Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 4, 1947 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 4, 1947
Page 4
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PAOK 4—NAIJQATTCK NEWB^CONN.), TUESDAY. FEB. 4, 1947 8flbe Bail? published «v»ry Evening (ttxcept S»"» d «y> ** NAUOATUCK NKWS CORPORATION NAUQATUCK. CONN. Do You Remember? ctUDOLFH M. HENN1CK. Praild«nt »nd t;iiur<d m* Mcond claM matter at the port o«lc« In N«ul»tuck, CODD. •JUHacRIPTJON HATES e *y*bta ID AdVBDC* $1.00 1 T««r 113.00 ronn. N«w.p»pir PubUbori Appearances A 17-year-old Grand ttn]M* y wlio hwl "become n court problem w«s en- nhlcd to turn » new t'aoc to tliu world. Born with n facinl deformity thnt m;uk> him the butt of c-ompimions' taunts, lio Imcl soityht vonpcnnce on society by Inw- hroiikiiif,'. Wlu-n 11 mirror n-v.-nlc-d the mirm-k- wrought for liim l>y the skilled luinds ol' ;i plnstic surgeon, lit* « r ->^ o\\-r- wlitOmod with » .ioyf>us desire- to "iiinoiuit to sonu'tliiiiK-" J-Yw iuivc HO ,«jfivnt or so fixed n handicap us hud this boy. Anil someone should hnvf miulo pUiin to him i-Jirly in youth Hint he c-onld nmounl to nuicli in spite nf the linnilienp. A liriffht nnd iH.'niitifiil spirit fiin Hsu so lii.uli nhove n deformity tlmt peojile arc linrdly conscious of nny- Iliiii^ jihiionnnl in t'iK-f or fi^uro. Yet a lot of |)i!0file let appearance keep Iliem from success. There are great assets in such easily mana.u'od matters ns n yood carria-e, neatness, simple deanli- As the nnfortunate hoy learned, people find it easier to associate with those who are pleasant to look at. Looks aren't everything. l>"t they do make a difference. ' One delightful woman used to say, "U's your hack Hair that's important, for in front ymi can always smilel" Not Only The Unions Compulsory arbitration is thought to appeal especially to some congressmen because the unions arc against it. Now Walter B. Weisenberger, executive vice president, of the National Association of Manufacturers, denounces such compulsion. lie calls it a system of decree by a political tribunal, inevitably ending in involuntary servitude. •Whether the aforesaid congressmen will now change their minds depends on whether they are for arbitration or mere- l against the unions. Debt-Ridden Babies At the moment the average American is currying MfM2.X> as his part of the national debt. .By -June 1948 he will have to reckon with an amount $11.Ui less. This will not be due to anything the new Republican Congressmen will think up. The cut will come because there will be proportionately enough increase in population to shave the individual share. Here's the best argument advanced yet for upping the birthrate. It's a bit hard on the babies, but for a few years at least, they will have so many other interests that the debt business won't bother them. Radar In The Kitchen liadaranges arc soon to bo a reality. This is an application of the magic radar lo cooking. These stoves will be made first for airliners and restaurants, then for homes. By this supcr-h&h frequency concentrated through a horn-like arrangement, the food can be prepared in a matter of seconds: gingerbread ready to eat. in '-'9 seconds; a hamburger in .15 seconds: a frankfurter in 8 seconds. This boats the new pressure cooking devices. Mother can stay later down town or at the bridge party, nnd still haw a delicious hot meal ready. But don't expect a radnrange next week. Al Capone, the Chicago racketeer, is reported to have died owing the government money on his income tax. Millions can testify that it is not necessary to die to do, this. One Year Ago Joseph F. Smith was chairman of the committee in charge of the Eagles'• Sncngerfcst. o—O—o W. Huclncc, loft forward, led the Bluebirds to victory over the Shooting: Stars, o—O—o 20 Years Ago George Cleary returned to his studies nt Harvard after o visit with his parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. Robert Cleary of Bradley street. o—O—o Y Physical Director Fred Ashmoro announced a change in nights for basketball, o—O—o 30 Years Ago Mr. and Mrs. Edward 3. Ahenrn of Mcndow street, visited relatives in Springfield, o—O—o Charles E. Spencer of Fnlrvlew nvoniiu spent the weekend in New York. Around The Clpck We read that Benny Goodman won't he making any more recordings for Columbia, and it's all over the newest, bit. of eccentric note blending, "Open the Door, hMcluml" . . . but he has a new contract with Capitol, so Vou'11 still be hearing of the favorites on records. "Friendship for all and entangling alliances with none" was the old American motto; hut now we just hook up nnd keep nn eye on each other. Thinking of music, we thought the high school crowd sounded excellent in its rendition of school songs at the basketball game Saturday eve . . . and on the game, there was at least one placid character in the Leavenworth stands, and she let our -managing editor know all about it, when after a seige of his exuberant cheers she turned and told him she didn't think his shouting was at all necessary. Arlene Sullivan of the Barnum Court Sullivrins, is recuperating after being laid u]) a couple i-f weeks due to a head injury. . . . the petit Arlene was going through a doorway at the same time another" person was attempting the passage, and accidentally hit her head, with .the result being a slight concussion. A street department crew worked most of Friday digging up the gutter leading to the catch basin near the Naugatuck Fuel Company on Church street. After it was dug up the gutter was resloped to afford better drainage. The crew used an air hammer on the job and they really beat out a tune with it. But it didn't "send" any one. Police Chief John J. Gormley said Saturday that 25 new parking meters had been received at the local police station. A total of 100 meters are on order to replace those now in use. The pscndo spring weather has even caught flowers and bushes off guard . . . Xew street woman reports her hyacinths in full bloom . . . and other residents say early budding of lilac nnd other perennial bushes is in evidence . . ..let's hope it won't, spoil their normal blossoming when the right time comes. The Eastern Malleable Iron Co. is manufacturing a tap spigot to be used in obtaining sap from sugar maple trees . . . local residents who have received some are planning toj tap their trees when the proper time arrives. . . . March is believed to be a good time and be sure the tree is a sugar maple and not some other type of maple tree. A hearty welcome to George Dillon who yesterday took over his desk at the footwear plant, as assistant to Ed McGrath in public relations. . . . Joe Santore looks mighty fine in his navy blues. .... He tool: in the Leavemvorth-Naugy game Saturday and said the experience was something like'a storm at sea. . . . We note thnt an adjoining commuii'ty has decided to make plans for a new high school—and without waiting for any report from the State Board of Education. . . . Seems to us a community should know its needs. Allen N. Sylvia, seaman, second class, son of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony F.' Sylvia of 53 Lewis street, Naugatuck, Conn., h serving aboard the flagship USS Taconic, where ho is doing radar work. . . . Sylvia entered the Naval service in .December, 1946, after spending-four years in the Army... . Ho is a graduate of Naugatuck high school and attended the University of Chicago. IT SEEMEfr'SO EASY LAST NOVEMBER WALTER WINCHELL Coast-To-Coast hurried preparation* to skip from Portugal to Switzerland. ..Polish ofllciulH have privately admitted to 1 American newspapermen that the last elections were controlled by everything—from T>r:-.»» Knuckles lo nmchlnn Rhns.. .With, the easing of diplomatic tension betwmn Buenos Aires rind .WaNhington, arms arc pouring into Argentina from. Scandinavia and London. On The Air Today T 15:15 p. in. WTIC-WNEC—Front Page Farrcll WATR—Naugatuck Newn; Music WJZ—Tennessee Jed WWCO-WOR—Tom Mix o:u,~> p. m. WEHY—K, Christy Erk WATR—News and Sports Other Stations—News 6:15 p. in. WBftY-WCBS—Alcohol ond You WTIC—Sti-ictly SporU WNBC—Serenade to America WJZ—Ethel and Albert WWCO—Sports Time WOR—Bob Elson 6:30 ]>. m. WERY—John A. Cluney, Sports WCES—Red Barber WTIC—Cote Glee Club WATR—Phil Von Tobel; Stock Reports WJZ—Allen Prescott WWCO—Quiz WNEC—Bill Stern r,:4~> p. m. WBRY-WCES—Bob Trout, News WTIC-WNEC—Lowell Thomas WATR—Pleasure and Profit WJZ—The Fitxgeralds WWCO—Novatimc WOR—Connie Desmond 7:00 p. m. WBRY—Home i* Where WCBS—Mystery of the Week WTIC-WNBC—Supper Club WATR-WJZ—Headline Edition WWCO-WOR—Fulton Lewis, Jr. 7:15 p. m. WBRY—The Councilor . WATR—Rhythm Adventures WCBS—Jock Smith Show WN EC—News WJZ—Elmer Davis WWCO—Kenels of Korn WOR—Answer Man 7:30 p. m. WBRY-WCES—Melody Hour WT1C-WNBC—Holly wood Theater WATR—So Proudly We Hail WJZ—Boston Blackie WWCO—Music of Manhattan WOR—Arthur Hale 7:45 p. III. WWCOWOR—Inside of Sports WATK—Show Tur.i: Time 8 Mill p. in. WERY-WCBS— Big Town WTIC-WNBC—Rudy Vallce WATR-WJZ—Lum 'n' Abner WWCO-WOK-—Scotland Ynrd K:l. r , p. m. WATR—Conn. SES Jobs; Music WJZ—Skip Farrell Show 8:30 p. m. WBRY-WCBS—Mel Blnnc Show; News WTIC-WNBC—Date With Judy,' WATR-WJZ—Boston Symphony WWCO-WOR—The Falcon 9:00 p. in. WBRY-WCBS—Vox Pop WTIC-WNBC—Amos 'n 1 Andy WOR-WWCO—Gabriel HtaUr-r. 9:15 p. m. WWCO—Golden Gate Quartet WOR—Real Stories !>:30 p. m. WBRY-WCBS—Godfrey's Talent Scouts WTIC-WNBC—Fibber McGce WJZ—Rex Maupin's Orch. WWCO-WOR—Forum of the Air 10:00 p. m. WERY-WCBS—One World Flight WTIC-WNBC—Bob Hope WATR-WJZ-Hank D'Amico's Band 1(1:15 p. m. WWCO—Winnie the Wave WOR—Upton Close in.-so p. m. WBRY-WCBS—Open Hcarins WTIC-WNBC—Red Skelton WATR—Hoosicr Hop , WJZ—Bob Elson WWCO—Music You Want WOR—Symphonctte 10:45 p. m. WATR—The Bible WJZ—Earl Godwin 11:00 p. m. ALL Stations—News ll:!. 1 ; p. m. WBRY-WCBS—Joseph C. Harsch WTIC-WNBC—Harkness of Washington WATR-WJZ—Joe Hasel WWCO—Howard's Orch. WOR—News; Financial Reports 11;:','.) p. ivi. WBRY—Rochester Civic Orch. WCBS—Columbia Record Shop WTIC—Polish Orch. WNBC—Your UN | WATR-WJZ—Carle's Orch. | WWCO- Coleman Orch. WOR—Weather; Cowman Orch. \ 11:45 p. m. WOR—Sy Oliver Orch. 12:00. Midnight ALL Stations—News NOTES Of A NEWSPAPERMAN Thi> very first ami utroiiR Indication of "Con'l Marshall's policy U o Sec'y of State was his initial appointment—that of young _Jack Peuril'oy us aclinp Ass''l Sec'y of State .for Administration.. .Young Peurifoy, who made many new friends 1 for Uncle Sam during the Security Conference -in San Jf'ran- cisco,' is a .liberal, a great believer n civil •liberkie.s and'was 'special ssislant tc ' Under Sec'y Dean Acheson, 'mmseli a liberal, wno studied under Justice Brandeis. The new Sec'y of State has al,so turned over to Acheson far more power and authority .dran Acheson or had under Byrnes. . .This is Marshall's answer to tho^e who said no would be a militarist and i ractionary. The publicity staff of the State Dsp't is having- a ".toush lifo" under iMarsha-'l. ..Take Mike McDermott, for in-stancfr. ..This fatherly, white-haired publicity man 'has served under Hull, Stettinius and Byrnes ..He had to be.up n.t five v.t-Mmiv LI L'reat public service can | Dictator I'eron now lays'flat claim be rendered in Georg.a-'oy holding: In all of Antarctica. Including the FORT in di straitjacUet. Byrd's Little America.. .SiW"^ , slocmi for the Mrarch of Dimes: Duvld Stern n progressive lil>-: Vonr dimes can answi'r the prayers oral who fought alongside unions of children unable to kneel!... all his career, wa.s also the very | Trls Cofnn, whose eyes and ear* lirst newspaper publisher to recog-j represent man.v Aim-rlcans in the R|*G I'ne Guild. He help- Senot.- Press Oallery has a new od break -the ice for it it book due KOOII titled: "Missouri ^" • -~ f-V,.,-......,^*. " T^l»«. ' tflfllh «>.»!; Ort_ re- Compromise." The title was se- war iust forming .And, in ' broke the back 1-ctcd by the publisher, Little, turn, that union of his three newspapers last week. They ara f.-ie Philadelphia Record and"lhe Camdfln, N. J., Post and Courier. ..As, a result -of a long: and bitter Newspaper Guild strike, fhoise newspapers are now suspended and may never again bo published. .-Over 1,000 newspaper puopl Philadelphia are now jobless and, very likely, broke... Dog eat dog-. | Every school child knows, per-| that Americans value the of froe speech too much to | it even lo tihcir government Brown, hurutige the hook is about what happened in Washington since FDR's death. Much of llii- scene in Washington these last two years, the author will emphasize, "has been sad, trajfic and absurd." HOUSEHOLD SCRAPBOOK haps, Bed-Lamp Chain -- . Often the chain of a bed lamp ...Mr. Stern believed vhat part oC makes smn] , mal . )(s Qn Ulc finish that right was collective bargain- oaf , h tjme R swjngs against the ing—for. the Newspaper Guild. Had Mr. Stern boon born East of Sucx, he would have known belter. bed. This may be eliminated by slipping over the ball on the end of the chain one of the small erasers obtainable at ten cent stores in the yawning the other day to. East of Su( , K . th(;y havc a sa ying: _ _, ._.. „ __ .-sand out Marshall's announcement; ,. Tpacl , a man now to use a rifle and used for slipping over the ends of the withdrawal of our troops • _ ajnd YOU will receive th°e first' in Ohlna. . .Poor Mike. Here Is a little item irom the ffj; before the Senate Atomic Energy Committee on the confirmation of David Lilienthal as chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission. . . .Sen. Hiclienloopur advised . Lilientha 1 ! thai his In-ig t'ime .enemy, Sen. McKcMar of Tenn., wanted a chance to question 'him, (McKellar and Liliun- thal had been at war ever sinc'_> the Senator allegedly demanded some patronage out of TVA and Lilienthal snapped his fingers in shot!" Over here we call it the sneak punch, or the' old double cross. The epitaph for the fine old Philadelphia Record should read: "Here Lies a Great Newspaper— Ivilled By the Right Principles in the Hands of the Wrong Men"... At 'any rate the -passing of the Philadelphia Record breaks all records of man'o ingratitude to man! the told Senator's face) . . .Lilienthal Sen. Hickenloopcr in his deepest :ones: "I wll'l 'be very happy"...To which' Sen. Vandcn- burg grinned and, in mock surprise, asked: "Did you say you would be happy?" Hickenlooper, apparently. unfamiliar with the 1'cud, added: "I lake it no formal introduction is necessary." Homer Loomls, Jr. (the top so- and-so of the now discredited Columbians of Atlanta) was arrested with an 18-year-old girl in a.hotel. 3oth were released on bail after being''h'cVd on a morals charge... VVhc'n pol'ice broke into the room, Loomis, Jr., was" .found in bis -bare fe-ot ..I guess .the moral to this morals cnse ap-peans to be this: Thoe who wear bed sheets In public, should continue to -wear them in private! • According to the Associated Press, a Superior Court Judge •namijd Fort left his -bench for ,1 microphone in Atlan.ta the other day to express an unofficial opinion of .Walter WIncheM .. .Judgu Fort (defending Herman Tal- ma-djre) screamed among oth'er things that I am not only an "inter-state meddler" but that I have the tongue of an adder and the venom of. the rattlesnake.... Well,"that makes us even. For a long' time I have not concealed •the opinion .that some judges aJso belong in a zoo.- Here's hoping bhat Georgia's law doesn't become as conifused ' as some ; c> f its magistrates. Or, for that matter, its governors.... .His Honor, • Judge Fort, went'" on .to say that force anil vjoter)ce would be used to support Talmadge, Cib- Ticker: The South The Washington visit of President of the lute to the new President of Mexico. It's an out-and-out open bid to strengthen the hand of the Mexican Government against Communistic infiltration in Central America. . Bl-partisim policy will soon he a thing of the pust, Mr. Byrnes' stiff policy toward Kus»l;i (oddly enough) will become the Republicjin position — with the new Sec'y of State (backed by Mr. Tr«man) relying on a more conciliatory approach — The first diplomatic opponent of the United throughout the globe IK of pencils. Kitchen Help Hang single sheets of newspaper near ihe sink. They can be utilized in many ways. One way is to wrap the garbage in paper before putting it in the can; it keeps the can clean. Renewing Rugs Sprinkle some ammonia powder over the rug, dampen the broom. and sweep well. The rug will look almost new. Graduate Chemistry Fellowships Made Available By U. S. United' States Rubhcr Company has established graduate fellowships in chemistry ;it ten loading universities, Heibert K. Smi-th, president, announced today. "Chemical research is important aolh lo our company and to the country," Mr. Smith stated. "We feel that the Unked States Rubber Company Fellowships will assist in ihe growth of this important field of science." The fellowships will be available for the academic year starting July 1, 19-17. Under the terms suggested by the rubber company, the fellow will receive 51,200 per year if single, or Sl.SOO per year if married. The university will receive Sl.OOO to cover tuition and other costs. The fellow will be selected by the universities in accordance with their established practices and will not be restricted in the choice of position after the expiration of their fellowship. The company expects to continue the fellowship plan for a period of years, it was stated. MODERN ETIQUETTE Q. Should a mnn always .rise when a woman asks to be excused from the table during a meal? A. Yes; he also rises when she returns and holds her chair for her, if she happens to be seated near him. ll _. _ : Look And Learn neither Kiis.tia nor Great Britain. It is 'the World Federation of Trade Unions'. ., The high command of the CIO Is privately disgusted with Its own legal stun* — for bringing the Portal to Portal suits, It now believes It overplayed its hand. . .William Z. Foster (Jiead man. of the Ajnercan Communist Pu.rty) has fallen out of favor with his Uncle Joe. There may he a . change. Communist membership (by the. way) is reported off 28 : pea-cent. . .This may he denied, because of the so-called Good Will Policy. However, If Mr. Xle (the head of the United Na- tlns) should resign, the sighs of relief ' will be heard from Washington, D. C., to Iff Downing St.. . . .Sec'y of. State George Marshall's decision to withdraw all American forces from China Is regarded as a diplomatic Dunkirk. .. .Former Prince Humbert of Italy is making LOOK AND LEARN— TUESDAY 1. What city in this country had a. population of 10,000 on the day it was settled? 2. Who was the American poet who was killed in action during: the first World War? 3. How many times docs the Lord's Prnycr occur in the Bible, and where? 4. Which is the largest inlet on a U. S. coast? 5. What groat explorer was treacherously killed by a native Hawaiian? ANSWERS 1. Oklahoma City, which was opened for settlement on April 22 1889, and by nigh'tfall had a population of ten thousand under tents. 2. Joyce Kilmer, author of "Trees" 3. Twice; in Matthew VI and Luke XI. 4. Chesapeake Bay. 5. Captain James Cook, Milk was first shipped by rail in IS-ll, from Orange county to the markets in New York City. FOX CLEANERS 14 CHURCH ST, TEL. 5474 Work Called For and Delivered lust Received A Shipment Of Modern Radiators Enough for 10 Seven Room Houses Firse Come - First Served The Waterbury Heating Co. Leaders In Home Heating 34-36 Spring St. Phone 4-6478 Wuterbury Furnaces Cleaned and Repaired . . . Chimneys Cleaned | Sword Replaces Gun In Holdup Portland, Ore. 'UP)—A man used n three-fool sword, instead of a gun, to hold up a grocery sioro here. Mrs. Henry Hill lold police a voung man calmly walked inlo h?r .store, produced a long sword and demanded .-r.oney. Wilh a gallnni gesture, he sheathed his sword, pocketed $30 and disappeared into ihe night, • HK I!AS MUSTACHE CUPS Newton, Mas.s., <U P)—William Guild was surprised when he reed :n a national maprazine' that there were only three left-handed miis- tacho cups in existence. His collection includes H — one of them'a demi-tasse mustache cup. FUR SALE NOW UNDER WAY Uokel&A ttS X. MAIN STREET Waterbury Tel. S-JW GOING AWAY? GET : :V\ LUGGflDE « At FISHER'S flit South Main St, Waterbury \ ' . .. .... J » H »»««f Q Is it still customary' to use black-edged mourning notepaper? A. Yee. although it is not. so popular as formerly. If. Ton Want to Buy or S«U REAL ESTATE See "Tony" Farrtf Tel. 4233 Q. What should a girl do if n man is calling and another man calls during the same time? A, Show the same cordiality 1o boih men; ,be tactful. Hoal deposits in Canada nrc cs- limaled at 100,000 square miles. FOR RENT Our New CLARK FLOOR WAXING MACHINE NAUGATUCK HARDWARE [Shop Here And Save! I CRIBS • CARRIAGES I HIGH CHAIRS iROCKERS iPLAY YARDS TAYLOR TOTS iMost Complete Line nf Ju- |venl)r Furniture in the City BENSON'S KIDDIE SHOP ISO SOUTH MAIN ST. water bury 1947 Marks Our 104th Year of Successful Rubber Footwear Manufacturing With This Record of Achievement Behind Us We Look Forward to Future Security and Prosperity For Our Company, Our Employees and the Community UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. "Serving; Through Science" Naugatuck Footwear Plant Naugatuck Conn.

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