The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 29, 1955 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 29, 1955
Page 13
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half holl- The first glamour of the hblidf(rH»iM ! tfany worn off and yet it vis,- SUH Chnstrrias for we have Ofi'eiftffiily party .with-gifts atlhg fe - feft to. go. Sev, - ; litter., have 'been removed:;^., Hilt shells, tissue pa- peri>evdfgi'eeti arid tinsel but our house, ^tfll -looks far from, neat and thefeJa'rQ still unopened pre- setrtfeUita^'/iOutf tree, The gifts thStvSaftta|brought : are being put to io<m?Uge flrid^ wonder/of won; cterSj the xf&d have had them for over«24 / 'ilid(^s .and not a single 'toy • ' ' , house early Christmas iffiprnirig,' Last year the childi'eW ftskea how . long ' they w6uld:fiMVe i :,to i 'stay in bed. I told them 7i30but;|' didn't really think they'd :'h6ld\5out that long. The next rri'pt'n:l|fg/;all three .of them • sat,, quiet- as ,t}ir'ee little' mice, • in the'stairwayiJ.Wlth the door closed. Bill haditns flashlight'; beamed : . on oil awning and door , hoods in stock. i VISIT ,6UR DISPLAY AT > 116 So. Dodge: St. or phone 74.1 -W after 6 o'clock for Supdqy"'6r evening appointment. »•.•.";•; • - • ••• -• , . . All-Steel, Self-Storing COMBINATION SCREEN AND STORM DOOR 'FREE DEMONSTRATION Chas. R. Miller RUSCO SALES on his wrist wateh arid they waited until exactly 7:30 before bursting into the living robm. .This year-we-.set the time ,fbfward a bit because of the Christmas morning church .prognam. Guess whb was the first one Up. Not the kids who were bursting with anxiety about the loot but'Mama! I had the coffce pot ort and\ the tree lights blazing before our liU tie ones So much as 1 sneaked a peak at their stockings. • * * * , ' ' I'm beginning lo think I'm not so hot at playing , Mrs Santa Claus. In spite of air the careful hiding of packages our^nosey little darlings knew exactly^ what they were . receiving for Christmas, In one instance they; knew more about it than I .did. I took one of the, dolls out of the box in which it came so-that I'could fit additional clothing to iU. I but the clothes the doll came in bock in'the box and hid'it carefully. Christmas Eve and time for Santa's display, came and no box — just the naked little doll. I searched high and low and finally went upstairs to see if Bill could '• help me find the box. The girls apparently -.were sleeping with the traditional sugar-plurris dancing in ,their, heads. Jeanie reared up and said,, "If you are looking fpr that .doll box, its in the 'suitcase in your clbaet. Do you need any' help finding the doll?" . ,' ' ..)'•,• *• *•'. * -• Dick Sirayer had a liiile trouble in his Santa Claus,role also. He. \yas drafted by. a woman s club to dress up as .the jolly old gent fpr a visit to the,local rest home, Dick thought the disguise was pretty good and he decided to test it,by stopping his own home. His four • year old daughter met him at the. dbor and before Santa, could 'get,' but so much as,a, "Ho,'Ho,'Ho!",''the little girl dasually remarked, "Oh, hello, Daddy." ','.- .•.* • "' ,*.'. * ' Dick had- some trouble at ;the refst ^home,. top, .One. of the./pa-, tierits/ a- little" old lady wjfe apparently- going along with the Santa Claus. gag just, fine. ;She asked; about «the ;Nbi;th Pol? and wher4wS4hts1i«WdeejC.'pi,e'k told her ;.«iiip J*w5. ftokM •'-•$,. ha 1 *"-' J ----- the*w^ltl %$\ '• you lanfaj; 'Clays; yW. tell' „.. as; bf your: reindeer", 'the elderly patient., DickVwa's umfceS.mfe oouldn'tf. bevcind jl r -f J «.. •m4_! ._ j !• -Tni^'»- —..v., c-pist them: rio^^ftt^of.calls, tp ni^ke. If you4re ••» very gDpdv.,g^lf I'll com'e^baok: ort•Christmas Eye "and tell you,?all''about ( ;it.."( •:.'.! . ^,- "'i '^** ^ .-.-*•>, .-' w *'. "; r . , • Sania Cliiiis' caipe' ? to the home of' my little nephew, Jackje Waller' right on schedule in'spite of the fact that his mother had the misfortune to be hospitalized at Christmas. < • Christmas morning the children had a telephone conversation .with their mother and. Jack, who is 3, reported, "You can come home fr6m the hospital now, Mom. Santa Claus brought me a doctor set and I can take care of you." CONVERT YOUR GRAINS TO SOlib MEATY GAINS "As Much As $9,00 Savings Per 100 Lbs. Gain" INRAL MEAL BEsuSrsLSt r«»as S'sfciffB 4 Big Meqt'BMlWini Supplfmenti JrtOntfteg-^IAtOnfUwPrNf Chriftiffiti «t our hftti** fflerry tHll ^eaf b\it XUiddf toAifp. ' ress fejftd tfaifeay at Mb whd ! live (M fSffliltf <?md ,afn6«i oitf ' ftlenddl afid i acquaiflt- aricdsr. fWifig ^WitH 10Ved{QiieS is sfid at a»y tlmfe bdt it is especial-' ly tragic at Christmas when family ties are eloatst and the aea^ son calls t fdr laiety.iAhd y6t if it weMfl'Od'r the h&|>e that with ihS Orfe toho Was born tftat first Christmas none of us could look fofWfifd to an'y thing, but despair. WhiI6 \ye can't* unaerstand why 86 ftiu.fch heart aehe hiUst come , ta -sbttie we afe reminded that life on earth is extremely temporary i iys far too short to fill With hate and tSettinessf and barely Idhf eHotigh for the kind-. ness and love that doesn't pass away, when We "do. -.•*,- •••' : -* . .• * • • YoUt o>««iihg8 have added much; to the joy /or the season at our lioyse.* As usual, I haye, the cards taped ar6Und\the frame and' upon , the wiftd6WS of 'the '•living room 'frendh dobrs. They se'rve': a double pufpoSe thtft way r^ th^V bring us ydU'rjgreetitigs.aHd hejp decorate^the house. Then -too, it gl ves mo f th€f> perf dot^' excuse ; f or not Washing' • the .gltissi on. the doors for the two. weeks the cards are up., i can't ; mention 'the'm all now while the cards are still up but we Will 1 read . thehi dVer again, when We take them dowfi. , ' ..,*..' * . * There are Several cards with family pictures . on them : and we especially enjoy these. Floyd arid Bea Holt are pictured :witn their three in. their home and Isabel and Don Alt of West Des Moines have a cute photo of Marilyn, Sally and Jimmy. Around a Christmas, tree are the Rev. and Mrs Brower and their 2 girls and a boy. I got 'such a kick out of their tiny. son yesterday. H'e.sat with the. Champ Martins 9t church and when someone remarked that the Martins niust have a' new boy, Stevie piped up, "Oh, no. I belong to the Brower family.' 5 ' ' " • *; * * • •Fran O'Brien sent a fine picture of their family — 'Mama, Dad and four little^ ones artd I enjoyed the picture of my adopted Aunt Hattie of LuVerne with her husband, sons and daughters taken at their Golden • Wedding., Betty and Roy Berrie of Mason Cityk and their three are pictured anu Kathryn McEnroe Arndorfe^r enclosed pictures of their son' and daughter with ; her card. There's a new note this year on the pitcure from Teddy-Larson Fischer of LaPorte, Indiaria.s -Along • with- : the three handsome sons, is the; paby daughter, • Julie— a " ile'glilai; ' little darling! .-"••"'•• - •'• .'• . •„ , * • . * . * - - . • LueUlei Grose Anderzen writes fjiom "'{ (California : that she' enjoys ihe paper through .the'- courtesy of her.cbusin, MrsiTJathrbp 'although she' knows so few names abound here ' anympre. The • Anderzen's b, 'Have ; a daschound. 'Heidi, who sends her best regards to our lie; Iteicji is a minature.Just y:. aAyqar old. Mrs Anderzen says, 'The other evening we. had guests foi^ 'dinner .and in prancfed .Miss Heidi with an empty-cottage cheese carton uv'her mouth, begging for a handout— and pf course she was rewarded." • ' : ,;-«•;:,,'*• *'•..: ; Alice 2iegler Gaines writes from Pine Lawn, . Mo., that her family is growing fast. She says, "I'm the smallest in height in our family now. They call me Shrimp." , Mrs .Edna Kollasch of Whittemoro writes, '"It's not so much fun to cook for only two so 1,'anvnot as interested in trying new recipes as^I once was — but I 'do like, to read all the new ones. Ruth Schmiel Brereton writes -.'-from Watertwon, Wis., that Jhey are ' planning a fine Christmas eyen^ though the Daddy, a railway mail clerk has a schedule that -won't allow them to be together for the actual day. "Like the Pony Express", says *Ruth, "the mail must go through '. Florence Dehnert Dinkel says she is recovering nicely from an attack of polio ' suffered last September at her home in Victoria, Kansa's and Gertrude Long Clow has moved into a new home in Marion County, Calif. "The view is breathtaking" s a y.s Trudy "but we- must garden at an 80 degree angle," * • - • In -the greeting from Mrs Annis and Beth was a notation that Mildred Allen of Des Moines is planning to publish some of her late brother, Raymond Kresensky's poems. Beth says, "I had not realized how much of an undertaking it would be until she wrote about it. There were poems in different magazines as well as some never published-— written • to friends." Speaking of poetry, Margaret Ddrant rs Christmas aoern, "The Greater Radiance" is lovely and, I so e.njoyed the bopklet of Christmas selections sent to me by Mrs W, E. Hun- dei-tmark of Ottosen. ' **'. *••• ••"• : Mary Ann LovfJad, daughter of Mr and Jwrs Eiftil . Lovstud, in spite of hev tender thrfee ^years of age is worried |)b9Ut the drop in pigs. It's one particular pig that bothers Mary Ann — a pig shaped, cackle jar Qn4 the drop came when it slipped out of. her fingers While tl* Httlp g.irl was snitching a t;pQJae, The jar hud been, ehevish|cj fp'r nine years by Mrs LftvstadaM' that's a Jong life for such f aulftmeiit in a family with, sevwlV yqung children. Mary Ann, cjidn t quite know what to <Jo wHen she '^aw all the broken pieces, sp she ju*t stooci there, a cookie in e»cl>'hsn,d and said, mournfully, -'Cteodbye, ,pjg. Happy New YewlH Ajid that's exact-. ing f«r all O f a Vnvy Happy ly wljijt J'nV f you thd At Osage, Jflho Rickels has been hpjapj-ed {or, 95 years of ser- vi.ce with th| company. He began work fx>r Northwestern Bell & '•• ' ' LuVerne —• Young pebble .attending college; teaching" In'd iitt*' ployed who earte for the holidays are: Patty Hansen, tyahd| Will) Jerome Stripling at ftiwl Stats Teaehersvf Cedar fallsjJadk Jer* gensen, pale, Bfaynara, •= Marcia Stone, Rlcha'M ThpmjSson, lo\va State College, Ames: Herbert Huff, State,. University, Iowa City; Betty Kriise; business .college", Mason City: Mrs Eldft Koll* ttiahn, .Loren Wiihelmi and Keith Vossi 1 Junior College. .Eagle Grove; -Carroll Marty, ! westmar College, LeMars; "David • ; Hat'pef and Ronald Martin, Su'etia Vista, Storm Lake; Adeline Koester and iMarvel Myer. Mankatq ( * Minn., college; teaching,, Marsha Prior, F6reBt, City; Elizabeth pergande, West Bend; Wayne ViMarty at Greene; employed in D6S-Moincs, Joyce : Phillips. Gloria v Harmon and Nancy Will; in Fort podge, Meredith Engel and Lois Hedrlck, The- ; Christmas Pa*iy •'-* \ annual •Christmas Eve family, dinner, of the family of Mr ' and Mrs Aksel:. Nielsen |kvas held in the town hall, iA/'gWt-ie'x* change .took place./; Mi (.Nielsen was unable to attend as he just returned that afternoon from Lutheran ^hospital, Fort Podge;' where he was 1 'a medical patien.t. Attending were Mr and Mrs Andrew Nielsen, Ventura, Mr and Mrs .-Albert Nielsen, sons, Ml' and Mrs' J^rr.y Nielsen, Britt; Mr and Mrs Harold Nielsen, Dick Nielsen, Mr and Mrs Robert Nielsen, Mrs Harold Nielsen, Jr., Mr and Mrs Dale Zentner,' .Gretchen and Tommy, Mr and, Mrs\ Clarence Nielsen, Mr and Mrs Walter Engel, Meredith Engel, Mrs Marie Hunt; Edwin 'Hunt, Ed Jackson, Mr and Mrs Eli-Bager, and Elmer : Bager. • ';••'•: ^ Home From Hospitals ''., /: ( . ",i . Ralph T. Davidson came home from Mercy hospital, Fort Dodge Friday where he was hospitalized several weeks suffering V phlebitis. - •-.;••' "•-: Aksel Nielsen returned' Satiav day .from Lutheran hospital, 'Fort Dodge .where he was a medical patient several weeks. ; •/ ,; ; | Mr and Mrs » Gottlieb ' man had their children' '"foi Christmas dinner. Mr and Mrs Roy Buenger and children, p| West Bend, .HeViry Lauck; Carnp; Crowder, Mo., Mr and Mfcs Edwin Hanselman and • family?.! Mr and Mrs Carl Hanselman and'' daughters all of near LuVerrieV Mrs Oscar Hagen of Bode at-i tended the funeral of .her aunt, Mrs Amelia Pergande Moriday afternoon in the Zion Lutheran Church. ..Guests .Christmas in tfte'/h'ome of Mr and Mrs Henry Kubly.. wajs their son, Mr and Mrs x Elmer Kubly, sons Keith and Dale, their daughter, -Mr and Mrs Edwin Marty, LuVerne, their daughters, Ruth and Janice Marty, Algona, Mrs Anna Wealtha and son Jud-j e'an of Randall and -a granddaughter, Jo Ann' Marty, daughter of Mr and Mrs Eldon Marty, who were not present for the dinner, Mr and Mrs Walter L. Hefti, Marilyn and Marlin of Britt were Christmas guests in the home, of her sister, Miss' :EstKer ; 'Merkle.,.i Other guests were their brother, Mr and Mrs Fred Merkle, Charles and Mar?e,ne, \hc Rev. .anH Mrs J. Paul Stevens, Timmy and week vacation in the borne of his sister, Dr. "and Mrs Jack Harris, Patti and Mona. Mr and Mrs BWtie C. Ramus and Sheri spetill: the holiday weekend in De|6fah with her parents, Mr andVjiaft L. C. Seim and other relatival. Mr and Mrs Aprew Nielsen of Ventura visitecHHis . parents, Mr and Mfs Aksel Nielsen Christmas afternoon. . |i Christmas- gu|sls in the home of Mr and Mrs%F?ank Gronbach were their daughter, Mr and Mrs W, Dale Braytbnfand children of Nevada, their Softs, Mr and Mrs Eari Gronbach*? and children, Richard Groritfftch of LuVerne and his fiaflqt Miss Roberta Kleveland of Gbtdfield. Holiday weffij|hd guests in the home 'Of tttfUgfend Mrs Robert Hardcbpf, 3rjjfjs?*nd.-'jSatty were their sons,, Jeffry Hardcopf of Chicago; Mr |fnd Mrs Robert Hardcqpf Jf.i|8M i 'Jan of Ames, daughter, .Mf-;isahd'' Mrs David Harper and 'sbttjPavid of Storm Lake,;;- "7 •.:'$.'?y'.-' • Mr and Mrs/Lee, ThaVes, daughter Linda, 1 P6s Mciines, her brother,Otto HahserifMme from service in,. Alaska Visited Mr and Mrs Aksel Nielsen 1 Monday afternoon. • • "-•.-''••': ; ' Christmas guests in the home of Mr and Mrs,, Harold Hansen were their 'aaughters, Mr and Mrs Russell Kelley, Gary and Deborah, Algona,; Mr and Mrs Roger Mortensback and Susan, Eagle Grove, Mr and Mrs Donald Thomas' and children and their son Mr and Mrs Harding Hansen and children of LuVerne. Mr and Mrs Alvin Weber had as guests Friday to Monday then- son and daughter-in-law, Mr and Mrs Jerry Weber, Minneapolis, Minn. stationed at They also visited her parents, Mr and Mrs Joe Erhardt and .family at Liver- mnre' Christmas Day. Mr and Mrs William Hedrick were Christmas guests in the home of their daughter, Mr and Mrs Merlon Baker and children in Algona. Other 'guests were daughter, and sisters. Mr and Mrs Dale St, John and daughter and Lois Hedi^clc of Foii Dodge. , ' Mr ..and Mrs Earl. Manning, their, daughter, Mr and Mrs : ald , Morriss, Philip and, Debra were .Christmas guests in the home, of Mr and Mrs Glen Kinney-and Pennv in Minburn. •Mrs Eleanora Eustace went to Kansas City, Mo. to spend the holiday vacation with her daughter, Mr and Mrs Allen Wilson •and Jackie. i Christmas guests in the home of Mr and Mrs Dennis Carroll and family were their daughter, Mr and Mrs Thomas, McNcilley' and Kathleen of Fort Dodge," son; Carroll ..and-- Mendj'kjpme.s of Seattle, WasnT Also Mrs Mary Carroll' and Miss, Lucille Carroll, Algona, mother 1 and sister of Dennis Carroll. ..Mr and Mrs Frances' Shorey. arid children spent Christmas in Rbckt'ord in the home of her brother Mr and Mrs Clarence Laf- cour and family. ;* 'Mrs Lewis Wildin, her son-in- \siVf nnrl daughter, Mr, and Nfrs Dean Hahn of Owatoriria, Minn., visited over the holiday weekend, in the home of her mother, Mrs .Dora" Ramu's and other relatives.. # Mr and Mrs Fred Baumgartncr visited in the home of her cou. s}n, Mr and Mrs Eric Wingren in Fort Dodge Christmas after- Mary Ann. _^_ noon. Mr Adolph Granicnz, Jack W. Baker of Lamor, Colo, fformerly of LuVerne lives in the came Saturday for a holiday home of his daughter, Mrs Win- gpen. Mr Gramenz, 93 years of age is in ill health. He is uncle o£ Mrs Baumgartner. It will pay you well to look ahead at your savings picture NOW! The end of the year 1$ tjjiQ perfect time to look ahead at your savings picture, If you plan to start ypur savings or add more; to them you should CQfisjfllr opening your account $0n us. By beginning now you will receive the mos^ In earnings for the ydar 1956. Besides the attrap* tive rate of return all our savers enjoy insured saf». ty and availability of tNlr funds. HOME FEDERAL §AV1NOS i iOAN ASS'N, 1917 Algona Iowa Mr and, Mrs Fred Baumgart* jier visited his sister, Mrs Minhle Jjickie In Mas'bft City' Thursday -JiJl* jii,a*.-j i A, ''•-•••, i ' * • •;"• - vMf'fitid Mrs Arthur W, fcimljir, (heir-daughter, Mr and Mrs James Neville tind Diane of Arties were -Christinas guests,in ,th,o- home of Mr and Mrs Gerald He^boner, sistur. of Mrs Dimler in Mason City. Mr and Mrs Gerald Hebener, Jr., and baby stationed In Alaska, flew to be with his parents over the holidays. Mr and Mrs William Hoeppnm and. Beverly of Omaha, Nob. Visited in the parental, Mr and Mrs WUUam Hoeppner, Sr., home Sunday,, and Monday. ' JaHe» Blesje, ; South St. Paul, Minn,, his brother William Blesia bf Hehwick Were Monday dinner guests in the Mr and Mrs Henry Kubly home. » Mrs Gordon D.avldson. was taken Friday to Mercy hospital, Fort Dodge for medical observation, and treatment. Harry Von Drnska was taken-to a Fp'rt Dodge hospital Saturday for medical treatment. Sunday guests in s the home oi Mr and Mrs Bonnie Ellifrltz and sons, Gary and Danny were their daughters and sisters, Margaret Ellifritz, Mr 'and Mrs Donald Porte'r, Mr and Mrs Donald Younewirth, Linda and Cindy of Fort Dodge. ,Mrs Marie Stoddard had as guests Sunday her children, Mr ; and Mrs Jaspar Vaughn, daughters, Corwlth, Mr and Mrs Lloyd Stoddard, Mildred, Mr and Mrs Russell Stoddard, Russell Jr., Ft. Dodge, Mr and Mrs Robert Wilson and children, Rutland, Theodore Johnson,*-LuVerne. Mr and Mrs Ralph Dimler entertained their daughters, Mr and Mrs George Goodner and David, Des Moines, Mr and Mrs Morris Espeland and children, Ft. Dodge, Mr and • Mrs William Gray of Eagle Grove. ' , ' i Mr and Mrs Harold Trauger, sons, David, Dean and Daryl were guests to a Trauger • Christmas dinner in the home "of Mr and Mrs Trauger and; family Corwith. Thursday, Dectmbar 39, 1955 Mfloria (la.) Ujpp«f OM Mbtn«i-> AUCTION SALE at Our Farm 1 mile north and 2 weil of WnHlemof* On highway IS, oh ' '• . THURS.,JAN.5, 1956 ( LMeh on'&ouijit I, FARM Good Equipment, rrtbitjy Jdhri tttttrt, fntfudlnfl "B" Tractor, 2 iW J-D picker, J-D eultlvaWri arid plew», •te; ; .••••••. ; ' • ' ' ' •' 1938 Chev. Truck - Sewing Machine - 460 Scries Straw - 400 Bales Clover — arid many miscellaneous Items. * ' TERMS: CASH MRS. P, J, ANDRE Dale Yurigeberg, Auctioneer. Iowa Trusftfc'Savings. Clerk. ' and Guaranteed It's grape/ salad dressing ^ Mode by KRAFT from the one'ond only • INSTANT charged, factory fresh I • LONGER GUARANTEE on all Skeliy Batterles-Skelly Blue .Bolt line, how guaranteed , four years. . ; . . ,.,• ... , • TRIPLE SEALED to 'IniuW '100% performance. ',»; ? QUALJTY CONSTRUCTIpN- flnest workmanship; »hor« ouflh factory testing. £ You'/f jfort and staff and itarf... year offer y«dr with a ...Skelly Dry Charged Battery! These revolutionary, new Skelly "Instant Power" Dry (Chprged l ,Batterle$ k are the finest, available—tops for year ,j ; /round '^'pe'nc1a^iilty. : -Wltn\d.'SkellV;Bcinery ; you're.di> '•'''. '.!•••; , 1 surecl J of faster-ifcirfs--dli''winterlohg-^cboler battery x '•'•'' |, operation, all syn^mer^onq. Stop In today! Insist i. oh-ta' Sljell^Bojfdt I' "'''bonus" •featurpsf "* |r the 1 ' battery 'with the Scobba's Skelly Service .; ,' Corner'BJ State & Colby Sts.', Phone 788 •' ' Monte Scobfaa SALE! I will hold B complete closing out sale of all m? dairy catllo and equipment on Ihe farm located 7 miles N, 2 miles E. and '/< N. of Sw JB City, or 2'/a miles N. of the Grant school or 9 miles W. of Elmore on State Line Road : '/z mile S. on WED., J SALE TO START AT 12:45 SHARP. ZUMACH LUlJcH WAGON ON GROUNDS. 39 Head High Grade Holstein Cattle THESE CATTLE ARE ALL T.B. AND BANG'S TESTED S Gloss springing cows and 12 cows in production, some pf which are just fresh. 2— 2-year old fipavy sprinoing 1st calf heifers, bred artificially. 2 Hplslein 1st calf heifers, bumping big calves. 2 Holstein heifers, bumping. -, i 10 Holstein heifers pasture bred to Angus bull July 1. 2 Holstein open yearlings. 1 Outstanding Holstein bull 22 mo. old with milk records ever 500 Ibs. Surge milKing machine, 4 years old, 3 buckets, pipe line for 20 tows, McCormick<Qeer-i ing separator. 5-can McCormlck-Oesring electric milk cooler, 3 yr$. old. 12 good 10 gal. milk cans. One a|l-steel, rubber tlra d wheel borrow/ 4 yrs. old, used for born cleaning. ' 31 HEAD OF SHEEP, 30'BR6b EW6S, 1 BUCK SHEEP i " Ray Gordon Fcirm Machinery The following fqrm machinery, the property qf Ray Gordon, will be sold on this sale: 1949 WO Alb's-Chalmers tractor, with pick-up 16 In. plow, used very little, cultivqtor and pick-up digger. 1937 WC Allis-Chnlineis tracer with leoder- 2 - r9W Allis* Chalmers corn picker. 46 ft. Farmers Friend grain eleyator, wide type. NOTE: There is absolutely nq small stuff on this sale. If yqu art interested be en time. TERMS: CASH or make arrangements with your bankej before the sale. No pro perty to be removed from the premise* «ntfl settled for. Not responsible f»r dents during the sale. LEON McCOY QUINN & CURK, Auctioneers. 5WEA CITY STATE BANK,

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