's mother who also lived hefe', is spending the winter at .Edgemont, South Dakota. v." •-••.. -''*.•» i »• The cookies, turkey, fruit cakes, candies -and rich desserts the holiday season brings are wonderful ' but come , the first Week. in January, it seems kind of good to settle down to"plainer aln. That's you might if Ring f eeipfei id ,, during cofitest. : " f :, + • flMnbjji^f found beef -^ ^'lB."|rSuha pork ';, V4 cup chopped onions V Z labsp. choppsd celery , 2 ,,tsp.- sait/r '•§:;•''.• ..%' tsp. poultry geasonirlg n tsp\ pepper wf " , % tsj}, dry Bustard t'i^'; Mix these" '111 iog6im?, add the following which been'mlXed together: 4 slices bread ; •*A cup milk ' , ,' i« 2 beaten eggs V 'J/:,|i • l ; teasp. Wdrchestershire' r Bake at 350 degrees for 1' and 46 minutes. " . then have hour ; •"- ' Rusfler Units Met, St, .. St. Jae— The meeting soJ* the Riverdale Rustlers Unit 1 was held Dec; 20 in St. iTpseph'S-Schqql hall. • . •'.'.' '.", . ; •; ; M«ry Staudt, home eco'ndmist'; Was a guest. The evening v/as spent playing games and groufa singing of, Chnsfmas sorigs and a gift exchapge." Lunch : was served by" J6an Walter, ftulh Ann Klein, Patsy and Mary 'Alma O'Brien, Ann and Mary McGuire a.nd Karen Wingert. -v Riverdale Rustlers Unit II held their annual Christmas -party Dec. 20 in St. : Joe hall with ,21 members ansvvering, roll call. There were 11 guests present. After the meeting 'everyone' enjoyed garnes which were/provided ,by the committee, Mary Me'-' . Ka arid Kathryrt Odles. A GHristmas §klt Was also given. A, !x^ ch «% ! fe ^^$>, b y the commit- A 66 ' «u] h _Ari».-Klein, Mary and Ann McGuire, - Karen Wingert, Patsy and;. Mary Alma O'Bnen and Jo Ann Welter. Susanna Berte and. Shirley Bird will, be honored at a prenuptial miscellahetjus showef on Sunday, Jan. 1 at 1:30 p.m. In St. Joseph's Hall. Miss Berte, 'daughter of Mr and Mrs John Berte of St. Joe, Will be the bride of Merlyn Altman, son of Mr and Mrs John Altmah of St. Joe and Miss.Bird, daughter of Mr' and Mrs Francis Bird of ' p o r t Dodge, will be the bride of Harold Berte, son , of Mr and Mrs John Berte of St, Joe, in a double Wedding ceremony in St Joseph's Church here on January Mr and Mrs Clarence Smith and family spent Monday with friends in Hartley, Raymond Kohlhaas and son Howard were business cullers in Waterloo Tuesday. Rev. Frank Illg of Ogden spent Christmas and Monday here in the home of his brother, Mr and 'Mrs Art Illg and family, and other relatives arid, friends. Mr and Mrs/George Wagner and son, John, spent Thursday in Des Moines. CAN SWALLOW After five years, Marley Te Srotenhuis of Newklrk can swal- ow ,in a> normal manner. His throat was paralized following an attack of bulbar polio. Hypnotism s credited with removing the mehtal s.blpck which had kept Vim from swallowing. r Mr. and Jfttb.rned to Beriffu' after a' week's visit Rivgro's parents, Mr Effiest Christ. Mrs Rivero' .^ While Mr .RiVeroSs stationed „. Kindley Air Base. They traveled; by air. ' . Mrs Mary Zoller is visiting'in tH6 home of her son Wilbur and family at'Wells. Minn. Mrs Herir'y Kruse is a guest ot her son, Rev. Harlan Kruse and family. L. S. BOHAHNON We shoveled :and sanded the front 'walk of our store, and yet a customer 'slipped anH fell on ihe dry, floor Inside the More. She htfd ice stuck io her heel. Who's io. blame? Will a Storekeepers Liability Policy cover medical costs, damaged clothing, and legal costs if she sues for damages? For the answers to your insurance questions, feel, free to call me at the Bohannoh Insurance Agency, Phone 103. •s the word in our 100%Dupont •jew ' ei'""WHS}" >*>!•» ik. Orion Pillows (SUPER SPECIAL AT ONLY/ •^^( • • ~} ^^ *^ 4^ |The newest in pillows! V/onrferfuf,) miracle Orion, always springy •-soft, completely washable and '^expensive at this sale'price Mhey're dust-free, ollergy-free, mildew' resistant. Covered with slriped cotton ticking,/ — ----- SEAMLESS Contour-Fitted^ mattress pad & cover; 1 .TWIN 'SIZE FULL BED SIZE 3.97 famous __;,;. CANNON Sheets .72 X 108 - REDUCED FOR WHITE SALE ONLY ' J77 Ribbon tape selvage gives extra strength. Size tabs for easy selection in linen | closet. Strong sturdy sheets lliat stanat up Io years of hard use. REDUCED! 81x108 CANNON SHEETS 1.97 CANNON PILLOW CAS.ES. . 44# PACIFIC "Contour" Sheets TWIN SIZE |77 FULL SIZE A (ing mattress pad and. cov«r all in one. It ha§ no (earn to bother you. . . • lots longer becout* it can't pull j opart. RovorilbU for longer w»gr. ' Contour<stylfnq mtton^ aasler bad*' making, no shifting or lumping. Con* tains pure, fluffy, bleached filler, I double'dtamond lockstjtched Quilting ! to keep it In place. Sanforiled,«klrt. / FLEECY WHITE COTTON SHEET BLANKETS Bleached white choice cotton, extra l)>ick nap on Loth sides, Lotlc .stitched ends. Easily washable. $0x76 inches. WHITE SALE SPECIAL CHATHAM "GRENADA" NYLON BLEND BLANKETS 72x84 inches. Dqraloom satin binding. Beautiful solid colors. 27-INCH WHITE OUTING FLANNEL V Excellent quality. Extra thick nap both sides, yd, SPECIAL! HEMMED, BLEACHED WHITE DISH TOWELS Absorbent, lintless, 30x30 inches, SPECIAL! SHARPLY REDUCED. Sanforized for permanent fit. i "SUPERFLECTION" IMPORTEO PILLOW CASES * * tine, Ueached, snowy white, 42x36. Heriinied, ready to oae, «UITE SALE SPECIAL. V*l STAMPED TUBING PILLOW CASES ~ Hemstitched, ready fo use after eir-fcrpideiy. JVfjJTE §ALE SPECIAL- BLEACHED MUSLIN PILLOW TUBING . ' 42 inches wide, Liqen-llke finish/ SPECIAT..- y j- . MESH DISH CLQTNS,UH((E S|?E, WHITE SALE SPECIAL EA,,. 6c DACRON& NYLON Double Selvage Bath Towels by CANNON ONLY 9w Dacron and Nylon Double Selvqge for Added Strength, Maximum 1 Wear (/ Rugged Service Smqrt carefree colors. Beauti-fulff finish for luxurious texture. Stock up now on these fine towels ot this low price. 'HAND SIZE M Ae TOMATCH---- Sir* WASHCLOTHS m^t TOMATCH---. 1®* t regular, re!iceb AUTO, SERVICE AT Kossuth Motor Co SW of Courthouse Square Algona Iowa '• €> Complete Service on All Makes Lubrication — Washing '— Polishing Wheel Alignment and Tire Balancing Complete Overhaul and Engine Tune-up Expert Body Work of All Kinds Expert Car and Truck Painting • We Carry Large Stock Genuine Chev. Parts I ll $M SEE IHESI! '53 PLYMOUTH 4-Door Sedan Blue finisli^— with overdrive In lop good condition. 1952 PONTIAC 4-Door Sedan Complete with all equip- .•nent like Radio, Heater, Defrosters, etc. '51 CHEVROLET 2-Door Sedan 'owerglide —f A very extra clean car — Very Low Mileage, '51 CHEVROLET 2-Door Sedan Equipped with Powerglide — In nice shape — Exlra Clean. '51 PLYMOUTH 4-Door Sedans Two of these offered — Very good — Your Choice. '50 CHEVROLET 4-DoorSedan Really good — Has Power- glide. A Besaui of 9 Buy For Omy — 1951 NASH 4-Door Sedan Equipped to a Fare You M- «~7 • , A Very Nice Vehicle. Good Selection of Used C«rs Prfced From $65 to $300 otor Co. SW of Courthouse Square jp

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