Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 14, 1963 · Page 10
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 10

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 14, 1963
Page 10
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10 Golesburg Register-Moil, Galesburg, Monday, Oct. J4, Q—.fust after I had my gall bladder removed by left lung collapsed. What caused it and how serious is it? A—This is a frightening experience, but it is not serious. It occurs after about 5 per cent of all abdominal operations. It is most likely to occur in men, in heavy smokers, in persons with chronic bronchitis, in those who are overweight and in persons over 50 years of age. The cause is the ruptilrc of an air sac in a part of the lung near the chest wall but why it happens in these persons is not known. Since the practice of early ambulation or getting the patient up for a little whiirj as soon as possible after the aeration, collapse of the lung is not seen as commonly as it used to be. Q — What is elephantiasis? From what is the name derived? DOES GETTING UP NIGHTS MAKE YOU FEEL OLD After 35, common Kidney or Bladder Irritations often occur and may make you tense and nervous from too frequent passages both day and night. Secondarily, you may lose sleep and suffer from Headaches, Backache and feel old, tired, depressed. In such irritation, OY8TEX •usually brings fast, relaxing comfort by curbing Irritating germs in strong, acid urine and by analgesic Pain relief. Get OY8TEX at druggists. Feel better fast. THE DOCTOR SAYS Early Ambulation Curbs Possible Lung Collapse By W. G. BRANDSTADT, M.D. Newspaper Enterprise Assn. ts it contagious? What causes it? A ~ I note from your letter that you live in Ohio, which would mmie it very unlikely that you yourself have this disease. This is a chronic condition seen chiefly in the tropics. The legs, arms or other parts of the body become greatly enlarged and the covering skin becomes thickened so that the legs, especial, take on many of the characteristics of an elephant's legs. The cause is a tiny parasite I hat blocks the lymph passages in the affected part. The parasite is transmitted by mosquitoes so that, as in the case of malaria, a mosquito infects man and man in turn infects the mosquito. There is no direct transmission from man to man. The reason it is seen only in the tropics or in persons who have lived in the tropics is that the type of mosquitoes that transmit it are not found in this country. Q—What is the difference between spastic bowel and spastic colon? My doctor uses the term "spastic bowel" and everyone else seem to call it "spastic colon." A — They are the same. In a recent column I referred to this condition as irritable bowel, spastic colitis and mucous colitis. Q—-I have had allergic rhini- m FREE PRIZES! 3 FREE GARMENTS Register Oct. 14 thru 19th, in the Foundation Dept. DRAWING SAT. -19 Gifts-for each lady! Your Choice of two gifts Regular girdle or party Don't be fooled by its lightness and loveliness. Control begins the moment you slip into "Behave" . . . from the high-rising waist through the long legs that pare your thighs. Your waist looks hand-span small, your tummy flat. "Behave" disciplines your figure with a delicate span of graduated darts . . . with more holding power than bones. There's a "Behave" for every figure type. In sheer, light Spandex. White only. S, M, L, XL. Above girdle without zipper, $10.00 Foundations — Second Floor They'll Do It Every Tim* "3 By Jimmy Hatfo NO WORK TOJMVIMG BARBECUE*" IT» PUN PUZZLE PIC ~WMO DID ALLTUE WORK AND 6ETS NO BOW? ASK MOM- SHE KNOWS •••• r r* SAM L.SILBER. v Y*\. BALTIMORE I5,MD. CARNIVAL By Dick Turner « 1<*J kr NU, IK. TM. faf. VS. Ni Off. "I wouldn't trade you for a movie star, Janie . . . even if her steady was stupid enough to make the change!" tis, eczema and asthma as long as I can remember. My doctor found that I have multiple allergies and has suggested giving me injections of Anergex. Will this drug in any way damage my eyesight? A — This relatively new drug (obtainable only on a doctor's prescription) is made for, people like you who have multiple allergies. It is given only by injection deep into the muscle. It will cause some brief soreness in the muscle, but there is no reason to believe that it will damage the eyes or have any other serious side effects. Q—A friend claims to have lost 25 pounds in one week with a bad cold. Is this possible? I had a hard time to lose 10 pounds in one week. A—In order to lose 25 pounds in one week it would be necessary to go without eating or drinking anything but water and still be very active. This is practically impossible even assuming that part of the weight lost was water. Please send your questions and comments to Dr. Wayne G. Brandstadt, M.D., in care of this paper. While Dr. Brandstadt cannot answer individual letters, he will answer letters of general interest in future columns. Celebrate 63rd Anniversary WOODHULL - Mr. and Mrs. George W. Brown of Preemption, formerly of the Woodhull community, celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary on Oct. 10. A family dinner will be held Sunday at the home of their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Win Lowman at Burlington, Iowa. Mr. and Mrs. Brown were married in the Eiker home in Rio on Oct. 10, 1900. The couple has three children, Gayle Brown, Woodhull; Clark Brown, Preemption and Mrs. Lowman of Burlington; four grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. READ THE WANT ADS! Harvest Span Promotes Accidents Harvest season means that it's time to be even more careful around farm machinery than at any other time of the year. Accidents to farm people reach their peak during the harvest season, says O. L. Hogsett, extension safety specialist at the University of Illinois. Harvest haste, long working hours and the revolving gears, belts, shafts and snapping mechanisms of harvesting equipment make it easy for the careless farmer to have an accident. Keep harvest free from accidents. Keep machinery in repair, adjusted correctly and operating efficiently. Improper adjustment and the need for repairs frequently lead to accidents. Always be iilert and observe a few simple safety rules, cautions Hogsett. Form a Habit To be safe, make it a habit to shut off the power every time you leave the tractor seat, warns Hogsett. Then keep the guards in place. Do not wear loose or ragged clothing when working around machines. Always operate your tractor or other machines at a safe speed, and use extra precaution when you drive machinery on the high way, warns Hogsett. Obey the signs and rules of the road, and use proper head and taillights at night, he adds. "LOOK" to the Give-A-Gift VEBERS 149 E. Main St. for Fin* Dinnerwore $1 Down - $1 Week Newcomers: Your Newcomer Greeting Service Hostess not only brings you valuable free gifts and services from civic- minded sponsors, but a neighborly service that will help you get started in your new community. MR. BUSINESSMAN: The Newcomer Greeting Service can help you win new customers. There's nothing like a personal contact to introduce your business to the newcomers in your area. For complete information call Hostess Mr*. Harold Canada 343-9850 LAVIER $300 OO f\e epsake II I A M W N l) K I M CJ S True artistry is expressed in the brilliant fashion styling of every Keepsake diamond engagement ring. Each setting is a masterpiece of design, reflecting the full brilliance and beauty of the perfect center diamond. Ring rrilargcd to *how dctul. Pnee include* Federal Taa. Convenient terms arranged to fit your budget JEWELERS ILVERSMITHS 66 NortfaPraifi* Henderson Grove Man Honored On 87th Year HENDERSON GROVE - Oct. 8 callers in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Krans were Mr, and Mrs. Leonard Rissing and Miriam, Mr. and Mrs. James Youngren, Mr. and Mrs. Art Carlson, Mrs. Agda Carlson, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Young and Rickey, and Mrs. Clyde Healy of Galesburg; Mr. and Mrs. Carl Larson and Mrs. Will Carlson of New Windsor; Mrs. Ruth Jackman of California and Mrs. Pearl Jacobson of Washington. They helped Krans celebrate his 87th birthday. Visiting in their home Tuesday was Mrs. Frank Douglas. Mrs. Harry Hallberg was hostess to Ruth unit in her home Wednesday. Churchmen of Zion Church of North Henderson and Messiah Church met at Messiah Thursday for a dinner. Wesley Nelson showed slides of his recent trip to New Mexico. LCW of Messiah Lutheran Church met In the church parlors Oct. 3. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Nelson of Galesburg and Mrs. Frank Douglas were luncheon guests Thursday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Krans. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Carlson and family of Oneida recently visited in the Charles Krans home. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Simkins and family were guests for a wiener roast Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Douglas and family. Enrolled in Course SHANGHAI - Mrs; Harold Noonan started a course in nursing at the Galesburg State Research Hospital Monday. READ THE WANT ADS! not a zestful change in the daily menu? Camera Enthusiasts Photography as a hobby con* tinued to grow in the United States during 1961 The nation has an estimated 40 million still cam' eras in use plus another 8 million movie cameras, according to the Britannica Book of the Year, Any barbecue sauce on hand? Use it for braising pork chops on top of the range. 69< SHOPPERS SPECIAL A Complete Luncheon In Itself Menu Changes Daily -OPEN SUNDAYS— TWIN CHEFS RESTAURANT 108 E. 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