The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 3, 1956 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 3, 1956
Page 7
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January 3,1956 Maynard Roeber Whittemore Yule Winner a of /the ^ Roeber rearranged . his decoi rating this year 1 and added eriof* rnOUsinote display, fie had San* ta ( Ciails With nis Sleigh and his reindeers, on thi ground, which he had on the real of his house biheryears.* HpValso had a big Santa Glaus,,with,a big sack 'on his back; afid eafdl sihgers under ah old fashibned "lamp post. All e ve; brightly lighted, find dtf i thfe J south side of his hotise " . a" hugs, star lit ufc arid •an eight foot candy cane. '• Er,wiJi Siems won second, Whole south side .of his hotise and yard was lit up with light, strings and large^stafs of Various colors. 'Tames Mueller Woh 'the third prtee with lighting of various colors around his large picture' window, and a,b*aiitiM large .Christ- Jfta§ Wee ih { the room in front of the large 'Window. • .Alfred Bell won fourth With his all?: blue bulbs lighting. Two large, evergreen trees ..jvere illu- minated 5 with blue lights large-; star With red lights!. St. Michael's Catholic c,.^«« had a Nativity scene which ^as beautiful and displayed cptslele with lighting, showing the' Child in the crib' with Mary afifeW? seph watching Him. Near.,-bWtre Three Wise Men'and their Snlep. 301h Anniversary -..V ;.-.. Mr and. Mrs George Maahs f deli ebrated their thirtieth Wedding anniversary at their home : last week Friday,' Dec. 23 with theif immediate family. Mr and MVs * aahs Were married December 23, 1925, bv the late Rev. William Faitlstich here in Whillemore They moved to their farm tw miles southwest of Whittemor where they farmed for 25 year' They retired from the farm an! built ,a new home in the sout part of town in 1850 and bough a business here, the Cozy Inn which they operate. They ar the parents of six girls and foil boys. •.' f . Mr and Mrs' Raymond Voie are parents "Of a daughter born at the Memorial Hospital at Em metsburg, Wednesday, Dec. 28 They have two other children, a boy and a girl. Among the students who are attending Lores college at Dubuque and are spending their Christmas vacation with their re!-,•'•*"$ I ?£> ect ive parents are Merle Kol- mSk lasch, Jack Geelan, Charles Bor" ' manni Clete Besch, Armand El- •bert..-. Louis . Kollasch, Charles Ju&t Receivt Tire $1011 e TIRES at Drastically Reduced Prices! famous firegfone SIZE 6,00-16 PLUS TAX and your -i r I tacappabf* tlr* o'Sv, $192 DOWM D*itv«nAnr Fir«»tone Pat»eng»r Ttrf | BIG 'SAyiNG'SvALL: D'OWN'THE I jL,li *• • '*•**•* uio r xvuiiabUII, O'Brien and John Duffy. ,?: Donald Uhlenhake, son of Mr ,Kand Mrs John Uhlenhake, of fhere, a student at-the A. I. B in ;Des Moines was recently initiated in Phi Theta Pi, .international honorary business fraternity. Donald is taking a junior ac- I counting course at the A. I. B. , /Mrs Clara Thul and sons James .and John are visting with the former's daughter and family, Mr and Mrs Ben Hein at Ponca .City, Oklahoma. ' .Ralph Sebers, and Donald He din, and Eunice Maahs, returnee here from Aurora, 111., Thursday afternoon. . The boys returned Monday evening, Jan. 2, to attend college and employment. Mr and Mrs Mejvin Heinrich entertained a number of friends at; cards Friday evening. Present were, Mr and Mrs ' Elmer Ostwald, Mr and Mrs Harold Zfm- mermass and sons Mickey and Allen, Richard-Meyer, Mrs'Doro- thy Rosendahl, and Walter Meyer. Mr and Mrs Archie Voigt, and Mr and Mrs Herman Voigt enjoyed an evening of pinochle at the home of Mr and Mrs George Meyer. . . • Many from Whittemore attended; the funeral of Mrs Frank Tjetz of Algona, held Friday afternoon in Trinity Lutheran church. Present were Emil and Frank Schumacher, Mr and Mrs Archie Voigt, Mr and Mrs Andrew Funk, Mr and' Mrs Theodore Biersted, Mr and Mrs Ed- Win TietE 'and family, Mr and Mrs' Alfred' Bruhn, Mr and Mrs Bruhn, Mathilda Meyer, and Mrs Herman Riggert,-Mr and Mrs Rudolph Hanover, and Mr and Mrs William Hanover Jr. Harold EsSer of Moab, Utah is visiting here with his parehts Mr and Mrs Joseph Esser. Ruth Braatz, of Fort Wayne, Ind., is Vlstihg here at the home of her parents, Mr and Mrs Louis Braatz, Mr and Mrs Werner Braatz and famil.y of Tripoli were weekend Visitors at the parental home. Pvt. Darrpld Elbert of Fort Bragg, N. C. is visiting parents, Mr and 'Mrs E bert. • '••-,• A2c Eugene Montgomery, Camp Sheppard, Texas, is visiting at the home of his grandmother, Mrs P. L. Stainbrook. Miss Emmogene Ostwalt, Me- mence, 111., and her brother, William Ostwalt, of Milwaukee, Wis., are visiting with their grandparents, Mr and Mrs P. J. Fuch~"in. Charlotte Meier,, student nurse it the Naeve Hospital in Albert Lea, Minn., with her parents Mr md Mrs Theodore Meier. Mr and Mrs Vernoh Weber and amily of Spokane, Wash., are •isiting here with, the former's arents. Mr and Mrs Simon Webr. Mr and Mrs Ellsworth Heiden- 'ith entertained Mr ar,d Mrs Elner Ruhnke and family of Lotts reek, and Mrs Mathilda Meyer 1 » c » arc ' s last Monday evening. Mr and Mrs Thomas Dunphy, and Mr and Mrs George Meyer were entertained at pinochle at the home of Mr and Mrs Arthur Heidenwith Wednesday evening sen. Piclured above are Mr and Mrs Harry Bode, in a ?!?' laken , Dec> 27 ' as the V observed their Golden Wedding anniversary, reported in detail in last week's Algona tfpper Des Moines. The piciure was laken al the Johnson house, where ihe family group had dinner, following a special High Mass at St. Cecelia's Catholic chutch ',£«•„ ,?i otn l n 2- ^ Bod .« only recently retired from an active life of larming, and are now living in Algona. (Upper Des Moines foio) LONE ROCK NEWS By Mrs Clarence Kraft 7 Months -Old Baby Will Survive Spinal Meningitis Mr and Mrs W. J. Cotton at- ended the wedding and recep- ion of Kaye Fredicksen and Neil Christenson at the Congregational church in Humboldt Wednesday evening. Mr and Mrs E. A. Lee attended he wedding of Madonna McGuire at the Methodist church in Algona Wednesday. Mr and Mrs Frank Flaig, Mr md Mrs Roger Jensen, Kathy and Rodney, were guests Friday Swea City—Christmas at th Melvin Krumm home in Swe City this year was one the fam ily will long remember. Th baby, Gary, who passed his 7 months birthday on Dec. 24, i home for the first time in weeks Best of all, he has been dismiss ed from a Rochester hospital, ai on the way to recovery. 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Muriel Nordine visited at the Albert home at Clear Lake from Monday till Thursday. Mr and Mrs Merton Larson and family spent the Christmas holidays at the parental Martin Larson and Idella Hallman, homes in Decorah. Mr and Mrs Robert Anderson and son Roger of Fenton called Monday evening at the Clarenc Kraft home. Mr and Mrs Mauric Weisbrod and Terry visited ther on Thursday evening. Mr and Mrs Marlin Bausman returned home Thursday aftc visiting the parental W. C. Bans man home at Schallsburg, Wise Whjile there they attended the class reunion of Mr Bausman's Known throughout the oil Industry as,.. The Low Wear rate Motor Oil! have him home," say his parents, who have spent, most of the time since Gary's birth in seeking medical help for the tiny boy. , : Gary was a strong, healthy baby at birth. His five older brothers and sisters all were healthy children, too. But in early July, when Gary was 6 weeks old, he became desperately ill. The young parents heard the dread verdict — spinal meningitis. His life was despaired of. At last doctors were able tti perform a craniotomy, draining off the pus that had accumulated on the baby's brain. He became stronger, little by little, and at last, in August, was able to be brought home. But the Krumms weren't 'out of the woods' yet. Later checkups (revealed that the meningitis had .eft Gary with a rare disfunction- . ing of the portion of the •brajrj; ( which regulates the absorption of spinal fluid*., -Normally this fluid' is 'assimilated -into :the ; bloo'd, stream by action of .the brain. Since little .Gary's . illness had 3een so grave and deposits of pus had formed in the brain for ome time before they could be emoved, it was no longer possi- ile for the excess spinal fluid to ' ie disposed of as it normally ' vould. As recently as four years ago, is case would have been hope- ess. It might not even have been diagnosed, and certainly would have been impossible to cure. Biit research scientists have worked out a technique by,which an extremely skilled surgeon may be able to connect the patient's spinal cord to the stomach, Phan*7M Tirt Headquarters Kossuth Mutual Insurance Assn. IOIA SWFfHAM, Svc'y, IKIUY FORTIFIED TAOOIENE H.D. MOTOR Oil POES All 4 OF THESE VITAl JOB! MTTE* THAN ORDINARY OIU. I. PROPER tUSRICATION. You ««l In. Itent, <ompl*t« lubrication. Tagol*n« H.D. Motor Oil flowi fott in cold w*ath*r, ytl holdi iti stability und« intini* tngln* htot, >. lf» MAINTENANCE. Your *ngln« rtayt cl*an. D*ttrD*nt-dliptriiv* addltiv«i klip for«lgn matt«r In iviptnilon until iif\n»i with ytur motor oil. IEHER PERrORMANCI. A proptrly fvbrlcattd, cltantr «ngin* ntan\ \,u frle. Won drag, Un *ngint knock, fr««.actin| pi»ton» and ringi. So you g*t top pow.r, imopthtr ptrformanct. 4. IOWER CONSUMPTION. Fortifi«d Tag. •l»nt H. D. Motor OH "itand. th* ga«" yndtr Intent* h*at of high-ip*id operation -^» rh«r«'i |*w "bvrn-ort"—bwir addtd •juartt b*tw**n changci. DRAIN ANP CHANGE NOW I SCOBBA'S SKELLY SERVICE Comer But Stale fc Colby Phone 788 Moaie by means of a tube. This tube carries the excess spinal fluid to the stomach, where it is relayed to the bloodstream by the digestive processes. This is the operation performed on little Gary Krumm at the famed Mayo clinic at Rochester is one qualified to perform the ex- remely delicate neuro-surgery. le is Dr. Dodge. (University hospitals at Iowa City also have one surgeon on their staff who can perform the operation). The Mayo clinic doctors frank- y told Gary's parents that there would be risk—great risk. "We knew and understood this," say the young couple. "But it was Gary's one chance. We had to give him that chance." Tho operation was successful. Baby Gary, who will, in all probability, always wear a tube in his stomach, is thriving. Best of all, doctors say he will be able to live a normal life. The family physician only shakes his head and says, "It's a miracle!" Mel Krumm is cashier of the Swea City bank and secretary of the school board. His pretty Louisiana-born wife is the former Carolyn LeCompte, whom Krumm met during World War II when he 'was a member of the Coast Guard. The Krumms have m a n y friends in this community. Mel was born and reared here, and has been a popular and efficient employee at the bank. The family are communicants of St. Mary's Catholic church at Armstrong, and Mel is a promoter of various movements for community welfare. So it was natural that some of his friends and neighbors should give thought of the Krumms and their long and costly battle with sickness. Accordingly, a plan was quiet- y set in motion, Main Street Viends were contacted, and a :und was started in the Krumm's behalf. On Christmas day, when the reunited family were enjoying one another's company and the joy of the day, a knock came at the door. Editor Bob Schwartz, the Krumm's neighbor Arthur- Peterson, and a friend, Raymond Johnson, handed the family an envelope. Inside it were a " Christmas card, a list oi and a gift of over $300.

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