New Castle News from New Castle, Pennsylvania on December 11, 1931 · Page 26
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New Castle News from New Castle, Pennsylvania · Page 26

New Castle, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, December 11, 1931
Page 26
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Umicl He Shows Marked Preference for Feminine Loveliness Whenever He Coins Real Money WHEN Uncle Sam -anln to native charm a real American girl; com honest - to - goodness vital, Inspiring, a natural represen-ii.nney Thai will tarry Ilia tr.tioo of the spirit of Liberty. But '. is 1 und seal to every corner o? the where could he find such a sir!? ;;lnj.- !:o j.icl-:s the irrnst beautiful .None of the professions! models ban , .vurnan in the oi.niry to represent the free, un trammeled spirit be nliti. sought They lucked vitality. Classic i'.ve women and only one man! features were to be had in plenty. That's what nallaut Ui'.cle Sam but the inspiration, the spirit, was Hunks of the ladies: lacking. Take out a handful of coins and Then one day he found her the see lor' yourself how he prefers to be possessor of "'the most perfect head represented in the marts of the world in America.'' She was a student at by feminine grace. ICvcn that one the Academy of the Fine Arts, Phil-lone man, a certain A. LincolJ, has adelphia, and bad not only beauty mvr achieved the height of silver, but brains. Culture and education j II iv i- r-ppr-i reproduction i". only interested her vastly more than her ireful in 711:1 chasing Mich staple? as fairy god-mother's gift Of classic rtnitii-. in wrpapers end cliewinc features, and it was only after great K'.-m. persuasion that she consented to Tin- didder of Liberty. posc tor Mr. Morgan, l-'tn ty-fnnr years ago, (Jcorgc. T. Thus was accomplished the silver .Morgan, then a rising ynuns design- immortality or the first of Uscie er wa3 looking for a model for the Sam's models Miss Anna D. Wil- (.ddoss of liberty on the new Hams. "Bland Dollar." He wanted someone But after her one and only ap- wh" c'l'mbijicd classic .euturcs with peavancc in the realm of the crea- . . live arts. Miss Williams turned back to her real hobby education and triad- it lirr life's wnrtt HEARTBEATS The girl whose profile In silver bas relief has been seen and touched by TI-.TlIOSCOrK. or hearing millions, is now a handsome, white- f device, that will enable 75 baited woman, who resigned only LISTENING TO inns to listen coinci- after -10 years' service in the public i:';t !v to the heartbeat or murmurs schools. wllfcir. liicpaticut'a ft est is the In- As supervisor of kindergartens, she volition of Drs. C J. Gamble ana D. acquired a national reputation, being iv H.plogle. as reported w the a pioneer ia tins branch and bavins ..;:u Medical Associatlcn. been called to many cities to give the The new instrument has been on work a start, t-ial for sow time in the clinic of a beautiful and intelligent school - Or. ftiehaid Cn'.ot. of the Massacbu- mistress who never married, out :. I l. iu - 1-. I Hospital ill Boston, who used iur talents and charm to v 1 1 : iKl :l in !i 'i-na.nin j '.. hen the train and to inspire countless o.:n:; r.n.-0'iuction of sounds hud been snf- lu es that is the heroine of more friends anion;; the artists poxri fi.-ieiHly developed to permit satis- thai 770.000,300 silver dollars that regularly for St. Gaude.n- and otter facto: y trarhintr. The essential pan is the romance of Uncle Sam's "First noted sculptors. But it vas friend or the apparatus is an electrical SilVcr Ludy of the Land." to friend, rather than artist :u designed for three succes- -But what about the other four el, with the men the inspired, sive magnifications of the current ladies?" you ask. "They couldn't all "She is the most remarkable mojl changes. produced in a very sensitive have been such exceptional women, f have ever se:c, ' Eaid Mr. TV-tn-t:-;i its miller. Three element vacuum Wasn't there a professional model in man recently, spiting of his "Cod-lubes used in radio receiving arc trie the bunch?'' , dess" enthusiastically, ba-is-. and special wiring relays the .Shunned rnbticity. "Yes. but you didn't mention he elect: ica'. oscillations of Increasing: Yes. the next coir to carry a worn- name." he was politely icm.lx.iled. i-ci-..iiy frcui tube to tube without an figure was the beautiful 3916 "i know." he rcnlKd, wita a Iwia-iis lor:, or. hair dollar, designed by Mr. Adolpb kle in his bright blue eyes, "but lie. In addition, special ear pieces and Weinman, of New York. For toe -ady prefers to remain anony-jous. curst pieces are usee, the latter In- fl-rtiM of Liberty be seieetcd as his She's from a fine Southern family, closed in a brass ease t; exclude ex- Uispitotion a professional model a sensitive and cultured, and shrinks traneous noises. At each seat in the woman as remarkable as Miss WIJ- frcm being known as a professional room a double contact telephone jack liauis. model." Is .provided with which the rtudent She was a striking, dark-haired Lone Distance Record, plugs in when he desires to listen, girl of refinement and culture, wfio ..why iid you choose her for 'Llb-Attempls to use loud speakers in lived quietly with her mother in a crtv. and why did ou call her replace of the multiple receivers have littlo apartment uptown. markable, just now?" i-e wan asked, been disappointing, hut as the form- No wild studio parties, no late sup- ..j cllose tcr or 'Lihcrty' out of all cr are perfected the extra wiring and pers, no midnight feasts tempted her (Lf! womcn 1 had ev:r nena Ikchusc apparatus for multiple receivers may from her simple srd regular mode of Eaf. hld luc most tjoaiitirul propor-hc eliminated. living. She had a large circif of tinnfl And s!l0 wail ovcr fa when 1 made the design. But her regular mode of living lis r kept her form supple and healthy and firm through ovcr 20 years of continuous posing. And that's al- 0 Mules, Electric and Otherwise M2 of the rrostes-t advances In "mules" are run by a storage bat- a .mar;lUion' long-distance modem industry is mem- lery ana .ncy are coming rapidly ord Ior a sculptDr's model." Mr. od of transporting coal from into general use in this country. In tno the face of the mine tunnel. old days it was curried out by hand, sometimes on the backs or women. Then came sleds, often- drawn by boys, a method still used in some parts of England. The use of oxen was a great advance and was soon followed by the use of ponies, dog3 nnd mules. The mule Is still used in many mines throughout this country, though the endless rope i3 neci'F. ai y where the slopes arc steep. Steam locomotives were followed by compressed air locomotives. Then fame the itrralost ami most modern improvements In the electric mule, here Illustrated, a machine that runs lik" a trolley car and hauls a tram of nunc cars after !t. Some of these As Oxen Used to Do It. Sam and tlbe Ladai Another Portrait, of Miss JKBmT Doscher. JEb&P Weinman agreed. "She was the most remarkable model I ever knew because she took her work seriously. She was systematic and businesslike and never forgot an appointment. " A lover cr art herself, Fhc was a charming companion during the Inns, tiresome hnui's of posing. So many girls are flighty and fidgety anxious to get through sn that they can be Off tn this or that party, others Inwardly rebel at the work and resent the fact that they have to earn their living by such hard work and tedious One Form of the Electric Portrait Bust of Mrs, Stevens, the Girl on the Dime. labor as holding a certain position of a "Goddess" In their nii"?., and for hours at a time. doubtless the trustees a:e tactless "All these various stites of mind enough to pay her salary ir. the can't help but make themselves felt, usual rrl;i g-eenhachs. instead of But Miss always influenced nrt- pallaptly rcwat'dlns her each p.iy !sls to do their best work by her hay iit ;: sl-.uw.-r i.-f m-I "; v..r; :t.iih attitude of mind. She her- ' "Miss Lihcrty Hi." appears on t ie cir vas a reni inipi ration" "ulnped Vjro-y 10-tcni nieces, also Winspd Victory llioic. o.esiKncl by Mi. Weinman ar.d mint- The aiinnyrcous Southern beauty cd in 1SJ5 The oriitiul lady, cbo.'.ea has never rtThr'-lcd. Slie itavc up her a nons many , f America's most work as model shortly afcr Mr. .striking beauties, was the younr; Weinman Her charms tfi: of a o. .-sf.-l lawyer bo Miss Doscher, as "The Primitive Woman." (Above) Modeled from life the same girl as the girl on the half dollar. circle of Uncle Sam's beauties is "the girl on the quarter." who appears in all the maje;iv of perfect womanhrcd upon the face of the new :S-cen: piece, first ranted In 1917. Mr lle:mor, MacNcil. the desirmer selerled her because she combined nuxlern Auicriran f.rl's love of freedom with perfect health and A living goddess, truly! But thereby hans .1 tale. Miss Doris Doscher. the original "Miss Liberty." was not born wilt the -olden attributes of health amd beauty. As a chili! rfie was delicate and round-shouldered. But so firm was her belief that beauty and fcealtb could be achiever: hy her own efforts that she valiantly set to ork to build up her 'rail physique. The Pence Dollar. K:':h am' last to icin the ranks of Even her associa' refi:.. r face . womanhcud at its highest and best. Her classic prnti'.e showed character In addition to the beauty which is an accident of birth. 1S17 Quarter. And so Mr. Weinman besjed her to pose for the head of the new coin. Reluctantly she conscetcd, on condition that her name must noser he told. The vow of silence was maintained until a "home -town" reporter from Keadini- i'a.. scented a story i.v unc or !iic sixth, seventh and el.shlh senses, n-liicli all good reporters develop. So ihe Reading ;iappr Ret the scoop, and Mrs. Wallace Slovens was Identified as one of the few models in captivity who shrunk from pub-the liclty. Fourth member to join Ihe charmed And the ;'H breexe Mlmaj nearby window. the Blue Tlird of ml his "Goddess" An Elephant's Autograph 'Ihe alilonraph of an elephant oil The footprints iM' the groat, boast are clearly seen as he made them when he plodded wearily alotl-t through the snf: sar.d. si.bsc(;i:eli:ly hardened Into enduriuR rock. Excavations un-covered the animal's bones. Qolden (J-tediraijs- Only be steadfast; never waver, Nor jeek earth's favour, But rest Thou knowest what God wills must be For all His creatures, so for thee, The bet. Paul Fleming Lobsters have a great dre thunder, and when penis are

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