Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 14, 1963 · Page 14
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 14

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 14, 1963
Page 14
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14 Galesburg. Register-Moil, Golesbura, III. Monday, Oct 34, 1963 British Golfers in Retreat After Rout By OSCAR FRALEY (Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.) ATLANTA (UP1) - Lord Tarleton or Floyd Patterson, or somebody, had the word for the Ryder Cup matches. "It's better to fight and run away and live to fight another day," said Tarleton, or Floyd or somebody, while trying to keep from being caught by somebody they were chasing. Thus the British Ryder Cup team, after a bruising 23 to 9 defeat at the hands of the bras- sie Bluecoats, was able to hie itself off to Las Vegas. Where it probably will lose whatever it was it had left aft, er the retreat from Atlanta. * ; The price was seven to one * against the British when these fairway festivities got under way and it had to be the largest underlay of the year. The FARM NEWS and MARKET REPORTS ON WC-IL at 6:20 A.M. 10:05 A.M. 11:50 A.M. 12 Noon 12:40 P.M. * a WGIL RADfO I4M ON YOUR DIAL Redcoats received their great est shock in colonies since some farmer feller took a pot shot at them from behind a bridge post at Lexington. Faster Finish Paul Revere would have sold his horse and bought a golf cart to have seen this one. For the Yanks made a faster finish than the yodeling silversmith as they won seven of the final matches and halved the other. Champaigne Tony Lema was the victim of that halve but captain Arnold Palmer let him off the hook. After all, Arnie and his army had been routed by the same British gentleman, one Peter Alliss, in the morn ing. Palmer tried to appear as modest as General Washington looking back on the battle of Trenton, where father Geofge caught the Hessians with their shakos down. Arnie admitted thai he hadn't had to sit up nights plotting strategy. Actually, all he had to do was close his eyes and name any eight of his 10 horses. Once out of the barrier it was like cutting loose Man O-War against Pollyanna's pony. But he was at times a Simon Legree on Labor* Day. "We work harder at it than they do," Arnie said bluntly. "But these matches definite should be continued because of the international friendship they produce." His words were almost drowned out by the sound of fingernails being bitten in the British lockerroom. Barrel Of Fun What Arnie really meant was that his guys had a barrel of fun, like more than monkeys, in chopping the opposition. The most closely guarded secret was the name of the scissors- grinder wfyo honed the Yankee wedges And, being utterly frank, Lema admitted it was "wonderful" having guys like Palmer and Boros on his pide for a change instead of having them take divots out of his wallet. "Our cooperation and coordination was wonderful," en< thused Palmer, like a landlady who just let somebody bail out their trunk for double the back rent. "Johnny Pott, as example, wanted to play but he came to me and told me to leave him out of the final round because he wasn't playing well." The truth is, Johnny hates the sight of blood. And Palmer applied the coup de grace by observing that had the matches been held in the spring when the Yanks were fresh, "we'd probably have done better." It was the unkindest cut of all, barring the first British tee- shot that began to blacken the whites of their eyes. Tinstone EXPERT BRAKE AND BALANCE SERVICE CHECK OUR SERVICE CHECK OUR PRICE 2f Adjust brakes a* • Inspect Lining and Drums • Add Fkiid If Needed • Adjust for Proper Pedal Control Balance all four wheels • Static and Dynamic Balance • No Extra Charge for Weights 0f Repack front wheel bearings •Clean and Inspect, Repack and Adjust ALL FOR ONLY 95 Call Us For An Appointment For Evening Braka Sarvica JUST SAY "CHARGE IT take months to pay WINTER TIRE BARGAIN Tirestotte TRACTIONAIRE Nylon Winter Tires 00 Continue to Investigate Fire At Race Track WESTBURY, N.Y. (UPI) A full-scale investigation was continuing today into the causes of the Sunday morning fire which destroyed 27 horses at Roosevelt Raceway and caused an estimated $350,000 damage. The blaze, which destroyed two barns, was the first at the harness racing track in 25 years. The park and its surrounding area were rebuilt at a cost of $20 million just six years ago and the barns were believed to be fireproof. Heroic work by grooms' who were sleeping in the barns saved the lives of many other horses and an alert fire department put the fast-spreading blaze under control before it could cause further damage. No persons were injured. The cause of the fire is still undetermined. New York State Harness Racing Commissioner Robert A. Glasser summoned commission personnel to the scene and he placed them all at the disposal of the Nassau County authorities. The dead horses belonged to the stables of trainer-drivers William Hudson, Howard Beissinger and Tony Abbatiello. Hudson was the hardest hit, losing 13 of his 15 standardbreds. BUBBLING OVER — Coach Allle Sfccrman of the New York Giants contemplatively blows his bubWe gum as he watches his team at Yankee Stadium. Bowti 2 for $25 6.70-15 Tube -type Blackwalls •Plus la* and 2 trado-m Ijros oil your car IJLOW PRICES ON ALL SIZES Shift Out of I EVANSTON, 111. (NEA)Northwestern's football team lines up in the I formation, the quarterback, fullback and a halfback in a line, then almost always shifts out of it before the play starts. LITTLE" SIX LEAGUE Inman Motofts, 14-7; Eagles, 14-7; Marties', 13-8;'. Protexall, 10-11; Drewry's, 10-113 Bullis-Horn, 2-19. High team series, Eagles, 3026; high team panic; Drewry's, 1042. High Individual! series, Everette Sholl, 604; high individual game, Everette Sholl, 20»>. POST OFFICi: LEAGUE Northside bakery, leM.-'Hi: S. Harris Co., Frantz Chemical Co., Exterminators 11-13; Shamon's Grocery, 8-16., High team game, S. Harris Co. and Shamon's Grocery, 1004 tie; high team series, S- Harris Co., 2897. \ High individual gjnme, Juan Medina, 212; high individual series, Walt Moore, 528. BOWLETTES LEAtSUE Hillier's Diner, 21-3; OVder Buyers, 18-6; Carlson HeatiMg, 16-8; Allen's Sales & Service, lfc'-8: Kenny's Shell, 14-10; Hoto-Rootkr Serv., 13-11; Jean & Ellia's CaM. 10-14; Gale Ward, 9-15; Canton CaM, 8-16; Fox Dairy Bar, 7-17; Gatesburg Bowl, 7-17; Harbor Lights, 5-19. High team series, Carlson -.Heating, 2744. High individual series, E'etty Beaeom, 555; high individual game, Doris Jones, 195. BIG TEN~LEAGUE Victory Tavern, 22-10; PottAry No. 1, 21-11; Roy's Greenhouse, 1913; C Sc. R Market, 1913; Treasure House, 17-15; Pottery No. 3, 15-17; Russ's Toys, 12-20; Coats Clippers^ 12-20; Shank's, 12-20; Pottery No. 2* 11-21. High individual series, L. Ericson, 587; high individual game, E.' Tabb, 223. ' INDUSTRIAL LEAGUE Team No. 5, 21-3; Pastime Club, 17-7; DeLuxe Cafe, 16-8; Plamor Bowl, I2V2-IIV2; Barrow's Restaurant, 4-20; Hendrick's Electric, l'/i-22'/ 2 . High team series, Pastime Club, 2895; high team game, Plamor Bowl, 997. High individual series, Frank Pelcher, 548; high individual game, Frank Pelcher and Robert Dorethy, 201 tie. METROPOLITAN LEAGUE Tim & Larry's Barber Shop, 11-1; Bowlers Inn, 12-4; Gale Ward Sporting Goods, 8-4; Team No. 5, 8-8; Plamor Snack Bar, 4-12; Hark- lns Electric, 1-15. High team series, Tim 5: Larry's Barbershop, 2812; high team game, Gale Ward Sporting Goods, 1029. High individual series, Babe Horaney, 537; high Individual game, Billy K. K. Johnson, 219. CROSS-TOWN LEAGUE McCabe Scrappers, 19-5; Augic's Steak House, 19-5; Burlington-Chicago Cartage, 16-8; Western Zero, J5Vi-8»i; Mil-Rice's Health Club, 14-10; Ann's Cafe, 12'»',-liy 2 ; Mercer County Service, 10~-14; Kline's, 9-15; Maxwell Electric, 9-15; Knox Laundry, 7-17; Olson & Swanson, 7-17; Reeves Trucking, 6-18. High team game, McCabe's Scrappers, 865; high team series, McCabe's Scrappers, 2536. High individual game, Mary Anne Cameron, 223. High individual scries, Mary Anne Cameron, 574. Providence and Cleveland Only Unbeaten Teams By United Presa fnternttional The Providence Reds and the Cleveland Barons emerged as the only unbeatet. team in the American Hockey League after the first weekend of the new season. Third period goals by Jimmy Bartlett and George Ranieri earned the Reds a 5-3 victory over the Hershey Bears Sunday night. Ranieri's goal came on a penalty shot and proved to be the clincher. The Quebec Aces scored their first victory in three games by blanking the Pittsburgh Hornets, 3-0, and Gerry Melnyk's third period goal gave the Buffalo Bisons a 4-3 triumph over the Baltimore Clippers in Sunday's other contests. Cleveland ran its record to 2-0 by downing Baltimore, 3-0; Buffalo edged Rochester, 5-4; Springfield nipped Quebec, 2-1, and Hershey battled Providence to a 3-3 deadlock in Saturday's game. Gloves Are Handy PITTSBURGH (AP)-Dick Stuart, Boston first baseman not noted for his fielding, once said at a Pittsburgh banquet: "Behind every successful ballplayer is a fine woman." The speaker who followed the former Pittsburgh Pirate couldn't resist cracking: "The woman behind you, Mr. Stuart, had better have a big first baseman's glove." Passer Roger Staubach of Midshipmen Does Esca~ ~ 4 - . ....... . <•» . _ t. „.!1L. i ...lit. .ull Team Due in U.S. NEW YORK (UPI)-Ireland's combined international army civilian horse jumping team was due here today to prepare for a number of shows in New York, Pennsylvania and Toronto in the next six weeks. W'n* CHamnionship WARSAW (UPI) - The Soviet Union won the European basketball championship for the seventh time Sunday by beating Poland, 61-45, in Wroclav. Out for Season WASHINGTON (UPI) - Vet eran defensive tackle Frank Ful ler will be lost to the Philadelphia Eagles for the rest of the season after breaking a leg during Sunday's game with the Washington Redskins. Advance in Play DUBLIN (UPI)-The Republic of Ireland advanced to the quarter-final round of the Eu ropean nations soccer tourna ment for the first time by beating Austria, 3-2, Sunday. READ THE CLASSIFIEDS! JIMICHJ EOUMON WHISKEY • 88.8 PROOF • HIRAM WALKER & SONS INC., PEORIA, III. Priced as ihown at FirtJlon* Store*; competitively priced at Firestone Dealer: and at all service jtationj displaying the Firestone sign. cike and Alignment ecision Equipment 188 E. Simmons — 343-3179 •— Galesburg, III. Real bourbon people reach for Walker's DeLuxe They can taste the extra flavor of the extra years $549 4/5 QT. $3 4S PINT By MARRY GRAYSON Newspaper Enterprise Sports Editor ANNAPOLIS, Md. (NEA) While Roger Staubach has considerable going with him, football talk at Annapolis begins and ends with the United States Naval Academy's not-so-secret weapon. What makes this Jolly Roger run as the truly phenomenal quarterback nonchalantly rewrites the record books? "You name it. He does it," said Wayne Hardin, Crabtown's young head coach as the Sailors packed their duffle bags for the Dallas Cotton Bowl and the session with Southern Methodist. But at what does Staubach, who threatens to make old- timers forget a lot of great quarterbacks, especially excel? Surely this something special out of Cincinnati does one thing best. "I'd have to say that it was getting out of traps," replied Hardin. "Just when you think he is snowed under for sure, he darts out of a circle of would- be tacklers and is off for a fine run. Sometimes the opposition suspects that his peripheral range extends to the back of his head. As an escape artist, he is a Harry Houdini in a football uniform." * * * What makes Staubach such an extraordinary passer? "In the first place," explained Hardin, "a young man who can throw the ball as accurately as Staubach has to do it naturally. An outstanding passer must bring it with him. There isn't time to teach it in college. We knew what we had when Roger checked in. A boy with his talent couldn't very well be screened in high school or while he prepped at New Mexico Military Institute. "It is a fine sense of timing that makes him so good. He knows when and when not to throw the ball. When he does throw it's a pretty safe bet that a receiver is open. He is allergic to interceptions, had only two in 55 attempts in our first three games." Would Staubach make it big as a professional? "Beyond any question," answered Hardin. "At six feet two he has the height to see over charging defensive linemen and he will be big enough. At 21 and with another year of college ball ahead of him, hi weighs 190 pounds/' # * * Is Staubach fast afoot, too? "Roger has deceptive speed," elucidated Hardin. "Ho runs better every game." Staubach completed 17 of 22 passes in 23 minutes against West Virginia, 12 of 17 in about the same time against. William and Mary. He completed 14 of 16 playing a little longer than 23 minutes against Michigan, a good, average Big 10 team. That's a fantastic seasonal percentage of .782. READ THE WANT ADS! SX/L POWE RETOOLS Do-it-yourself projects ore just o snap with "SKIL" Power Tools os o partner. See these on display at our showroom. • Power Saws W ond Vt" Drills Grinders Grass Shears • Sanders • Jig Saws • Trimmers COMPANY 1000 Monmouth Blvd. Galesburg, III. 342-2813 The Hottest TV Buy of Any Year The All New 11" G.E. Portable TV $f\ A95 Weighs only 12 lbs. Very limited supply- ONLY jj^r 1964 FEATURES.. Mm Aft 1964 6-E FILTER-FLO 12 LB. 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