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New Castle News from New Castle, Pennsylvania • Page 14

New Castle News from New Castle, Pennsylvania • Page 14

New Castle Newsi
New Castle, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:

FOURTEEN Explains the type parachute -not only possible but practical lor airplane use. By January, 1920, he had niacin approximately 200 jumps, and I doubt if he can tell you himself how many he has made since, so I should say he is C. C. W. member No. 1, For his pioneering work In connection wittr parachutes, Sergeant Bottriei was awarded the Distln- Bailors," as Mr. Bob Fitzgerald of material division, Wright Fields call choao Caterpillar members who have saved their lives by sailing to good old term lima under a silken canopy, but if I toll one more I'll want to tell another and another until you. won't have anv room left for advertising in the paper- lYiunK vntiuiViln Aeronautical Terms S3 I guisneci ikying cross last March. matlon i'onthls letter was obtained It was an emergency jump from from the Air Corps News Letter, a a ciisablec aire ann In fnh. monthly publication by. the Chief of Shows Difference Between Members Of Caterpillar Ghrt) And Rip Cord Olub of the airplane. After Berry had fastened himself in the rigging of the parachute and cut himself away from the airplane, the jerk of his fall tore loose the fastenings which held the parachute to tho container, He fell about 300 feet with the parachute before it opened and eased him safely clown to terra firm a. Lieutenant Harold Harris that as mainly responsible for the formation of the mythical, but worldwide known organisation dubbed "CaterplUer club." Lieutenant Harris saved his life through the use of his parachute on October 20, 1922, while flight testing at McCook Field, an experimental tyrjc airolane. Koinprhinrr ai vor yqm lniormauon, let me quote the News Letter: 'Publishers are authorised to re -print material appearing herein except that portion the News Letter beginning with Notes from Air Corps Fields," Sincerely GEORGF, LOUDON. f8th Service Squadron, -1 Langley Field, Virginia, P. S.Enclosed find money iorder lor renewal of my subscription, PlfiaSf" (inn MmiA tn1 anhrt Momo In. Must Jump In Emergency To Save Life To Belong-To Caterpillar Club Master Sergeant Ralph W. Bott-rleli, the premier jumper of the army air corps, has more initiations in the C. than any other Jumper in the world. He was the first "free tvne" himtW wrong. with the controls of this plane and when it went into a dive Lieut. Harris. thoughc it was high time to take French leave and trust to Chance with his parachute. What fcHw-wuuute. After serving seven years with the ir Burying seven years wicn ine Street, Newport News, Vir vaxo itsoji kwi field nrtillery and cavalry branches was then considered a G. I 48th escape from death, unused miinh ol' the service he aunlinri for fvfm.s the News, By Mail, One Year, $5,00, The difference! between members of the Outcrplllar club and the Kip Cord club of the World, are explained to The News, from George Loudon of this city, who Is attached to the 58th Service Squadron, Lang-ley Field, Va, Mr. Loudon's Interesting letter, In which ho explains the history of parachute jumping and other interesting aeronautical matters, follows: Lariyley Field, Virginia. Dec. 1, 1033. Mr. Fred fer to the aviation section, signal corps, in December, 1917, with station at Kelly Field, Texas. He stated in his application that he had four experiences as an aeronaut with hot air ballons and parachutes. Later he made it known that he had a device by which the pilot could get away' from an airplane, regardless of the nosltion of "the HEALTH MEANS CHARM AND HAPPINESS comment and -speculation as to the future value of the parachutes, in connection with flying operations. Two Dayton newspapermen, in conjunction witlv several members of the parachute branch at McCook Field, got their heads together, foreseeing tha-i there a possibility of future accidents of this kind and believing that some recognition should be given aii-men saving their lives. means of their parachutes. As rnshlt, nf t.Kti laimic mane. nnv- Sparkling eyes unci smiling lips speak of health and vitality. Clear skin attracts. The healthy active girl is both happy add popular. Perhaps you are not really ill vet wife th PARADE Be At Sears Tomorrow! mission to experiment; with his de vice and if successful, to offer it to the government. The necessary permission was granted, While, stationed at Kelly Field he made a number of practice jumps. Later he was. transferred to McCook Field where he made jumps from altitudes ranging from 1,000 to 20,000. feet On May 19, 193.0, he made, the first jump to be performed by army 'personnel with manually operated free type parachute. At that timo several the title, "Oat-, erpiller Club" began to be noticed in print now and then. 1 Space will not 'permit, me to enumerate for your readers all- the thrilling tales told by the 563 mom-bers of organization. It would impossible to give the exact circumstances surrounding each case, day work is done you are too tired to. enter into the good times that other women enfoy. For ewtra energy, New Castle News, New Castle, Penua. My Deiir Mr. Eon In: Since my last letter in The News concerning tho Initiation of Lieut. WllHam.s into the Caterplllor olub, I have had a number of letters from friends In New Castle questioning tho statement 1 inado In that letter, wherein I aaid that to the best of my knowledge Lieut. Williams was the only Lawrence county member of that world famous club, Some of my friends have confused the Caterpillar club with the Rip Cord Club of the World, so for tho Information of all concerned I have decided to write these low lineti dealing with the history of the two clubs. Tho It. C. which I was initiated trto on July 19, 1927, Is a club formed along the linos of the famous C. C. Tho only difference being In the Initiation. ii, rmsDgni vegetable ComrmiinrL Tr tnnam oui can assure- that' of those I have read, not one was lacking, in that little something which causes an extra beat of the 'heart', whmr heaitti. Gitcs you more pep--more Remember that 98 out of 100 women report benefit. Let it heta reading, There are two women members of the club, Miss Fay Glliis and Mrs. Irene McFarlane. speculation was still rife as to whether a man falling at great spood could control his movements sufficiently to reach for tke ripcord ring and pull It. Several fatalities' had occurred with the type of parachute attached to the airplane. The idea of the parachute attached to tho man alone and operated by Eighteen members hav Watt second while Capt. Hunter is doing his best to equal 1 7-Piece Tool Set i I I Bassinet mm auer no leaped into the air was a radical departure from the To become a member of the C. conventional. dry" balloon roll a person inus make an emergency of any klm WIS fiS- one woria xamous uoionel lindberg, Colonel Lindberg has four degrees and the captain, throe. It appears from the records of the CaterplUer club that Major A. H. GUeson, any corps, now stationed at Selfl'idsre Field. mnrin an Quick eoiy. i arcious EQUIP YOUR CAR NOW WITH GOODYEAR TIRES For Safe Driving 111 Snitfi Of all this fiiofnnl: Tlnf 17 pieces Inolud- rFai on wrfngr 'S rn.nrjrr.- ffi KH rfi, WTfx ta i- it WHS i VW Jit eaBBBBBBBBBBBBl mcr saw. ham. rh triel never hesitated in offering his services, thereby aiding through his loarlessness, disregard of personal risk, and untiring effort, in making ill i. jjiur, pianv, mi no otltt or jj Hardwootl witli i swivel casters, jj Finished in light green en- amel. Little irirls like tlip.m. and brace, me- ft pvlUyi Itall Ftrniarfl. wnofi Doubl. agi ergency jump from the lowest altitude. While testing a pursuit plane on October 5, 1,927, when about B0 feet off the ground the propeller broke and practically the whole motor fell out with, a burst of oil and gasoline that enveloped the plane, The plane shoit up to about one hundred and ITlfty feet, rolled over. B.iiJ.i i 'Jf fotor waihfna mallet, -plans, ATTRACTIVE PRICES NOW IN FORCE, ffl Motor-drlvtn a Board fob drain if Doll Ln Trunk COUGHS Don't let them get a strangle hold, Fight germs quickly, Creomulsion combines the 7 best helps known to modern science, Powerful but harm BILL BRAATZ $4.98 use of a parachute, while to become a member of tho 11. C. W. one must make a volunteer, jump, cither after graduating or under the Instruction of a graduate of the Chu-nato School of Parachute Rigging, have been a.skcd which take tho most, norvo, In my estimation, after having worked with parachutes for a while, studied Mioir construction and performance, neither jump should take a lot of nerve. Of ootirso thorc Is a certain amount of danger ami tho advantage lies with I ho volunteer jumper, who can at tho last minute, If his nerve fails him, como down with the piano, in an omcrgoncy Jump the decision has already been rendered and It is either jump or oUse and most of us prefer to Jump, Tho II. O. C. W. has thousands of members all over tho world, where ovor tho United States maintains tin ali' corpH station, The Catorpiller olub has 503 members at the pres-Otih time, Thfi ifii'Ht teal; btmii fi'om nn nlv- SA.29 and started down, Aided by the inverfcetl position of the; plane, Major Gilkeson left it the instant he released his safeljy belt, pulling his; ripcord immediately, his opening just before he reached the ground. SERVICE itt Croton Are. Phone 49SL less. noasanD to taice. ino narcotics. Your own druggist Is authorised to refund your money on the spot if your cough or cold is not relieved by Creomulsion, (adv.) Play on either sicie, B7 games, I wish it were possible to print more of the stories, of these "Silk Life-like compoRition, 914 in. doll, with full outfit of clothes. Packed in overnight bag caiTom crolii-nole, t-c, 72 pieces and In structions. YOUR BUTLER OFFERS Parcheesi Game Real Hair Doll piano in made by Captain Albert QQt I ency-Ksnmore M. I $1.49 jjerry, wuoung "Aoronautics," on ivinven T-nis year usmui Jiert Berry, naraohuto loiiner, and Antonv Janinis, aviator, performed a feat 1 1. J. unit noroioioro nns boon pro-nouiicecl Inuiojwiblo or too foolhardv SI to attwnpt. Borry dropped in a i J- Outfit consists of folding board two dice cups, dice pieces and 'instructions. A real game! paraonuto irom an alrplano while opper mcichine-cuf gears cR QO Bin I Composition and rubber mounled qV JCgS" going at, am spocu. .1 uapiam parachute was carried in a small metal cone, fas tened sintui ond up to tho foot rest see i a Sears monthly iV Velocipede JACK FROST Doll 98c $4.79 ROUND TRIP SUGAR 4 Ib 25c 3 Lb foe 2 c- 25c Pure Refined Choice Michigan Beans Anglo Corned Beef Blue Ribbon Hull ncni'frig front I'lnoli rub-her (fros, Tt'OKol Kiddle, rubber Krips Hill buib horn. l'lst Kt'pen bo ken" on enn met, MBr I Sweeper, When Purchasing- a I KENM0RE OeLUXE ELECTRIC T- Sweeper Mm (Pw 10 keys accurately d. Mahogany finish. Simple melodies can be played, 1 FARES only TWO GENTS PER MILE for CHJftlSTMAS and NEW YEARS PURE CANE Malt Can 9 Cle an in a Double Action Sunbrite Cleanser 2 Cans 9c SILVER IX. linn naurH unn vnurrii mm V. Tor (I (Plus BmaU Can'ylag Clmt'ffe) 'fhiW I incliicring cups, Can 5g Campbell's Tomato Juice That "Soft aa Rain Water'' saucers, plates, Jw Kennnu'c ko.h more dust por iniuuio nk'fji Jfrnjlr Ilio vaciunii cletuier villi new ox- I 'M chmh-u Opcraiiun iiiiil SiOS! hft llinllM 'Inuii I n.r A tlill Hh. --Sir kKvW Toy a pun in cleaner, dust mop, yarn duster, broom, dish pan, dust cap. kitchen apron. 1 I .2 27 FREE PA TEX PISH TOWEL Gold Dust pkg. 17c fji of hw (Hi tier, ljciitop iiiu'l iMiworful vac- jo. ft' 4 uum. AdjuwlabSo tu ihlnit m- tliln tTlJi' JJ! Mel tcajjot. Ucauti-fully decorated. 2 1 7c in toiiuy and liiHtieci hum viuiiiutnl HOLIDAYS Co imy time to Jn.It, limludlvo. Sty until Jan, 15th, If you wIhIi, '''kels hchmI hi conoliDN imd In I'nltmaii oars.HotHul-ii'lpNlonn. Jng car fharges tetlucml 25, Ak nhoul our LOW COST I'KKSONAIXY CONDlK.TUn TOUIt TO WASHINGTON during th CII1USTMAS IIOMIIAYS. For further lnarnttUm Ticket. Agviit Baltimore Ohio For the Perfect; Deodorant Sani Flush Can 21c MM Delicious As New As Tomorrow' SILVERTONE RADIO I Peanut Butter 2 25c White Enamel BATHROOM HEATER Phillip's Tomato oup 4 ns19c $34-95 Complete With Tubes SOAP 5 14c Chipo 2 27c Camay cake 5c Crescent WHEN ITS AN $1.98 Catsup 2 bouL 25c Cliflse fit Sanborn IM011U1! Dated Coffee Lb. Can 2r "7c The Ideal bathroom heater; beautifully ennmeleil ln white with shiny Micklo legs, cast Iron burner with adjustable valve and mixer. Just the stove to lake tho chill off the bathroom in the morning. Limit one to a customer. 5rtube new. Supeiheterodyne. Tuning range 70 to G50 meters. Gets police caljs, amateur contiicts, eonversntlonR, ln addition to regiiiai' broadcasts. full-sine electro a 1 speaker, 5 llewesfc' type tubes. A cabinet or modern, alylisli design front is attractively bordered with sliced walnut veneers. SWEET NUT OLEO 3 25c com, itias or th Fresh Spinach 5c A $2.50 Value! Lmtnmm tonao ATTr o. A WISE CHOICE! Iceberg Lettuce iS 9c Grapefruit size0 4 19c Baldwin Apples 6 Lb 25c Green Beans -3 Lb 20c New Carrots bSK-Sc. 26-28 N. Jefferson St. New Castle, INi. STORAGE BATTERY ELECTRIC SERVICE CO. U3 N. Mnntr St. 1'honfi Buslnesf) Hon: 8 A. M. i fi I. THE NEWS, BY MAIL ONE YEAR, $5.00 II III HH

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