Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 3, 1947 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, February 3, 1947
Page 7
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Th« firmi llitcd below wlll your problem* quickly and Inexpch.ively, Reach for your telephone and use thi« SERV- ICESCOPE for , My Servicescope Telia You Where To Reach The Experts I Auto Repair* GLASS FOR TABLE TOPS — MIRRORS .VOKTII KND AUTO GLASS 1M3 No. M»ln St.. Watrrbury "DO8CO" Call 3-2050 ! «•* «'»ro Conn., Iilmid. MUM., N, w vorfc mot T. W., »OlllLJ,AK.""vAN LINKS Wutorbury TV»1 O OCQO 89 lYiiverne St. -t CI. . O-OOOO A Used Car Now Rush Soon On Automotive 14 Autos For Sale Eeupholstering Rebuild Your Oar Seats or Truck Seats Springs lieplnceil New I'addlnc CABLES & MAKER IS Autumn St. nPol .O OQTK Waterhury id. O-£O O Valley Auto Electric Co. 110 RUBBER AVJS. Gt-norutor Ignition Sturtcr Cnrburotor Specialist* Bn.v Chrlstrnscn Tol ft Churl™ Myngheor REGAN'S GARAGE On tlic Prospect lid, I mlli« from U. C. r.KNKHA', lUCI'AlRING On All Miilcon of Corn Shell Gasoline 4983 For touphoUtery, Slip Coven and New Living Room Furniture Shop At AUen'g Parlor Furniture Factory I GRAND ST. A.t\(iAK WATEHBURY *"UO4O Radio Repairs - Rales Building Maintenance Gutters and Leaders Shingles Federal Roofing Oo, Call 4-4604 Oil Burners - Electric*! Repairs GERALD'S Anplinnco Snle.% and Service All :>J:ikc.i Rc/rlfforatorv and U'usliers lt<>pHlrod I'lckiip * Orllv«?p» JOHN* JACKWICZ IW Sprlnic St. Dia I'nlon City -L»J« Announcements Frank's Radio Service 1'ICK UP & DELIVERY PROMPT SERVICE Call Me 17 BRIDGE ST. Union City LUND1N RADIO SERVICE Arnold F. Lnndln Quality Repairs on any Make or Model Plck-Up nnd Delivery •57 \Toodln\\-n Ave HP^l O1 OQ Nnii K (itiick, Conn. * ^J. £,±oy A CKRTIFIISD GUARANTEE on all iisofi cars, 1942 DcSoto Gust. Sedan 15J41 Csid. B2 Set;. 19-11 Euick Spec. Sedan 1941 Packard Clipper Sedan i(un Buick R<1. Msvstcr Sedan 1941 Oldamobilo Sedan R&H iusu Pontiac Sedan. R & H, aa is 1041 Ford Conv. Club Coupe .- Evinrudc Outboard Mo'tor MORRIS MOTORS Open Eveningo. Trades, Terms. •155 Meadow St. Phone 3-2903 Watea'bury Contractors Merchandise Merchandise I Business Service 2011 • Storm-Sash . THE NEW Eaglc-Pichor all Aluminum combination Ktorni window and ECl'ccn, guaranteed", to last a house time is tiovv. .available for Immediate installation.-'...Phono at no obligation . for .demonstration. Eagle—Insulation, D. H.V Sny jer & Co., Inc., Waterbury 4-S319. ' 38 Household Articles CLEARANCE SALE ^-Moving out; of. town. Stoves, washing ma-, chines, • comb, radio, ho yses, '40' Studebaker., 342 Baldwin St . 'Wtby, ' • - • Wft Article Contracting Trailers >TE\VLY REBUILT —i model L, Allis Chalmers Bulldozer, 1 caterpillar thirty and also & wheel low bed trailer. For demonstration inquire "Yannicelli." Bull- dozlriK & Bl.istlnjr & Trucking, 273 Oak St., Wtby. 3-1237, HOUSE ON WHEELS — For sale. Not a trailer; a house on wheels with Ha own power. Ideal for living or travel. $1.500. Gerry, Finite Mills. Te). 3-0396, IS Auto Dealers STONE MASON WORK CEJ> LABS — DRY WALLS— CONCRETE . WORK. .LOAM; SAJVD, CKUSHED STONE. J-3: TON POWER ROLLER FOR LAWNS. ROGER CLARK. WOODBURY 104-3. . STANLEY GUARANTEED HOME PRODUCTS. All household, brushes, »pong-«.-mops, waxes, polishes, . shoulder showers, bathtub mats, arid personal aids. Phone or* ders taken or HOME DEMONSTRATIONS. Coalers Ann Kane, 72 Ward Street, Phono 3852, and Betty Anderson, Millville, Phone 4421. Z8a Clotnlnt ASPHALT- —• PAVING — ROAD OILS. CRUSHED STONE; EX 7 CAVATING; AN VWHERE. BOG- ICR CLARK, TEL. WOODBURY 194-2. HOME ALTERATIONS T- Porches and garages built, roofing, siding, gutters and leaders. "• Insurance carried. Reasonable. Tel. 2195. 1-3 H.P. AIR Compressor—Regulator, hose, air hammer, spray Kims, other auto body equipment. ' Reasonable, Call 3-8047 or D-5340. Ask for Leonard. Automotive M Autos For Sale 1931 PLYMOUTH Sedan., <t brand new tires, very clean, a. dandy. S27r;.00. Tel. Seymour 2.|M. 1987 AND 1838 BUICK — Special lett roar door. 1940 Eulck super. left rear fender 1937 Bulck radiator shell 19'12 Packard Clipper model ISO, riRht rear door. ASK FOR TOM Tel. 0-11G1 STANDARD TAXI 21 Park Plica LATE MODEL CARS WANTED PACKARD-WATERBUnY, INC 482 Wfctortown Ave., .Dial -1-6108 HAVE your kitchen painted and your • rooms papered. JOHN O'SHAUGHNESSV. Tel. • 3-3655 mornings); 5-G445 evenings, • BEDKOOMS— Papered . and painted. Lowest pdccs, good work. William Bakunaa,. .U Fo'plar S,t., Wtby, Tel, 4-0420- WEDDENQ outfit*—formal fovna. ready-made, or .made to order. White Bunny Jackets, black velvet wraps to rent. RUBY'S BRIDAL SHOP, 2nd floor, SB" N. Main St, 'Wtbry. 8-1834. 298 Article! For Sale •DEATH TO ROACHES" will rid your home of roaches, and ants or money refunded. $1.25. Adams or Union City Pharmacy. STEl'LAJXOERS—3 ft. to 11 It custom made sturdy, ladders. Ex tension ladders, all sizes. Union Plate & Window Glass Co., 40 Scovill St., Wtby. 4-QGVi. NEW & rc-condltioncd FORD and Mercury motors IN STOCK for Immediate installation. Low cost The Naugatuck Fuel Co. Phone 5236. Education 31 Local and. -Private Instructor* ACCORDION LESSONS—Ton can I*arn th« correct technique of the \ccordion. No accordion neca*- •ary. At Mecca Uiulo School, 30? Bank St., Wtbry., «-1422. S2a InHtrucnon* GUITAR Instructions — Epiphone guitars. Orchestra available. Fred Bredice Guitar Studio, 24 Grand St., Wtby. 4-0136—3*9120. Poultry, Eggu VVM. F. COTA. Paper hanger and painter. We carry compensation. Write Box 461, Naugatuck. GOOD MATERIALS — GOOD WORKMANSHIP. GET BOTH BV CAMMING 3783. CAESAR KRZVKOWSKI. .Annoiuiccfuentu MONUMENTS .tpfd»l Prlcwii On All Mnroorlals W. RICHARDS— 260 So. Mulu St. S4X7 JEAX'S KNITTING STt.'THO — YHrns, RIIJ,' Y a i-n .M, Gi-onhi'. Thread. 7n»tr\ictlon3 fri-<:, dully 1 to B. 20 Diamond St., Union City Tel. 3172. O--A«ho« & Ruhbisli I'o- mnviHl. Kami. KIVIVP!, wood Cor aalc. Attic.M and collars cleaned. For jii-nmpt acrviuo. cull 4-Hi. SMITH-SHEA Automotive Truck '•1.1 Chrysler Royal Sedan $975 '•11 Pontiac Club Coupe $875 '•12 Plymouth 4 door Sedan S375 '3S Oklsmobilc Conv. Coupe '3Ci Foi-cl Station Wagon 2 Dump Trucks, International and Chevrolet '3G Studebnker Sedan '-JO Chrysler Imp, 7 pass, '•10 Plymouth Sedan 7 pass, '•II DC Soto Conv. Scclnn MB Olcl.tmobllc -I door SccU.n '•18 Mercury Sedan '-IB Chevrolet Sedan '•Ifi Pontiac Seclancttc '•16 Chevrolet 4 door black Sedan. R & H, Defroster '•1C Buich Super •! door, R&I-I, Fop Ci'O others to choose from. AT FITZPATRICK'S 1060 E, Main St. Wtby. Dirl -MS41 USKP CARS HOUGHT AND SOLD THE THOMPSON MOTOR CORP. 70 FLIVERSIDE DK, TEL. 3343 STOP IN TO SEE THE NEW KAISEIi SI'ECIAL TODAY DELIVERIES ARE VERY GOOD PA.MSK HANGING & Painting— SpeciallKing on Interior Work- Call for estimates. "Tony" Mariano, S3H Mo. Hoadley St., Naugatuck. Tel. 2.161. ELECl'HIC MEAT SAW—For Bale. Practically new, Wtby. 3-0902— 3-0008. FOR SAL.E—Refrigerator ice box. Also walnut vanity with aide -wings. 227 No, Hoadley St. Tel. 6102. 17 Rejmirins'-Servlco Station TBACTO:: — Trailer, complete, o. WFA31 Tractor; Trouhauf 20-foot box. Lou- mileage, Wost- Inshouae air brakes. Call Wtby. 3-535S. CARS .BOUGHT & SOLD AT SKiri'Y MAGKK—MOTOR SALES 265 \'/<t,f;rtown Ave, Tul. Wtby. 4-8SS1 or Wtn. 1266. THE BEST LUBRICATION JOB IN TOWN 1. MEN—Clean intelligent men who know how to do a first, class job. 2. EQUIPMENT— Modern Power Equipment. 3. MATERIAL — Hijrh jrrnde lubricants used in all the riph! places, THE NAUGATUCK FUEL CO, . Phone , r )23C AUTOMOHILE—RublMjr H«or nu»t» —$3,75 nnd up, JOB'S T.TRE SHOP ail N. Main. Wtbry. Cor. Conke St. GET MORE paper hansing and painting- done for your money. Ploski Bros. Tel. 5473. HANGING -Painting & Floor Scraping. All work guaranteed, Rates reasonable. Free estimates. Phone Wtby. 3-6865. DO- JtlNZIO DECORATORS, Merchandise Fw<J and 1'tieU EU Pipelesis, Pipe, Biower Furnaces. Automatic gas watei heaters in stock. Divino Company, Wtby. Ci-SO.'SS. NATIVE LUMBER FOR SAJLE~ Tc!. 3648 • . ' IVOOIJ—Lumber for sale. 'Fireplace and aiove lengths by the cord Tel. OS-IS. WOO?,) FOR SALE —Cord, stove >u)d Inngths. Call after Survlce UeorWmwl Aligning-Auto Painting Body i Fender Work ERNIE'S AUTO BOIJY WORKS rt* Watortown Ave. Wthry. I»IO 2 ton truck-. .Rack . . body. A-L condition. Good rubber. Tnl, 352-1 after li p. m. TURN IN 3 OUR CAR NOW MY PP.ICE9 ARE TOPS KEN JOHNSON 1803 N. Wain St. flnll Walnrbury 5-1VH7 1M7 LINCOLN Zephyr Motor V-12. SulUiblo for reconditioning. Tel, 4211. JIMMY'S GARAGE — Fender and body work. Aut.o painting nnd welding. Also simonizin^. Satisfaction guaranteed. 5-1203. 73 Ward St., .Waterbury. 17B Auto PftlntUiir-Bndr Work JACK'S AUTO BODY FEXHER * "BOI>y HEPAIHING TOPS REF1NISHING TEL. filSO, NIGHTS CijI2 10« SO- MAIN ST, 6 p. n,. SfllM or 2181. Warren Doolittle FOR SAI.F.—Cord wood. Stove, furnace, fireplace lengths. Phone WATER White Kunirc. Oil, delivered same day if ordered before norm. The Naugatuck Fuel Co., Phone 5236. 28 Household Article* STORM WINDOWS — Aluminum comb. At 25 per cent less. Solomon Sales & Service," 37 Cookp St.. Wtby. 4-7610—4-07-18. ADDITIONAL CLASSIFIED ADS ON 1'AGE EIGHT '$1,000 — ?1,000 — $1,000 3 ROOMS OF BEAUTIFUL "DELUXE FURNITURE" $1,000 — $1,000 — $1,000 INCLUDED !s a- 1947 6 ft. Well Known Brand Elec'trte Refrigerator, 1947 DeLuxe Oil and Gas "Bengal" Ranpi; or "Florence" Electric Range, 1947 "Philco" Radio. Special-Concession to all mem- - bers of the Armed Forces & tbcir families. ..FREE DELIVERY—FREE STORAGE—EASY TERMS ALSO INCLUDED in addition to the Electric Refrigerator, Ran£e & Radio—is a ' Beautiful Bedroom Suite, your .choice of modern or period design. "Simmons" coil spring, Simmons Mattress—Handsome Llv- •ing Room Suite, your choice of mod- 'em or period desicrn, ruffs, 3 lamps, 2 end tables, 1 cocktail table, 0 PC ;Porccluin or Maple Breakfast sot. Yes, even Linoleum for the kitchen —Everything Complete. "Ready to live in." , Open evenings only by special appointment A-L-B-E-R-T-S' 268 South Main St Phone 4-3144 Waterbury CLOSED EVERY MONDAY TURKEYS—Alive at farm, 40c Ib. George E. Smith, Allerton Farms. Tel. Naugatuck ''4630." ' CHESHIRE .HATCHERY — 87TH SEASON^Phonc Cheshire 695 for prices and hatching schedule. Custom hatching. . . SAFETY GLASS—Installed In your car. .Union Plata & Window Glass Co,, 40 Scovill St.,- Wtby. 4-0694. FURNACE OIL BURNERS —Expert service. Work guaranteed. Range and fuel oil. Call WAITE BROS., 146 Johnson St. Tel. 2865. 37 Service* Rendered 38 ProfeMlqnnl Service* WINDOW CLEANING — Storoi- hbuses - factory. In town or out Call W'town 760-M. after < p. m. HAVE TOUR ALTERATION* DONE AT CARMEN'S CUSTOM TAILOBINl 3-D«y Cliuuilnc Service 147 So. Muln St.—Dial 2017 Businesg Service CE88POOLS —Antt Mptio tauu cleaned, r*p«lr«d and iiut«ll«<l All typM of suburban MWB«« «!• po«a>. work. .For prompt »nd «» p»nd«blo Mtvlc* call Th« Oona. Hydraulic Oo., WaUrbury «-»Mlk ELECTRIC Si tarn H»diator»—Oth cr home applltncca; Rctriger- ation and oi! • burner. «ervic«. Waahlnt mochinei and electric appliances repaired. "Froaty" BOBCO. 5836. Wtby. 8-2050 »! 1348 N. Main St. OIL BURNERS—LARGE of oil burners and parts. Oil burn rfn cleaned nnd repaired. Ilarrj Churchill. Phone S028. Work guar anteed.- •'••.'• ' • • • WX BEPAJLB All makes. Coldepot, Apex Cop* land, Oruno, Kalvlnator, Crw lay, Stewart-Warner, ntc. JUU kal and «or, 302 Cherry Bi Waterbury. 4-OTlft. GUARANTEED RPJPAlJtS — Al make* machines, vacuums. U»a< machines bought. Singer »«wln, Machine Co. Waterbury 4-MM EDMUND O. HK8S Public Accountant 147 East Main St., Room 15 Watorbury,' Conn. Phone* Waterbury 4488S Naugatuck MM ENLAROEB8 available at drw tically cut prices. Ooldlc's Cam- cm Shop. 15-17 Grand St., Wtby. 5-1875. . . 39 Wanted To Render Service* Oil, BURNERS cleaned nnd aer- viccd. Export eervice. F, * S. OU Co., Wtby. 3-2147. 40» aeupbotatMlnK SAGGING SPRINGS furniture acats repaired and eon* .-pletely restored to original position with Parker S«« Pruf- Work done in your home. Divan tlR.SO) chair (8.75. Lifetime guaranta*. Call Waterbury 4-351B. CUSTOM Special 2-picce Suite ..... SSt GRIFFIN UPHOLSTERING OX W.aterbury .. 4-83KS NOW'S LET US stcain clean your motor and chassis. Reduces fire hazard. Permits more thorough lubrication. Makes your car operate more efficiently. The Naugatuck Fuel Co. Phone 5236. MAGIC CHJSF Whitn Table Top p.-is range. Excellent condiUon. Phone 4 70S. BATHJNETTES for Immediate Delivery. Baby cnrriag-cs,—Larro-=t Selection in Wtby. and the best •k n o w n makes. THE RADIO •SHOP, 380 Grand, Wtby WANTED Eecent Girl Hig-'h School Graduate or Student for Office Work > Experience not required. Apply in own hundwritiiiR-, Rivinfj telephone Number or Address to Box H, c-o NjniRutiick Daily News. NO DOWN PAYMENT Vctrruns are offered FULL PURCHASE- PRICE -G/l.toaha on 6 Room Homes In GlenrJds-e Estates Chri'k thin offer: Oivn yn\tr nwit hn in imr «f Ciitill. Billrt lllclurrMjVi- dr- C-IVII.IAXS c.iv nuv as IMI.A. All niiMlrrn iiiMirnvrmrnl*. KinUhrd Mrccm, Niilinviilkti mill KI'WIT,.. Xt Nrhools. rluirchi-^. Ktitrf.^. Cull hf ttf 'J A. M. Ill X V. .11. N'Hiipatut'k Ilcvcfopnifnt- c'«., Inr. <luinn ami North llimdlr} t<l. TO APPLY FOR THAT JOB Worried About Your Cleaning Problems? Relieve your nilnd— send for us. We do it quickly and ut a reasonable price. We Call and Deliver. IS CEVMAN LEANERS OUR NEW FIVE DAY WORK WEEK SCHEDULE Has opened up a limited number of positions in our organization for ' • BUS OPERATORS If you qualify, this position offers: Steady, permanent pmploymtnf; Opportunity for advancement and dopcndaWe future; Regular, •II- yeor-rouid income; ond Poy while training. APPLY ANYTIME AT OUR EMPLOYMENT OFFICE 8:30 A, M. to 5:00 P. M. Doily or So^ 8:30 to Neon OR TELEPHONE FOR INTERVIEW. C.R.&L. LINES 751 WEST MAIN ST. DIAL 3-4166 Fry NEWS Wont Ads—they bring results HMM1 WELU, I'M NOT SURE, BUZ,...I CAM PUT.INACAIL (.IKE. GALENA,THE INPIAN VILLAGE. SICH A GOOD-HEflRTEO, THOUSHTV CRITTER LUKE BE" A-RISKIN: HIS LIFE THEM GRIZZLY B'ARS TO S'ARCH PER WON SNUFFV SHUX-'ltS TH' GRIZZLY B'flRS HE'S A-LOOKIN' PER THERE YOU ARE, BUZ.... FIVE THOUSAND. BUT YOU'LL WANT TO BE CAREPUU WITH THAT MUCH CASH, LUKE HlCKSONS ON HIS WAV TO 6RIZZLV 8'AR CA RUNT LOWIZIE VE DON T SAAV'! I NVA5 JUST WOMOERIM6, THANKS, iU BE CAREFUL. I OET HALF OF OUR *IO,000 REWARD LEAVING By MEL CHAFF 5 TO VOllA BURP I I'LL \ •\K<c. 'S.M OFP =! 1HAT5 WVW i vto MR 5HOE5... Orf. LOOK AT WIAT OF UUAIOK! xou'o G£T A VAX IP tOOR &I.IPP6D ON IC6J- PUT THE ON "GRAPE-EVES THEM ME THE i By WAUT.Y BIBUOl -Bl/T ONL.V ' V ONION 4 OUT Of THlfr WORi-C? BECAME I'M 3EOINN1N6 tO — :— By WILLIAM K1XT nnd UL/UUfiNClS UHAX BE 60 JUMPY, IADD1C' K. AS500NASTME m SHAPE, WEU.BE OUR WAY TO CONGO CITY. WHILE WE'BE NOT TELEPHONE THE T ' «A>VEyOU FORGOTTEN; BRICK, WE'BE EQUIPPED WITH .WIRELESS 1 ? •to, SPAISACONMECT Me .WITH .MUhUCIPAU HOSPITAL CONSOOTY.' ET.TA KETT On a hunch K NOW, Aacur THIS i we CAM .._. _... , =2, ler^ Purouc 'H56.OS ID- WS'LLGHOVM DAD TO' LATCH ONTO HOWS Asour PUTTING MY AftM. 15 ^ AOOUNO VOU'.-.'JLJST TO REAL.' THEEE-'HOwfe Cji THAr.ri PARKING spofc>;to TRAP him:..

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