The Brantford Expositor from Brantford, Ontario, Canada on October 10, 1890 · 4
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The Brantford Expositor from Brantford, Ontario, Canada · 4

Brantford, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, October 10, 1890
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THE BRANTFORD EXPOSITOR FRIDAY OCTOBER 10 1S90 TT1 ('('Ij W w Jp' V KillHAY OITitllKH I" 1hl THS BLOODY SHIRT la hi nhv'Ii ul Ifolifox ir Juhu Macdonald rung all I In- r!iaii:i-i oil loyally to Great' Britain aiel was mil f-urculful to: reive again Ilia uniu-x-iliu’iint Lmgalioo Sir ('liarli-i Tujer in ly ulfor unre-1 slrii-to-1 ri'vipiaci'y to the Uuiliil Stales ! "OurrnmiMit mul a good Tory like the lata llmi T Wlilu nsy ilm-biri' that “it w-uuld lm to Ilia advantage Ilf Ihilli cuilliln'- to have tin! fii-t-nl HM-tdllnmii-reoiir-c'atid vlill lie truly loyal liut : Imrriil Grit adopts the value il:i‘(onii lie al on e tacnine an annexationist ami a dis-I'lValivl It is tnie hliie loyalty to have reciprocity with the riiite1 States to the extent tla'l j 'pl-"lin iii‘en that the actual pup-it iI-m-j not iujiini a few iiinimfncliiriiig hition is really teiy much larger IjjOui sc exotics It is true blue as well to tax the impiils from tnat llritain even t:oii-l f lic m ‘J f“'JlurinS “ it slioiihl be so much the worm fur tirilinh cuii'iectioii" bit it i utaulut'dy traitorous in have a free exchange of iau of the city making al- factored prclu-U wit! the neigllrrin' re J '"r '‘U :'-n P ’J''atiun u piihlic Tiiis is the kiml of cluir Jolu A j lrl'tUc 1 lias tacii giving all liis life ami it is Mir-1 Hut tiiis is nut the only reiieel in wliich prising Imw in my j pie mistake it fur j the city is pisci-l al a ilismhatage There garni wniml wheat is growing up in its environs cluster of The Canadian Tories seem to have taken villages which form save for municipal pur-a pointer from llie licpuIliMnsuf the United puses an integral part of the city aihl States After the war of tho rebellion ta-cause “the solid south” was Democratic which embrace within their limits two or inree of onr large manufacturing establish-they constantly ''waved the bloody shirt'' j ments Ifow rapidly these suburb are whenever the people weie asked to place growing is shown by the improvemente their opponents in power They sought to ! that are being continually mado To-creato tiie impninimi that the safety of the I morrow a new mission church is to lie opened nation depended iion allowing them to mi Terrace hill qnd an older mission grab all the oflices and run the nation By - church ie about to throw off lay cllbrt and aud bye ibis scaie crow refused ! call a pxstor of its own A large school to scare and the four year of an able Democratic adniinislrtt inn ex-jxiscd the tiollowiiesa of the cry that hail ficen for so long made to do duty The Torii-s are the “bloody-shirt'' jiarty of Canada but liny ure more dishonest than were tluur Makes in the L'niled Vur some time after the war the loyalty of A very large element in the lh-mocniiic ' juirty was certainly ohui to ipicstinii but j there has never been uny reason to doubt the loyally of the ' ” ' ' " ’ lilierals of Canada Tiny are man for man us truly loyal to SJanadion institutions as their opponent IT IS NOT TRUE Sir John Macdonald in hi Ilalifux ieeclt made the statement that the Lib-oral warty during the five years it held power in the iMiuinion passed no legislation to lienefit the country This is not the first ocsiiun on which the cliiettiiu bos made an assertion of this character but it is one that the facts do uo justify Sir John is no douht very anxious to make out that the Conservative are heaven-born legislators and therefore divinely called to ollice Sufficient refutation of j L this ahsuril pretension is found in the splcn- j lid work that Liberal governments hat e I 'done and are doing in Ontario and tliej other provinces of the Tloniiiiion but Mackenzie government has also left an impression upon the legislation of the country of which any government might well taj"1) proud Without enlarging up in the measures connected with govcniineut railroad in- ® ' sluding the (aiiailiau Pacific Mr I Blake Pacific lircoclics of contract and oilier criminal law amendment outs the acts fur die eslailiiditm-nl of government in t he Northwest Territories the quieting of the Indian tides the formation of the district ! of Keewatin or tiie establishment of the supreme court sulficient refntalion of -Sir John Macdonalds statement is found in the legislation passed ly - Mr Mackenzie with a view to securing to die people a fair representation in parliament To this end it was enacted that c ertain public nfiiciala— sheriffs and registrar— should act as returning officers This useful legislation has since been repealed and in its place we have the fran-ikisr ait and the parlizan revising officer ' ilr Mackenzie secured for the cnnntry aimultaueoot elections The result i that 11 parties are placed on an equal footing in an election contest Prior to the enactment of this legislation the government 1 brought on the contest in friendly constituencies first in the hoie that it might thereby influence in iu favor the coiwtitu-encies of a more doubtful character It - could also concentrate its forces and do it corrupting work in constituency after constituency as the contest were brought on In ISC7 the i-luctione were begun in July they were ended late in ' Septemlior Iu the general elections of HITS the same course was pursued In 1874 the liefonm-rs made the elections simultaneous although the law did not re- quire it and son alter passed the necessary legislation Tliir law still survives anil Sir- John Macdonald with all hi recklrsMicss would not rare to brave public opinion to the extent of repealing it Should opportunity present itself tiie LiU-rals will reinforce thi legislation ly (iroviding lliat one man hall have Intt one vote Another useful reform pawed by the Literal was to secure the trial of controverted elci-lions liy the judges of suiwrior ixmrU thus getting rid of partian cmninittces It was further provided that the qualifications nf an elector to vote for a mi-inler of the House of Commons should 1e the same in each province as fur the election of mem beta to the Legislative Assembly aiul that lit voters’ list 1x311 lie the Nxme used in provincial contest Sir John Macdonald Aid away with this system in order that he might bolster up his gerrymandering of constituencies by a gerrymander of 111 voters list but the change ie not one that redounds to thecrcdil of the Conscrvu five party The Liberal also did much to secure greater purity of cloolions ami ilieir action in this regard ia none the lues commcndalile because Hie operation of these laws showed that the use of corrupt jn-avtices was not -ooufinad to one party The Lilwral party a such did what it could to prevent such practices ahd also to make the representation in parliament conform to popular sentiment outside touservalivo oath other hand bar not sought ‘in ancure purity of elections while ! l'“y have persistonlly employed every tlieir reach to prevent an Iionevt expression of opinion at Hie polls Wiilioiit going further into particular wu think wj have insmlo out a stilli-iem cum to prove lli' Sir John vtatemrnl mat the Liberal eu-IJ uneful legislation while in olli'ie is anything hut correct liut wen! it iiLhriwise it Would he more ill the inl'-rcit of tin country to litvo a do-nothin)' ininisiry tiiun to h are one that in " ‘ rcipiinuMc for some nf the limit iniquitous legislation that lui ever ih -graced a sl'alulti kook i WHY NOT ANNSX? Braiifuid'i population at present hy the asHweiors' reluriiii is I Tie lncrruic 1 ovcr 'l'' v:l" noiuinuily but Slt Inn the the enumeration this jeai has lieen mode when some of the eiuMiilim-it are in accordance with the : usual custom uhneJ ilown for a time The building larger protally than any in the city at present is taiug built in another of these suburla and there are not wanting other indications that the imputation is extending most rapidly at (lie extremities and in a way that gives the city proper but name- j little advantage States The quesliou of annexing the suburta of HolnusUle Kaglc 1'luce portion of Terrace now connected is one that lias been agitated in the past but nothing practical the not was accomplished Is there any reason why the subject should not now l-e once more agitated aiul an earnest efibrt made to secure union Annexation would aild at least li99 to the city's population ami would cause us to part company with the group of places ranging from 10WJ to 11‘SIO inhabitants which are commonly called "tiie smaller cities of Canada "Already we are a long way in adrancc of the procession ami should not lw classified with the group but with 17000 inhabilsul we wouid rank close to Kingston and would soxn outstrip the Limestone City Die residents of the suburb would bene-uily Kilice and fire protection by the extension of our waterworks system and by public works which would undoubtedly accompany the donning of urban habiliments The city would benefit by increased importance aiul by tiie addition that would le made to ite tax paying com-Uuion in fact would be mutually lieueficial Tho process nf annexation as we Uuilei -stand it is by pelitionupun two-thirds vote of the city council to the lieutenanl-gov ernor-in-coiincil and unless strong reasons for refusing the petition can bo shown it would almost certainly be granted The subject in any event is one of very great importance an1 every posnilJe effort should lie pul forth to aicnmplish so desirable a consummation as the one under consider lion A NOVEL CAMPAIGN An election campaign that is creating very widespread interest is at present in progress in Wisconsin On a small scale it is the famous log-cabin and hard-cider campaign of 1HJ fought over again save that the public school takes the place of the issues before the people in the fight of the furtic Although the Democrat have imported tiie eloquent Roger C Mill and other outside speakers to dis-ourse upon the tariff policy of the Republican majority in congres and other mundane matters the foot remain that the lSenuatt law or rather the continued maintenance of the public schools in Wisconsin ia the only real issue of the campaign All through the etate thousand! of Republicans have decorated the laile of their coat will a button bearing a miniature impression of the United Stale flag and a country scluwl-lionse while the Republican stole comtnille has formally adopted as its emblem a picture of a one-story school house with a United State flag dying from the cupola the words “District School” losing over the front door and on on side of the slanting roof the inscription “The little school house" Beneath thi are the words “Stand bv it" The most striking spectacular feature of Hie campaign however lias yet to come 1 Hiring the next few weeks three little girls ill red white and Mue respectively will mount the rostrums in most of the counties of Wisconsin and render a song of eixteen verses with the refrain “Stuml by the school-house" Hundreds of thousand of copic of the same song are now leing ili-triliutcd and it will 1 sung in stentorian tone at every Republican rally On the other band the iH-inocrals whose caiuli date for governor ia I’eck of “Rail Roy" faiej are getting op marching “bail boy" each club having a contingent of “bail boys” for whose benefit a story with the title “Wiien my pa i governor” has been composed Tho volume of sketches entitled "Deck's Had Boy" is also being industri ously circulated as campaign literature a LET US HAVE REFORM Mr Henry Calwt Lodge one of Hie congressmen from Massachuetta contribute a paper to the Octoler Ctntury on the question “Why patronage in office is un American " In it we find the following:— ' When the government of the United State was formed the wise men who framed the constitution saw and rooted out one of the evili of patronage although not perhaps the wont Tliey perceived vero clearly that parliament was controlled and corrupted in large measure hy the bestowal of appointive ollice upon il memliere and in order to preserve the legislation of the I’nited States from this danger they put a clause in the cuiiiliiution which made it impossible for the executive to corrupt Congrcsi by she appointment oi its rnendicrs to office This makes it clear that the fraincrs oi the con-MacdonaM ti-iltioiisaur nolnin sacredly American in olhcial piLrunngi tin the contrary they dcU-c'cil in it in one direction a great Miril and in that direction they cut it up by the roots We commend tiie aUve to one of our Hamilton contemporaries uhicli recently took Tiik Kiiitok to task for objecting to the appointment of incmUrs nf the lfouso of ('ominous uiul of our pro vincial ltgislatuivs to public office If the founders of the Am-eri --in republic fniind it ilesirable in order to preserve tle imleiiendence of cou-gn-sst-) pr-ivi-lc in the constitution that no C'liigrcisiiian should lie appointed to pu-tlic office there! mnst have existed very good riaiions for this action Why ineinla-is of tiie Ilutnininn ami jro-vincial parliaments should not lie spioiiitcd lu office Tiik Kxixr-lTou has fully explained It has objected to the practice U-cauiB it does not provide fur a fair division of tiie honors of public life and also localise it is corrupting in its influences destroying the independence of men who arc seeking or have the promise of such offices and providing a means for corruptly acquiring the support of disgruntled or opposing politicians In Dominion politics wlien was there a lieutenant-governor appointed who had not len a member of the House of Commons or ot the Domiuion senate? How many judges and city postmasters and collectors of customs have been drawn from the same ranks? And in Ontario politics is it not true that nearly all the rich plums in registrar ships shrievalties etc fall into the waiting mouths of the supporters of the government of the day? lu 0uclee was not this abuse of power largely used to secure tiie du nfall of the Joly ministry? And has not Mr Mereier used it to overcome a hostile majority in the provincial senate! Wc lwlieve public sentiment to-day does ut regard with favor the filling of to many fat offices with tnctnWrs of parliament There is a revolt against tho greed -shall we say lioggislnet ?— that is Iwlng shown in this matter and it is time to demand reform It would have been well bad our conslitntion made such a pointinents impossible but as it has not done so other means should lie employed of accomplishing the desired end - — MR HARDY AND THE CROWN LANDS The Conservative ncwsapcre are devot ing considerable attention al present to Hon A S Hardy and the crown land department of the Ontario government The success of the recent sale of timber lands is a hard nut to crack The Kinpire dare not accept The Kxi-osi Ton’s challenge to enter into a comparison of Mr Hardy price with those obtained by Sir John Macdonald hut it evades the issue in the following style:— We are supposed hy Tiie Bkavtkoki KxrosiTou to have originated au “absurd charge ” against Mr Hardy of “wasting the resources of the province ” in connection with the recent eale of tiinlier lands If our contemporary will read our remarks with a little more care it will find iHat i charge which H call absurd were made by The Toronto dulie which pointed nut that this public property of the people of Ontario would have sold for more money but for the sale being forced on when “the season for timber is dull " and part nf the limit not being tiioronghly explored The reasons for conducting the sale at the present time have already lieen explained at length and need not be again alludtd to Suffice it ia to say that was to meet the exigencies of the lumlicr trade The price obtained too was eome 8300 per square mile in excess of the highest bonus ever got before If in a dull season and part of the limit not yet explored there is cause for faultfinding that Mr Hardy only got 8933 per square mile what must lie said of Sir John Macdonald action in selling no leu than 5333 square miles of timber in the disputed territory and that privately for a bonus of 83 per square mile ? Sure enough there has been wuting ef the resources of the previaoe but not by M r Hardy Then The Hamilton SKctator attempt to deprive Mr Hardy of the fairly-turned credit given him liy The London Advertiser becanse of his able management of the crown lands department by raking up the Dulmage defalcation It uys: It is very certain that the department has been managed in a happy-good-iveky way or a collector ot moneys would not have 1 e-n permitted to go on fur year making returns wheu he pleased and as he pleased and putting money into hi own wicket u he pleased without anyliody be-nsr the wiser? The Kectotor is very dishonest in this matter Mr Haply did uot assume his present office until the montli of January 1889 and eight days after his assumption of ntfioe Duhnage was saperceiled not be cause ie was a defaulter as that fact was not then known but for ether reasons Shortly afterwords lie skipped the country The defalcation was only about $18000 and arose largely from the unsettled condition of affairs in the disputed territories aud the illneu of Mr Hardy's predecessor in the crown lands deportment the lamented Ranloe That The Spectator ia compelled to fall back upon such a vary weak scandal and one that arose prior to Mr llanly taking charge of his preaxut department shows how wholesome is the present administration of the tffairs zonnected with Ontario's crown lands The cable I wing the intelligence from Cairo tluxt the murderer of CoL Stewart has been caught anil executed The story of the murder is told briefly in Stanley's “In Darkest Africa” in the following language :— “Ou the 18th of September 1884 the steamer Abbes witn Col Stewart Honlon'a companion Mr l’nwer Tho Times' correspondent and Mr Herlnn French consul on Imard and numlmr of 11 reeks and Kgypliani were wrecked in the cataract of Aim Hamed The Aral on the shore told them to land in peace but unarmed Stewart complied anil with Consul Dower and Herbin and llassin Kflindi went ashore and entered a house in which they were murdered" This is another case in which the whirligig of Time has brought retribution EDITORIAL BREVITIES Hamilton's fair this year was a very i-oor show so much so that the local pres -a at i coinfiellid to admit the corn ilamdum should slick to it carnival and leave the fair business to Hogtown The t'anadian high conimissinnur lias given Mr Wiman credit for initiating the negotiations which led to the Bayard-Ciam-Iwrlain treaty Sir t'harlcs referred to Mr Wiman as "a mutual friend" and Sir John ha praised him as "a clever Canadian1' Vet the Tory organs are perpetually alius- ing Mr Wiman us the enemy of Canada !tllclx in asking that ample having Are not the Tory leaden more worthy of oll w tInmion lhouM twla t tllvr laeliof than the newspapers winch they subsidise? There is a vacancy in the Comm'iia fur South Victoria caused by tlc di-alb of the late Conservative member Mr Adam Hudspeth and it is expected the ch -tiuu will Ik- brought on at sn early date The Liberals have placed a strong candidate in tiie field and have nailed the luuncr of unrestricted reciprocity to the nuuit The contest will 1k an extremely interesting one as it will lie the first after tiie putting in force of the McKiulcy tariff1 and parties are very evenly divided in the constituency Dr licssey a Toronto “speciali-t in character" has lieen "sizing-up” the murderer Birchall for the benefit of the uninitiated He comes to the conclusion that the prisoner ha no moral coinpunu' tons aud he murdered because lie could not help it he was “born that way” There fore the specialist would give hint penal servitude for life and spare hi neck This is sentimental rubbish A noose in sight is as good an antidote to hereditary inst incts of a character dangerc us t ) society of al large as anything wc knew A cigur-cuse played an important art i-i bringing Hirchall's crime home to h’m and now u Kansas murderer lias Imo-ii caught after a long chase because a letter addressed to bin by ail accomplice Ih1 not been tuflieicutly prepaid aiul was sent to the (lead-letter office at Washington w'u-re il was opened and handed over to tlc autborilus Tln-n in New Jersey only this week a negro lnuidtrcr bos had his crime brought burnt to him by a piece of cloth found on the scene of the crime being found to correspond exactly with a tent in bis bhio flannel shirt “Murder will out” aud trifles light as air will often do the work The Ottawa Free Dress hits off the hollowness of agricultural iroiection or else tho contemptuous manner in which the Conservatives are treating the agriculturist in the following happy manner: According to tlieir own confession the Tories are the enemies of the Canadian farmer They insist that unless duties are imposed upon agricultural product our market wul be flooded with American grain and meats and our fanners hopelessly ruined But they assert that they are ready for reciprocity wliich means the alHilition of the dutiee on agricultural product the moment the American are willing to grant it In other word our Tory rulers if we are to lielieve their own assertions are ready to expose the fanner to unrestrained competition and ruin him whenever the congress of the United States will permit them to do so “We think Canada wounTijv wnK(it hy a political union with the noighlmring republic We lielieve sueli a union would inevitably tend to the rapid increase of our population the influx of unlimited capital the development on a large scale of our inexaustible resources aud to the general prosperity" Tiie above language is not that of Si Richard Cartwright or Attorney-Oenera Longley or Mr John Charlton or any other advocate on the Reform aide of unrestricted reciprocity with the United States hut that of The Irish Canadian m newspaper usually regarded as being sound in the Conservative faith The Exhmto does not aay that every Tory is an out-and-out annexationist but it ventures to call attenti on to the fact that all or nearly all the out-anil-out annexation iito are Tories Sir John Macdonald in his Halifax speech said the Tories would take good care to s)iend the money and that nothing would be left fur the Hrit This was no doubt told in a jocular way hut many a ijjg i'tokod as truth is told in jest Here are the proofs: KXl'KNIlITVRK Mackenzie 18T 'S'ilP’iS John A TAXATION BV Cf STOWS AXII KXCIM Ill'TIKA Mackenzie 175 ISr John A 1889 - UIKSM llERT Mnekciizlc I87P Jolm A 1889 9ST7tMX3r And as the demands of the Fzotica lie- come more exorbitant the revenue will he' swelled by increased taxation and thn career of extravagance will be maintained in order to keep the “ necessities ” of the puldic service at high-water mark The Toronto- Empire find fault with Urn recent sale of timber lands in Toronto under the aupices of Him A S Hardy os crown Unde commissioner for Ontario It even goes so far as to make au accusation of w asting the resources of the province A more absurd charge could not lie made Before confederation Conservative governments sold 11000 square miles of our provincial timber Unds at 830 per square mile Quebec hoe sold 3270 square miles at 871 per square mile The recent ( tntario sale realized on an average upwards of $900 per square mile This U because the eale was conducted openly Will The Empire please state how much Sir John Macdonald received forth Unds sold by him without competition iu the disputed territory? A comparison of resulU would be simply stunning iu it effects The veteran General Sherman mode a very happy response at the annual dinner of the Iron and Steel institute of Great Britain held at Delmonico's in New York to the toast of “The welfare and prosperity of the United States” The old warrior re ceived a reception from the Britishers that made his old heart worm closer than ever to the little isles serosa the ocean The appUuse was deatening and it was some minutes before he could speak In his clever speech he remarked:— I have been accustomed to coma to dinners at Delinonieo's frequently especially during the lost four yean and I really see very little difference between the personnel of this gathering of Euglishmen and the usual gathering of Americans which I am gccnsLuined to address (Applause and laughter) Upon my word you see in to he '' wrt "V” nuwod mrfocei mui to be 1 in no wise difb-rent from tiie faces of our New York merehai'ls I Applause ) I have no doubt I lu-rc is a relationship I- tween you l('oiitiiiiiel applause) We ! Ameriiani love and reverence your good ten just much as yon Hrituib dm She is your sovereign To us the is a woman a mother Long may she live ( Applause) American anil Knglisluncn look so much alike you cun scarcely tell them apart lie-tween American aml Canadians there is no ere!ptible dilfcreuce What crime is os one nation? PRESS EXPOSITOR on Evert Interest — ' MU JOHN AMI TIIK ftKTV Stratford Beacon: The two Sir Johns HHke al a meeting in Koxteni Ontario the t other day and Ixith declared tliemselve in favor of reciprocity with the United States Sir John Mo--donsld said lie had always lieeu in favor of reciprocal trade anil would be only too happy to give Canada tiio Comment of Pawing ing to the principle allirrm-d by the fan-! l'lVt COn'Pny U snd six not come to any arrangements that the children hod remained in the vil- ’fW'1 rcolution of IbNS to proiosc a mu- How dura this declaration of the Ircm- t ireviuus' ‘““F agreement by which th( re w ill be free ler bear on Hie party I J trade ahmg tho whole lincdoiug awav with For years the organ liave been tolling us : occasions Gu Wclncslsv iiormng restrictions vexatious sul deliimen'tol to Hist reciprocity would ruin Canada Sir Hie fatlicr went to work si usual supposing imtli countries alike sid remove the cus-John then has been in favor of ruining that the girls were at school but wheu five tnm houses that go to far to came friction Canada! For yean the Tory organs and manu-fvturer have told us that reciprocity would destroy our manufacturing industries Sir John ihereiure is now and bos always been in favor of destroying manufactures ! For years we have lieen told that recipro-cty meant annexation Sir John then it now and always has been in favor of animation ! if the Conservative orgaus had a particle if independence and self-respect tliey vould not say so many things that their boiler may al any picnic nr at any moment icclare were nut the scutiinenla of the yuT'y AN AKIK AIKU I IiTKATUII 1-onJun Advertiser: Hon Mr Hardy Ontario Commissioner of Crown Lands is uceiving well-merited praise for - Bi man-1 aiIj a rk Lg'iiu-iit of a diqiartincul that is liesct with iiimv diiiictiltiei- yet is the Iwst money-iaking dr-fut Mnont of all Fiom it the (overuincnl obtains a great portion of the n-vcinin which is Annually s tends in main-Uiuing Hie puMiu asylums prisons and ilunitivs and it is reassuring to know that x branch of the public service so very important should lie ill the hands of su able 1 rested nlminislrator The recent ale of timU-rl iuiiti was the first held under j Later— lonmer jury die P ncaaured 314j miles and the bonuati ac opted aggregated 8391809— an average of £35 ier mile No such prices as these would be obtained If the timber were sold by private contract u lias lieen the case with limit nnder the eentml of the Dominion government Gross favoritism and robbery of the tax payers such as caused the Rykert-Sands exposure can never take place in a depart-sent conducted by Hon A 8 Hardy (ireful ministration of the provincial re murces and public competition when it is necessary to sell any portion of them are safeguards that will always be iniiated on while the present administrator is al tiie helm e rcg'ine nf Hon Mr liordy and it was e-eminenlly satisfactory llie limit sold RKITXII jrsTIirK SWIFT ASH SI KK Philadelphia Record: That the sentence oi the law will be carried out i almost certain English justice as a rule ie prompt end there is but little opportunity tor new trial and appeals on hair-splitting leclini colilie New ork Commercial Daily Bnllelin The celerity of British methods in judicial proceeding might well to imitated her la the Bireliall case in Canada tiie jtry was secure I in less Ilian an hour out a panel drawn from a people greatly pejudiced against him The trial was of ua usual length for C'anado (nine six days snd was closed by a verdict of guilty anil sentence of the prisouer A murder fMcof start ling interest is now in progress is New York Five or six day were exhausted in getting a jury and at last epcci mens of the requisite mnnumetitol ignorance were found and the examination of witnesses began yesterday The trial will be long the result appears to be certain but if sentence is imposed how many and great the delay may be before it is enforced ? Buffalo News: All the summing up the sharge of the judge the verdict and the sentence came in a heap yesterday the Birchall trial They do those things differently in Canada from what we are wtcuitoined to on this tide A email state prison case would take ongfrr in our courts after the testimony was in The trial ha been one of the celebrated eases of recent times if it might rival in in- erest the Cronin assassination of a year ago ike that and the famous Maxweli-Preller regedy it create a profound sensation in he old world It interest spanned the (tlantic It has lieen quietly and decently landled by the Canadian authorities anil he general belief will be that eulistantial us tic has been reached Sale of Thoro’bred On Tuesday 'Jiext“the 14tl£ instant here will be a great talc of lionea cattle P'S n'' ° b th' Property of Mr leorge Boliachey aihuTiann two-and-a olf mile southwest I of Brantford The ist includes some of the finest-bred f-jhort- jorns I’e rcherons ponies Shropshire Leicester! and Berkshire in thi country lid anyone who wants an animal of un-loubled blood purity will find it there 0ne or two tattle of Northrop A Lynn's Vegetable Discovery will purify the ood remove dyspepsia and drive away at extreme tired feeling wliich causes much distress to the industrious and irsons of sedentary habits Mr W K 11 druggist Fenelon Falls writes In Vcgctahls Discovery is selling well ai giving good satisfaction The World's Fair Tiie World's Fair "to he held at liar I on the Kith and 17th of this month pmises to be just as attractive as hitherto ere will be the usual large exhibit ac-nling to the en tries which have been 1-sdy filed with the secretary and there 11 also he the additional attraction of Uie hilit of groini and ao forth grown in luiitoha This should be seen by those lo have on interest or pmajiective inter I in Hie prairie province The society a secured a reduced rate on the railway 4 with fair weather this annual exhi-ioa should exceed any previous one P air in the county attract o many tuple llognthcr a the Harley fair doe d for advertising and other legitimate rpose this is the only greatest show in is locality The Oman's Missionary auxiliary of the ureh of England is meeting in Toronto nnngtho present was MissDerkes who rived few day ago from England to gage in minion work among the Black-t Indians Report having gone aimed that Rev r Neale a London (Gnt) I'oogrega-nal preacher is not a regularly ordained nister a number of young couples who d the marriage ceremony performed by n are now in doubts as to whether they i man and wife or not A DOUBLE MURDER w bill conies in force taking in detail Hie I commodities nonctmed— eggs hay barley A Tarrlbl Crime Inflicted Near Cum-! n‘l or- He recalled to hi hearers' hartonrf Tn Eiii r a ) mind the system by which the protect in bsrland-Two School Girl Out policy ws ijqnnnl and instonced the raged aud Murdered deliliei'aliriiis in thu "red parlor” at Tor onto fabulous profits of manufacturer and llie levy uiiun them Then be referred in hopeful terms to the progress Hie reciprocity idea was makiinr in Canada ami the United Stole There were Mi-Mirs Shermua Hitt Bayard and ecn lilaine committed to a policy of recipru--irily The ttounii-nl of the ministers at I Halifax and Si John that they were in James Mctouigle one aud one-liulf miles favor of reciprocity in natural pnslucta ws from the village who atu-mlcl the village school ou Tuesil y last storied for " " ' ' ' home J " ro after school on Tuesday cv-mug ami we Colby had frem his place lust well hulf-tt inilu from lumi-j followed dared aguinit the priuoiple in disimut Ur mutt i -a i 1 tcnni if hu haul to dittouc 1 tot ween liut “ IU1 m 10 u uov' farmers aiul the inuimfaclurpni liu would under arrext The 1oilib had Ixicn out- dst to siaud hy the farmers TheMcKin-rageil and Rtrunded and were found lMt J-y woulil be iujurioiw to (‘unada but xr ±ii“ :irr: ot i illager reciprocity in friemlsliip ami geticr- Allhougli the children did not rcaeli ily by whjch thi- two distinct nations home after school li en is weie mil ot on Tuesday cVeiiingtheir s jter-auxirius about them ocluek came and tlc children uot appearing 1 ctin l° countries designed by nature “loexwtwk bysule in (riMiilJy relations the anxiety of the mother caused Mr Me- Deciprocity was his policy and he would Gonagle to set out for the village where he urge it till success same and if the Cornier-found that his girls hod nut been at school vat‘ve partv adopted il tlieir fate wo certain lie arraigncil the Conservative government a responsible for the passage of llie McKinley bill aud all tl e evils that might flow from it that day nor had they been seen M VI Tl'kSDAV KVKVINi: The rcsiilcuts of the village at once formed thcniielves into patties to searcl: the woods for the miaxing girls as it wo learned that tliey were lost seen half-way from home at five o'clock cut Tuesday evening Almut 10 o'clock last evening one of the part'e I'AllE ON TIIE TWO null IK COlll AM lit All lying on an unfreipiciite-1 by-read a short distance from llie regular rood Their de ranged clothing tlieir protruding tongue Lonihix Gel 0 — Sir Charles Tupper said yesterday : “ No doubt the Canadian ircie nu the neck of each were ' trade with tiie United Staus will lie lump-plain evidences that each of the yiilx ladjcml aud our agricultural products shut been outraged ami then strangled to death J out by the inc eased duties still as the The coroner wo notified and au inquest ia ! Americans take our barley at present bellow going on A warrant was issued ftr (xuim it is Iwiter than tliey can raise in the one N'arcisse Larocque who bail been seen following the girls and lie lias liecu ar- bave viewed the i bodies and will visit the place of the crime Fiviilence jiointi strongly towards the prisoner living the guilty party He denies the charge but admits seeing the girls and being near them on the evening of the 7th JACK-THE-RIPPER The London Police Making Desperate Efforts to Catch tho Whitechapel Fiend London Oct 9 — llie Whitechapel scare has been thoroughly revived again Everybody is waiting now to bear of another murder Very little heed was paid hy the public to the three or four letters the ripper sent out lost week saying he was going to tagin operations but the police evidently acting on information of which the public was kept iu ignorance have taken extraordinary precautions Super in tcndcnl Arnold and the most experienced detective are persuaded another horrible crime is almut to lie perpetrated The pol ioo Incline to the belief that the various post-vards and letters received of late emanated from the real murderer aiul it is a mistake to regard them as a hoax l’alrnls in Whitechapel have been com plrtely reorganized since Sunday In every possible instance the uliicen who were an duty at the time the former crimes were committed have lieen recalled to their old lest These men are more likely than others to detect the presence of stranger Every person whose appearance causes su picion is shadowed by plain -clotbea men who are got up in every style If the suspicion is verified the party j politely con ducted to the nearest police station to give an account of himself Some beats have been greatly shortened particularly in thosespots where the seclusion and quietness ore likely to lie selected by a murderer Plain -clot he men patrol these quarters while others ere conceded in the courts and alleyi frequented by low wo men But the most important precaution made to entrap the assassin is the employment of the class of women formerly clioeen as prey by the Kipper A number ot these outcasts of about the some age and character of thoee murdered have practically been engaged by the police to aid in the en dcavors to capture the Ripper They have been converted for the time being into female detectives (or which provided they can he kept aolier the pulioe consider them a well qualified They are instructed not to repulse any man wlto solicits them They are guaranteed that they will be followed and that there will also be help near at hand should their companion attempt to harm them The women have unrestrained license lo go where they please the privilege strangely contrasting with their treatment by police at the periods of the former murders Then the police were persistent in their efforts to clear the streets of tiie women os early as possible Seldom were women seen out alone after 1 in the morning Now from midnight till ainost daylight they are prowling ataut in oil direction! These re cent letters may he canards oil the police precaution may end in smoke tat the London tabbies are not prone to do more work than necessary aiul tiie fact of taking this extra precaution is significant IHE LIBERAL LEARER Discusses the Trade Quest lon-I Strong far Beclproclty-Bxpoct no Early Dissolution AititoTiKOKL) I’ Q Oct 9— Hon W Laurier addressed a large gathering in a grove near here yesterday Leading Liberal from various port of the province were present In his address he referred to the fact that the national policy had been fouud unavailing to stop the emigration from the country and he thought tiie time had now come to try a new policy If nnder existing circumstance they could not have free trade the best available remedy was reciprocity with the United Slate The taxes had been increased hy many million and these million did not come from the Dominion treasury A a result of some magical process they were obtained from the farmers’ pocket He made strong arraignment of a system nnder wliieh the formers are daily Iwoora-ing poorer and which drive them from their home He then took up in detail the sugar tax and the cotton tax and showed bow unjustly they tare upon tiie farming community lie contrasted the "d forecast tiie future hm Hc MeKinlVy I 11 MkHua in ! — J I I whole tenor nf their course was against il Besides the president of the couueii Mr Colby hail from bis place in the house (Ic ic I1®’- "’lien I llie fsilterftl party ltoiiowor if uIl 'ei!ni inllni‘jiollir Ul Wasbiugtou accord TOPPER THINKS The American May Continue to Buy Our Barley aud Fay the Duty States they may do so still although the : duty is raised Iroin 19 cent to 39 cent M-r lnuhi-1 The United Stales msllstcrs ill buy our barley notwithstanding and will pay the increased duty which will foil upon then rather than upon Canada" MORKONS GIVE IN Polygamous Marriages are Forbidden for tbe Future-Ie the Decision an Honest One? Sait Lake Utah Out 7 — At the general conference of tiie church of Jesus Chris' of Latter Day Saints this morning the official declaration of President Woodruff forlndiling in tbe future any marriage in violation of the laws of the laud was read before an audience numtaring 1099 persons including the apostles and bisho)u and leading elder of the clinrch The audience hy unanimous vote recognized the authority of the president to issue the manifesto and accept it oa authoritative and binding George G Cannon publicly announced his endorsement of the manifesto and his recognition of the Supreme court of the United States The conference also adopted the original articles of foitli among which i this : “We believe in being subject to kings presidents rulers and magistrates in obeying honoring anil sustaining the law” Tiiis action taken leitlcs the vexed question and places an effective bar against fu tore polygamous marriages in Utah It is the most important step taken by the chun-li for more than a quarter uf a cun-tury FASHIONABLE WEDDING William Dwight Wiman Anna Dear Mm1(NK I1L Mice Anna lleere daughter of Charles Deere the head of Deere A Company one of tiie hugest manufacturing houses in the west and grand-daughter of John Deere the pioneer plow manufacturer el the west and William Dwight Wiman son of Erastus iman of St George Staten Island the well-known millionaire and advocate of reciprocity took place lait night at the old homestead of the bride’s grandfather Mr Iieere’s bridal gift to hie daughter was gilt-edged securities to the value of II-090099 while the groom's mother gave a magnificent home oa Staten Island THE MONETTB MURDER Trial of Mrs Monett and Her Alleged Paramour-History of tho Crime L’Okiinai Ont Vet 9— The trial of Christine Monett and Philip Leinoureeux for the mnrder of the former's husband Oliver Monette at Caieelman on 13th September of last year commenced at l’Gr-ignal yesterday before Chief Justice Fal-conbriilge It is the only cose for trial at the fall assizes here aud was adjourned from May last Evidence was then token before Mr Justice Rose but owing to the ury getting separated it was deemed advisable to hold a new trial The Crown prosecutor in opening the cose said that tiie deceased slid tiie inale prisoner were employed at Flatt A Bradley's mill anil the latter lioanled with the Jlon-etles Evidence would be called to show that the prisoner ws not at work on the night of the murder or the night after Tiie morning cf tbe murder one Fourget saw Lamourean and 31 one tie start for the woods the funner carrying a (ingle and the latter a double-barrelled gun Afterwards Monette wu teen going home alone and returning again to the woods Witnesses would testify that after a sufficient time elapsed to enable deceased to reach the woods they heard ahota followed by scream Nothing more was seen of Monette until the following ISunilay when hi body wu discovered in the Nation river 1 earing nine wounds one nf which hod nev-eeed the jugular vein and was sufficient to cause death Next day the dead man's hat woe found under a log and on Wednesday the two barrels of Monette' gun wu found The stock had been torn off anil there wu a quantity of hair on the nipple It would be shown that the rclaiiunt of the de cessed anil tiie prisoner’s own statemci t would appear improper relation had existed lietween him and Mrs Monette and ince their incarceration the female prisoner Had endeavored to coinuuuicaie with Lameurcax by sen J lug him a message iu a tank The taking of evidence in now proceeding a on iiMUAY wrnmAR sinrt coiiuiM(IKaimf Safe certain prompt economic— These "J 10 " “ k£9 e'ncfciqii 13 iiwrnl by 7 fiiw ftflillfitivM tnnlv with mpuIiap frura tn Thr Will aN lift Ifl HiH'tltNliL lirTi— 'VPy - PpulrJ"r 10 Work to cininn-nee nf once and to be prowl Dr riumiM Kvlflclno Oil— i UndnleK cwh-d viyiwouHl to cuinpliun wMtliit pi tcrnal aoii intern! remedy adapted to the mluinff iirilyiwiulred for mir fuliil-core of coughs eore throats hoarseness and nr contract I'lnm and spaillraiiofM all affections of the breathing organs kidney troubles excoriations lores lameness ad where nil particulars ran be obtained physical pain j Burford Oct lib UNO ' PUvYDER WORKS BLOWN UP Seven Terrific Explosions at Dupont Del- Twelve Persons Killed end Several Missing A Number of Others Badly Injured-Every Building in th Neighborhood Wrecked Yii mini ton Del Get 8— Several startling explosions in quick succession st 33J p m yesterday announced a dis' aster at tiie Diijiont l’owder works on tbe Brandywine seven miles from here The Dunoni Powder mills extend along the Brandywine chiefly on the went lank and close to llie water for about two niilce They arc divided into the "upper" and “lower” yard Tiie former is some three miles and the 1st U-r live miles from Wilmington Tiie “iippcr” was the otliee and business headquarters of the company There were some fifty lmiblinus clustered around what is known locally as the “upper yards" These were inhabited by the employes of the tsiwdcr mills clustered here and they are all w recked The force of the concussion even broke ilows in some arts of Wilining'on four e miles away ihe ollice ot llie Du- willll( i ZT mills arc in ruins Several nu-iils-rs of tbe Diipuui film were injured by foiling walls and broken class liut none seriously Thcv and several clerks in the office were slightly cut by broken glasa The dead twelve so far as known were all employes of the firm and were in and almut the mill that exploded Several workmen who are missing are believed to have been blown into fragment The wounded received their injuries among the wall of tlieir falling house anil by broken glaa and flying debris Hud there not lieen a general and instant exodus from their houses at the first shock tiie death list would have lieen much heavier u many would have been crushed in the ruin of tlieir dwelling The first explosion occurred in one of the lacking mills where a workman named (rau was receivings can of hexagonal powder to 1 shipped for the use of the United State government In tome way a sjuu-k communicated to tbe can and it blew up Instantly tbe packing mill exploded and the oilier mills in the upper yards seven or eight in number followed at intervals of less than one second All these except one were ''rolling mills" in which the ingredients of gunpowder are pulverized by tin- action of vei t ical rollers of stone turning slowly around a central post Tlc whole machinery is driven hy waier jxiwer The odd one wu a inixiug mill immediately after the explosion a large building k'owu a the refinery foliated near the centre of the village took lire It was a matter of life and death to the whole population tliat tiiis tire should be extinguished tafnre it communicated with tiie powder the building contained Taking tlieir lives in tlieir hand the Du- t fare brigade fought the Homes which caught the roof It wo touch and go tat ween success and destruction but the firemen won Hod the roof fallen in it is doubtful if any man woman or child in the vicinity would have escajied death or serious injury About fifty families are rendered homeless by Hie disaster and many were so dazed by the terrible events of tlioee few second a to seem hardly conscious of where they are or what they are doing The injured are being gathered into the hospital building appertaining to the work and are receiving such aid ss tliey need Gwing to the rocky and wooded character of the locality but little can be done in the way of searching for tiie missing or ascertaining the extent of the damages to property until daylight Telephone communication with tiie whole neighborhood ws broken off by the explosion The telegi apb and telephone office in Wilmington have lieen beseiged for two hours by anxious enquirer having relatives or friend in the works regarding whose fate they are in suspense Undertakers have gone out from Wilmington to prepare the dead for burial while Wilmington surgmus were prompt to hurry to tle t to tender aid Kir Richard Cartwright will address a public political ineeiiug in Demln-uke on the 2Izt instant Mr Laurier lias also been invited Tileouburg voted ou a bonus by- law for $19090 to the Tilsonburg Lake Erie A Dscific railway Tiie by-law was carried by a large majority Hon John Dryden the newly-appointed minister of agriculture paid his tint visit to the Ontario Agricultural college Guelph on Monday He wo met at the italioa by the president and member of the college staff and alio by the students of the college who gave him a most enthusiastic reception On Tuesday the eleven-year-old daughter of David John was drowned at Marmora Th family dog had followed her to school without her knowledge snd she had undertaken to send him beck There was a creek to cross and instead of going over the bridge she went to a boat ana by some meana fell into the water The Lamontagne murder cote is still dragging along The cireumstanoee of the murder are these: One evening in July 1888 Kenii Lamoatagne called on hi brother-in-law Th hour being late Michel anil his wife had gone to bed but the former arose and let Remi into the house He had with him a tattle of whiekey and treated Michel and his wife After a time he rose to leave and went outside A he hesitated about leaving Michel went out to direct him on the mart Thereupon Remi it is alleged threw himself upon Michel and shot him taliind the ear Michd made for his house but not before two more shots were it i stated fired at him by the prisoner Reaching hi house Michel fainted falling on the Hoor Gn coming to his sense he found himself covered with rug which had bean set on fire Though weak and covered with blood he managed to crawl out of the open window and reach the house ot Mr Boucher A warrant of arrest for Remi Lamontagne r nl Led Lament-gne woe taken out but the former had tied The latter however wu arrested and tried in Octotar ot the same year a au accomplice Though the evidence wu very strong she wu acquitted through the efforts of her counsel The same evening she went to Wolfes town and then to the United States During thi time Remi her brother was hiding in the woods around Wolice-town until a reward of $1090 wu offcied for hi apprension by the government and immediately Remi surrendered Leila La-montagne liu so for stubbornly re I used to giv evidence WANTS Advertisements nnder this head— first inre r Him n cents each subsequent insurtiu 15 cents to ANTKH-A (i(K)Il NUtSK TO TAKK ” ire of Iwu children Apply to Mrs J R ” -ompson at Mrs Hkuw m s 98 Ueuruu nu Ditching Contract TOWNSHIP OP BCRFOKI) pONTRAOT FUR THE CONSTRUCTION of what in known Mlle Kent drain will be let OI TLKfUAV OCTOHKR 9I1T COUOIM-IK-in

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