Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 11, 1973 · Page 22
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 22

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 11, 1973
Page 22
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St- 1 at us Si Si", IBS* IK' •lew Miss Colleen Metternich . . . seeks state title Ex'Knox College Coed Eyes Title As Miss Illinois Colleen Metternich 23, a former Knox College student, will compete next week in the Miss Illinois pageant at Aurora. Miss Metternich, who was named Miss Heart of Illinois on June 27, is one of 33 beauty queens who will participate in the week-long competition for the Miss Illinois title. A native of Carthage, she now teaches music and speech at Lowpoint-Washburn High School. She eventually would like to obtain .a master's degree in both music and speech, and says the scholarship awards in the Miss Illinois pageant would help her do so. Picking Jury Shouldn't Be Difficult Job By DICK WEST WASHINGTON (UPI) — Archibald Cox, the government's special Watergate prosecutor, has complained that the televised Senate hearings are making his job harder. His concern is based in part on the assumption that much pretrial publicity will make it difficult to find jurors who have not already formed opinions about the case. But that fear may be groundless. yianl Ml EAST MAIW - WLWjMAm If. CHUCK BLADE CUT Sliced Quorttrad Park Loin PORK CHOPS 3-4 Avg. Included LB CALIFORNIA ILBIRTA PEACHES 17 £ CERTIFIED QUALITY Center Cut Chuck Steak Lb. LEAN MEATY Country Style Spare Ribs SELECT TENDER Sliced Beef Liver Lb. Lb. CERTIFIED QUALITY Boneless Stew Beef Lb. CERTIFIED QUALITY Arm Cut Charcoal Steak Lb. $ GREAT FOR THE GRILL Pork Minute Steaks Lb. 1.09 CERTIFIED QUALITY Boneless Chuck Roast Lb. $ 1.19 BREAKFAST Center Cut Ham Slices Lb. $ 1.39 TASTY DELICIOUS Turbot Fillets LB. 89< MELLOW AGED COLBY Longhorn Cheese LB. 99* OSCAR MAYER DELI WIENERS lb. 99e BEEF FRANKS — lb. 99c BACON — lb. S1.08 BACON - 2 lb. $2.17 BOLOGNA 8 oz. 59e BEEF BOLOGNA 8 oz. 75c GOLDEN TENDER SWEET LARGE FULL CAR Eb. Whlte-Red-Blaek California Sweat GRAPES » 59< SALAD FAVORITES Endives Etctrola Remain* libb , 29* U.S. No. 1 Long Wh. POTATOES 5 Z 69* DARK SWEET Bing Cherries a 49< • fllillll rkLH BAKED PASTRY • ^^^^^ | WHITE or MAPLE BREADl ,CED BKtAUl SWEET ROLLS ILbLoof | £ for ICED JELLY BISMARCKS 6 *' 59c DEVILS FOOD ICED CAKE 14 oz. Pkg. ea. The Lighter Side est »**«• - •m • m m es*. its sm a* «M as* Kb W The ideal jury would be composed of individuals who were completely unaware of the Watergate break-in and subsequent cover-up activities. They should be fairly easy to find. Hardly a day goes by that some political or government figure doesn't have occasion to » disclaim any knowledge of »* these events. A Sizable Pool The large and growing body ««* of campaign and administration officials who have professed themselves in the dark about these matters constitutes a sizable pool of prospective veniremen. Indeed, if a lack of information is a criterion, it would seem from various White House statements that President Nixon himself could qualify as a juror. Disavowals are heard at practically every press conference and on TV panel shows. And I understand there is a long waiting list of personages lined up to proclaim their ignorance. Some, growing impatient, have started improvising ways to vent their unenlightenment. Just the other day police broke up what appeared to be a ring of litterbugs operating around the Tidal Basin, a local body of waiter. Later, however, they were identified as White House functionaries who were stuffing notes into bottles and "deep sixing" them in the Tidal Basin in hopes they would be picked up by tourists plying the main in paddleboats. "When all of the facts are in, it will be shown that I knew nothing about this third rate burglary and the stupid, clumsy effort to protest those associated with it," the notes read. Other past or present members of Nixon's staff and re- g£ election committee are hiring «* skywriters or walking about with protestations of benighied- ness printed on sandwich boards. I By the time the Watergate' investigation runs its course,! the swelling ranks of the uninformed should be large enough to fill a dozen jury boxes. Or however many Cox needs. Then maybe the rest can all get together and revive the "Know Nothing" party. ONLY GIANT DARES TO LIST SO MANY ITEMS FOR YOU TO COMPARE! CHICKEN OF THE SEA CThunk A?* Tuna fl t£ Chicken of the Sea Ch Tuna 12 oz. 81c VELVEETA 32 oi. SJOd Kraft American Slices 12 oz. 79c WYLERS WT Ulyten's * imitation LEMONADE MIX TOP BUY LEMONADE MIX 12 oz. DEL MONTE CATSUP LOW pi scrim rcicrt Kool Aid c IIS 20 oz. 10c jjBrooks Hot Catsup 12 oz. 32c DELUXE HANDLES 30 QT. CHEST COOLER Why Pay 11 .99 $149 Ice Bucket 29c EVETf - >x t DAY LOW PRICES I CANNED FRUITS I Applesauce Thank You 16 oz. 19c jgj ^^Del Monte Ch. 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