Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 3, 1947 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, February 3, 1947
Page 6
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PAGE 0—XATIQATUCK NEWS (COXX,); MOXDAY. FEB. 3. 1947 VETS DEFEAT HOUSING SHORTAGE • J? Uscakiewicz Greyhounds Pound Out Win If • -'i'•••.S^»..-:,.iti-'»«->.^V ••-••• Cnlifornlo'i houi!.i9 shoifoj* prov«» no problem lo two tnlcrpriiinj v«(»iani. Ex-Wav* Mary Motlow and her husband John, (alto a v*lfran, or* ihown mckitij r«pqln to their lailboal homt ot lh« BtrktIty Yacht Harbor. Motlow h a tlvdcnl at B*rkfl«y'f Unlvtnliv of California. GOLDIE'S Camera Shop Knlnnteni: Fcdtirul, Sunruy, Dnjur, Koyzor 17 Oritnd St.. Wlfty, Tel. 5-187S •TIRES• CHAPPIE'S AMOCO GASOLINE SERVICE STATION 8 BRIDGK ST. TKL. 4890 MoMII.I.AN MOTOR Chrysler and Plymouth O. M. C. Trucks J.C.Raytkwich, JR. ACCESSORIES Repairing 106 SOUTH MAIN ST. Telephone 40H SALEM .Mr Miinir In Thoniiin Mnxnrr. I'm I lie "YtV niilii lit I'rrfloiml Fllmncp Co.... Hint IM—-I'm (In* imui %V!MJ likt* tu Huy "Yen" ID rrijtir*U for I'lTNorml liuui*. Ynu *vr —I'm thi< fniin wliu'M rrMiinn- »ll,li< fur linlltllni: m> our liiiHlnu.B. Thr iimri' llinr.i 1 Niiy "yt>«*" tu riMini'MlM for IIMIIIN—(hr more bimlm'HM w*» do, And sin™ inukliiK IVr.ximiil I.IIIIIIK u f tis tu II) In iinr ONLY hu^liim—tluit'H inlnlity liniiurtiiiit t» mi', Thi-rnfiirc, If you nrvil fxtni ciixh ut fitly tliiin -whflliiT it Illlli- fur it Hhurt elinp or 11 lot fur it Ionic tlini—you run ilrurnd IID my lining my Drtit tu nay "Yi-V tu you. A luun i>( ail(ll) I>OMN tf?U.<10 wlit-n iiriunptr.v rriiiild in 1£ mtintlUy vuiixiM-iitlvc ln>tullmviit» of StD.or, nith. Si'i> nil- at 1'iTHoniil I'limnrn Co., 2nd flixir, rrllcliiinl Iliilliltnir, Itiu Hunk St., Mr liliulu. inn ut Wulrrliliry IJ-S1U3. T.OIIIM »ul)Ji-i>t to Htt, "IV" J.lteimn No. Substitutes Bill 1 'Lang, Bob Mariano And Charles Equavia Also Do Outstanding 1 Job. Naugatuck High school's freezing tactics with one minute and 10 seconds to fro in a three minute overtime period put a one-point victory over the Leavenwor-th Tech Tigers on ice ut the Walerbury armory Saturday night before a capacity crowd of 1950 spectators. The score was Nnugatnek 38, Lenven- worth 37 The win represented a dogged uphill battle for :the Naugatuck forces who trailed the Tech cohorts until late in' the second half. A basket nnd a foulshot by Stauffer knotted the count a* 27 all as the third period ended, to mark the firat time during the contest that the Greyhounds wero able to draw abreast of Tech. The tenacious pursuit of Leav- onworth by the Greyhounds up to this point was onq of the most unreserved exhibitions of sheer grl ever put on by a basketball team in this vicinity, In the opinion o spectators at the game who hav been following valley busketbal for a period of years. The Grey hounds won because they refused to admit defeat. Big Chet Uscakiewicz who sat on the bench during the firs't period ^/and' ienl',-.tno v , 'c_6riteat '.. Into. time. In : /;ih': voVlsr'tlme 'Pl»y, ' '' Stuiiiff '•'snbrad •' a : . " a'nd played the best game of his careci lifter he entered the game in the second.- When Ghet was in the Kami- lie controlled absolutely his own backboard, and mnny things very difficult for Leavcnworth under theirs. All the Greyhounds who got into the frame played well. Bill Lang enpecially gave an excellent account of himself at guard, and Robert Mariano, another replacement, also handled Rapid juard limself well, dropping in a long oss early in the fourth period o put the Greyhounds in the lead, for the first time in the Bob Stauffct-, high scoring Today — Tuesday FRMK BORZAGEA J^ PRODUCTION Of 1VE ALWAYS 10VED YOU IN TICHNICOLO* PHILIP CATHCKINC WIUIAM OORN • McLEOD • CARTER MME. 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NEVER' FIGHTING.-MAO ^^^^^mmmmtmmmmmmmmm iMmnnmjUkJSsx^^ 13 RUE MADELEINE "f.'"f^ 1 ' rmht^l b, Hathaway • Louis de Rodiemonl 2nd Hit — "Genuis At Work" cintunr-rox MM WALLY BROWN ALAN CONWAV W71?r» CI.AUDKTTK COUJKKT WED. WALTER PIOGEON AI.LYSON ««<,„,.«* M«Q«.f»> secret Heart ANo "SI'OOK DUSTERS" 9-27, Kamc. orwarc], didn't pet going until late n the game. When he did sret gong, however, the points he made were timely. He scored only one basket until ate in the third period. A basket and a foul shot which he made just before the third period ended tied the count at 27 all. He tossed in conaecutive- baskets late in, the fourth period to knot the count at shot' 'to.-"klve. thV.Oreylibirn'da their winriinjr •mlirg'ln.'';'" 1 '" • : "-;" -.'•',' ' Nuueatuck with • Aquavia at forward and Vl Healy at center scored only soven pplritr In th«' flrst-parl-od to 14 "for tieavcnwofth; -Vlh H«*ly scored two baskets, 'Aquavia .'two fouls and Jbe r Hoaly' 1 orin- foiil to accbunt. for Nauyy'n points. •• •'' sup three; Dogtaler two foul, and seconds laf-t -to go cnttbled Nauga- Sherwlll two -fouls for'- teaven- worth.- ••':..;• ... - .,:. Vln Healy led the way as- Stauffer. Uaoklewicz, and Joe Healy aided him in runninff up a total of 12 aolnts In the-second period-to, brine NauKatuck'a total to-19., Two bisk- eU by Sher-wlll and one by; .E er raised Leavenworth's total to 20 as the'ihslf ended. Two foul shots by Joe Healy, one hy Vln'^a'nd three-baskets by Stauf- Tcr brought Naugatuck's iscorlng-to 27 as the third period ended, basket by Dostale, one by Titor, and a basket and foul by Fierun!! ifavc Leavenworth an equal total. Mariano a'nd Vin HeaJy scored one basket o<ach and StaufTer two In give Naugatuck 35 points Hit the end rit regulation timo. IHvo baskets each by Dostaler and Piersall kept the score even-, Stauffer opened the scoring in the overtime period with a basket which Mfisuup inatdhed for.Le«vnn- worth, However, Stauffer added-a. foui shot to, iflve the Greyhounds a nne-point lead. Naugry' elected to irotect this margin, by-/-rcezlng the ball. On one.occasion Leavenworth 'Chained passession, . but shortly hereafter, wild Wilburforce Lane, dribbled out of u melee' near hi-. own basket to pass to a mate up he floor, and the" threat was cnd- d. A fuul on Junior Aquaviu with soconds left to go enabled . .lauga- ' unk to take the bull outside, and hoy continued to pass until the timer's horn blew the V-note. The Greypupa made the evening consistent by taking the measure of the Leavenworth Javyeea, 42-22. Old Hawksye Lang with seven fouls and three baskets was high scorer for the Pups. The scores: Purple Knights Meet Star Colored Giants On Sunday St. Francis CYO Beats St. Hedwig St. Francis CYO : learn • beat '• St Hcdwlg's 39-1B in a regular league content yesterday afternoon at Co) umbus Hall. Quint with 11 point* and Mascola with 10 were high Tor t. Francis. St. Frond* b f P Quint, If 5 1 U Mascola, rf 5 010 Wnl«h, c -4 0 B. Lynn, c 0 0 Furtado, Ig ; 3 1 7 b'ari'c,n, rg 0 1 D. Lynn, rg 1 O Totals 18 3 39 SI, HedwlK'H b f p Zapaika, rg 0 1 1 Bobinskl, Ig ..., .1. 0' 2 Lan.per.-t, lg . : .. '. 0' '0- 0 Sobircski, c 2 0 4 Polukoflki, c 1 02 Pilechi; rf 0 1 1 Strucynaki, rf 0 0 0 Loman, If 1 1 3 Swanowicz, If 1 0 2 Totals 6 3 15 RUPTURE TRUSSES fitted to of Waterbury 206 Bank St. 5-0013 Waterbury Stauffer, If o Aquavia, rf o Uscakiewicz i V. Healy, c , 4 Tamsey o Jones, Ig- o J. Hoaly, rg 1 i Mariano ..,,' i Lang o r p 2 14 2 2 3 11 0 I 0 '0 4 6 0 0 Tomahawks Beat Bluebirds At Y The Tomahawks bent the wi"o- birds in a regular Saturday Morn- Ing league game at the Y, nui.-ltud principally by lack of scoring. The final count was three to two. The score: Tomahawks Magner Guards Win Over Bristol Tramps Tom Magner's WateVbury Guards came from behind at the Waterbury Armory l«»t night to register a 6-1-53 triumph -over the Bristol Tiamp^. DanielB with 17 points was high scorer for the Guards. J. Brennan, If V. Palva, rf .. J. Lopee, c 0 0 T. Owens, Is 1 0 K. Nixon 0 0 Totals 13 12 38 Leavenworth Fuirhanks-MorfK! 1000 WATT GENERATOR MILLSUPPIIES R TOOLS 72SAVINCSST TtL.52241 Piersall, If 5 Messup, rf 4 Dostaler c 4 Titor i Sherwill Ig .'.',', z KorbusieskI, rg o Totals '-.'...v.. -,. .'v.'.-.".:. ,'. ie 5 37 Score at half time: Leavenworth 20; Naugatuck 19. ; •'•••• t P 1 11 0 » 2 10 0 2 2 6 0 0 ! Orey Pups' ' Schuster, If . • Curtin :. White .-.....'.'!...• o Aquavia, rf i Lang- o L>abriola 3 Thurston, c i Boettger ., . .• i Tamsey j Ashmore,. Ig i k o ~ eaiy, rg o Spadola i Roland 2 t P 1 1 b 0 102 1 1 1 3 7 11 1 7 1 3 0 2 0 2 0 2 0 0 2 2 0 2 0 4 Totals 1 BlucblrdN R. Hanley, If A. Illes, rf 0 0 B. Garrick, c 1 0 B. .Robinson, Ig ,,.: 0 0 John Illes, Ig- 0 0 To'tals 1 0 2 Referees: Schmelcke, Currier. Peter Paul Inc. NAUGATUCK, CONN. Manufacturers of Nation's Largest Selling CANDIES AND CHEWING GUMS PAINT S HARDWARE HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES ETC. Free Delivery CANS, Inc. Maple Street . Tel. 3507 Totals 14 14 42 Teclt Jayveen Damello, If o 0 Pcrazelll o 1 Zinno, rf l o 2 DeAngelia o 1 l Daugalier o 0 0 Titor, c l 2 4 Slokua •• 2 0 4 Strokalaltis 0 0 0 Rosa,-Ig Howard Richards, rg Hollenburg Ciarlo 0 2 0 2 0 2 0 2 0 2 Totals i 9 4 22 Score at hall' time: Grey Pups 17, Tech 8. Just Arrived! ! The New General! Mills Tru-Heat Electric : Iron The Iron Betl^ Crocker Is talk- Ing about. Look at ! theiw feature's: - • '. .,j _• \- •' .-. ... i, t 'Hundie ; : S— Safety Side' Refit Bar • : 4 — ,'UI Around Slanted Edge 5~Permunently Attached Cord Now 'Available At R. 413 Mo. Main St. Union City Store Open Friday Night Until B O'clock 'Sleepy Doll'Sock Becomes Business Pittsburgh (UP.)—The mother of Tessic Dosch.'-sowed- a sleepy doll for .her six-year-old daugrh-ter from an old sock, No\y the venture promises 'to grow :lnto a thriving toy business. A piano T.essle lonsed for will be bought "6\rt of the proceeds of dolls already sewn and shipped to other towns and states. ' -t •. Mrs. Jacob F. Dosch is now at work on a design for special "sock" dolls for the Valentine and Easter holidays and hopes to start turn- np; them out soon with the help if four high school girls, who work with her after class, and an eight- year-old son, who cuts the felt bootees. She belleces the face of these new designs will spread as rapidly as did the expert stcamstrcss and former .art teacher's first dolls, whose sleepy eyes and yawning mouth painted on stockinette material filled with cotton, fascinated every child who saw it. Orders also have been sent her her EO Sister Kenny dolls to be used In a polio fund drive here. Brass City Coppers Beat Harlem Pors Jimmv Roach's Brass City Coppers ran up a 94-57 score over the Harlem Pros at St. Joseph's Hall in Waterbury in a free scoring basketball contest. About 400 paying customers saw the contest. Almond Joy* S. Mahan .. . .84 J.01 91— 27C L. Valentine ... 88 89 86— 254 A. Fo.sdick 93 80 86— 2. r >91 Purple Knight 'management "today D ]-finlev ^ ^' ^* 9 r if>i _T:«— i~ —i *i . . ^*, . _.. . . Average .... First Showing Of Visitor* In Local Basketball Cir. cles Expected To Attract Capacity Crowd. - : 'Thc New York Brooklyn Colored Giants,, at present setting Rxlrzling .pkce a« one of the .nation'* better traveling pro qufnteU, have been booked to show here Sunday afternoon at the local "7" againxt Swirflki'K Purple Knight nr- This 18 the «lar pr<>non tat Ion of 'local buKk'ctball offerings thin season and in expected to attract a capacity gathering. Making their tint appearnace in the Naugatuck Valley hoop circles this scoiton -lhf> Brooklyn Giant* will Hhow a star studded lineup of performers -who are known nfc- tionwidc for- their clever ball handling and; keen eyed shooting. Coach Cliff Swirski's purple and ;old clad courtmen in competing against the, state's leading Hemi- >ro combines have captured 11. of[3 starts but the Knights will have .o play an exceptional game of basketball to extend Ihc visiting colored, speedsters. The locals hold wo wins over Norman. Schafterti Scovill five as well as wins over Jeriden ' Tnsllcoes, New Mil ford Townieg. , American Brass, .teyl- mour Top Hatters, Ansonia Nor- woods, New Milford A. C., Mcri- en Dexters, Watertown Townies nd the local U. S. Rubber-men. Only the Meriden Spurs and the ew Milford A. C. have been able o Btem the Purplemen thus far his season. Official records released by the 81 77 !W— 252 disclosed , that rangy Chct Wojack 7. r i 7!) 7fi— 225 and diminutive Orky Garlinski Total .. . 424 413 422 Lewis Plant 12GC L. Mazoika . H. Pompano 86 A. StjisoniB 85 E. Burbpp. 82 33 89 93— 275 83 100— 269 89 96— 271 93 77— 25" M. Benson . 99 92 87— 2SS lead the local scorers \viih 115 points each this season. Complete Knight scoring records are as follows: • • ;. Player Games Points Chet Wojack 13 Garlinski J3 Furs 13 3 Tntnl« 445 M6 463 1321 '«• Swirski 11 . jKorowotny,.... 13 |'R. Loman n H., Lcman _ c S. Calvin . 0. Connelly L. 'Goncalves P, Curtin , .. A. Moruska Wires 77 76 79— 232 ! . 89 8. r ; 91— 2<r. . 91 91 94 — 27C . 97 100 103— 306 113 105 99— 2] 7 F. Wojack 9 Chuck Wojack 115 115 85 84 58 56 29 26 17 7 Naugy Girls Team Swims Crosby At Y The Naugy girls swimming, team will journey to Waterbury, Tuesday. Feb. 4, to swi.-n the Waterbury Y girls' tcnm at the Crosby pool. The girls will meet at the Y at. 5:30. The meet is at 6:15. Totals . >• V. Rinccki I. Bryk . A. MaR'nuson . . 84 86 74— 23+ A. Dowling: 76 88 89— 2S3 D, Durr 97 89 91— 277 4C7 457 472 1392 C. S. Cost . ... 117 90 77— 284 84 !85 80— 24° Total 448 438 411 1297 Retired Messenger Enjoys Walking Pittsburgh (UP)—Albert Brooks, vho walked the equivalent of six imcs around the world during: his 0 years .is a messenger, plans to o more "jauntin 1 " in his retire- nent. Brooks retired as a messenger or the H- J. Heinz Co. and plans o return to his birthplace in Ten- o.ssce, where he will hike on fre- ucnt trips. Brooks was born 72 years ago, ic son of a slave. While serving ire* generations of the Heinz fam- y, he carried documents, letters From its source to its junction with the Mississippi, the Missouri river is 2,945 miles long. Their combined length of 4.200 miles exceeds any other river system. PLAY POOL and Bowl at the R & M ALLEYS 155 MAPLE 8TKEET PUMPS ONE MOVING PART 'and valuables without.losing a single item. H" wore out 60 pairs of shoes and three messenger sacks making; his rounds. Th~e Library of Congress was twice destroyed by fire, once in 1814 and again in 1851. NEW 3VAMK, SAME JOB Fort Wayne, Inc. (UP)—What's in a namo? -City health board inspectors became k'nown officially as "sanitary police" with the start of the new year.- J" ;• Put new lift in your wtftr tytftni by r«pUcJi»t your old pump with • BURKS Suptr Turbine PUMP. Only on* mov!nsp«tt—nothlnf to VMT out—f Ivti you mor* water •( lowtr co*. Com* in «nd M* die BURKS Supw Twfcln* Pump. 'JOE BEAVER" By Ed NoFsis* S32 NORTH MAIN ST. Union City • Tel. MWI ALCAZAR — Today — "KING'S ROW" Tues. — Wed. "ANGEL ON MY r SHOULDER" . . Fornt 8cr»io«, U. S. Department of Agrloaltun 'Tqkt my word for H, Jot — Cltar cutting and troiion.hai probcUy •eat men itrtimi uninhabitable thai* yew tv«» «Vtam«d «*Jv ? .;•:' 5 MORE NIGHTS AT 8:00 Matinees 2:15 Xext Saturday and Sunday Closes Xext Sundny M««, CAPADES IS THE HREATEif SHOW DM ICE ! - Good S**t» Avail.bU For All P«rform«Hc«t At !.•!• A» Show TImel FKICMi »».»• . »».TB . »».«» IKI. TM •CAT> ON THE ARENA NAVBH

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