Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 11, 1973 · Page 23
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 23

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 11, 1973
Page 23
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1 PL J r 4 By FRANCES DRAKE took in the gntfctft In which ym» birthday com and find \ what your outlook is, aerorrling roil THURSDAY, JULY M, 1173 March 21 to April U (Ark*)Let certain situations tide no*. Forcing tales will do more harm than goad. By demonstra* ttti* you can k* others taw* your ideaa arc practical. April 21 to May 21 (Tfeuttis)- A hunch could pay off dally where career matters are concerned. Biit be sure you are seeing persons and situations in a realistic light. May 22 to June 21 (Gemini)— Try to talk with individuals important to your aims. A bit of diplomatic maneuvering could have fine results. But avoid intrigue. June 22 to July 23 (Cancer)— A new type of work assignment should make your day more interesting than usual On Jhe personal side, an unexpected p;ft or invitation will delight you. July 24 to Aug. 23 (Leo) ~ An old acquaintance will do you a very good turn — quite unexpectedly. In fact, your relationships with others, generally, should be unusually congenial Aug. 24 to Sept 23 (Virgo) Follow your instincts now. Intuitions should be at a peak and could .disclose heartening new vistas which will open to you shortly. Sept. 24 to Oct 23 (Libra) Creative interests stimulated. Your ideas are not only inspirational but highly feasible. Also favored: Romance and family concerns. Oct. 24 to Nov. 22 (Srorpio) — You may be concerned about the "whys and wherefores" of certain events. Ijnsighte ARE available/ but you'll need the help and knowledge of a close associate to attain them. Nov. 23 to Dec. 21 (Sagittarius) — A brand new financial start indicated — accompanied by high hopes, which CAN be realized. You MUST take the initiative, however — and confidently. Dec. 22 to Jan. 20 (Capricorn) — Follow up a potentially good tip you once brushed aside — but not impulsively or unprepared. For best results, you MUST have a definite plan. Jan. 21 to Feb. 19 (Aquarius) — You may be attracted to an individual who seems aloof, indifferent Making a gesture of friendship could prove to be an important move in changing the situation. Feb. 20 to March 20 (Pisces) — Permit others to "be themselves." The Piscean rarely tries to dominate, but such inclinations prevail now. Be especially receptive to ideas from your mate or business a ales. YOU BORN TODAY are endowed with a brilMarrf; intellect, a magnetic personality and unusual versatility. You could succeed in either the business world or in artistic areas — depending on your inclinations and education, of course. Among the arts at which you could especially shine are music, architecture or acting, where your lively imagination could be g ! ven full play. Other fields • suited to your varied talents include the law, medicine, education and writing. Birttodate of: Van diburn, Amer. pianist; Henry D. Hwreau, naturalist, writer. Return From Trip ST, AUGUSTINE—Mrs. Kathleen Boone, Margaret, Sheryl, and Pat, have returned from a 3-week trip to Europe, where they visited Mrs. Boone's brother-in-law and sister, CdL and Mrs. Joseph Pica, and their family at Ramstein Air Force Base, Frankfurt, West Germany. Waiikegan (Continued from Page 17) son in the 1960s are hard acts to follow. Give the American people a breather, a return to normalcy after the last frenzied decade. For an eaicore, status quo! IF WASHINGTON'S output since Watergate has slowed to a trickle, well, so it goes, they 6ay. It's about time for S3 *ne decentralization and about time we divorced ourselves from Uncle Sugar. Isn't that what revenue sharing's all about? they note. If the press and Democrats aire pushing this scandal to the fore, let 'em, they say. But, in the meantime, leave the President alone, he's got important high-level security talks brewing. As these Wau- kegandtes are struggling for a slice of ihe good life, they say Richard Nixon's been kicked around once too often. Give the guy a break, for a change. (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) f COPYRIGHT* 1 ffi By £ast# State* Alt fllfihti ftM#fv*& •i 3 Bakery Products Household Items Health & Beauty HARVEST DAY - GREAT FOR SANDWICHES**" Sandwich Bread ^ 37* HARVEST DAY . , ' Hamburger Buns ^35* HARVEST DAY - LARGE White Bread J EDWARDS - FILLED STREUSEL Coffee Cake KLEENEX Boutique 4 Towels w 30 c 20-or. loaf each 27 79 * Miracle White -ISuper Cleaner f^l&i^JBLOSSOMS. FUDGE SUNDAE. ASSORTED ECLAIRS, TOASTED COCONUT Rippin 9 Good Summer Cookii 129 C 7 to 9 -OZ, Canned Foods Spaghettips 2 6-oz. can tVi-oz. can , ©FRANCO-AMERICAN- WITH MEAT BALLS can iJ • ©FRANCO-AMERICAN 4 Beef Raviolios J CHUNK LIGHT MEAT Star-Kist Tuna TILUE LEWIS DIETETIC Fruit Cocktail MIRACLE WHITE - FIRST IN' Fabric Softener <y DISINFECTAN Lysol Aerosol |«BASIN. TUB "N TILE CLEANHR II Lysol Aerosol ADJUSTABLE mar DAY 93-or. bti. 61 ft* can i Gillette Razor Band 58 10-ddge cartridge WITH EGG. PROTEIN, OR FOR BABY Suave Shampoo • 7 1 l,T 7 8 ii hi Compare^ Eagle Low Meat Prices • ,^Ba^Ba^Ba^Ba^Ba^Ba^^Ba^Ba^Ba^BaVi * — "* • Compare} Eagle i Low Meat Prices Compare Eagle i Low Meat Prices 'V, i« \,', •••• v^,: Why Pay More 16-oz. can Dairy Products ^AMERICAN BEAUTY - TLONG SPAGHETTI OR iElbo-roni LADY LEE - MAKES 20 OUARTS Instant Dry Milk [©SUNSHINE IJ Hi-Ho Crackers KEEBLER COOKIES Rich »n Chips Alberto Balsam m Anti-Perspirant 33? 2.43 16-02. pkg. 41 Medi-Quik First Aid Spray DEAN'S - NEW. IMPROVED Ice Cream I^KRAFT iCheez Whiz J PILLSBURY Crescent Rolls © PAR KAY - REGULAR'STICK 4 Margarine | LADY LEE - SLICED _ _ ' 12 . 0Z . American Vi gal.- round cont 8-oz. 'jar 8-oz. can •1 38 Beverages 1-lb. can otf 53 34 28 FLAVORS oHi-C i Fruit Drinks • ^ REGULAR OR ELECTRIC PERK COFFEE . FH A —_ . Hill's Bros. »n*2*' can 30 REGULAR OR NEW! EXTRA BODY Clairol Long & Silky HAIR SPRAY FOR MEN Gillette Dry Look Suave Hair Spray UNCONDITIONALLY BONDED VALU-TRIMMED TAILLESS Beef Loin Porterhouse Steak 2-lb. can 77 MINUTE MAID Miitutt* Maid •1HA8G£ JUICE m Orange Juice flwsv.:^ J 49 C 12-oz. can [ALL GRINDS COFFEE . Folgers , REGULAR OR ELECTRIC PERK COFFEE - . • „ Butter-nut HILL'S BROS. Instant Coffee INSTANT CRYSTALS Folgers Coffee 10-oz.$4 3« 10-oz. $^ 4t J?Bufferin m Tablets M ffGillette iFoamy F 4 • W 4 + 'Vi'. .1 _* I * F" _F il V i_4 + * + **m 4.* + *** FRESH SELECTED QUALITY - 4_- .•,,.:.; : ;-:V t + + + *** _1_ + L ri 4 4 I F * • + -'41 H * + 1 • i 41.1 * 4l'* • v.: 1 • r + *4'.V/, *'F 41 • 1 R I + • L | • < I 4^ • * F**"I r r • +_ i V-*i^a d "4 S5? w.^ •••"•NX* If * +3 4! * * * TOM* M-X h 4- 4- F :* #.* :.:;v.::::> t 4I:* T + 1 * >**J * 4 * _ F 1 4i_ + * 4lT*I p • _# *7- n 4i 1 . ri * LF + •• * * 4 » x 1 * + + • * + - V. * m + - *.*. t _i | . F * F 41 * 41 * .-,:-;:X-:> ^4fr F • *_* V U.S. NO. 1 California Nectarines UNCONDltTDNALLY BONDED VALU-TRIMMED FULL CUT - BONE IN Beef Round Steak W ft \ ,\\ . y4 UNCONDITIONALLY B VALU-TRIMMED Beef Loin Sirloin Steak LB 30NDE 1 *. UNCONDITIONALLY VALU-TRIMMED Beef Rib Steak UNCONDITIONALLY BONDED VALU-TRIMMED CENTER CUT Beef Chuck Steak UNCONDITIONALLY BONDED VALU-TRIMMED Beef Rib Roast r Large End U.S. NO. 1 CALIFORNIA Long LB 10 lb. Check & Compare RAGU - PLAIN. WITH MEAT OH WITH MUSHROOM § Spaghetti Sauce » 0/1 a HEINZ * I oCrisco j Shortening RAID 3-ib. 9Qc Wasp 'Killer Ift-oz. can 71 \ Ketchup CARNATION mate REGULAR OR SUPER ?Kotex Tampons *ST38« 86 1 5* 'tQeXQQl AZAR - IN CELLO BAG Spanish Peanuts 40-ct pkg. 15 1 + T" H 16-o*. pkg. EVERYOAY u w ma HOUSE Raid Bug Killer LB 0 Sweet Smoked Bacon 16 Wo* can UNCONDITIONALLY BONDED VALU-TRIMMED Beef Blade Chuck Roast UNCONDITIONALLY BONDED APPROXIMATE FAT CONTENT 25% ANY SIZE PACKAGE Fresh Ground Beef :-. *W/,vu !• SWEET SMOKED Lady Lee Sliced Bacon Key Buy MODESS REGULAR. BUPER OR VEE-FORM Feminine Napkins i ft* 3*. 10-OZ. FREE - 32-OZ. FOR PRICE OF 22-OZ. Lux Liquid Detergent EVERYDAY + - * COLD WATER Liquid All Detergent EVERY PAY ya-gal. btl. Pot Roast i -'^xt-: A BATH SIZE BARS - 4 PACK l Lifobouy Soap Hoy Buy four 6-oz. bars i Key Buys, mark«d with a special i: gre»n and gold tag, are made possible 0 by an axceptlonal purchase or H manufacturer's temporary promotional ; i ; allowance. They can help you reduce . I food costs even more. BBBBBB * r ^^^daS Drive Detergent lb. 4-oz. UNCONDITIONALCY BONDED - VALU-TRIMMCD Beef Cube Steak i B$ 1 49 UNCONDITIOWALLY BONDED - VALU-TRIMMED Arm UNCONDITIONALLY BONDED - VALU-TRIMMED . BEEF ROUND Boneless Rump Roast UNCONDITIONALLY BONDED - VALU-TRIMMED Boneless Beef M For Stew «• • !UNCONDITIONALLY BONDED - ALL CUTS INCLUDED Quarter Sliced . ft c Pork Loin LB1.«* JUBILEE - HALVES - SMOKED - READY TO EAT Oscar Mayer Boneless Ham LB. ty.yr r Compare Quality, And Everyday Low Meat Prices Mb. 1-th. $^07 UNCONDITIONALLY BONDED - KlCKORY SMOKED Lady Lee Wieners U 5 D A. - GRADE A - SELF-BASIING HI TO 14-LH. SIZES Harvest Day Turkey 9 VARIETIES - TWIN PACK Lady Lee Sliced Cold CMts ALL BELF OR Al L MEAT Oscar Mayer Wieners REGULAR OR TWCK Oscar Mayer Sliced Bacon BULK STYLE - LINK Oscar Mayer Pork Sausage Oscar Mayer Sliced Bologna 91c Bologna 9 Swift LB 71 * 4 Premium Franks lib 1-lb. AA pkg. 99 11b. pKg. $4 o$ "•"B6 C »J or. $4 •» CHEESE & WIENER Dubuque Cheese Furters U -•> D A. - GHADfi A - ROCK COFWJS* Tyson's Game Hen SWEET SMOKED Dubuque Sliced Bacon MEAT & SERVE Booth Uoz Breaded Shrimp P»9- 1" 1-m. A A DISCOUNT SUPERMARKETS Henderson & Fremont* VriCft 4ff Olicountfd E*c§pl On F«lr-Tr*0»0 And Covtrnmtnl Controlltd lt#m# We Discount Everything Courtesy. And Service! STORE HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 9 A.M.-9 P.M. / So Sun. 10 A.M.-5 P.M. "Our Price Protection Policy guarantees these prices to be effective from Wednesday, July 11, 1973, through Tuesday. July 17, 1973, regardless of cost increases.** t r. ?

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