The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 22, 1955 · Page 28
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 28

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 22, 1955
Page 28
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>p;.;;pft•IVM • *?^,w;w. a .••PJF.^VWHJ ,.--.. , fi !S^^lMl ! W**fflt 't s "V-• :•".*;•-" • •• '*• "•-• ;iV-'-iiti"-' 1 •£-•'' .'j-..-.- t-v-if • '-' ^'•<Mr» Ml jjt*«! '• :..^-_ , V •t^Tf "Wvj•;• .*•— . /» <j{ ^elHUtS B6«(r I, ft. — . Salutllay afte 4h4\JgH of. Al^at "at, ' • lAfluit winnM '4«; the di-aw- Iftrf- Saturday ftveniflg Were Loilis Ericksorii ^Jlni "R&neyiJ and ,'Mii Ife'he-Me'ttekfe- fr'V-* t ;•','-•• V; ^ybungsters whd were winrtefs *efe plalne 06612, Tommy StU* de# v and Judy fjarksVt.ii, .' '\ Mikfe Vftzthtinf feeelVed •;, the <itms6latlon prizer Ahpal C-DjCTppiy > " . A "Ty annual Christmas dp.A, party was held Thursday even- Ihi, Dedember. 15 With a Very good':attendance, ; ^* ,' ' t;., :;, The next regular meeting wjll beAWednesday evening, Jan. 4. \ 4 The Catholic MisslbHafy'Soclv ety;will meet thflt,,afternodil. itUdenis Home ; « rt ; . : •Tammy Forburger,, (Tohn Pfef- 'fer, Larry Fox, fWaUfef' Sftilth, tBetty and Mary- Tjaden, "DaVid 'Seaberg, Lynn StrutWr, stlidertts /at Iowa State College," came over hhe December l8th weekend to vspend the holiday vacation at Hheif!parental homes. v>t.:*':-' {Other students home for. the .holidays are Ellen Loebig, a stu- "dent at St. Mary. Academy, Milwaukee, Janet Riohtsmeier, Kathleen Studer, .Marilyn Hugh,.. stu^ 'dent at Good Council, Academy,! jMaiikato; Virginia i- Studer of JHamilton Business college- of Mason City; Mark Becker- of Lpras -^college, Dubuque; Carol Gdetz ? 6f Iowa State Teachers, Cedar -Falls;, Janice Paulson of ..Waldorf. College,' Forest City; Billy, Loe-' tig of Loras College;' Dubuque; Stanley Hanseri, of Iowa State "University, Iowa City. Baifc From Wyoming • Mr and Mrs Jl. E. Newbrough and Mr and Mrs Stan Johnson teturned home Sunday afternooji from a 3 day business WipVto 'northern Wyoming. . '-.',-Mr, and Mrs E. R. Newbrough . of .Britt stayed with their three soft ;at"£lbWf'City, at >e Mid s « <«t ttext masif ^ witw the thi ^ -,.„, f He- pu^iU- 6f- St. Joseph's par , ehial ef e&htdd a 'Very ;im «*», sive dhW&tfftad wagi-am Monday Bef itt>ai :F;3o urn. at 7i%i<rihe parish • '^VJ.1 • < Mill 1 4»A1«? *VMOW - •i»"w—^» - — — Nashua wete SUHday . evening dlrihef gU6StB at the Maurice- Da* fidfef/homo, : ,:,: " i-.'+i t i Quests at the D.eSoet home Saturday evening aftej« .the. elos- ing "of the, 'DeBoer Hardware Stt^e; free:;pearttit day; were Bob Gavanaugh,;, Phil jacobsen ana daughter RUth and her ..friend of Masott : City, .Mrland Mrs Lester Lease;and Mr and Mrs Fred Thomas.' ' - This- • 'area ,hud temperature readings of-20 degrees or so Sunday and Monday and most of this Week; and a. heavy snowfall oh Sunday ,mdrning, making walking and driving difficult, due to Idyconditibtts before the snow- •falL,....' .-'A'V^W : ' .'• •"„-••.«,., Mrs 'Harold ^rice was lucky, Winner of .the .basket of groceries' Saturday night, rfct^StUders Store. Registration,; .was; Thursday, Friday and; ;Satdrday^: >. XigsSIa GoncerliAhd Tf,*' > . • v^v;A'l!ipi|§i^|liil^;^;;;: ••' :^F^I|^^^^^B^^||^:^;4 ' •M • •.i&K&til MttSslliSfelilltiili^ SsMlafili;^* Lakola—The' High School B'and under the direction of ;Virgil A. Barrett, presented a. very fine concert Wednesday at 8 o'clock ini.tHe Sch'ool rAuditorium.,: -The grade'band .of, 40: members, also played three pieces.' Plan Public Supper. The Band Mothers' met ,Monday night iri;tKe hot lunch room with • 16 members ipresent. They were'Successful' in their project of selling cimia'moni f pepper and vanilla and hope to have the last few bottles.of vanilla sold soon. Tentative .plans were made , to 'Court of Horibt' c«t6mo«ies man,' Wednesday; evening, December W' The 'rank ^jfagte Scout was bestowed ort Clary Cook, Llarty Wicks, Robert ^aMy, Glen (BUtch) Strayer.jandiRichard Strayer; the; latter a Scout commission: er; for this district. About 250 witnessed the ceremony at the high school; The honored scouts and theft parents.-are pictured above.,, Back row — Larry Wicks, Garry Cook; Mark Perkmsoti, Scout •hiave.'a public supper in January. Circles Have Parlies" The Circles of the Presbyterian women held their Christmas parties Thursday afternoon. -Mrs Russell Winter and Mrs Earnest Wortman. were hostesses to the Miriam Circle. . Mrs C. C. Gerzema. gave ,the devotions, recorded Christmas carols on which Paul Ukena was soloist were played and each member gave a Christmas poem or story.. Each member brought a gift which wa'sj sent •> to- the-Presbyterian Home in Ackley. . • Mary Circle met iu the church parlors Thursday' evening with Mrs Irvin Koppen and Mrs Wayne Heetland hostesses. Mrs Robert Beemer arid' Mrs Burdette Hoeppner prusented the Christ- nias' carols. ' Mrs Wilson Brack read several selected poems. * • Esther Circle met with Mrs Henry Dontje. Home For Holidays . •Larry. Winter, student at ArneS, aiid Larry Gerzema of .Macalester, .College, St. Paul, are at their respective : homes for. the holj.- •" " ''• ' •' 1 ' Lutheran Aid Party x ;. The- liuffleran -Aid and the Missionary - Society held theii. Christmas party rih, the parish Hail, Dec. 13. ,'.' ..' , ; j A program of Christmas cardm and poems-was presented by.the Aid, while the Missionary ladies served the lunch, v • ' ' ..New officers for-1956 installed were' -president, - Joap Mabus 1 ; secretary, Mary Sachs; for the' missionary, vice president, Qert- rude Tietz; secretaiy, Mrs Engle- barts. . .-.•'. ;•:/ .-•;.• ; , .v Mr. arifl McDonald; V/inter arrived Friday•riightrfrom Norfolk, : Va. ••Dpftald has - completed "his four years of-servke'ih the navy. They will start' farming next spring. , .. '•• .'''; • - . Bister and family, the George toonans. They were to have an fearly Christmas dinner Sunday and return home - Sunday evening. .. - Mr and Mrs Raymond Winter ian'd Mr and Mrs Edward Looft .attended a dinner at Estherville Wednesday given by the 'R.E.A. '.jfor directors and former dir*- 'ectors. '...'• '•'-Mr and Mrs Charlie Stroebel KqfrBBirejfrafr^ Oh Come All Ye Faithful ?4xecutive of Fort Dodge,. Judge W^ P. BUto,t,gue|t'.speaker i .of ?Mason City,- Wes Bartlett, ^national representative vfor-the Prairie Gold Area Council Joe KesSler, field repreSentative;?of>:Fort Dodge, ^Bob Hardy, "BUtch" Strayer and Richard/ Strayer. ^ U< '•':„•?:•,''• » Front row — Mrs Orville Wicks, Orvifie Wicks, Mrs Gene Cook, Gene Cook, Mrs Wes Hardyj Wes Hardy, Mrs Glenn Stryer,: Glehft/ Btrayer,-and Mrs Richard Strayer. .,.•-.• ...',- i-*^ '.'-i-t'i' ' . ; ; :. f-:"'"' KW* J .SM^i»*«iaw*»«-™;.a«VSr. i --V,mi* "CiSita'iJ £;&; ^lM8MSiH«f6t^uiisflUi?pp ISOfiMdilt^^WfPIWWlim;!. L^Mft^-fMfe'lftsrtilifaShflfiWi ,.•;..-iVVP-- ..'j-fiti '* >;• vi"i-V «..:,.• 'ft.' fi.'t.vS.ifJifc^t'ij ^iK* -Kl^iltf MMfteGfl:? yl .ufrwm^i i «««n«*«tt»if H"?*»ifp\; wfii&^rtW^M^wAjlffiK?? •JtfhtisiSrt'at ^unSlolG|ntti|jjMoH« «qnns^v .aoavv^i, '»cu'jHvy 1 j(vivg«*vo I|eiiiti;'-lk4iid'^ftop^ Mr 'and Mrs Kenneth Busch "and family ^Waterloo to left Saturday for visit Mrs Bpsch's left early Friday -' morning for Richmond, Calif.,: where they will visit over the Holiday's with /Mrs Stroebel's iparentSj • Mr. : and -Mrs McNutt. ''/•;• ".:••: •.,":• •• '''"V;:;? Mrs Pete Sniid.t and David, Mrs Wm. Smidt and baby wei-e in Mason City Thursday Adhere David was taken Tor a check '.up., He had recently had a tonsillec- tohiy at the Buffalo Center, hospital.. : • ',- ' :.••"'•• .., '•''.•"...' : The little two month .old daughter of Mr .and Mrs Wm. Smidt Ahgeies' ing .-"£ trails* lioitie With ttieitt. 'early ; ;€hH§trna6': dl H6ld » at the hortie of Mr and Sunday. Quests • . Iftiiliided -Mr'' and 'Mw Fred s Sah- roeider; : v Mft; • and; .jyrnr*-'- Ariowe BloAb and 1bnS;'l(hd:Mr and Mi's Eugene Blome \ afrid; ;D0bby . " • : Mris iJenni&?'urray •i'eturried 'Friday, :-trdmf :: Council • Bluffs tfhere she had Visitfcd, , a week V/ith her parents.': ; i: •."'.,' ';.'.•: .;' ';''• Mr and Mrs A,;,G. Sfchlssel met their daughter Sue at Rochester, Thursday, where she had ••= come by plane Iron i Langhorh, Pehn.i to> spend the, Christmas holidays. ;., The . Westminster ^ Fellowship group went caroling i-for -"the elderly and shut-ins-: Sunday at 7:§0 after which thejrwere guests of Rev. and' Mrs Harlah'KrUse in the Manse. ; ? .:' ' '. : Dick ;Mittag ,-wfls calling on friends Monday. - He:; is spending: . . . was left in the hospital and Fri- the Christmas vacation with his Plumbing & Heating CHRISTMAS SERVICES ST. CECELIA'S CATHOLIC CHURCH MSGR. P. P. GEAREN FATHER HAROLD COOPER. AssJ, (Sunday) Christmas Par — Masses at 12:00 Midnight (High Mass), 6:00, 8:00 (High Mass), 9:00 and 10:00 'o'clock. Confessions: Thursday, 3:00 to 5:00 and 7:00 to 9:00 Friday. 3:00 io 5:00 and 7:00 to 9:00 Saturday. 3:00 to 5:30 Sponsored in The Spirit of Christmas By: VAN'S CAFE ALGONA PRODUCi J & L MOTOR CO. RISINGS MILL & IliVATOR KELIEY lUMBiR CO, Pioneer Hi-Bred Seed Corn €9. ALGQNA QRflNHOUSiS A160NA BOmlNQ WORKS Algonq Plymbing & Heating READY-MIX CONCRETE & LUMBER CO. HUTZELL'S CITIES SERVICE UNIVERSAL MFG. CO. IRONS HEATING & PLUMBING ALGONA RENDERING CO. BUD ROBINSON, Contractor Cook's Scrap/ Iron & Metal MILLER STEEL BLpGS. CO. VIKING OIL CO. SARGENT & CO. PERCIVAL MOTORS Thompson Distributing Cs>. Russ & Ky's NflsH SflN & SCHULTZ BROS. GARA06 EIE,AP WEGNER, Contractor UVINGSTON TOpL CO- CHROMP SiRVlfei STATION «^<^^t^taj»8^!r«^t^rBSa^^^ Hark! the Herald © •CHRISTMAS SERVICES • * FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH REV. RQ^ANP A. ANPHBWS, PAgTQR Friday Evening. DQcember 23 -» Yeuog.Pecple'» CbristmBS P*»tT »t ChstCpok '"- Home with Junior Cook, Host (7f30 P.M.) .*..''.. ^- Ohrt»<m9» Lesion,' Me»»8iO wUl\ (Sunday) ChrUtmM Day — Sunday ' (Sunday) ChrUtmw Day r- Wor5hJp'8«yiqe — UiQO -^ Music, , ,, , . Chrj$tma» D»Y — Worship BwviW— BiOO P.M. "i* ChrUtmM MwWfle '•' with Special Mu»ic, » - - -. . • ' .T ',.*',.,' ,,''.* •'.,'."" ' "'. ; • Sponsored in The Spirit <il Christmas ALdONA ©RiiNHOUSIS BUD BOBINSQN, Coiitrafitcr lli^P iOTTUN© WORKS lyilUER STiEJ, |(L|l(3§, CO, WyiN6|JQN ThomosQn VIKIhlG OIL "c|liS SIRVICI SARGiNT PiRCiVAl K Cook's Ssrgp, ir^fl & Merwl J & L MOTOR IRONS HIATItMM* PJiUMBINQ €IU1Y LUMBER CO. RISINGS AtOONA llENDillN© CO, SCHUtTI IR^^I^A©! Run Alsene _ _«. «. m m^

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