Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 4, 1947 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 4, 1947
Page 6
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PAOK «—NAUGATUCK NEWS (CONN.), TUESDAY. FEB. 4. 1047 Ansonia Rockets One-Point Dinner Over St Iraiicis The Andbniu''Rockets "eked out u one-point victory' over the St. Francis Juniors, in a .recent .game at Columbus Hall. .Dldio and Boyko with six each were high scorers for the winners, and Nixon with nine wus high for the losers. RockptM By Alan "M aver Didlo, If , . . Smnydu, rf Boyko, c .. .Nariok, Ig . Giibiunclli, i f p 0 G "I will not frost in a woodlot qjain in o woodlot again , , . (952) ... again . . . (933)... I will not flrozc in a . .(951). . . I will not,graze I will not grazt in a woodlot Atomic Power Plant Soldiers In Alaska To Be Laboratory ' Schcnuctiidy, N. Y, (U P)—The otomlc power plant of the future will be moro like u chcmlcul munu- /ficturintr plunt and will not nec- e.MWlly compclf: with thr conven- tionul power plunt as w»r know it, •ays Dr. C. G. Suits, director of thf General Blpctric r«>arcl> Uib- oratory, "The atomic: power plant will not nflfd to competP with a conventional power plant in the ordinary sense, because. It will manufacture Home important new byproducts." Dr. Suita explains, listing highly valuable enriched fissionable material and a great variety of radioactive chemical compounds 'for the industrial market. In addition, Suits sayB, atomic- energy pilr.s may be used as a source of primary heat for cheml- cul and metnllucfrlctil Industries. KENTUCKY WANT!* BKAKS St. Paul—(UP)—Minnesota bear have an opportunity to migrate to a less rigorous climate—Kentucky for instance. E. K, Starkweather, of the state game und tlnh division, said Kentucky g:ime authorities have usked lor Jive or six pair of black boar for stocking purposes In Kentucky mountain, regions. •fref* GOLDIE'S Camera Shop Federal, Sunruy, ' Dejur, Keyzer : 17 Grand St., Wtby. Tel. 5-1878 ; ' Join the MARCH OP DIMES? ! J. K. STORES CC/T KAT£, I.IQl'OIW, WI.VES, IIEKRS Freo Delivery Anywhere In Boroujth 8U6 No. Main St. Tel. 4070 •TIRES* CHAPPIE'S AMOCO GASOLINE SERVICE STATION 248 BI1IDGK ST. TEL. 4800 M«MII.I.AN MOTOH FOR A CAB TEL. 5285 DAY or NICiHT Independent Cab Co. 4 OAK HTBKKT RUPTURE TRUSSES of Waterbury 206 Bank St. 5-0013 Waterloury In New Gold Rush Fairbanks, Alaska (UP)—Thero is a new polrt ru-sh in Alaska which rivals In unt'huslasm, if not in rich atrlkt's, the fumous rush of '49. Today's prospectors are soldiers stationed in Altiku. Their gold i-iidh Is sponsored by the USO und i« filassocl as off-duty recreation. But that Uopsn't koep tho GI "sour- doiif;liM' 'from hoping to .strike it rich. Confronted by soldiers freshly arrived from the United States for podt-wnr duty a.nd demanding "the s.hort£st way to an undiscovered gold mine," the USO leased eifrht old mining claims near Fairbanks. There the otT-duty miners pan for ffold nnd dream of the day they become millionaires. USO hostesses, most of them native Alaskans, cTrivu the sol'dlcrs as far as possible over rouffh mountain roads in station wafrons. On the last part of the trip to the 1 claims, the GI's have to puck their ru «i!id shovels fhrough the gorjccs just as the old-timers did. Living: nearby is a veteran sourdough who supplies {'hie novico prospectors with, advice on panning techniques, between tall tales of the Klondike's history. The service men, however, will never pet rich at the rate they're lnfr. Tf ic best of them -have been unable to pan moro than $5 worth of Bold a day. Totals St, PrimrlH Jr», 1-f b . 3 .204 .306 215 0 2 .2 10 3 23 b f p 000 D. Dowllntf ............... 0 0 0 N. Murphy, rf ............ 2 1 f, Korrar .................... 0 0 0 R. Currier, c ............. 1 0 2 Klonski ................... 1 0 2 Nixon,. Ig. , ................ 4 Rabtoy, rs ............... 0 1 51 2 2 Markovlc ................. 1 0 2 Totals .................. 0 4 22 Y Volleyball Team Beats Hartford Six The Nuugatuck: YMCA State Volleyball team -me-t Hartford at the Capital Sity, Saturday afternoon, for a 3 out of 5 games match, and came home the., winner, after four gurries. .. Nautfatuek came In strong, winning the first. 15 to 6. The sec-' ond game, with a 15 to 7, ,but : Ha.i-ftf.ord put on the pressure, to win the third,.1C to 12, going into, a -fourth gnme.. Naugatuck again workfld a wonderful .blocking game to win, 15 to-10. ; -. , • :.. The players for Naugatuck were George Holloway, Carl Hossell, Pred Baker, ERon Abramson,. JFe- lix Zebrakas, Selwyn Mather, .Gordon Whlttokcr. ... . The next State .match will be held Feb. 15th in Naugatuck against the Bridgeport YMCA. RAWER OF:rue RANGERS is BEING HAILED. AS >nocf<eY's HIS WORK B£H(MO A SHAKY'oereNse HAS QSEtl SO A GOOD B£T OH'THE. COACHES ALL -STAR. TffAM PLAYOFFS Aioer OF THE CREDIT SHOULD €0 TO CHUCK - RECSNTLY ' HE PERFORMED THE ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE. -^H^:^ BY WNG/H<5 UP TtfO SUCCESSIVE. SHUTOUTS f " ~E^ YES Dusty Poo! Tourney To Start At YMCA The industrial pool .tournament beinff played under the auspices of the Y. M.- C. A. Industrial Council will get und«;r way this week, according to program secretary >V^ilfred J. LaPoint, who is calling a meeting of all players for this evening, at the Y. M. C. A.. ait 7 o'clock. Drawings will be made at that time to pair off as opponents the ten -men who have signed up. A round robin tournament for points is planned with a .playoff of •winners for the championship. Appropriate prizes for winner and runncrs-up will be awarded. Condition Of Chet All American Vets MCCARTHY MAY JOIN sox New York, Feb. 4— (UP)— U'B reported that Joe McCarthy, the former manager of the New York: Yankees, soon will be joining the Boston Red Sox, probably as manager of the 1946 pennant winners. McCarthy refuses to confirm, the reports but neither does he deny them. Uscakiewicz Good The condition of Chet Usoakie- vvici!,' vivrsity center on Hie Niiuga- luck High School basketball team, was "good," authorities at St. Mary's hcspital said this morn!n«. Chet, who wi;a the star of the, Naugatuck victory over Leaven.-; over tho Union Ci-ly Vnl-v in a worth Saturday evening at the W:i- ulnr Veterans bowling leafjue tcrbury armory, undonvent an Roll Clean Sweep Over Union City The All Amnrican Vets, usinp seven different bowlers, o n in o through with ;\ three game win ipendectomy at day afternoon. Uhc hospilal Sun- M.v nufiif 1 IH ThomuH ^InKiirr. I'm rn" iniiii tit PtrMiiniil Klhiinrt* Co.... Unit |. — I'm tli* innn wlu> liki-» In H»y Yen" 111 ri-diic'HH fur rrrnonul lounN. You itt-r — I'm tilt* innn who'* rfNpnn- lblo fur iHillilliiK mi our t>nNtm*MN, The mire llnii-N I nay "YfH" (t) rrmirHl* f<ir tin* muri' iMiHJnfNM u-« tl». And niuklntc rrrNiuitil l.nnim uf tf^A tn I3«0 N iinr ONLY ItuHlnrii— llnil'N In nil'. Hhort i cun "W" >'o. 'lIcri'Torr, If ymi nerd I'.vtni uny ihmi -wlii'ilirr n 111th- fur in« or » lot fur u lull* tlmr—you Ictirnil on my dnlnr my brut to miy Vl-H" t» you. A loll 11 uf X100 rout* 930.UO rhrn nromittlr ' ri-imld In 12 'monthly LthHtH'tltU-U lllfttjlllmentN Of >1U.O,% riluh, Mr* ntr ut I'crHuntil Flnutit'o Cu.. ^nd flour, rrlli-huril ItnlldliiK, 1UD Dunk Si., ur pliuni. me ut Wutprburr I,ounn *iibjvat to '. 1110. on Women'N Howling Shoes Small Klzcs $3.50 NAUOATUCK SPORT & AUTO SUPPLY "RUS'S" WEAVING, Prop. WliiNlow Court Tel. S394 FOll JIANGK OR FUEL OIL TEL. 5618 Bill's Fuel Oil Service SO Woodland Street "Bill" Marine-Ill, Prop. GET A JEEP V»nr LIBERTY MOTORS, Inc. «4 Hirrln* Avon* Olf Eith*n«» I'Urf. Wnurbirr •fkoa* «-»(«> MOVIE STARS THIS WEEKEND AT STATE, HARTFORD Grand, .jrlorious and joyous entertainment will be featured in the triple headline "in person" show playing Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the State theater, Hartford. Headlining the parade of stars will be Vivian Elaine, thu glamorous and iluaclous singing and dancing star who comes directly frcm Hollywood to the State stage. Miss Elaine has starred in such top-notch pictures as "Stat«f Fair," "Doll Face," "3 Little Girls in Blue," "If I'm Lucky," and other screen hits. Co-headlined with Vivian Elaine u-ii; be Michael O'Shea, sensationaj star of. s(uge, screen and radio, who 'has been featured In many 20th Century Fox hits; .including "It's a Pleasure," and "Eve of St. Mark'." Also appearing on tha same bill will be So,m Donahue, his .TOXOTihone a-nd his groat orchestra, featuring Bill Lockwood, Harold Hahn, Dick LeFave, Mitch Paul, and an aggregation of talented musicians. Extra added are Dick & Dot Remy in "Tons of Fun," plus others. Hot Wires Take On Highlanders Tonight Sullivan's Hotwires take on the Highlanders this evening at 8 o'clock in the feature game of a basketball doubleheaaer at Colum- the bus Hall. St. Francis Acolytes meet Bluebirds in the preliminary The St. Francis Rams meet Chuck's Service Five Thursday evening at 7:30, and the Hardware Kwiks meet the Merry Morticians at 8:30 in another Columbus Hall doubleheader. match at Annenrmrg's. The M-R post took two from the American Legion; the VFW took two from the Gold Star Post, and the DAV took two from -the Marines in other games rolled. League standing follows: Won Lost A, A. V 9 U. C. Vets 5 M-Rado 5 Am-Legion S y.-p.-w -i D. A': V 3 Marines ; 3 Gold Star .' 2 Rose Beardsley Leads B. C. Win Rose Buardsloy's 1">0 snr:or,d siring was tin- of the Boston College thren-point win ov^r Holy Cross in .-i • rojruJ.-jr St. 1'ranciw Mixi"d It'iigue bov.-ling match at tin: Y. Anchorman F.-.itosi's 33! was :ilso an important factor in thn B. C. win. St. Mary's rolled 1302 to t.ako two from Navy ir. another match p!:i3'pd. Frances Cuddj-'s 117 string war; a highlight for the winners. Army took -two .from Notre Dame as Anchorman Chri.sti'0's 318 led the charge for the soldiers. Catholic U ar.d Fordham tied the .second game of their.match at j 41S. However, C. U. won the roll- I off, malting them a two-game win- i ner. ' I Navy ! SI Metami>r|>hoMi«. of Chut Saturday evening- at the /Water bury armory. Big Chet Uscakie wicz gave an exhibition of indi vidual , basketball . superiority l»e fore almost 2,000 gans "that stil has -'people who saw the game 'tnlk ing. Six weeks ag-o Gbe.t was con .sidered just o. trifle, below any. of the other four' fij-Kt-Htringers in playing ability. 'His complete chance in sUtug is'due mainly to one factor-^aggressivencss. Chet began the • season lacking experience. Too little playing time was responsible for .jccoaiona! indications of- uncertain ability on hl« part In earlier Xfimes. However, Chet was- al vvr.ys trying-. In every game his propensity to jft-t in and Jlght for the ball waa uipfHmnt. He acquired polish as time wont on, and about five weeks, 3%o fang began to notice his sm-aothcr performance. Never much .011 sharpshooting, lie gave a bos- ke-t-making performance against Seymour at the local V gym on Jan. 11 that -tet-t spectators-greatly surprised and just as greatly pleased. Ohet was the only Greyhound whose performance agai Torrington was up u> par, giving indications of things to come. Saturday ni^ht Chet -was at his peak—a peak he had arrived at only because he never laid down and never ceased to try his hardest. People who saw KauRatuck beat Le-jv<;n'.vor|h arc still talking about how Cviet controlled the backboards. They ore stjli talking about how Ttch pulJed away from the Greyhounds whenever Chet was out of uhc ball jjam"> u.nd how LVit Grcynounds cujnw l>:iL'k w.hen diet WUH in. Hownvsr. the important factor in Chcl's performance wan not t2i$- .:ernable from watching t!in Lcav- ::nworU) game alone. The factor became apparently only when one jtcalled all tho other games in \vi ion be haJ played. Usoakiewicz was not a nacuiiil basketball play- If his performance had been result of certain endowmenu of nature which huxi come to him without -any effort on his part it would still have been remarkable. 3ut his performance v.-as the re- ult of continued all-out L-ffort. It as the result ol" never having let own. The skill which wai his •Saturday rvigln came as th-; result l\ie flghtiny: .spirit w.rtic.'? Jwd joen his all season long. He deserves all the more credit on that account. Greyhounds Meet Wilby, Ansonia IKsWeek 'n '•' basketball Q r _ v houndn will stack up agafn«t CoJh Tom fu roll's Wllby- Wildcats T? morrow night, at the WaLer'burv armory, in ,ar.«ame. -which should give «omn indication of how «h» Greyhounds can.- expected to perform without . the services of Chet UKcaklewlc?. at center. The Wildcats are an improved team over what they were when Naug-atuck beat them, 60-33 uj December.; nevertheless the Grey hounda should tal:e this one by a comfortable margin. ' Principal importance 'of the name will be the opportunity it affordi for appraising Nau^aluck's chances against Ansonia when the teams meet Friday at Ansonia. The Copper City lads have a „. cent one-point victory over Tor- rlnRton Cornered on Anxonia'g home floor less than a week after Torrington beat Naugatuck, <g. 28. Absence of Uscakiewicz from the lineup should not make too much difference against Wilby, but it will m.ike a bijr difference Aniionia, especially on the home floor. More than J2,000,000 aer<a | n Argentina are used to produce alfalfa. The crop in. three times that raised in -the United State*. STRRHD »nd BIG WEEK Tyron* POWER G«n« TIERNCY John PAYNE Anne BAXTER Clifton WEBB Htrbtrt MARSHALL 'Jke rive Selected Short Sitjtcll twtm-.- rm t«urw PLAINSMAN iK LADY' ALCAZAR Today — Wednesday CONJV ENTBANS PLACE St. Paul, Mi-nn., Feb. -I—(UP)— Connecticut's twc entrants in the national outdoor speed skating championships .each iplpced in th» competition. ^ * Miss Beatrice Amann of Meriden finished sixth in the settlor women'-s nl'ass. And Richard Parkington—who represented the Connecticut Skating association—was fourth in the intermediate boys class. HOAD 100 YEARS OLD Oregon City, Ore.—(UP)—In observance of the 100th anniversary of the Barlow Road, which pioneers traveled in Western Oref-'an, a three-ton basaltic stone was erected on the courthouse lawn here. LEARN PHOTOGRAPHY Sixteen Week Course In Modem Photography CLASSES NOW FORMING WIHTB TODAY for 1WOKMATIOX COA'CJiRMAG CLASSK.3 Certified By The Connecticut Stiitc Board of ICdiieution THE COLONIAL ACADEMY OF PHOTOGRAPHY Box ,127 — LITCHFIELD, CONN. — T«l. 6098 PAINT HARDWARE HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES ETC. Free Delivery CANS, Inc. Maple Street Tel. 3507 An average person loses from 50 to 100 hairs a day without becoming bald, according'to'medical research. SALEM Wed. — Thurs. Fri. — Sat. Do cry I F Zanuck presents JOHN CORD'S MVDAKUAIG t 2Ol>' Eli Rugby Team To Visit Bermuda Hamilton, Bermuda, Feb. 14— (UP)—Yale's rug-by football team has accepted an invitation to visit Bermuda during the last week in Maroh. The ( E!is will participate in the weok-lnnjr athletic festival for the first, time in six years. Other loams entered include those from the British Army, th« Bprrnuda Athletic association, and possibly those representing the U. S.- Army and Navy. R. Burns E. Dullard . . S. Beardsley . J. LcnRycl S4 J. Fratesi 30S S3 73— 2:<" 02' 90 100— 282 S3 T.-i si— 239 37 91— 272 07 SS— 297 Totals -'OS -532 -133—1323 St. Mary's J. Thurston 85 92 07—274 L. Happy SI S3 85— 240 J. Gibino S3 73 79-- 235 A. Graveson RG 70 9!)— 201 F. Cuddy 75 117 91— 283 ish, Game Club Meets Tomorrow The Naugauick Fieh and Game club will hold its rcg-ular monthly meeting tomorrow night, at 8 o'clock in the Town Hall, Dr. Joseph Si tar, club president, has announced. P'.ans for improvements to club properly will be '-he principal subject for discussion, Dr. Sitar said. CrtAftUS R. ROGERS »>i»i<i. PAUl MUNI ANNI BAXTER-RAINS Models complete to the smallest detail have saved millions of dollars in America's shipbuilding program because they show up blueprint errors before actual construction begins. . PATTY SHELLS TO ORDER FOK PARTY NEEDS CIT.Y BAKERY B. F. STO.PPAMI, Brop. Maple Street Telephone S67H PLAY POOL and Bowl at the R&M ALLEYS 155 MAPLE STREET TOIJAY: "I've Always Loved You" and "Pilgrim Ludy" FalrliatiUs-Morso.,. 1000 WATT GENERATOR jiist Arrived! ! The New General Mills Tru-Heat Electric Iron The Iron Betty Crocker Is talk- Ing about. Look at these feu- , turps: 1—Tru-Hent Fabric Selector 2—Tni-Fit Hundle 3—Safety Sldn Rest Bar 4—All Around Slanted Edec 5—Permuncntly Attached Cord Now Available At 413 ISo. Muin Bt. Union' City Store . Open Friday . Night Until 8 O'clock COMING TOMORROW CM(/D£TT£ FRIDAY SAT SUN SEUUT DICK ES DOT REMY HH-MIKH (VkUL IIONEL BARRYMORE ROBERT STERLING MARSHALL THOMPSON • KIH6 CUC TNO- "SPOOK BUSTERS" Last Tlnifis Tonight; .Tulives CaRii<>.v In "18 RUE MADEUSINE" »" d "GKNIUS AT WORK" — Coming Next Wednesday — WaUace Beery in 'Mighty McGurk' & 'Two Smart People 1 682 NORTH MAIN ST. Union City - Tel.-?«8S

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