Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 3, 1947 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, February 3, 1947
Page 8
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PAGE *— NAtJGATUCK NKW8 (CONN.), MONDAY, FKB. 3, 1947 Your American Red Cross By Amy "Red" Grosser "WHAT WILL THE RED CROSS HOME NURSING COURSE DO FOR ME?" That, Is usually the flrsit question asked when convocation switches to the coming class at the local chapter house. Well, it will do u lot of things. Cut rather than take up all of them, tiupposc we consider the first IcfMon of the scries. In those two hours, you will lc;irn, law though you didn't know) that health Is the basic factor to the happiness of nearly every por- pon. But the course goes a little farther. Not just physical health, l>u, mental and emotional health as well. You can't get away from the fact that health, security, self- expression and congenial companionship all £o togc!.hcr. It's Just that health is -the foundation ot them nil. By learning to take care of your own body ao that you may be reasonably sure of having the physical and mental vigor to live successfully, you acquire a feeling of security. That feeling in turn gives you a desire to uso your intelligence and ability for sonic good purpose, and therein comcH the self-expression. And as long as one has satisfactory Helfcxprcssion, he Is happy and efficient, and gets along well with his associates. Anil •here la certainly no quality othci than the ability to get along harmoniously with other people in business and social life which .unices for successful living, Some people call. It personality, othcri . Individuality, but is nothing more than a combination of pliy- Ucal and mental health. ThoKe arc the reasons for taking the course, and now that wo have the reasons, the instructions go Into how to acquire these valuable assets. And what do we find? Anxiety and fear are emotions which inter- cro with our sense of security. So the course goes on to explain, how to overcome these. How to analyze fear Itself comes In for a serious dlscusion. Common sense rules for menial health, such OB "waste ,10 lime in looking backward" arc taught, and then ways -of securing rest and relaxation properly so that nerves and muscles can recover from undue strain. Why they even teach you how to make a bed properly, and go into detail on good sleeping habits. Recreation is ii necessity, not a luxury, and a hobby of some sort tuc best way of diverting attention from routine work, and offer- Ing an outlet for personal urges and interest. All of this, mind you in the first evening of Instruction. - Church Notes - St. Mary's of tite throats will take plucc at •! o'clock this nCtcrnoou and after devotions this evening. St. Francis' There will be no rehearsal this week for the musical revue. N'cx: Sunday is regular com- NovcniT, devotions in honor of'mtinion Sunday for High School Our Lady of thc Miraculous Moduli hoys and girls. They will have their will be held this evening at 7:30. (own Mass in t'iio chapel. Thc High School Study club will I The regular weekly entertain- mcct after the devotions, A requiem high Masj will be ccle- ;>uitcd at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning for Mrs. Victoria Poura at the request of the Aliar society. Confessions will be heard Thursday afternoon at 4 o'clock and in Ihc evening »it 7 for the flr.-it Friday. Holy CommMnlon will be distributed Friday morning iit 0:13 and 7 o'clock. The Mass Friday rnoi'ninfr will be at 7:30. A month's mind Mass for Mrs. ..Martin L. Caino, icqucstecl by Michael and Helen Cainc and Mr. ment will be given at 8 o'clock Friday. The Senioi choir will meet Tuesday u: 7:30. The Junior onoir will meet Thursday at 7. Frlcliiy is the first Friday of the month. Confessions will be held Thursday afternoon and evening. Masse* Friday will be at 5:30 and 7:30. .Communion will be distributed at (J:30 and before tine 7:30 Mass.' Throats will bo blessed at 3 o'clock this afternoon and at 7:30 this evening. ;ind AIi i. Alexander Peslck. will be Instructions for public cclr.'br.itccl Saturday morning at 8 .school children will be o'clock. Tht> xvot-kly paris* entertainment will be K'vcn in :hc ohurch basement Thursdjy evening at 8 o'clock. Catechism classes for public school children will be hc!d Thursday afternoon. St. Michael's llrituon full* 121cy>:lny uf thc throats In c»bscrv- iinur cC the Feast ot St. Hl;ilse will lake place t.hl.i afternoon at 3:30 again thia evening after thc rcf.'ulai novuna devotions In honor 01 St. Joseph. school srlven Thursday afternoon. Thc High School Study club will moot Friday evening at 7 o'clock. A first anniversary Mass will be cciobKiced tomorrow morning a'. 7:30 fsr Daniel Collins. A second anniversary Mass will be celebrated Friday morning at 8 o'clock for Pvt. Edward Moran. A month's mind Mass for Miss Rose Doian will be celebrated Saturday morning at 8 o'clock, S*. Hedwig's Biasing of thc tftrouts in honor of tht- Feast of St. Blaisc will uikc Confessions for the flvst Friday | l>l"ee thl.-: evening at 7:30. The Hl«!i will be held Thursday £.fternoon ' School Study club will meet thb, nnd evening. Thc Mn.*3 on Friday i evening after the ceremony, will be at 7-30 H'lv.e Roman Catiholic Union will i •-•-•-- nt 2 i Girl Scouts Attend Lecture On Bird-Lore Troop 80, Girl Scouts of Beucon Valley, with their leader, Mrs. Albert Miller and assistant leader Mrs. Charles Robinson, visited a bird-lore museum in Watortown Saturday where they attended n lecture given by Richard Camp bell, taxiuormist. Among the collection of rare animals, birds nnc reptiles from nil parts of the world arc some donated by Frank Buck and the late Osa Johnson. Those attending: Shirley Benson, Ruth Durcttc, Alunnah Trlpp Mary Horan, Jo-Anne Dohlman, Elizabeth Fetko, Sylvia Obst, Doris Sweet. Dorothy Strcfiman, Patricia Thlbodoau, Joan Robinson and Louis Robinson. Assisting in the transportation were: Mrs. Louis Obst, Charles Robinson and Mr, and Mrs. Alfred Dcnson, Troop 90 will make original Valentines at a meeting today at 3:30 in the Beacon Valley Granke Hall. Give Full Details, Patterson Urges Constituents Congressman James T. Patterson has Issued the following statement In order that he miirht br setter aided in ' obtaining information for veterans and their famlics: "During my first month of service In the Congress, I have already had innumerable requests for information relative to veterans pension's. Insurance, claim adjustments, dependency allow- innes and all other queries which might be made by veterans, servicemen and- their families. "Delay in answering such in- !Uii-ies is often necessitated by ack of information given when thc correspondent asks for such nformation. Persons writing relative to such subjects should, whenever possible, include full name, a'st known address, sciial or claim number, and any pertinent in- "ormation previously given by Government Agencies processing such claims. "Adherence to this system will facilitate greatly the settlement it claims or sought'a,fter information, and enable rm: to serve you more cxpcditiously." Republican Party Spokesman Favors Sales Tax Idea Gets 20-Year Term Naugatuck Girls Receive Diplomas At St. Mary's Alice Cecilia and Gertrude Helen O'Brien, both 1 of Naugatuck, were awarded diplomas at commence mcnt oxccchcg of the St. Mary's hospital school, Watcrbury, yesterday afternoon at the Immaculate Conception church. The 24 members of the RTaduat- ing class were addressed by the Rev. Joton P. Glynn, Hartford. The Mo»t Rev, Henry O'Brien, Bishop O j Hartford, presented the was attended by 'Michael Toomey,; diplomas to 'the graduating nurses, Robert M, Shepherd, Walter B. a ,, mom bers of thc Nurse Cadet Charles Ashford Recommended For Eagle Scout Award Scout CI-urieis.Ashford, of Troop 2, Naugatuck,;.vW«3 recommended for the award of Eagle Scout Badge [to the". National Council, Boy .Scouts of America, at a meeting of -the Advancement Committee Fri- iday night at the Mattatuck Council I ofllce in Watcrbury, I Promotions •made at troop boards of review during the month .of January' were reviewed by the committee) • •". Harold G. Manning, chairman, presided at the meeting <vh:cn A court in Bordeaux, Franco, .sentenced Afiigdu PontunRcs; (above), who boosted n brief romance with Bcnlto MiiNsolinl, to 20 year* ut hurd labor for her activities as an enemy agent during the war. All her property WIIH confiscated. Only throe witnesses were culled in the brief trial that was complotoil in ICSH than a day. (International) Smith, F. E. MfeCorm-Mi, Joseph Jppolito, Ernest ChristofTcrson and David F. Babson, Scout executive. All-American Vets Plan St. Patrick's Dance Members of the AH-Amcricar. Veterans at a, recent nice-ting voted to hold a St. Patrick's Day dance it a date to be announced. Proceeds will bo u.scd to purchase ft flag of the United States and an ganizationul flag. A contest will conducted during the event. ... The prize committee includes: Robert La-wlor, chairman; Donald Nibble. William Wood and Howard Dance committee members arc: Leroy Murphy, chairman; Frank Tohnson. Jack Ashmorc, Francis Schae'fer, Ed-ward Gargoniu. and "3dward Schrull. Mcmt>,;rs will mctet Thursday.' Feb. fi. at the Y. M. C. A. to di.scuss ind vote upon matters relative to he organization. Commanaer Frank Johnson requests all members to attend. Fish, Game Club Plans Improvements Plans for •improvements to club property- will be discussed at the regular monthly meeting of the Nuurtatuclc 1' isn u.nd . u.-<me C'ub Wednesday r 'evening at 3 o'clock at the Town Hall, Dr. Joseph Sitar, president, announced today. Pre-war manufacture of pianos amounted to about 11,000 units each year in the U, S. In addition there were slightly more than 3.000 organs of various types Corps." Local Choirs In Music Festival Choirs of the Congregational, Hillside Congregational and Methodist churches participated with nine other choirs last evening in a music festival held in the Second Congregational church, Watcrbury. Dr. H. Augustine Smith of Boston university School of Music, directed the choirs, assisted by Jesse F. Davis, minister of music of the Second Congregational church, and Norman D. Hovcy, organist. Additional Classified Announcements ~~ NOTICE Ashes removed—rubbish removed from cellar. Sand and gravel. General moving. Tel. 4292 or 4702, NOTICE FRANCIS DELFINO — Connecti cut's Finest Orchestras—All size available 'for dances, entertain mcnts and all social events Wtby. 3-4037 or 3-73G1. For Sale Houae* for Sale VACANT 4 room cottage, fully furnished. For further details, call A. Shepley, 2433 or fil-H. 4 band K»r Sale NOTICE Supernumeraries Meeting Tonight Supernumerary policemen of th ocal force meet at thc police sta .ion tonight at 8 o'clock to .he recent opinion of Boroucrh At .orney Martin L.. Caine relative to j'the borough being liable for super I numcrary policemen while work inpr for private individuals. . , , ,, , Attorney Cainc's opinion' was >,nr,,n" to look as if the general , thal thc patrolmcn have no causc issembly will g,ve more than ordi- fo| . actif)n aj .., inst tho bo ,. 0 , lsh H .m Consideration to a proposed , w|| , nf)t ba ontiUGd to "benefit? of workmen's compensation, disability, pension, etc.." 1C they sus- Hartford. Fnb. 3—<UP>—It's bc- salcs tax. This assumption is based on an ntervicw \vith William J. Brcn- nan. who is unofficial spokesman 'or the Republican administration. Brennan says that a majority of | he legislators — to use his own voi'ds—seem to prefer a sales tax. Brennan says that states that T*VC Imposed sales taxes have 'ound them easy to get rid of, have accomplished their tain injuries while working for a privjitc individual. fb HBI.IIVK SORETHROAT du» to a cold... let a little time-tested The regular monthly meeting of] moot next Sunday afternoon thc Catholic Lndlesf Guild will take o'clock. Religious instruction for public place Tuesday at 8 p. m. Devotions for children will be hckl morning at 0 o'clock. school Saturday A wartime economy drier furnace for drying cotton by direct hr;.it from oil or has been developed by engineers of thc department of agriculture. school children will be given Thurs- and 0:30 clay afternoon at 3 o'clock Sunday morning after the Mass. Confessions In preparation for the first Friday will bo 'heard Thursday atUrnuon and evening. M'ssei Friday will be at 7 and rt o'clock. High Costs Halt Works Projects In Many Cities Chicago (U P) — Higher costs ,n-c forcing an interesting number oT cities to postpono major public work.i prajcctH, the International nity Manager* Asuaclatlon reports. OC 17 cities rocontly nerved ncraly al are curtailing construction of capital Improvements because of 100 per cent increases In building Cf>nt.i, thc asHOcUitlon s-.iid Thc Immediate noces.ilty of paylns higher wiiRcs and extending sonn: rlly services regardlr.i.H of cist huH atlniuliitcd "the already almost rlcspcrnlo unaroh for new sources of revenue." It said. M'ljikcgon. Mich., was cited aa typical. Work on thc city'* ncv/ ti'w.ige disposal plant addition %va^ .suspended hncauyc It Would cost SCYVXIO l.ortav for construction planned last year to cost $, r iOO,000 Tj/ti'f.icsvlllo, Okla., nwy 'have tn i-jtlon wwtcr next summer, the as- soclitlon said. because rosU of Constructing a new pumping station havo become prohibitive. Bids were rcjecsted on a needed waterworks jit Grand Junction Co!., because oo.-its wcro f«r beyond limits, the association Other cities which postponed conitructlon work were Berkeley. Cnl.; Austin. Tox,; Long Bench, Cal.; High Point, N; C.: Ashf.abula. O.: N'cwto.i. Kan.; Hoitnokc. Va,. •ind W«vit Palm Bnach. Fla. At the snmf time more than h»lf of thr 17 cltlosi found It nec- r.ssnry t'j boost tax rate* during thc year, the association «ald. Thi-f>n c!'-l';s lowered ratoa, but In- r.rcasod property valuation generally trolled total property (ax rev- Scoutten Rotary Club Speaker "How the Mind Works" will be •ho subject of Dr. E. F,_Scoutten, guest speaker for the ' luncheon meeting of the Rotary Club at he Y. M. C. A. Wednesday noon, it was announced today by James F. Kissane, president. Dr. Scout- ten in associated with the Naugu- '.uok Chemical company. Odd Fellows Meeting Tonight Income taxes, according to Brennan. have a tendency to become permanent. Furthermore, Brennan says that in order tn become effective, in- onmc taxes must have a base of 'ibout ?2f'10. which hits thc !o-,v- wage earner. Brennan thinks horse racing us a revenue - raising proposition, wouldn't enough money. Governor McConaughy delivers his budget message to thc legislature next Tuesday. The feeling around thc Capitol i:i that ho may come out Tor a sales tax. .. works fine! Legal Noticei FranclM J. Mcrkln, Deputy Gr«nd Muster, and Adolph Grube, Dis- rlct Deputy, will be present at a urcting of thc local chapter of Odd Fellows tonight at Odd Fel- •nv.s' hull. Thc meeting will start it S o'clock. Noble Grand Leonard • Three out-of-town drivers, all Fined $25 On Bogus Check Complaint John Deegan, 46, 72 Elizabeth street, vWaterbury, charged with obtaining money under faLic pre- tcnseK, was fined 520 when arraigned before Judge Martrn I*. Caine in borough court thia morning. Dccgan was arrested Jan. 29 in Union City by Police Chief John Gormlcy and Patrolman Wilfred £von. He allegedly cached a bogus check at the Valley Grill, Naugatuck. The ease of William Karauinsky. 38, 51 South Main street, chnrg-ed with non-support, was continued until Feb. 11. announced. Refreshments will be .served after the meeting. FBI Official Y's Men's Guest The Naugatuck Y's Men's Club "III have Howard B. Flecher. of •he FBI. as guest speaker at their weekly dinner meeting, Tuesday night In thc Y cafeteria. Wes Coe. chairman of thc club's program committee will preside. HALF INTKHKST SOLO Half interest in Duffy's restaurant on Water street has been sold by Carl Ippolito to Jeremiah A. Duffy, according to a bill "of sale filed in thc olllcc of Town Clerk Ituymond J. St. John. Television can be a potent aid to law enforcement officials, The criminal's photo may be flashed on sc-ts ln ( millions of homes and offices slmultaeously, reducing a fugitive's chance? to escape. charged with violation oC the rules cf t-hc 1-03 d. forfeited bonds of $5 each wlien their cases were called. Thc drivers were: John Plasko, 31 Third street, Seymour; Joseph Giicrrieco, 520 SSouth Main street, VVaterbuiy; and George Bensavagc, Utchficld 'place, Watortown. The three men drove throur/ft red traffic lights according to police. NOTICE The Boara of Tax Revue for the Borough and Town ot Naugatuck will hold sessions beginning Saturday Feb. 1st, to hear and de- tnrmitii; all appeals from thc doings of the Board of . Assessors. Said meetings will be held in the Town Hall building, Osscssors Of- llcc, on dates as follows Saturday, Feb. 1st. Jrom 3:00 to 5:00 p. m. Wednesday, Feb. Oth, from 3:00 to 5:00 ]>. m. Wednesday, Feb. 10th, from 3:00 to 5:00 p. m. Wednesday, Feb. 26th, from 3:00 to T>:00 p. m. Saturday, March 1st, from 3:0') to T>:00 p. m. Dated at Naugatuck, Conn., this 2Sth day of January, 1947. JAMKS CUDDY, Chairman UEORGE LAMBERT. HAROLD STINSON. Old Age Assistance Tax Bills Mailed Old Ago Aselstancc tax bills to- talinc about 10,000 have been mailed to residents of the bor- oiith, it has been reported by Tax Collector Patrick F. McKeon. The $3 tax is payable on or before March 1, after which date delinquents will be assesed an additional $1. Residents between thc acres of 21 and 60 years are taxable. NOTICK Take notice that a public hearing will be held ut 8 o'.clock Friday evening, February 7, 1CM7 in thc Town Hall, Town of Beacon Falls, State ot Connecticut, on thc application of Garry. Fuco to conduct a Used Car Dealer Business on No. Main St., Beacon Falls, Conn. Dated at Beacon Falls, Connecticut, this 29th day of January '1947." Attest: . T. W, SEMPL.ENSKI ' EDWARD J. SMITH . RALPH E. UPtllGHT"'. Selectmen^ LIQUOR PERMIT^ Notice of Application This is to give notice that f. Slratton Ki alls, ' of Glenbrook Apts.'; Naugatuck, have filed an aopllcft- tion datod Feb. 1, 1947.- with the Liquor Control Commission for', a restaurant-full liquor, permit for the sale of alcoholic liouor on the premises, 18-22 Park Place, Naugatuck. Thc business is owned bv Stratton Kralis, of Glenbrook Apts., Naugatuck, and will be conr ducted by Strattoh Kralis of Glenbrook Apts.. Naugatuck, aa per- mittee. STRATTON KRALIS. Dated: Feb. 1, 1947. MIT.K' DEALER wants to buy 20C quarts of milk daily In vicinity of Naugatuck. Write Box "E/ caro of ,J>Jaugatuck News. Employment Help Wanted—Male WANTED—News Carriers in al sections of town. Inquire Mr. H T. Dillon, News Office. REGENT College graduate chem 1st or chemical engineer for work v as an assistant chemist in Rub- b,er laboratory of a plant located In uouthwestern part of Conn State in detail in .first hand-written letter, age, education, experience if any, and remuneration expected. Write Box A, Care of Naugatuck Daily News. Help Wanted—Female RELIABLE Mother's Helper wanted. Pleasant home in the country. Live in. Write Box B, care of "News." Waitresses JVanted—Married wom- efi for full or part time work. Andy's Campus, 166 Church St. For Sale Houses for Sale VACANT PROSPECT 6 ROOM HOUSE—With domestic hot water and 3 Car Garage; including 1 Car Garage in Basement, About 12 acres of mostly woodland with small pond and about 1,000 feet on State Highway. Drive out and look for our sign. On Prospect to Union City Highway. WALTER H. HART, INC. REALTOB — INSURANCE John C. Klernnn Eve. Naujf, ,")707 20 East. Main St., Wtby. 4-3129 I FAMILY HOUSE —For sale in good neighborhood. Built in 1940 when good material was available., Oak, floors, fireplace! oil burner, copper pumbing and gutters,'.well, insulated and weather-Stripped. Full length screens and storm Bash- Garage with overhead door, asphalt driveway. Tel. Wtby. 3-5492. TWO Family House on Greenwood St. Three rooms in each apartment. Immediate occupancy. Call or see Joseph V. Kosko, 3 Union St. Tel. 4928-29.52. LOT on Riverside Drive—lying between two Highways—1,420' frontage, 75 to 100' deep. Must be sold immediately. Price $1,500- Louis Taylor, 75 Huntingdon Rd., Stratford. Tel.-7-3625. «TAMJMM» IMk? AS THE DAYS BEGIN TO LENGTHEN, THE COLD BEGINS TO STRENGTHEN. And what a month February is for warm, mellow, soft, fleecy overcoats that make a New Eng- / land winter enjoyable. There's the famous Rogers-Feet, Mt. Rock, Rickey-Freeman and those gallant Burberrys overseas overcoats all primed with quality, good looks, good tailoring, } good style and good to the last thread. $45 to $100. Lubricate Your Car Every 1,000 Mileii for Most Efficient Operation. POUST'S SERVICE STATION 144 Rubber Av«[ Tel. 4939 Try NEWS Want A*— They Urine BMUM. PARTS and SERVICE ON AM. MAKES OF CABS B & M Motors, Inc. NauftatuckV Hudson \gentsf General Repairing 80-82 SOUTH MAIN ST. Tel. 6441 6 Real Estate Agent* BUY OR SELL YOUR BUSINESS Watcrbury's Leading Buslnc** Broker. JOS. HALPERIN TEL. J-S833 BROWN BLDG., RM. 237 20 E. MAIN, WATERBURY THE NEAGLE AGENCY REAL ESTATE INSURANCE 63 Bank St., Wtby. 4-4256 Real Estate Wanted 7a Wanted To Rent WANTED — APARTMENT OF 3 OR 4 ROOMS. NAUG. OR VIC INITY. TBL. 2041. For Rent Room* To Rent l-TJRNISHEU — Heated room for gentleman. All mo'dcrn improvements. Tel. 2969. 10 Wanted—Board or Lodging WANTED — Room and board for father and daughter, age 9. Protestant family preferred. Write Box "L," care of Naugatuck News. WANTED ROOM and BOARD for elderly person. Willing to pay $35 a week in good family. Write Box D, care of New?, Announcements Loit and Found ,OST—Wallet, Sa-t. between 1-1:30 on New Haven bus. Contains security card and large sum of money. Reward. Tel. 3888. Blink Book No. 01,449 on thc Naugatuck Savings Bank has been lost. Any person having claims on said book is called upon to present the same to the bank within two months or thc same book will be declared canceled and extinguished, and a new one Issued in lieu thereof. Dated at Naugatuck, Conn- Jan. 6, 1947. Jan. 20 & Feb. 3 FOU SALE—6 rcibin, 1 family furnished 'house. New Frigldaire. Reasonably priced and immediate occupancy. Call Naug. 5140 between 8 & 7 p. m- FA1RCH1LD ST. — Between Gorman and :Ijewl3.; A brand new 1 family 'house—'all modern improve roen.ta.. $12,000. Patsy Labriola, Real Estate Agent, 172 High St. Tel. S458-. IfOH SALE — Three family house of 15 rooms, all improvements; good condition. Three car garage and large lot. For quick sale, - price-'$11,000. A. .Shepley, 2433 or 5144. FOR iALE—Curtiss St. 3 family, 12 rooms, store, 2 car garage. Four room houbc with large -piece of land. Scott St., two family house, Jl rooms. New-Haven Rd— one family house,- one car garage, largo barn and seven acres of land. JOHN HEALY. Tel. 5031.. FOR SALE — On New Haven Road vacant 9-rpom one-family house. Al 'improvements. Al condition. ' , Could be ; cosily converted to two- family. 'Four large rooms and pantry on first floor, five rooms and bath on 2nd floor. Barn and 20 acres' of land. To settle an estate,:, priced reasonably. Stiepiey": Tel. 2-133 or 5144. A, LOST—Bank Book No.. 37,682 on Naugatuck Savings Bank hab been lost. Any person having claims on said book is called upon to present the same to thc bank within two months or thc same book will be declared canceled and extinguished, and a new one issued In lieu thereof. Dated at Naugatuck, Conn., Jan. G, 1947. Jan. 20 & Feb. 3. I la Personals WHY Run Out of Fuel Oil. Let Ua deliver on our AUTOMATIC DELIVERY SERVICE, Quality guaranteed. Quantity proved by printing meter sealed by the state. The Naugatuck Fuel Co. Phone K36. Established 1870 Deposits Fully Guaranteed You will have peace of mind.ami freedom i'rom worry .when you start a reserve fund. Plan now lo deposit regularly in your saving's account. | GUS SMOKE SHOP !|402 North Main St. Union City Gun Kllmius/.ewskl, Prop. MODEL AIRPLANES • HALF PRICE ; Highland Package Store ; 93 Highland Avc. — Tel. 3983 Anthony Farrar, Prop. FREE DELIVERY All Parts of NniiRatuck WHITE FISH MARKET JOSEPH CABKAL, Prop. 8 South Main St. Tel. 50M SALT and FRESH WATER FISH of ALL KINDS SALE Ten room bou»e, 5 roorai Ilm floor, 0 room* cecond • floor, t bath-room*, hot air fUTMMi electricity, 2 car (Brace. Formerly 4 tenement how* «nd owner will re-convert to t tenements and Rive Immediate occupancy to flrnt floor. Located east Ride of town lM may be Innpected In aftemoMt F.W.EATON Room 9 Neary Build Church Street TRY CLASSIFIED AM IT'S AUTOMATIC HEAT- for o cleaner, more comfortable home! Good-bye to fnrn«e* drudgery! With • F«irb«nlu.Mone Automatic Stoker en the job ... frequent ihovcling of coll and aiho ii a. thing of the paM. Your home i« more comfortable, too > • • fat • itokct give! you cU«n t evenly rafu- fated heat. And the coit? It'i actually Itit the* tht coit «/ hand firing ... becaute • Fairbanki-MorM Stoker not only burni leu coal but uici the more economical lizet of coal. Drop in today — and learn why a Fairbanki-Mone Automatic Stoker, can serve you better and more economically than any otfcar type of heating. FAIRBANKS-MORSE STOKERS tar tlttm, uniform, «•• onmie.l krtl ftfrmj a* era Suttr MAKY'S BEAUTY Shop, 111 Spring St., U, C. Open daily from 4 to 9 p. m. Saturdays from 9 to G p. m. Permanent waves, cold waves, shampooing, etc, Tel. 6108. CARPENTRY — Pointing, window washing, window glass replaced, floors rcfinished, storm windows installed, locks repaired and replaced. (Service Call, $1.75), painting and papering- our specialty. Home Maintenance Service Co.. Dial Wtby 4-7136 after 2:30 p. m'. Attention Students—Graduate name cards by Kraft. Sunshine Notes. Personalized Stationary. Tel, 3889. SEWING and Alterations to do tn my own borne. Tel, 3232, S Years to Pay Through F. H. A. The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 CHURCH STEEET TEL. 5238

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