Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 9, 1973 · Page 20
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 20

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 9, 1973
Page 20
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JO v ^Q^sbuffi..Efflistfr-MoiI, Galesburg, III, SHOR1R1BS Mondoy, July. 9, 1973 Bl Z SAWYER Walt Disney's SCAMP WINTHROP HONESTUi} I PONT KNOW HOW M3U GET SO DIRTV, WIMIHROP/ Transportation Departure* Eastboand To Peorla-Indianapolis To Chicago-East Coast To Chicago-East Coast To Peorla-Indianapolis Southbound Burlington Northern Eastboand 948 Chicago (Mon .-Sat.) . 7:35 a.m. 6 Chicago (Mon.-Sun.) 7:99 a.m. (Stops at Aurora only) 346 Chicago (Sun. only) 10:30 a.m. Burlington Northern Westbound 5 Denver-S.F. 7:10 p.m. Burlington Northern Southbound ' 347 Quincy 8:40 p.m. Santa Fe Eastboand Chicago 9:08 a .m. Chicago 10:10 a.m. Santa Fe Westbound Houston •_, , 8:00 p.m. Los Angalas 9:35 p.m. 16 4 IS 3 BUS SCHEDULE Westbound To West Coast' 7:00 a.m. To Wast Coast 3:20 p.m. To Davenport (la.) and West Coast (Frl. and Sun.) 6:20 p.m .13:03 p.m. .12:03 p .m . 7:20 p.m, . 7:20 p.m, To Springfield (111.), St. Loots (Mo.) and point* south 12:05 p.m To Springfield (111.), St. Louts (Mo.) and points south (Fri.-Sun.) 4.03 p.m. To St. Louis — 5:20 p.m. AIRLINE SCHEDULE Ozark Northbound To Chicago* _— 8:35 a.m. '(Except Sunday: 702 becomes 790 departing 9:00 a.m.) To Chicago 6:35 p.m. Ozark Southbound To St. Louis 10:22 a.m. To St. Louis 8:42 p.m. 702 810 80? 807 • Jacoby On Bridge Poor, Hard Luck Jacoby Station WGIL Radio AM Schedule 1400 Kilocycles OUR BOARDING HOUSE-With Maj. Hoople NORTH • «> 4>42 ¥107* • 7632 • Q854 WEST EAST ( 4KQJ| • 1073 VA6 ¥9532 • Q1054 • KJ9 4873 • AJ2 SOUTH (D) • A865 VKQJ8 • A8 • K106 North - South vulnerable West North East South 1N.T. Pass 2+ Pass 2V Pass Pass Pass Opening lead— By Oswald & James Jacoby Oswald: "I played in the Goldman Pairs again this year. The hands were most interest' ing and Malcolm Brachman and I were right up with the .leaders until the following bad luck hand gave us the first of several bad scores." Jims "North's Stayman two- club v response had to be pure whimsy. I see he was lucky enough to find his partner with four good hearts so that the final contract was in that suit." Oswald: "Malcolm opened the king of spades. Who wouldn't? He was allowed to hold the trick and shifted to ace and another heart. South dropped the jack under the ace so as to win the second heart in dummy." Jim: "I assume that the next play was a low club. That gave you the chance to rise with the ace and lead a third heart, but South would wind up with three hearts, three clubs and two aces." Oswald: "I could see that happening, so I ducked quickly. South had no problem about what to do next. He finessed the 10-spot. Then he cashed his spade ace and ruffed a spade and came to the same eight tricks with three of his trumps, ace of spades and a spade ruff, two clubs and the ace of dia- lvonds." Newspaper Enterprise Assn. j MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY A.M.— "4:55—Sign On Portals of Prayer 5:00—News 5:05—Music 5:25—Collins Market 5:30—RFD Illinois 6:00—News 6:10—Music 6:30— News NLS & Sporta 6.40— Music 7 .-00—News 7:10—Music 7 ;30— -News 7:45—Music 7:53—Aviator's Forecilt 8.-co—News NLS & Sporta 8:10—Music ••8:20—Midwest Photo 3:30—News 3:35—Music 8:55— Pink and Blue 9:00—News 9:05— Speak Easy 9:30—News 9:35—Speak Easy 1 10:00—News 10:05—Mid-Morning Markets 10:10—Speak Easy News on the Hour end 10:30—News 10:35—Problem & Solution 11:00—News 11:05—Music 11:30—News 11:35—Music 11:55—Portals of Prayer P.M.— 12:00—News 12:05—Markets & Farm News 12:15—Extension Advisor 12:25—Weather 12:30—News li:35—News 12:50—Sports 12:55—Jack Anderson 1:00—News 1:05—Music During the Afternoon Half Hour. Otherwise Music 5:00—News 5:20—Bill Miller—State Capitol 5:25—Markets at a Glance 8:26—Steve McCormlck 5:30—News 5:35— Sports 5:55—Jimmy The Greek 6:00—News ••• 6:05—Music At Night. Mews on the Hour and Halt Hour. Otherwise Music 10:00—Nightcap News 10:15—News in the World Today 10:30—News ••••10:35—Music 11:00—News 11:05—Music 11:30—Sports Scores 11:35—Music All Might Long Newt On The Hour and Hall Hour. Otherwise Music NOTE: *—Monday Only *•—Thursday Only ••«—Sportsline Tuesday Only •••—On Friday Night Sports Roundtable iTfe NOPflCWBTHlNa MflsMlRB BORNWfTH. ITS /AN AQaUIREO 6KILLTHAT*rCUKAVeTOW3BK VERT* HARP "TO PB\/ELflB..^| IFTHBBBfe ONBTH INS «HB OfN*r IT* A €MART ALECK* CAPTAIN EASY SOU THINK PLOVP MAV HAVI MSN *H0T? '•Ml 1 we torn I 1) OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. William* Station WGIL Radio FM Schedule JOHNNY HAZARD HUNTEK^HAXANPI INGA QUICKLY TAKE COVEK A6TW3 CARGO ELEPHANTS THUMPER y^e, r / ANPTHEREJ AKIX I VESTIGE ' OF6NAP& PLANTEI7 TRAIL.*.. TRAMPLEI? • wWHERC } ARSTHEV ' ..THIS PRIVATE] *HO CHI M1NH t HEAPBC J* TRAIL, I6TIEP X HAVE A UP WITH SNEAKIMC-Jf £>K1AP'6 .SUSPICION. 6HOOT- PDWN/ LET'S 6EE.. WHILE MOT-FAR AHBAC:iHTHEI7SN6B O06CUR1K1C.-THA1 RAINFORESTS ONE CANNOT RUN A CLOCKWORK OPERATION WITHOUT AML1TARV g£2 ALLEY OOP IF HE IS THE MAN OF THE LEGEND, HE MUST NOT DIE, YOUR HIGHNESS/ Noon—National News, Farm Markets & News, & Extension Advisor Program 12:30—Noon News (Nat 1., Local) 1:00—Country Music In Stereo 4:15—News 4:25—Howard Cosell Speaking on Sports 4:30—Country Music In Stereo 5:00—News (Nat'l., Local) 5:30—The Ralph Emery Show 6:30—Country Music in Stereo WGIL -FM will broadcast •porting events ol area and national interest. Check WGIL* sports schedule in Monday's Register-Mall (or exact time. News from the American FM Radio Network can be heard on WGIL -FM ai fifteen after each hour. Station WAIK Radio Program Schedule READ THE WANT ADS! Note: Monday's schedule is the same as Tuesday through Friday except that the station is off the air from Midnight to 5:00 AM. TUESDAY THROUGH FRIDAY Midnight—Nighttime Music 5:00—News' and Sports 5:05—Wake Up Show 5:30—RFD in Illinois 6:00—News, Weather & Sports 6:10—Wake Up Show 6:30—News, Weather & Sports 6:40—Wake Up Show 6:55—Complete Weather Show 7:00—Country Music in Stereo 7:30—Breakfast Edition of the News 7:45— Country Music in Stereo 8:15—News 8:20—Howard Cosell Speaking on Sports »:25—Country Music in Stereo P.M.— MONDAY THHOUGH FRIDAY A.M.— 6:00—Daybreak with Swick & Rog 6:55—Weathercast 7:25—Swick on Sports 7:30—Paul Harvey News 7:35—Local News 7:50—Astroguider 8:05—Weathercast 8:10—Memory Lane 8:35—Viewpoint 8:45—Town Crier 9:45—ABC World of Sports 10:05—Farm Market Flash 10:06—Galesburg Reports 11:05—Tradio 11.30 Morning Music P.M.— 12:00—Paul Harvey News 12:15— Local News 12:30— Order Buyers Report 12:40—Swick on Sports 1:00—State News 1:35—Viewpoint 2:40—Job Finder 2:45—Town Crier 3:10—ABC Business News 3:35—Viewpoint 3:45—ABC World of Sports 4:05—Farm Market Flash 4:35—Club 36 5:06 Business News 5:10 Club 36 5:10— Club 36 5:35—Reynolds Commentary 5:45—ABC Sports 5:50—Dinner Music 6:35—Viewpoint 6:40—Easy Listening Local News on the Hour ABC News on the Half Hour Matter of Fact Dog days is a name given to the hottest period of summer, approximately July 3 to August 11. The World Almanac says the name is derived from ancient times when observers in the Mediterranean countries reckoned the hottest season of the year from 20 days before to 20 days after the conjunction of Sirius, the Dog Star, and the sun. Copyright © 1973 Newspaper Enterprise Assn. THE BORN LOSER R CAN'T HEAR VOU! FRANK AND ERNEST mHK i mitt BEAUTY SALON

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