Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 4, 1947 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 4, 1947
Page 3
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Aid Archbishop Stepinac, Gold Star Post Urges Secretary Marshall The Cnthodlc War Veterans, —— Gold Stn' 1 Post Na 70S - Unl °n City, I protector- of tho Jews in Y in n letter to Secretary of State I slavia. His opposition to the I Geoi'jr* Miu-Mh:ill. ask t'hat ho apply! famous and Yullow Tng .Law wa Intent of a UN rcjolutlon pas.1-1 r'.'SporiHible for its rupoal. Jewls ,.il la-it Novi-mboi- callinp on mom- l,,ir nations to end rcllfrious pui-uc- cution and racial discrimination, "W corrftclintt thu present religious •KM-secutlon -in YuKoalavja, And In particular 'Uu> case of Ai-chblstho,) " leader:) also relate many his protection particularly the clron. All wei-L" #-»?• The tetter to Secretary M<irahall follows: January 17, 10-17 General Oe.orge C. Marshall The Secretary of State Washington, D. C. Denr Sir" Tho following Is trie full text of the resolution passed by tho General Assembly of the United Nations at Flushing MeadOw.x, L. I,, Xcw York on Tuesday, November 19, 1946: "The Onernl Assembly of the United Nations declares that It is in the highest Interest of Human- o of Jewlah pcopl aged and the chi acts against th which wore pun nnquished despoi ity to put an end to religious and so called i-noliil pci-Hi-cutlons and dlHcrlminiit and calls on the Gov- prnr.tents and i-CHponHiblc author- Kits to confirm both to tho letter and to the spirit of the Charter of thH United Nation* and to tnko the most prompt and energetic steps to thnt end." The passage. November 19th by the General Assembly of the United Nations, of a resolution calling 1 on member Notions to end religious persecution and racial dls- cHminntiein mt>i;t with thu approval of th« Catholic War Veterans. Nazi invaders, ishrtblo by tho crs of froucloin arid surely not pun Ishnble Ijy those whose frcudon victorious arms secured. Tho Archbishop's palace was a placo of shelter und relict 1 through tho yonrs of war for Uio huntec und the hungry. H L . j, avc n |] had for the relief of devastated regions of Yugoslavia. Ho organized tin- Cm-Has a n d it's branches throughout th,; country for which parinh priests and rn clotios collected ton< -aiigious so- of food and Wtt now request George C. Mai-shall you. General to "apply Its intent to con-eetinx the present religious piTsefiltion in and in pnrlicular th«t case of Arch- tiishfip Sti-iiinac." Discounting' the chnrjfn thtitArch- bi.nho Sli-pintir; has collaborated with the iN'tizlK we point out that Jewish li'ddAi's here have, assert- i>d tlint the Yugoslav Archbishop sinci 1 193-t was a champion and Ism conk His voice colthing for distribution, nor did .Cartls uml'.f distinctions in distributing it but gave to all Jews, Christians, Moslems, and etc. What were ihe thanks a f the partisans' Their answer was to declare that ho was doing- this u-oi-k to make converts and that such prosolyt- — '-' ™ longer bo tolerated. was the only one that could not be silenced by the Axis, as month after month it was raised' against totalitarian doc-bine. Confiscation of his property ts the confiscation of church property which is definitely religious persecution, _Wc ask a follow through by the United Suites Secretary of Stnto and also n member of -the United Nations of this resolution passed by the General Asosmbly "is of im- rnense importance because of its spiritual character" and .to the cause of peace, and the basic prin- cipli-s til' the; Charter of tho Unit- i-ci Nations. As thi' ropresen-tativi! Of (ill God •urinK AmeriMins i-ej:ardli:ss of 'heir i-iiliKioiiK boilers, wn UI'KD you to take action to right Lhis wron;;. Very truly yours, .IAMICS I.OMAN, Post Adjutant. Personal 100 Attend Foremen's Annual Dinner Dance More than 100 attended the seml- ormal dinner dance sponsored by he Foremen's club of .the Nauga- uck Chemical and Synthetic ision of the U. S.- Rubber Co., Sat- relay evening in ffie ballroom o he Hotel Elton, Waterbury. Cliff later arid Ms orchestra provided lusic for dancing. A turkey dinner was served at 10 event, .which was termed suc- sasful. Amons those attending were: r. .and Mrs.. Grady T, Carpenter, r. r. r, and Mrs. Sandy Poole, Mr. and and Mrs. Joseph: -Biernackl, and Mrs.. Robert Van Allen, rs. Douglas aTiorncy and T. Jones, Edwin Miss Ethpl Smith, and. Mrs. L. W. Monroe, Mr. d Mrs. Paul H. Eaaon, Mr. and rs, E, T. Walsh, Mr. and Mrs. Jo- pih Smey, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Celly, Mr. and TVIrs. E, J. Weaving 1 dward R. Scudden and Miss Marret S. Macintosh, Mr. and Mrs D, Kaufman, Robert J. Kray nick and Miss Patricia H. Donnelly, Mr. and Mlrs. James A. Mon- uhnn, Mr. and Mrs. John. H. Fitzgerald, Mr, and Mrs. Charles .L/odKc, Mr. and Mia. Jam«s Casey, Mr, an-d Mrs. T^riomas Gill, Mr. and Mrs. Jajnes Reiliy, Mr. and Mrs. OES To Present a t Skit In Seymour/ A regular business, meeting of Evergreen chapter, Order of Eastern Star, ' will''be held-.Thursday evening, Feb. 6, in Masonic -Temple on Church street with Mrs. Howard Kamerzel, worthy matron, in charge, -. The chapter will pnrtoclpate in Neighbors Night at'.Olive chapter, O. E. S., Seymour, Friday'evening, with six members c-f the local chapter to present a skit. Those in'.the cast include Mrs. Beatrice Boyd, Mrs. Ruth Lundin, .Mrs. Martha' .Zerbe, Mrs. Harriet Clark, Mrs. Lonnea Johnson, Mrs. Helen'Um- lauf. Lester Gunn, Mr. drew .McDermott, and. Mrs. An- Mr, and Mrs. Tax Review Board To Be In Session Three Days Beacon Falls The Tax Rcvii'W Bonrd will be In session lit tin; Town Hull during the following three days: Saturday, Fi-b, S, from 9 a.' m. to 12 none; Thursday, Feb. IS, from 7 to !' and Wi-dn(;sd:iy, Feb. 19, from 7 until !> p. m. The Tux Ouo old nge 'asistiince tfxx is due ht'Kinnin;,' lust Saturday, Feb. 1- Subipct tf> the tax are all persons between tho figes of 21 and WO vi'iirs. fxci.'[)t ve-lerans of World Wur IF and disabled veterans of World War I. Tlcltut 1 ft is requested that ail returns from tickets for- tho Women's auxiliary dance be made by tomorrow. Members of the committee are: Mrs. E. Quinn, Mrs. V. Huck- n-t, Miu-thu -ru-illy, Barbara Me- fietvfr, Sir*. LoBelle and M>v. A. Ran. Hunt Her Abductors Urn ring On "rld.'iy evening a public hoar- intf at tho spluctnu-n's office will be held on tht; application of Garry Fuoco, for approval of the location til' /i buNJnuss of u.sed car deal- IT on North Main street. In Bencon Falls. Arthur CarrlnKton, Mr. and Mrs. Dante Montanari, Mr. • and Mrs. Gerry Bowles, E. J. Johnston'baug-h and Miss Helen Miller, Mr. and Mrs. John E. Ash, Mr. and Mrs. John E. Caskey; Mr, and Mrs. I. E, Cutting-, Mr, and. Mrs. F. S. Conover, Dr. und Mrs. C. ,R. Peaker, Mr. and. Mrs. F. P. Gillon, Mr. and Mr,s. John Scott .Brown, Mr, and Mrs, John 'J. Raytkwioh, Mr, a-nd Mrs. C. B. Hall, Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Ford, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Free, Jr., William M'urnuy and Jayne Dcinneknr. Dr, and Mrs. F. D, Chittenden, Mr. and Mrs. R. H, Grele, Mr. and Mrs. Dnvid Painter, Mr, and Mrs. Edward Peck, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Lundstrom Mr. and Mrs. W. Albaites, Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Tobias, Mr. ;\nd Mrs. Raymond An- Jerscn,. Mr. and Mrs. A, D..Trask, Brown University Students Visit Harris Whittemore, 3d, and Charles F. Daly, Jr., students ttt Brown university, Providence, .R. I., vis-lt'ed the-ir parents during weekend. of Married In Woodbury MJSS Margaret Tuccillo of terbury, and Wallace Saxton Naugatuck were married Saturday morning by Justice of the Peace William F, Fleming- in Woodbu-ry. Enrolled In Junior College Miss Karyl K-lonoslu, daugih.ter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Klonoski of Fern street, and a graduate of N-augatuck. High school In the class of 1346, 'has em-oiled in Hil Hard Junior college, Hartford. At Mlss''-Crertrude -O'Bricn,. daughter of Mr. 'ani:Slr3i .'Edward J/O'Brien of High, street, was' honored,, at a reception .'.held* at the'home' of her grandmother,,.;,Mrs. Michael O'Brien, following her •graduation Sunday afternoon from St. M.ary'8 hospita School of Nurs'ing-.: *'. ;i " . Among guests pregen't.-were: Mr and- Mrs, .William .'Dolttri,'- Mr. and Mrs. 'Raymond Currier,* ,and fam ly, Mr. and Mrs. Hffrry Diamond Mr. and Mrs. Emi! Kroner, Mr and Mrs.'Joseph Zehnder, Mr. anc Mrs. E. J. • Caron, .Miss Bridget Fitzgerald, Mr. and Mrs. Petci Ward, Mr,, and Mrs. Charles Traficanti, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dolan, Mr. and Mrs. Harry 'T. Kelly, Mr. ,nd Mrs. Robert. 'V.obrhecs, Mr. ind Mrs. .John Chrlute, Mrs. Lam- >ert, Mr. and Mm. Bernard Keljy. Miss Marie Caron,' Miss Patricia both 'members of the graduating class, Miss Alice Dolan, Miss Dorothy O'Toole, Miss Arlene Zehnder, Miss .Ann Wood, David Parkinson, • John ChriBte, Jr., Thomas Kelly, James Ward, John Voorhees, Robert Voorhees, Jr., John and Robert Currier, the guest of honor, her parents and the hostess. Pond Hill Club! Plans Month Of Activities Activities for this month ot the Pond Hill Community dub have been announced by Dne ways and means committee. The card tournament continues with a game scheduled for tonight at 8 o'clock. A regular meeting will be held Friday evening at 8 o'clock. Plans for a Valentine party to bo held F.riday -evening, Feb. M, are. underway, with admission to the event, •which opens *t 8;30 o'clock, to be a covered dish, A social will be iheld Friday evening, Feb. 21 at 8:30 o'clock, and a card party Feb. 28. Prizes will be awarded -high scorers at each table, door prizes will be''presented and refreshments served. Those planning .to attend are requested to furnish, their own NAUGATOOK NEWS 4.. 1M7— PACE it Salem. Neat 4 Pays A Party Air Marine Women Meet Friday A mooting of the Ladies' auxiliary, Naugatuck Valley Detachment, Marine Corps League, will be held Friday evening at 8 o'clock n Odd Fellows hall, with Mrs. Frank Clark, president, conducting Mr. and Mrs- R. E. Scheiber, Dr. (the session. AH' mum-bens are re- and Mrs. Paul M, Elliott, Mr. and. quested to .attend. Mrs. .Charles G. Durbin, Dr. and . _ Mrs. Euilfi-S. Ebcrs, Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Lawson, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kirby, Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Gaetz, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Ver- g-osen, Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Mankowich, Mr. and Mrs- John J. Long, Mr and Mrs. Lawrence Bruce. AOH Auxiliary Mci-t Tonight TV regular monthly meeting of the Catholic Ladies' Guild, will tnko place this evening tit 8 p. m. lesion Mectlll),' Ttie American Legion, Schaefer- Pishur Post 2r,. will moot this ovo- "InK lit 7:30 o'clock, in tho White EiiKlr- hull. All members arc re- T.icsted lo attend. Clinic There will bo a Well-Baby clinic tomorrow afternoon, in tho Beacon Falls Recreation club, at 2 P- m. Miss Kathleen Sullivan, of t«e N'nuealuck Red Cross, will he tne nursi! in charge. Confession.* i Con.Vssions will be h«nrd Thurs"" after-noon and evening, in St. church, in preparation »t Friday of the month. 1IAVINO 8 police station In New York City Is Mrs. Phoebe Hill, wife ot news commentator Max Hill, after she had Riven detectives a description ot tour men who had robbed and assaulted her on a lonely road In L/ine Island. Her abductors had forced her into as she was returning to her home with her husband. (international) Reptiles Ruled U. S. 200,000,000 Yrs. Ago 'Berkeley —(UP)— A description of American life 200,000,000 years ago, when a large pnrt of Arizona was swamp ruled by amphibious reptiles, is being written by paleontologists at the University of California. Basis for the prehistoric history was provided by fossils found at Meteor Crater and near Cameron and Hoi brook, Arizona, Dr. Samuel -P. Welles, senloi curator of the U. C. .Museum of Paleontology, is preparing a papei to be released this month by -the University of California Press on th-c 20,000,000 years just prior to the 100.000,000-million year reign of the dinosaurs. Included among Dr. Welles specimens are skulls of a group known a,s psucdo-sochians, -reptiles which were developing into two-legged creatures. They probably stood about four feet high and had a wicked set of serrated teeth. According .to Dr. Welles, fheso creatures Inhabited a swampy Meeting Tonight An important meeting of the Ladies' 'auxiliary, Ancient Order of Hibernians, will be lield tonight at 7:30 o'clock in St. Cccelias hall. All members are requested to attend. Visit Relatives In New Jersey Mr. and Mrs. Henry Daley of Elm street, spent the weekend in New Jersey visiting- relatives,' Veteran In A Hurry Gets Back In Army Pittsburgh (UP)—William Sorg, war veteran, wanted to return to the army so badly he motored 1,300 miles as fast as the law allows to bent a. two-day re-enlistment Etotertaiw On Birthday Mr, and Mrs. Edward Brennan, 90 A-etna street, entertained Sunday afternoon at a combined birthday and Valentine party in honor of their daughter, - Elizabeth Ann, who celebrated her eighth birthday anniversary. Among those- attending were: Patricia Davy, Rutlh. Ann. MUlcr, Sonia Kerasawagm, Marcella White, Carol White, James and William Brennan, Mrs. Itma White, Miss Shirley Miller, Miss Sarah White, the guest of honor and .boat and 'ivo&tess. Scene from "My Darling Clementine," wUrring Henry onda and Darnell. Auxiliary To Visit Rocky Hill Members of the Ladies' auxiliary, Montanarj - Rado post, Italian- American veterans, will distribute cigarettes at Rocky Hill Veterans Home Feb. 16 as donated by both auxiliary and post members. Auxiliary members arc requested to make ticket returns Friday evening, Feb. 7 at the bowling meeting, on the Valentine dance to be held Saturday evening in St. Georg-e's hall, Linden Pork. Returns should be made with Lucy Adorno. 1569 1-6 yrt. PATTERN 1569 deadline. a veteran of bo : th the Can- and United States armies, Sorg adian drove with his wife to Harrisburg from northern Canada. The Eleventh Air Force headquarters at tho Pennsylvania capi- til commended Sorg for his "determination and loyalty," and gave him the grade of master sergeant. ">' th FISH MTOKV A charirn of assault with a anpniiM weapon has been placed WJIn-st a Meriden man. Police arrested Huey Lee Thom•«• His wife complained tiint he '«<! to sijbmcrw hf,- In n bat'/i" eontninlnt' two live bullheads.. POLICE MISS BKT \ Guthrit!-, Okla. —(UP)— Police j hcio wished they hadn't been sol hasty about releasing a Negro they had arrested on a charge of disturbing the poaco. The.v let him go on $5 bond. After- he left. At that time its west- flood plain in Arizona "about 200000,000 years ago. the Paci/lc Ocea.n em border. These snaggle-toothed beasts arc described by Dr. Welles as -the early ancestors of the great dinosaurs which ruled the reptile world nun zv an ?u uunu. wiier ne icu. fo inn nnn rinn , ' -^nu they learned he had escaped' from ,. nv t^'IT' 000 ^ ears ' lator S ivin B ... . . _ >» ay to Ln-e tip-o nt »no*nvH..i.. —t . Alabama prison farm and SCO reward was offered for hia capture. _ - S mammals about >' ca ''s BLOOMS IN DECEMBER Eugene, Ore.—(UP)—-A rhododendron plant tha.t jjot its seasons mixed and 'bloomed in December, (We months before its usual time, was exhibited here by George W. Grain of Florence, Ore. She will look like an angel in this dainty puffed-sleeve dress with its pnrty-ieh air. Tiny ruffling- or lace sweetens the yoke, and her little waist is girdled in -a. wide sash. Barbara Bell Pattern No. 15C9 is desig-ned for sizes 1, 2, 3, 4, '5 and 6 years. Size 2 requires 1 3-4 yards shoplping public become that unlace. For this pattern, send 25 cents in coins, your name, address, pattern number and size wanted to Barbara Bell, Naugatuck Daily News, P. O. Box 99, Station G. New York 19, N. Y. Don't miss the .FALL AND WINTER Issue of FASHION—S2 pages filled with ideas for .smart winter wardrobes. Uprto-the-minute fashion pattern story... styles by well known designers... special beauty and home-making sections... free pattern printed inside the book. Price 25 cents. (Released by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) Attend Wedding In Plymouth Mr. and Mrs. Charles Crocker attended the wedding of Miss Vera Rafford of Hamden and William M. Brown, Jr., Milford, which took place Saturday afternoon in the Plymouth Congregational church. Mr. Crocker, cousin of the bride, sewed as an usher. Army Man Here On Furlough Corp. Michael Martin, son of Mr. and Mrs.' Stephen Martin of New street extension, visiting here on a convalescent furlough from the Walter Reed hospital. Wash ington, D. C. An average railway passenger coach weighs about one ton for each passenger carried. Chile' was the firs-t South American country to build a railroad, opening a line in !Sfl2. F»»»»»j VISIT oin NI:VV GIFT SHOP f or Wedding /\nnlv<T«ur.v «nd Shower Gift* . . . ""ver, CTilnn. Lump*. Vusod, Etc. $lto$50 William Schpero i/> „.. JKWEI " Church Street ANOTHER SHIPMENT AMERICAN MADE GUAUANTlilKIJ ALARM CLOCKS $2-20 Inc. Tax CCHNEERC . *af CREDIT JEWElERS4»if 142 Sou»h Main S». — 4 7204 Ollies Radiator Shop IX I'KOSPKCT ST. TKt. CM! Union City Auto Kadiators Kcpuirrd, Cli'anrcl :iml lli>-Cori'd Worlj Called For and Delivnred ALL WOKIv CUAKANTliEn Ollic Lo J)>|<^, Prop. riiAIXI.VG I'Oli VETERANS COLU2GE Avc. Watorliury Phone 4-8173 REFRIGERATION SERVICE i; Electric 1 Appliance Co 12H Biilduin .St. Wat. — Tel. 4-I1M2 Specializing ONLY In FOUNDATIONS • Corsets 9 Girdles 0 Corscletto ay Uplift Bra 0 Abdominal Supports Trained Corsctiercn Fit You Properly FEATURING THESE NATIONALLY KNOWN CORSETS & BRASSIERES • Camp und Airway Surgical 9 Practical Front • I.ady Austin 0 Itiiffo 0 Girdlocrart • Figure-Builder 0 Hollywood-Maxwell Bra Bullt-Up Shoulder Bra In All Sizes Headquarters for Surgical Foundations * Maternity Supports to Fill lloctora* Prescriptions COKSET SHOPPE ; 39 W. MAIN ST., WATEBBUBY ; ! Opp. Green • Phone 4-4087 < DODtGE Hotchkiss St. Garage 47 HOTCHKISS STREET Tel. 6727 J. L. MAZILAUSKAS, Prop. SALES — SERVICE Weather In which you can't hung .out clothes you've just washed doesn't bother us. All clothes sent hero are flono indoors In a made-to-onler atmosphere that assures odorlesslj clean laundry. And, of course, delivery Is dependable In • rain or shine, sleet or snow. LPUNDRYCD. PHONE:4-4106•«>COTTAGE PL THE CHINA INN ] 1 IIurrlHon Ave. At I.«avi'nvvorlli IVulerbury HltL'clnUr.lnv in C1iln*Ne nnd American l>lnh«Jl Stop in After the Theater Open J>ulJy 11 u. ni. to 10 p, m. SiifuJayN 12 niton to 10 i>. m- CloML-d ull duy MonUityi* Bill's Danbury Hatter 57 SOUTH MAIN ST. Wm. Mariano, Prop. Men's Hats Cleaned, Blocked Factory Methods NEW HATS FOR SALE Huts Made to Order REPORTING Oovclojimrnt In (iri-cir Hhortlmud to loo wi»n. Jiew Oroiip bcelnn Jnn, «7, 1045. at 8 r. M. THE FERRY SCHOOL "01TICIAK. OltKOQ SCHOOI/' Brown Uidr. . RUG CLEANING and DYEING Also Specializing In Dyeing Ex-Servicemen's Uniforms THOMAS DYE WORKS |(J4 PEARL ST. Waterbury 8-7195 How SONOTONE doubles your chances of BETTER HEARING .. onolon<i inlro- duc»M H,S |viiii;nU'd II ON 12 CONDUCTION OSCILLATOR. IHOUH- nmJ.s uf jwopUf who oouJdn't toi?»r *vlth an AIR, CONDUCTION hear- liiK nlO, ha vi* dlncovi-r^d thoy c:m Jii'ar through tho bonoa of fh« Ii-';i<J. ir yuu hitw dirricuUy hoar- in>:. le; u» tc»l jnnl icitrn what hi.'lp CILII Ui' provldctl. Write -or jihono for ;ipp"lniment — totluy! SONOTONE 63 Bonk St. — Waterbury Apothecaries Hull Bldg. Suite 5S-54 — Tel. 4-0275 Production Needed For Prosperity, Grace Argues Jotingtown, Pa.—<UP)—Eugene G. Grace, chairman of the Bethlehem Steel Corp., recalling the "terrible effects" of strikes in 1940, has outlined a 12-point program for steady production and employment in 1947 in the January issue of Bethlehem Review. The steel' executive said tho "fundamental" and biggest single need of the day is continuous and efficient production. Then, he said, "you will have steady employment at good wages, reasonable prices, a high standard of living, security and prosperity for all." Grace told his employes that "the terrible effect of interrupted production" has caused employes to lose wages, and producers of coal, steel, automobiles, electrical equipment and other industries tc suffer losses. 'We can't have security under Ihose conditions," he said. "The best guarantee of securivy and employment is throUKh maintenance of full production." The Bethlehem executive said the company's bigge.-,t problem is to meet •onsumers' demands. He predicted "many months" of hard work to oatch up "even though production is maintained - at the normal rate." Grace disclosed lhat the company wa« manufacturing wire products throughout the year despite seasonal demands. He said the company also was borrowing money to finance more production facilities, making a more - diversified line o f products and expanding promotion, and sales departments. RED TAG SALE Bargains in GLASSWARE POTTERY TRAYS NOVELTIES Better Come in Today The Card und Gift Shop SWEENEY'S ART and STATIONERY STORE FRED'S HI-WAY GRILLE 001 South Main St. Regular Daily Dinner We up A La Carte Menu Spaghetti To Take Out Banquet Room,- Cocktail Lounge Full Liquor License STOP SERVICE FOR YOUR CAR We invite you to enjoy our COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE for all makes of cars and truck*. Our service depart* ment is i "miniature automobile factory" »o to speak . . . whert' you can get anything; from a wash job to a complete rebnilding job, without worry or care. EVERYTHING THAT IS BEST FOR YOUR CAR AT A PRICE YOU CAN AFFORD TO PAY. LUBRICATION Yci. we" know how to completely lubriute your car, and bum tlic right kind of equipment «nd tpccUlited fubricanu to do I thprouch job. Don't neglect having' your car Rubricated at proper intervals—. and thr old oil chanced regularly. It it the b«t "long; life" ituurancc that you can have for your car. BRAKE SERVICE Proper Brakt Adjustment and wheel clS^ 1 ^ '* *° "nportant—not only for SAFETY . . . but alao wear and tear on car and tirc». Faulty braket cmuli «eri- ous accidenti . . . and it't not safe «o dnve a ear it brake< are not working M. Barry Keegan FAMILY PORTRAITS 108 Bank St. WuterbttTjr Jones Morgmn Bldf. Tel. 4-6384 VERPLEX SHADES C9c to $0,95 Center St. Watarnury. Conn RE-WEAVING Tears, acid and clgoret burns Ixmutifully repaired. r EMBRUSKI 01 No. Main St. . Tel. 3807 REMINGTON and SCHICK ELECTRIC SHAVERS SCHICK SHAVERSETS G. E. Table Model Radio* Portable Electric Record - •• Flayer* G. E. Electric Mantle Clocks Electric Iron* HAWLEY HARDWARE 103 .CHURCH STREET CLOSING OUT! 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