The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 29, 1955 · Page 29
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 29

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 29, 1955
Page 29
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/ . ThU U ChtUtmai Monday, It's kind of a peculiar day, half holiday and .half Workday. The first excitement and glamour of the holiday has partially worn off and yet it is still Christmas for We have one family party with gifts and celebrating left to go. Several layers of litter have been removed ">- nut shells, tissue paper, evergreen and tinsel but our house still looks far from neat and there are still unopened presents' undef 6ur' h-ee, The 1 gifts lhat'Sahta brought ar$ being put to good use and, wonder of won- ctcrs, the kids have had them for over 24 ho.urs and not a single toy is broken! 4 Santa affriti at our house early Christmas morning. Last year the children asked how long they would have to stay in bed. I told them 7;30 but I-didn't really think they'd hold .but that long. The next morning, all three of them sat, quiet as three little mice, in the stairway with the door closed. Bill had his flashlight beamed 10% OFF on all awning and door hoods in stock. VISIT OUR DISPLAY AT 116 So. Dodge St. or phone 741-W after 6 O'clock for Sunday or evening appointment. •^ on his Wrist Watch and they wait* ed until exactly 7:30 before burst' ing into the living room. This year we set the time forward a bit because of the Christmas morning church program. Guess %vho was the first one up. Not the kids who were bursting with anxiety about the loot but Mama! 1 had the coffee pdt on and the tree lights blazing before our little ones so much as sneaked a peak at their stockings. * * * I'm beginning to think I'm not so hot at playing Mrs Santa Claus. In spite of all the careful hiding of packages our nosey little darlings knew exactly what they were receiving for Christmas. In one instance they knew more about it than I did. I took one of the dolls out of the box in which it came so that I could fit additional clothing to it. I put the clothes the doll came in back in the box and hid it carefully. Christmas Eve and time for Santa's display came and no box — just the naked little doll. I searched high and low and finally went upstairs to sde if Bill could help me find ths box. The girls apparently were sleeping with the traditional sugar-plums dancing in their head?. Jeanic reared up and said, "If you arc looking for that doll box, its in the suitcase in your closet. Do you need any help finding the doll?" Nothing to change The beautiful, sturdy RUSCO All-Steel, Self-Storing COMBINATION SCMIN AND STORM DOOR FREE DEMONSTRATION Chas. R. Miller RUSCO SALES > * * » ! Dick Strayer had a little trouble in his Santa Claus role also. He was drafted by a woman's club to dress up as the jolly old gent for a visit to the local rest home. Dick thought the disguise was pretty good and he decided to test it by stopping off at his own home. His four year old daughter met him at the door and before Santa could get out so much as a, "Ho, Ho. Ho!", the little girl casually remarked, "Oh, hello. Daddy." • » » Dick had some trouble at the rest home. too. One of the patients, a little old lady was ap- partntlv going along with the Santa Clous gag just fine. She asked about the North Pole and where was his .reindeer,. Dick told her they,: werV iparked a. half- block ddwn the'street., "If you are really Santa- plaits' you tell me the names of< your reindeer , them now _ Idts of calls to ^ If you are a very good girl. 111 come beckon Christmas Eve and tell you an about it" * •' *. Santa Claus came to the home of my little nephew, Jackie Waller right on schedule in spite of the fact that his mother had the misfortune to be hospitalized at Christmas. Christmas morning the children had a telephone conversation with their mother and Jack, who is 3. reported. ">ou can come home from the hospital now, Mom. Santa Claus brought me a doctor set and I can take care of you." CnftttmM it Out hOuM Wit merry this yeaf 'but there Were undertones -'of Seriousness. Never tesfdwe have w* knowft s« much illness and IrUffedy at Chfigtfflas- IjffMs, not In the five who live Kfctas but %lthin ouf family and among our friends and acquaintances. Parting with loved oftes is sad at any time but it is especially tragic at Christmas when family ties are closest and the season calls for gaiety. And yet if it weren't for the hope that came «vith the One who was born that first Christmas none of us could look forward to anything but despair. While we can't understand why so much heart ache must come to Some we are reminded that life oft earth is extremely temporary. It's* far too short to fill with hate and pettiness and barely long enough for the kindness and love that doesn't pass away when we do. Yout fretting* have added much to the joy of the season at our house. As usual, 1 have the cards taped around the frame and upon the xvirtdoWs of the living room trench doors. They serve fi double purpose that way — they bring us your greetings and help decorate the house. Then 'too, it gives me the perfect excuse for not washing the glass on tliO doors for the two weeks the cards are up. I can't mention them all now while the cards are still up but we.will read them over again when we take them down. * * » There are several cards with family pictures on them and we especially enjoy these. Floyd and Bca Holt are pictured with their three in their home and Isabel and Don Alt of West DCS Moines have a cute photo of Marilyn. Sally and Jimmy. Around :i Christmas tree are the Rev', and Mrs Brower and their 2 girls and a boy. I got such a kick out of their tiny son yesterday. He sal with the Champ Martins at church and when someone remarked that the Martins must have a new liny, Stevie pined up, "Oh. no. I belong to the Brower family." Students, Teachersflome For Holidays At LuVerne Mr and Mrs Fred Baumgartner visited his sister, Mrs Mliinic Dickie in MaSoh City Thursday Fran O'Brien sent a fine picture of their family—Mama, Dad and four little ones and I enjoyed the picture of my adopted Aunt Hattie of LuVerne with her husband, sons and daughters taken at their Golden Wedding. Betty and Roy Berrie of Mason City and their three are pictured and Kathryn McEnroe Arndorfer enclosed pictures of their son and daughter with' her card. There's a new note this year on the pitcure from Teddy Larson Fischer of LaPorte, Indiana. Along with the three handsome sons is the baby daughter, 'Julie—a regular little dad- LuVerne — Young people at- tenuing college, teaching and employed who came for the holidays are: Patty Hansen, Wanda Will, Jerome Stripling at Iowa State Teachers, Cedar Falls; Jack Jet 1 ' genseii, ,Dale Braynard, Marcia Stone, Richard Thompson, loWa State College, Ames; Herbert Huff, State University, > Iowa City; Betty Kruse. business college, Mason City; Mrs Elda Ko.11- itiann, Loren Wilhelmi and Keith Voss, Junior College, Eagle Grove; Carroll Marty, Westmar College, LeMars; David . Harper and Ronald Martin, Buerta vista, Storm Lake; Adeline Koester and Marvel Myer, Mankato, Miftn., college; teaching, Marsha Prior, Forest City; Elizabeth Pergande, West Bend; Wayne Marty at Greene; employed in Des Moines. Joyce Phillips, Gloria Harmon and Nancy Will: in Fort Dodge, Meredith Engel and Lois Hedrlck. Family Christmas Party ,» The annual Christmas Eve family dinner of the family of Mr and Mrs Aksel Nielsen was held in the town hall. A gift exchange took place. Mr Nielser was unable to attend as he just returned that afternoon froir Lutheran hospital. Fort Dodge where he was a medical patient Attending were Mr and Mrs And rew Nielsen. Ventura, Mr anc Mrs Albert Nielsen, sons, Mr and Mrs Jerry Nielsen, Britt; Mr and Mrs Harold Nielsen, Dick Nielsen. Mr and Mrs Robert Nielsen. Mrs Harold Nielsen, Jr., Mr and Mrs Dale Zentner, Gretchen and Tommy. Mr and Mrs Clarence Nielsen, Mr and Mrs Walter Engel. Meredith Engel, Mrs Marie Hunt, Edwin Hunt, Ed Jackson, Mr and Mrs Eli Bager and Elmer Bager. Home From Hospitals Ralph T. Davidson came home from Mercy hospital. Fort Dodge Friday where he was hospitalized several weeks suffering with phlebitis. Aksel Nielsen returned Saturday from Lutheran hospital. Fort Dodge where he was a medical patient several weeks. Mr and Mrs Bertie C. Ramus and Sheri spent the holiday veekend in Decorah with her parents, Mr and Mrs L. C. Seim and other relatives. Mr and Mrs Andrew Nielsen of Ventura visited hfs parents, Mr and Mrs Aksel Nielsen Christmas afternoon. Christmas guests in the home of Mr and Mrs Frank Gronbach were their daughter, Ml' and Mrs W. Dale Brayton and children of Nevada, their sons, Mr arid Mrs Eari Gronbach and children, Richard Gronbach of LuVerne and his fiance Miss Roberta Kleveland of Goldfield. • Holiday weekend guests in the home of Jr and Mrs Robert Hardcopf, ST., and- Sally were their . sons, Jerry Hardcopf of Chicago; Mr and Mrs Robert Hardcopf Jr., and Jan of Ames daughter, Mr and Mrs David Harper ahd son David df Storm Lake. Mr and Mrs Lee Thayes, dau ghter Linda, Des Moines,"hcr bro iher Otto Hansen home from ser vice in Alaska visited Mr and Mrs Aksel Nielsen Monday afternoon. , December if, * • • - J .A J ..;.AJ» A Mj.*« CONVERT YOUR GRAINS TO SOLID MEATY GAINS "As Much As $9.00 Savings Per lOOLbs. Gain" INRALMEAL Torn savinus now pay off more than ever! An4-you can, Jet fi^t clli RESULTS %ith your hogs on Sargent Mm- ffi Meal. Retults on corn savings are greatest with proper suDPlementing. Tests prove Ihat you can save up to 6 bushels ofcorn per lOOpounds gain, compared, to ordinary coin feeding. That coU normal com costs m half. II corn is $1.50, you can sive up to^$9 cash per 100 pounds of gains. On a 200 pound hog, that adds up to $18. Sargent Minral Meal gets such big com savings RESULTS, because it has the genuine pork building »n- gvedients. Blends tbese into a areat mpney-savmjj hog Supplement. Sargent Minral Meal has vjtarams, prote ns and minrals plus extra factors. On Minral Mea.1, hogs just naturally raaKe a healthy, profitable finish. 4 Big Mtiit'BuiMing All In One Beg - AH At Qnt Uw Priit Lucille Grose Anderzen writes from California that she enjoys the paper through the courtesy of her cousin, Mrs Lathrop although he knows so few names around icre anymore. Thfl Anderzert's Iso have a daschound, Heidi, vho sends her best regards to our Wienie. Htidi is a minature, just over a year old. Mrs Anderzen ays, "The other evening we had ;uests for dinner and in pranced tfiss Heidi with an empty cottage cheese carton in her mouth, beg- >ing for a handout—and of course ihe was rewarded." » • • AHc* Ziegler GaSnes -writes from Pine Lawn, Mo., that her family is growing fast. She says, Tin the smallest in height in our family now. They call me Shrimp." Mrs Edna Kollasch of Whittemore writes, "It's, not so much fun to cook for only two so I am not as interested in trying new recipes as I once.was — but I do like to read all the new ones. Ruth Schmiel Brcreton writes from. Watertwon, Wis., that they are planning a fine Christmas qven though the Daddy, a railway mail clerk has a schedule that won't allow them to be together for the actual day. "Like the Pony Express", says Ruth, "the mail must go through'. Florence Dehncrt Dinkel says she is recovering nicely from an attack of polio suffered last September at her home in Victoria, Kansas and Gertrude Long Clow has moved into a new home in Marion County, Calif. "The view is breathtaking" says Trudj "but we must garden at an 80 degree angle." In the greeting from Mrs Annis and Both was a notation that Mildred A-llen of Des Moines is planning to publish some of her late brother, Raymond Kresensky's poems. Beth says, "I had not realized how much of an undertaking it would bo until she wrote about it. There were poems in different magazines as well as some never published—written to friends." Speaking of poetry, Margaret. Duranfs Christmas poem. "The Greater Radiance" is lovely and I so enjoyed the booklet of Christmas selections sent to me by Mrs W. E. Hundertmark of Ottosen. • » » Mary Ann Lovstad, daughter of Mr and Mrs Emil Lovstad, in spite of her tender three years 'oi age is worried about the drop in pigs. It's one particular pig that bothers Mary Ann — a pig shaped, cookie jar and the drop came when it slipped out of her fingers while the little girl was snitching a cookie. The jar had been cherished for nine years by Lovstad and that's a long life foil- sych equipment in a family wjth several-young children. Mary Ann didn't quite know what to do when she saw all the broken pieces, so she just stood there, a cookie in each hand and said, mournfully, "Goodbye, Pig. Happy New Year!" And that's exactly what I'm wishing for all of you and yours' — a Very Happy 1956! Grace. Mr and Mrs Gottlieb Hansrf- man had their children for Christmas dinner. Mr and Mrs Roy" Buenger and children of West Bend. Henry Lauck, Camp Crowder. Mo.. Mr and Mrs Edwin Hanselman and family, Mr and Mrs Carl Hanselman and daughters all of near LuVerne. Mrs Oscar Hagcn of Bode attended the funeral of her aunt, Mrs Amelia Pergande Monday afternoon in the Zion Lutheran Church. Guests Christmas in the home of Mr and Mrs Henry Kubly was their son, Mr and Mrs Elmer Kubly. sons Keith and Dale, their daughter, Mr and Mrs Edwin Marty, LuVerne, their daughters, Ruth' and Janice Marty. Algona, Mrs Anna Wealtha and son Jud-; can of Randall and a granddaughter, Jo Ann Marty, daughtci of Mr and Mrs Eldon Marty, who were not present for the dinner. Mr and Mrs Walter L. Hffti. Marilyn and Marlin of Britt were- Christmas guests in the home of icr sister. Miss Esther Merkle. Other guests were their brother,, Mr and Mrs Fred Merkle. Charles and Marqene. tho Rrv. nnri Mrs J. Paul Stevens, Timmy and Mary Ann. Jack W. Baker i.f Lamar. Colo came Saturday for a holiday week vacation in the home of his sister. Dr. »nd Mrs Jack Harris, Patti and Mona. Christmas guests in the home of Mr and Mrs Harold Hansen were their daughters, Mr and Mrs Russell Kelley, Gary 'and Deborah, Algona, Mr and Mrs Roger Mortensback and Susan. Eagle Grove. Mr and Mrs Donald Thomas and children and their .-on Mr and Mrs Harding Hansen and children of LuVerne. Mr and Mrs Alvin Weber* had as guests Friday to Monday their son and daughter-in-law, Mr and Mrs Jerry Weber, stationed at Minneapolis, Minn. They " also visited her parents. Mr and Mrs Joe Erhardt and family at Livermore Christmas Day. Mr and Mrs William Hedrick were Christmas guests in the home of their daughter. Mr and Mrs Merlon Baker and children in Aigona. Other guests were daughter and sisters. Mr and Mrs Dale St. John and daughter and Lois Hedrick of Fort Dodge. "Mr and Mrs Earl Manning their daughter. Mr and Mrs Donald Morriss. Philip and Debra were Christmas guests in the home of Mr and Mrs Glen Kinney and Penny in Minburn. Mrs'Eleanora Eustace went to Kansas City, Mo. to spend the holiday vacation with her daughter,'Mr and Mrs Allen Wilson and Jackie. . Christmas guests in the home of Mr and Mrs Dennis Carroll and family were their daughter, Mr and Mrs Thomas McNeillcy and Kathleen of Fort Dodge, son Trfn Carroll and friend:"James Davis of Seattle, Wash. Also Mrs .Mary Carroll and Mis? Lucille Carroll. Algona, mother and sister of Dennis Carroll. Mr and Mrs Frances Shorey and children spent Christmas in Rockford in the home of her brother Mr and Mrs Clarence Lacour and family. Mrs Lewis Wildin, her son-in- law r,nd daughter, Mr and Mrs Dean Hahn of Owatonna, Minn., visited over the holiday weekend in the home of her mother, Mrs Dora Ramus and other relatives. Mr and Mrs Fred Baumgartner visited in the home of her cousin, Mr and Mrs Eric Wingren in Fort Dodge Christmas afternoon. Mr Adolph Gramenz, formerly of LuVerne lives in the home of his daughter. Mrs Wingren. Mr Gramenz. 93 years of age >s in ill health. He i.< uncle of Mrs Baumgartner. Mr an*d Mrs Arthur W. birhler, vheir daughter, Mr and Mrs fames Neville and Diane of ArneS were Christmas guests in ,thc lome of Mr and Mrs Gerald Hc- jener, sister of Mrs Dimler in Mason City. Mr and Mrs Gerald Htebener, Jr., and baby stationed In Alaska, flew to be with his pa'rents over the holidpys. Mr ahd Mrs William Hoeppnet 6hd Beverly of Omaha. Neb. visited in the parental, Mr and Mrs William Hoeptther, Sr., home Sunday and Monday. Jake Blesie, South St. Paul, Minn., his brother William Blesie bf Renwick were Monday dinner guests in the Mr and Mrs Henry Kubly home. Mrs Gordon Davidson was taken Friday to Mercy hospital. Port Dodge for medical observa tion and treatment. Harry Von Draska was taken to a Fort Dodge hospital Saturday for medical treatment. Sunday guests in the homo oj Mr and Mrs Bonnie Ellifritz and sons. Gary and Danny were thcii daughters and sisters, Margaret Ellifritz, Mr and Mrs Donald Porter, Mr and Mrs Donald Younswirth, Linda and Cindy of Fort Dodge. Mrs Marie Stoddard had as guests Sunday her children, Mr and Mrs Jaspar Vaughn, daugh- ers, Corwith. Mr and Mrs Lloyd Stoddard. Mildred, Mr and Mrs Russell Stoddard, Russell Jr.. Ft. Dodge. Mr and Mrs Robert Wilson and children. Rutland, Theodore Johnson. LuVerne. Mr and Mrs Ralph Dimler entertained . their daughters, Mr and Mrs George Goodner and David. Des Moines, Mr and Mrs Morris Espeland and children, Ft Dodge, Mr and Mrs William Gray of Eagle Grove. Mr and Mrs Harold Trauger sons, David, Dean and Daryl were guests to a Trauger Christmas dinner in the home of Mr and Mrs Trauger and. family near Corwith. at Our Fatrn;! mileftdffh »nid 1 w*4i el Whitiemore on Highway IS, on \ , „.. • .... • THURS.,JAN.5,1956 1 p.m. Lunch 8fl i- FARM MACMNEIY Good tauipm*n»; mc*tly Jehn D«fw, Intlud'mjj 19§0 "I" Tfottdt, 2 raw J«D picker, J-0 tolHvaWw and plows, etc. ^ ^^ •*• 193ft Chev. Truck - Stwlne Machine - 460 Seles Straw - 400 Sales Gbver - and many m!«*lleneeus items. flUMS: CASH ' MRS. P. J. ANDRE Dale Yungebetg, Auctioneer. Iowa Trust & Savings, Glerk. It's grand a sauce g salad dressing and a spread! Mode by KRAFT from tht one and only MIRACLE WHIP and spedil relishes - On Sal* Also At Algoa» Sargent & Co "Makers o* Famous Sargtnt Feeds" SERVIGE At Osagc. John Rickels has been honored for 35 years of service with the telephone company. He began work for Northwestern Bell in 1920.^ II It's News — We Want It! S ra It will pay you well to look ahead at your savings picture NOW!, The end of the year is the perfect time to look ahead at your savings picture. If you plan to start your savings or add more to them you should consider opening your account with us. By beginning now you will receive the molt in earnings for the yeir 1956. Besides the attractive rate of return all our savers enjoy insured safe* ty and availability of their funds. wer Packed id Guaranteed • INSTANT POWtR-fully charged, factory fr*ih! • LONGER GUARANTEE on all Skelly Batteries-Skelly Blu* Bolt line, now guaranteed four years. % • TRIPLE SEALED to insur* 100% performance. • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION- finest workmanship; thorough factory totting. You'JI start and start and start. .. year after year with a...Ske//y Dry Charged Battery! These revolutionary new Skelly "Instant Power" Dry Charged Batteries are the finest available-tops for year 'round dependability. With a Skelly Battery you're assured of faster starts all winter long—cooler battery operation all summer long. Stop in todayl Insist on a Skelh/ Baiitefy^the battery with the "bonus" features! ' Scobba's Skelly Service Corner E. State & Colby Sts. Phone 788 Monte Scobba I will hold a complete closing oul sale of all m? dairy catile and equipment on Ihe farm located 7 miles N. 2 miles E. and ', N. of Sw ja CiJy. or 2 ]/ 2 miles N. of the Grant school or 9 miles W. of Elmore on State Line Road a id V 2 mile S. on WED, JAN. 4 SALE TO START AT 12;45 SHARP. ZUMACH LUNCH WAGON ON GROUNDS. & § OME FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASS'N. Algona Iowa lO^C^^OS'vO.O.O.OO.O.O.O-V.O.V-OO.v.OAOX^.OO.O.O.O.O.v 39 Head High Grade Holstein Cattle THESE CATTLE ARE ALL T.B. AND BANG'S TESTED 8 Closs springing cows and 12 cows in production, some of which pre just fresh. 2-2-year old heavy springing 1st calf heifers, bred artificially. 2 Holstein 1st calf heifers, bumping big calves. 2 Holstein heifers, bumping. , ' 10 HoUtein heifers pasture bred to Angus bull July 1. '2 Holstein open yearlings. 1 Outstanding Holstein pull 22 mo - old wit ^ mi " < records ever 500 Ibs. Surge milking machine, 4 year* old, 3 buckets, pipe (in* for 30 «ow*> M«Cormi«k-Deer- ing separator. 5-can McCormick-Peering electric milk CQpler, 3 yrs. old. 12 good 10 gal. milk can;. One all-steel, rubber tiied wheel bqirow, 4 yrs. old, vied for born cleaning. ' •! 3? HEAD OF SHEEP, 30 BRED EWES, 1 BUCK SHEEP Ray Gordon Farm Machinery The following farm machinery, th« property *f i(ay Gordon, will fee «ajd on this sale: 1949 WO Allis-Chalmers tractor, with pick*vp v 1ft tn- pliW. Wifd Vtry UHk cultivator and pick-up digger. 1937 WC AHU-Chalmer* !ra,et|jr y/ith loader. 1 - row Alii*Chalmers corn picker. 46 ft. Farmers friend 9*OM* tliXPtef. wW* typt. NOTE: There is absolutely no small stuff on this sa|«. If yo« art Inltrtitfd. be on time. i • TIBMS: CASH or make arrqngemfnlf with ytyr te«M»k?r biff* Hit fole. No property to be removed from the prem»|i% yn!B |f»J*d f^t. N*t r»»pomible for s««i- dents during the sale. LEON MCCOY i QUINN & CLARK, Auctioneers. SWIA CITY IfAff BANK, Clerk

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