The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 22, 1955 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 22, 1955
Page 15
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Sii That\qUesfieh will after the X engage. WHATTO Counf y _, -, ' ,-'•,» -en'' at the Algona theater irSUrfdBy > ;«Hd' :i Motiaay; • 'AH pyandividuals who. wish to fthf : ^flhtdst': may simply HIif^fiarrie;" address and height tfjeasiiremertts at the concession ICpUnter ,;-Vatr. the theater 1 ^Jtevtpe&trrian4vill receive as a pgjzej.a* toefe, rrjonthsV theater GatJfervvsVpund, yell'' you sky- sci%i>'ersi:and let's 'see who is the tallijat maft firitKossuth-county, •- Mrs C.i,% Jphri&nVsr:, oi'Cooh Rapfds, > Haf :JpM*pfiate salt and pepper|k6rff,fo$ almost ">any kirfd'_Pf a'parfy..-SKe has.a col- ledtibn pi -;63,S>pair.s< The col- ledUon ' sfai t ted'' > ifi'«:1936'''when ' a sori,ibrought her'a pair from England. ,,.,:;, ?: •• .'. V. "^•. -t- t5".*£i, ^'=»- ;,^ '*\ v. >c * '• ~~^— ' "I ' '• B A R LAKE ... I O WA ! tr FRfr DEC.: 23rd ' | '"MIDWEST;;- CARAVAN ' ttprmerly^lQwa'^Cbrritiuskeirs hV'. Dele. iZSth-rXmas Eye " V'Suj?,,? DEC; 25th Christmas Night - v ' Modern •" Dancing. •. and QRCH,. M3 WED.., DEC: 28th y>' .Teenagers ;Dance BAiROOM ;! WHXTTEMOHE, IOWA Friday, Pec, 23 ELMER SCHEID (!,!', TONY BRADLEY , Dec. 30 ;SPKE >i ASKELL -~~~—*;—. " Saturday," Dec, 31 New Year's Eve LYNN KERNS ' :'•-..- - ( -.' Sunday, January 1 JACK GOLE •• ' ' ' - No Advance Booth Reservations Doors Open, at 8:30 (Clark Gable "is'having one o! his mbsi 'successful movie years, the current "Tall Men" at the Algona Theater this Sunday arid • Monday, following the recent "Soldier x of Fortune/' Both films in I CinemaScbpe and De Luxe ! Color., ' •-,", ,'•'..' Behind The Movie Sets WITH BUDDY JVIASON Who's The TALLEST AAan jn Thi$ Area ? In! Buy>His'pantj5! right - I'll pay the bill at S & L STORE fpr )he man who bgys the longest pair pf pant* th.ere Between n^w and Janu- nry 1. DICK PHIUIPS r>, Algona Theatre "THE TALL MEN" Playing At AJgWfl Theatre Sunday & Hon. Featuring • Locomotives have had co-starring roles in motion pictures over a long' span of years. In fact, they've symbolized' the pro- .gress of'films-as they wheezed, or raced, past the milestones of time. . Edwin S. Porter's "The Great Train Robb/ry" brought to the silver-screen its first complete story. Broncho Billy Anderson played the Western lead while emotiog all over a limited • area of •; "wide-open-spaces" in an ersatz West bordering on .the outskirts' of Dover, New Jersey. * * »••-.' . • - • VV'HI '. .uElla Zumach ' ,*.*- • I".' : . * " "Movie budgets'being what Ihey were at the time, Broncho Billy also played just about every other character, too, except the locomotive. He was the bandit who snot .a" passenger, the passenger who was shot and, he even played the fireman who tangled with another "road agent" in the locomotive caboose! . • • • /• .* Arthur Odgaard « * * "The Great Train Robbery" holds its place in Moviedom's Hall .of Fame not because of any great creative excellence but due to the fact that it was the first smash box-office hit. From that time on, plenty of financing was available for motion picture pro duction. « «. t Throughout the followingyears, locomotives .were identilieu with truly great stories which have marked the amazing growth of films as a creative medium. From the parly Helen Holmes railroad thrillers, on up through John Ford's "Iron Horse," "Tr»e Atchisbn-Topeka & Santa ,Fe," and "Union Pacific," railroad yarns have enjoyed a full measure of popularity. — 'Now, 53 years after a' gasping public thrilled to its first train-Western picture, Walt Disney is making the epic train, thriller-diller of all time. He's re-staging the wild, fateful race between .the Union- manned "General" and the Confederate-manned "Texas," a hair- raising, no quarter, duel of the rails between two locomotives which resulted in the first awarding of the Congressional Medal of Honor, » » * Mrs Jeriy McVay .., . 'AWhfc 'Vffxas" in "the Gtreai Locomotive' Chase," she ••: fdrg'ets she's a lady,, and becomes ; M implacable Avenger. She's, [out ;•• to, Hunt , v doWn,; • .raiders Irprri 'the' union. • raiiks ', who penetrated 'deep into' -GorifeHerate .'territory to ruin: .tHeiSoUth's vital ^military. transport; (system. • ' ' ' :-'.... ( ..- . .8^ (SuBielhces will' see' 1 her 'care^mhg ibaCkwards db\Vn the rails) -with' Jeff Hunter as the pur- suirilpWillJam A. Fuller, standing atop her tender to spot barriers of railrbad-ties, broken rails aW flyinif,bpx-cars cast in her speeding v path by ;Fess Parker, as the hard i ngnting raid-leader, James J. Andrews. • "•• . : : :• •?*; ,.' .•:*•''.* '':*.'•.: ' 1 In''hei; hew role, she's carrying on "in the tradition of alt movie locomotives that have accompanied, the progress of- motion pictures. She'll 'be filmed in ,the newest > Cinemascope-Technicolor processes — and, who know^, she may still be around 50 years from now 'to welcome in newer, more aniazing mo;vie-making innovations and techniques! /: • • »•'..« * : • •. • *.', Marie Bopno : If the little "Tex»«." with her ballooning stack, pencil - thin boiler and high driving wheels, looks familar to moviegoers, there's a very good reason. The "Texas" > s being played by one of Filmdom's favorite locomo-. tives, the "Inyo." This little, un- gini> was originally built in the 1870's for the < Virginia and Truckee Railroad. Hqr first job was hauling a flood of. silver that pouved from the fabulous Cornstock lode near Nevada's Virginia. City. * the Virginia & Truckee litie was abondoned, this tiny wood-burner was still a proud .Queen of the Rails. She chugged her way around the nation until sh> was finally outmoded by more modern, but far less picturesque, work-horses, powered ,by coal ancj oil. Jj-jater. the "Inyo" displayed hep 34-ton, brassbound beauty and her lacquered black, red «<Jd gold "dress" at a few fairs before eventually bo- coming a Movie Queen. • •' e ffjjut h«? »n City. *The Harvey Girla," "Due] ifl the 8m" "Pad Man's Tem toi'y, '^Recp River." "Whisperin Smith," "Carson City," and Wa , to namu » few films that Whifteinore News Ralph Sebers and Rpnald Hedin arrived here Saturday from Aurora, 111., to spend the Christmas' ^weekend hero with parents, Both are -employed in Aurora." j: . Brenda Gad«, daughter of Mr and Mrs .Lawrence—Gade, and Richard Meyer, son of Walter A. Meyer, both students at Cdncor- dia Teachers College at Seward, Neb.,-arrived Saturday to spend the'holidays with their parents. • Jerry Bormann, son of Mr and Mrs Charles Bormann, arrived in the states recently from Japah. He received his discharge in San, Diego, Cal., and. at present is at home with his parents. Agnes Schipporite, teacher ,V St. Paul's Lutheran uchoql, left Friday for Ainsworth, Neb., tjj spend her Christmas vacation with her parents. .Mr and Mrs Arthur Heidenwith, spent lasK week Tuesday at the home of Gustie Lavrenz, and her daughters, Mrs Marvin Honv-b'f Miami, Arrzbna, and Mrs Amelda Wermerson, of Tucson, Ariz. They left from Mason City, Wednesday evening to their homes, and were accompanied b"y their mother who will make her home with thorn. - William Monarch was taken to St. Ann 1 hospital in Algona .Wednesday for observation. At last report Mr Monarch is well on the road of recovery and will be home soon. John Monarch was taken to Rochester last week where he went through the Mt>yo Clinic. The Whittemore Schools, ,St. Michael's, St. Paul's Lutheran, and the Whittemore Public school will close i for • the Christmas holidays, Dec. 23, and will open again on Jan. !i, 1SJ56. Mrs Pearl Hanson wrived home Thursday night from Rochester : Six, . fee sure aild teas page thoroughly and if tyoU" spot your name', indiyldltally* you will receive free admittance to the outstanding movie, "Tall Men"^ playing -at; the ",. Algona fheiie* Sunday arid •• Monday. Just give • your 7 ;name at the^beix '' " where she; -underwent surgery .t ThPugK' "feet, cpmtDletely;;'- fcured from Tier fiilrnent;;sne :; wa$;r"eHey-« ed :frpm her- sieVere palrif; suffer^ ed before stirgery, ! ; \vi?-jl',J'V . Mr and Mrs Donald Coilfpd arrived here at the^arehtaijlhome' of Mr and Mrs Conrad Alig last iwe'ek Tues'dly. They will-'ipmain: here 'over .iCKilStmas.^ 'Mpnday, Dec. 26 they will 'leave ; >ioK San Diego, where Mr Corirad'wlll bes! stationed with the army. Hfe was Called home from : Gerriiahy recently due to the death of his parents, Mr and Mrs Leo Conrad of New Hampton, lh ah 'Suto accident. : < Mr and Mrs Dennis'Weber and family vacated the George Meyer house just South, of Main street Saturday and 'ffioved to the Frank Kqlfa'SCh ripude in the .east part of tbwh, .the" former Grandma Dailey horrie. ( St. Paul's Lutheran, choir- held •a Christmas .party in the basement of the churiih Sunday night. ,*The men who ari-' frtemoers of the choir brought , {hfcir wives, and the women' their': husbands. Court Whist Was .played, Alyin Meyer winning high, Mrs La'w- .rence Gade, low, and Mr Butzke won the plate 'prize; Gifts were exchanged, and Mr Butzke, choir director, was presented with ja check. . ' THURSDAY THRU SATURDAY;. LAKOTA NEWS Mr and M« Vincent Miller have moved into the former Robert Beemer house which they recently purchased. They held a closing out farm sale in October and Vincent has been operating the former Jack Reis- dorfer Recreation Parlor- since, November 1.- Mrs Miller la .'the former Lois Bruer. . and boys - will leave ; Friday to spend Christmas- with Russell's parents in Archer, Mrs TePaske and :boys will remain there for WHEN THE U.S.MPCI USED A KIMONO GIRL, TO SMASH TOKYO'S UNDEflGOUND NETWORK OF TERROR! ROBERIRl ROBERT SfflCK SHIRLEYT ClERONllICMl with SESSUE H^fAKAWA SANDRO GIGtj •j.-..- 1 .' 1 i Special Featurette fTHE LIVING SWAMP" CHILDREN'S SATURDAY A.M. MOVIE SERIES TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE! First Show Sat., Dec. 31, ^.at .1.0.a.m.. ALL-CARTOON & COMEDY SHOW 8 SAL A.M. Shows For $1.00 ;" ; i ; -..•-'. ..T. '• • V :- • aegulai single admission 16 each 'P e «al show will be 25c. Save 51.00 by buying a Season Ticketl the hPlidays while Mr will be in LeMars. He is a.local high School teacher. *.': <••; Set up on the front lawn of the Fred Hulttncr honie'vin the south part of Lakota is a' Nativity Scene worth 'driving miles tp see. • -•• • • ' •'• >" •'•>• •' ' ',.93 .. V. •' . One of Winfield's oldest 5 fesl- deflts recently observed her 03rd birthday. She is Mrs Clara Orris. , . . At Coralvllle, Mr and Mrs . Charles Guy recently observed their 58th wedding ahrtiversary. | UDM Classifieds Pay Dividend* ' HEY KIDS! BIG FREE SHOW FOR YOU SATURDAY MORNING (10 A.M.) (Courtesy .of -the Algona Moose Lodge) No tickets Necessary! ,f He fought the Apache terror. .STARRING AUDIE LORI ' CHILL MURPHY-NELSON-WILLS K.T. STEVENS -.RUSSELl JOHNSON* • MAQGE^MEREDITH -.ROY,ROBERTS PLUS 3 COLOR CARTOdNS 1 . - • •'•.'.")•' > . , The. above i Bowling Standings-aro Presented lo You Each Week •;:••.• . • • Through The Cburte'sy-of >•'• MORCKDi SPECIALLY SELECTED FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS! f '. • ' . • (Continuous Both Sunday & Monday From 1:00 P.M.) SUNDAY & MONDAY SiiiiPw^^^pp@®(pS!iiyiP^iR^ STdRZa BREWING^ Like a refreshing dip, Storz has what it takes to satisfy your thirst, Each golden glassful is a toast *to pleasure — Bitter-Free pleasure - with no lingering aftertaste. You'll find it less-filling, too. That's why smart moderns agree Storz is truly . AM E RIO A* BARRY'S % *-.- ;: Monday Men W KCs .34% Bode Billiards . ...33 Miller High Life 28 . Moose 27 Bode D-X L..19 Clark Grain --18M; Don's Phillips 66 17 Schulte's Rep. 15 Tuesday Men W Secley Farms 27 Moose 27 Blatz i.^ 26 HamnVsi - r ; 26 Russ & Ky's ...24 Peterson's Cafe 23 Barry's 17 National Guard 7 Wednesday Women W Druggists' Mutual 29 Cook's Welders 25 Vt Thuente's 24'/i Bancroft 18 Moose 17'/i Coast-to-Coast .17 United Variety '13 Vs Welp's 11 Thursday Women W Sharp's 24 Hood-Winks 20 Bill's Standard 20 Van's 20 Storz-cttes 18 18 ASC 17 19 Bradley Bros. 13 '23 1. Wallburg's ...12 24 I! 14 HAWKEYE LANES 20 American League 21 W L 29 Studers Stock Farm..-46 18 29'/ 2 Titonka Indians 44Ms 19'/i 31 Brandt Buick ..42 22 33 Hamilton Hatchery ...35'/a 28V'2 Bakers Livestock 34 30 L Sjogrens 32'/2 31 Vi 15 Sorensen Mtr. & Impl. 29* 35 18 Robinson Produce 26 38 19 Boone liidge -.-25 1 /' 38'/ 2 19 Lions .1 25 39 ' 21 Corwith 23 41 22 Hefti Lockers 21 43 25 National League 38 W L Algona Produce --...-45 19 L West End Billiards _-40Vs 23'/z 10 Ernie Williams P-C -.39 25 13% Seven-Up ... 34 Vi 29 Vi 14 V4 Ready-Mi v .__.__ 34 30 21 Bancroft Oil Co 33 31 21 Vi Burl Co-Op &iev. 33 31 22 Ernie Williams J-D ..-29'-i 34'/z 25% Koss. Co. Implu. 25'4 38Vi 28 Britt _.J T 24 40 Ray's Jack Sprat __..24 40 L Rood Ins. 22 42 12 Western League 16 W L 16 Swurtz Hdwe. 43 17 16 Tilonkn 43 17 Pioneer Hibred 39 21 Burt Merchants 38 22 Mutual of Omaha -T.-SS 25 Plantation ------ 35v 25 Sjogren's .32 28 Sargent Feeds ,..29 31 Albright Aero-Service 26 34 Rapid Thcrmogas 19 41 Thomas Skelgas 12 48 Kossuth Mo.tor 9 51 Classic League W L Beccher Lane 43 17 Hamms 41% 18% State Farm Ins. 40% 19% S. & L. - 40 20 Plantation _ -..36 24 Titonka - J32 28 Seeley Farms 26 34 Root Hdwe. .25% 34% Hub Clothiers 24% 35% Scobba Skelly Serv. -.18% 41.% Miller High Life 17% 42% Burt 16 44 Mixed League W L Has Boons - ...48 12 Sinclair Oilers _i 43 17 Buckaroos 37 J 23 Vets 36 24 Conoco Service ...i.-Sl 29 Brandt Buick 29 31 Aces 26 34 '. Sargent Feeds 26 34 Standard Oil 25 35 , ' Strudels 23 37 ! Farmers Co-op 22 38 Hutzell's Cities Serv.--14 , 46 Recreation % league Standings Hawkeye Leagye Standings ef <Mftrfk'Di«t-'<& & Sttri iff wing

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