Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 5, 1947 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
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Wednesday, February 5, 1947
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TEMPERATURE REPORT Midnight 3 n, m ' • •. « o.m l| H. Ill ]!' 'Noon 23 ID If. 13 'A Progressive Newspaper For a Progressive Community" THE WEATHER Rhode Island and Connecticut— Fair tonight and Thursday. Colder tonight. Continued cold Thursday. Eastport to Block Island—Westerly winds 30 to 39 «nllc8 per hour tonight. Vol, LXXI, No. 30 ESTABLISHED 1885 WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 1947 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Four Oentf Borough Board Appoints Fireman, Six Policemen ..LATE At March Of Dimes Auction (By United I'rciw.) UN HEADWAY Wii'liliiettm — PrcMdcnt Tru- m;m hut ti>l(l I'nngrcxx thut tint fulled Niitlon.H Is milking- hoiid- wny I'll* *l>»t muny |iltfull» lay »(*;»<;, In n n niiinuil rnport, he emphasized that tilt: UMjor problem of ntiiinlc iMirrey mid UH control rcniiiiiit iiiiNUttli'd. Mr. Tru- nmn expreiiKl over-all liojx- fon the futtin- of the world police or- giinlzittinn, ---- OOO— TII.AIX WICKCK Little Hud;, Arkansas— A RucU Idltind passenger train has been deluded n'.vir Rol.ind. ArkansUH, killing the engineer. Five of the six Cflr.i on tho train jumped tho track. But oltlclnls say no one lisa w.u injured. —000 -WOULD KND CONTROL Wii.thini'toii — Itopiihliciui Mi-nii- Ion Kenneth Wherry of Nchrii*ku «i.v.«i tlijrt he urn) two other Ilo- pnhliciin Senators uro considering ciffrriMK ("tri.sfntion thut would end (iilrriil rout control on April 30. ---- OOO -- IIKAT WAV.K Lo.-i Angcle.-i- -Southern Cull- furnians in-i! crowding the beaches to net away from a rec- oid winter heat wave. Thr mercury h;is been in the 80's for /our cliiys and hit <xn all-time -high of 80 ror February •!. - oOo ---- DJtASTIC CUT A dnittllc cut (if K»x w<rvli:n heciiiiv of tho cold hiw thrown .sonx; 23,000 purxnn.s out of work temporarily In Pltts- hurch. Industrial haulers report Ihn niiinlMT of Idlu ..workers will.,, rhc .shiirply iinlesn thi)'col<f"!ftwp ends very soon. ....... oOo — TO HIGH COUHT Dgtroi-t- Assistant Atty. Gon- rnil John Sonnctt sayst that If the government i* permitted to en^er the porltil [i;iy test will '-arry it to the United Klaites Suprcmf Court "whatever the outcome." ....... oOo --MISSING I'LA.VK Norfol l< — A iinvy spokrHiima »ilV.S It's (KW.sllll,. t|,,,t |« mlM.HljIg navy plane mii.v have himli'd wifely on an l.iiilutfd taliiml (iff the iTjil.rrn shore of Virginia. The emit, with four crow mein- IICM nlHigird, (HIM IH-UII ovvnlui- tit .Norfolk since hist night, It was rn mull, f,,,,,, I'ort.smoutJi, Ni;»v Humpxhlrc. oOo ----- /ViltKK ON THANSMCK Helsinki- An official conmumi- ( |im fri'ni Helsinki says RiisMlii, nnrt Finland hiivc agreed to Iranufpi' some six billion I'lnn- niurks worth of lormor Gcrnuin "«.ii:t.M in UK. Snvlci, The iuirn la the criuiviilcnt of ubuilt $1^0,000,- trli.,.t i i , '",""' Kll '' il ' ff is sl " m " a< llle microphone last; night socking bids on mere!.,.: at US,,!; 1 ;',, .TlLT -V '",'' thC N ,"" K ' lt " (lU *«"'" March of Dimes auction. Thc auction at Ih,. iMic,,, 1'lnyhoiMc. Also in thf picture aro. toft to right, Frank T. Green, chairman of Ernrst Kngluml and Arthur Bernd. ndise con- was held the fund; Bidders Contribute $429 To March Of Dimes At Naugatuck News Auction Anderson Claims Board "Laughing Stock" In Method Of Appointments Armory Bill 'Freemen To Discuss Finance Filed By Board Legislation Feb. 14 Rep. Walsh Unfavorable Weather Reduces Attendance But All Merchandise Auctioned A sum of S-I2D was contributed to the March of Dimes lust night by the uucllenco intending the auction sponsored by the Naugu- tuok News at the Salem Pl;iyhou»c. . Despite, Uit> small number at- held down because of unfavorable weather conditions, the bidding was spirited and every one of the .13 articles donated by local merchants! and valued at more than S700. was sold by auctioneer Kenneth Rapieff, WICC announcer and former resident of Xaugatuck. The offered itoms ranged in siv.e from a lady's- wrist watch to a mattress. Michael Yarosh was the busiest bidder of the evening being .•nicceKMful in buying the lady's VOI;TII I'im-liickcl. It, I,— A n-ycnr-nld .V'Milh hits Ix-i'Ti plitkrd up n sci- »i»l (line fi>r (lursllnnliiK In tho Knlf|.<«,liiylni{ ,,f liita llnuchiird "' I'liivtin-lii-t, tn »n <,-ffc)rt to "I'i'f'il InvrstlKiilliin i,f til), tasr. »'l ilu.vs off and IriiviiN'of »«IIIT hiivr hern riinccliMl • ilh- for March Of Dimes Fund Tops Quota; Returns Highest On Record The of IJiiiics has i-ciK'hcd IN r/iinl:i (if $^,511(1, J'lwlninxtrr l''r:ink T. Gri'i-n, local chiiiriiian of the. drive .said this morning- Me added tluil late returns which ho expects will continue to come In nil weelc .should hring the f'niil figure for the drive ".snhstuntially" over the quota, roslniaster Oroen .said thai S2,50I> was the largest tiiiKHint ever voueeleil loeall.v, and compared it with the $'•!,(>l~>..~>li collected in the horoiigli hist year. Supernumeraries Seek Protection While Employed On Private Jobs is ------ oOo --- fillAltlllNG CAMK ''l.vnmuth, Ma.s.s. -The st i'lrsoruhiK its caruriiliy-KUiirdiid fi-io / Mrs. Bcrthn Sui'- Pi'isir Cot c to the Plymouth county Ki-iiiicl Jury today. Tho yiuni; wnniun Is accused of mur- 'loriinr her husband Deccmljer -8th. •- oOo ---- "'Tirccs ||| rulrxllm- fiuy (||(, (..v- ''•Mil'mi or Di.v Grimor has IMM'II "''t (Irrlnltrly for Fithriiur.v I*. Thi 1 cnndrmnt'il .IrwNIi undi'i- Sfuiiml iiii'inlirr him Hi-nt word to ' h «' iirNiin MN|xTintrml«nt lluit h « iliH-Mi't wiuil In *rr luiyono. "f liiis turned down nil plcus to "I'l'ntl lil.s hiuiKliii; xontcncc. oOo—— I'INAI, I'LEA Atlanta -One of Georgia's governors-. Herman Talmndffe—goon Wore IL Senate committee today to make a finul plea for his white Pi'imary bill, which would dls- "' Negro voters. Tho •ncn-iui-e has been tempornrlly olnckecl hy supporters of the other governor. M. E. Thompson. TO IlKATH ' Mlddlxtown, « h'ono lodged In throni raised the death of \W- John Znwilenskl. choked to death while .olclans were trying to rf.mtvc hone •-""•at iW'irii " " ml i, farm milk In prmluvrrf nn Hit. Mrm licr* In Nnnun- . .'""I" niiwl moilrrn »nd ti.vitt.ntr "«UU.O», T.I. 504» for 4tUvur.— Adv wrist watch, thr mattress, a table lamp, a merchandise order and a pair of man's shoes. Mr. Yarrjsh's bids helped .swell the Marcn of Dimes fund by n Hum of $00. Among the winning bidders were; C. Davis, Larry Volpe, Juhn Rui-.xy. Mildred Carlson. C. H. Tomlinson, William 'Undo, Gladys Oloski. R. G. Uaxler, A. O, Carlson, Mrs. Harold Regan, Mrs. Samuel Kinvman, Victor Anderson. Also E. C. Bradley, Jr.. Gus Mot/.. J. Ynsluski, Clare Johnson, Mrs Castle. Frank T. Green, Ernu Gc'H'ge. Carlton Shea, Ernst Kn lund, C. SlgeUi and ID. Clemens. Finally Duel Postmaster Frank Gi-ecn. chairman of the polio fund, who was assisting on thc stage, was high bidder on a table lamp. He would have gotten it cheaper but Mrs. Green who was in the audience not knowing whom she was bidding ugainst. raised Mr. Green's bids. Another highlight of tho auction WUH the successful bidding by u woman for a pair of man's trousers. Thc auction, starting at 7 p. m. and onding at 9. went off without a hitch due to the excellent job of Auctioneer Rapieff and the aid of several of thc local firemen, who circulated among thc audience to keep tabw on the bidding. Opposed to policemen doing duty in privately owned ..,establishments, Police' Chiof •j3lfri"~J7"GormTe'y "last' night at a meeting of tho board of warden and burgesses went on record as declaring, "i nni opposed to police going on duty to dances where liquor is being sold." Thc chief's statement came during tho discussion of an opinion Banded clown by Borough Atty. Martin L. Cuine wherein he states t is his opinion the borough will not be responsible for thc injuries ->( a supernumerary working on a priva-te job. Severn! supernumeraries signed the following letter which was presented the board "In view of thr; recent legal opin- on as stated by Borough Ally. Martin L. C.iir.e, it appears that tho borough of Naugatuck will nrvt •o responsible for thc injuries of n supernumerary working on a private job. '•It is the unanimous opinion of '.he undersigned superniiDicrarics '.hut it is unrcasonahlr; to ask an individual to uphold the legal status of thc borough of Naugatuck. while working on a private job. and at the same time provide nn compensation for injuries sustained in the line of duty. "It. Is therefore the request of thu supernunUMaries tha^ any private, requesting a supernumerary for a private 'job, must first furnish legal proof, in writing, that he is financially capable and will- 'ng to provide protection equal to that provided under tho Workman's Compensation Disability Act. "It is further agreed that it should be the policy of the borough not to compel any supernumerary to .report, t'o any private job tfiat fails to provide this above mention, financial responsibility. Any private job, hxkt furnishing this protection, may be filled only -by the consent nl the supernumerary to work without protection. Burgess James Lyons (R) stated, ''a policeman shouldn't be allowed to peddle his badge to any private individual and should not be ud t'o go into any private place." He -said that in larger cities estab-' Calls For Appropriation Of $272,000 For Building And, Furnishing Quarters The bill calling for an appropria- ,ion of $272,000 for a state armory vas introduced in thc General Assembly yesterday by Representa- ivc Daniel J. Walsh. The NEWS was erroneously informed yesterday that the bill was introduced >y Representative Joseph V. Rosko. The bill which is en-titled TAn Vet Concerning An Appropriation 'or The Creation And Furnishing Of An Armory In The Town Of Naugatuck," reads as follows: Be it enacted by the Senate and -louse of Representatives in Genral Assembly convened: That the sum of two Hundred and Seventy-Two Thousand Dollars ($272,000.00) be appropriated for thc erecti-on a,nd furnishing of an Armory in the' Town of Naugatuck for the housing of One Company of Infantry with Motor Equipment, All or any porti'on ot' the appropriation made by this act may be expended as the State's share of the cost of the work involved in conjunction with any funds that may be made available by any branch of the Federal Government if the Governor shall so determine and direct. _ from- "vthis Jr appr6p.riati6n- .after the StaTc's'&hare'has been-expended a^ provided for above, shall revert to. thn General Fund' of thc State. Statement of Purpose: The purpose of this appropriation is for the construction and furnishing of an arm-ory with garage facilities in the Town of Naugatuck for the -housing of troops of the Connecticut National Guard assigned to thc Jirca. The present strength of the Connecticut Na- Board Of Warden And Bur- ; gesses Votes Meeting At Tattle Music Shed A hearing by the freemen on the proposed Board of Finance bill will be held Friday evening, Feb. 11 in thc Tuttlc Music shed, according to a vote taken last night at a meeting of the board of warden and burgesses. Thc bill, which must be introduced on or before Friday, Feb. 7, provides for thc creation of a finance board in the borough. Senti- represenlative of the company to further discuss the matter. Three claims were entered for injuries sustained .in falls on sidewalks. All were referred to the bd'ough attorney. Jennie G-on- calves, 303 Locust street, claims Bhe fell on ihe public pathway from Locust to Prospect street, which was defective, Dec. 30, 1916 resulting in a fracture of Ihc left arm. Allan Fedderman of Jersey City, N. J., while visiting in the borough, claims he fell on Carroll street due lo a defective walk, Jan. 8. Dngmar Swanson filed a $7,500 ments of local residents will be i claim on injuries received when hcards at the pu/fic hearing, and I she fell near the Peerless Laundry, Feb. 1, 19-16. Parking stenographic etipy of thc meeting will be submitted in Hartford at a hearing of thc cities and boroughs committee. Special .Session Atty. Thomas Neary appeared before thc board requesting a special session of thc selectmen be scheduled in order that four persons desiring to gq into .the liquor business may become electors in accordance with state laws. The persons are qualified to become voters, Mr,. Ncary said, and will assume any expense incurred by a special session. The board authorized the selectmen to hoTd a session Saturday, Feb. 15 from 9 to 12. a. m. Martha Aleksandrawcz of Garden street, VPho, plans ' to sell all propertyr on ithat ,'•' street,. submjt- tions" of thc borough to provide curbs, gutters and sidewalks on the property providing the town reimburse her by $350.' Thc matter was referred to the borough attorney. Sanitary sower assessments tailing $4,856.42 on Millville were introduced, with March Klimlnated The board voled parking be eliminated on the west side of Meadow street from Division 1o George street for the 00-day trial period of a bus route over that street. Requests were made for the acceptance of a fire hydrant on Park avenue, two in the Glendale Manor housing project, one on Locust street and one on Beacon Manor road. The matter was referred to thc fire committee, which will meet Feb. 16. The Nauga-tuck Chemical 'in a communication desires to purchase or lease property on Route 8 across from St. James' cemetery from which to draw water from an ar- tisian well. The issue was referred to the boroug-h engineer No ^action was.-takon ..on. the, request of George Graham that Lynn road, near Moore avenue be accepted by thc borough. William Woermer in a communication requested his name be withdrawn from a petition submitted by residents of Bristol Terrace request- to- j ing the borough to consider an Dispute Develops Over Purchase Of Pumper For Fire Department tional Guard is two and one hai strength and is now necessary to draw upon the manpower in localities in which there are and have been no armory facilities. While (he strength of the Con necticut National Guard has been increased two and one half times thc number of motor vehicles -ha;, been increased seven times and additional garage facilities arc urgently -needed to house equipment. |lishmon'. s selVir. s liquors have what, timcg thc p . is known us "bouncer.*," and that a man given u badge of authority should r.oL be subjected t'o taverns. FTc agreed '.hat at football games other yports events :ind affairs au- t-horiuod by the chief, the 'town should assume responsibility, Supernumerary Harold H. Lewis spokesman for tho supernumer- Hi'ics, t'ook exception to Mr. Lyon's slalcmcnL of "peddling" a badge, and said ;l in the opinion of the supernumeraries that they have been "gutting m. pushing around for 'i couple of years. We think the ruling is out of order." The was referred to the police committee, chief, one supernumerary and the borough attorney.. Mr. Lewis requested tho board, as an act of gratitude, to give consideration to "those supernumeraries who are being forced to resign" who hnve given at least 10 years of service. The police committee was delegated to take this matter into Consideration at its next meeting. North Main Street House Sold To Albert Zollos Beacon Falls TtKI'RKSKNTATIVK A Hartford man sails today for Warsaw as a representative of the U. y. Strf.e Department. Walter K. Schwinn will become public affairs officer of the Office of Information and Cultural Affairs at the Polish capltol. Strained relations of the board < if warden and burgesses regarding, he Issue of purchasing a pumper truck for the fire department resulted in a violent dispute last ni^ht at the board meeting when the matter of financing the purchase was discussed. Tho fireworks began when the possibili'.y w.-is suggested of transferring I'tmcis from the $17,500 appropriation set up by thc freemen for the purchase of a hook and ladder truck. This brought remarks from Third Ward Burgess James Lyons (R), who suggested thc necessary umount for the purchase of the pumper be taken from the- $40,000 received from the sale of borough property and now being held for recreational purposes. He said taking of funds from this amount ,vould nccossitsiti only a vote of Burgess J. (K). recalled Rudolph his action A duplex home on North Main street, formerly owned by Mrs. William Juckett, has been purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Albert Zollo of Maple Terrace, Naugatuck. Mr. Zollo, who has been a barber In Beacon Falls for the past 35 years, is planning to renovate a section of the home in the near future, to house his harboring business, which is now located in/the Anderson i center of town in a building- owned last i by' J. J. O'Connell. Due to the new at year's freemen's meeting in setting j road which is to come through, thc up tho aerial truck appropriation j barber shop, is to be torn down, and .said, "if you take thc money j building which now houses the now j-t js doubtful if tho amount Court Ciuses Edward Bea presided will be sot aside for thc truck in tho new budget and the appropriation will bo lost. If you are willing to put the appropriation in again I'm in favor of taking it now for the pumper truck, but I will oppose 'tho action otherwise." Burgess Domenic DeCarlo in set as the payable date. 1'arkinf? Lot The proposal of the use of thc U. S. Rubber Co. parking lot on Church street was discussed, with Warden Leo J. Brophy and Bur- cessns J. Rudolph Anderson and J. Francis Cullcn to sit with a Wai-Jen Brophy stated a resi- denT of the section which desired 10 become a part of Naugatuck had informed him the matter is being deferred until a later date. Two stationary no parking signs will be placed in front of the Salem (Continued on Page 8) Big Four, Rubber Workers Union Fail To Agree On Raise Demands George Frochlich, president of Local -10, United Rubber, Cork, Linoleum, and Plastic Workers of America. CIO, said today that he would meet this afternoon with thc executive board of th'e Local to discuss thc recent wage conference held between officials of thc United Rubber Workers, CIO, and officials of thc "Big Four" rubber companies in Cincinnati. Thc union had demanded a pay raise of 26 and one-half cents an hour. The wage conference broke up when the union and rubber company officials were unable to reach an understanding concerning the pay boost. Mr, Frochlich and other local union officials returned from Cincinnati last night. Those who attended the conference with Mr. Frochlich were: William Fernandez, president of Local 218; Harold Bowers, Local 45; and Frank Witkoski, president of Local 308. Robert Lowell, who represented the footwear plant at thc conference has not yet returned, accord- | gaining position. , Thc union demanded a wage increase of 26 and one-half cents an hour last Nov. ]. The four companies represented at the conference were: U. S. Rubber Company, the B. F. Goodrich Company, thc Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company and thc Firestone Tire and Rubber Company. Thc union, in a statement, said: "After several days of discussion, | the rubber companies insisted on an adjournment for a period of 90 days. The settlement now. The union insisted upon a of the -wage demand companies refused to make any proposal except their request to resume negotiations later. "The Big Four section of thc international policy committee rejected the companies' proposal that thc negotiations be delayed for 90 days. "The union also took action instructing local unions to prepare themselves in such a manner as to place themselves in a stronger bar- ng to Thc a company spokesman. j United Rubber Workers sessions held last eve- ; pended upon the insistence of the '. tions." Judge the court ning in tho Town Hall, with John Sulima, as grand juror. T,he following cases were disposed of: Anthony W. Smolskis of IDS Henry street, Waterbury, who was "The union also stated that thc door had been left open for re- CIO announced yesterday its wage | sumption of negotiations with the i negotiations with thc "Big Four" i Big Four companies if the com- rubber companies have been sus- ! panics change their present posi- the bo.ird to rescind a former motion. Democratic Burgesses J, Francis Cullcn and Andrew O'Toole immediately .spoke in favor of trans- 'er of thc aerial truck appropria- ion funds. Warden Leo J. Brophy suggested an opinion be obtained rom Borough Atty. Martin L. Caine on both suggestions, but this met with oppositljn from GOP urgesses, ^vho insisted an opinion s not necessary concerning thc :•! 0.000. backing up Mr. Lyons suggestion I arrested for violation of the rules explained how the funds would be i of the road, by State Policeman used and said to the warden, "You i Ernest Hains, was granted a nolle payment of $50, truck, but you don't want to ; Antonia Amador of 46 Pond it and you could tonight." street, Naugatuck, who was arrested for violation of the rules of the road, by Town Constable Leon have the money and a way to buy ! < buy A proposal from tho American LaFrancc Corp. was read on the company's 'bid on an open -type Invader model pumper truck wiih extra equipment including a SCO gallon booster tank. The trucli cost ing $12.845 has a 7DO GPM triple pumping engine and could be delivered in 300 working days. A bid of $12,6K> for a similar truck from the Seagrave company, but without some of the extra' equipment, was read. The .fire committee reported the old pumper will be sold to the highest bidder as It stands ' now, with bids to be submitted within the next few days. Campbell, was granted a nolle on payment of $25. companies. Thc conference opened ' There was no comment immcdi- Jan. 27 in Cincinnati. lately from company officials. Naugatuck Nurse Aids Evacuation Of Patients From Burning Hospital A Naugatuck girl, student nurse uation of thep atients. No one was John Lawlor Named Fireman; Henry Racki, James Hennessey, Donald Doo- Hngr Regular Policemen Six appointments to thc police department and one to the fire department, were made within hair an hour at thc meeting of the 3oard uf warden and burgesses last night. The /ictiun, which has been held up in deadlock for nearly a year due to Democratic discord, saw a fireman and six tsupernumcraticit ippointcd in 22 minutes, and three of the newly appointed supernumeraries made, regulars in six minutes. One of the appointees receiving a cgular patrolman job filed his application with thc board at last night's meeting. Te is James Henessey, 339 Andrew avenue. Fireman John La.wlor, w^io ihas been em- Joyed as a part-time fireman since he deatn of Thomas Lawlor May 1946, was made a regular flre- lan in the balloting which started t 9:35 o'clock, 3G minutes after he session convened. Olympic Barell: received three votes from tho ninority sidt of Hie board. Other policemen appointed in the iree hour and eight minute ses- ion, which included the transac- or. of many other matters, were: Francis Wilson, - Henry Racki, Donald Dealing:, Bronislaw Ezenski and Walter Hollister. -The Republican side of the board voted owh time for .John LengyolT- Besides Mr. Hennessey, regular*-• appointed were:. Mr. Racki and Mr. Dooling, • with Henry Ploski being the minority Republicans choice. Immediately following thc balloting Burgess Anderson look thc »"looi- to congratulate the majority side of the board on its action in making the appointments. He hail requested thc board take consideration of Mr. Ploski's case, saying he served faithfully as a supernumerary for a number of years, and urging the board appoint him a regular. Burgess Anderson called thc appointment deadlock "outrageous" and said he was of thc opinion thc police force should be built up to standards. In retaliation-to thc appointment of supernumeraries to regulars in thc same night he said, "you cai't lake men off thc streets and make them policemen. There are supernumeraries who have served- many years with experience, but you take a man off the street pin a badge on his chest, give him u. gun in his pocket and club in his hand and call him a policeman. Because thai happened to thc chief it doesn't mean a thing." No Consideration He said the minority side of the board has not been givep any consideration in thc past two years, with thc warden remarking that appointments were the privilege of the majority side. Burgess Anderson said it is up to the waraen to maintain harmony and added, "you have been very lax nnd you haven't been considerate. You arc sitting as a Democrat and only as a Democrat. The board has been a laughing slock thc way thc appointments have been handled." Remarks Dial followed thc GOP burgess' speech were in such a personal nature that upon recommendation or Borough Clerk Charles F, Daly, the -warden requested Ihc press to omit the statements. As Walk* Out thc fierce wrangling reached at Clinton hospital, Clinton, Mass., assisted in the evacuation of several hundred patients when flre destroyed a wing of thc .hospital early Gaetano Verni of 143 Division , this week, it was learned today, street, Ansonia, who was also arrested on violation of thc rules of seph Jasonis, forfeited a. bond of i The student nurse is Miss Lillian Humphries, daughter of Mrs. Marie J °-; Humphries, 443 North Main street. Auxiliary There.,wlll be-.a' : nieeUng of thc American Legion Women's Auxiliary thus .evening at 8 p. m in the Town Hall. All returns on tickets (Contlnued»On Page 8) In a -telephone conversation with her mother, the cadet nurse related that she was asleep when the flre broke out. She was called "from tho nurses' home to assist in thc evac-l past year and n half. injured. Many of the paticnfs were transferred to the nurses' home. Somr nurses moved in with friends temporarily. Miss Humphries related that her voice was hoarse from the ."moke. Damage of $100,000 was caused to thc wooden structure. a -climax Wai-don Brophy told Mr.- [Xily to continue with thc regular business before the board. Burgess Anderson asked for recognition staling he still held thc floor. For he next few minutes Mr. Daly vas reading a. communication, with MV. Anderson still talking. Th« Jtirgcss left thc session, but returned within a few minutes. Prior to balloting- on policemen Second Ward Burgess Domenic DeGarlo stated he received a telephone call from Jerry Ruccio he-fore the meeting telling him It In his intentions to resign as a supernumerary. Tho -board requested a written resignation be filed. ' The resignation of Charles J. Bcrtrand was presented and accepted, and three applications to the polien department received :»nd placed on flic, one being that of Mr. Hennessey. Ttic other two wore submitted by Donald A. Yod- Miss Humphries is a graduate of| e ,- f 162 North Ho'adley Btrect. and Naugatuck High school, class of j u itu* L . fianno. 65 General Dalton 1945. She has been in training the - • general uaiion —All NHUKittfick )• talklnir iibntit the 1947 Stndehitfcrr. the matt bnntlfal ftr la It* field. B» U «t Nkootnck Bttterr * 4ut«'8ir»Ui.—Alt. •-For qimllty T'lqootn. Wlim. etc., SHOP FIRST at thc Cllj Pick. •m Stvre. M Brl4n ttreM. Prwnpt **• »mrwi>»r* i» UWB. T«l. Mtt. drive. —Nnunlurlc KurnlUm €>.. 8«iU M.ln •treet I. tMltirlH ••*» KlMr Kam!•!"• on Ml*. ChIM'* Chnt »f Cnron. m«pto tlnMh 5 «mr*n, «• l»riw* Ml*.

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