The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 22, 1955 · Page 45
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 45

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 22, 1955
Page 45
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WHERE TO GO Algona Theater Seeks Tallest Man In County Who is the tallest man in Kos- Kutlt county? That question will be answered after the engagement of Clark Gable in "The Tall Men," at the Algona theater this Sunday and Monday. Al! lengthy individuals who wish to enter the '[Contest may simply leave their name, address and height measurements at the concession counter ' at the theater during the run of the picture Sunday and'Monday. The tallest man will receive as ;i prize a three months' theater pass- for himself and his family. Gather 'round, all you skyscrapers, and let's see who if the tallest man in Kossuth county. SHAKERS Mrs C. E. Johnson, Sr., of Coon Rapids, has appropriate salt and pepper shakers for almost any kind uf a party. She has a collection of 535 pairs. The collection started in 1938 when a sun brought her a pair from Knglnnd. JOWA'S WONDER SHOWPLACI The SURF CLEAR LAKE / IOWA FRI., DEC. 23rd MIDWEST CARAVAN Formerly low-a Cornhuskers Sat., Dec. 25th—Xmas Eve NO DANCE " SUN.," DEC." 25th Christmas Night Modern Dancing .._DON HOY and ORCH. WED':; DEC.' 28th Teenagers Dance "The King" Clark Gable is having one of his most successful movie years, the current "Tall Men" at the Algona Theater this Sunday and Monday, following ihe recent "Soldier of Fortune." Bolh films in Cinemascope and De Luxe Color. fond engineer, Herbert Hooper can recall. * * * As the "Texas" in "The Great Locomotive 'Chase," she forgets she's a lady and becomes an implacable avenger. She's out to hunt down i aiders from the Union ranks who penetrated deep into Confederate territory to ruin the bouth's vital military transport .system. Mrs Helen Ernst * * • Disney* audiences will see her i careening backwards down the rails, with Jeff Hunter as4he our- j suing William A. Fuller, standing atop her lender to spot barriers I of railroad-tics, broken rails and flying box-cars cast in her speeding path by Fess Parker, as the hard-fightins raid-leader, James ] J. Andrews. In her new role, she's carrying on in the tradition of all movie locomotives that have aecomna- nied the progress of motion pictures. She'll be- filmed in the newest Cinemascope-Technicolor processes — and. who knows. ? may still be around 50 years from now to welcome in newer, more amazing movie-makinc, innovations and techniques' • •' * Marie Boone Six Winners Be sure and read this page thoroughly and if you spot your name individually, you will receive free admittance lo Ihe outstanding movie, "Tall Men", playing at the Algona Theater Sunday and Monday. Just give your name at the box office. where she underwent surgery. Though not completely cured iiorn her ailment she was relieved from her severe pains suffered before surgery. Mr and Mrs Donald Conrad arrived h'-re at the parental home of Mr and Mrs Conrad Alig last week Tuesday. They will remain hr-ro over Christmas. Monday, n--:-. 26 (hey will leave for San Dif.tfo. where Mr Conrad will be stationed with the army. He was called home from Germany recently due to the death of his parents, Mr and Mrs Leo Conrad ot New Hampton, in an auto accident. Mr and Mrs Dennis Weber and family vacated the George Meyer house just south of Main street Saturday and moved to the Frank Kollasch house in the east part of town, the former Grandma Dailey home. St. Paul's Lutheran choir held a Christmas party in the basement of the church Sunday night. The men who are members of the choir brought tht-ir wives, and the women their husbands .Court Whist was played, Alvin Meyer winning high, Mrs Lawrence Gade. low, and Mr Butzkc won the plate prize. Gifts were exchanged, and Mr, choir director, was presented with a check. PLANTATION BALLROOM WHITTEMORE, IOWA Friday, Dec. 23 ELMER SCHEID Sunday^ Dec. 25 Xmas £ fu~- - y*t ? v: •• * * T0N¥ BRAbLEY Friday, Dec. 30 SPIKE HASKELL Saturday, Dec. 31 New Year's Eve LYNN KERNS Sunday, January 1 JACK COLE No Advance Booth Reservations Doors Open at 8:30 Behind The i i v ^ inemore News Movie Sets WITH BUDDY MASON Who's The TALLEST Man in This Area ? I'll Buy His Pants! That's right - I'll pay the bill at S & L STORE for the man who buys the longest pair of pants there between now and January 1. DICK PHILLIPS Mgr. Algona Theatre "THE TAIL MEN" Playing At Algona Theatre Sunday & Mon. Featuring Qlaik Gable Locomotives have had ei--.-tar- rinj: roles in motion pictures over a long spun of years. In fact, they've symbolized the progress of films as they whee/ed, or raced, past the mile.-'tones uf time. Kdwm S. Porter's "The Great Train Robbery" bi ought to the 1 silver-screen its fust complete sioiy. Broncho Billy Anderson played the Western' lead whil« emoting all over a limited an.a of "\vidc-opcn-spai-vs" in an ersatz West boidermj.; on the outskirts cif Dover. New Jersey. Ella Zumach ' • • « Movie budget'^'being what ihcy wtic at-the time. Broncho Billy aiso played just about every other character, loo. except UH- locomotive, lie was the bandit who shot a passcnfjei. the passenger wi-.o was shot und, lie- ever, played the lire-man wiio tangled with anoint r "road'' in the !o- ci'mot i vc caboose! • « » Arthur Odgaard • • "The Great Train Robbery" hokts :ts place in Movieuom s Hall nf Fame not because of any treat eicative excelleilie but uue m the Jact that it was the Mist' sma.-h bux-offlce lilt. Fi otn tiiat t;ii:e on, plenty of Imam-mi; was av.tili.ole lor irtoUun i>'.c'.;;!e pro- Throughout the following years, loei'ii. otives were uununeu with uuly jjrcat stones which have. marKed Itie Amazing jciowth oi films as a creative medium. hrt'ir. tl.e uai ly Helen Holmes iaili fad thiilleis, on up through Jyhn f'oi'd'.s "Iron llcrse." "'liu 1 Atehitoii-'i'opc'ka & Sar.ta Ke." and "L'nion 1'acilic." raihoad yams have enjoyed a full meas- y>e of populauty, — Now, 53 years alter a gasping pulilic thrilled to its first train-WesUrn piclme. Wall Disney is making tin. i'pic train thriller-diller of all time, lie's re-stagmu vhe wild, fateful iac'i» between the Unmn- "General" &na the C'on- award- Medal Ralph Sebers and Ronald Hc.u in arrived here Saturday from j Aurora. 111., lo spend the Christ- | mas weekend hue with parents. Both are employed Aurora. Brcnda Gadc. daughter of and Mrs Lawrence Gadc. Richard Meyer, son of Waller A. Meyer, both students at Concordia Teachers Collet!'.- at Sc-waid, Neb., arrived Satuieiay to spend the holidays with their parents. Jerry IJormanii. foil of Mr and Mrs Charles Bo: Miami, aruvi-d in the states recently from He received h:s ciischai ;;i. D:f.'go. Cal.. and at PH.. homo with his parents A^nes Sclv.ppo: ite, t< St. I'aul's Lutheran :-c Fiiday for Aintw ortli. spend her Christmas with 'per parents. Mr and Mrs Arthur ! with, spent last wee;-; at the- home of Guslie I and hrr daughters, M: An;'. They left tj-nir. Wtdnc-Hday i es, were accompanied bv home v.-ith them. William Monarch was tak< n to St. Ann hospital in Altjona Wednesday f<ir observation. At last report Mr Monarch is well on the r<>ad o! reroveiy and will be homo so'-n. John Monarch was taken to Roch'.-;t< i l.<:;t week wheu he went tlfrou'-h tho Mayo Clinic. The V.'liittomore Schools. St. M'.ch,.elV St. Paul's -Lutheran, and t h e Whitteir.orf Public school w:il c'o;-.r> feu the- Christma.-, h"lid;:ys, Dec. 23. and will open a i 1 . am "n Jan. 2. HJ.Sti. Mis Pearl Hanson arrived home rhursr!.i\' m:;ht 1i<i;;i Rochester THURSDAY THRU SATURDAY WHEN THE U.S.MPCI USED A KIMONO GIRL TO SMASH TOKYO'S UNDERGOUND NETWORK OF TERROR! iu: id en- Tuesday Lavren;-.. Marvin LAKOTA NEWS Mr and Mrs Vincent Miller lave moved into the former Ro- aert Beemer house which they recently purchased. They held a closing out farm sale in October and Vincent has been operating the former Jack Reis- dorfer Recreation Parlor since November 1. Mrs Miller is the former Lois Bruer. and boys will leave Friday to spend Christmas with Russell's parents in Archer. Mrs TePaske and boys will remain there for bamboo ROBERT RYAN ROBERI STACK SHIRLEY YAMAGUCHI CAMEROftMiTCHEU •ith SESSUE HAYAKAWA SANDRO GIGIIO - FILMED WHERE IT HAPPENED ta >~ ClNEMASCOPl "4 PLUS - Special Featurette "THE LIVING SWAMP" SPECIALLY SELECTED FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS! (Continuous Both Sunday & Monday From 1:00 P.M.) SUNDAY & MONDAY federate--malined "Texas." raiMP.t'.. no quai'.cr, duel rails - between two loeoi which re-suited in the- first ing of the Congressional of Honor. V; V * ' Mrs Jorry McVay If the little "Texas," with her ballooning stack, pencil - i.'un boiler and hifth drivinc wheels, looks familar to moviegoers, there's a vei v good reason. The "Texaa" is being plavCJ by one of Filmdom's favorite locomotives, the "Inyo." This little engine was originally built in tho 1870's for the Virginia and Truekee Railroad. Her first job was hauling a flood of silver that poured from the fabulous Cum- slock lode near Neveda's Virginia City. * V * When the Virginia & Truekee line was abondoned. this tiny wood-burner was still a proud Queen of the Rails. She chu;;yed her way aioimd the nation until she was finally outmoded by more modern, but far less picturesque, work-horses, powered by coal and oil. Later, the "In- yb" displayed her 34-ton, brass- boimd beauty and her lacquered black, red and gokl "dress" at a few fairs bofore eventually be- cumii'.i; a Movie Queen. V >V- >. John Lenerlz * * * You've seen her in "Dodge City," "The Harvey Girl:,," "Du.-l in the Sun," ".Bad Man's Ter-.i- torv." "Fn-'cP- River," "Whispering! Smith," "Carson City," and Walt lu name a IXw films lhal her PLUS CARTOON & NEWS the holidays while Mr TePaskc will be in LoMars. He is a local high school teacher. Set up on the front lawn of the Fred Huittncr home in the south part of Lakota is a Nativity Scene worth driving miles to see. 93 One of Winfield's oldest resi- dents recently observed her 93rd birthday. She is Mrs Clara Orris. ssih At Coralville, Mr and Mrs Charles Gay recently observed their 58th wedding anniversary. UDM Classifieds Pay Dividends CHILDREN'S SATURDAY A.M. MOVIE SERIES TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE' First Show Sat., Dec. 31, at 10 a.m. ALL-CARTOON & COMEDY SHOW HEY KIDS! BIG FREE SHOW FOR YOU SATURDAY MORNING (10 A.M.) (Courtesy of the Algona Moose Lodge) No Tickets Necessary! 8 SAT. A.M. Shows For $1.00 tegular single admission to-each special show will b° 25c. Save 51.00 by buying a Season Ticket! He fought the Apache terror... NELSON MURPHY STEVENS • RUSSEll 10HNSOK • MADGE MEREDITH • ROY ROBERTS PLUS 3 COLOR CARTOONS The above Bowling Standings are Presented to You Each Week Through The Courtesy of THE ST.ORZ BREW1N6L CQ. Like a refreshing dip, Storz has what it takes to satisfy your thirst. Each golden glassful is a toast to pleasure — Bitter-Free pleasure — with no lingering aftertaste. You'll find it less-filling, too. That's why smart moderns agree Storz is truly AMEREG/k'S ESEEFl BARRY^S Monday Men W KCs 34' 2 Bode Billiards 33. Miller High Life 23 Moose - - - 27 Bode D-X 19 Clark Grain IS 1 Don's Phillips 66 17 Schulte's Rec. 15 Tuesday Men W Set-ley Farm.s Moose . Blatz H arum's ... Russ & Ky's 24 Petersen's Cafe .... Barry's ... .17 National Guard . . .. 7 Wednesday Women W Druggists' Mutual . . -. L'U Cook's Welders ..25'- Thuente's . .24'.' Bancroft .. . .18 Moose 174 Coast-to-Coast . 17 United Variety _.: -)3 1 j Welp's . ..-11 Thursday Women W Sharp's 24 Hood-Winks . -.20 "Bill's Standard 20 Van's ... ...20 15 20 21 20 29': 31 33 L 15 18 19 19 21 L 10 13'14'-s Storiettes ..18 18 ASC 17 19 Bradley Bros. 13 23 Wallbur.u's .12 24 HAWKEYE LANfS American League W L SUiders Stock Farm.-.46 18 Titonka Indians 444 194 Brandt Buick _• 42 22 Hamilton Hatchery ..-.354 2H4 Bakers Livestock 34 30 » Sjn-n.ns 324 314 Sorensen Mtr. & linpl. 29 3.T R./bir.son Produce 26 38 Boono Ridge .254 384 Lions 25 39 Corwith - . .-23 • 41 Hefti Lockers ...21 43 National League W L Algona Pr'.Jiice 45 19 West En'd Billiards .404 23'a Ernie Williams P-C -.39 29 21 21 1 : ''2 25 i s 28 L 12 Ki lii 16 Seven-Up ... Ri-adv-Mjv . _________ 34 30 Bancroft Oil Co. ______ 33 31 Bun L'o-Op r.iev .....53 ,sl Ernie Williams J-D ...294 34'i Koss. Co. Impie. . .. ..... 254 384 Brill _______________ ...... 24 40 Ray's Jack Sprat _____ 24 * 40 Rood Ins. . . .22 42 Western League W L Swait:: Hdwe ........ 43 17 Titonka . . ______ 43 17 Barry's Recreation league Standings Pioneer Hibred 39 21 Burl Merchants 38 22 Mutual of Omaha 35 25 Plantation 35 25 Sjogren's 32 28 Sargent Feeds , 29 31 Albright Aero-Service 26 34 Rapid Thermogas 19 41 Thomas Skelgas 12 48 Kossuth Motor 9 51 • Classic League W L Beecher Lane 43 17 Ilamms 41'- 1H4 State Farm Ins. 404 194 S. & L. 40 20 Plantation 36 24 Titonka 32 28 Sceley Farms 26 34 Root Hdwe. 254 344 Hub Clothiers 24'- 354 Scobba Skelly Serv. _-18 L - 414 MiUf-r High Life 174 424 Burt 16 44 Mixed League W L Has Been* 43 12 Sinclair Oilers 43 17 Buckaroos 37 23 Vets .- 36 24 Conoco Service 31 29 Brandt Buick 29 31 Aces 2f> 34 Sargent Feeds 26 34 Standard Oil 25 3:5 Strudels 23 37 Farmers Co-op 22 3o Huuell's Cities Serv...14 46 Hawkeye lanes League Standings Published each week through Courtesy of Morck Pist. Co, & Star* Brewing Co.

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