Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 4, 1947 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 4, 1947
Page 5
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NEWS (CONN.). TUESDAY. FEB. 4. 1947-PAGE S What Our TWO CHILDREN DIE IN LANDSLIDE Resident Says Merchants. Clerks Would Best Profit If Stores Closed Saturday Noon Nuujf'ituck, Uonn. Jan. 2f>, 1M7, liMitui' of NuuKutuck Dally News: In i-t'Mtlintf *> n artlcli' publl.ihucl in' your ptip«.T Tuesday, Jun. 28. In nrKiiiW "bout Monduy closing hurting th« small follow, why liouitn't tht- buruuu contact the official^ ^ tht 1 chain stores in town n* well UN oach individual owner of stores :mcl soi> If fur oncu (ind all storce cannot itpruo harmoniously. I would llUft to sco all j stores K''l toKothcr and close Saturday.-' »t 1 P- I 11 - This would be fair 'for everybody, and the buying public I think would coopur- ttic 100 per cent. A;: for the clerks, I think they would agree Monday* everybody else in town M-orks.'y" 1 '' 1 ' 1 ' nlone hanpitip 1 around wondering what, to do, white on Saturday afternoons your pals nro off. yf>" c ' in K«'t an uLirly start for wherever you are ^oing to spend the week-end. Your bos.i gives ynu a vacation with pay, your hours at work are not exceeded ac- uorcilriK to luw, If you want extra time off for n good vacation you are not being docked. It business is slow, and you don't have so much to do you're not being docked, you don't have to hit a certain efficiency to have a stnndard pay eac)> week. LetB be fair with the boss, you're working for. Now take it from the owners' viewpoint. By [closinjc Monday, ho Is delayed one day in ordering his merchandise which means he is a, day late in >,-ettlnjf k intohisetore. Tuesday is spent in petting merchandise ready for the public, and it's Wednesday before he in ready to do tausi- nc.iH. AH ull merchants will tell you, business is practically over by Saturday noon. Therefore if the Merchants can rtRrce as a unit, the clerks I think will cooperate 100 per cent and the buying public will be belter served. A Naupatuck Resident. Hearing Thursday On State Aid Education Four members of the NaiiRM-tuck Teacher,-! LfNigue attended a meet- inK at' the Legislative Action Committee "t the Hotel Bond, Hart- furd, Saturday nt which 1 time the proposed statu aid hill Cor oduca- sponsored by the State Board mantle film, and the famous Bor- lion of Education was discussed. The teacher.-! present wore: M»iry fVinahuu, Alien Uickey, Josephine C.'iijirM and Helen Sokolo.'iki. Among the speakers wi-re Dr. 'Raymond .(. J'":iy, commissioner of cilucntion; Alon'/o C. Grace, and rSgtji.-:-t A. Cane, superintendent of th" VVillimuntic schools. Thi.- m'.iin provision of the hill is to raise the »tandnrd_ of school .-up-port from $100 to $1-10 a pupil with thi; state'.-; assistance. Kduca- tion is u statu function ii'.nd it is pointed out thiil Connecticut Mimds 'iritii in the amount o-f its Mippurt to the communities. Local .support i.s '.anticipated at the General As.-wmbly committee hKirirfe on the iiifl schoiluleil for Thursday ttftornoun, Fu!i. 13 at '1 i,'clock in E-Inrtl'drd. Alii AOHKKMKNTS SlftNKI! Wushin«lon —(UP)-- Thi: Sl.'itu rji-ixirtmt-nt has conoUnlcil ji>{ri!C- mcnt.» with t.'very major nution of the world affected by Pan-American Airways routes, with tho exception of Kus.ii i, to Insure international permission 'for Clippors to world-wide flights. "I'VE ALWAYS LOVED YOU" IS CURRENT NOW AT SALEM A new romantic screen team is hpinjLt introduced to audiences of Hie Salem Playhouse now in "I'vo Always Loved You," the Technicolor musical drama produced and directed hy Frank Borziajce for Republic Pictures. Catherine McLeod and William Carter are starred in -this new ro- xa.p*e predicts a brilliant future for each of the two screen newcomers. Both arc his discoveries, ut- lectt'd by him to -play those "I've Always Loved You" roloa coveted by many Hollywood name personalities. Miss JfcLeod is a California girl, born In Santa Monica and raised in Al'hambra, which Lt only 13 minutes drive from Hollywood. She was planning to give the whole thing up and try her luck on the New York stage wihen Borzage spotted her and felt he had found his girl for "I've Always Jiovea You." Bill Carter had only one screen role to his credit when Borzage .-signed him to play the role of the farm boy in 'tinis hauntlngly beautiful love story, Ai-tur Rubinstein, • great conr.nrt pfcmist, recorded all the music for the pirin-j sequences, the climax being t'ho Racihmaninoff 2nd Piano Cjiieurco. accompanied by a 90- pi. % cc synvphonic orchestra. Philip Dorn is also starred ' and Maria TWO CHILDREN WERE CRUSHED TO DEATH when • landslide smashed into their basement bedroom at Kirkland, Wash. A flreman and policeman (top) icorch the debris for the bodies of Allison Bicanic, 12, and his sister, Judy, S, after the avalanche crushed the frame house. The bottom photo shows how the huge wall of mud pushed through the rear of the house. The children's'father, Nicholas, • World War II veteran. •was In the forward part of the basement getting blanket* while their mother WM In the front room when tragedy occurred. (Intel-national) Health Talks By HERMAN IIUNDESJSN. M. I). Ouspen.-;k:iya, Felix Bressart, Eliza- Patterson, Vaneasa Brown i\nd Lewis Howard head the iiippnntng caut. The Condition ol' .Py And What Con Bo Do?ic For It PITY the pool 1 doctor. Ho has not only to dicoases but must think up all the 'ijav.vbrealtir.g names for them as well. It's more (if a job than you mi^ht think bu- c. r i use- should ll!0 locate it of in Uir disorder body, tell "IT'S TIME FOR THAT MID-WINTER SERVICE CHECK-UP ON YOUR CAR!" CHUCK'S 531 NORTH MAIN ST. TEL. 4955 FLINT-KOTE ROOFING We are holding our price line— So if your roof needs repairing have it done now before winter come*. BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR LEADERS and GUTTERS WILL ESTIMATE YOUR NEEDS And Do A Complete Job Or Supply Materials Needed .For.a Complete One-Stop Service PHONE 3-5991 Middlebury Lumber Co. something of H.s re.-;iiJls, suggest Its oausi;, 1-lowRver hard they may be Ii IK-onounqe, that's a big order ti fill with one or two words, 130 it i: not surprising it' once in ;> whili somebody slip:; up in this game o alting ibe rjaniu fit tin.' disease. "Pyorrliea" is one that doesn'l nnl quite. "Pyo" nicans puy, ant rriica" means discharge, «'hk:l would imply that in all cases of py orrhea there is a discharge of in fected material from the gums However, this is by no means the cuse, Wliat really happens in pyorrhea is that there is soaic inflammation of the gums and a separation of them from the tnntl so that pocke-ts form. The exact cause of pyorrhca ii not known. It is suggested that bc- causo bcrsons cbe\v soft foods, gums become soft and are cut by iiaril particles of food. Then Hul ulcers form on the gums and germs get in between the gums and the teeth, destroying the material whic-.h attaches -thfl tooth to the gum. Then pockets form and pyorrhea is snid to be present. However, there arc many others who do not subscribe to this opinion, but who think (that perhaps some disturbance of the way in which the chemical activities go on in the body may be responsible for the development of the condition, Pyorrliea occurs most ofton :luring the middle-age period. I'ulo Gums In pyorrhea the gums appear pale and shrunken. In between '.he urns and the teeth there are deep jockots. Practically all of the teeth arc affected. There is some wasting of the jawbone around the teeth nnd the teeth arj .loose, Thick, infected malerin] may come from the pockets. An X-ray examination is helpful In making a diagnosis. The treatment is best carried out under the directions of a specialist, according to Dr. J. D. Hamilton Jamieson of Edinburgh. However, the treatment is always lengthy. He sugcgsts that those with pyorrhea avoid the use of tobacco, al coholic beverages, extremely ho or cold foods and highly seasoned ones. The nox-t step in the treat ment IB the removal by the dentis of all sources of irritation such n: tartar, hopelessly loose teelh and rough edges on crowns or on fill ngs. The paticn^ is given a mouth wash made up of a soap .solution vith hydrogen pern.xidf,-. This is isnd for a.t least two minutes after iar?h meal. After a week of this renlmrnt the gums arc painted vith nine chloric!; daily for a week. In the more severe cases ehrom- c ncid followed by hydrogen por- xide is employed. Deep pockets xrc removed surgically. The pa- enl is riot allowed to use 'the ootli brush until after the- com- letion of thio treatment. (Copyright, 1916, King Features yndicate, Inc.) Scranton Too Cold For Icelandic Bride Scranlon, Pa. (U P) — .Jakobina Thordorscloitir, briclo-to-be ol Reykjavik, Iceland, finds it difficult Betting acclimated in Scra.nton, the winters arc too cold hero, she says. Jak'obir.a arrived hero to be married to Sum Narddlu, n formtr ;;ol- "THElRAZOR'S EDCrE" SHOWING NOW AT STRAND THEATER • Wion/woi'-d reached W. Somerset M J .u i . r .i. v ian.'at '.lia Worne .on the .Riviera In 1 France that the ."screen version of his fayoi-lt.rt 'novel, "The JrUazo'r's Edge,"' 'had been completed, 'he .be/jar, a barrage of cablegrams fa Darryl F. Zanuck, the produce-! 1 , 'i-o find out just )iow file fiim, now at the Strand theater, .stacked up, "In all my years as a producer f have never known' an. author who was mo-re' interested in the outcome of his work on' the screen than' Mautr-'irn." Mi-. Zanucl^ said recently tn commenting nn the number of- cables "he 'had received from the novelist. "Maugham did fometnlnp on 'The Razor's Edge' that 'he has never dome' before. He' wpoiit ten -weeks at the Twcn- tiot'.i Century-Fox studio, without compensation, -just to help in preparing the Him version or his .story. ^ Trctti, whow rote the screen play, and I, discussed with 'him t!ie frealm-ent of the story episode by •episode -botoro one. word waj put or. paper." ' Many I n t e r e s t,i n c facets of Muuglin'm'sj character eamo""to li£M during these discussions. On one occasion when .Zanuclc and Trotti insisted- on keeping 1 s-wne Maugham dialogue, t'ha-t had .be"n taken from Hive.-, book, .-the author , "I'm afraid, you' have more respect for tjlB M'a'Jtfham fellow than I liuve,"''he said, "Who is Maujrhum t'nat 'he ca'n change anything we svant to." All of this -happened Tiearly two years' ago. so it is. 'not hard to understand 'his desire to know how .everything worked out on the screen for 'The Razor's Edjje." Needless to say, Mr. Zanuck's replying cables warn most >-cn.3urinjr since rtie picture already hais been acclaimed ono of t'hc great motion pictures or the post-war era. Four To; Attend Communication Of Grand lodge Four officers of Salom lodjrc, No. 13>i, A. F... & A. M., 7>!an to attend the 159th annual communication of Vnc Connecticut Grand l-cditc tocViy tind tomorrow nt Ki.? Hotel Bond, Hartfcrcl. A dinner wMl be hicld tonight, with business sessions to be conducted W-ednes- day and Thursday. The ofllcors planning: to attend niro: Harry A; Reed, master George H.' Birdsnll, senior wa den; Norman B. Mertelni'eyei-, jun lor warden; Edwin C, Miller, se rctary. Lincoln (0 Store (61 WEST MflIM ST.'-,??) CONVENIENT TERMS En Route to China Ir:nlur.d tljer whum she nji. ing the war. V.'hen the thm cter dropped sli.'irpiy, she ob^crved: "Iceland was nnv'ur' like, this "• PEDESTRIAN "INVISIBILITY* o»t pc<f*itndni ^il to f*d!if« >*if fcldl.vf. ,r.y,i;bilit> to the driv- r until ha ik "right" on them ",4nd en driven forget this pcdettrian AAA Sdfaty Featurs No. IS BUDGET PIAN VICE-PRESIDENT of. the world's Y.W.C.A., Mmc. Grace Chu is pictured on her arrival at New York's LcGuurdia airport from Geneva, Switzerland, whore she attended the Y.W.C.A. conference. She is the wife of Lt. Gen. Shin-Ming .Chu, head of the Chinese Mission in Tokyo and China's rcpresenla'Jye on Allied Command. (International) Select Anything You Need open u Convenient charge Account Quick — IMirnirled ' Credit 'Term" PAY AS YOU EARN You'** Waited lor It The.New 'Mantofa' Automatic Changer ELECTRIC Convenit"* Tsrim fK«.n»»f r» M ^*' ! »MO SimpHfitd mttlionlim Single pott record dtop Has 3-tubc amplifier and automatic record c. Beautiful plastic Dinox-covered uase. Looks like wood —strong us metal. Instant "reject" mechanism. and portable. OTIIKKS AS LOW'AS SJ'MW FOR HAPPY BOYS AND GIRLS IN STOCK IMMEDIATE DELIVERY rtfffttfttr Store 61 WEST MAIM ST. Phones 3-WH Folks-we're announcing a IFTY AUSTRALIA INTO ANTARCTIC Canberra, Australia —(UP)— An xpodition into Australian Antarc- c territory has been approved in the cabinet. A short econnaissance voyage this summer by a naval ship equipped with ircraft .was proposed to find an c-free base-from which to carry ut later observations, . - i PLAN It's More Convenient —Mora Economical We're proud to tell you the good newi about our newly improved B,F,Goodrich Thriftr Budxtt Plan. More economical, more convenient, and thrifty too. You will find it • pleasure to shop with us and use the Thrifty Budget Plan. More convenient — for it takes but « few moments to open an account. Just (elect the items you need for your home or car and add them to your budget account. 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