Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 4, 1947 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 4, 1947
Page 2
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l-AOK S-NAIIOATUCK NEWS (CONN.). TUESDAY, FEB. 4. 1047 DREW PEARSON ON •• '• ''' WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: Warren Austin Realistic About U. S. Job In Keeping World At Peace; Is Optimistic Atomic World War Can Be Averted; Farley Spurned G. O. P. Request For Funds. Washington—Not nil of wluit ex-Senator Austin told the Scimte and House Aimed Forces Committees leaked to the press wlion he gave them a closed-door account of liis work as U.S. dele-ate to the United Nations. Most important thinu: Austin said was that he was highly optimistic that an atomic world war can be averted? But he was equally realistic about what the United States must do to keep the world at peace. Three major policies must he followed to avoid what ho called "Old March Of Dimes Aucjfan Sponsored by The Naugatuck News At The Salem Playhouse TONIGHT! nessnen. Man War": 1. Keep the utomlc-bomb secret until we have complete assurances of Intornatlonul pence. 2. Maintain fx Htrong mllltru-y force through universal training 3. Retain control ol'Pacific island bases. Thn former Vermont Senator told the two Armed Service Committees thnt unices wo arc strong ourselves and safe from attack, wo cannot effectively prosecute and enforce International tvmlty. Ho also warned the Congress should not bo too h.isty In crltlcl/inR seeming- Inaction of the United Nations government since a plan to outlaw w a r cannot be accomplished ovcrnigh't. "It will take a lot of patience." Austin ompnasizcd. "Piitloncc and negotiation. "By thnt T do not mean telling the other follow what to do. .1 mean continued cllscuswion or'dlf- rerence.i between nations until wo have reached n common ground of understanding." Our Acis Trailing Tolnt Austin described t h c ntomic- homb secre-t as our ace "trading" advantage nt the pence table. ".It would be most unwise to give it up nt this time," he declared. "Nobody would pay any attention to ii.x afterward If we did." Senator Austin applied the same principle to our war-won Pacific Bid for the merchandise listed below, cori- tributed by Naugatuck Merchants and Busi- For Detail, Popularity With Players, Foley Attributes W* • f^ V 1 What you pay for the merchandise will g-o to the March of Dimes. Note these valuable items; and be at the Playhouse prepared to bid for bargains. Item "i^tii^ jiiwif vv» -»o — — - k_JiLW-tX *~J t said, also strengthen j p rtr i.,,io,, UN negotiations. J. OltaDJC Boautyrost Mattress Peri'umo Set Electric Iron Order Credit Travel Iron Breakfast Sot Silex 'Stove bases, which, while bolstering our security, he said, our hand In UN .. „ "We must remember that the at tack that plunged us into the last war stemmed from those Islands," Austin told the "Senators and Congressmen. "Now that wo" have possession of them, -we -must novel' give them, up. .to,anybody." Austin's major,' talking poirijt, however, was not the atomic bomb or the Pacific inlands,, but 'the need I Service Order Value $49.50 10.00 9.95 10.00 G.50 12.75 5.45 24',50 1200 Virginia Ham Automobile Tire 4 Portable Closets @ W 24;.00 Given By Cuflson Furniture Co!. -Verhon Qustafson Hawley Hardware Chuck's Friendly Serv. Gerald's Appliance Gerald's Appliance Gerald's Appliance Naugatuck Furniture Tamowski's Mkt. Naug Battery^& Auto Weiss Ben Franklin T h r e e-Letter Mail Captained All Sports At Catholic University Of America (By TOM EGAN) During the second (half of a . Two Cases oi ! Groceries 10.00 Norton Grocery Store 5;00 Lieberman Dry Cleaners Service Order Electric Phonograph for a strong universal tralnin, program — u large and well- equipped armed .force until we have safely closed the door on future wars, "It Is the responsibility of Con- n.-ess, not our United Nations representatives, to keep the nation strong." he cmp'hasi/cd. "You cannot escape that responsibility." Austin dwelt at such length on the need for universal training that he apologized for his verbosity. "Maybe it sounclo to some of you like I'm lobbying," he said. Note—-Despite Senator Austin's plea, enlistments have been so la-rge that the Army, of Its own volition, has suspended, use cC the draft. KiiKiicrini'iil "I"' IVi'ilillnc MINUS $55 to $3500 KXCM'NIVKI.Y AT — PIERPONT'S ,. HANK ST.— •InMt (.I'm 1 Truman's Future The First Daughter of '.he Land was greatly impressed by a White House visitor '.he other nl?rht. The •Jiilitor in question was neithei" tin ambassador nor a high foreign poteninte, nor a handsome young man. She was im opera singer — Helen Traubol, famoux Wagncrian mi: i) HflOTT—Mrs. Miiry 11. (Line*) of ?> V'as.-mr St., Worcester, Mass., Margaret Truman holds higli hopeu of s-inginj: at tho Metropolitan 'herself some clay, but doesn't plan to bid for fame until after her father leaves the executive mansion, believing it unwise to seem to cash In on her father's prestige. So, until the Tritmans leave 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., daughter Margaret vll'll conllno herself merely to .studying. Soprano Trauael held daughter Margaret transfixed with Inside ."tot'lex of the Metropolitan Opera. Most amu.vln;,' was about a love scene fi-o,m a Wa^ncrUm opera she recently 'sang with Lsiuritz Mcl- chlor, famous tenor. 1 Melc'hior was singing tho role of tho heroic warrior, dying on the floor lifter 'having defended Miss Traubel In battle. As Melchior la> "dying." Miss Trauljel sang her urlfi. In melancholy tones. Suddenly In the most dramatic part of Custom-Made Trousers Service Order Sbeep-skin Coat Service Order Two Cases Motor Oil Lady's Wrist Watch • Service Order Service Order Two Cans Salad Oil Two Pairs Silk Hose Table Cloth Bain-Coat Two Toilet Sets Lady's Kobe Case'of Peas Pair of Men's Shoes Two Boxes Cigars Table Lamp Box oT Groceries Two Diapers Credit Order Chest 01' Silver Bridge Lamp Gil't Case of Cosmetics Tiro and Tube 42.50 Gans, Inc. 20^00 Thibodeuu Studio 20.00 Zembruski Tailors 22.50 Zzinski, Painter & Paperhanger 35.00 M. Freedman Co, 5.00 . Fox Cleaners 18.00 Ponst Service Station 47.50 : Schpero. Jewelers 10.75 Hubbell's Service' Station Kievman's Cleaners Ideal Meat Market G. C. Murphy Co. Cnse ot: Imported "Wine Blanket- Mail's Toilet Set ffablu Cloth 10.00 11.50 5.90 5.50 16.95 16.00 11.00 7.50 15.00 12.00 16.95 5.00 6.00 5.00 42.00 19.50 15.00 25.00 20.00 8.50 5.00 Kennedy Store Kubin 's Carroll Cut Rate * Raphael's Moore's .Market Norwash Shoe Store Vic's Smoke Shop Naugatuck .Hardware Lamson's Store Wally's Dept. Store Wally's Dept. Store C. H. Tomlinson, .' jeweler Sweeney's Art"Store Breen 's Rackets Garage Mike's Package Store 1 Rosenblatt Ford Drug Store Boston Store close game between the Naugatuck High school basketball team and a Valley league rival at the Wa- tcrbury armory, Coach Kay Foley left the players' bench long enough to find someone to open the air vents. Those had been closed during half time Intermission and an a consequence; the atmosphere in the armory had become excessively hot and'close. Say' did not .want his basketball players breathing Impure air. Nor did he want' them using extra energy because of unnecessarily high temperatures. Ray looks after his players. That's part of his job as coach, and Ray believes in doing what Ms- Job-calls for to the best of his ability. One of the things you find out about Ray within a very short time is thai he works hard at his job as coach of the basketball team and equally hard as director of athletics. He is one of those fortunate individuals •! capacity for detail. Translated into terms applicable _o basketball coaching, capacity for detail means capability of treating a squad as a collection of individuals. Know* „ Ray Foley has 'that capability. Ho has made a atiidy of each of his regulars and first string sub- stftutes and can tell each one's strong points and weaknesses. He known whnt lads are apt to react emotionally and what ones are phlegmatic. He works his players like a skilled organist works his keyboard. That is one of the reasons his Greyhound basketball team has been so successful 'to date. A Yale football mentor on a recent visit to the borough remarked that a good couch is one who can make out the right schedule. Scheduling- is another detail to whjch Ray devotes a lot of attention. The late Knutc Rockne always maintained that no football team wag ever great until It was beaten once. A highly important detail of scheduling is to plan for defeats at the right places There la no better way of building up a jittery team's confidence than by a aeries of victories. Conversely, there is no better way- of curing overconfldence than by a defeat. A good coach plans 'his schedule so that a needed defeat' will' come at the right place. The.. Greyhound's schedule was mapped out in advance 'with this thought in mind. However, the team which waa supposed to administer defeat at the time when it would accomplish moat psychologically, didn't quite. Had they done s-o, a highly surprising loss later on might not'have occurred. Ray puts it a little more whimsically and somewhat regretfully. "The team we picked to beat as," he said, "didn't cooperate." That spoecih throws additional light on Ray's character. A Foley- coachcd team doesn't lose a game; the other team wins it. In other words, a Foley team on the floor is always trying to win, and the combination' -out theiv is the one, which in Ray's opinion has tho best chance of victory under existing circumstances. Attention To Detail Ray has brought the same careful attention to detail to his job as director of athletes an he has to his coaching assignment. Judging from what he doe», Ray l« flrmly convinced that a director of e>th- Ictics is .supposed to effect the most good for the most people. He took his Greyhound home games to the Waterbury armory this year so that more Naugatuck people would -nave L'he opportunity „ .„....„ „ „.„ „ to nnjoy hich school basketball, players which is reflected in better When people were letl ' standinc t canl performance on the floor, outside after the armory doors of reserve scat and limited ticket talia which would prevent any such future .occurrence. When advance indications of intense local Interest in another game KCCTn- ed to hint toward a possibility • of ticket speculation. Ray held up nubile sale until the lost minute to prevent anyone getting'control nf a sizeable block. That bis hunch was right was proved by the fact that there was ticket speculation. That his prfiventative method was effective was proved by the fact that such speculation as occurred was on a sharply limited scale. Athletic* For All Ray believes in athletics for everyone 'who wants them. To this end he inaucurated the first swim team in Naugatuck High school athletic history. He has thrown the weight of his office behind the operation of a Freshman .color l>8.«- ketball league and a hlffh school jntermural league. *• Ray's players like him; that, alone speaks volume.?. At Christmas time the squad chipped in and bought him a -present wnich was presented bv Captain Vin Healy. w'ho made an appropriate speech. Ray'e popularity with his squad is not bought at the expense of any lax discipline or wtahy-wasfty handling of star players. It Is achieved by his absolute fairness. The hovs respect Ray because be is impartial, and liking naturally follows re- epect. Ray has carried the idea of democracy to his management of ;T squad. He will talk over proposed changes with team members and explain t-he reason behind new plans. His thinking is logical, and in most instances the boys arc able High School Athletic Director Had Able Tutor In Father, Late Peter J. Foley the bDBtbnll, basketball and football teams at the High school, and was captain of trio baseball tout). He played on the same team* at the Catholic University of America and captained «)' three sport*. Ho learned much of what he knows about athletics under the tutelage of one of the (greatest coaches in Connecticut icholastic competition—his father, the late Perer J. Foley, To come to a. fuller understand- jnj? of Ray Foley a s director off athli>t:cs and coach, one must come 16 appreciate t'oe fact that Peter J; Kolcy probably did more tor sport* in the borouch durinc his lifetimt than a.ny other individual. In tht fiicn of a woeful Jack of plant -and equipment, 'he made Xaugatuck' High school a respected opponent in football, basketball and baseball: Behind the rabid interest in (portt in' the borough today in the face of too few and inadequate {,-ymnesi- ums, lack of sufficient outdoor playing space and apparatus and t'.io total absence of anything like sufficient spectator accommodations -is the personality, and drive of the late Peter Foley. Now Ray has taken over most at the duties handled so capably by •his late father. That he is •well aware of his responsibilities ,. is shown by the amount -of time, effort and thought he puts into his job. And if ho does not discharge these responsibilities to the bttt were ordered closed at one jf the Greyhound early acasun games, Ray immediately instituted a sys- Ray Background has an extensive background in athletics. He played on In WorcBHtor. Mass.. HUT. Funeral noon at 3:30 o Chapul, ' Worcester. Burial JIopo Cemetery, Worcester. [" ftl l""i - ,-..Fob 3 ! lno J0l:>. ,Mclchlonm4ooked up and, 1 ' llp.s barely moving, whispered: God, ' Scotch." I w..h slug or STILL AVAILABLE!! A Hiiu\ail number of Cutholla nnd rrotrntiint relldlom ciilon- (lnr». J'lnaae telephone If you dnxlru one. BUCKMILLER Funeral Home 23' fATtK ITACK TvlPphonn 4334 Furlry Kpfu.Hcs COP Sonic time ago Bob Hanacgan's Democratic National Committee WH.« i-lhbcd for sending out the wrong letters to the wrong people. That, •however, was nothing com- wnlch Ro, Treasurer, James S. Kemper. h»s sent to Jim- nsking him for dough. with tho letter publican Na t I o n a I Farley cllcln' letter im- medljitcly since he was abroad, and he 'bann't s»id much about it since. TONIGHT AT letters. -ason Jim Farley got one of these ^^. Mr. Farley," Kemper wrote, "t h-ope you arc as happy about the election results as I am I assume you 'have contributed to' .Home of the local Republican Finance'•'Committees but thus far we have not had the pleasure of including you as a contributing mcm- her of the Republican National Committee. We need $500,000. "Your sympathetic and favorable consideration'will be deeply appreciated, and I shall await your rn- ply with much Interest." 'The man • who ohairmanned Democratic political c'.imipaigns f or so many years blinked a bit at receiving '.-Ills. Then ihc -sat down and wrote Republican treasurer Kemp- Mowovor, shortly after tho Rcpub- er the following letter: llc-m victory In November. GOP j "I will tell you why I am not Treasurer Kempcr'.sent out an ap- spending, to .J™ 1 ;,J^f, wlth peal to various Republicans 'to up the half-mlllion-dollai- campaign dellcit. For some strange check. To begin with, my party-has rendered a greater service to the nation than has yours and consc- FITZGERALD FUNERAL HOME 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 C. H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME . 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 Lo;ew's Poli \yednesday FLOWERS Fur All Occuslonn FLOWF.nS TBI-KGRATilKD MELBOURNE'S FLOWER SHOP 1M BDBHER AVENUH Telephone KKU qucntly is more desei-vinj; of support. You may rejoin that tho voters did not think too highly of my party in the November election. But that has always happened when the Democratic voters believed that the leaders of their party d-id not-give them the sort of administration they expected or wihen these leaders were inefficient or lax In the performance of their duties and did not measure up to the responsibilities entrusted to them. "Despite the results of November A, may I say to you, Mr. Kemper. that more beneflcial legislation in the interest of our great nation hag been enacted during Demo- cfratic administrations than has been, under administrations of your party. I am sure that you will agree with me that the Democratic-? controlled Congress under the leadership of the late President Roosevelt .passed more beneficial leffisla- don durinff Uiose' memorable hundred days of 1933 than any other session of Conjrress .in -„•. our. history -..-• •;•• •• • •• .' ••• • "I 1'cel certain that id the'days ahead the Democratic party,; will continue to live up-to'Its enviable reputation by giving: to the American people the kind ol government they want and should'have.... . "And In lieu of a check, let me send you my thanks for the opportunity your letter has afforded me. "Very truly, youns, "James A.-Farley." Copyright, 1947, by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) What's Doing In Naugatuck A calendar ol events foi today, tomorrow and every day Tonight Naugatuck Y's Men's Club meeting. Kennedy Circle card party. Board of warden and burgesses meeting. Elks Past' Exiiltcd Rulers night. News March ; of Dimes Auction at the Salem Playhouse. Feb. 5 Industrial Basketball League games at Y. M. C. A, American Legion Pot-luck supper. Pond Hill Community Club ways and means committee meeting. Feb. 6 * V. F. W. Ladies' auxiliary card party. Feb. 7 Senior House League basketball games at Y. M. C. A. Women's auxiliary of Marine Corps meeting. Feb. 8 Ojeda Council Valentine dance. Ladies' auxiliary of Montanari- Rado post Valentine dance. West Side Community Club Valentino dance. Ladies' auxiliary of Monlanari- Rado post Valentine dance. Walter I'IdRoon and Clitudette Colbert In u"scene, from 'the- romantic film, "Thr Secret -Heart" with <Iunc.A'llyson,,Hturtlhg tomorrow ut tho l..ncw-1'nll Thoutor In Watorbury. Also on Same program r<iy,;. "Spwklmstpr.s."". . - : Beware the Dog Basketball, Fch. 0 Purple Knights vs. New York Brooklyn Colored Giants at Y. M, C. A.' OAS STATION owner John Clement of Toledo, O., is undecided as to what to do about his doberman pinscher "Monty." Left in the station to guard the place, "Monty" allowed burglars to walk off with tha safe, bit the cops who came around to investigate the robbery, and nipped an employee who walked through the rear door-without warning. His master tays he's • good dog and would be a better ono —if only he could b« converted to the side of tht law. (riiterrwtional) DOCTOR STRICTLY MODERN • Metropolis. 111. —(UP)— Dr. W. A, Gray .belles, the: traditional idea of the "horse and buggy" country doctor. He- has..bought his own airplane in which.• he ;can' fly to his patients', bedsides.. , • CHAPEL ELECTRIC COMPANY IN NEW QUARTERS AT 28 CHURCH STREET TeL 1219 — .RADIOS — .,,,-,-.... — PHONOGRAPHS — , Radio -.Phono Combination* RADIO REPAIR SERVICE, Wine-Soaked Cigar Knocks Boy Out ChicaRo (UP)— At 'the 'ripe ape of 14, Robert Fleming thought it time to prove to the world that he was a man. He was found unconscious on a street corner. It took physiciann two hours to revive him. Ho told the juvenile home changed his police a marijuana cigarette had knocked him out. A day's stay at Btory, however. "All I did was to try to smoke one of my pa's wine-soaked cigars," ho confessed, "Don't tell pa, because, he doesn't like cigar ers." . .. DUCK COMES TO HUNTER Mount Carmel, 111.—(UP)—C. W Fallis does 'his duck hunting the cosy way—but : he made sure firs' that .he had a duck stamp. Afte I buying: the stamp' in town, hi started home when a heavy ob» jcct crashed into his windshield. He stopped and picked up a dead mallard. --••••••• ...-,.-..•, . : ,. Venetian Blinds In Stock. • Dar Htrvtcc LEBON'S ITS No. Mnln 81. Watcrbiity •LADIES' FLANNEL NIGHTGOWNS Beg, Size — $2.39 X-Size — $269 • STORE 14 SPRING SIUEET ,' +***+***»*f^**+*^+t R&P METAL WORKS 09 SO. MAIN' STREET (Rear) ' Expert: Welding; of AJJ Type* Forglnr, Sheet Metal and Ornamental Steel Work Sheet and Bar Metal for- Sale Telephone 6377 Ask Your Red Cross not be because he hasn't tried. ]n most, instances LMI: uu>» t*i v **M*V . L*.*,.^ .-—-i—.~ to recognize the wisdom behind j interest of all cDncerned,^ it^wlil what he proposes and they agree " ' ------ • readily. This method of discussing problems with the squad makes for a feeling of satisfacti-on among Question!) and Answer* Q. Doe.H the Red Cross NurslJiff courso i ,teach only the taking c»re. of the «lcU? A- 'No. The course covers not only the tending to the sick, but a study of how to keep well. Malarial mosquitos have a fly- inpr ranpre of about one mile at most from their breeding places. Others have a flying range of five miles or more. WEISS' Ben Franklin Store 152 CHDRCH STREET Hot Off Tho.Juko Boxes! ! 'POPULAR RECORDS 25c. STEEL FILES NOW IN STOCK! Complete Line of CARMOTB PAINTS for Interior and exterior uses NATIONAL PRESSURE COOKERS Union City Hardware 384 N. MAIN ST. Union City M. Ratklewlch, Prop. ; W. J. Stokes, Mgr. THE EYEGLASS SHOP C.H.Tomlinson Nearj Building NaucatnolL. Conn. Single or Two Drawer. With or Without a Lock DAVIS&NYE INC. THE STORE OF SERVICE You Call Waterbury 4-0138 We Deliver' 150 Grand St., Waterbury Opp. Post Office DANCING EVERY FRI. NITE Rny Amlconr nnri Illn 3 Slrinrn • rnll l.lonor ITIvllrccs * 1'lrnl.v of I'nrktnir Spin-r TRIO RESTAURANT lA'J:! ThnnmHlrtn Avr. WiHrrlmry. Cnnn. RADIO EXPERTS , Since 1925 SWAN'S 15 Church St. — Tel 2674 LARGE METAL WASTE BASKETS — 08c TRIMZ WALL PAPER READY PASTED BORDERS KEMTONE GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE 178 MAPLE STREET (Acrora from City Bakery) Free Delivery T41eph«ne SM4 World-Wide Shortage of toMakeSoaps

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