Mattoon Gazette from Mattoon, Illinois on December 29, 1899 · Page 1
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Mattoon Gazette from Mattoon, Illinois · Page 1

Mattoon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 29, 1899
Page 1
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in N January 1, 1900, it will be thirty years since we commenced selling Dry Goods for this House, (then Bros., W. S. Hinkb and Dr. J. M Hipkle). Thirty rs of continuous Dry Goods selling we believe entitles to celebrate the occasion and it seems to us the best :y to celebrate by giving a ' : Thirty Days.- 1 Anniversary ;iile! ONn DAY ICS EACH YEAR it .:n. too. we are verv anxious xt month. Our December sales this year are the largest cur history. Christmas lcsM just past was the-largest ;:!; in our Dry Goods Selling Now, we are anxious to 1 . it.. . A j: w t . : . . . . n ' u; ;,e me year id9, enamg reDruary isr, me uiggesz in 'r Thirty Years of Merchandising. In order to make our . '.rSiuznzry Sals a Grand Success we will offer the trade i munificent stock to select from at prices,' in many lines, i lliiii. Hi UJUWLdUii LUSt During Our Anniversary Sale Any hdy buying a Dress Pattern (at the regular price) ilii thj linings, the goods costing ovp; '50 cents per yard, "Tcvivill malic the Skirt FREE of GHARGE ! Dress Goods costing -50c or k under,- we will make the Skirt for 50c. :7 Customers taking advantage of the 20' pet-c.t. discount must pay for making the skirt. Z:i Our Dress Goods Dept. ' 1 f ' ' '" - i' . "; : - . ' . i- - ; ,. ' ---- ;B - ' i. ; wc will pffer you all our PATTERN SUITS, GOLF PLAIDSr HTC aUhe regular marked price less . ; . , : 7'20-perlcentii WE ARE CROWDED ' v in OUR .CLOAIC AT SUIT DEPARTOENT W its; most capacity. We have an immense stock of Carpets) ht to. arrive after the first of the year.1 Our Cloaks" 1 Furs MUST GO to make room for the ' -'.' i rdcomcst Line of NEW CARPETS -Hcr Shovri'in the City .'""V.T"; ;7 : jet the Greatest Bargains OUR CLOAK, DEPARTMENT . '7 wf 63 disappointed! Come and pick up the BAR- MNS and help us make this the Digest Dry Qocds Year in our 30 years of !.. -chandising ihMattoon; L.LJ : : ,:. ; TO IT J12 000 : iLiliiiiilii ... i 2 w D 31 'in 1 j to Dush abia sale durina iu - ujy. . , , 3r in - FUR and SUIT T 1 " "7 T "" ' 6 ;. J3ti 20 ;! 27 K TIIiniY YEAH8-' , . Ceo. M. Duck Has Been In Bus. iness In MattoonJ Christmas Week's ' Business the Largest His Store Ever Dld-This Month and this Year Record Breakers. In another part of The Gazette Is the announcement ot Geo.- N. 'Buck's Tblrtietti Anniversary sale tod In this connection it la most btfiUlDR that a sketch of his 33 years continuous buslt cess be Riteo. -lyS; ft' t .i'i,'' Just 80 years ago. Mr. Buck became a clerk with the Brm of tllnkle Brothers, well known la those dafs. The establishment w,as not large one and ' Mr. Buck's first duty was to clean up several cases of boots on which the plastering bad fallen. : True it wis a bnmble beginning but we doubt cot that Mr. Buck did the task well. Tbs (tore at this time ' was in the room now occupied by Menke'a cafe and was known as the Harry Holmes room. ' In three or four years after Mr, Buck became connected with' the firm, the bus) ness was moved to the room now occupied by Frazer & Co., and about this time Mr. Buck was taken into the firm which was styled ilinkle & Co. A few years later, another move was made, this time to the room now occupied by M. I Harmon, and another change took place in tbe firm, the name changing to lllnkle & Bock.'rf.-; In 1885, the health of Thomas Ulnkle, who hd become tbe sole ownet ot the Ilmkla interest In the business, failed and the gentleman went west. Tbe entire care and management consequently fell on Mr. Buck aud along with thecare and management came thorough knowl edge and acquaintance with every de tall of a growing business. Mr. jlin kle realizing bis physical condition pre valleoT vpon Mr;Buckto;becom0 sole owner of the' establishment and tbtf notes and other1 necessary paper to close tbe deal arrived at Mr. Hlnkle's home one day after the gentleman baa died. Considerable litigation followed on account of a nephew and a brother endeavoring to administer on the estate and while Mr. Buck was not directly Interested in the litigation he was more or less embarassed because of his being a debtor to the 'estate.1',;1;' l:A S V-;' , Tbe litigation was finally ended. Mr. Buck moved into the quarters , he now occupies, the, move being made necessary by bis Increasing business and Monday, January 1, 1900, marks the thirtieth anniversary of Mr, Back's continuous business career In Mattoon, the present business as conducted by Geo. N. Buck being a continuation of the business of lllnkle lSrotbera with out a lapse. '-:: ':S-'--i' I when Mr. J3uck was caaeaon for a few facts relative to bis 80 years' business experience in Mattoon be was In a particularly pleasant frame of mind tor tie had learned, on looking over bis booka, that bis business Christmas week this year was not only the best Cdri 'tnias week's business he liai ever had but the best week's buslnr-s also that t!;M December Is the best December that be bas experience. 1, c:sj be l-ss emj renson to V. IrX th t prri- t " OEO. . BUCK.' ii' ; m n i ii i n i i .i m i i n ii k i in' f .'.I 3 y r,v 1.;, 'i :. J 1, v,.;; 1 tLe LI," ;cut yc;rtaLr.3 ever L . AH VJ.3 wuulJ vtry Eularslly ehj t;i:; . :s u:n fctl t!::it ta was at kjt making fc:s business a euees buf.::J:3f:craa'.ltLi3 I'.t. tacS Clzt, we t I,e?9, t'.s greatest pleura ia, the fact tiit be has hundreds cf customers to-day who began to trade witb bim wLen he first started to clerk for ilinkle Bros. Indeed, one gentleman reminded tir. Buck only a faff days ago that the, first time be saw bim was w ten Mr. Buck was cleaning plastering put of boot cases, his first task-as a clerk. " Customers wbo trade continuously with one firm for 30 years have good reasons for id doing, surely. ' I I Mr. Buck unhesitauugiy says that his S3 years experience ia tbe dry goods business has been trying in the extreme and that the hisjory of the dry goods business in Mattoon for tbe past SO years would fill a good sized . book. During that period, be believes that not less than 50 firms have engaged in the dry goods business in this city and not more than two ot them quit liusiuess "ahead of the game." . Many thousands of dollars have been sunk in tbe dry goods business here for various reasons but more particularly because daring the past SO years no line of merchandising has been more hazardous than dry goods. Only tbe most careful management and thorough familiarity with every detail of the business could have made the success . that" Mr. Buck has attained and be has good reason to feel grat ified. ' . . ADVANCED IN YEARS. Mrs. Ever harty Passes Away After Brief Ulnes9i i j Wednesday morning, December 27, Mrs. Elizabeth II. Everharty died at the borne of ber daughter,- Mrs.- James Timmons, after a very short illness. On Christmas day lira. Everharty was Id her usual health and attended tbiee masses at the Church of tbe Immaculate Conception but soon after leaving the church she was taken suddenly ill, and went to ber own home. Eater she was taken to the home of ber daughter. Mrs. James Timmons, and physicians called. It was not thought that she was in n serious condition but Tues day evening she became unconscious and so remained until she died at 3 o'clock, Wednesday morning. The deceased removed to, Mattooa with her husband forty years ago and has been resident of this city ever since. Her , husband, Mathlas Ever harty, was for many years a prominent citizen and died four or five years ago in California, whither be bad gone on account of fallinghealtb. ,. The funeral was held this morning from the Church of . the Immaculate Conception, the interment taking place at Calvary cemetery. , iii '.in i ! 1 1 . mi'-.- - Close Call.' r v , A stove well-filled witb burning fuel fell at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. N. Walton 8unay evening placing them in imminent danger. The flames were extinguished by the bucket system.:-." I "a.,; w-,-- f: r:: I'll' l I ii .'..; ' ;K:f'Lbcke-Hughbank3.::S y Mr. De(s Locke, of Warsaw, Ind., and Miss Era May Uoghbauks, of this city, , were married at the office of 'Squire W. D. Matlock,' at 3 o'clock Saturday afternoon. ; Possum Dinner ; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Harris entertained Messrs.' Daniel Sand ford, Will New land, Bert, " Len, "James and Charles Harris at a possum dinner last evening. uuuuuuuuuuuuuituiiu twin mum 3 fi Fine Candies! : C e ' - i I A. A I wish to announce to my rj friends and patrons that I c will carry a large line of Fine 'Candles during the' t iiouuay iraue. tc In addition to my large Qeor....H.; , . - e a 3t 3t at i e tc t u Carries :te : tc St at 3t I will have a fine line of f 3t 3 ? Chocolate tc t Ii Crcanis, Etc 3t c tc tc t ! and will have fancy, boxes I s io put tnem up in. z I ; - Call and , see me when : it , wanting Choice Confections t - 2t "" , f: f.!lssr:cYal!nrriscn ! :. UnJcr Dc?3 I!;use, - it nr. cc prns. o receiver Hopkins, hf the . p'D.&i E., Says. ' The figures cf increased business on the Teorla, Decatur & Evansvil'e railroad for the present year are growing y,ery satisfactorily to those who are Interested. ; It was the desire of Mr. Hop kins, tbe receiver of the road, to break last year's record, which was the ban ner year of the road. " .' . ' ' I Early In the fall it was seen that the Increase over last year was going to be heavy, and Mr. Hopkins set f 30,000 as a satisfactory mark to attain. ; Witb tbe beginning of the present month that mark was reached and be revised the mark, making it $70, 000. Tbe employes ot the road kept np there gait and Improved it so much that by tbe middle of December they bad attained the mark and are now striving for $75,000 witb a great show of success. ' . President Fish, of the Illinois Central has said that on the first of tbe year, or thereabouts, tbe Peoria, Decatur & Evansvilte railroad will pass Into tbe hands of the people who control tbe Illinois Central. Decatnr Review. Third Baptist Church-Sunday school collection last Sunday was $5.23. Next Sunday morning Rev. Doutbltt, of Shelby ville, will preach, returning home on the afternoon train. The Sunday ' school entertainment was all that we could ask or. ; Tbe bouse was full and all enjoyed themselves hugely as the splendid program was rendered.! -The lantern feature was voted a great success. Tbis being tbe last communication to the press ot tbis city this year, we wish to say that we are grateful for the kind way In which all communications have been received. We believe in the press as one of the greatest powers in tbis country to-day and we are glad that tbe papers of this city have been so courteous to the church writer and have given tbe space that they have, We recognize the fact that we have given a class ot news 'that bas been eagerly lead by all the readers ot the papers and at tbe same time we have been able to keep before the people our work. . tjf ,i- Next Sunday evening being the last Sunday evening In tbis year, we have arranged a service that we think will be highly pleasing and profitable. We have arranged the first part as a request song service and will have rendered a number of old songs such as have been asked for during the year. The pro gram. 'will be as follows: "Tbe Model Church," J. M. 11 art; "When the Saints Come Marching Home," by tbe BOWER a MM "FAIR" Mattoon, Illiilois. Special Sale CLOAK Continues at... nn 1 .."(-!- (USf,-- Until Further Notice... Here's a Chance to buy a Good Cnild's Jacket at Stylisli Lady's Dor i-. Sillifs Sunday school orchestra; du. t, of God," U. L. Jarrra and Dr. I "Nearer My God to Thee," com t by Grant Glbler; "What Shall tbe II -ve3t Be," by-ilisaesrMjrtla Han. . Lora Darnell, Nellie Steb'.eton; "Doe', in the Cradle Df the Deep," Dr. i:. .; ?; The Cradle Sonf of the Soul." N.::i 3 Stebleton. After this Dr. JUoaz will deliver ft closing address, "Good Nlv.t and Good : Morning." - Closing s. : ; "God Be With You Till We Meet Agaioj" ',The above service will begin at 7 o'clock and you will need to be oa time for good ieat. , .-r,' "Dr. Richard Il. Tivnen came down from Chicago to spend Christmas with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. H.Tivnea. NOT 1 CENT ADVANCE . ' ; '.'WSHOfeOR. RUBBERS AT Geo. N. BUQCS LAST April we placed our order , lor all the Footwear we could sell by March 1st, 1C Wereceivcd this purchase d .r- ing Septtember andmarked i i plain figure (not characters) as low as , the arna grades wcro ever sold, paying no attention t the great advance asked by xr.z n uf actuf ers this fall. , REMEMBER you get r.t cl pricp s until this entire - wr-chase is sold, Int it a satisfaction to. buy a Shoe with the price in plain figures from a store that sells to every one alike?,. Isn't it satisfaction to buy ;shocs at GEO. If. 11UC ICS because if Shoes are not ti represented thru make them so? For the ;:..'BEST H1T1NO STYLE SERVICE FOOTX7EA 71 For Ladist Childroitiwl Jiji don't fail to go to Geo. N, BUCK' of. U Jacket at ' W "R"iv "

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