Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 11, 1973 · Page 20
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 20

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 11, 1973
Page 20
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20 Gatesburg Register-Mail, Galesburg, III. Wednesday, .luly 11, 1973 Women Demonstrate House Votes Cut In Farm Subsidy WASHINGTON (ttfl) - With housewives dcmongtfating in the gallery against high milk prices, the House Tuesday voted to cut subsidy payments to farmers and moved toward passage of an omnibus four year farm bill. Eleven women were arrested in the spectators' gallery after they ithrew petitions to the House floor and unfurled banners reading: "Milk is for children, not for profit." They were members of a group called Women United For Action and had driven here from Wilmington, Del. Their petitions claimed the farm bill would "legalize monopolies and price-fixing practices," and that this would raise the price of milk another four cents a gallon. They asked for a price rollback. Impediment The women were charged with impeding or disrupting a session of Congress, which carries a possible fine of up to $500 and six months in jail. They were remanded to the District of Columbia Superior Court. The House voted 246 to 163 for an amendment by Rep. Paul Findley, R-ll., limiting to $20,000 the amount of crop subsidies any one farmer can receive from the government. It applies to wheat, cotton and feed grain crops combined. The Findley amendment is similar to one voted by the Senate last month. It is more| restrictive on farmers than a $37,500 limit—per crop, not per | farmer—which had been approved by the House Agricul-j ture Committee, and it would ; | replace a $55,000 per crop limit now in effect. Close Loopholes Findley said-it also would close "loopholes which allow wholesale evasion of the present law." It goes farther than the Senate version in that it would also ban the leasing of cotton allotments. The amendment was still | subject to a further roll call vote, but was expected to stand up through final passage of the farm bill. The omnibus bill also sets "target prices" of $2.05 a bushel for wheat, $1.38 a bushel for corn and 38 cents a pound j| for cotton, and provides that if j the average market price for these crops falls below the \ target level, the government] would make up the difference to farmers. I The bill also extends the food I stamp and Food for Peace programs and transfers administration of farm job safety regulations from the Labor Department to the Secretary of; Agriculture. Chamber of Commerce Head Predicts Ag Fuel Shortage CHICAGO (UPI) — Illinois may face a heating and agricultural fuel shortage next winter, witnesses told a legislative - hearing Tuesday. Marvin S. Lieberman, chairman of the Illinois Commerce " Commission, said major oil companies have nearly cut off independent distributors. He said these independent producers, who serve more than 137,000 small farm accounts in - Illinois, will "fall far short" of their needs. Lieberman said the agricultural fuel supply is estimated . to fall 100 per cent below normal demand because major oil companies have refused to supply the independents. By '. comparison, supplies of gasoline and fuel oil are estimated to fall 2 to 5 per cent below demand. Rep. Daniel M. Pierce, D-Highland Park, chairman of . the legislative committee, said, "Heating oil shortages that ,. threaten us this fall and winter make our current gasoline shortage innocuous by comparison. Aggression Children Reveal Crowding Effect By LLOYD G. CARTER FRESNO (UPI) - Give a small child some crayons and a piece of paper and you can usually keep him happy. Add five more small children to the picture without adding extra crayons or paper and you have chaos. A psychology professor at Fresno State University and one of his senior students are doing just that in an effort to ,gain knowledge about crowding and aggression and how they might relate to urban violence. Dr. Sanmuel Franklin and a student, Ronald Mitchell, decided a year ago to test, with humans, the theories of animal behaviorist Paul Leyhausen. Dr. Franklin says Leyhausen believes there are two forms of animal social organization, existing simultaneously. There is an absolute dominance hierarchy, a strategy power relationship where the strongest rule (totalitarianism), and a relative dominance hierarchy, where the subjects share resources and power (democracy). Shift Leyhausen says that in the animal world, as resources decrease or population density increases, there is a shift from the relative dominance hierarchy to the absolute dominance hierarchy and a marked increase in aggression. Franklin and Mitchell decided j to see how this theory would (and a shift work on humans and devised a j hierarchy. 12 minute periods. A total of 72 children were tested. j "We found that In accord! with Leyhausen's idea, first of all aggression markedly increased as the number of children increased. We found three times as much aggression in the six-person groups as in the two-person groups. There was actually no aggression in the two-person groups," Franklin said. The experimenters defined j aggressive responses as intrusion by one child of the personal space of another. The> two-child groups showed no aggressive responses, the four- person groups 1.6 aggressive responses per child and the six- member groups three aggressive responses per child. "The first session of six children lasted only three minues," Franklin recalls. The kids tore up the piece of j paper and were all jumping up; and down on the table. Four of the six-member groups didn't i finish at all. We had to stop! them they got so aggressive." I Franklin says they decided to use children in the experiment | because they are openly aggressive and less inhibited than adults would be in the same: situation. 1 Franklin has received a grant from the university to continue j the studies with children and, says he hopes to find out why;| crowding creates aggression in the social test utilizing small children, ages 3 to 5, crayons and paper. In experiments conducted during April and May, Franklin and Mitchell placed groups of two, four or six children around a 48-inch table covered with one sheet of paper and eight crayons were placed in the middle. Aggression Up They were told only to draw pictures and then observed for lean occur. He thinks his findings to date may be applicable to the crime j problems of American cities. "As the crowding increases, you get chaos, and in order to, reduce that chaos the popula-' tion moves willingly toward a: power type of social structure,' crying for more law and j order." 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