The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 15, 1955 · Page 28
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 28

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1955
Page 28
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6~At06na (la.) Upper 5es Malnes Thursday, December T5, Th«e was a short ifem in ihe paper the other day. It was one of those self-inipi'ovomcnt affairs and it had to do with homo- makers getting ready for the holidays. It was all fur avoiding that rushed and harried look at Christmas. "Do your shopping decorating and baking parly", it advised. "Get your house shining clean, plan your holiday costumes, pamper yourself with special beauty treatments, be ready for a peaceful and joyous Noel. The last week before Christmas, do nothing but relax and enjoy the festivities!!!" The exclamation points are my own for although I admit the writer's advice certainly looks good on paper, she's pretty vague about telling us how it can be accomplished. She is expecting, maybe, a brand new Christmas miracle. • • • The writer didn'l sign her name to the article so I'm taking it for granted she is a recluse, millionaire spinster, of advanced age and so mad at her kith and kin that she's not going to give any Christmas presents. She has all her cards professionally print- ted and addressed, she has no fudge, cookie or Stollen recipes she's dying to try and she's not in the mood to make any doll clothes. Or maybe shortly before Christmas she's expecting an attack of leprosy which will automatically bar her from church and school programs, Girl Scout sliding parties, sewing, bridge and church circle luncheons, office get-togethers, the free movie from the merchants and the annual lodge family party. Or she just might be another ordinary housewife who has broken from the strain of the Christmas rush and who is now suffering from delusions of the impossible. • * * Golly, -who wouldn't want to be relaxed and glamorous for a whole week before Christmas? If you are a mother of several small-fry, you might prefer to be pretty and peaceful but you'll settle for just being ready for the big day. And, if you're real lucky, a little quiet time after the kids are finally in bed on Christmas Eve. Either we have a shining house, or a Christmessy home; a decently turned out bat- ch of youngsters or a fashion- plate Mama; a relaxed atmosphere with the gifts purchased and wrapped last September en the hectic joy of bundling up all those last minute extras purchased simply because it's Christmas. Homomakers can be rested and beautiful for the holidays, but we'd have to give up most of the things that make Christinas such fun. • * » This has been Ihe week af our house to concentrate on Christmas programs. We went to two excellent ones at Bryant on two consecutive nights, next week is the Junior High program and pur church's is on Christinas day. There's this about Christmas programs—the ones put on by children are always far better than anything done professionally on TV, the legitimate stage or the movies. The voices in the choir may stray occasionally from true pitch, the wisemen's turbans may bhitently reveal that they are turkish towels in their every day use and the angels may elbow and scuffle a little when the al- loted room for their aluminum foil wings is trespassed, but if you have a child, grandchild, niece or nephew,-pupil or neigh- kid in the production you are sure to consider the perform- mce a success. » * * Teachers and directors who have listened to countless rehearsals arc the only ones who really notice when something goes sour at a Christmas program. The' audience just marvels that the youngsters get through the thing as well as they do. Mothers are never quite at ease until they pick out their pride-and-joy among the performers and from then on it's as if the spotlight were shining on her little one alone. Fathers pretend to be a little bored at the whole thing; secretly they are pretty proud. And it gives the youngster such a lift when Daddy can take time out to come to the program. * * * I'm especially jubilant about ..I'm especially jubillant about this year's Christmar programs for I didn't have to make a single costume. To me that's the hardest part of any stage show. I was in oodles of programs when I was n child and with youthful con-: ceil I thought 1 was chosen for the roles because of my dramatic talent. I know now I was picked for the parts for quite a different reason. My mother was always ready, willing and able to sew a costume. » * « Aria Cowan bought her eight year old, David a complete new outfit so he'd look nice in the Christmas programs. Coat, trousers, belt, white shirt, socks and bow tie. In case you haven't pi-iced children's clothing lately, that, represents quite an investment. So now what is David wearing after his folks put out all that dough for Christmas program finery? A teddy bear outfit at school and a bathrobe and turban for his wi.seman's role at church! * * * Yesterday the Brownies, Girl Scout and Leaders went sliding as part'of their Yule Party. The past fc-w years I've been quite a sissy about getting out in the winter weather so I dressed up all warm and bulky. I put on some wool slacks, big boots and I borrowed Daddy's jacket with the fur lined parka hood. One of the little girls said when she saw me in my get-up, "Gee, if it wasn't for your lipstick we would not be able to tell whether you are a mother or a father!" * * * It was a perfect day for sliding—very little wind and the Country Club hills were nice and slick. We scooted down hill, fell off into the snow,, picked ourselves up, climbed uphill and did the whole thing over again. We sure had fun yesterday? Today it's a different story. I ache in muscles I never even knew were there. I have about come to the conclusion that anybody who is old in years and still feels young, acts young and looks young must be an idiot! » • • A person can age several years in fifteen seconds and I have three new gray hairs to prove it. I received a telephone call Frid;:v morning from the hospital saying Jeanie was there and that she'd been in a car accident. The aging process came in the instant before I grasped that she wasn't badly hurt. She was riding to school with her friend, Larry Renken and his Dad when the slippery streets caused a collision. Jecmie met the dashboard. She lost two front teeth (due to come out. anyway), a day at school and her breakfast. She gained a cut and puffed lip, her first glimpse of the interior of St. Ann and lots of extra attention. The cars involved were banged UD but everyone concerned was thankful that most of the damage was to the machinery. * • • There was a letter this week from Mrs Ronald Fraser of Cylinder. She says that since lots of folks canned a great deal of applesauce this year, we might THESE WOMEN! A meringue is ako gnomon this. In that case, pour the hot mix* tuve into the baked crust, lop with meringue and bake 18 niinules in a slow oven, or until brown. Then cool and chill in refrigerator. —GttACB. "Phoebe shot this reel. Now, in this sequence, she's holding the camera backward*!'? like a recipe for applesauce pie that is as good as that made from fresh apples. So it's the Applesauce Pie she sent me that is this week's recipe. 2 cups unsweetened applesauce ] tablsp. butter 1 cup sugar 1 lablsp. flour 2 egg yolks '•4 teasp. cinnamon Mix these ingredients together and cook over low heat until the butter is melted and the mixture is quite thick. Mix in 1 tablespoon unflavored gelatin which has been dissolved in Vi cup cold water. Stir until gelatine is dissolved. Cool and pour into baked crust, then chill in refrigerator. £C»»3»Xt&O»3^»»:0»£0^ WIN 21" TV SET Register at Beecher Lane Appliances every time you visit the store UNTIL DEC. 23rd It's all Free! No obligations whatsoever to win an ADMIRAL 21" TV TABLE MODEL WITH MATCHING STAND (Model T23B1). Just come in and register your name, and you may register every time you enter the store. Persons 18 years of age and over are eligible to register. No employees of this firm are eligible to win. Nothing to buy and you needn't be present when winne^ is announced Dec. 23rd. &ogcfc^^ S| Social Security Man Here Dec. 22 _' Ninety percent of all workers m the United States are now covered by social security. Anyone planning to work for the first time over the Christmas holidays who does not yet have a social security card, should get one now, according to George Replogle, Field Representative of the Fort Dodge Social Security Office. Applications for social security cards may be obtained at any post office. Mr Replogle will be in Algona Thursday, Dec. 22 to accept applications for Federal social security benefits and to answer questions about old-age and survivors insurance. He wijll be in the basement of the post office from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 in the afternoon. Name Buchanan To Law Section An Algona lawyer, Russell G. Buchanan, was recently appoinl-t ed Kossuth County representative of the junior bar section of the Iowa State Bar Association. He will serve a one-year term, and his duties include rendering assistance to junior bar committee chairmen and enlisting Uia services of other bar members when necessary to speed up the work of the junior bar section. Th junior bar section is a self- governing association whose members are not more than 35 years of age. "WANT ADS BRING RESULTS - ANNOUNCEMENT - Attorney Gordon L Winkel Has Joined His Father, L. A. Winkel, In The Practice Of Law In The Offices Occupied By The Latter At 17'/2 E. State. Winkel and Winkel ATTORNEYS AT LAW If IT'S NEWS — WE WANT II The ALGONA FIRE DEPT Wishes \ i A Happy Christmas «"","!•••: -1 <> Dodge Coronet... the only full-size, full-styled, full-powered car to invade the low price field. New'56 DODGE... you've struck it rich ! You've struck it rich in the style that's causing the most talk, creating the most excitement. Dodge Jet-Fin styling for '56 is fresh— not warmed over. You've slaked your claim to the adventure of Dodge push-button driving, the fingertip ease of Dodge full-time power steering, the cradled comfort of Dodge Oriflow ride. You've tapped the world's richest vein of break-away power and performance. This spirited '56 Dodge shattered every American record in the book on the Bonneville Salt Flats, plus a flock of International records held by foreign sports cars! The Mogic Touch o* Tomorrow! Dodge pu»h- Here', the Red Ram V-8 engine that burton drivm fl gwet »gf»r, luier, more po»itive rewrote the record book on the tontrol... new fingertip eaie. - Bonneville Sail Flat.. Only Dodge brings you such rich rewards: The look, the feel, the pou-er of success. And it can all be yours in the sensational Dodge Coronet Series—the King Size buy in the low price field! VAIW LEADER OF THE FORWARD 40QK 9reat Dodge shows </n TV: Lawrence Welk-Bert Parke-Penny Thorn** WIN! New Dodge Every Year For life! New Contest Each Week! Stiil Time to WinI fNTfR NOW! . ^^^ m< ^^ R ^^^^^^^^^^^M^^MM^^^^^^^^^^^^^M|RMM!l!l![i^^^^^W^^HMM!MMHHMHIMP PERCIVAL M OTORS - 800 S. Phillips St. WITHOUT FIRE Make Your Christmas Tree SAFE Few people realize that the ordinary Christmas tree is one of the most inflammable objects known. It is filled with pitch and resin, and once lighted, is very hard to extinguish. An average tree takes less than two minutes to burn up, starling a roaring blaze before the Fire Dept. can in most cases arrive. HERE ARE SOME PRECAUTIONARY MEASURES: • Choose a smaller tree rather than a big on*. It's much less of a fire hazard. • Place tree In coolest part of the house. If necessary, shut off radiators nearest the tree. • po not, under any circumstances, use cotton or paper for decoration on the tre« or around tree. • Do not place electric trains around the tree. • Use only electric lights, and see that all the wires are in good con- dition and not frayed. • Do not plug or unplug the lights beneath the tree. • Do not leave tree lights burning when no one is in the house. If needles near lights change to brown, change location of lights. • • When needles start failing, take tree down and discard it. • AND — when opening Christmas presents, remove all gift wrappings and packing materials from living- room and dispose of them. To Report A Fire- Phono 85 ALGONA FIRE DEPT. Ira Kohl, Chief Byron P. Richgrdwn, Mayor M.

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