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The News Tribune from Tacoma, Washington • Page 7

The News Tribune from Tacoma, Washington • Page 7

The News Tribunei
Tacoma, Washington
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17 aaUiS TACOMA DAILY NEWS TACOMA WASHINGTON MONDAY APRIL 8 1912 REHEARING DENIED The Grocery Section Will open In a few days watch for date Delleatee-sen Lunch Counter and Usylfgh: Bakery In SweetPet Seeds third ahis-ment from the famous Memo forma Including the mueh-wantod a newer varieties all colors Pkge Ov packages Ike) If jroa plan Uu ehurches an taking up tha tunttoo and I noticed la a Near York paper tha jthw dap that oaa branch of the Protectant church I luat remember which had pronounced againot youthfal awrrlaaea and would retime to aaaetloa nniona whan tha were andor certain agaa "And epeaking of did yon meet Mr Booth whoa ho wan ben lent pear? He la a tall hondonmo ROOSEVELT AGAINST RECIPROCITY MEASURE Mil GALLS Oil PRESIDENT TO REPUDIATE Sale of Gowns and Suits Charges High-handed Methods in Kentucky Bases Challenge to President' Taft to Act on Accusations Made by Defeated Candidate for Governor not WASHINGTON April hearing of the so-called monopoly" mimeograph egven wee refused today by the L'nlred States supreme court March 11 the court decided that In riling a patented machine tlm patentee uln tv require the purchaser to use only cn supplies for the machine an are jrchased from the owner of the patent notwithstanding that the aupiuiea ore not petenlkble The government Jollied In the application for a rehearing and asked to be mode a party to the ease The rules of the court provide that reheating will net bo granted anises a Justice who concurred In the Judgment desires it No reason was announced for the action today FlielPDESSES Jew Declares He Would Fight for Flag Remembering Conditions Whence He Came Radical Price Cuts on All the Finer Garments in Stock the Suits Gowns and Dresses in our French rooim have been placed on the quick clearance list and will be offered at special prices this week All the pieces and the imported models together with the copies of foreign made gowns will be included It is impossible to give a description of each model here but as a visitor to our French rooms YOU well know what they are They comprise novelty suits party and reception gowns dresses for afternoon and evening wear an irresistible display $10000 Saits and Gowns $6950 6950 Suits and Gowns $4950 4950 Suits and Gowns $3950 WASHINGTON Ol CL April l-4n an open letter to President Tuft given out at Roosevelt headquarters hero today Senator Joseph Dixon campaign manager for CoL Roosevelt declares that the President will "become tha deliberate receiver of stolon good" it ho does not repud lots the action of certain federal office holders In the Kentucky elections Saturday end institute proceeding Senator Dixon's latter was sent os the I Judge Has It Displayed During result of a telegram received from (PRear former chief Justice of the supreme court of Kentucky and republican candidate for governor at the loot election This telegram sent Sunday was oo follows: NEWLY-MADE Morris Raphalowitz Russian After-Easter Alarm Clocks Good time keepers: clear alarm Special a strong 59c 84-Inch Wire Screens special tomorrow per run- nlng foot UKOLZUX LUSTXB A special preparation for your linoleum worth 86c a 'inert Bpe- 69c rial TOOLS pom BHV Children's three-piece Garden Seta hoe rake and shovel 49c 36c 32c and Osrden Trowels rial Ruke 12-tooth rise OKji each Uv Hoe good steel hoe 24c GAB- for Spade Inng 78c Yilue handle: 59c All Buy future $1750 $2000 $1250 9 900 $1250 $2250 $3000 600 $2500 $4250 $2500 $1750 $2900 $2750 $3760 $42-50 $4250 $8750 $25 Tailored 8uit $1975 We have 57 handsome new Spring Tailor Suits in mannish serges fancy mixtures elegantly tailored garments Regularly $2500 values Sale price vq "WE tomorrow lafa i To Impress applicants for naturalllxa-tlon papers with tha fact that tho Stars and Stripes represent tho flag of authority in this country a large American flag In hung across the front of Judge court room today Between 30 and 40 applicants for naturalisation papers appeared before the court today and were given a rifld examination touching 1 heir views on anarchy and polygamy membership in the organisation st Homo colony and their beliefs regarding the right of tho United States government to exordia authority In thia country The examination! are being conducted Room Size Rags on Sale your rug now null deposit kolds guy ng for delivery teBTTSSV1fi BUGS 9 xl2 ft Seamless Brussels Rug $1290 xl2 ft Seamlrss Brussels Buga $1580 ft Seamless Brussels Bugs 8J8 6 9 ft Seamless Brussels Rugs 695 7x 9 ft Seamless Brussels Bugs 9JJB 11x12 ft Seamless Brussels Rugs $1675 lOxtl-C ft Seamless Bmels Rugs $1985 4x 7ft ft- Seamless Brussels Rugs 4-85 AXXIHSTER RUGS 9 xl2 ft Axmimrter Bugs $1895 10ftxl2ft ft Axminster Bugs $2975 8ftxl0ftft Axminster Bugs $1695 I I ft Axminster Bugs $1185 BODY BRUSSELS RUGS 9 xl2 ft Body Brusoelg Ruga $2290 8ftxl0ft ft Body Brussels Buga $2148 10ftxl2 ft Body Brussels Buga $2085 lOftxllft ft Body Brussels Bugs $3490 BOYAL WILTON BUGS 0 xl2 ft Royal Wilton Ruga $3175 8ftxl0ftft Royal Wilton Bugs $2690 What ovni Chaigai "Later returns give Roosevelt first district but chairman of McCracken county who la deputy postmaster at Paducah eigne Taft certifies tee although Roosevelt carries county by 1000 to 117 In Carlisle county Roosevelt hod nil but three: of whom was the chairman but postmaster eigne Tuft certificate: The district chairman Is post master at Mayfield Nothing so nigh-handad has over developed In Kentucky politics" Benator' Dixon In hie letter declared that federal office holders supporting President Taft are specifically charged by Judge O' Rear with violating the law the civil service regulations and fxec-utlve orders aye Acte Constitute Theft "In plain language: these atce constitute theft smidthe letter "Unless they are promptly repudiated by and those who committed them are mediately cited to trial you cannot escape the charge of being willing to profit knowingly by such theft In other words you will become the deliberate receiver of stolen goods "Failure on your part now to net in prompt rebuke end punishment of these crimen can only convince the whole country that the assault on your honor by your subordinates 'In Kentucky la Justified Win Take Matter Raton Congress "I coll on you not oa a candidate for renomtnntton but os President of tho United totes to issue on order to the offtoe holders of Kentucky to cancel their Illegal action I call on you as President of tho United litotes to punish these men guilty of violating tho civil service rules end the orders of your predecessor I coll on you President of the United States to force tho Benator Dixon said that ha had sent the reports to the civil service commission In giving out the letter he said tho matter would bo congress within 34 hours" cf)L0NEL NAIL JELLY TO THE WALL Soltven Metaphor on Attache MeXlaley In Monte Statelet DECATUR 111 April In the district of Congressman McKinley manager of President Taft's campaign CoL Roosevelt today took the cudgel againot the congressmen Tho first of his six speeches was made at Clinton where ho said: understood Mr manager McKinley said some time ago that this district was for Toft to a man but apparently ha waa mistaken 1 understood ho told you last week that Mr Taft waa not a politician and that he and tha other Taft workers groaned every day because ha was not Mr whole cs entrusted to as thorough-going politic la ns so there ore in tha United States Messrs Tawney Barnes Penrose Qal-lingor Cannon Guggenheim Lorlmer and others with whom Mr McKinley la associated I "JI I r'l 4 4 Vi i Ji -i fr I'V' '53 i j'y Pi A T5j v- t- ''Ac' Sit pity ty-11 Declares Me Weald Merer of Mm la MATTOON 11L April CoL Itoose-velt put himself on (tend todap an dl-irrtlp oppooed Praeldant Taft on the subject of reciprocity Ho declared ho would never naoetlon the re-introduction of such a measun aa the Canadian re-ciprocltp bill pained bp congress last pear Viola Carver Shuns Eyes of the Curious Crowd District Attorney Asks More Time and Arraignment Is Delayed Until April Girt Is Cheerful LOS ANGELES: April When the cose of Miss Viola Carver the Tacoma girl charged with the murder of Edwin Edge: was called in police court today on agreement Was announced between the district attorney's office and counsel for the defense for an adjournment until April tT at which time It waa said formal arraignment would bo held It was understood the delay waa made on the request of the district attorney's office: which wished to tnako further Investigation Into tha girl's ease When Min Carver appealed in court today the court room was crowded She at once placed herself behind a bookcase and did not appear until ahe Joined the officer to return to the county Jail Bin appeared to be a cheerful spirit Ten Cash Contributions to Fund Received Today Tho receipt of 10 more cash subscriptions for the Early Xtellof Fund to bo used In buying a homo for tho wife and children of John Early tha former soldier who contracted leprosy in tho Philippines was reported this morning by tho committee of Bpanlah-Amerioan War Veterana in charge of the campaign Tho subscriptions follow: John Ware Puyallup moving picture theater S0 XL Rawlings 800 John Price 608 Montesano Aerlo Fraternal Order of Eagles Peps Alexander Shorten Liberal Engraving company Tacoma Tent A Awning company Standard Paper company Tacoma Paper and Stationery com- OOOOOaSeOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOO The Imperial Cafeteria Inform od tho committee today that It will donate to thefund 5 per cent of its groan receipts for this week Tho committee accepted the offer DUdor $1000 Bond Hicks 301 Bankers Trust building who ia chairman of tho relief committee of John Thompson ramp 8 Is treasurer fur the fund Contributions may be sent direct to his office Tho causa ia one of tho worthiest ever presented to Tacomnns and the call for funds probably will bring a generous response Early has been appointed an attendant at the Diamond Point Marine hospital but provision must bo made for the care of Mrs Early and her three little children Since her husband my pronounced a leper Mrs Early who is only 26 years old hoe faced a problem that would have oroken the spirit of many an older woman but she has home her tragedy courageously Tho fund will bo used In purchasing a homo for her and tho children near tha Diamond Point hospital EARLY RUSH UNLIKELY Opinion of A Btasroti Baopite Roily Brooking of Boring Boa Xoa Despite tho foot that tho lee probably will break up early in the Bering see this year it la not likely that there will be on early rush to Nome and Bt Michael according to A Bterrett manager of the Pacific Cold Storage company According to the regulations of the underwriters veaaelo ore not allowed to peso Into tho Bering sea until Juno I course there probably will bo an early boat that will take the risk there generally la but the othara wilt go up about the same aa they liavo in the pest" mid Mr HteiretL The cadltahlng schooner Fortune of tho Blom Codfish company will leave for the Bhumagln inland fishing banka at midnight or tomorrow morning JURY AGAIN DISAGREES IN SUIT FOR DAMAGES After considering tho cam from 4 Snturdxv afternoon until noon Sunday tha Jury in tho 8(8008 damage suit of Cariiy Cunlda agalnat tho Pacific Natkmnl Lumber company for tho death of her hiinhand reported to Judge Kaatenlav tlint they could not agree and were dlachnrretl Tho vute stood to I The cam haa been tried twice and each enao resulted In a disagreement Caaoa Sows Payallup Canoeing on the Puyallup river la rlcaaiMit but not exciting according to lenry-Fnm who with Varo Norria and Wedell FohO raddled from Puyallup-on-Ptiyulltip to Tacoma yeaterilay afternoon The voyage waa mode In about four hours moat of the work being dune by the currant of the rlvox The Prices Are Cat On Blankets $350 extra heavy single Camp Blankets for Tuesday $249 $700 Government 8-pound Blankets $575 $350 Lounging Robe all styles with cordf275 Adeline Dunlap of Madame Has Become Mrs Booth The Titian-Haired Emotionalist Hungers for Comedy as Relief From Trying Role Proposes Home for Indigent Poets (By Berthe Knatvold) The ruby-haired emotional let who left hen last year plain Adelina Dunlap returns Just aa ruby-hatred Just briliiantlp emotional and with tha added novelty of lonely honeymoon hovering about her and tha dignity of a tacked on to the end of the And Tacoma has a lot mote to do with the elongation and dignifying of tha name than this modest dtp would aver give Itself credit for were the facts not brought out conclusively bp Miss Dunlap excuse me lira herself When visited at tha Tacoma hotel this morning that cliannlng lady Just finished selling her hair which bp the wap Is one of the traditional rites of playtr klk stopping here where of nil pieces on 'the niup tua water Is the softest and the cleanslngest "It all happened here during my laet pngrpement- In Tacoma" oho said fluffing the wet red tresses Into a becoming ruddy frame for hrr almost pallid "right hero in this hotel and yesterday 1 gut two telegrams from him reminding me of the circumstance ss though 1 would lie apt to forget it! Who la heT Why you know? Mr Booth Charles Booth who was the manager of our company lost season It wan here In thin very hotel that he told mo he loved me and that 1 told him I would marry him And I did too when wo got to Dallas Tex on our wap back to Now York from the Const Now go ahead both say nil tiia mushy bro-mldo things wo are thinking: a woman only loves a man what if ahe does have to spend her honeymoon atone? etc llo ahead Just got to talk about him and everything that can bo said on tnCso occasions lias been said until become broinidic Bo not rare about that but go on for a while talking bromides about being in An attempt was made to veer tha emotional saila around into tha warm breeso of "Madama but it mot with failure: Bomethtag for Andy to Do talk to me about I word to say no weary of a stags life of woe that ready to start a comedy crusade Hive me comedy or give mo la going to le my slogan hereafter There are two things I love to play comedy and spnid other people's money 1 have been spending about $3000080 of money this morning Poor Car-necie! If he knew how many of his millions I had spent for him going about the country be wouldn't frisk about over the Hootch heather as carefree as he dues Tills morning I was building a home for indigent poets here in Tacoma the Oarneglo treasury furnishing the funds Now do you know this is perfect place for In- spiring mountains thrilling water glimpses singing forests I have si ways contended that the Carnegie libraries were a doubtful blessing but that institutions for the encouragement of living writers would benefit the world far far more than tha mo rehouses for the books of dead writers 8a having found the Ideal location for my pet home for poets I set about this morning building it out of Mr gold sacks Biased Path for Woodrow "I have had a lot of Ideas in my time that have been laughed at and later tasen up by philanthropists and maybe sometime tlio Home' will materialise I remember when I first went to New York and started to do settlement work I was always determined to ho a philanthropist whether I wee starving or not 1 was appalled by the number of Idle men the city was supporting Men who wouldn't work If they could lay round until they were picked up and carted off to Blackwell's Island and fed and clothed and housed at the public expense: I conceived the idea that the government ought to draft such men Just as It would soldiers In war and send them west where there was a crying need of labor to dig ditches and push tunnels Those who would work would get paid and those who would not would lie accorded the privilege of starving: My goodness! you ought to have heard the trouble my little theory stirred up in my sottlcm-nt district Well did you notlco that Woodrow Wilson has advanced just such a theory lately? And fipsoktng of Marriages contention of mine wee printed with comments in the New York lourniil while I wts still the phlfan-throphy business I oelleved and still believe: that people should be prohibited from marrying under a certain 13 for the women and 18 for the men Everybody laughed at me then But Northwest Grocery Co RETAIL DEPARTMENT Bniineu never wae better with ua than it ia how The public appreciate the fact that hoping for cash ia tha only aystem- Several changes during the week put but our prices are atilt right A few COCOA COCOA Win Baker's Cocoa white present stock lasts ft-Ib tins B0 1-lb tins i 354 Cocoa in hulk per lh 25f EGGS EGGS All Local Ranch per doxen 2Syif BUTTER BUTTER Fresh Eastern Creamery in bulk per lb E4 Fresh 'Washington Creamery in liricke per lb S7J48 CHEESE CHEESE Now Full Cream Oregon iEJJie Full Oesm Eastern BB) MEATS MEATS Lost call at these prices Homs mihl cured 104 Breakfast Bacon sugar cured 170 Slioulders J2d C0FFEE- -C0FFKE Kniliing "Just aa good" as our 85f A Blend True to nsiun and fresh roasted Our Java lilrnd at HOf is better than the average Sac and 40c coffees oifeml elsewhere SPECIAL FRICKS ON SATURDAY Northwest Grocery Co liMKS-t Commetco 8t Dinner Set 42-piece Cottage Dinner Set White semi-porcelain with gold lace border Just the thing for light housekeeping or camp use dh (f Special per $1250 Suits in Sizes 35 36 37 and 38 To Be Closed Ont at Reindeer meat brought from Lapland will bo on tho bill or taro at tho Commercial Club A Chamber of Commerce tomorrow Tho club members are for a feast at luncheon time ben obtained by tha Pacific The professional breed and butter Cold Storage company which brings politicians are all for Mr Taft There down small shipments twice a year from $1298 Dresses $895 One-piece high waist line and prineess models in fancy silks and plain colored serges Regularly $1298 dresses On sale $895 iW tie iMaaiai 'notion' SPECIALS 10e book of assorted Pins spsdal Tuesday UU Good American Pius acedle points full count Tuesday 1 I paper lv Be asbestos bon Beiders stocking eovfrod 2c lOo Pin Cuban with largo Jot and assorted heads Tuesday A Hrr Sanitary Hip-kin compsoBisd into very small package that can bs carried lu your hand bag taken up no room FOUR for dSDC 00 "nwxiYwxxMr ooxnro Newlyweds and Their Baby" a musical force written around tha famous cartoons will bo the offering the Tacoma theater next Btanday and Monday nights Tha prana agent ia authority for tho statement that it Is exceptionally well staged and aontalno a number of the cutest pony ballot girls in captivity A moving picture of condition on the sen bottom off tba California coast re eently won obatined by an enterprising film maker Bears tha Signature of by John Speed Smith of Seattle: chief ton natnrallxati trlct examiner if thia 41s- Of tho npplfcanto examined thin morn-nhowed a gre of governmi Staton or evidenced i more earnest do ing none showed a greeter knowledge of the form of government of tho united dre for eltinnshlp than Morris Raphalo-witx a Bunion Jew would Mo'nskt? want Avked by Examiner Smith if ha would fight for the flag If called on to do aa Kaphalowltx replied: "I sumly would I look on it os tho flag of authority and I think thia government the boot in tho world I am of Hebrew birth and you know as well no I do tho condition of tho Jews In Hurala Before I earns to this country I had no rights or privileges Now I have tho same rights as any other man and why should I not want to stand by the and flag which gives government all I have?" Asked if he was married Raphalowlts replied with a blush that ha was not but expected to bo soon CHANGES ALLOWED Relaying and readjusting of the tracks of tho Northern Paaiflo Hallway company on cliff avenue running under the new city waterway bridge and serving various buildings and plants on that avenue: are allowed In a franchise granted this morning by the municipal commission Tho attorney woo ordered to draw up an ordinance covering the changes Right of way waa granted crossing the gublio area leading from South Utn to llff avenue and South 10th atreat Roadhonse Maided As the result of a raid on a roadhouso near Elbe Saturday night Edna Mason and Forest Wagner were arrested by Sheriff Longmlre and Deputies Palmer end Btenso for selling liquor without license appear before morning but forfeited They each put up 50 cash to Justice Graham POSSE FOLLOWS TRAIL TWO OF TUB ON THEIR VMM TO BOON (IN OKB its northern stations A railroad from yvpt to India Is shorten Hi Jour-two countries by at contemplated that will ney between tha least six days OF FUGITIVE OUTLAWS I Let every do his part toward making Tacoma beautiful Nothing helps a city so much as its floral beauty ThcNewg and the Ledger Have Employed Roberta Expert HoiUcnltarigt to give free advice to all who desire it pertaining to flower-growing lawn-making gardening and all forms of horticulture He Is In His Office In the Perking Bnlldlng Room H2 Tnesdtys Thnrsdayg Satardayg and these papers invite the public to call on him and benefit by hia vast knowledge pertaining to plant life He will give assistance in the laying out of lawns and gardens He loves the beautiful he lives close to Nature and the ambition of his life is to make Tacoma the most beautiful city on the continent -S'-tro never woo a otraighter line-up than thin between tho politicians and the nolo ttoiSnfk have tho chance to speak for themselves Laughter greeted a new metaphor the colonel made while peaking of Pa asked mo why I did not get an agreement with Colombia They might Just os well oak me why I do not nail cranberry jelly to the wall it would not be my fault or the fault of tha noil it would be the fault of the While In Clinton Col Roosevelt said he hod been requested on Saturday not to attack Senator Lorlmer In hla Spring- field epeech laat night A delegation from tne Springfield Roosevelt club told him an attack on Lorlmer might Injure him politically in that district aineo the senator hod many supporters there The colonel aaid he declined tne re quest flatly He added that If ho lost every supporter he had In Illlno'a he would apeak hia mind on that subject The colonel smiled as ha oald that when he made hla remarks about Lorlmer the applause was the loudest of the evening A Letter of Appreciation Editor tho Newa: I desire to express I appreciation of the Perkins Preas for I the public spirit it haa shown In the employment of litfhrrts aa horticulturist expert Tacoma I do not know of anything that haa been done In Tacoma for a long time approaches these enterprises in real benefits to the community Home of the results of Mr work have been railed to my attention in a startling way and I believe Mr work will bo very valuable though of course It does not appeal to ao many persona as Mr Roberta' work Everywhere one goea the progreselveneas of the News and the Ledger are being talked of One hears it in tho women's clubs Improvement I societies lodges anil churches In tho stores and on the streets Yours truly $OM LAWRENCE Kas April Melvlllal Stone general manager of the Asao- elated Press and Thomas Masson editor of Life were the guests of honor at the Kansas State Editorial association which met here today Mr Masson will address tho editors at tlielr annual banquet tonight and Mr Ktone will speak at an opi tton tomorrow snqui leak at an open evasion of tho assorla-1 Suffrage ravoxed la Axtaooa PHOENIX Aria April Equal suf- frags scored a victory In tho Arisons assembly today when tho house 11 to 4 passed Assemblyman bill granting women the full right of auf-1 frage The Immediately to tho senate whore the leaders an-1 nounued public hearings wntild bs held before any action was taken waa sent I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I 'VvCM friS V5 Patrick worked for a notoriously stingy boss and lost bo chance to let the foot bo known Once a waggilah friend wishing to twit him remarked: I hear your boss Just gave you a brand-new suit of clothes" sold Pot a par-rt of a suit" part?" sleeves lv tha Philadelphia Ledger Deputy Sheriff Frank Longmlre and Mina Lena Bohaffer formerly of Roy were married Saturday In Beattie Long-mi re stole a march on hla associates by saying nothing of tha wadding until today CASTORIA FvMnbiniaidwL Till Kind Yon Haw Always Bought FOREGROUND) JAIL FKUl ALLAN CLAUOA MACNUliHfl (9 With Free! Allen ami Claudo Allen already In the tolls the posse ta pushing hard on the trail of tho other Virginia outlaws Blilna Allen nnd his companion Wesley Edwards It is now almost certain that the searching party ta on the right track and the capture of tha men ta expected any moment.

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