Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 9, 1973 · Page 26
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 26

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 9, 1973
Page 26
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V [ Register-Mail. Golesbur 4 f By DOftOtHSA BROOKS NEW YORK (UPI )-nA nice cold drink of water? Just turn Today, just about every- Monday, July 9, 1973 mum national daily water requirement & expected to exceed available supply by 16ft trillion gallons — unless we find the means to make more where, you'll get that clear, l* tttalk <* n refreshing drink. But there may be a day when there just won't be enough water for that quart or two you nomally drink each day. THERE'S a tendency to scoff at the idea of a potable water shortage of such serious proportions It presages a national crisis, but the experts are predkiting just that. Fifty yeans from now, according to the U. S. Water Resources Council, the mini- sources. Government agencies are Working on {dans to increase largest single source of water consumption. Faucets — particularly the leaky kind — are culprits also. But, a toilet doesn't flush itself and a leaky faucet can't repair itself. It's people that waste water. The United States now uses water storage capacities and than 250 billion gallons seeking practical ways to of water every day, with the make more waste water reusable. But government and industry efforts and desalinization won't provide the whole solution. People must help. AMERICAN * STANDARD, manufacturer of plumbing fixtures, acknowledges that in the home the toilet is the for the purpose for which it is intended: sanitary disposal. Flushing cigarettes and facial tissue is extremely wasteful. Equip the bathroom with ash* tray and waste basket. More water is saved, American* Standard says, by flushing only when necessary than by using artificial water-saving gimmicks. Conventional toilets are not designed for them. Ploys to reduce volume — bending the ball float rod or inserting a brick in (he tank — can backfire. The only proper way to reduce the amount of water in and cut its water bill to boot: each flush is to install a toilet •USE THE TOILET only that is especially designed to use one-third less water than conventional models, but make sure tt conforms to commercial and government sanitary regulations. —Make sure the flush valve is properly seated after each flush. If water Seepage occurs, jiggle the lever until it steps. shower arm, cuts water flow about Mie-tttird without affecting the spray or cleansing efficiency. —Hot water in some homes can be obtained only by running the water for several seconds. Electric beating coils can be adapted safely to preheat the water in supply -When washing the car, use a sponge and a bucket ofl ater with a cleanser. Turn the hose off between rinses. When watering the lawft, adjust the sprinkler to a moderately coarse spray to produce evident watering that won't evaporate as quickly as a fine spray. Make sure the sprinkler is positioned so the water falls on the lawn, not the walk or street. -Commercial glass cleaners are easier to use and do a better job than water. Bathing and showering P*pes average citizen accounting for about four times his weight, or 60 gallons. American - Standard sug-t gests simple but important ways each family can conserve water in the home - H 6 Trust Is Good Investment 9 NEW YORK (UPI) -» Real estate Investment trusts have come of age, according to a leading real estate financier. "When REITs first began to attract investor attention a few years ago, many analysis felt that their high growth rate was entirely due to the tight money market," says Nils A. Lundberg, president of the national real estate financing firm of Brooks, Harvey & Co., Inc., an ABOVE ALL WHITE ROOFING 342-0185 associate of Morgan Stanley & Co,, Inc. "Over the past few years we have seen the economy move from an extremely tight money situation through a period when money has been relatively pianitiful," Lundberg said. "While the earnings of some trusts slowed, over-all REITs have adjusted well to the changing cost of money and maintained their steady growth. Trust assets have grown from $1 billion at the start of 1970 to almost $12 billion today." Lundberg said publicly owned REITs are more open to scrutiny of their performance than are the stocks of other types of public companies. \ also can waste water. Partially filled tubs serve just as well as those filled to overflow. Showers require less water than a tub but don't let the water run tor a long time before stepping in. If you must dawdle, there Is a de< vice which, inserted in the j Painting Turn off the water when you're not actually using it while shaving, or brushing your teeth, or working around the kitchen sink. -Whether you wash dishes by hand or machine, <fc> it only once a day when possi ble. You can save a lot water and time. Can Be r Made More Easy By MR. FIX Some people find painting easier than others. It's a matter than buying trim paint a quart at a time. The extra, if there's any, is good for touch-ups. Have everything you need before you start. Besides paint and ladders and brushes, you will need thinners, scrapers, of knowing a few tricks of the trade, of taking a little more care with preparation and saving even more time on the job than the little amount you spent sandpaper, drop cloths. in advance. Wear old clothes. Avoid ten- It's a matter of picking your n j s shoes. You'll feel the lad- time and even your place. t m Sill Wider Stud, Joist Spacing Nothing [Cuts Home Building Costs NOTICE TO GALESBURO RESIDENTSI I am still engaged In th» painting and decorating buiinen — For reliability, neatness and good workmanship, call us today. When you are building a house, space those floor joists and wall studs 50 per cent farther apart — at 24 inches instead of 16 — and you'll save from $250 to $500 on framing costs. 342-6550 dustry are promoting this tech- 343-6562 BILLY MOE PAINTING & DECORATING 1273 FREMONT Galesburg, ha? CSS nique for saving on lumber and labor. All four of the major building code agencies, plus the Federal Housing Administration, accept the 24ninch framing module, which involves floor joists, wall studs and roof trusses. The number of builders who have swung to the wider spacing is growing, but a majority of the more than 100,000 house contractors continue to frame their units at 16-inch centers, thus passing up sure savings. Change Needs Push In hundreds of communities, outdated codes still bar use of the 24-inch system. But local change is merely waiting for someone to take the first step, observes the nationwide technical staff of Western Wood lets. Association. Oftentimes, no builder has asked the building inspector about it, and no home buyer demanded it of his contractor. A builder * often is reluctant to change to 24-inch spacing, for fear that his competitor down ithe street will point out to prospective buyers that his framing looks flimsier than 16- inch. Actually, controlled tests accepted by code agencies have proved the wider spacing to be y adequate. TTiis system re- res the next greater thick- s for rack-resistant plywood insulation board to be used sheathing over the framing skeleton. Paint in the shade. As the sun moves around your house, you move too, but in Che other direction. The work will be cooler., easier and less tiring. There's more than comfort involved, however. The sun's heat will draw the oils in the paint to the surface. Paint in the shade and there's less danger of paint failure. Paint during clear, dry weather. If there has been a heavy rain, wait several days for the siding to become thoroughly dry. Don't start too soon in the morning if there has been a heavy dew. Give it time to evaporate. Oil paints need a completely dry surface. Latex paints can be j put on over a slightly moist surface but don't press your Juck and apply it over too much. Have enough paint on hand when you start work. Stopping to run out for more paint will throw you back more than you; think. Check paint labels for estimate of covering power. Figure about 400 square feet per gallon for the average older house, a little more area than that for a second coat. Get a gallon of trim paint. A dragonfly nymph sheds its Most houses will need that skin a dozen or more times as much. Even if you end up us- Large builders who sell from completed models have no fear of visual comparisons of framing, and put the savings into more useful and appealing items, such as appliances, storage or a wood deck. der's rungs right through them. A drop cloth is very important. It can save you many extra hours that you would have to spend cleaning up. Cover sidewalks, drives, shrubbery. Have plenty of rags and keep one handy. Wipe up the drop of paint (hat lands in the wrong place and do it right away. It's easy then. Keep a putty knife in your ket. Use it to scrape loose or blistering paint. If peeling and blistering are extensive, do all your scraping and sanding first. This will allow you to paint without major interruptions later. . Use a wire brush for cleaning accumulated dirt. BUILD MORE FOR YOUR MONEY •k. m DMsionpfsmmns PRODUCTS campnnt Get more for your home dollar with a beautiful Capp Home built the way you want it I Mora apace. More quality. More choice of styles and plans. And you can save 20 to 40% I Capp delivers all materials to your lot free. Capp carpenters erect and enclose your home. Save 20%byactingasyour own contractor and subcontracting the finishing... up to 40 % by doing the easy finishing yourself. Nowhere else can you get so much for your money I No closing costs, points; or hidden charges. Find out about Capp Homes—and start your beautiful new Capp Home now- Just where you want it I Contact your Capp Homes representative ROBERT ZOUBEK 1200 Florence Ave. Pekin. Illinois 61554 Apt. 17-D Ph. 309/347-7203 MAIL COUPON TODAY TOtCAPPHOMie lO*t. 4721 last I4«i tmt D M Holm, Iowa SOUS Dept. 13424 FREE! Full color catalog of new horn* plant flnd building idaas. TtMltf HPD, t I PfMiitM DltfMlMmaMMtMMfat Test houses supervised by the But the savings on both lum- National Association of Home ber quantities and man-hours Builders have proved it, and that are .inherent in 24-inch both NAHB and rthe timber in- spacing are equally available to the small builder. It may be up to the home buyer to demand it before construction sfcsrts A 16-page booklet, "Mod 24," which explains how the system is applied, is offered free by Western Wood Products Assn., Yeon Bldg., Portland, Ore. 97204 it matures. tog a little less, it's cheaper in AWNINGS!! -1 * - Sun glare drives office staffs to drink, and time's a-wasted. Canvas awnings on your windows mean shaded comfort, smoother work, fewer ulcers, better performance by air-conditioning—and hired hands! Call us to come by and give you a free estimate on canvas awnings. MAKE A MISTAKE ABOUT A YEAR AGO? It's not too lair to got ft MIRACLE WATER REFINER , fl _, 4 Loo SwUiov •»* Bad» t c Tho GET HAPPY! M)mU Mas "RENT or BUY Waoro You Got Sonrlco" 7TC Open Nights and Day Sot 8 AM « 5 HENDERSON Phone 342-6188 Carrier \ -5ft- -7*1 •S5 .•".in* :^ -. * p / 7" ..V. t. rf LA* I v. • 1 \ * it- *1 •t. t 4/ CI 1 MA Residential and commercial ducted systems. Electric, gas, oil. Conversions. Electronic air cleaners, humidifiers. Heat pumps, air conditioning. Complete TOTAL COMFORT systems or add-on units by factory- trained crews. Prompt service all makes. Free estimates. 'WHERE TO CALL" Ring Sheet Metal I Heating 313 Grove St., Knoxvilla, I1L 61448 Phono 293-4213 LENNOX HEATING SYSTEMS The finest air conditioning equipment can be installed and maintained by our expert and experienced staff* Should a replacement part be needed, it can be supplied from a Carrier regional spare parts depot, or from our stock. The finest equipment combined with prompt, efficient maintenance is the bedrock of our offerl Authorized Carrier Dealer GALESBURG METAL WORKS PHONE 343-1136 277 E. TOMPKINS + F A A A QftMMM REGULAR ar PERMANENT PRESS CYCLE • • * • ft M \ SBMUEANMO NORUST POLY PUMP Our best washer deal. Loaded with features] A permanent press cycle and Maytag dependability.^// never gefz better washer i/z/ue // SMALL, MEDIUM or NORMAL Wotir Livals H0T,WARM •r COLO WASH WARM OR COIORINSI QUIET, DEPENDABLE TRANSMISSION NHICAl 9IIVI PORCOAIN ENAMEL SAFETY ZINC COATED CABINET WITH ACIYUC IHAHil FINISH FAMILY SIZE PORCELAIN ENAMEL WASRIASKIY mm AcnoN \\\ Settle Less? When You Can Dependable Maytag This! EASY FINANCING EXPERT SERVICE FREE DELIVERY MAIN & CHERRY In Downtown Galesburg 343.9317

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