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The Daily Timesi
Mamaroneck, New York
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The Daily Timei, Mamaroneck, N. Jan. 13, 1954 i appeared sacks. Potary Told lans of Port utlioritv BRINKS The federal complaints Hlghwa.v,s. bridges, docks, and charged conspiracy to violate roorts are some of the maini'''- S.

robbery and bnsiderations ot a New government property, ijwt Authority expansion pro- The FBI's jurisdiction is based according to Walter j.I the fact that cash, checks. to be large laundryS The guards said later that all Ihe men wore either rubbers oj crepe soled shoes to muffle their Continued from Page i footsteps only the leader did any talking. The FBI head said lhat before day against the 10 living men.lfieeing with the loot, the robbers tried to open a metal box containing the huge General Electric Co. payroll but they brought no tools and were unsuccessful. No figure on the size of Ihe payroll was given by the FBI, I Hoover said the men un- 'ipostal notes and United StatesI ytotan, representative of the orders of the Federal their loot at the home ol rpte organization.

serve'Bank and the Veterans Ad- one 8f the prrticipants in the Rox- Mr, Cogan yesterday told the district office district and was divided Hsmaroneck Rotary Club at included in the loot, among the men several weeks greenhaven Inn that current under IVIassachusetts law ro.tects Include an artnlal road ,1 convicted, could be sen-: During the long investigation, Inprovement program covei ins! a to life imprisonment be- named yesterday, ex- l5-mile radius around New York masks were used in the paherty, had been question- 'ity, plans foi deck to eo at one time or another by in- ihe George Washinaton Bridge, hours of Mr. Hoover's vestigalors. Some of Ihe men Ixpansion of docks in Brooklyn, the six newly-ar- even went belore a federal grand ind the creation of a new arraigned be- jury invesligatlng the Brink's rob- lal building at International and about four years ago, but I ZONING. IC. of C.

Plans Continued from Page 1 was adopted, an arbitrary line -t-jleCllOn was drawn across the rear of the SHOT IN 500 feet in from I Post Road, marking the end of: -L'JII CL lOi sbuslnes.s and beginning of (i-fFidence he pointed out, pvithout any reference to erected on plots or the usage to which any of the premises were being devoted at the time. In 1924. Mr. Beach continued, the depth was extended to 123 feet to compensate for the widening of the Post Road 0 Seven directors to serve three- year terms will be elected Jan. 24 at the annual dinner and meeting of the Mamaroneck Chamber of Commerce in the Terrace Room of Washington Arms, William Fulcher, president, announced today.

The of directors will be Mr. Cogan costs of new- held in bail totaling ,5670.000. oadways'alone are estimated at. The FBI has been working on dictments. that jury failed to return any lnj million.

Other protects In- 'he case relentlessly since the hide a third tube for the Lin- 'heir faces covered with oln Tunnel and a "trough ridge to span the Narrow.s. The six locked doors of the Brink's Cashier James C. Allen, one of the Brink's employes surprised by the robbers, had a terse "no comment" when 5ked about the FBI's announcement that the case had been solved. There was no comment, either. uthorlty is experimenting money-carrying firm on the sec- I 'ith the use of large floor of a waterfront garage Dts to accommodate commuters.

surprised five guards. The new air terminal will ac-' Mr. Hoover refused to disclose from Herman E. Pfaff or Thomas ommodate 138 plane.s, Mr. Co- the case was broken saying Lloyd, the other two em- an Cost of the prelect the evidence must be piotecfod ployes who work for Brink's, las been set at $6,5 million.

for the trial. Charles S. Grell, another of the Mr. Cogan wa.s Introduced by However, District Attorney Gar- 1 nien who were in the vault room rOMEDV ppisonallty Bill Kemp on the Kemp, Harrinp- icin Snow irom to 10 A. M.

and from noon to 1 P. M. over radio station WNEW Is one of that station personalities who will appear Jan. 28 on the benefit show by WNEW for Laich- bv action of the Village. presented by E.

J. O'Neill, chair- Manor Lane residents. The pro- po.sed wholesale use, which I described as "quiet," would el Inate this criticism, he slid, and Raymond R. Waite, nine, of 825 Carpenter Place. Mamaroneck, who on Wednesday was ly wounded In the right eye by a BB pellet, was taken yesterday from Unltftd Hospital, Port Chester, to the New York Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Hospital in New York City, his father.

Raymond Waite reported Meetmg Depot Lots Plans were completed last 1 night by the zoning committee of the Mamaioneck Advisory Council for a public meeting Feb. 16 at Village Hall on Ihe subject of restriction of aa tM ') north side of the MamaronecH railroad station to village and 1 Greenhaven re.sidents. Before the zoning meeting, the i executive committee of the' The boy was Injured while with Mrs. Harvey Con- jing at the home of a friend, Ray- over, president, presiding, dis- jro- D. Noriis, Coletti, eleven, of 200 Palm-cussed how the Council can be was 'ePorted thatler Avenue, according to Mama- of greater seivice to the village, be a i police, and how its program can I sellout agam, ba.5ed on reserva- tended would do away with ''which' the'' re'sldenTf'Xlm cVmmit'ter consist Iriil I Wendel, Charlotte danger the 23 children Iwing on darken, Dan Tarlev I Manor Lane, Howard be ex- Mr.

Waite said the pellet went', through the eyeball and is lodged I. decided to contact serv- behind the eye. The boy, he said organizations will be in the hospital lor somei'" future on this mat- three weeks, and it will be several days before doctors can ter. zoning committee con- He read the zoning ordinance which he contended enables the: A committee Board to allow any In a I the De- iftail zone which is similar to pew Brewer, by Robert mont-Mamaroneck Youth club In harmony with the retail's McKean 'EI-WI'II tfk Tiff busines.s area. Meyer and Erna Rubin.

-l -J lU XIVC Inc. Tickets for Ihe show at Mamaroneck Junior High School may be obtained from Owens Larchmont Book Shop or Cappus Pharmacy in Mamaroneck, piogram chair-retl H. Byrne of Suffolk County, nan. President Melvin Gold-idropped a hint that one of the nan presided. Imen named as a participant has Visiting Rotarians were James'Provided valuable Gerald Pace, and I law enforcers.

lo-seph Burgan. all ot Bronx- Mr. Byrne said Joseph "Specs ille: Svlvan Schwartzreich of O'Keefe, forty-seven, ot Boston, jSrchmont. and Amos Phillips ill be a principal witness before if Su.ssex. N.

J. Suffolk County jury, which at the time of Ihe robbery, has moved to California and Sherman D. Smith has moved nformation to' Florida. I -pv John D. Allen, chairman of the: ISt JJeienClant Coyle Frees Brink's board, said In Chicago "This is a happy dav for Surprised' Joseph Scarola, twenty-eight.

Six Persons In Office Among the guests will RehMoino In th. ivne of 'VP'" "nd Mrs. Edwin B. Dooley I by Emerson, he 'State Comer there are persons in the of.L members have been urged fice. with only one service man.l'" be Present so that they may whose activities are entirely in-1 cidenlal.

About 70 per cent of the build-1 la ing would be used for dl.splay.| i 1 Jt the balance for office and Incidental storage, he said. Continued from Page 1 The company operates Is the brightest day the )ley Bridges Bans WASHINGTON Senator Bridges. N. said to- result of a resolution passed at the Council's December meeting urging action to limit parking In the Jefferson Avenue area to residents. Speakers from local organizations will be Invited to addrewt the February meeting including I the Chamber of Commerce, property owners groups, the Traffic Commission and one commuter.

The executive committee decided to have a Council member publican delegation for any other; candidate if President Eisenhow-: TT er doesn't run again. A ll Mr. Bridges, chairman of the I suspects today. lot damaged, police said. Hj said: "A happv dav, yes but Bronx, pleaded guilty two of which are two-: children in the Rve Neck School, GOP Policy Continued from Page 1 hearing evidence against the one lo'us From In County Court to his! end-a-half tons, he stated, and i System had had for manv vears." told reporters that Ithe dav of the robbery we have robbery charge and re-'onlv one would be over- -it sure is a great dav for Rye (o the White altempi grand- been confident of two things' "'ved a suspended five- lo sev- night, the other two taken heme, Neck and our youngsters." said to name a in the March children flanked an honor fiist, that no Brinks by the drivers.

aiej Russell G. Pelton, school Primary his state, he may of the ders and past pres- were involved, and second lhali the first sentencing by made in small lots, never bvlwho arrived on crutches because i Hie own name as a the we.sicnestei Jewish would be apprehend-, S. Coyle. trailer truck, at most thi-ee or of a badly iniured ankle. candidate.

Scarola was recently paroled, four times a week, he said, and Carl Meskimen trustee understand there is to be the eternal S. Attorney General Herbert ''om prison on a 1947 Bronx rob-ithere Is no activity after 5 P.M. pointed up the that amorig the cantonal Brownell said in Washington that! beiy -sentence of seven-and-a-half jor on Saturday, need.s to be done for delegate, all of the Federal Government turnedi'" years. He was turned over the new school becomes an ac-l'hom will be favorable to Preai- the Brinks robbery case over Suffolk County authorities on Remni-e pumps Ituallty. 'dent Eisenhower," he said.

"If the state because state penalliesi'" additional charge. All gas station pumps will rt.ii^hi.j effort is made to create (CCIDENT AT STATION car operated byl ules Haft of Scarsdale at lOilO: Federal Government turn- 1 M. vesteidav received a dent the case Over to the state for the right rear fender abovei state he skirt when it was struck bv ties are heavier than federal law car backed from the Mama- allows, railroad platform O'Keefe was closeted with Mr. ly Inger Lise Pederson of SlsByine for more than five hours iichbell Road. Mamaroneck night in a secret discussion lice report.

The Pederson car the Brinks case. OBITUARY O'Keefe was one or the men in iail at the time ot Mr. Hoover's announcement yesterday. He Is doing 27 months In Hampden County Jail. Springfield, for vio- are heavier.

The defendant admitted rob-i removed, he pomted out, thus He said the federal statute ollbei'S' of Valentine Wine Si Liquor eliminating for all time mltatlons on the actual commission of the crime ran out three years ago, but it still would have SRNST LANE Ernst Lane, tweoty-nine, of '-Vashington, D. formerly of 13 Milton Road, Rye, and hus- 'd to prosecute" on a I convicted in the Bronx in i nitely, even'though the propei- i cnaige. continuing conspiracy case. jty is sold, statement store at 4,58 Rlverdale station there. The pi-esent use Yonkers, on 6.

1947. He wasi as a garage and gas he' to the needs arrested shortly afterward andisald. continued inttefi -l- "Now the Board of Education by five years in He was Drought to Boston to, punishable confer with the District Attorney prison. and later was taken under: liana of the former Sarah Broun heavy guard to Middlesex County Life Sentence Possible if Larchmont, died yesterday in nearby Cambridge. The Massachusetw statute A codefendant in the Yonkers by Charles case received a suspended sen-i chairman.

ymns. A Committee of Sponsors for the Cannold dinner already includes prominent families in the County. Committees embracing all Center members are also being set up. Mr. and Mrs.

Cannold have "lendiy Westchester moie than to Senator Knowland, and on Orienta Point the "I'm delighted with the vote." he said. "It shows that the people slate and to corner the tion I probably will become of Rye Neck will meet their re- sponsibllities when thev have luii' candidate myself. Mr. Bridges who tence In 19,51, lowing an operation at the George JA'ashington Hospital, Washlng- on, Mr, Lane was born in Rye on 27, 1926, the son of Mr. and tirs.

Joseph J. Lane of the Rye ddress. He attended Rye public pchools and was graduated from State College. During World War 11. Mr.

Lane eceivetl the Purple Heart while member ot the 5th Infantry The SIX men arraigned yester- limitations for direct prosecution da.v were placed in Suffolk County for the crime was six years but pending the grand Jury ac- it was Increased to 10 years after Jail, tion. The other man already in prison is Stanley A. Gusciora, thirty- six, doing years in State Penitentiary, Pittsburgh, 4,5 Mph Drivers Pay $15 In Town Court sporting goods store reward for the Brink's robbery. The crime is in Ma.s- sachusetts by what amounts to life in prison. Brink's had offered a 100.000 Sheldon bv the people and that will be done in the very near future." residence Yorktown Heights, i for a robbery.

Arrested in yesterday's PBIjthat the reward might not have! roundup were: to be paid. Mr. Hoover said the Henry Baker, forty-nine, ot FBI had "solved the case ex- islon. He was a member of the Adolph Maffie, forty- clusively and FBI agents cannot Figure Skating Club. four, of Pembroke: Michael accept rewards.

Surviving besides his wife andiOeagan, forty-seven, of Milton. The Brink's loss was covered ttrents are two sons, Christofer and Anthony Pino, forty-eight, of by insurance, except for the first For speeding at 4.5 mph. Herbert of Darien. and John P. Logan of Oxford Mated.

last night paid S13 each I Burton Covert, another in Mamaioneck Town 1 i asked where deliveries Court, Judge Munn Brewer pre-l would be made. Mr. Beach re- help in solving theijiaing jplied that the company wishes robbery, but it appeared maintain a loading platform Joseph Colantuono of Mount Vernon was fined $.5 for driving a car with improper plates and for driving without a license. Twenty-two persons paid $44 parking fines. egatlon pievlously committed to their st.i, Dan Cannold and his any candidate Mr.

Eisenhower familv reside in -Scarsdale. Their John T. Breunich. board mem- I might designate it he decides not Daughter Shervl Beniamin and ber, asked if architects plans! seek a second term. familv reside in Harrison.

Grand- had been submitted, and Mr.l School Trustee Arthur Although he didn't say so. ft children include Mitch and Scott Beach replied thev will be Bysshe termed the vote a 'land-1 obviously was Mr. be- cannold and Taffy and Robert the sense of the Boai-d has beenima'k the history the Rye that Sherman Adams and Benjamin. determined. His client will spend, Neck educational system.

in the Admini.stration hope Mr. Cannold is a leading phil- $20,000 on the building, he "The community," he said, for such a result In the New anthropist and contributor to the "will be pioud of what it has Hampshire primary, Mr. Adams, siippoit of 131 institutions. He sp- done for its children." former Governor of the state, pears on the founders lists of Peter C. Doern only school, Is Mr.

Eisenhower's No. 1 aid In many, trustee who opposed fie the White House. He has been publicly honored stated that he was glad the long! Mr. Bridges made it no secret by the Federation of Phi- consideration was over. lhat he wants at least part of lanthropies and the Bi-onx Branch on Manor Place, but be "I'm still against the site." Mr willing to use the front for Doern said, "but I sincerely hope nd Andrew; two brothers.

i Bcston. ph J. Lane Jr. of Bedford Vil- I age and Thomas Lane of ntville, and a sister. Mrs.

Still at large are Thomas mond Coffey of Yorkfown Richardson, foity-eighl. of Wey Heights. I mouth, and James I. Faherty A Requiem Mass will be held forty-four, of Boston, St. Augu.stine's Church, Larch- 1.000 of the robbery.

Brink': re- 10 A. M. Monday. The body reposes at Funeral Home. 80 Boston Post Road, Larchmont.

Interment plans are ncomplete. Deaths I ceived payment for the loss onlrjf Thott policies held by Ihett LUSChargetl cial Union of New Lloyd's of London. Palmer And Fenimore Joseph F. Banfield. forty-five i of Boston, the 11th man named: damages Lars of natural! The bumper and at his resljencf lOS Bedford North Tarrvtown.

nn Jan 12 1936. Body reposing at hli residence. High at St. reresa Jan. 11, at 10 A.

Interment latnlly plot, sleepy Hollow Cemetery. Lodge Notice Members or Mamaro Engine and Hose Co. 1 are requested to meet at pire Headquarters at p. M. pav re- -spetts td Mrs.

Sarah Ann Larkln. by Ihe FBI, died causes last year. All 11 had criminal records. Grand Jury proceeding against the 10 survivors cornea just five days short of the sixth anniversary of the fantastic bery In which the men got not onlv the biggest cash haul but also more lhan million in'ellng checks, money orders and se- jcurities. Mr.

Hoover aald the men plan- 'ined the robbery for a year before it actually came off the preparations "trial runs." Mr- Hoover said the men ap- of one and NEW larceny chsfrge. pending In Special Sessions Court against a Larchmont woman, was dropped yesterday when the defendant was discharged on her own recognizance. The woman. PrIsciUa Dodds, he state's 14-vote delegation to he and 10 others organized. I a free choice among can-'He is a founder of the American purposes If the Board so wishes.jthat this vote will be all for the.didates at the party's nominat-iTechnion Society and the Israel On Wav TraHle I (children." ing convention it Mr.

Eisenhow- Institute of Technology. He is an ,4 h. Begrisch. the sixth school doesn't run, active participant In efforts for board member, was not Immedl- uua.u National Urban League, the cause ot one-way traffic in fiom I DOG BITES YOt'TH jJoint Appeal and the Ihe Post Road, -JI Expandable Arthur Margolin, eighteen. oflujA.

He is a supporter of could be effected only by way of: ot the bond issue as- 223 Rockland Avenue, Town. was'Scarsdale Medical Group tor Manor Lane, a use to which smes the construction ot a 400-! treated last night by Dr. Research of which he is object. Mr. Beach said he felt school on the Palmer: Drexler of Mamaroneck tor a one ot the founding donors, his client would con.sent to a schooi which is planned; bite on the left thumb inflicted Among others, he is a siippoi-ter livery on the Post Road side, and; "open-ended and capable nf; bv a dog owned bv Agostino Ri- of the A.ssoclatlon for the Blind, no further objection was ral.sed., expansion to accommodate ot 927 Old Post Road, Ma-lthe Cardinal's Committee ot the Residents, who appeared to be I pupils.

i maroneck. Laity, Jewish Theological Sem- once the traffic flow, it further assures acquisition of! iinary, Yeshiva University, and o. iPioblem was solved, were site which has been otfei-ed LIOHTS niir FOR i5ii 'the National Conference of Chris- Fem-j-n, and Jews, they collided at stolen .20 from the top of vote was the third Lane; Martin Irving. 16 the matter In Rye Neck, as; electricity from 6:50 to 8P.M. yes- Lane, and Rankin two previous referenda were df-jterday because a tree limb tell 27 Manor Lane, teated by the voters, the first by land broke a power wire.

Con Ed- only 10 votes. ison officials reported this morn-! yesterday at Palmer A In the room of Mrs. Kay and Fenimore Road, Mama-iT'uPont at 2,53 East 82nd Street, roneck police report. New York, on Feb. 28.

Anthony V. Mosser of New Rochelle told police he was trav- COURT COLLECTS S27 Merreir, sign north on Fenimore Road! making an Improper left and the light was B. Hawes ot Scars-' he Avenue last night paid .5 In tarch- ''bunrm Tha't did not see a car driven bv Emll mont Police Court. Judge John P' H. Schilling of Old GreenwIrhiR- Cahill presiding.

Por pa.sslng 1 starting to move eastward a n'Sl window vere several it on the side, police ll for CASH to buy NEW if offerei turn, and seven persons Iducation meefinrnext tor sale hert. i $14 in parking tines. Jo'n'ne: sasoline service meeting was removed, ana the new 8-ls P.M. in the Bellows High It also marks the culmination ing. Emergency crews were Sent ot almost a year's work by a Cit-out and" speedily restored service asonpiizens Committee which studied area, more than 90 plans and unani- was once considered forjmously approved the plan finally Past Office

His store has a recommended by the Board ot public garage in Boston's teeming North End in a small truck. 'Dressed' for Act In the trip of a few miles tromi the Roxbury district, seven ofl the men donned Navy-type peal jackets, 'short coatsi vlsoredi caps and foolish State De- masks. All were armed Oh a flashlight signal from one State Brakes Bank Mergers; Trust Rejection Cited FUNERAL HOME For use of all faiths JOHN inONNA) FOX OWNta and MANAOra 80 Boston Post Road Larchmont TEnnyson 4-0144 of the gang on a nearby rooftop Ihe men entered the building and went through six locked doors with keys they had obtained while planning the Job, The robbers went up a flight 1 of stairs, through a hallway and! a long money counting room and wouldTo" where" the'ner coping School auditorium, was carried around from the front. The old sign did not con-j form, 'ovit the new one does, hei pointed out. 1 There was no opposition to conversions lastl permission solidations year and the number of session reduced chartered banks have disappear-1 ing state banks ed through merger since World: from 213 to 200.

I Mr, Mooney expressed concern JOIN DEFENSE Protecting Your Interests a 24-hour job when your Insurance is placed in this office, JULIUS R. LEVIN TEnnyson 97 Boston Post Larchmont WALLPAPER SPIVAK HARDWARE tot E. lotten Ptil Atl, MAmaroneck 1-41(0 George A. Mooney declared yesterday that the state had begun to apply brakes to the mei'- also about competition among savings banks on interest rates. He suggested that the ger trend.

In his annual report (banks use a voluntary earnings- 1 lo Governor Harriman and the I retention plan to check the de- Legislature, he said "sound in their capital strength petition must be preserved as, rates are too high the cornerstone on which bank- he said, it tends to bring about approached the locked wire this state "dilution ot their capitalratios door ot the caged vault room. The Superintendent reported! Five male employes were busy that 19,5.5 marked the first time handling the money collected'a lormal request for a merger that iay. It was then 7 P. disapproved. Previously, he Guns Alarm Out ni R.i-h proposed mergers uuns.

Alarm Out ol Reach been discouraged informally. When tfie robbers pushed guns! Mr, Mooney said the appllca- Rates Raves through the mesh door, the guards were ao situated that their own guns were out of reach on a wall rack. Also out of Immediate reach was a buzzer that would have bounded a police fwaim. The robbers forced the five ployes to lie face down on the' floor, bound and gagged them and then pushed money into what up to Rya Monumtnt Works 214 North St, RYe Greenwood Union Cemetvry AuthoriMd Dealer tion of the County Trust with headquarters in White Plains, to merge with the Ram-' apo Trust Co. in Spring Valley, was because the department wanted to keep the competitive structure In Rockland County until banks there demonstrated whether they could handle the public's needs.

There were 31 mergers. con-I AUTO LAUNDRY Located at 2131 Palmer Avenue three blocks south of the Larchmont Theatre. Ti: 4-9S58 Entrance at of Tydol Station Charlea Soden "When wa redecorated our apartment," says Mr. Soden of White Plains, N. "we wanted the new drapes to be different, with lots of dasb.

That meant custom design, and the advice of an expert. But who? We checked the Yellow PageK of our telephone directory under 'Interior Decorators' and found a firm in the neighborhood. With their help, we wound up with drapes that everybody raves about. "I like dealing with people who advertise in the Yellow PaRCS." You'll everything you nfeed under headings like these; Aulo- mobile Driving Instruction; Kitchen Cabinets; Coal A Coke Retail. look in tha Yellow Pages the easy way to HERE'S A REAL DEAL For A Limited Time Only THE BIG NEW MERCURY WITH MERC-O-MATIC, RADIO, HEATER Directional si9nali, bacliup lights, oil bath air cleaner, qlove comparlmont light, luggage compartnnent light and wheel Delivered Here For Only 2.395 ream rmr Low Down PKyment HIgheat Trade Rye Park Motors Jiilhorizfd Cnnlinrndll l.inroln MEl, President OPBN EVENINGS BOSTON PO.ST KOAD 7.42,-,o Deposit In Your Savings Account Monday or Monday Evening 6:30 To 8 6 FULL MONTHS DIVIDEND on savings deposited on or before MON.

JAN. 16th of Weslphpplpr I'ouniv 31A III Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp..

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