Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 9, 1973 · Page 12
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 12

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 9, 1973
Page 12
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IJLJjatesburg Registe^Mgjl, jSdlesbufQ, Monday, July 9, 1973 pSpringikld Fire Kilh Man SPR1NORELD (UPI) - Michael Benjamin, 27, Nebo, * has died of burns suffered in an explosion and fire at a * Springfield home. « .. Benjamin died Saturday night in the burn unit of Memo* . *fial Hospital from injuries suffered earlier In the day in ft fire that began when he was laying floor tiles with Albert Bar* * talozzo, 41, owner of the home. I Bartalozzo was listed in serious condition at the hospital. 17 21 It 15 « It 2t 22 27 25 7 23 35 24 14 19 3t 30 29 39 W6A-FM COUNTRY SURVEY TW till* AMU! 1 DON'T FIO)HT THE FEELIHQS Or LOVE —Charter Pt Ida 2 LOWSANA WOMAN, MISSISSIPPI MAN —Conway Twltly * Lot tila Lynn 3 TRIP TO HEAVEN —FraddlaHart 4 LORD. MR. FbRD —Jerry Raad 5 TOP OF THE WORLD —Lynn Andarton t LOVE IS THE FOUNDATION —Leralia Lynn 7 SLIPPIN'AWAY —Jtan Shapard • A GOOD LOVE IS LIKE A OOOD SONO _ —Bob Luman t NOTHING EVER HURT ME (HALT AS BAD AS LOShtO YOU) —Oaerga Jonas 10 KIDS SAY THE DARNDEST TMH08 •—Tammy Wynatta —Jim Ed Brown ION HELTON WGIL'SFM Country Gentleman u 12 13 14 15 16 17 It 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 21 27 2t *9 30 SOUTHERN LOVINO IF TEARDROPS WERE PENNIES MR. LOVEMAKER WE HAD IT ALL TRAVELIN' MAN TOUCH THE MORNING DREAM PAINTER KEEP ON LOVINO ME YOU WERE ALWAYS THERE Pot tar Wagonar tr Dolly Parion —Johnny Paychack —Waylon Janninga -DoUy Parton —Don Glbaon -Connia Smith —Jamay Ryan —Donna Fargo — 31 33 n 40 32 33 34 35 38 37 31 39 40 IF SHE JUST HELPS ME GET OVER YOU —Sonny Jamat YOU GIVE ME YOU' —Bobby C. Rica SHE'S ALL WOMAN —David Houston DARLING, YOU CAN ALWAYS COME BACK HOME —Jody Millar THE CORNER OF MY LIFE —Bill Andaraon WHAT ABOUT ME —Anna Murray COME EARLY MORNING —Don Williams THE GOOD OLD DAYS —Buck Owana tt Susan Raya WOMAN WITHOUT A HOME —Tha Statlar Brothers THE DIRTY OLD MAN —Oaorga Hamilton IV I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT IT'S ALL OVER —Skaatar Davis YOU'VE NEVER BEEN THIS FAR BEFORE —Conway Twltly RAINBOW AT MIDNIGHT —Darrel MeCall OLD FAITHFUL —Tony Booth TODAY WILL BE THE FIRST DAY OF THE REST OF MY LIFE —Lawanda Lindsay THE LOVING OF YOUR LIFE • —Penny DeHavsn BAD BAD LEROY BROWN—Anthony Armstrong Jonas AM I THAT EASY TO FORGET —Jim Raevas TILL I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE —Andra Willis SHENANDOAH —Charlie McCoy HELLO TROUBLE —Kent Gordon PICK HITS OF THE WEEK FROM THE COUNTRY GIANT IT'S A MAN'S WORLD —Diana Trask YOU REALLY HAVEN'T CHANGED —Johnny Carver FEATURED ALBUMS OF THE WEEK FROM STEREO 95 HONKY TONK HEROES —Waylon Jennings GREAT GOSPEL SINGING —The Louvin Brothers John Biermonn returns from vacation . . . Here all about it tonight from 6:30 till midnights^ Hobos Still Hit the Not-So-Open By TOM TlEDE OGDEN, Utah (NBA) - It looked like a scene out of the Depression. Three tattered men sitting around a camp* fire on the banks of the Ogden River — cooking meatballs over a sterno can. A hobo jungle; complete with bedrolls, a lean-to and a mangy dog burning his nose on the cooking pot. ONE OF THE bums was into a story: "... I saw this babe running along the train out of Vegas and I reached down to pull her up. She weren't mare 'n a hundred pounds, a little squirt, but good lookin' as hell. She said she was from San Francisco and had been bummin' for more 'n a year. We talked for 50 miles or so, I didn't do nothdn*. Then ell of it sudden she says to me, 'Look, I don't want to bef treated like a bum; I want to be treated like a woman.' Wooooeet We had aft it right) there, man. Right there!" Some things, it seems, never change. Hobos have been wandering through the world for more than four centuries, telling the same ribald and usually exaggerated stories. The Oxford English Diction- airy says tramps were observed in the Europe of 1664 When a bard of the time reported them as "so durty 'tis a shame to see them." Bums became an American phenomenon in the late 1800s when disillusioned Civil War veterans! took to the rails in search of employment. And now, the summer of 1973, here ithey still ene m footloose and raunchy as ever. IT'S NOT QUITE like days gone by, perhaps. No one has ever taken a census count of hobos, but it is likely there are fewer today than, say, during the Depression when "Hallelujah, I'm a bum " became a cry of absolute desperation. Also, the vagabond opportunities are no longer so simple as they once were. Computerized railroads and more 9 ao ax. aa. 2.UX AltmiOe0MH69Of5 3 WORK VOR A MVAL M IAWOM7MC ALERT 5 l AW DOESN'T CAKE *» TOWN DRY* 7 KIND WOMAN 8 T5U- A SAD STORY 9 W6UL GUMIDPD 10 SM=F CAMPSITE 01 NICE MAN LIVES HERE laPoaaRiMMift Heeow VORfR66 efficient law enforcement has taken much of the mystery out of the experience and re- Ervin With Aide Own 'Country Political Boy' Aims W ASHINGTON (UPD - The man often seen whispering in the ear of Chairman Sam J Ervin at the Senate Watergate hearings is a folksy, self- described "country boy" with big political ambitions. From a strategic position directly behind Ervin at the BO m <5* LOSE WEIGHT ATA DISCOUNT mm MARGARET DUREAU Height 5' VA." BEFORE AFTER ZTA 3114 40)4 41 2314 11J4 142 Bust Waist Abdomen Hips Thighs Arms WEIGHT PRESS SIZE 14 GUARANTEED RESULTS IN 31 DAYS OR 6 MONTHS FREE IF YOU FAILI 34" 2454 30J4 34)4 19 9)4 105 8 342-9104 1960 North Henderson televised hearings, Rufus L. Edmisten is privy to the behind-the-scenes maneuvers suirrounding the bugging probe. He is courted for luncheon meetings by the biggest names in Washington journalism and speaks regularly on the telephone and in person to senators and government officials. A picture of Edmisten flanked by Ervin and Vice Chairman Howard W. Baker, R-Tenn., enjoying a joke at the hearings appeared in so many newspapers recently that Edmisten laughingly says "when I got home my horse shook hands wi/th me." But at age 31—he will be 32 years old Thursday—Edmisten says he has had enough of the high-powered Washington scene and longs to return to North Carolina. After nine years as one of Ervin's closest advisors; Edmisten said in an interview he harbors political ambitions of his own and wants to begin a joint law practice with his wife, Martha. Edmisten will work on the Watergate hearings until February and then move back to the Winston-Salem area to work for the re-election of the 76- year-old Ervin, who he says "I admire more than anybody else in the world." While practicing law, Edmisten explained, he will be preparing to run for state attorney general. Friends say' he wants some day to run for the U.S. Senate. However,. Edmisten insisted he would not challenge Attorney General Robert Morgan if he seeks re-election. But he has served notice on Morgan that if he runs against Ervin, as has been suggested, "we'are going to scald him." In a folksy style and mountain drawl, Edmisten, one of six children of a Boone, N.C. farmer, said, "I've.always been politically inclined. But my purpose is to serve Senator Ervin on this Watergate thing and then I'm going back home." Edmisten insisted, "I wouldn't run against the current attorney general, but if the job should come open I would give it a try because the law is my life." Edmisten speaks at numerous affairs around his home state. During the July 4 congressional recess, he rode his horse in an annual Daniel Boone wagon train affair he has not missed for a number of years. Injuries Fatal EVANSTON, 111. (UPI) Shirley Pilgram, 21, Milwaukee, Wis., died at Evanston Hospital late Sunday of injuries she received in a traffic accident in Lake Zurich, 111., Saturday, authorities said. READ THE WANT ADS! Exclusively For Women UNLIMITED VISITS OPEN 6 OAYS A WEEK Mori. - Fri. 8 A.M. to 9 P.M. Saturday 9 A.M. to 3 P.M. 110 SALONS OPEN 481,432 '/4 ^ POUNDS LOST 694.822'/ 4 4 INCHES wsr* pUTMaGl ©1970 FIOURMAGIC INTERNATIONAL LTOT ueaoiAffr OFJ^ROBUN INDUSTRIES, INC.^ QeJieateJ to 'Qriijm Gf ^mly Wi WET the BED? , MANY CHILDREN DO... ) NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO. If your child is a "bed-wetter," you already know that scolding, punishing and restric- ing liquids at bed-time won 't help. Why suffer continued embarrassment when tha original ENURTONE method has proven in thousands of cases that it can stop bed* wetting (Enuresis),* when not caused by organic defects or diseases. Not a drug or diet... just a simple conditioning technique. Developed by a doctor, prescribed by many doctors. A recognized family service for over 24 years. Recommended ages-4 thru 50^ MAIL COUPON FOR FREE BOOKLET. "Btd-Wettlngi its cause, Affect and treatment"-at no obligation. This in- lormativa booklet, written by an eminent family health authority, answers questions most often asked about bed-wetting. H71 THE ENURTONE COMPANY MeN to: ENURTONE COMPANY 2606 North Sheridan. Peoria, Illinois S1604 GI-X NAME- ADDRESS- CITY .STATE. placed it with 30 days in the urban jails. Still in alt the 'bos are still about, "lite basics are same as ever," says Roy Anderson, 47, a tramp for 15 years. "I got me a bedroll, one change; of clothes, some canned food, a pair of gloves and a flashlight. That 's all I need in this old life. Anything more and I'd feel weighted down." Anderson, who prefers the term tramp to either hobo or bum ("a tramp is a guy who works occasionally; hobos and bums never do")/ was not naturally born such., As he says it he was once well ensconced in the middle class. "I had a beautiful wife — here's her picture — three kids and a truck driving job where I made $18-$19,000 a year." What happened? "I don't know. I just couldn't take it all. Mowing the lawn, backyard barbecues — I had to give it up or go crazy." ACTUALLY, IT WAS not only the barbecue that bothered the homebody Anderson. It was the booze as well. "I'm a wino," he admits. "I'll drink anything and everything. I think rubbing alcohol has a nice bite." At home, then, he was a deficiency, that is to say a drunk. On the rails, however, he's no different from anybody, else. "Ever see a sober tramp?" he asks. "Wine and women — what else is there?" Wine, of course, is a traditional part of the hobo lifestyle. Women are a more modem addition. Tramp Elmo Scott (who knows if any of these names are actual?) says that he never had a real sex life until he started bumming. Anderson thinks women's liberation may have something to do with it, "but whatever the reason I see more and more gals riding the cars. At first I used to wonder if it wasn't dangerous for them, but after awhile you learn they can take care of themselves. You don't mess with them, man, unless they want to be messed with." NEITHER DO TRAMPS mess with the other newcomers to their transient existence: Kids. Railroad officials say the number of hoboing youngsters has increased dramatic ally in the last decade: "For awhile in the 1960's kids were all over here. But they were mostly just out joyriding. Now we see hardcore tramps 20-21 years old. It's very discouraging. If the kids didn't join, the whole hobo thing would eventually die out." To be sure, the railroads wish the tramps would die out. Ogden officials point out this is a major rail interchange point "and we have trouble enough as it is without the tramps to contend with." As many as 50 trains may enter and leave Ogden daily. "Besides the potential of theft or vandalism, we worry about liability. If a tramp gets killed on a train who 's to stop his family from suing the industry?" YET WISHING IS apparently futile. "As long as there be trains," says Elmo Scott, veddy serious, "there'll be tramps." No doubt. Anderson, as example, has considered returning for years and going back into the real world. Yet he seldom considers it for long. "I got me a philosophy," he says: "Yesterday is a cancelled check, tomorrow is a promissory note, but today is cash in hand." Roughly translated he means that meatballs cooked over a sterno can in a hobo jungle taste better than steak broiled on a backyard barbecue spit. 24th ANNUAL Heart Of ILLINOIS FAIR summer spectacular THREE GREAT FREE GRANDSTAND SHOWS DAILY At 2:30, 6:30 and 9:00 PM! July 13, 14, Roy Clark; July 15, Barbara McNair; July 16 & 17, Frank Gorshin; July 18,19, Kenny Rogers and The First Edition; July 20, 21, Donna Fargo & The Statler Bros. AND, The Young Folk and other great entertainers at every performance! SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE Diving Devils • and 0 Mitchell Marionettes 2 Shows Daily (J Flower Shows / Art Exhibit/Talent contest/ Share the Fun programs / Mini Circus / Petting Zoo , Crafts Exhibits/Hobbies ° Display/Community .. and Labor Exhibits so.* GIANT CARNIVAL MIDWAY C &'O 60 exciting rides and shows i for kids and adults, reduced rates on most'til 6 :00 PM, Monday thru Thursday. ,~ a . ACRES OF FREE PARKING Admission to Fairgrounds $1.50 before 5:00 PM S2.00 after 5:00 PM Children thru 12 Free! Air-conditioned express buses leave Loop hourly for Fair via Sheridan Rd. EXPO GARDENS / PEORIA / JULY 13-21 I, K f

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