New Castle News from New Castle, Pennsylvania on June 13, 1924 · Page 29
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New Castle News from New Castle, Pennsylvania · Page 29

New Castle, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, June 13, 1924
Page 29
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NEWCASTLE NEWS, FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 1924. fARA77ft fftAK Brown Has Novel Plan To Finance Weather Blamed For Scarcity Of Outdoor Natators Speaking Of Campaigns Heilmann' s Running One-Man Race For Re-election l LOSE TO HMRERTO Athletics, nft'-r pulllnj a Houd-:i to sot out of last place, appear 3 lie on the road to recovery and irge sate receipts. Like Horatio Jger's heroes and the price of Her New Stadium j TAGGING ALL THE BASES j Takinu ndvantiiRo of t.hc Oifuifs f)us(l Troin fifVLCnip T.rarfersriin N llfllSlI SCARAZZO CoIlI ' ' BBjJL- ifSSIS SfiSKS 3- c"" LOSE THIRD GAME aSSu Winberto: R. H. O. A. E- i j j Jj PWYER oTV That I 0016 01 Hdlfllflg joaof jnej. and wm'on ytsSwd the r J g consecutive twilight league 6ae A fjgf . MBB jMKSS building her stadium, nic -U-W I.oule De Areo at Young,- , ? i H jjf rrSfoatcl10 nf ?o"of g jv jB pybajk fi,p Meet Castle Smacks CcTaTeiialb . ! ! !o 1 0 0 hltsVwultod inthCoa? loam's only rtli2 &J$fM W sE"" 'I'M A unique feature ' of the Brown of mining and metallurgical ex- The following are requested to C. Marcella, 2h .. .0 1 I 0 1 tallies of the (came. Colo was the rohJTIN jg8Kpfljw' ftksM Pfa! cent' "of In" soat's VTl" bb 83 PrstVeek hi June Lnia Cowte p'rUer'Tosdon! F.k!rwp' :":"o 0 0 1 O S'o1 a ho iul"wo saiker J J&mZW yfr'V tlietwooa:hCeen ''"Jspenae so ar.ooy- BEiinlanCarSa.8 A S Totals. .Ti 3 12 7 2 Frank "tao'Stote hoao laUeiflh jr . 9H - 5f ship0" "itl6 8lDk a biff 1 "J" SS ,rl'tl:" e-w Ta.anlB Scnriizzo Coal . ... .?,00 0 3 2 Scarazzo Coal. It. H- 0. A- Cii.' f ' BBHHHHBMMHHHBPIMBBIMWBiHIiMiMHB Rohh. j"riodi. DoubhTp'iays-'Gen- j," rL? H o .' ss ' 1 C ! '. 2 0 2 3 1 Bt6Stl? 11 J B - 3 ock to J. Hlondi. Saer.llru bits, C. V. Clal:ia. mT . . ..10200 f .sHH I 1 HE MAO TtIS HAEO LOCli B Marcelln. Hit by pitcher: Fazzono. Marcelht. 3b .. ,.0 0 0 0 0 LHHE9HlHlMI!ffllHB BpFAWNS itf WrtEnlf CCSS, H v Richards. Base on ballsOff F. M. C. Cialella. lb ... .1 0 G 0 0 BjHSfe. VFACH ASd CRAWFORD FOSEC' H M Ross 4: off F- A- Ross 3. Struck BuIUmo. rf 0 1 0 0 0 QbS& ur r,ci r, i B lr Jk Ml out By F. M. ROSS 3; F. A. Vendittco 0 110 0 S- THE.OUTFl-LDJ H W fl 3 Roes 5. Umnirn. Scaclione. P. Paclny. n ....0 0 0 2 3 W Ai ZEV S ' Kicharda. 2b .... I 0 0 1 0 j t Totals i -1 12 6 2 SPORT SPARKS IfJ -f U Pascarella. ss . . 1 0 0 1 0 Colo, lb 2 3 2 0 0 1 Staff ! Bic,lldt' 2 0 0 1 0 2 oar Cassella. m . . ..1 0 '1 0 0 af- rotrucci. If 1 1- 3 0 0 ternonn IJprt Sox spi-nmblerl into ! E. Marine), rf .. ..1 0 1 0 By r;T3S COMvUN, Baseball's rod letter d: .'as June 4. On that astounding af- or cellar. . lAke (Hp shot l.'.ir( round O; world, Boston's rise to first plat was memorable event. Only sad fei ture was that Ban! Revere wasn battled Back Bay fans on villag ICO 5v- Time for a fresh pah'? PARIS GARTERS j. h)lTAt CAN Tt 'I' Leach, p . . Totals, Score by inning! Smith Drugs. . . I i -nr. run. oiu. i r.- Colo. Biillano. Stolen bases V. Cia-lella, 3, Marcella 1, Bullano 1. Pas- :areaa. l. uoio. i. u. Marino .i.. -iit by pitcher, C- Ciallena, Cassella. T, Leah C. Struck out by T. Leach 4 Umpire, Augustine. Olympic Oarsmen Are Being Selected PHILADELPHIA, Juno J 3. A .nil band of America's best oarg-:n will be selected before tomor row evening to represent this country in the rowing events of the IS 2 4 Olympic games at Paris next month. The tlrat races to select the team wore scheduled to bo rowed on the Schuylkill here lato today some ni them trial heats, the finals of which will be run oft tomorrow and other final events. The cream of the country's hoat-men were assembled to take part In the races, which will he held in conjunction with the Schuylkill navy regatta. The University ol Pennsylvania, which two weeks ago captured the future race of the American Henley Regatta was expected to be victorious in two events, one for the eight-oared crows and the. other for the pair-cared shells. The navy, whic',1 has entered three crews in the first race, and the Tale out-, fit. an: also contenders. Gllmore. Costello, Hoover, .Mc-Gulre. and the winner of nn elimination race, will fight for the honor of wearingthe red, white and blue shield in the single sculls event. By XORMAX E. BROWS'. While the Republicans and Democrats are laying plans to elect a president next fall Harry Edwin Heilmann is conducting a one man campaign to have himself re-elected criampion patter or tne And latest returns from. St. Louis, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Cleveland, Boston and Washington give hlra a commanding lead to-date. Heilmann is conducting hi." campaign or. a one plank platform "What the fans want most Is base hits and I intend to give them to 'em" is Harry's pointed speech. Harry did not write that plank however. To Ty Cobb must go the credit for making Heilmann championship timber. Cobb showed him the way In the spring of 1921 and that year Heiiraaan won his first, batting title on the strength of it. Harry reported to the Tigers 1n 1SU6 ready lor big league duty. He out. He brought with hima natural Hon of such men as Cobb, Crawford and Bobby Veach. great outflowing trio ivas at that time leaving a row of broken and bruised pitchers in its wake . It was the greatest bitting outfield in the game. It might have been' the apparent hopelessness of breaking into the same with such men in the lineup that killed Hell: b: tion. Whatever it was Harry took the game lightly. He hit simply for Ciie love of hitting. Tf he failed to Then time found Crawford,' The mighty Wahoo's back ga.vR out. Heilmann was sent into fill his shoes. Other changes were mada by Hughie Jennings. Heilmann found himself playing the outfield, first base and second at different times. And the lack-a-daisical air remained with him. The spring of 1921 round Hughie Jennings counting on him to plav the, outfield regularly. Cobb always an admirer of the happy go U'cky gent's free swinging stylo had a long' chat with Heilmann urging With the first bell Hei! started in earnest to "get every bal). Emerging from the .300 pack Heilmann climbed steadily to the .40 mark and hung there.' He finished the season with a .354 aver age ana the patting The next year he slipped a bit below that mark, This was the. year George Sisler went on the rampage and regained the championship with r, .420 average. Out for revenge last Osiers feat. The. end of the campaign found him with a percentage of a:?,. with r gh'y :r.i?;h,;d si:; rulr.-.a behind the Tiger slugger. Hermann's victory in 1921 broke 'he long reigu of the southpaw hit-tsrs, Ty Cohh had ruled over a span of nine years beginning- in ,JI 907: Then Trls Speaker had ousted him for a brief year. Cobb returned to his own then and heldthe throne lor three years oefore George Sis-Ut another lefthanded hitter, beat him out in 1920. Slsler's great hitting in 1D22 restored the honor Girl Diving Champion Prepares For Olympics ATT.ERN RTGGIX Women's Olympic Fnncy Diving Chnmnlon NEW YORK, June 13. Of course I shall compete in the Olym- cliff with the others diving evpn fwimiuinff. I think I shall compete for the back stroke and perhaps even tne 40-vard dash. But I aulte frankly admit that I don't expect to make the latter and my cnances lor former are not too startling. As for diving. I shall compete tor the usual 1 0-foot events ana possibly even high diving. Rules for the games are quite different from what they were last time. They are realiy easier. There are no obligatory dives, and there will be no drawing of dives from a hat. Each contestant is permitted to make six voluntary dives. And that is all. The six dives I have in mind 1000 PAIR MEN'S SHOES AND OXFORDS $,95 gga During this saJs we Half ilB Lijyiiiiiip!V sole im7 shoe ggc Illuiiiiuiuiii: RANDOLPH'S 28 East Washington St., 2nd Door West Of Leslie Hot-. thus far are the one and a half somersault, hack jack-knife, with a half twlat; front jack-knife, with a half twlsf: front full-twist; bargainer, or Dutchman: back Jack-knife, with a half somersault. iTactices Dfvlnfr Dally We are keeping in trim and ig where an;1 how we can. luesdavs wo all swim and dive at the Carroll club. On other nights we practice at the Women's Swimming association. As soon as I get a 10-foot hoard, however, I shall start practicing even' day. One hour a day is nientv. I shall divide that time do ing the various dives, spending more Roughly. I should say that I shall practlco (lach di'o five or six times a xlay. As Cor training, swimmers aren't faced with ail the terrible regulations that are so important to other athletes. Our coach simply asks us to practice a lot,' and get reat deal of eleep. In 'the way food, all he oars is charged er and syrups o:' sodaa and daes. if course, each girl swimmer has 'certain food habits. I, Tor one, eat nothing but a poached egg and toast before going in. I.rememier one time when I .didn't observe that self-imposed regulation. I was only 12 years old. Just before competing in a three-mile race I ato almost a whole watermelon. Then off I went in the race. I almost sank. Now I stick to my poached t'-,:t: religiously. Hard Muscles Not 'eedl Other forms of exercise are even discouraged when we are training. Apparently such exercise develops the wrong muucles lor swimming.' The swimmer mustn't have hard muscles. The muscles should be soft and invisible. Cold water hardens the muscles, too. The highest scare that a diver has 1s losing a dive. That can be the result, of too much practice. It Is your turn, and you artj culled to tho board. You stand there ready and suddenly find that you can't do It; you've lost it completely your muscles juat refuse to act. Once I lost the full-twist.- That was when I waa 14 years old. Up to that time I had done it for years. Suddenly I lost It. I didn't get ic back until last year, when I -was 15. But losing a dive won't lie so serious in the Olympics, since all dives are voluntary. least, that has been my experience, i You Just have to wait till it comes back. And it does that as suddenly as it goes. at tho Olympics, I should say that America ought to get all the places for fancy diving, but that her goou Lor nigh Newspaper Men To Be Guests At Idora Celebration of the opening of the new swimming pool at Tdora park, Youngstowc, O., will be made. Saturday afternoon. Juno 14, by a gathering of newspaper men reirre-eentinft the executives, advertising and editorial departments at the park for an afternoon outing as the guests of the park management. Dinner will bo servod jr. the park cafeteria at 6 o'clock. The park amu-nements will servo to entertain the visitors. The party Is for men only though the park will be open to the usual visitors during tho dny and evening. TWO LIQUOR VIOLATORS ENTER PLEAS THURSDAY Two of. the large 'number of persons scheduled for trial at tho present term of court for violation of the Snyder Act, entered picas of nolle contondre Thursday and will be sentenced Saturday. Those en tering the pleas are Antoinette Iz- o, charged with possessing liquor nd Antonio Panella, charged with lolation of the Snyder Act by sell- OUR SEMI-ANNUAL CLEARANCE SALE! AN EXTRA PAIR OF $S VALUE TROUSERS FREE! Or Extra Trousers Of The Same Cloth At , Regular Price WITH EVERY SUIT ORDER Springs, Axlcn, .RJn Gvirs, Pinion Guilts, JQondl.v Drives, Cniultshaft; no'l Connect inR Hod Bearings. Piston and Piston Pins, Gabriel Snubbers for Fonls, Shock A ! so r In-I'M, ami a full lino of Accessories. Gennino Ford I'tirts SPECIAL! 5 Gallon enn Polarino Oil $3.50 At Bailey's S3-3T South Jefferson Street "Scorch" clothes are ALWAYS honestly priced, are ALWAYS excellent values and that is why our Sergi-Annual sale offers so excellent an opportunity for saving. The inducement of the FREE TROUSERS is ADDED to our usualy excellent values resulting in a value so very exceptional thar it justifies anticipating your clothes requirements months in advance to take advantage of. Every Material Included! 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