The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 29, 1955 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 29, 1955
Page 4
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. Benibri Has that hist of height men /i>-7^"f—T- *nd wfeiitvdbwri off i ttta-jhWe ;bf -Port ; Gbfe near Kbdlae;' Alaska, He was an em* ployfcf 6f vtHe i Aluttoft. Salvage is survived .fay his . children, Details of the' accident are not known, Surgical Patlant > Eldon Hundertmark Is a surgical patient 'at Rochester, Minn. Mt.s ..Claude Herrington of §i$myiM 111., and Mr and Mrs .. 4 , Herrington of St. Louis, /Mo. ; visited, from Tuesday; till Friday iat;.the Mike Coyle home. Christmas .Day dinner guests at th^'Mike Coyle home were Mr and Mrs Dallas :Coyie and family of iFalttnont, Minn.. Mr and Mrs Donald Brandhoij and family of Bradgate Were there in the evening- 6f,Christmas Day and Christ- n>as 'Eve.; Mr-and rMrs Goyle were,at the Bernard Coyle home ing at, the EffiSl Kuehnest home at MtimboWt , Christmal Day :Chrlstmy EW Mr and Mrs tto> Telfdfil and: Larry -Were at thti Dean Telfofd home. , ; Mr fiflft Mli'Vincehl Salz and family; were, evening dinner guests at the' Charlai sak home at Whiltemow Day, . ,,_. J ,MfC Rbbert McLtien |M :§pri;^eyln.,bf Union City, , Jersey wfere holiday yisltbrs at a the Jarehtal ;&R. McLuen home. The .visitdft came , to Des Mere they Were , Melvifi and Carroll Hagen of Des Moihe^afld Gilford Hill of Veblen, g. D. W«-e vlsitofs Tues^ day at -the Morgan Magen home. That evening LBnhard Holden and Arn Holden of Jamestown, N. D. were visitors there. Christmas Mrs Judith Hoo-' ver and • Nancy of Bode Were visitors at the Morgan Hagen home: V • . . : Saturday dinner guests at the Alfred Schultai "home were Mr and Mrs Don Blanchard and family and" Mrs Maude Blanchard of Lone -Rock. Monday Mr "and Mrs Alfred Schultz and family ViSited at ; the homes of Mrs HUda Schultz and Mrs Maude Blanehard at Lonfe Rock. '.fphfistmas Evi Supper Quests at Mr iftfl M , seft'at Rddffilh Mdhdlry. Wed |ay eveninif VisitotJr at Coepfif, hfime wfefe Mf and M/i MaDean Litdwlg ah3 fafhlly .6 Christmas'•-bay dinner guests &i the IBdward Zinnel hbme Mr ahd Mrs Ro; Larry and LeRoy , mas Eve Mr and Mfs Christ^ Edward Zinnel and Leslie .Ann, and Mi and Mrs Louis Jacobson attended the program at Peace. Lutheran GhUfch at West Bend. Leslie pok part in the "p'rogfam. 'Pol* bfylng r the ' program the Louis Jacdbsbn family 1 were visitors at home. "and Mrs W. G. cbdper and Mrs Helen Campbell were Christmas/Day dinner ;guests at the Srnest Enocksoh hohfe at Hum? oldt. Others , Whb \vere thei'e were Mr and Mrs Howard Klein and Michael of Lincoln, Neb., Mr and Mrs Keith Cooper and family of Webster City and Mr and Mrs Russell Cooper of Humboldt. Christmas Eve Mr and Mrs Earl Long and Marilyn were visitors at the Arnold Bratland home at Bode. Christmas Day they and Mr 'and Mrs Charles Spurlock of Sutherland were -at the Bratland home for dinner,' Mr and Mrs Howard Helliefe- Will Meet mm iv'y,'j-'-' -•--./v&.ji V 1 .*. ••;;.• u <-•.•'•. - '. /. .,: • > -•• .'•-•-• . Suth W.ere Ghristnlas tht Titonka. ; ThS -aiM .Vis , lip; and Mf/ and Mrs Dale Vofgt ffljdfa'mily Were guests Christnlas to^bteV^Sv^ftL iftdslM', ti£>hs-'-,By tJi& : 'Idfeal stu^^nts Wilj be pfesente&V; afld the Speak& of tJte;evenmg will be'Dr. W. V W *-"^" a ' >ill giviufc health evehing , dihtter guests tot '-. a pre-ChrHt- m . ;gathSrtng of Mrs- K. ' family at i\.jjmuwiens lamuy at ne-- o.'<w, ; Des M&lnes. Tile V visitors'left Monday for St. Loilis i for a-visit with her. mother,.. Mrs .,; Olive Grumke. ; ^ * A; family gathering at the home « of Mr and Mrs Earl Olson for ; dinner Christmas Day included « • Sonartnari Robert Olson- and fam- * ily -of Ne,W.-'London, Conn:, Dr. * William Olson and family of * Charles City, and the Marlyn , Pflibsen .family of Bode. •>', I Mr and ; 'Mrs John-Vinaas and •• daughter., Janice spent overnight * Christmas \ Eve at. the .Alf Lee i horne* at, Britt. Christmas Day 6nd Mrs Olivet. Kinseth Je'tty and MrS ! Marie Haug Bode. of i 1 * 1 1 V»y» • »• - •**•***•*•* a *•*•«*•«*•*• i A**i aiiu ATIIO AHJ vr eu u liciiiun. the plvin HaUgvhome were Mr I son attended funeral services .16r „** *,... «,i^ ,„„_.,. "" ' • Mr Hellicksdn's aunt. Mrs Frahk Helvidk at Forest City Tuesday. Wednesday Mr and MrS Hellick- sbn and Carol and Betty Jorfea spent the day at Marshallto$n With Nancy Hellickson as she could not be home for Christmas., Sunday the Howard Hell- icksons and the Glen Helllck- son family Were at* the home of Mrs Hannah Hellicksoh at Hardy for Christmas dinner. talk. on the- refreshment comrftittee . * M}1 ^.» bfl ;Me§aafrSes Duanf Widd^l, chairman JEdWih ' Uthpf, CalVin Yoigt, Wal Vaudt,' Merle afbld _-_ , .,._,„ , Lyle.J WeisBrod,* Edwiri/Wichtlh- Christmas, Day dlhrter ttti'ests at thVHaUg home WiSre Mrs Marie ,Haug> of Bode 'Md Herman :,F|nstuen of Kinbfae, lyrifin. fdntfly of!' ; Mr • arid.Mr Mr, and ,'Mrs 1; Johh • Vinaias . Janice and> Ronald': Viriaas and and r \ dinner ,, guests, at the ' Thomas * Rogness home at 'Thor: ' . ' * " Mr and Mfs Ed Kemna v family Were at the home of her « parfents:Mr an'd Mrs. John Mersch * atvEa^le" Grove' for tke family ^ Chi'istmas Day dinner. - ; Monday dinner, ''"guests at theV Kemna home -were Mr ,arfd , _ Kemna and > family of Rolfe. Bill . Mr and Mrs Allan Wehrspann t And 'family, ; Mr. \ and Mrs Rfllph J Jacobson and jfamily.and.Mr and i Mrs Louis JaCobson" and | family ' ' gathered at th> -Sylvan Jacobson " home for a fahtlly dinner 'Christ, mas Day. . « Mr and Mrs Abraham Habeger ^ and Darlene and Lowell the Jati ter a student at St. Paul, .were - Thursday evening visitors at 'the Allan Wehrspann 'home. . : *' Robert Leef of Tulsa,: OJda. „ and Willis King of • Minneapolis, ~« Minn, spent the Christmas week£ end at the Oliver . Lee home. „ Christmas; Day Mr and Mrs Wil- lis King and ., Vickie were dinner ~ guests with his mother, Mrs Gay* ,„ King at Somers. Mr and Mrs - Oliver Lee and Robert and Terry ~ attended a family gathering at „ the Harry Dasen home at Bode afternoon of Christmas Oliver Kinleth gathered, Monday for their Christmas, Day dirihfe at .the Kinseth home. ' Those pr;e sent were Mr' and -Mrs Robert Naeve and soft of •. Dakota City Mr. and Mrs M. 0.' Kinseth 'ahc SUsan of Algona, Mrs Jariies Barber and family of West Berid Mr and Mrs Olvin. Haug atd family 'and Mr and-Mrs Richard Kinseth and family. Mr Barber is a surgical'patient at Roch* •ester, Minn.-.and could not-be present. ,'-Mr and MtS Loran Daniel and 'family spent dvernight Christmas Eye at the Keith Daniel home ,at Boxholm .and "Were Christmas •Day dinner, giuests at the home' Of .Mrs .Leona Daniel in Humboldt. The Holt family gathered at' the Floyd .Holts, Algona, the evening of Christmas Day for their giet- together. Those" present 'were Mr and Mrs Merle Holt and family, Mr and-Mrs Loran Daniel and family, Margaret Holland Mr and.-Mrs Bernard Jacobs arid family of Bradgate'••'. ,' Mrs Hattie" Daniel''spent from Wednesday, until Monday at, the . , ;s ,. Mif.ahd.Mrs Roelf Millet Were iledsaritly surprised 1 J number ;of relatives „ hyp', them ;obserye • thteir^feilver weddinganniversary.TKeigtie'sts arrived-Just >befbn6 tt&bli:',-With Comirrg Events Tuesday, Jan., 3 _ School resumes; PTA. Wednesday, Jan, 4 — St. John's liadies Aid. \ . -'• • • Thursday, Jan. .5 —' Fairville Aid; W:S.C.S. .- Were Mf and Voer Jri/artd Jamil Mihn,, Mr'and-Mfs ken ! 'and.' Mr artd . Be'enkeh tahd . loftily >M Minh., Mi; andiMrstfohh > ..,. George Ricks arid Doris ari yin Strqpel,;jln''-and ! ' home of Mrs Leona ,TDanie|' }n Humboldt. ? ' ': ': j-« Mr A and Mrs Roy Enock4?n and BarbarS and Merland An§&son were Christmas Day dinner guests_,£t the,.Lowell Shplgren invMn «*;i^*Jt _«-_ fill.'--. : , « i- ^*fi^>»« Observe Silver , Dec. 21 Whiltemore — ; Mr and -Mrs Archje ; Voigt celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary Wednesday evening, . Dec. 21, With open house fat 7 p.m. Over 95 Julia v of i'v^f ul: "W ^Mr afid! Mi's Art Voigti arid M*s Ji^Ai Sehwari* en» ':a't ;|dln'fl«^ •Christmas and -Airs Karl Schwartz ell'; City, .Mr and Mrs 1 Robert Schwartz and Roberta iMrs Ray Sperbe'ck of , Ricklef s /and ' fiari'v^f " ': Tt,fo rika. Mr ^nd , Paul: "Winter and Ben : and aftd . 'LouiSe Miller of Woden, loVfs. -.' - A /three tiercel cake wdii t for the .bccasidh; by their > da .terj Mrs :Paul ; WinteK The- received mariy'/faidf gffts. * ** * *' '' ,-Thev IndetJetidiince Christmas ' relatives friends of Mr and in the Day. Mr and Mrs Nick DeFrancisco „ ' t>l Des Moines were Sunday and « Monday visitors at the home of * her parents, Mr and Mrs Roy „ Jacobson. Christmas Day in the •M afternoon the visitors and Mr and « Mrs Jacobson visited with Mrs Jacobson's sister, Malm at Palmer. Mrs Helen Thursday evening guests at the Fred Kampen home for ,a pre- Christmas get-together were Mr « and Mrs Henry Kampen of Cedar ~ Falls and Mr and Mrs Hans Kam- family of Laurens. pen and Christmas Eve guests at the •" Kampen home were Mr and Mrs „ Henry Zinnel and Mrs Anna «. Leist. * Christmas Day dinner guests ^ at the H. D. Benson home were „ Mr and Mrs Kenneth Kee and « Charlie Dailey of Clarion, Mr and " Mrs Kalvin Henley and family m of West Bend, Frank Dodd of « Gilmore City; Charlene Benson * of .Trtonka and Dean Nilges of " Britt. The family of Mr and Mrs Al* bert Bergum gathered for Christ" mas Eve supper at the Don Pitt»; man home at Humboldt. Those M. present were Mr and Mrs Albert -• Gergum, Mr and Mrs Raymond ;, Holland and family of Humboldt iome at>'Gilmor.e City. 'Monday Mrs Earl Cobb of West'Bend was a visitor .at the Roy Enocksoh home. - - •••• • •-•'••. Mrs Myra McNitt and son James, .a student at Cedar Falls spent the weekend at Geneva with Mrs McNitts sister and family. ' - Bjorn- and Mr and Mrs Bernie son and family of Bode. Mr and Mrs Puter Enockson were Christmas Day dinner guests at the Oscar Oppedalil home. Guests for Christmas Eve dinner at the Knut Oppedahl home •were Mrs Bertha Oppedahl of Fort Dodge and Richard Oppedahl, student at the University of South Dakota at Vermillion- Mr and Mrs Bjarne Oppedahl anc, family of Fort Dodga and Mr and Mrs Oscar Oppedahl and family. Pastor and Mrs Harold Mountain and Mrs Helen Kasmussen were Christmas 'i Day dinner guests at the Donald Usher home. Mr and Mrs Percy Watnem and family were Christmas i)ay am- ,ner guests at the Ed 'Nissen home at West Bend. Christmas Eye . they were at the of her mother, Mrs Manda Mitaven at Bode for a family get-together. Friday aftecnoon Mr and Mrs Watnem and Randy visited at tho Merle Faulk home at ville. -.';, , Mr and Mrs Antone WaeclvtcSr and family \v-ere present at <a family dinner at the Henry Dahlhauser home at West Bend Christmas Day in the evening. M . Mrs Dean AyeJ ford and family wuic at, a fafijily Mr and Mrs Ralph Richards attended a family dinner aJ • the home of Mr-and Mrs Will Sittler m Humboldt Christmas Day. Others present included Mr and Mrs William Poderbarac and daughter Katherine of Des Moines, Mr and Mrs John Linaugh of Rochester, Minn, and Cecil Simmons of Walnut Grove, Minn. Mr and Mrs Duane Kropf and David of Creston came Friday evening for a visit at the Sam Kropf and Richard Kropf homes over Christmas. Christmas Eve the Duane Kropfs and Richard Kropfs were at a family gathering at the Clarence Skattabo home at Wallingford. In the evening of Christmas Day, the Ki-opfs gathered at the Harold Kropf home at Dakota City. Mrs Sam Kropf has been at the Harold Kropf home taking care of the household duties while Mrs Harold Kropf is a surgical patient at Mercy hospital in Fort DoSge. Mr and Mrs Eugene Hofius visited at the homes of Mrs Cora Bacon and Frank Hofius in Algona Saturday. Christmas Day Mr and Mrs Eugene Hofius and Mr and Mrs Knut Oppedahl and family were dinner guests at the Alf Leu home at Britt. Christmas Day dinner guests at the Chester Alme home were Mi and Mrs Harlan Blanchard and family of Lone Rock and Mr and Mrs Alfred Schultz and family. Monday evening the family of Mr and Mrs Magnus Bratland gathered at the Bratland home lor their Christmas dinner. They include Mr and Mrs Richard Cnnstianson and Mr and Mrs Sherman Silbaugh and Vickie of Humboldt and Mr and Mrs Harold Dale and Debbie of Dakota City and Mrs Mina Wehrspann, The family of Mrs Essie Cooper gathered Christmas Day for dinner at her home. They included Mr and Mrs Ralph Cooper and family of Sutherland, Mr and Mrs Rolland Fevold of Humboldt, Mr and Mrs Clyde Cooper and family of Bode, Mr and Mrs Don«d Cooper and_family and Mr Uy- Mr and Mrs Olaf Bruvik and son Curtis were present at the family dinner at the home of her parents Mr and Mrs John Han- Son at Humboldt Christmas Day That evening the Bruviks visited ?Ji, he home of Ml 's Dorothy MaSkmus at Livcrmoro Mr and Mrs DeVere Newton ?jnd family were at the home of her mother, Mrs S. Lennihg at a family dinner rt --. tve and Christinas Day were dinner guests'at the Lester Newton home at Hum* MrsjVpigt were present to congratulate them at the home. Mr and Mrs Voigt were married Dec. 21, 1930, by the'! late Rev. Edward .Fiene, tthen pastor of Immanuel. Lutheran church in Letts Creek. They started farming five- miles, southeast of Whittemore on the home farm. Ten years '-later in '1940 : Mr Voigt bought the Henry Felder acreage and home jusl; north of the creamery where they have lived for the past 15 years. They are the parents of one son James now at home. Their attendants, Mrs Arnold Wagner a.nd Ortwjn Tietz, were both present. . Kitchen helpers were Mrs Gerald Ollom, Mrs Wade Hanson of Algona, Mrs Marion Hyink. Mrs Theodore Biersted, Mrs Harold Kuecker. 'Dining helpers w«re Laura Broesder, Algona, and Mrs Harold Voigt of Algona. Rosella Voigt of Algona had charge of the guest book. Gerald Ollom, Wade Hanson, and Harold Voigt, of Algona, and Marion Hyink, were refreshment -servers. • Mr and Mrs Voigt wish to extend their heartiest thanks to their many friends for the many gifts presented them.. Mrs ". Eldfin ; Eighteen ' Mr and Court Judgment Only new district court record filed this week was a default judgment fvoni U.S. District court of $276.76 in ti matter of the U.S. vs. Win. N. Boldridge. Crawford when he BURIED At Osceloa, Gerald was seriously burned fell against a hot stove during a seizure. The interior of the room was badly burned and Crawford was barely pble to crawl from the house. Mrs Hollis Cooper and fam- . . fiakota City for §nri 5 tmas 1 - buldC DID NOT CHOOSE At Danbury, former publisher Fred Freeman was elected mayor as a "write-in" candidate. But he has refused the office. ADVERTISING in the Algoni Upper Des Moines readies mo« tamilies in Kossuth county than wy other publication .---,.-,—„ -.— •heltiUat the home of Mrs.* Joy Jens Void. ™__. „,.,,_, *,u^^ Mfofc.-.the. to. _ ...jmeiv' answered -roll call by teUiftg.what they ^Wanted for; Christmas/ '' V •;• / A , dopation b£'$12.20-will be sent; by the club; to' the Christmas fund for needy Palo"'Alto Bounty families. The" Pennies.for Friendship collection, wa> 65c. Mrs Everett Hartman a.nd Mrs Apriel-- Cody had .charge -.of '• the entertainment '.and the" candy, —-'— and recipe exchange. -.••<> .,.,„. Eugene vHuskamb led th'e •group m singing Christmas car:.;;The table wajs beautifully decorated With a'Christmas'center piece. . Red an^ green ; ribbon sandwiches, 'fancy cookies and snowballs were on the'riienu. Mrs •H^rry Barkve poured. > .'Following Candle^^ghting ser vices, : on Christmas: Eye, Mr and Mrs Ray Stoeber,-Mr; and " Oliver Stoeb^rti and family ....„ J|Ir. and Mrs J.i Wallace Smith find' boys were guests'in the Wil frad Stoeber home for refresh mpnts and their Christmas glfi exchange. The Fenton Boy Scouts enjoyed a Christmas party with gift ex change Thursday evening of las week. Their Scout Master, Gilbert . Scribner, treated - the boys to ice cream and cake, (i Enjoying a family, dinner at the Martin Hantelman home on Christmas Day were Mr and Mrs William Hantelman, and family Mr and Mrs Ed Bruhn and Mr and Mrs Gerhart Hantelman, Eunice and Paul. Mr and Mrs Merle Voigt .and' family joined the group for supper. ,Mrs Amanda Kern entertained at a Christmas dinner, Mr and Mrs Dean Nellls of Fort Dodge Mr and Mrs Derwood Kern, Mr and Mrs Jay Woods of Jefferson Walter Weisbrod of Good Hop- Mr and Mrs Lloyd Kern and family, and Mr and Mrs Clarence Yager and boys. The Melvin-Kem family of Algona were unable to attend because ;pf illness in the family. /Mr and Mm W, R. Wolle, Mr i»nd Mrs Henry Tieman of Fenton, Mr and Mrs Art Tietz of Lakota and Mr'and ..Mrs Jack Tieman of Burt were Christmas Day guests in the Frank Dreyer home at Lone Rock, Mr and M« Henry Wllberg and boys and Mr and Mrs Robert Berkeland and. -boys were among those attending a Wilberg family gathering on Christmas Day at the Rueben Larson home a» ay l.^.and MiSs .-Edith Laage> the latter who is spending her - Chris't- 1 niias Vacatio'ti: here. The iKarl Schwartz 1 were guests here frbm Saturday afterhooh.- to Sunday evening. % - Christmas Day dinner and Sup- E»er guests iii ,Jhe Arnold Hantel- rtian -home were Mr and ;'Mrs Lawrence Hantelman and' Charles bf.Swea City, Mr and Mrs- Everett- Klocko of Mason .City, Mr ahd Mrs' Olaf Norland and family, Mr and Mrs Eldon Hantel- hidft and family, Frank Humphery, Dr.' ahd Mrs John Waite and fainily. ' " Mr and Mrs John TheesVield entertained at an eyening dinner >n , Christmas Day, 7 Mr and Mrs floyd Torkelson and sons, Larry ihd Marlin of B6de, Mrs Lena Sumach and Mr and Mrs Alyin Zumach and Gary. , and .Mrs Webber , Yager were Christmas' Day' dinner juests . in the Clarence Yager iome. .--.- • : Mr and Mrs Chris Templin of IvDohiSoh, Minn.,' werfe guests in he Henry Schulte home Sunday to Tuesday of ; this week* Mr and Mrs Howard Schulte and boys Were also Monday evening guests. Guests of Mis Kate Wegener at Algona -on ; Christmas Day were Mr and Mrs C. F. Wegener, Mr and Mrs Marlin Wegener, Mr and Mrs Ervih Johnson, Mr and Mrs Kenneth Johnson and family, Mr and Mrs Calvin ; Vaudt and family, Mr and Mrs Forrest Hannifan and Barbara of Dysart. Mr and Mrs Charles Feye and girls joined the 'group for the afternoon and supper. ' • Mr and Mrs W. E. Laage and boys were Christmas Day guests in the home of Mrs Henry Tjaden at Algona. Mrs . Jessie Newel and I Beth Ann, Mrs Florence Behne and Janet and Mrs Rr C. Goetsoh were Christmas Day guests in the home of Miss Agnes Goetsch. Mr. and Mrs Art Voigt went to Grove City, Minn., Tuesday to . a't •'Buffald and Wtfg ;Rl family left Mofiday to. ylSft rela lives in southern ,. ;TexSSiK"i ->fV- .Mi ahd Mrs Charles. Faya and Mr and Mrs Carl "Fey 6" : drove to Scribner, 1 Nebr,, ; Monday::, to, v at* tend funeral services 6ni : T.U6sday, for,; Henry Maase. They retuYried, hbmel ;W,ednesdjtfy,: i Kai*gH«flfld Beth Mh^e "stayed :with: Otheir graHdpare'iltsr Mr* aftd Mrs Cldr- ehce" Weltener / auriiig v thfeif par-' ehts absence. Others from this vicinity attehdirigr . the v f Uftferal were Mrs Everett DfeyerpMr and Mrs John Kohlwes arid Mr and Mrs Arlin Kojjlwes/The defceas.ed was a brother of Mrs John' Kohl* wes. ' . . . •••, ••. .- •• Christmas Day dinner guests in -the Don Weisbrod home .were Mr and Mrs Bob . Chestnutwb'od and son 'Donriie of WHitei-sci, Mrs Velma Rave,,.D6nald and David of Orange Citk and Mr rind 'Mrs Imd Miss Florence ' WiU . Weibrod Weisbrod. The came Christmas Chestnutwoods eve and Mrs Chestnutwood dnd ' son are' remaining for a week's visit in the parental Weisbrod home. Mr and Mrs George Murphy entertained at dinner Christmas Day, Mrs Rita Eigler, Mr and Mrs Paul Eigler, Sharon and Judy. • * ' •• •Mr and Mrs Oliver Stofeber and family visited -with Mf8- John Verbrugge and the Ray Verbrugge family at Armstrong Saturday. Guests in the: John Kohlwes home on Christmas night were Mr and Mrs Everett Dreyer; and Roger'and Mr and Mrs Paul,Eig"-< ler, Sharon and Judy.- Mr and Mrs Don Steinberger and family were Christmas Day guests in the E. M. Daniels'on Home at Armstrong.; They' 1 were supper and evening guests in the John Carroll home at Estherville. Mr and Mrs Hatold Derksen and "children of Heron Lake) Minn., • and Mr and Mrs Gilbert Scribner Jr., w6re Christmas Day dinner guests in the Oscar Sor-' enson home; . - s Mi and Mrs Folkerl Winter and Phillip of Buffalo Center and Mr and Mrs Paul Winter and Julia of Lakota'were Monday even- ^'Ichard .._, : .,,. I'.Mju. .tm Merlin jkaMtuiui HIK „_ JfteV :A&kland ;;fill ! bf .rbttl ;Mr • tfftd ;M« OifVl" Arm Otis&l t Carrdll jbf';E9tHer,Vllle. :? MU vtmd Mfs Don '< 3ielhberoer tif v MM Elsie Steinberger a Blue" Earth,, Minn, ; ..;'/< •••;•, l,dhif!siffiais Cay gudstg In lite .Cliff 6M Douglas home Were 'Mr aM.cMi's 'Frahklin Mueller and boyteMr • and //Mrs Merle Vaigt ahd ^girls, ahd William Voigt, Lots aftdi-Peggy .•,•;;-.-• /..•'•' "•;:.. :. . _ ' the IF IT'S NEWS — WE WANT IT Of Mf-ahd^MrS Scott E, DeSarf .tbWa, recently completed mt v ^ hiet !?, maintenance .^».»w... The Artillery and Quid(ed;Missile Gehter, Fort Sill, Okla. _. f he; -teri'Week course trained Private '. DeSart as a specialist in the performance of organizational maintenance on .track vehicles used in artillery units. .DeSart, entered the Army in April .1955 and received basic training -'at Camp Chaffee, Ark. 'metsburg Junior College. m " •Armstrong. FiNTON BUSINiSS AND PROFiSSlONAL DlRtGTORY GINIRAL INSURANC1 J.WALLACE SMITH Aftnl WEISBROD Implement Company JOHN QEIRE PEAIH Bu*. Phont 9 Iff. Phfn* 6Q BUILDINO SERVICE Or, E. W* Ruske PINTIST Auto ft frleifj- Repair* FENTQN, IA. PlfR. Home Cooked Ci spend several days with .the ;ArJo Voigt family. - * Mr and Mrs J. A. Schwartz, Mr and Mrs Karl Schwartz of Rockwell City, and Miss Edith Laage of Des Moines were Christmas :Eve' guests in ' the Rbbert Schwartz home at Swea City. Dr. John Waite took his moth' er, Mrs Ella Waite to' Duluth, Minn., last week. She will spend several months^ with' her two sisters and 9 brother "'at Duluth. Mr and? Mrs; ;W.' R. Wolfe, Mr and Mrs Henry Tieman, Mr and Mrs Frank Drester- of Lone Rock' and Mr and Mrs Art Tietz of Lakota were Monday evening guests in the Jack Tieman home at Burt in observance of Terry's birthday. Mrs Arnold Krause is a patient at St. Ann's Hospital in Algona after suffering a stroke this past week; . ' Following the. Candle Lighting Services on Christmas Eve, Mr and Mrs Dale Weisbrod entertained, Mr and Mrs Art Voigt, Mr and Mrs Dale Voigt and family, Mr and Mrs Derwood Voiet and family, Mr and Mrs Lyle Weisbrod and family and Mr and Mrs Charles Weisbrod, Mr and Mrs Kenneth Halverson, Merle and Barbara attended a family gathering on Christmas Day in the Clyde Gilbaugh Jr. home- at Fairmont. ing guests in the Roelf home_. Enjoying a Christinas dinner at the Maynard Nemitz home on Monday were Mr and Mrs Arnold Meyer and Melvin. Mr and Mrs ; 0erald TWeyer and!,'. Steven,Mr and Mrs" Fritz Meyer, JUari- ita, Je"rry;and Marilyn of Algopa and Mr, $nd Mrs, J,ames Meyer^'of tr Dinner gu THOJVIAS FUNERALCHAPO . Fenton, Iowa Experienced Embalmers and - • s ... : Funeral Directors Reliable 24 Hour Ambulance Service Funerals May Be Referred To Us With Confidence Phone FENTON 23 RINGSTED 21001 21006 20216 MclJlLL & RUSCH .• • •','•'•. J ;-.'..'•' : ' ' PLUMBil|6- HEATING IfllRlNG ..~',i';'!' ' " • "We Sell, Install or Service' FURNACES, WELL SYSTEMS, PLUMBING and ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES PHONE 120 or 111 FENTON ...for all your BANKING needs We're ready at all times to help every member pf this community with loans for all needs, savings plans and • all bank service*. May we assist you tpp, soon? Savings. Are Important For Your Future J important jjio local pro* grets! This helps us make loans to responsible borrowers, building soundly in this community for^ your future 1 It's deed Business Te Pciy Bills By Bank Check 9? pay- fo.j business w household I4I1| v« i; y^vif permanent recepit. Open, a convenient checking First Trust & Savings Bank » Fenton jmd I H.ISJ. IS, .YO-UR-. -BANK Farmers Attention! TRACTOR F-II-E We Will Haul in Your Tractor !f We Will Steam-Clean Tractor — FKEE!—— On Tractor Overhaul Jobs NOW -And To Jan. 15 ^ ? * n no? s '* in to our v» h °P FREE, we will sleam-clean it FREE — on an overhaul job until January 15. Avoid the later rush and save yourself money. Call us now! Weisbrod Implement PHONE 3 FENTON, IOWA You need,MILK... YOU NiYiR OUTOROW YOUR f0R Y ou'll, looii BETTER, fed better, actually be better ^y)lerj you drm^ enough, milk, Adequate intake of nu|-k does fouf .wt^dertu} things far you— nrnket jyif slcefi (is::?)- ,. . eases uenoitt'tension . . . ends faififtut s?<iiT0tit»i , , , and builds ftrcustb, wt jat{ Prink at l^.sc thr«»^lB»e S fvefj'day. fc'j the health!- cst habit ypu can jtivp, / Fenton CofOp, Creamery

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