The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 22, 1955 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 22, 1955
Page 18
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ROORAM FOR '5 •- w- days a city cbuncil will be SWbrn in [for* the ,clty .of '' " ' . :' 'They will endeavor to do ajl in th1|ir7p'ower ; , , to run the ;rt\unicipal affairs in a!'satisfactory; and -'progressive manner. ' ' .' ' , With- that' thbught in mind It; seems to Us 1 ;'.that if we In Algona concentrated on two major . [points for 1&56 we could make progress in either, 'br both of them. , first, we need a better understanding and a friendlier feeling betweeti Algona and the territory that it serves. Understanding .civic'leader- ship can'help to bring a return of improved.public relations. The. use 'of the : mayor's, court'could beneficially be lessened as a starter. ."It does ho good in public relations to haVe-the Mayor-of Algona conducting'a court, be the mayor right oV' wrong, folks just don't naturally like It and their antagonism spreads • to ,the ! ir feeling about the whoJe community. Parking 'meters seem to be hereto stay,»but some of this parking ,meter funds, should defintely he ea^ 1 .:- 'marked arid laid away for eventual purchase iof another free, city parking lot. It ,will/take time, but unless some move is, made, ho future help id* tfie park- ing'problem can be,expected; ; ! . '.;-.-:. Second, we should 'sincerely, b'?nd: : . greater ' effort to invite smailiindustry to Algoria,; We.liavfe" a w'ell located community^ good highway ;pnd Tail connections, and good, people. All we ; .riegaSriow is ti make the'right contacts. . •• •['•••*-,^. '' Let's, make ;1956 the year in which we/eliminate some of the causes of 'frlctidn, drid 'expand the 'potential of.. ou'r-'own community bjr Adding •'• to its industrial', growth. ; ''>; •' ''' • '"• .', •"'. *-'• "•:".* •'•-."..*.'J ' i ''"'-'.. SIGNING HIS DEATH WARRANT ' • ^ 'Powell in Anampsa Eurejca—Republican .leaders who are urging Dwight Eisenhower : to be 'a candidate for president should have their heads examined. J. '.'.'.:. '] They should be ashamed'of their selfish in- trying to pursuade a : Great American to jeopardize, his health in an effort to get a bell wether for the head of the ticket wh6 is an assured vote "getter." "' '." N V"'' ^ ' :.- - / - Eisenhdwer has served'His Vobntry long' and ' well as a'soldier and;: in his term a > s president/ He should be allowed to enjoy respite from the heavy burden of leadership in the< sunset, ye^rs of; tyis life amid the tranquility of his Gettysburg iarhi. Like Herbert Hoover, and Barney Baruch, as a senior statesman, Eisenhower could-continue to provide great service to his country in the role Of ah adviser who^is in a: position^to.^ake the long --range-vjew;'•••-'--,.,-.?,.,,,-: .--'.. : ;.... ..,, ; .-.,... ... /- To demand that President Eisenhower run again'for the most exacting job'in the world is like signing'his death warrant. -.' ^Wbieliever! p'blltical party hopes to win the presidential election iri 1956 will have to carry ' th,e farm stated vote. ' • 'fOllb wing ; the i last presidential election, a corps of statisticians got'to work to prove that tlie farm vote didn't mean anything anymore. There were fewer farmers, they said, and the electoral'votes from the states termed "farm states" were not numerous on a' comparative basis. The statisticians can throw all their figures out the Window now. The personal popularity of Eisenhower .carried the last election for the Republican^ party. It will certainly have a strong bearing oh the; 1956 election as well, whether:he runs or, ,not. But there have been some other definite political trends which- have had the net- result of. putting the:farm vote back into the picture as perhaps the decisive one on a nationwide basis. The southern states' which gave Eisenhower support as against a traditionally Democratic background, -may still like Ike, but they are not going to vote Republican next year. <• . .. ,The. big-vote states, New York, Illinois, California, Ohio and Pennsylvania for, ejcample, may go. either way. It would not be off base too far to say'that some may be Republican, some Democratic. There are traditionally Republican states elsewhere which might be expected to remain Republican. , —-That brings us to the mid-western farm belt — states like Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, the Dakotas, Missouri, Kansas and Indiana (as well as Illinois), to name a 'few. How the. voters in th6se states'cast their ballots may well, be th? deciding factor. V ' ! . The next fe\v months may well tell the story, too. The president's 'attitude on the ; farm issue is much influenced by his brother Milton, Who ijrector ietfl" "Dig thoic c( America's Most Accurate* Public Opinioi Poll. feasoHx-hB <:ls not '"gettin ' Didn't eo'frii MMdef ,'diyil His 'bflWr-iHteBhlW f"' " the Mm^wlfr bt'$ SpaiilshAAtnefiaan: vete?aft's check. I ^ * ]: { Vi I |}:ui • : :i \ J K WvS f :' sblutibh' iri :the Works < in ;doftgress td give Captain Piggott a, K far, ; hJs. 54 jy6ars, of service tMele Sam. HdWevery if ,it doesn't 1 through, (Joe won't' raise 4 fuss.••.,»•-,'•".' ',-',.;••.•';''•<'' '.'.' "'•'-:'' •••;•• "1 > can: always retire to 'that $55,000,000vhdme; that's waiting tb take me ill," : he, smiled.. He referred , to. the," Old Soldier's Home. .-.', ; . •":'••"•• ••''.- • - ; -Y • ':• '•-.••• •;.'••' Well,'that's Captain Joe Pig- for,- you...-,.. .-• : :, ; :->.-',< ol: the* yomg Alasv. s _._ 6f "'IHS 1935 __.__—-... -.TI'MKIMIT*. ',today, and nlOJJt of th^ftjgsTOX- cotinty Wfere a8ai'it<Sal i <<'~TneiSani ta 'Glaus S«asan Had bee'ft M bl afld -successful '-oft* -Jo6illy} :; -V •free turkeys, atid } bWCk«M ip| a'duits:jaifid ;fr I ji ' Jii " & 5 - rf - j ay .tiff m '" greatly admires-Benson. Many other administrar tipn leaders do not. The action — or lack of action —i in the next few ^months, oan well be the final .turning point on how the mid-westVvotes in 1956, and that in itself can well be the key to victory for either party. •••-•-•'..' *•«..* WISER SPENDING OF SCHOOL DOLLARS Mitchell County Press — The objectors to the reorganization plans of the St. Ansgar community school district have decided to appeal Judge Tom Boynton's decision to the state supreme court. This is unfortunate, because the appeal may -well hinder reorganization proceedings throughout the state. One, fact is certain. .Iowa must proceed • \vith- reorganizatipn. Reorganization is the only way in LEAD OVER HARRIMAN IN NATIONWIDE TRIAL HE/ ELECTION- < By ; Kenneth Fink, Director^ Prin'cetpn Research Service Princeton, N. J. — How wouj the nation vote .today if Chie: Justice Warren .were the Repub Jican Presidential candidate ano] Governor. .Harriman of New York: were the, Democratic? ' . Jt Results -of. the latest United? States^ Poll,: survey findings in dicate that Chief Justice Warrei wouldiwin over Governor Harri man' by 'a 'decisive margin. When United States Poll st'af: reporters question asked of a the . following representative the nation's which- wercan 'support and improve OUK'Schools- -yJA^-^epublicarx, c a n d i d a t'e __?'j- :.!,. ...'!_,... ' . , ,.*"••'; ---v '••'.•• whiuh-bne would vou like t.c 111 E. Call Street—Phone 1100—Algona, Iowa Entered as second class matter at the posio&lc* at Algona. Iowa, under Act ot CongreM at March 3. 1B78. ,__ Issued, Thursdays in 1955 By THE UPPER DBS MOINES PUBLISHING CO. R. B. WALLER, Managing Editor C. S. ER LANDER, Advertising Manager NATIONAL EDITORIAL MEMBER AUDIT BUREAU OF _ CIRCULATIONS NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE Weekly Newspaper Representatives, Inc. 920 Broadway. New York 10, N. Y. SUBSCRIPTION RATES IN KOSSUTH CO, One Year, in advance $300 Both Algona papers, in combination, ~per~~year15 no Single Copies ——-..„.".". iflc SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTSIDE KOSSUTH One Year In advance «40j Both Algona paperi In comfclnation,"o"ne""««""" S'oo No subscription less than 6 months. ADVERTISING RATES Display Advertising, per inch , «3c OFFICIAL CITY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER and. still retain'some sense of sanity in. our state taxation base. Every -day 7,000 persons are added to our population. By 1970, the United States will have a population of 200,000,000. Iowa, in all probability, will continue to grow, although at a much slower rate.' Here, in Osage the need for additional school buildings will be imperative within a few years. Indeed, the problem here is already acute. In the past four years, the share of each lowan's personal income which has been devoted to school construction alone has increased nearly 100 percent. In 1950, .53 percent of personal income was devoted to school construction. Last year this figure had risen to 1.091 percent. This means that a person earning $4,000 a year was supporting school construction to the tune of $21.20 in 1950 and $43.64 in 1954. Iowa has risen from twenty-third among the states in 1950 to ninth last year in this vital phase of education. Our state ranks fifth in percentage of total income paid in school taxes and Sixteenth in operating expenses per pupil. We must continue to maintain this impressive pace. The only way such a goal can be accomplished is through wiser spending of our tax dollars. * * « The action of some children suggests that their parents embarked on the sea of matrimony without a paddle.—Arcadia (Wis.) News-Leader. * * * Two can live as cheaply as one—if >hey both have good jobs. _ The Prop Wash, Oak Harbor, Wash. Trouble is one thing you can borrow without references and some times you are in trouble if you do not have references. « « * Publicity is what people want put in the paper. News is what they are quite liable to want — kept out. Greetings From Us To You JO«.H CLAIR BLOSSOM INSURANCE AGENCY i ; ..;»,- , • '. .,. " •-,:>;/•••••', ' > ' ' ' ' ../']- • A'-'^i ' cross-section of voters: -* '.'Suppose the ,; Presidentif election -were being held -todaj and Governor Averell Hamman : of • New jYork^-wer* thf Democratic odndiaate' : , •» a n c Chief Justice Earl Warren wen trial heat election 'is :the fact that Independents — those --who consider themselves neither -Re 1 - publica,ns • rior • "Democrats and who hold the balance of ^power in 1 , eyery •' nationwide election-r- prefer Warre~n .to .Harrimari by^a margin -of- better than - two to one, 'Here s how -the nation's In- dejjeriderits- 'voted in today's trial hoii'f otiir»Hnn'" : ' •' • ' •. '•.' J , -. see win—the' Democrat Harriman or the Republican Warren?" A ' ... The results: . ( NATIONWIDE- ( Warren ___._:i___ 58% I ' Harriman — :',..'..— -38 '• Undecided __„_„.' 4 With the 4 per cent who said they were undecided .eliminated; the vote divides 60 per cent..for- Mr -Warren and '40'Tp'er cent 'for 1 Mr Harriman. • . '••' heat INDEPENDENTS ONLY, :' . NATIONWIDE :-''Warren ±-2--~~~~J--!Harriman f -U-J-_j : -;i4:_^2 ; Undecided .D-ii-^lKii.ii Of ' imp'pftanc'e, "^ tod, -is "'th'at more'than one'out of every -fiVe Democrats questioned iri the 'survey say "they would' -vote, for Warren; - : •'. : • '•'--> • ; ; • •"•• • DEMOCRATS ONLY, : %•''.- • ;NATIONWIDE v - ; Warren ..._ ! .i^—_>....23% : Harriman i J_—__.'—_^72 Unijecjdeci'' _ rto j_^ - --•^•' 5 As ' Wight be''' ex^ecte'd; ( Mr Warren . iis • very .ipopular -., w.ith QpE; Voters, c getting-,th^jn of each 100 Republicans ,ques- tiqnedl'in the survey., - REPUBLICANS ONLY, ;V." NATIONWIDE Warren ._„„_—..92% Harriman : _.__•'6 . Undecided ; _„—_ 2 .It must be understood that today's trial heat dection reflects only current sentiment and that much can happen .between-now and next^ November. ^ ;^"the Algona~tjpper Des^Moines presents the reports of the U. S. Of special interest in today's poll exclusively in this area. 31 .From, the files of the Algeria Upper De's Moines Dec. 17, 1935 '!-, *.--.._.*.' » . * : ' Noi one, but'two pied 'pipers came to Algona. They presented their idea to Mayor Specht -and .Health. Officer, Dr.:-Walter • Fra- s'er, and got the right to prepare .full-scale warfare to the death against rats and other forms of rodent life in the city.': The two men, both from Fort Dodge, presented fine .credentials, from practically everyWto\yn in; the area, arid their plan'."for-ridding the city of rodents-was fairly simple. They sold Individual --.- memberships in 'the*; Vatrextermihatihg club' blocks, - then proceeded to plant a.'foririi of poison at strar tegic'ispots;•, The - rats, unaware of theijCteadliness of .the poison, ate 'sSrhef'arid suddenly found their?.'intestines paralyzed. Th*ey were then .supposed to crawl out into the open an'd die. That poison was probably the fore-runner .of D-con. : . ^ . The'Skelly Oil Station in Algona was broken into Thursday night, and the police were hot on the trail of suspects, jn fac^" four or five had already been picked up and questioned. The thief or thieves set the latch on a door so it would not lock, then entered after the station was closed for the night and took-$13 from a secret hiding place in a back room of the building. It was evident that the job was home T grown, *but the culprit hadn't beep^-found. . Bay Bonftcke¥''] . of'fitonkVdroVe,te r to-get the fttest inf6i 's'talU^Hei'city? thlfee lots ahd '.VtfrJrk Well:was set ^6'rget Monday. ::; '•',"'• :>v> .•:'.•-•.•.-•;,•• ; ; ••A.- ": '.:*- ;.'•.:..# A.,- Jy* if ^ V A Social childifeHT : " '"' 1 and 3' p.ttt;: SatUrdi offered by Munagefr. . at the t!ali ^and? Junior theateBf Admission was freeuo' afiy;;iehlld^ wishing to cc.ntMbufe::a'used;t6y;; The .toys were .then to be'lwen' to Antoinette; Bonristetter, ,schobli nurse, wh6 would '(then 'distribute them to worthy urtforiUnatei-'^fljo might' otherwise miss Sahfa's Vis^ Dlckv Shaekelfbrd . artdv N^ny Bruns of ''Algona • Werd * among 32 men awarded football;letters at Simpson College, ilridiariblfl, recently. Both were outstanding on Bulldog football equads prior - " ; '- "'. •.:•,:'-.• ' t>y^-Ji&i$3Pf i '*W.!$'?&feSaW'' ': V'-'' ' "' ' ' whfe . lattef*s " guft -aeeidefttally dis- chSi?|ed; tHit ehftfp'-lilftlng i the top -of Mi 1 HaMWS h^fid. It re* . etashed.,:}i)t6 tho ,pi :,the John amen Christmas Club ' A We?* Bend man, ..^George Jacobs,/"h'a'd, the'misfOr;tun4 to receive-' a broken. nose in an acci- flent Satur'tray.'His aUfo collided; with a truck on a bridge, caus- t__ _ ,- _t A _. _»*«. __-_^l_S fng. numerous dentSj^. outsiHeTbf' ih¥"ih]ureTl "nose, "3am- age was'TSlight. ' Algona high school kept its winning streak -going and St. Cecelia's won its first basketball game of the season during the week. The Bulldogs rolled to a 53-27 win over' Manson, avenging a defeat at the hands of the same outfit a year earlier. Kenny Lynk and Bob Vost, with 13 points apiece, and Tom' Brjans with 12, led the locals to the win. St. Cecelia's dumped Wesley. 3216, as Bill Barry registered ten Doints and Ed Thissen nine. The high school's win.was the third HOME FEDERAL ; ; *..'"""'.( ' *' * • Savings & Loan Pay ' Weekly or/Monthly SOe For 50 Weeks ^ 1.00 For 50 Weeks 2.00 For 50 Weeks _ 5.00 For 50 Weeks _ 10.00 For 50 Weeks __ $ 50.00 __$! 00.00 __$250.00 __$500.66 ' , . _ , . Plan Next Christmas Now! 48-49-50-51-52 rs cience Shnnks by chart Here's what Skelly's Grease* Master Plan means to you! Your car is lubricated adcording to manufacturer's specifications, using .a chart that shows every lubrication pplnf• on your car. So costly oversights are virtu* ally eliminated. And you're reminded by, mail when it's liibrl* cation time again. Drive In to* day for Skelly Grease-Master Lubrication! 1000-MILE GUARANTEED Grease-Master Lubrication SEE US SCOBBA'S SKEUY SERVICE Corner East State & Colby Sis. Phone 788 . Monte Scobba *f CAPTAIN JOE PIGGOTT Washington—Joe Piggott's the kind of fellow you could easily write a book about. He runs one of the elevators for -the folks ol Congress. Right now, • Captain Joe, as they call him on Capitol Hill, should be retired. He's been with Uncle Sam since 1901—5i years. But the government won't give him a pension. Actually, it would take an act of Congress to authorize one. Joe's hoping for that. He's B3, still agile of body and spunky of mind. Joe Jooks like Barry Fit'/gorald of the movies. And although he has a .dozen and a half suits, he clings to a bit of the past in hii? dress—buckle button vests. shoes anc( penri- Joe we* a bodyguard to three Presidents of the United StatesTeddy: Roosevelt, William Howard Taft and Woodrow Wilson. Eventually, he (boc-ame captain ol the White House police. Tliiit'.s why they still call him "Captain HOW he happened to ge> Jo t)if White House is a strange unu dramatic story. • Joe was one of the top jockeys in the country as the- century turned. In fact, he still carried u little printed record book that shows he won the richest race in 1801. He won the Lady Slakes at Morijs Park. N. y., which carried a $50,000 purse Joe received $0,500. "Why, thyt was more than congressman made in a year in thost days," Joe reflected. <• v * Well, in 1888, when the Spanish-American vvyr broke out, they jjt'KsLoU goud luypsa fidei's^ Joe aBplied with T®jy Boo^-' ye t's %ugh Bidfrg,*ut c-o^Jji't qualify because of Mw^eM^-W |ounds. So he ^^H BOXJSB- veJts valet. A friendship blos- •ifwwi, Thc'ii wlicnv, Toddy; K,>. carafe? (;l*f t-sldent, •* hid " , Jpe, '.', '-Incidentally, rumancc bloomed 'for Joe at the White House. He met Matron Louise Harding, niece of a man who was to become. President of the United States. Joe married Miss Harding the day after their finst date—to the National Theater. They had five children, all boys. Mrs Piggott died in 1932. Two of the sons were killed in World War II. * * # After bodyguarding from 1901 R U S CO WINDOWS GALVANIIZED STEEL SELF- STORING COMBINATION gives you more convenience and comfort than «ny other combination window )• UUSCO DOOR HOODS AND WINDOW CANOPIES add greatly to the beauty of your home I Charles Miller RUSCO SALES Phone 741-W after 6 p.m. Display at 116 So. Dodge, Algona MtW APPLIANCES ^' ; ^ij^^M^i^^ji^^ ~r, ,..__.,, ^^^.j,^^^^^,,™^^,,^™^.,™^,^^^ New Way Without Surgery Finds Healing Substance That Do0s Both— Relieves Pain-Shrinks Hemorrhoids ' Astonishing statement* like "Piles have ceased'to be 8 problem!" • The secret Is a new healing substance (Bio-Dyne*)-discovery qf a world-famous research institute. This substance is now available in New York. N. Y. (.Specl.l) -For the first time Science has fou'n4 a new healing substance with the lutonish- ing ability to shrink hemorrhoids and to relieve pain—without surge'ry. In ease after case, while gently relieving pain, actual reduction (shrinkage) took place. Most (iimizinn 1 of all —results wore 10 thorouL'h tha( sufferers made tuppositaru or ointment form under the name Preparation ff.* At your druggist. Money back guarantee. •Bif. I). 8. fit. Off. >•>/;*•• Order Now From Our Beautiful Selection ! 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