Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 4, 1947 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 4, 1947
Page 8
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PAO« H-WAUGATtJCK NEWS (CONN). TUESDAY. FEB. 4. 1U47 Quality Contests Underway At Footwear Plant A flurry of activity amid imusl- e. ;1 accompaniment marked the Boning oC quality contest* yesterday In two making departments o. | the United States Rubber Ooni-| pnny Footwear Plant. The Tennis Making and Boot Halting Departments are the participants, and IMP contests within each department, will continue for three months. As the grand prize, a" winner.* will be royally fotcd by the cimpany at a time and place of the winners' own selection, Basketball hn» been selected as fit- '.home for the Boot Making | Conle.-t. Each day's production will be called a "gume" and each two week period during the three •nonths of the contest will be called a "round." The conveyor in caoh dlvljlcn winning the moat number of rounds by the end o. the competition will be declared winners. Tennis Making bus chosen bowling <us n theme for tlielr Quality rJont;*t. Eac.i day's production will be called a "frame" and eacl two week period will bu called a "string." The conveyor winning the most number of strings by t.ho end of the competition will be awarded the winner's prlv.e. Y's Men To Hear FBI Agent Tonight Howard Fletcher, special agent of the FBI, will be guest speaker ill the weekly meeting of the Y's Men Club this evening At 6:30 in the Y. Wesley Coc. chairman "f I'.ir program committee, will prc- .-•.Ulc. /ONING CHANGK Wcsilport citizen* have decided i hey don't want to force the Kel- lorrs company to close Its River- si tic avenue factory after all. They !-xvc voted to ask tiic Westport zoning commission to withdraw its suit which was designed to make ihn conrvprtny leave the town. A spokesman for the firm said that the company never would tmve :<ctt.lort there In J941 if if had hecn tolrl It win violating zoning rules. 13 Is His Number, Vet Convinced Ecnr-on, N. Y, (UP>—Howard E. Vim Tassel!, Nclsonvlllc, is certain the number 13 belongs to him. Mo wns tagged No. II! when called for his military induction examination. He received his phy- ulcal checkup June 13, 10-13; wns called for induction .July 13, IMS. and sent to Fort Dlx. N. J., where he spent 13 days. Ho ticTan basic training at Fort Knox, Ky., Aug. 13, 10-15: received his first furlough of 13 days on Dec. 13, 19<IO, and then reported to Camp Picket!., Va,. to find his barracks on East Par- ado-13th St. Overseas Van Tassel wns ordered to Austria on Fob. 13. 19-10. His furlough orders came 'through Nov. 13, 1910, and he spent 13 days waiting for a bout to bring him home. He was 13 diiys nt sea and reported at Fort Dlx for process- in 1 " Dec, 13, 10'IG. HIS official discharge was act for Jan. 13. 1947. Coin Collector's Plea Stumps Town's Mayor Clinton, Okla. (UP)—Disappointing news for a coin collec-tnr at Wpnfherfoi'fl. Okla., WHS announced by Mayor McLnln Rogers, who s.iiel he had received .an unusual request for a "certain" penny from one of Clinton's parking meters. A ir"n wrote: "I would like to know when they open the parking meters In Clinton. [ saw H certain penny T would Mice to have in one of them. I!' ' i,.iA— w'-—n '.hrv opened the motors, I could be there and get Ir." Uncert! replied that thr: city would bo unable to hunt for one ncnny among the thousands collected In the meters. Funerals . ESAnruref Bouncy t Funnittl services for Mrs. Mar- gsivet (Hearns) Rooney, wife of I'jitrick Rooney, 3 WI.TSlow court., who died Sunday "at St. Mary's hos- pitsil W.iterbury, were held Lhic, morn-ing at 8:30 o'clock fram bhc 13iir.knilljt:r Funeral Home, 22 Park place, to St. Francis 1 church, where a requiem Mass was celebrated at 9 .o'clock by Uhe Rev: George Dunn. The musical soiyica in charge of Mrs. Albcrtine O'Donnell included Lead Kindly "Ligh'l, PnnLi A.ngelicus and Abldo With Me. Bearers were: Joseph Hearns, Arnold Renkewlth, Thomas Skc- .hiin, Ambrose Daly, John Corcoran ajul J.imes Tyrrell. Father Dunn read prayer* at the grave in St. James' cemetery. Salt Water Bathing Beaches Reported In Excellent Condition Hart-ford, Feb. A—< UP I—Here's (i cherrful noto for a chilly day. The ft-ile health department says that Connecticut's salt water bathing benches are in excellent sani- tr.i-y condition. ThN report is based upon a survey—the- first made in 115 years. The same c;xn not be said of .:i|l tho state's.'harbors, the report adds. Some of thnrn still receive considerable scwngc pollution. Investigation oC SO Gorman orim- innln revealed that 32 per cent were the sons of habitual drunkards. n/,-,nHHon o' YtiK-nn fo-ritory decreased from 27,000 In 1901 to about FUO1TIVK CAUGHT, Police have caught up with a iran wanted on charge of onihcv,- zllng more than 5.15.000 from the Connecticut Cooperative Federation. The mun, Leonard E. Brocco, has been arrested In Newport, Ky. The Co-op manager disappeared more than two weeks ago just be- fnm his books were to have been audited. Reaction tests by moans of lights and buzzers are given to civil scr- Patterson Bulletins (Continued From Pago One h..ifi in 1910, a decline of about I vico applicants forjnbs in Seattle's 70 per cent. ' municipal government, (Continued from Fapc One) might not find an outright repeal | is ' necossiry he said, "perhaps it wil! seem tivat for a period of some three or four years, the first •100,000 tons of Imports in any onoj vc-ir can be brought in for con- 1 sumption, duty free, with the tax to ho attached, however, to all imports above t'hat quota." In conclusion he said that tin bciinvcd 'he ivnil given his col- i:caguOii -some insight Into "thi.« moot serious threat to the American economy due to our lack of cr-f. per." • RENT CONTROL WiiHhliifftnn •— Runt'Admlnlii- triiton Ivnn Carson will appear Ix'foro the Senate Banking Com- mlttoc todny to explain how rent control worlcH. The committee Is considering legislation to raliic rents. oOo BREAK MONOPOLY Washington — The vice-president of the Chryslor corporation • —B, E. Hutchlnaon—ihijs urged Congress to break'.up what ho calls "monopoly" practices of labor. He hna told the.Senate Labor committee that strong measures arc needed to outlaw industry wide collective bargaining. ••...' oOo PORTAL' CONTROVERSY Washington—Uupubllcan Representative Clare , Hoffman of Michigan Hayi» that.' thn portal pay controversy will not bo nettled until Congress defines the terms '"work" and- "work week," under the waffo-hour law. Me want* the House Labor commit\(>(- to start work Immediately on bills that set forth those definitions. oOo—— SIGNS TREATY London — Foreign Secretary Krnost Uovln has signed the Axis satellite peace treaties. The documents will now be sent to Paris —to he signed fiy the French foreign minister nnd later by rcp- resentutlvc» of other allied powers. . . • ——oOo-— SPEEDUP PROGRAM Stuttcart — America's deputy military governor In Germany, Lieutenant General Lucius Clnj, ha.s c-illcrt yti the Germans to spi'nl up the de-Na/lllcation pro- gr-Tni. Mi! suggests thpit more GeriiKiti personnel IMS drafted for the Job. HOOVER IN GERMANY Frankfurt—Former President Herbert Hoover -has arirvcd In FianUfurt, Gemany, on the first leg of Ms tour, to investigate food conditions in Europe. He was met at the air field by General Joseph McNarney. oOo SUSPECT 'FOUL PLAY • Carvor, Mass.—Police Chief A. Trnmalnu Smith of Carver suspects foul play in the disappearance nf 5-ycnr-old Irnia Santos. Tho child (Hxnppoared Sunday and a search has been carried out In the urea's cranberry bogs. \\ I'M WITH ClfEOft REPOBT '•< Washington—'i no Sonuto war •invtoigttiing. committcu IB cheek-. iiiK ropolto. ttiat an uiildcnti'twu: '^uvui-iiineni department nas bc'eii 'biirnihB. Ita records. Committee Chairman Owen Brewator auggbiu . that president Truman loroid destruction of official pa- .'pora, that may be of value In the prfmiiiittee's inveBtigations. .. AliTO DEATH TOLL •Chlcaffo—The . Natiiinal Safety Council reports that*, the country's-automobile death toll, last •year jumped 19 ipercerA. 'More than. 33,000 motorists were killed. And only two states, Arizona, and Maryland, had less auto fatall- . tloa than the yeJr before, oOo FISH PRICES Boston—Wholesale fish prices arp rallying at Boston after a record catch broke 'the market, .Only 202,000 pounds was brought into 'port this morning as compared with more than two-million during the weekend. CHINESE DIE Hong Konif—At least 125 Chinese died today when a 2,000- ton ..river steamer hurned at a Hone Kong dock. And the death, 'loll In expected to go Mill higher. Firemen are Hcarching the hull for bodies. The flro broke out shortly before the ship ; was scheduled to leave for Canton. Committee Meets Tonight To Make Dance Arrangements The .West Side Community Club's committee in charge of the planned Valentine dance will meet tonipht a.t 7:30 at the 'home of Mrs. Merle Hyde, Quinn street. The dance will be held Saturday, Feb. 8, at tihe Falcon Blue Ball Room, School street. Mrs. Hyde is. chairman of the dance committee. Others on the committee are Mrs. O. Tower, Mrs. John O'Don- ncll, Mrs. Charles Hunter, Edward Misone, Parker Matthews,' Mrs. Edward Lyons. Mrs. Georgrc. Hisert and Mrs. Henry Racki. KTcavons' orchestra, will iplay. Tickets yre now available from club members. NOTICE The Board of Tax Revue for the Borough and Town of Naugatuck will hold sessions beginning Saturday Feb. 1st, to hear and determine all appeals from the doings of the Board of Assessors. Said meetings will be held in the Town Hall building, Ossessora Office, on dates as follows Saturday, Fob. 1st. Irom 3:00 to 6:00 p. m. Wednesday, Feb. 5th, from 3:00 to 5:00 p. m. ' • Wednesday, Feb. 13th, from 3:00 to 5:00 p. m. Wednesday, Feb. 26th, from 3:00 to 5:00 p. m. Saturday, March 1st, from 3:00 to 0:00 p. m. Dated at Naujratuck, Conn., tnis 29th day of January, 1947. JAMES CUDDY, Chairman GEORGE LAMBERT, HAROLD STINSON. ALL HEARTS Th'e odds are one in 40 billion, but Mrs. Jrvinp Stone of Westport did it. She was dealt, a bridge hand of 13 hearts. . JONES doesn't look too enthusiastic about paying his friend Jack's way into the movies. Maybe that's because he always seems to be caught with the bill, and he figures it's about time Jack started paying his own way. Oh well, life's like that, Mr. Jones. Some pay for the gas, while others just go along for the ride. Ever since the government's electric power projects went into operation in the Tennessee River Valley they have been supported by the taxpayers of the country, although only a minority «jf those taxpayers receive any actual benefit from the government's power plants. The government power projects, you see, pay no taxes to trfe federal government, and that's one thing which accounts for their "cheap" electricity. On the other hand, The Connecticut Light and Power. Company, a business-managed company founded in the principles of free enterprise, in 1945 paid $3,217,000 in taxes to the federal government, while keeping its rates as low as possible. Just as you pay Jack's way into the movies, Mr. Jones, you, and the rest of us, are helping to pay the way for the politically-managed government projects. "They're with us!" THE CONNECTICUT LIGHT AND POWER COMPANY A business-managed, tax-paying company. Additional Classified Legal Noticei NOTICE Take notice that a public hoar- ing will be held at 8 o'clock Friday evening, February 7, 1947 In the Town Mall, Town of Beacon Falls, State of Connecticut, on the application of Garry Fuco to conduct a Used Car Dealer Business on No. Main St., Beacon Falls, Conn, Dated at Beacon Falls, Connecticut, this 29th day of January 1947. Attest: T. W. SEMPLENSKI EDWARD J. SMITH • RALPH E. UPRIGHT Selectmen. NOTICE The Board of Tax Review of the Town of Beacon Falls will bo in session in the Town Hall at said Beacon Falls on Saturday, February 1, 1917, from 9:00 a. m. to 5:00 p. m. Saturday. February 8, 19-17, from 9:00 a. m. to '12:00 Noon. Thursday, February 13, 1947, from 7:00 p. m. to 9:00 p. m. Wednesday, February 19, 1947, from 7:00 p. m. 'to 9:00 p. m. To hear and take action on the doings of the.Board of Tax Assessors and to transact any other business proper to come before said Board: said Board to adjourn to a day not later than the last business day of February 1947. Dated at Beacon Falls, Connecticut, this tenth day of January 1947. Signed: SHERMAN D. STOCKER HARRY A. SPARKS JOSEPH CZAPLICKI Board of Tax Review. RefTistrars of Voters Announcements NOTICE Ashes removed—rubbish removed from cellar. Sand and gravel. Gen- oral moving. Tel. 4292 or 4702. NOTICE FRANCIS IJELFI.NO — Connecticut's Finest Orchestras—All sizes available for dances, entertainments and nil social events. Wtby, 3-4037 or 3-7361. NOTICE MILK DEALER wants to buy 200 quarts of milk daily in vicinity of Naugatuck. Write Box "E," cai-e of Naugatuck News. Employment Help Wanted—Male WANTKD—News Carriers in all sections of town. Inquire Mr. H. T. Dillon, News Office. RECENT College graduate chemist or chemical engineer for work as an assistant chemist in Rubber laboratory of a plant located In ftouthwestern part of Conn. State in detail in first hand-written letter, age. education, experience if any, and remuneration expected. Write Box A, Care of Naugatuck Dally Ntwg, 2 Help Wanted—Femaln Waitresses Wanted—Married women for full or part lime work. Andy's Campus, 166 Church St. For Sale 3 House* for Sale FOR SALE—Eight year old one- family brick house of 6 rooms. Four rooms and bath finished on 1st .floor. Two big unfinished rooms on 2nd. Built of best prewar materials. Hardwood floors, brass pipe, hot water heat, oil burner, modern kitchen. Fireplace, natural tile bath & shower. Extra large veranda, 10' x 22'. Garage. Nice location. Call Patsy Labi-tola, Real Estate Agent, 172 High St. Tel. 3458. VACANT PROSPECT 6 BOOM HOUSE—With domestic hot water and 3 Car Garage; including 1 Car Garage in Basement, About 12 acres of mostly woodland with small pond and about 1,000 feet on State Highway. Drive out and look for our sign. On Prospect to Union City Highway. WALTER H. HART, INC. REALTOR — INSURANCE John C. Kiernan Eve. Naug. 5707 20 East Main St., Wtby. 4-3129 TWO Family House on Greenwood St. Three rooms in each apartment. Immediate occupancy. Call or sec Joseph V. Rosko, 3 Union St. Tel. 4928-2952. • WE'RE ALTERING OCR STORE Watch Us Grow! CORNER CANTEEN 392 No. Main Street "Dom" Tellerioo, Prop. AS THE DAYS BEGIN TO LENGTHEN, THE COLD BEGINS TO STRENGTHEN. And what a month February is for warm, mellow, soft, fleecy overcoats that make a New England winter enjoyable. There's the famous Rogers-Peet, Mt. Rock, Hickey-Freeman and those gallant Burberrys overseas overcoats all primed with quality, good looks, good tailoring, good style and good to the last thread. $45 to $100. Lubricate Your Car Every 1,000 Miles for Mont Efficient Operation. POUST'S SERVICE STATION 144 Rubber Ave| Tel. 49SS Try NEWB W«nt They Bring BMUIM. PARTS and SERVICE ON ALT, MAKES OF CABS B & M Motors, Inc. Hudnon Afency General Repairing 80-82 SOUTH MAIN ST. Tel. 6441 Established 1870 Deposit!! Fully Guaranteed You will have peace of mind and freedom, from worry when you start a reserve fund. Plan now to deposit regularly in your savings account. ffS); GUS SMOKE SHOP 40J North Main St. Union City Gus Klimaszcwskl, Prop. MODEL AIRPLANES HALF PRICE Highland Package Store 93 Highland Avc. — Tel. 3083 Anthony Farrar, Prop. FREE DELIVERY All Parts of Naugatuck WHITE FISH MARKET JOSEPH CAERAL, Prop 8 South Main St. '' Tel. 50OI SALT nnd FRESH WATER FISH of ALL KINDS FOR Ten room houie, 5 roonw llnj floor, 5 rooms «ccond floor, S bnth-roomi, hot «lr funuct, electricity, 2 car (»M|re. Formerly 2 tenement now* and owner will re-convert to I tenement* and give Immediate occupancy to first floor. Located cast side of town Ml may he Inspected In afternoon. F.W.EATON Room 9 Neary Building Church Street TRY CLASSIFIED AMI IT'S AUTOMATIC MAT- for a cleaner, more comfortable home! Good-bye to fumict drudgtry! With « F«irb«nlci-Mone Auiomntic Sicker on the job . . . fi*quent »hov»ling of coil •nd «he« ii • «hing of the part. Your home it more comfortable, loo ... (or • tiokcr jives you cl««n, evenly r««u- Iiled he«t. And the co»t? It'i actually Im tktn the coa ef handfiring . . . bccau.e a Faitbanki-Morie Sloker not only burni leu coal but usci the more economical »i*e» of coal. Drop in today— and learn why a Fairbankn-Mone Automatic Stoker can »erve you better and more «conomicaUy than any «th« type of heating. FAIRBANKS-MORSE STOKERS Far «•»•«•, •Hi/0'*", momittt A 3 Years to Pay Through F. H. A. The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 CHURCH STREET TEL. 5238

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