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Mattoon Gazettei
Mattoon, Illinois
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i I 4. i 3 8lt Vjiu 'Jill Uloii 1 -j a Jill UlUll alii WQUJJ) IIATKER BE RIGHT -THAN BE Ct 1 TERMS; $1 50, if paid In 1'Tlili -4. MATTOON, ifxiKOtS, THURSDAY I860. VOLUME! NO. 8.

WHOLE.NOS217 iiini 7u information irf relatiun to it. i The Camels- can nb-fThe; Earthquake at Evanstille Irt his report Governor the. tain it by aJdressihg Professor V. 8. Krits or ProMMftrt- DVM: Corner.

Lincoln's Election Certains-Letter from Mr. Speaker Orr. Ahdsbsom, O- Q. July 23. Gestlemkn I have read and An Immense Practical Joke.

One of tjie tallest practical jokes we ever heard of, was recently practiced on all ardent youn "lover," in the delightful locality of Louisiana, a present Bwretar? ot THE GAZETTE, PUBLISHED WEEKLY Bt HARDING INT YRE Fint tri, Eatt t)u JDtpot. "Tho experiments thus far made (and. they are pretty full) demonstrate carefully 'considered your appeal to- that camels constitute a rao6t powers town in Pike county, Missouri. The me to become a candidate lor the ful, and economical meras 'of trans portation for men1 arid supplies ana jsnecta on the Earth and Atmosphere. From the Cincinnati Gazette.

EvansVill, Ind. Aug. 7. We were risked this morning at A. by an earthqnake which continued abont there- were wide differences as regards the of the shock.

It was accompanied by a sound similar to that made by A heavy laden train i fears running slowly through a depot 'Doors and windows rattled, an build- TERMS: tl 50, in advance $2 00 il not paid in 4 varvcc. Clubs of twenty, $20. lTJjeMoTimenrt of the 10th, has the following in reference to the lato eleiptiou: As soon as we learned that the Union party bad resolved not to make any nomination for the short terra, we showed that the reealt vtHhe election for that term, whatever it might be, conld not be fairly construed either as a condemnation or an approval, of the action of the House of Representatives, in nwaiding the contested seat to Mr. Blair. The question at issue him and Mr.

Barret, which 'received the more legal through the great deserts and barren regions of our, iuterior, A camel will go safely with its harden over ground 60 rough that a mule will scarcely pass Over it unladen without assist Legislature id this district. steadfast and cordial support you gave ine throughout ray public career ot sis-teen years renders it painful to, me, to decline any position which yott desire me ta occupy, aud yet private conbiderattPDS. of too greht weight to be diftregacdeOpimpel ai9 J-ducunUy to decline yonr calf. I am, like yourself, deeply im Cash Rates of Advertising. On square (ol 10 lines Or the same space in any other letter, -( 'IbfEanaExchange.

ISIF" A eufwspondent ot the Chicago Ppet fa, Tribune gives the following iu a lae letter from Pike's Peak: Denver is getting to be notorious for shootirifi an hanging. They say they must in for breakfast every other imkirjiiitfg4, certain; but the tettf lance committee, wbo will soon act upon thesQitsjbilitiesot tUe gamblers, pimps and. trail crinoline iu such a way, that in all probability yu rr.ay look fur a batch in Chicago iu a few days." Oie insertion $1 ance They require no forage but 00 25 they9 girtier tn thefmtiBt rterllb yonngatcr became violently enamored with ii luscions yonnrr damsel of the town, and was suffermig all sorts ot agonies from net corraettisli disposition trifle with him, when her parents discovered what was going on, and not being disposed to let it proceed further, exiled the young flirt to the mansion-i alwuden aunt in ths rural districts. The sighing swalri was neatly insnne on learning ot this move, and a party of young scamps, who had heard all about the affair resolved to comfort him with a bogus MllelriMtX. They wrote several, signing the nunfte of the adorable dnlcinea to them and so eagarly did the lover 3 50- Each subsequent insertion, Orie aquar three months, six months, one year, One column, one year (with change) Half column, do.

Quarter column do. pressed with the critical aspect of our aud barren parts ot our continent, and for days together live conveniently without water. An abundant supply of these animals would, beyond all doubt, enable our army to give great 5 00 8 00 40 00 23 00 15 Oo federal anairs, and beuevo we ate drifting rapidly upon revolution. My hope, as you Iciujw, for years past, votes at the election 1853. The intervention of a third party which voted for its own candidate then, in favor of eithet Blair or Barret now, would leave the question exactly where it was.

Neither Mr. Blair or any other person who supported his claim, pretended thas he received er ana prompter protection to our for the preservation of the 'rights of Business cards fnot exceeding six -lines) inserted one year for five dollars. Announcing candidates fdr office, $1 50, in adrance in all cases. ing of heavy goods on the same floor. In one hard ware stoor on Main 6treet, the shock was so severe as to throw over a large circular saw standing agaimt the wall at an of25 degrees.

The shock was still more severo in the coal mines, about one mile west of the city, on the banks of the Ohio river. The employees 6ay it continued full live minutes. The workmen were very mrrch frightened more so thau hurt, there not being a Innip of coal on earth disturbed. The Groat Eastern. The extraordinary ill luck the bouth in the Union, has been upon (he Democratic party.

So long -t t.r frontiers and all oar intcroceanic routes than three times their cost expended in any other way. As a measnre ol economy and efficiency. I til at haunts the Great Eastern seems 2s was unueo, narnionious anu our right and institutions cannot too strongly recommend the snap at tho bait, that they determined to carry out the joke in extreme style. They made tho young lady agree to an elopement, by letter, bnt with this proviso, that the wedding should were safe. That great party that has All transient advertisements must bo paid for in advance'.

Advertisements not marked on the ropy for a special number of insertions, will be continued until ordered out. Not anxious to publish l'atpnt Medicine about to robe itself in tho ermine of the law. No libel has yet been issued to chain her iron tides to our wharfs, brtt from a published letter of purchase of a full supply, and ot the favorable consideration of Congress." in times PY, won so many ries over Federalismi Abolitionism, and consolidation! and established so taltA nl 0 fC tn tl tl nt i tT9 anil At Henderson, the 6hock wa that the first bridal eve should bo" spent Terrible Indian Fight -Three Hundred Delaware and Potto-wattomies Killed- a law firm in this city, it would seem that proceedings arc being rapidly taken to mulct her owners in the con even more severe, thongh not of bo long duration. The people left their advertisements at all won't do at lower rates than wo chnre our neighbors for similar amounts of ivivprtisinjj, and reserve the right to wore il we cbooso. Notices of Patent Medicines Ac.

for which many sound and conservative principles, is now disunited, divided and broken up. Its disruption extinguishes my ar siderable sum of $50,000, tor an nl From the Teoeka (Kanias) Record, Aug. 4. We learn from Mr. Davidson, of lndianola, that a painful rumor was dently cherished hope of preset vine compensation rccriveu, nut published in jhis paper as select reading matter.

more votes than Barrett and Breckinridge combined! The point to be decided by an appeal to the Mople, and the decision ot which Mr. Blair courted by magnanimously rearguing what the tribunal of last resort according to the Constitution had decreed him, was complicated, involved and mystified more than erer by the action ot the Union party. Perfect, perpendicular neutrality was promised on tho part of the Uuion men, but instead of neutrality they were found in alliance with the Democracy for the short term an alliance all on one sid too and the consequence is the election of Barret for that term. It it be asked why the Union men supported Barret rather than Blair, tor the short term, we answer, they did it noder the belief that the Democrats wero voting for Todd tor the lone term. brought to that place on Saturday last- y-iki i uui fiiiiio UUI J11IU1I ILCCI1.

It is idle to debate or review the causes that led to its disruption. Let ledjred violation of our patent laws. The communication directed to Capt. II all recognises the ruling in the leading case vs. Daches-ne, that the patent laws ot the S.

are not extended over foreign vessels visiting our ports, 6o as to effect the structure, ot equipment which nouses and ran into the etree thongh no damage was done. I am under the impression that the shock was heavier further South. Tho waves seemed to come trom the southwest. Up to the time ot the shock the heat was very oppressive not a breath ot air stirring. Since that time the wind had gradually increased, and the thermometer is sinking fast.

Now (9.20 P. the thermometer stands at 63. in the same tragant temple. Of course our hero consented was at the facto ry just as tho night was closing in, and a fair faced youngster, who personated tho happy bride, fell into his arms and acted the part beautifully. The rascal who attempted to solemnize the marriage became frightened at the thought ot the possible consequences of his mad act, and broke down in the middle of the ceremony, but another and on older impostor took his place, and not only married the "happy pair;" but actually offered up a prayer for tho happiness of it suffice here for me to say, that in my opinion the secession of "the Southern delegates from tho Charleston Convention was unwise and impolitic by a returned Pike's Peaker, ot a severe figii.f, some three weeks since, on the Soioruoii, about one hundred miles above Fort Riley, in which about three hundred Pottowattomies find Delawares were killed.

The informant says bo passed directly through the scene of tho fight that the dead were all scalped, and biippos-ed the other party to have been Cliay- they bring hither," and that the rights of property and exclusive use granted to a patentee do not extend a foreign How to Spoil Girls. If nny jerj(n wishes a receipt to spoil daughters, it can ho easily and readily given, and can he proved by the experience ot hundreds to be certain ai efficacious. 1. lie always telling her from her earliest child hood, what a heautilu! creature she is. It is a hesnitil'nli ay ot the.

vanity ot a litt lo girl, to he exclniiiitiur, How pet-' ty Children understand Midi flat-' terv. even when in the muse's arms, I vessel irtwniny entering one ot our ports. Tho nseof such improvement It was manliest there, to tho mo6t casual observer, that Judge Douglas, who was so justly obnoxious to the South, who could not receive the nomination in a full Convention, and it was eijually certain that Air. I 'reck -ini idgo would have been the nominee if the Southern delegations had not llhll iliiwl tlioir oitatu It' ennes, nrrapahoes, sc, who were known to have been in that vicinity at that time. The mfTrdered Indians arc supposed to have been a patty of sonic three or tour hundred Pottawot- At 5) o'clock this morning it stood at 91 iu the shade.

The sky is not clear, neither is it cLudy. There appears to be a 6ort ot mist that makes the stars appear dim. The breeze is 6tiH increasing. I understand the aurora borealis was visible at two o'clock this morning. Tkrrible Result of a Murderous ExpKniMENT.

On last Thursday, several men who were engaged in excavating thels'ew Basin at New Orleans, werekilled, and a number of others frightfully wounded, by the explosion of a keg of powder. The nowder I tlicevil i- in- to the character am the newly wedded. Tho mock bride then retired to his couch, and the blisatul bridegroom was about to follow, when a tremendous noise was heard outside, and in stalked a party ot disguised jokers, representing the enraged "parents'1 of the bride and her brothers. Both parties were armed, and, as there was considerable firing somebody Mould most certainly have been jmndge had been the nominee at! tonnes, half-breeds, and Delawares, i i the construction, fitting out, or the equipment of vessel while she is coming into or going out of a port ot the United States is not an infringement ot the rights of an American patentee, prcvided it placed upon her in a foreign port, and authorized by the laws of the country to which she belongs." But in the present case, the assignee of the patent, claimed to be; infringed in the Great Eastern's arrangement harlcHtoii his nomination would have been certain. Ho is now the nominee of only one wing of the party, the other wing having nomi- its earliest formation.

Ih-giii so, in 10 can toddle, nri.und. lo rig Iut up in lasdiionahle clothes and rich dresses, l'ut a hoop nMin her at once, willi all the artificial adornments flounces and feathers aud flowers and curls. Fondness for dress will thus became a nromi- This is the explanation of the mattor which they themselves give. Tuesday Morning when they oeeame sensible ot the delusion nnder 'wbicbyf. they had acted on Mohdajj theTthari grin was bitter, and they said almost with one voice, as the Republican well knows, that if the election were to be held over again, they would vote tor Blair.

Indeed, the presumption is that Blair, it not formally, is really the choice of tho citizens of the county tor tho short as well as the long term. Tho irregular ballots to which we called atteMion yesterday, and a copy ot which will be tonnd elsewhere, would if counted in his favor, probably overturn Barrett's tri that went from this vicinity a short time previous to tho rumored battle, for the pur) oso of hunting buffalo. Ainong'them were Messrs. L'Flum-beau, BoHiibien, Ogee, Darling, and several other prominent Indians, well known In this Tictnity, who accompanied the expedition for the sako ot the excitement and pleasure which it promised. uuictj I'ouguiB ami wime i shall give to l.reckinridge and Lauo, tho nominees ot tho Ifaltiincro Coiiven- i i killed had the pistols contained anything more than powder.

Aj it was, the paternal lorces prevailed, and the of tried prtriotism Ticnt characteristic, and will usurp the 'omen and sound in 'indoles, heartv and had boon exposed to rain, and become somewhat moist; a discussion occurring the men as to whether it would explode, one of them, to test ot her motive power, insist that wiien she took out a coasting license and started on the excursion business, she lost her foreign character, which was lover whs obliged fly thro' whole attention ot the voting ueuta i i the night air with a scanty supply of spoilini' tORlial supporr, seo no prospects ol and he a long step toward clothinr. and the hitter thought that their cloctiou either by the people or the matter, took out a quantity of the her. I. Let her visit so much that her sole defence against a recovery to be sought iu our courts, and she is ho hud lost his bride. Strange to sav.

she tuacrwise. Lincoln and Hamlin, the Klack Ke-ulilican nominees, will bo elected in he was in the dark as to the joke and actually consulted a lawyer on the following morning fcr the purpose of as certaining how he could legally re Wavoland Collegiate Institute. A few days since, we had the pleasure of attending a portion of the uni-versary exercises of the Waverland Collegiate Institute, and our impres fling majority for the short term. That majority fs, indeed, so trifling, tliat thd victory, if victory there be. ovomber next, and tho South will powder and applied ft match to it.

The fire was communicated the powder in the keg, and an immediate explosion occurred. The men about twenty-five in number were throwi, in til directions: thiec of them wiro now liable in damages for an infringement ot our patent laws. The patent, which is the basis of this formidable proposition, was granted March 14. 1848. and secured to James E.

then decide the great question whether they will submit to the domination ot Black Republican rule -the funda claim his bndc. Ihc imposition was finds no happiness at home, and therefore will not he apt to stay there and learn home duties. It is a capital thing for a spoiled daughter to seek all her happiness in visiting and change of place and associates. She will thus grow as useless us modern tatdiioiinhlc parents delight that their daughters ho.ild ho. 4.

Let her reading coiiMst of novels ot tiio nauseating! scntimentul then explained to him, and when the "sell" had been made manifest beyond mental principle their organization being a open, undisguised, and de- Smith, ot Green port. New, York, the solo right of the combined use of side wheels and storn screw in the propulsion ot steam vessels. killed outright, three others wounded, it is thought, mortally, nnd the others nearly all seriously injured. The man who was the author of the ex- sions regarding the institution are 60 favornbli', that we desire to call tho attention of our readers to the tats. This institution is under tho control of the Crawfordsvillo Presbytery.

It is located in Waveland, a small and very pleasnnt rural village, alxtut fifteen miles from Crawfordsvillo, Ind. It is iu tho midst of an intelligent and is more a cause for humiliation thau bonstiug A Donglas Democrat recently made a speech at Columbns, Ohio, in the course of which he had occasion to refer to the law passed by the Democratic Legislature to preserve the purity of elections, in which a person having a visable admixture of African blood was debarred from the elective franchise, stating that the Repub At nrst it would seem almost incrcd periment was one of the killed. The clairod war upon our social nibtitu-tioiis. I believe that the honor and safety of ths South, in that contingency, will requiu the prompt secession ot tho hlaveholiling States a doubt, the poor fellow departed precipitately from the town, and has not been hoard ot since. A moro heartless and iuexcusablo practical joke was never attempted; yet so ludicrous are all its aspects that uo one can help laughing at it.

kind. She will be spoiled sooner ihle that any one should have asked Delta describes tho appearance ot for a patent upon so very simple an 'some ot the wounded as frightful idea, but the commissioner probably faces burned and shattered, not a fea-found his authority for issuing his turo visible limbs aud bodies terri- Hum it she perused Instorv or science. from tho Union, and lailinir then to Her will be occupied bv ficti eea. in seconu pan ot the in oiy torn and bruised. Ihe names of Vermont Horses.

-Horses are the vention which "consists in placing the men who were instantly killed are glory of the Verniout farm stock. very moral community, where youth, male and fetv.ale, are shielded from temptations to vice, and are surrounded by moral and religious influences. The place is healthful, and prices ol pun tne lauu.e uct-is, wuen useu in tic not given; those ot tho mortally i Probably no State in the Union can eomoimu.oii mui tuc propellers at the! wounaea are James Harrington, no. show so largo a proportion of good stem, forward ot tho centre of iuv xuiuicuf tom in. jiueiviey.

boarding and tuition are low licans made a great ado about this ndmixturc ot blood. Said he, "sup-rose a man was half white and halt black, what would himj I pause for a reply." An nrchin in the crowd responded in a clear and manly voice "Why, sir, he would be a Douglas Democrat!" Tito Speaker "subaided." obtain from the free states additional and higher guarantees for tho protection of our rights and property, that the seceding states ehoiild proceed to establish a new Government. But while 1 think such would be the ini penttive duty ol the South, I should emphatically reprobate aud repudiate any scheme having for its object the separate secession ot South Carolina It ieorgia, Alabama, and Mississippi alone giving us a portion of the Atlantic and (iulf coasts would unite with this State in a common secossion upon tho election ot Black Repub roadsters as this, on can hardlv enter any considerable market town where horses congregate, without seeing abundant traces ot the Morgan blood. Colts are kept until the're about six years old, and well broken to the harness. Thoso of extra speed find ready purchasers at three hundred dollars and upward.

Good family carriage horses run from one to two lions hcenes and feelings; her mind tilled with unrealities; and her aims placed on fashion and dress, and romantic attachments o. P.e careful that her edfleation gives her a smattering of all the accomplishments, nit the blightest knowledge of the things reallv useful life. Your daughter won't be spoiled so long as she has a real desire to be useful in the world, and aims at its accomplishments. It her mind and lime are occupied in modern accomplishments, there will be no thought ol tho necessity and virtue of being soino real use to somebody, prevadiug her heart, and she will soon be ready as a spoiled daughter. ti.

As a consequence, keep her in. lty ot the vessel so that portions of the action of the paddle wheels thus placed may have the effect to partly lift the bow of tho vessel, while the propellers at the stern exerts all its action to impel the vessel forward. From this specification it would seem as if fiiore was a strong case against the big ship, and that there is prospect of additional regret on the The Nicaragua Expedition--Walker and 500 Men off Yucatan. Krom the New Orleans Pjraynne, Aug. 6.

The Mexican schoWier Urilliaute, Capt. Espinola, armed at this port yesterday from Sisal, with advices from Menda, the capital of Yucatan, to the 26th nit. The news is of tho It was incorporated in the year 1849, with the title ot Waveland Presbyterian Academy, bnt recently has received the name ot Waveland Collegiate Institute. The charter mi thorized the Board ot trustees to outer appropriate degrees on those who lim completed the Scientific course. The classical department is arranged with special reference to a thorough lican, J.

wouui give my asseut to tho most important character. of her directors that they put ler in the coasting trade. And vet mm Gen. William Wnllror ni J. Cut orr His Own Head.

We were yesterday informed that a man engaged in mowing near Norwich, Ohio, on the Central Ohio Railroad, attempted to kill a snake with the heel of bis 6cy the, and in so doing struck the back part of his neck with the point of the blade, severing the head from the body. Wheeling Union 4th. 1 UUOC VI although the suit looks like the work I parturc from the of Kuatan, on policy. I would indulge in no language- of crimination or denunciation of our brethren in the South who are impelled by a sense ot patriotic duty to sup- hundred dollars, according to the quality. Millions of dollars have been added to the agricultural wealth of the State by this breed ot horses.

tdgPSome of the journals arc stating that the Prince of Wales is tho first heir apparent to the throne of England who has ever visited the United States, but this is a mistake. of what Justice ltoosvelt once termed i tho 21st of June, we have before had a prowling assignee," wo cannot en accounts, arrived off the Yucatan coast tirely yield our sympathies to her, route to Nicaragua, on the 1st tilt, owners. The plaintiff charges that; Ho hiwPwith him five vessels, and pi'otoimd ignorance of all the uselul preparation for entering the higher classes in college. The female department is miner the direction ot luuy who has proved herself highly qualified for the important position assigned her. The Institution is no ephemeral affair.

It as been in successful operation soino cloven years. It has suitable buildings and apparatus. It has 3 I i i i i lit i i arts oi iiouseKcenmir, impressinc pon uouifins anil Johnson, i hclteve tipniT 4itt tnrmr rrraHt w- lnrrrrrlo-tey afe-Hrjiidgrrf the-tnogt etKieietit the iuvjiLjoii was ulleredio men, all well equipped nnytlimg tor liersclt, or to learp how means ot preserving the interests supplied oc oiepnenson long uetoro they do- spint6, ana amply culed upon tho system for her inn live power, and that it mot with the usual English criticism, of boing impracticable. But il thoso distin Banning Down Game With Lo-comotiTea. Abont four miles from Lake City tew days ago, as the train of the Flu'ri da Central railroad was passing down; a deer was discovered at soma distance to the right hand, abont on parallel with the locomotive, under Doubtless newspaper readers are familiar with the anecdote of William IV, before ho came to his estate, to the following effect 'While in New York tho Prince called at a barber's shop to be shaved.

anything is dono in tho house. A spoiled daughter should never bo taught the miseries ol the kitchen, such things a lady always leaves to servants. It would be "vulgar "for her to know ho to dross trout or shad, to bake, to wash, (o iron, to sweep, to wring the neck of a live ot tho South in sustaining these gen -tlomon but I concede to them a patriotism as catholic as 1 claim for my self, and I feel well assured that when tho great sectional issue between tho North and South is to be decided an issue which words alono will not settle that tho South will have need for the services of all her sons, and guished engineers were hasty in that an ample Board ot Instruction. And the last catalogue, now before us, gives tho number of pupils tho past year, as otio hundred and seventy-eight. It may be regarded, thciefore, as an established institution.

We were not able to at ten the examination of the classes; but we did piagment, and were afterwards glad to adopt the present combination, it woukl surely havo been magnanimous tor them to rocognizo the source chicken, pluck it and prenaro it for that Breckinridge and Douglas men .1 hear several of the compositions of tho in omy emuiute eacn oilier men wnu arms, ammunition and provisions. From Kuatan, oft' which island the five made their rendezvous, the voyago was a most one, and tho whole fleet passed down the coast in splendid style. Tho expedition first came to anchor at the island of off the coast ot Yucatan, where it remained, communicating with the main land and completing the preparations lor th expedition, till tho 20th ult. It then 6et sail tor Nicaragua direct, where it is believed, long ere this, to havo effected a landing. While off the const of Yucatan the expedition received large reinforcements of nioti, and was amply supplied with provisions.

trom Yucatan theie is no news ot particular importance. The peninsula was, tor the moment, in tho enjoy graduating young Iadiws. and several gallant devotion to her honor and in terests. When the operation was completed he 6tepied tip to the barber's pretty wife, who chanced to present, and giving her a kiss, remarked, there now, von can say that you have been kissed by ouo of the royal family." The barber, choosing-to receive this as an insult, seized the Prince, and helped him out ot the door with his foot, exclaiming, "there now, you can say that you receivod a royal kick from a freeman." Thanking you, gentlemen, for your breakfast, or to do anything that servants are hired to do." As mistress of a house, it is her duty to sit on a velvet sofa nil day, in tho midst a pyramid of silks and flounces, reading the last flaub novel, while- her domestics are preforming tho labors ol the house. To complete the happiness ot your spoiled daughter, marry her to a ol that part of their inspiration.

American genius made tho first 6teamb'at and gave it to Britain and tho world, and it is moro than likely that this happy (and remarkably olc vioii8) suggestion tor moving the comes from an American brain. If so, we can hardly quarrel with the nstuto counsel who appear to have discovered an effectual moth od ot illustrating and vindicating. speeches ot the young gentlemen; and wo can say truly, that wo were never better pleased with any literary institution. Tho pieces gavo evidence ot that kind of training which invigorates the mind, and prepares tor real life. Wo wcro particularly pleased with the pieces read by some of the kiiut consideration, and reiterating my regret that I cannot respond affirmatively to your call, 1 subscribe myself mo6t truly your friend and fellow citizen, AS.

L. OK It. To John Martin and others. Decay of Si.avkry in Wkstkrn VirrtiiNiA. The return ol the census of Wood county, show a heavy I'll: ir bearded youth with soft hands, who knows as littlo how to earn money as SiT" It gives us great pleasuro te notico the Liberator, edited nv Win.

full speed, making for a bay-head oo I he opposite side of the track a considerable distance ahead. The fleet animal put forth all its energies to gain, the desired point, and suspect (though without, warranty the en gineer may hare poked op the Are a little, for it was about so good and. good, with the iron horse and his nimble footed competitor the race being exciting and alPlooked on with much interest. Finally the place of crossing was abent to be' reached', and it made one desperate loan to cross the track in advance of the locomotive, and might bare succeeded had it not been incumbered by the ditch, bnt the locomotive struck; it, biesking three legs, and thai rendered it an easy prise. At another tithe the locomotive caught and dita bled a wild turkey attempting to crosa the track, and rendered it a pria to the operatives.

Since catching a deer and wild tnrkey, onr fbika along- the line, think their cattle 'sUtnd a ehnnce. St. John v- sho does to finvo it llcB'hnppinc66 Lloyd Garrison, and tho organ of ment ot comparative peace, but the win he finished lor her lifetime with legal certainty, our contributions to this greatest achievement ot modern skill. N. Y.

World. Ilomeopathy has been rocog Woiuiell Phillips and li is associates. commercial classes were stil 1 suffering young ladies. It is with particular pleasuro that wo call attention to this flourishing institution. I'ntilour recent visit, wo had no knowledge of it, and were surprised to find it enjoying so high a degreo of prosperity especially as devotes a larire majority of its time irom mo enects ot the long and disastrous war ot races.

Watkr Almost as Ciiii.vr as Whisky. A Topoka, Kansas, paper an -noiinces that tho old well in that place had "given out," and adds that it tho city fathers would make a good well, where all could bo accommodated, ''water would soon bo as cheap as whisky, and a great many may bo induced to use it as a beverage. and space to the most virulent attacks upon Mr. Lincoln. We hope the Liberator will bo induced to continued its efforts until alter the election.

Vermillion Co. Press. The editor ot the Marion (Alabama) American tells a brother editor that he is a Southern or. an grinder with a Northern on miiiiig on in uic slave- population; and we now have tho census of Cabell county, which shows only 210 slaves and 10 free- nogroos against 1W9 slaves and 8 free uegroos in lS.r0. "'Butterflies arc born of grubs.

nized by the States ot Ohio and Michigan, iu tho lato appointmont ol physicians to the State Prisons, and tho Allopaths of Ohio aro very indignant at the innovation. An indignation meoting of M. IVs was held in Columbus last week. 8 7 Prodigal are horn ot misers. so many similar institutions iu tlie West havo become an vol vod in debt, and disappointed tho hopes ol thoir frionds.

Wo can conscientiously recommend to parents and guardians tho Wavoland Oollcgiato Institute. Official dispatcher from Utah state, iu addition to tho hundred revolvers heretofore supplied, sixty rifles, together with tho necessary am-unition, havo been furnished by the proper military officers to the pony express riders, for defence against tho Indians. Those who may desire particular.

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