Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 14, 1963 · Page 15
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 15

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 14, 1963
Page 15
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\ Here's How • • • Golesbura Registef*Moil f Golesbufi, HI. MondoyyOcr. 14. 1963 IS Oriental Decor for 3-Part Kitchen By VIVIAN BROWN AP Newsfeatures Writer Interior designers seem to be in a conspiracy to make women enjoy their kitchens. Many kitchens are designed so it is difficult to tell where the work begins and the fun stops. One designed by Joseph Freitag for Frigidaire Show in New York is a three- in-one Oriental style unit that is large enough to permit inviting friends into the kitchen to cook with plenty of space left over for dancing. And if the friends want to help with the washing, there is a peek-a-boo laundry around a bend that also exhudes plenty of eastern charm. It's really two kitchens — one to get ready, and one to go. There is a serving kitchen where foods may be prepared, simmered and casseroled, and a main kitchen for immediate cooking with a center aisle barbecue table, and the home laundry. Point to Idea "The point of the center cooking idea for a crowd is that many people can cook at the barbecue table and not get in each other's way," explains Freitag. Even your mother-in- law can enjoy it, and if everything is prepared in the serving kitchen where there is a built- or the Decoration and Design HOME PLANNING (ENTER Custom Built HOMES as low $C/\°° as 3U down Phone 343-3419—^ A .m. to 4:30 Evenings 343-6477 or 343-5068 THERE'S NOTHING LIKE SOFT WATER • for Laundry • For Bath • For Kitchen With an WATER 'SOFTENER Galesburg Soft Water Co. Phone 343-9068 175 N. Cherry Galesburg, III. in blender and other precooking conveniences, there won't be a mess. A refrigerator and freezer in the main kitchen serves as a room divider between it and the laundry where there is a copper-toned washer, dryer, sink for pretreatment of washables, wicker slide-out b a s k e t s and scenic patterned cabinet doors that close in a folded look. Freitag loves the tranquility an Oriental look can give a kitchen. He has improvised to achieve it. On the turquoise cabinets there is a carved molding resembling bamboo, accomplished by using a stock 60- cents-a-foot molding. There are Chinese-style floor cabinets with large white brasses. Dark brown tile was selected to resemble the look of North Chinese clay floors that turn brown with age and waxing. Window shades from floor to ceiling of a homespun texture were treated to vertical stripes of a brown stick-on tape. There is a bamboo rod at the bottom. Bamboo poles are used as columns and ceiling beams in the main kitchen. Designed in Copper Cabinets in the serving kitchen are copper, turquoise, black and natural wood. There are burners, oven and work surfaces for the preparation of simmer foods. The wall oven is set in a book case. The cork center aisle table has a chopping block at one end near the refrigerator, electric burners and space for hibachis. "You can use a two or 10-person hibachi here, building as many fires as you like. And when you are not using this area, you have a table t o p," Freitag explains. He figures this kitchen can be built in a space as small as 12 by 18 feet for. the kitchen and 6 to 12 feet for the laundry. COMPLETE PLASTERING SERVICE R. M. Sandbercj PLASTERING CONTRACTOR 342-4005 Get Genuine FLEX-O-GLASS At Your Local Hdwr. or Lmbr. Dealer LAUNDRY AREA in this Oriental-decor kitchen is separated from the rest of the kitchen by a tall refrigerator and freezer. Cabinets above the washer, dryer and sink have patterned doors and, when closed, have the look of a long, folded screen. DOJT.YOURSELF Before Fall Has Left, Prepare for This Winter By MR. FIX, Newspaper enterprise Assn. After you've put anti-freeze in your car, you're ready for win* ter in that respect. But what about your house? Aside from the usual work of getting your house ready for cold weather — putting up storm windows and weather stripping — how ready are you for the first snowfall or the first freeze? It's time to take care of the little things, which, if forgotten can be annoying later on. KEEP CAR! IN DRIVEWAY j AT NIGHT OR WHEN \SNOW COVERS DRIVE, 'A FEW STAKES WITH ^REFLECTORS AT TOP 'WILL KEEP YOUR CAR OFF OF THE LAWN Of course, how many little things there are to take care of depends a great deal on your locale. However, the following should take care of your needs regardless of where you live. Snow Weather Put your snow shovel where you can find it. Keep it in the house or have an extra one there so that you can clear your way out. Don't wait for ice to form before putting in a supply of rock salt. Keep a supply in both house and garage. If you use coal or oil to heat, is the bin or tank freshly filled? Or are you waiting to use up what was left from last spring? If you have a working fireplace, have some wood cut to proper length stored in a dry place. Power's Off What happens if the power fails? Know where your flashlights are. Place them in strategic places. Make certain that batteries in them are fresh. Have candles on hand and matches mmrnmrnm QUICKIE PLYWOOD CHAIR cur Pieces OUT OP PLYWOOD ASSEMBLE WITH GLUE AND F.H. WOOD SCREWS. COUNTERSINK SCREWS 1" SQUARES COVER BACK AND SEAT WITH I* FOAM RUBBER S. UPMOLSTERV PLASTIC Downspout Gutters By ANDY LANG AP Newsfeaures QUESTION: We have our first hou^e and have discovered there are a Jot of things we have to learn. One thing bothering us now is how to store our window screens in the basement so that they don't warp or otherwise get ruined until we are ready to hang them again. The basement is unfurnished, with the beams showing. It does not appear to be too damp, but we have been told there is always a certain amount of dampness coming from the concrete floor. ANSWER: Those exposed beams make it comparatively easy to construct an inexpensive screen storage area. Nail vertical strips of wood, about two feet apart, from the beams. If the beams are 16 inches apart or thereabouts, nail the strips opposite each other, suspended from two beams which are separated by one beam. Thus, you would nail, let us say, three vertical strips from one beam; skip the next beam; nail three vertical strips from the third beam. Connect the vertical strips with horizontal K COOKING # WATER HEATING • HOME HEATING 45 S. PRAIRIE ST. HAWKINSON Manufacturing Co. ANNOUNCES THE OPENING OF THEIR Sales Display Room 646 W. MAIN ST. Featuring: Custom Millwork For Home & Office Headquarters For Weldwood Products Formica Tops, Vanities Hardwood Paneling — Folding Doors and Other Specialty Products OPEN: 9:30 A.M. TO 5:00 P.M. DAILY 9:30 A.M. TILL NOON SATURDAYS EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT PHONE 343-1186 SEE- WELDWQOD'S Room of the Month strips. Place a long flat board across the horizontal strips. What you have done is to make a suspended shelf or rack on which the screens then are laid flat. If dampness is a factor, place small strips of wood between the screens to keep them apart and less likely to warp. If you do not wish to make the storage shelves, you can buy metal hangers to suspend from the beams. One other bit of advice: most persons put their screens in shape (painting, etc.) just before putting them up. They'll keep better when stored if you do that job before putting them away. * » * (Questions of general interest will be answered in this column. However, individual correspondence can not be undertaken.) When you are popping corn for youngsters, add salt and butter as usual, then put aside a portion for the oldsters and sprinkle that with paprika and grated Parmesan or Romano cheese. Serve at once! A concrete gutter, leading water from downspouts away from the house, will reduce soil erosion. Such a gutter can be formed easily by digging a trench in the soil of the desired gutter length, 12 inches wide and about 6 inches deep. Concrete is then placed in the trench and dip shaped with pointed shovel, tile or similar round item. Concrete for the gutter need not be a matter of measuring and mixing the proper amounts of sand, gravel and cement. You TERMITES? FOR FREE INSPECTION - CALL — ALEXANDER LUMBER CO. 215 EAST SOUTH STREET 343-2171 Agents for COPPES TERMITE CONTROL SERVICE. INC. over 16 yn. dependable service dtfxndnl INSURE AGAINST FIRE Commercial Sr Domestic _ Fire Insurance §§| Aik About Out Homo Own.- •rs Policy Plan. c can save a good deal of time and trouble by using Sakrete Concrete Mix, a ready mixed, ready-to-use product sold by most hardware, lumber and building material dealers. Mix water into the dry material as directed to provide a strong concrete mixture, ready to use. JOHNS-MANVILLE INSULATION Call WHITE'S - 342-0185 Your Neighbor Says •CLIP AN which to light them. A small glass pitcher or a wide mouth glass jar will hold the candle, shield it from an occasional draft. Place it so as to keep the flame from igniting anything nearby. Kerosene or gasoline lanterns and stoves will help you hold out for a longer time, but be certain you know how to use them. Store the fuel in tightly stopper­ ed metal containers. Prepare Outside If you haven't done so already, turn off the water supply to outside faucets. Open the faucets and drain the pipes. Sheets of plastic or. heavy building paper will keep out the wind if a window breaks. Keep some on hand along with hammer and tacks or a loaded stapling gun. A strip of rubber, made especially for the purpose, installed under an overhead garage door will keep weather out. Once the weather has damag- REINFORCE LESS AND BACK WITH TRIANGULAR BLOCKS CUT TO FIT D SAVE— —"«J ed trees and shrubs, there's not much you can do. Guy wires installed now will support a young tree. Use rubber hose to protect the tree from the wire. HOME PLANNING (ENTER Custom Built GARAGES SINGLE STALL ........S 750 DOUBLE STALL S1095 Phone 343-3419—9 a.m. lo 4:30 ~ Evening* 343-6477 oi 343-5061 POWERFUL PLUNGER CHARS CLOGGED TOILETS inajtifyl NEVER AGAIN thai sick feeling when your toilet overflow! TOILAFLEX' Toilet {££5551 Plunger Unlike ordinary plunger*, Ibilaflex does not permit compressed air or messy water to splash back or escape. With Toilaflex the full pressure plows through the clogging mass and swishes it down. Can't missl • OESIONED TO FLEX AT ANT ANOLC • SUCTION-RIM STOPS SPLASH-BACK • CENTERS ITSELF. CAN'T SKID AROUND • TAPERED TAIL GIVES AIR-TIGHT FIT Genuine 'Toilaflex' AT HARDWARE STORES RVIRYWHIM Insurance D0ORH0OD SPECIAL MODEL DLX S04S $3888 (reg. 96140) (rof. $44.80) Get set for winter with these great savings now offered for a limited time on the nation's most popular doorhoods— NAVACO! Choice of 15 color combinations. NAVACO DOORHOODS MODEL 39L49 $28^8 <re#. «44.«0) VISIT OUR AWNING SUPERMARKET • PATIO COVERS • CARPORTS • AWNINGS & CANOPIES Home builders offer a wide choice of styles and prices If you travel the length and breadth of the United States, you will not find any area which offers you a wider array of home styles, sizes and prices. And if you don't find quite what you want, there are dozens of builders who will help you plan and build a home to fit your needs exactly. No matter whether you buy an existing home, or commission an architect and builder to design and build your own special seventeen bedroom palace, you will want to bo Bure you get a title insurance policy from Chicago Title and Trust Company. It is the best assurance you can have that you own the property you pay for. C/i/cflt/oTixie a/idTmst Company 111 WEST WASHINGTON STREET, CHICAGO 8, E. J. TUPPER TITLE & ABSTRACT CO. 220 WEINBERG ARCADE GALESBURG PH. 343-4616 t

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