The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 22, 1955 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 22, 1955
Page 20
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ate^^H..-^^.^^ r^ •/vVf-.-^-i ! »Y,••-"••"- \ SEASON'S GREETINGS TO ALL OUR FRIENDS Modern Dry Cbiarters drid tailors Here's wishing you all a vet 1 /merry, Merry Chrisfmds! - 1 " •' V" V '•'"'" • "| , •; •, HOPKINS STANDARD SERVICE Our very best wishes go oyt to you at this holiday season — along with our sincere thanks for your pgtron- oge in the past! SMOKE SHOP fl's UniS; 16 8«ir MftWy Cll<i8t nias tPmi'. readers, 1 IbVe d6ing this and -Usually I -mahage to "greet many of you in p*erson, with a card, latter, picture,or recipe book. 'This year I'm more unprepared than ever-^1 haven't even sent out all my;personal cards yet. So lest Santa's visit firid Ime WithPut having «eht my very best wishes, I'm going to greet ypu thrpugft this column. •• . * » .* Merry Christmas to my readers" over by Whittemore—Mrs- Wilbur Roeber, • Mrs Lorenz Gade, Mrs C. E. Kollasch, Mrs Andy Elbert and Fran O'Brien. Your letters have cheered me and I'Ve enjoyed hearing about ypur families. -."„•'• * .»" • ••.;• :. ' ' A slocking full of peppermint canes to all the Smiths—Dot and Don, Mary Corrine, who helps me with my nev/s, and to her husband, Craig and : the kids, Good wishes to Virg, Who is al^ ways offering rne brook) trout and which I someday 'mean to collect, and to his wife, children and grandchildren. Happy Holidays to Esther Charlotte, too— she teaches over in Charles City and if I had. her talents this greeting would all be in rhyme Christmas Joy to. Donnie and his Mrs and their little Cherub, Danny, and to Slim and Eva, Dave and Esther, Harold and Emma. Merry Christmas ; to all .the Smiths. » » » I'm enlisting Santa's magic leigh to carry greetings CaUfbrhts 'Iftef ;^ Grose - , Ahdferseftjs - TrUd y. Ldhl i O Mrs • ,w, , w. -; ^Gia ' KelT'Stog Cat man.' Mo. to^etlito'Mrs Wade. . . Ball, at Mrs/pelbert Hike's at Rush City, MlrfctfianoVat Kan., where -v-Flpfence DeHnef t Dinkel and her^f' hpfifc my grtfenrigs;' \vith Jari Zeffijss back from Hawaii but ' I dotft : krtew v whefg*S?ie .lives. Wh&n* ffi'e' sleigh ;. gets ,46*vMScbnsinJt J catch stop off alh"Wate J rtown to gre£i; Ruth SeHmfel.'BreretPn and hgr- family. ', ;';'*';.'? j- , :? -^ • ' ' ........ -..-.I Silent all the teachers as a partial reward :_fbr ^keeping our atomic powered little.angels under coH-i trpl all year 1 : arid for their highly' successful efforts . in producing Christmas programs. To the cop's on the-'beat, '-this maij-rAen with their, gre-ChrMfnas ; piterburderf- ed sadks 1 , the firemen Who-sleep with ;t»nJ2 ear) bpen;/io, prevent our 'Ch'ilstmps : V treasure ,-frbm going,"! taj. blafceSr—G'od, rest ybfi merry, gentleman! |Hflg frsm fill hefj iritejfMtinl ,(£ " " A^bovfl 'of poinseltas to Carrie Durant .who shares the bounty ql her garden with'- others' and a sprig .off ; holly ; farther sistej 1 , Margaret' s.whose 1 ; ripmiriation as Iowa's' Poet IrfS\i'feate;5I;/heartiiy second. •' Tb Cbrrlhe. Gabrielson over at" Sexton, a-speedy. healing of, her; broken leg and to Kathryrt'" ^McEnroe - Arndorfer ,'a, poultice' for, the ^writer's cramp ALGONA PLUMBING & HEATING May (he Spirit of Christmas bless you and yours and bring you the Joys of the Season, KOSSUTH MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSN. Lola Scuffhani, Secretary fihH her ihU'SBafldi Hill, 6 big peal of Christmas .WJli as;they spend the, holiday! with;their beloved grahdehildrtri.A!A pjbasketful;: bf sugar' plums fprv^my adapted AUht : Hattie:^6viSr;-' i in'liuVe: ' with : the - wish: thati ;we, may •sonieday melt, a'abh .other iri, peri sbri.; . A Plum';, puddttig ,:tot'Mts Gejprge - Jphnsony f ef; - - her :• c eh« couraging remarks aha a beam from the Chrlstrnul ? Jtar.: for Lebra St. John just because- she id ! SP Iwiet aM pafiefiti ! 'A ifeThdedr's lefl fool for luck tp .PUT Mayb'r ! filedt, DPC Shierk together With a phbtb pi him for 'his wife, Htith ift- case she* forgets'.what he ibbks like while he is busy wJth his office arid his private practice. A laurel wreath 'for the'reiiHng Mayor, B. P, Richardsbn' tof a job well done and a kiss under the misletbe for Linda; Ten extra winks of sleep on Christmas mprnirig for Cbnnie Ireland at Hazelcrest, 111., Max* Ine Biggers at Little-Rock, Ark., Edy Magnuson at Larising, Alice Ziegler Gaines, Piftu I-awn, Mo. and Florence Fisher. . Since all df these gals have' children, sleeping late on Christmas is expecting the impossible 'but Yuletide wishes are always a little extravagant. , *A big Christmas ccbkie lo Mrs Roy Walrpd at Wesley with'art apology for leaving oUt the sour milk in the recipe she sent for the column. Happy Holidays "to Gladys Barker .at Cedar Rapids —long may she collect 1 recipes and share them with 'me. A joyous Noel to everyone who sent entries to the recipe contest p*io a special box of bon bons to the ones who sent SUL-II.good recm- but just missed Winning the money. * . . * » • A wassail bowl to John M. Henry-of the Des Moines Register who sometimes quotes .from, this column and to Jack Shelley of WHO for the same reason. A big red apple to Leah Jane Smith of the Hock Rapids Reporter who, says our mutual reader, Betty Vinson, -keeps an eve on what apnears in Woman's World. The Greetings of the Season to the.gang at-the UDM— Huss. Clem. Mary Frances, Helen, Donnie and the boys in the back room. A jugful' oft Christmas Spirit in their morning and afternoon coffee. A popcorn ball to my fellow columnists Chris and Evelyn—long may they Have and Tidbit t A white hair from Santa's beard to every school, board member in case they, aren't developing enough of their own. A. nice soft armchair, for Wes Bartlett and his Citizen's Advisory. .Committee to rest from their IgtJbrs on the . bon,d .i^siigV'kTo exerjv taxpayer wljio '^yotadv; f or trie'' new buildings' fbr'our youngsters, three cheers! You are the real Santa Clauses to the children of Algona and it will last for .many years to come. To all those who have lost faith in the younger generation—nuts! To the doctors and nurses who. *"•"' V'if'S'0V. s fT^j-:-'' ' watah i/by Sb'b.tH 'byv'Saft USA: W tide? : who cares fof "efeffthft least bf these", • the^ seasbfi'8*-Bi;st/.C,shf practi'ces the: >. true .: ChriSttnfti all m& ! ; minding us thatTtHfi;Pie6ie!r Good will ., whidh , . caffSe • - •• Was ,1 ;catt Wish flbUMrjf Dads who'." eaMt thfi: m^ttey" «v^ jay. pur bills ati Christmas and;ill> a litilr.yulet tfmfi so likb naM Mother;, "Pdhder all hearts. ? ,'Whether I nll-ntiofCdiyou -by name or l Mefi?:yfC li'.'iv -..-.: From The Officers, Directors, and Staff of the Iowa Stat '•' T Safe ^ Confidential - Friendly Algona ' Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation •4-V Two things that make for SAFER The first and most Important, thing is you - the driver. The courtesy, care, and common sense you show count more than anything else. The second thing is the car itself. 'All cars are safer today. That's shown by the number of accidents in relation to the number of miles passenger cars are driven. The figure's down sharply. Chevrolet has always made safety a major consideration, introducing many such-features as the all-steel top, into its field. An;d this '56 Chev» yolet is the safest one ever built. 'Its Jively_qew povygr^means safer passing,; Its special Ball-Race steer« ing-oversiae brakes with Anti-Dive control-bring easier, sur^r ^'jving, The Unjsteel.mstruction' and safety door 5 iateyesi|>| its Fisher Bpdyi, the naije4^th'erg!road Btability;thal; cornea frqin advanced suspension and better balance —.the sweeping panoi'amip windshield - all, these things a4|l9yeu\'safety, V Seat |elt|,with or without shpul' der harne^J|]||||'ument panel pad' Qf cpjji'ie, they're available at extra' sojfc 4s ycmr %0J}.0vrQlei dealer, we*f£b£ gl^cl f« shd^ ygu the v many safety ^featwres of the' '56 /^t» sii*«inlx>.£> - ' ' — " v"\ KOSSUTH MOTOR CO. ' " "' -' : ' •';:'' " •-• _V : ' - - ' ' PH0NI

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